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Warhead01's Imperial Guard - Fredonian Assault Corps.


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11 more infantry troopers waiting for primer. Clipped the next 30 for green stuff.
I was pleased to see i had plenty of heads preprepared with gas masks for this last 11 troopers. 
I like these infantry mini's more and more. hey almost seem taller now. But it's probably the 25mm bases. 
With luck the Char 2c will arrive later today. 

The war efforts continue.

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30 more troopers green stuffed. And heads as well. This leaves 7 bodies from the last kit that I know I can use. Wow. This got out of hand.


Just have to let everything dry and finish a little green stuff tomorrow, air hose and a shoulder guard for each of them then it's just glue on back packs and arms and get painting.
90 conscripts. I think that's plenty for a while. Next box of joes that arrive need to be a few infantry squads.

The Char 2c didn't arrive today. Maybe tomorrow. I did decide ot order one more that I found on Ebay from a 3d printer.
Still thinking about cavalry, Death riders of Krieg with command and characters, that lets lots of those units out flank. Could be good.

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Partial update.
I got the Char 2c today, this is from warlord games. It's not big enough at all.  Knowing this now I wish I had waited to order the 3d printed one from ebay but I get overly excited I guess. 
It's too small for what I had planned but I will find a use for both of them.  I'm disappointed, this model was suppose to be scaled for bolt action, which to me seemed like it would in fact be lager, mostly because of the huge size of the Char irl.  At best this will turn into a chimera. It's so small. actually a Chimera is probably larger. 
If I try to find another one I will deffentlu move up in scale to 1/48 or even 1/35. I was hesitant to go that large(1/35). I had a 1/35 russian tank destroyer as a battle wagon for my orks way back in 3rd.  I'll try to end the rant and will be looking for a 1/35 char 2c in pictures next to 28 MM infantry. On the drive to the post office I had been thinking that I could get a 1/35th and use it to hopefully construct a Gorgon, all the tanks having the same over all profile would have been really neat. 
Putting that on the back burned for a while. May roll the dice on another 3d printed char 2c in the next size up, have to wait and see. 
Can't win them all I guess. 


I am thinking I can use the track sections for a Chimera tracks. 

Edit again.

Now that I have had some time to process this models issues.
The tracks are as tall as a chimeras tracks but almost, not exactly two thirds longer. 
The width of the hull is only two thirds at wide as a Russ.  don't have any Russ tracks I could find to compare size against. 
So then. a low tracked Russ thing. I have a Russ hull I can work with. sadly the bitz box full of tank bits has vanished. (But why! ) 
Wondering If I threw all that stuff out last year... Brain damage will do that to you.  
I do have plasticard on hand. Maybe I can make a monster..a small monster out of what I have on hand. I'll need to round up a little more material before I even try to start. Also, I wont do anything until the second 1/56 Char arrives from ebay land. I feel it's too late to cancel the order the seller may be printing it for all I know. 
Don't want to up set that seller as I may wish to shop with them again. 
I'll think about this for a while and come back to it in a future post. 

Edited by Warhead01
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Saturday finished much better than it had been going on the imperial front. The war efforts saw 11 more troopers painted , just have to dot  few eyes and their ready for formation.
Pressing on this week, the 30 mentioned above are almost ready for paint.

I had a small laugh at myself over the Char 2c. After reviewing and again more picture of it irl I did finally notice it's slim front profile. I had mostly not seen it directly from the front just side and slant side views and the pictures of the wrecked ones on the train cars. so, jokes on me I guess. Now to decide if I want the 1/48 scale or the 1/35 sacle to replace it with. I will probably put the two that are too small back up for sale as new on Ebay. Maybe I can recover a little of my "losses". Don't really want to muck around with a model that just wont be tall enough in the end. I had to laugh because when this is over it probably will have cost what a few recast Malcador cost and don't get me wrong the temptation is there but I am stubborn and this idea just doesn't seem to want to leave. 

Ah, I had another idea for another unit. Trench raiders made from wargame factory German soldiers, if I can find what I am looking for...I'll try not to rush into that. 

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Sorry to hear about the Char 2c. Going by the B1 i figured the 2C would be a better match. Hope it works out for you.

It couldn't be helped. I did look for as many pictures as I could find for several days, nothing to be done about it. As you know Bolt action bases for infantry are almost flat and that drops the size of the solders a noticeable amount.  I found 1 picture that kinda told me what it looked like next to other model but didn't scrutinize it enough. 

I'll figure it out at some point. 



Lots of assembly done today. painting again very soon! 

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Yesterdays progress sucked. I had not slept very well the night before, sluggish all day and for some reason my brain wouldn't let me take any stim-pills. (which are my daily regiment)
Looking over yesterdays work I played catchup this morning and should have them up to par either tonight or in the morning some time. 

