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  1. Lil big knights! 368698878_10161052381015797_2401397191367279107_n As a bit of an intermission, our group is doing a throwback to our classic apocalypse games with a 30k, 30k game and after a weekend with a horde adjacent Anathema army i really wanted to run something Elite, and aint nothing more elite than Knights with Custodes allies! Both forces having barely seen table time all together, essentially being allies and addons to myriad other forces over the years (Especially the Red King!). It was also a great excuse to pick up a couple of War dogs and marginally de-Chaos them as my faction of House Gevauden is technically a traitor force but the sides needed me to play loyalist, just ignore some of the heraldry ;) 400303054_10161244507290797_8257101360268758453_n I also tried a few new techniques on these, fully switching basing scheme and trying a semi metallic metals scheme on the skeleton and trim from Eons of Battle (Check him out on Youtube!) 400006884_10161244507150797_3023115354319267329_n This is the Talon leader, marked by the Eye of Horus and lack of chains, but still only allowed a Crescent moon rather than full house colours. Oh and a battered Eagle head :D 399880337_10161244507090797_7942327079519253352_n The Leader also has a Claw instead of a chain cleaver because i presumably used it somewhere else, i was working with two Wardogs and a Helevrin but had spares from previous projects that provided the melta guns and one melta lance. 400415867_10161244506935797_5570782737444248837_n On to the next doggo, the basing went a bit wrong on these when you look, i mixed some foamboard in under the basing foil and no amount of filler or glue would make it sit right! Its fine at eye level though. I hope :P 399797527_10161244506625797_8193884184582457400_n Armiger pilots not of noble lineage are chained into their thrones, they arent trusted not to eject too early, this way the hull has to take a few good hits to make that possible... 399790842_10161244506255797_4945938056430139404_n The aged metal effect from Eons of battle really works for knight skeletons, i hate spraying them silver and working down, this comes up from zenithal black/grey with only a sprinkle of silver/gold drybrush, i thing i did too much honestly but im quite happy with how irregular it is :D 400221941_10161244506185797_6771008524261359581_n Their arms are technically poseable a little, if a bit stiff, but saves me a job trying to glue them mid painting! 400575055_10161244506110797_4002206168623378400_n There is logic to all the seemingly random pauldron art, i had a depository of all my AT scale knights designs unfortunately lost in a Harddrive dying (always backup kids!) Some nice battle damage on this angle too! 400209212_10161244505905797_1777089904988940389_n So three more Armigers for House Gevauden, hopefully the new model curse is merciful... Im sure ive spotted a few errors of course looking at the shots, always more work lol Thanks for bearing with me!
  2. So going to my first official 40K tournament of 10th this weekend. Taking the knights because they have been over performing in my local group so I wanted a challenge. It’s a 2K, three round affair with custom primaries. They are using the Leviathan secondaries, with the deployments and mission rules per selected. List in the spoiler. I’ve done two test games against my friend’s Chaos Knights that he is going to use for this. He wanted the practice since he really hasn’t played much 10th and this was going to be his first bout in 10th with his knights. His list was as follows: Despoiler - Double Battlecannon Abominate Rampager 2x Huntsmen 1 Executioner 1 Carnivore First game was a wipe by turn 2 as was normal for my knights. It was Dawn of War deployment, got first turn, the Despoiler went down to focused fire from the Castellan. Paladin and the helverins critically wounded the rampager while the other armigars wounded most of the wardogs. I managed to keep the distance between the paladin and the rampager, plus a poor advance roll kept him out of combat. The carnivore and a huntsman cornered a warglaive and took it down. My moriax survived fire from most of his army. Next round the castellan moved up and one-shotted the abominate with the volcano lance. The ramager dropped to fire from a helverin, a wardog to the other and the paladin nuked a second. The warglaive I had on the flank engaged the pair of wardogs that killed it’s squadmate and killed the huntsman with the thermal and meleed the carnivore. Hot rolls on my part helped, but sweet emperor it was a slaughter. Second game he swapped the abominate for a desecrator, we also had corner deployment. While i got first turn again, he did better this time with a focus flank that caught most of my armigars. Amazingly my paladin survived a tag team between the rampager and descecrator. He managed to take out all my warglaives and the paladin was down to two wounds, but by my turn four he only had a huntsman left staring down my castellan. I haven’t had a chance to fight others with the army, at least post balance update. As long as the dice gods, and pairing gods, are kind to me I should do pretty well. Hoping for top five. As a side note, I faced the chaos knight player twice more, once with guard and then Tau. Neither game ended well for him, but it got him the practice he needed. I will do my best to get pictures of the fights. For a look at the army in general there are pictures of the models in this thread
  3. I know I'm relatively new around here, but I've been trying to branch out, so I suppose I'll show off my Fists. Here's the method to my madness. Spray Tamiya Camel Yellow PS-19 over unprimed model. This can take SEVERAL, VERY light coats as it can slide over the plastic, but white and black undercoats didn't get the desired effect. Spray with purity seal, testors dullcoat, matte finish whatever. Selective wash of equal-parts Gryphonne Sepia, Devlad Mud and water. VERY light drybrush of golden yellow to bring the colour up. Do metal/shoulders/Aquila as desired. Drybrush 50/50 Golden Yellow/Skull White for small edge highlights. Anyway, I've used more than a full Tactical Squad in finding this method, and this is what turned out DECENT. There are four more that were aborted very early on in painting due to wash issues, wrong colour entirely etc. http://i.imgur.com/fw2jbGu.jpg On the left we have my test mini, in the center the second one done. The second one done really bothered me and had me learn the hard way how difficult it is to get that consistency with yellow. Towards the right, Mr. Melty-face. A better attempt at consistency, but not as bright as the test mini. http://i.imgur.com/4PAzwGR.jpg Mr. Melty-face on the left. In the center, someone I was finally satisfied with, but still no measure of consistency. On the right, my first done tit-for-tat with kingmong's method. It just looked too orange for me, he's clearly better with his spray and wash than I am, so I took the easy way out. http://i.imgur.com/vxoHmm7.jpg Finally, the final model I'm satisfied with. I love it. Perfect yellow, smooth coverage, easy detail, simple blacklining. Love it. I can see how to do vehicles and squads from this method - like I said to him though, I can see why he sprays without the arms on! Can't wait to get started with more!
