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In preparation for ETL, I kind of went overboard - in addition to buying hobby supplies (most importantly white primer), I picked up:


- a keeper of secrers

- the herald + daemon prince combo

- the mirror

- the Masque

- a "let's start collecting slanneshi daemons" box, and

- 3x boxes of witch elves




As I already had 10 daemonettes, 10 seekers, 2 chariots, 6 fiends, an infernal enchantress, a mounted herald and 2 foot heralds to paint, there should be no risk of running out this ETL. :smile.:


Last night I assembled the daemon prince/herald double team - its a beautiful model, but it looks like it will be super fragile - no way I can carry it safely in a regular case, so I've put a big steel washer on the bottom so I can magnetize it and carry it in a metal tool box.




I think the model is warming on me - at first I felt a lot of the details were kind of silly, but as I was assembling it I found them more weird in a disconcerting way, which is very appropriate for a slanneshi model.

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That is some sweet, sweet Slaanesh love in the making there!


My favourite so far is the Daemonette with almost-black skin. Please do a full unit or a hero with those colours!

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Can't say that's 'overboard'. In the Slaanesh FB group I'm member of every second post looks like that. :biggrin.:

I'm in a few of those myself. The thing is Slaanesh is supposed to be overblown excess it's definitely fitting. Heck, even my last shopping trip was a Start Collecting Box, a box of Fiends, and an Exalted Seeker Chariot (after talking myself down from making even more purchases for the sake of a food budget).

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Digging the neon colors! Looks like a solid army project you've got planned.


Thanks!  Let's see how much of it I can get painted this ETL.


That is some sweet, sweet Slaanesh love in the making there!


My favourite so far is the Daemonette with almost-black skin. Please do a full unit or a hero with those colours!


Yeah, the black daemonettes seem to be real crowd pleasers - I think its because they contrast most with the hot pink.  Don't think I will be doing a unit that are all dark like that (I'll be differentiating my units by hair colour, and keeping the mixed skin tone), but they'll definitely be at lease one character painted like that.



Now I just need to work out how to do my steeds of slannesh (for my seekers and chariots) and my fiends - I'm thinking of doing them in horse-like coloration patterns, but mostly using the same skin tones as the daemonettes.  I've just primed a bunch, so I'll be trying this out as one of my first ETL vows.

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So with 10 Daemonettes and 10 Elves you build 20 Daemonettes total? I like that idea since positioning of Daemonettes is very restricted, especially with the arms.


Yea, it's become a common pattern here on the BnC since someone first did it a couple years ago (Forte maybe, or Warriorfish?). You get more variety, more dynamic poses and arms, and a bunch more heads. The only real issue is needing to greenstuff necks for any elf heads joined to demon bodies, due to how the two kits are molded. 


Dr, I'm looking forward to seeing what you construct and paint. 

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I'm falling down a Rabbit hole trying to track it back. 

I'm now positive that  Kierdale's Psychpomps thread in the Chaos forum is where I saw them, http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/287065-psychopomps-sonic-oblit-wip/?view=findpost&p=4006714  but then I saw he says he got the idea from Darth Mustard, http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/290582-darth-mustards-chaos-wip-update-page-16/ who immediately credits Brother Heinreich. So I found the post from there, http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/278092-night-lords-15th-company-in-memoriampg68/page-50?do=findComment&comment=3672502  and it's apparently due Heinreich's non-BnC friend. 

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Yeah, I most likely got the idea from Kierdale.  But Roland is correct in how it works - I mix pieces from each and end up with 20 daemonettes at the end.  Check my photos higher in the thread for how they end up looking. 


Also as Roland said, the only part of the conversion that requires greenstuff is making necks - the daemonette heads and the witch bodies have necks on them, while the daemonette bodies and witch head do not, meaning that you have to trim one or both of the necks when joining the daemonette heads to witch bodies, and greenstuff a replacement neck when joining a daemonette body and a witch head.


There are a few other small challenges (not all witch arms work with all witch bodies, and some witch arms don't have a flat shoulder so you need to either trim them back or cut off and glue the top of an appropriate arm), but neither are difficult  (though finding the right arms for the right bodies may be more challenging given that I've cut all the bodies off the sprues and don't remember their sprue numbers).


Thanks for the research and the links, Roland - the daemonettes in those threads are posed with more thought and care than my first set (where I basically combined bits randomly rather than seeking certain poses) and I'll likely try to replicate some of those poses in this daemonettes build.

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Don't normally do model-by-model shots of units (or conversions), but thought I would give it a try.


My first 5 daemonettes from the batch above.





Banner - one good thing about taking photos is it made me notice the big thumb print on the banner, which I have since scraped off.






2 other daemonettes (using the same witch body)




I'll have to use more witch heads going forward, as only 1 of these 5 had one.

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Thanks!  I'm glad you like them, EE.  I too quite like the alluress.


I've finished building the unit.  Here is a picture of them together:



Rather than deluge you with a bunch of pics, here are my two favourite witch based models (indeed, the one of the left is all witch parts):



And my two favourite daemonette based models.  The spears are made from the witch flag pole with a witch dagger on the end.


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Due to peer pressure from Captain Semper (http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/355914-etl-vii-is-coming/?p=5317257) I have grabbed some of the sand from the garage (for sanding the walks come wintertime when it can be icy) and glued it to the bases of last year's daemonettes - now they match the basing I've done for my other armies.




Did this last night when my wife wasn't looking - she's paranoid of me getting sand all over the place. :)

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This ETL I'm really hoping to get a playable Slaaneshi daemon horde - not necessarily enough to field on its own or as the main army, but enough to compliment my Emperor's Children without feeling I'm hampering myself on CPs.  As such, I'm hoping to complete a Battalion with 2 HQs (the fleet footed mirror and the dynamic duo) and 3x squads of 20 daemonettes.  At this point all I have painted is one of those 3 squads.


So, to get me on that way and to get me to figure out how I will paint by various non-daemonette models, I vowed the Slaaneshi "Let's Start Collecting" box + an additional 10 daemonettes.





Oh, and I recently assembled the masque - in my opinion a huge improvement over the old model, enough so that I think I will use my own conversion for something else (it isn't dynamic enough).  When I saw it was an a 32mm base I was worried that it would look my fine cast herald look cramped and/or improperly based on its 25mm base.  Luckily, the 2 bases look appropriate - the masque is a fair bit taller (if you ignore the herald's hair) and takes up much more physical space due to her "mid-dance" pose.



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Working on a squad of 20 daemonettes for my ETL vow - actually, I'm splitting my completed squad which has both purple and pink hair into a purple squad and a pink squad, and will be bumping those both from 10 to 20 with this ETL vow.


Finished my first 4 - I had to remember how I had done them last year, and the next batch I will do differently.  For one, they aren't as shiny as my first group, but that may because the earlier ones may have gotten a spray of purity seal after they were done (frankly, I don't recall).  Anyway, here are the first 4 - I find it easiest to paint in batches by skin colour, so this is my "brown" group.




Here is the rest of the squad - just skin colours on them for now.  Next batch will be my "black" batch, and then I'll have to decide between my "white" and "yellow".  Basing will be the last thing I do, and I'll do the entire squad (or maybe the entire vow) at once.




I'll be differentiating squads by hair colour, but at the moment the only fluorescent paint I have is purple, limiting my options.  So, I went to a local art supply store and got a few more - now I have red, blue, yellow, orange and green as well.



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