Working on a name for the conscript regiment.  I like a movie called Moon over Parador so will use that in the unit name. Paradorian moon hive conscription ,or hopefully something more ...grand.  The amottoe is something like "For the Emperoior! - Parador for ever!  " Who knows.


My brother played a 40k setting roll playing game some years ago and his character came from "Ropeulan" making him a Ropeilonian.  Ropeulan being the sole provider for rope in the entire Imperium, apparently.   My brother's a nut. 

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Finished all 90. One had gone missing and was found unpainted...painted now. Was trying to get a picture of them but the lighting isn't good. Gave up on that for now. Need to get some things together for a picture session out doors. Usually those turn out well.

Taking a victory lap.
Built a field commander today and am close to done with the painting.
Guess what mini this started life as.

I have enough bodies to build a command squad for a junior officer and commanding officer. so that's next.
That will have let me pull 98 models out of those two boxes leaving very few unusable minis behind.

Found my Char 2c's and ordered 3. these are diecast models in 1/43 scale. I believe these are the ones I wanted and after all said and done 85 bucks for the three of them.
Super cool. I'll bash them up some how. The wont be here until mid June at the earliest.

Also stated working on my knight titan a little more.

Things are right on track. models painted and no huge back log! Winning. :biggrin.:

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Follow up from yesterdays post.

med_gallery_3442_16212_252731.jpg med_gallery_3442_16212_287900.jpg

I'm thinking about a personalized banner of a smiling skull and possibly cross bones or skull a sword and a thumbs up, kinda a more morbid image, death is a joke to this regiment or something. Will scribble some thing up and see what I like. I abandoned the command unit for the evening and worked on the below. Needed to put some time in on this big monsta machine.



Finally some progress on the knight. More to do I am sure. I picked a strong blue to pop with the green jackets, my original thoughts were strong blue jackets and a red titan but things went a different rout. The Green jackets are just conscripts, black jackets are leadership so grey or blue grey I think for troops. We'll see what happens.

My rocket launching systems from shapeways should be the next thing to arrive.
Mortar teams are next on the table.

The war efforts continue.

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Not much in the way of an update, I'm saving a little stuff for a more proper update in a few days. I like having pictures to post. it's more fun.

I just found these and am struggling with the temptation to buy a lot of them but I need a plan of some kind, so it can fall apart when it comes into contact with the shopping cart...

Behold, a thing you all already knew about. 





Right now I'm trying to decide what I can put these on and how crazy I can go. Does this change the look of my army too much. I feel like I can easily justify a whole second detachment if needed.  But what about just using these for the storm troopers/ veterans and Cavalry? Leaving the Bearhats for those in command rankings and their staff. (command squads.) 

Any thoughts on this as a tie in? 
Oh, these will go on the Grognards from page 1. For the DKoK look. 

I also realize there are no DKoK conscripts and that's fine they can be Mordians and fill a patrol detachment for all I care right now. (Clearly not optimal, just me being outrageous for the sake of pomposity.  I'll sign just about any document as it turns out. Troops to the front? Sure! Shell that position? Sounds good to me! When I'm in charge every mission is a suicide mission! )  

Only thing I am not sure of is, will they fit the Cavalry model I want to buy, being that they are actually 28MM models. So I guess Just buy enough for the Grognards and check when the Cav arrive and order as appropriate. 

I just realized my Junior officer needs a different hat now.. 

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Update. Pictures of dubious quality.





I found a space to set up for pictures but most of them were washed out, too much light from the left coming in the door.
Still I wanted to post a full picture of the "full collection" now that I have something worth showing.

The War efforts continue.

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Your collection looks pretty awesome!

Thank you. 

I'm very excited to see it grow. 


I´m about to start an all infantry AM force soon. But first I like to bring my Black Legion CSM force to a playable size (ie 1250 points).


Can´t wait to start such an all infantry force.


Sounds good! 

It's good to have a structure you want to follow, my previous AM/IG armies were so disorganized. I had 3 different regiments, for not real reason other than my addiction to miniatures. 

It was strange because they were competing for my time with my Ork collection for painting and game time...and storage. I just had way too much, heck I still have too much in the Ork department even after selling some stuff I really didn't need. But it's still more manageable than it was a few years ago. 





I repainted the first officer I posted, the one in green. Pictures later. 

These models look really good with bare hats and in black and grey. I am really looking forward for the next two boxes to finally arrive from Italy.  I had thought about canceling that order but by the time I decided I got notification they were in shipping. And so I wait. 

I did put a little time in on the french mortar teams late Saturday night/Sunday morning. Nothing to show yet. 