  4. Hi, so I've been lurking for a few years and now I'm making a plog to get myself to finish this army. Back in 2018 I made a Knight. It mostly came about because I really wanted to put a leman russ eradicator cannon onto the end of a big battlecannon, and I also wanted to make an elaborate base. The base is just so big. You gotta make it interesting. And I wanted to make it look like a city that hadn't been reduced to rubble just yet. I also read a whole bunch of blogs about knight conversions, including JeffTibbetts' amazing Queen Bee one, which was all about the sorts of small, tangible details I really love. It was also a chance to really push my freehand skills which had never been all that great. Best way to learn is to start off with checkers, diamonds and different stencil patterns, I reckon. And so, I made: Captain Marième Marot, Honoured Protector of the Peoples of Everfair, Pilot of the Blue Flowers of the Springtide Tibbs definitely inspired me a lot with all the little details, and with all the weathering effects. I'm real proud of the head, the general reposing of arms and legs and really just about everything. This was also the first time I used resin and water effects and while I think it could have come out better, I'm still real happy. I was also pretty inspired by the idea of Knight Worlds being somewhat separate from the awfulness of the Imperium, and also having a different tech aesthetic. I also started on making some armigers, one warglaive and one helverin. These were really inspired by the conversions that JeffTibbetts started on, as well as KrautScientist's great harpoon gun conversion. I can't remember exactly where I got the lego knight helmet idea from, but it's also a good one. I was working on these back in 2018, and then I kinda just lost momentum and a bunch of things happened in my life and they've just sat uncompleted until now: I'm a little bit further along since this photo, since I finished the heads, made a bunch of progress on the bases and put the bases colours on the arms, but still, not by much. I did make some more pilots tho, but they won't get names until I finish the armigers. The two on the left are converted from Victoria Miniatures characters, and the one on the right is made from a Forge World Games day model (maybe 2013/2014?) with a head from an Infinity model. To go along with all of these Knights, I also bought some Solar Auxilia (last year, I think). I've got a 20 person rifle squad, plus 3 flamers and a volkite gunner I picked up from Ebay. I haven't played in many years so I got no idea what I would run them as (although they're work pretty well for Scions) but I reckon they really have the right aesthetic and vibe for troops belonging to a Knight World. They also need a bunch of freehand heraldry on them. So far, I've got 5 models painted up: The plan is: 1. Finish the Armigers 2. Finish the troops I've got 3. Buy a squad of the Volkite guns so that I've got 2 sgts and a bunch of models I can also convert to have plasma/melta guns so that I can run what I've got as scions in killteam or whatever 4. Buy one last Knight, and convert it up 5. Maaaaaaaybe in the future buy one of the Cerastus Knights For the last knight, I'm really keen to convert it similarly to Binary's fantastic Archangel knight, with the great shoulder mounted missiles. I'd go less cathedral-ish otherwise, but I want to give it a go. I'd want to make it look a lot more hulking. So far, I'm painting up about 2 solar auxilia every few days (I can paint 2 a day when I'm not interrupted, and I've got a decent amount of time with lockdown, but there's still other unrelated work I need to do). I'm looking forward to painting more soon.
  5. or Get your arse to Mars So in early November, me and a few friends travel to charity tournament in Erie, PA. It's a starvation tournament, so you start at 2K then each round drop 500 pts. For this year's I figured to combine it with a little narrative I've been working on. So my custom house was built on the bones of salvaged frames from Taranis. After some time I have a decent main force and decided that my first in a loooong series of knight forces that work like my crusade army. IE 'I like that scheme, I'm going to paint it' For this one I'm painting up a force of Taranis knights. This force plus one of my wolf knights will make up the core of my tournament list. I will then take them and fight several battles in stores around my area and beyond to simulate thier journey from my house's homebase in the Ghoul Stars to Mars. I have a list written for the tournament already: Models in the Taranis group are the crusader and three armigars. They are escorted by my wolf knight and his pack of armigars. The three TPE are going to be my old TPE for my guard, the one I did from WGE and the Grombrindal one. Right now I have the Styrix and two armigars from the wolf group done, as well as two of the TPEs. I need to get my hands on an Annihilation/Command barge to make the LL armigar. I'm painting up the Taranis group right now then I'll do Grombrindal. The Taranis group is a general look, no special conversions like my main house of the wolf knights. Which is on purpose since they will be serving with the mother house anyway. So hopefully I'll be able to keep a log of my work over the next few months. Including battle reports.
  6. 1246 downloads

    By commission from Griz. Imperial Knights Freeblades. Includes all Freeblades in the 2015 Codex: Imperial Knights (excluding the Obsidian Knight, who appears on the sheet included with the Imperial Knight kit). Intended to be printed on clear deal paper and placed on a white/light color background - black logos can go on most backgrounds without an issue. Other notes: The main logo for Auric Arachnus has not been separated into carapace and shoulder sections - test fit and trim as needed. The logos for Dyros Kamata are shown complete and in tact. Recommend the House Hawkshroud livery for his ion shield, and all decals except the banner be severely distressed/damaged to achieve the 'run through a volcano' look. To blend the decals into the correct background color, I recommend placing the decals in position, set/seal the decal, and once dry use paint to blend the decal into the final background color.
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