Yet another fail on my part the Type 63 107mm MLR's I ordered are too small at 1/56. these were ordered about the same time as the Char 2c. The sculpts are fantastic but sadly the size won't hope represent a thud gun. I could possible count them as mortars but doubt I will bother. I am oing to think long and hard about the artillery and try again in a month or two when I have found what I want. 


I ordered the Grognards to console myself. The heads from Mad robot are not available right now as they are catching up on their back orders but it's probably got the best I wait till next month. I have spent far more than I planned in a shorter time frame than I had expected. See above where I mention an addiction to miniatures,. ^^

Edited by Warhead01
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Was looking at Attlantic wargames site just now and saw this.


I'll be keeping an eye on those...or ordering some. 

But that's not why I was going to post this evening.
I Ordered a box of these to use as Engineers, counts as Veterans.
I found from a bitz seller some entrenching tools left over from a WW2 Russian kit by Wargames Factory, which seems to have gone under at some point. 
I am going to swap heads from the Grognards, probably. Instead of ordering from Mad Robot. Those kits have nearly 100 heads in each, something like that. 
Feel a little silly I hadn't checked for the WW1 miniatures line Atlantic wargames is now selling. I hadn't expected they'd be available so soon. I'll be keeping an eye open for WW1 French as a possible addition. I'll figure this sillyness out at some point. I guess as long as I don't have a back log it doesn't matter? 
I'm looking for a set of shot guns for the Engineer squads no luck yet. I'd like something as close to the DKoK shotty as I can find or something slim but cool. Not going to sush into anoth bad purchase. 

Ah, almost forgot these last two units are slaited to arrive Saturday and the tools on Friday! Hopefully that's will calm the shakes. :teehee: 


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I think I've entered phase 2.

Wargames Atlantic miniatures.


First off. WOW!
Every frame has all the special weapons so that's 8 of each and 6 of each. More on that at some point later.
These kits are a gold mins of bitz. I now plan to ordered some of the boxes of WW1 Germans. Thinking about the head options in those boxes. 3rd party heads can cost a fair amount and multiply that by the number I actually want. The number of helmets with gasmasks in that box makes them less that 1 dollar each... And after seeing these other two kits I am sold.
Really the only big drawback is the current lack of Heavy weapons/compatible crew models. Which I know WA is working on currently.
If you don't mind hard plastic models these may be for you.
I think I will try my luck at ebaying off any left over bits, bag up all the like items and list them as lots. What ever happens happens.

On a side note tracking says the Char 2c's are through customs on the other end but the tracking on the rest of the victrix isn't looking too good at the moment. Oh well.

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Great looking army they look ready to storm the trenches. :tu:


The Mad Robot heads would look good for cavalry. The masks look compact enough to be suitable for riding horses(or 40k equivalent). Also can get away with the different masks by saying the Cavalry men get special treatment so get better quality gear. :)

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Partial review/informational.

Between the two kits i prefer the Grognards over the Raumjagers. The raumjager kit is a little odd. the chests/upper body seem almost too small when attached to the lower body.
The up sise is that the kit has a crouching/kneeling set of legs that can be built in 2 different ways, good for GW heavy weapons kit bash, likely.
However, the upper body of both kits are not the same size from shoulder to shoulder, where you attach the arms. So changing bits from kit to kit is a little fiddly and may need some filler.

The amount of bits in the Grongnard set dwarfs that of the Raumjager set. More heads and more special weapons. 
At this point I feel I could have passed on the raumjager set completely but as mentioned before I had no idea the WW1 Germans kit was in production and up for order already.
And so I will just buy that one next along with more Grognards. Oh, and the Wargames Atlantic (WA) email shows a digital sculpt of a WW1 French soldier. Not anything overly cool but proof of life if nothing else is always cool. I'll bee keeping an eye out for those. I am trying not to go over boards on kits now as there seems to be a lot of kits in the pipe that I will want to use as bitz farms and need to really think about the direction this army is moving in terms of what the models look like. 
At this point I kinda thing the Grognards will be storm troopers, the Germans in short jacket uniforms more as the infantry squads or mechanized infantry, for when there are vehicles to ride in. Or just a more summer uniform, who knows. But I need to leave to door open for the WW1 French to fit in. But will need to wait and see what those models look like. 
Oh, lastly for now I do think these plastics are over all less meaty in size than GW Cadians but don't have anything at hand I can use to reference.
Hope this was a little helpful. Pictures are not working out at all, I am very unsatisfied whit how the last few have turned out, you know they must be bad, you've seen how low my standards are.   
I have given thought to buying a 10Kit deal pluck what I want from a few kits and resell the rest of the unopened kits. as that will probably let them pay for them selves. Just a thought not really sure I want to do that.


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More notes from the front. 

Was planning to back a kickstarter for the "WW1 Kreg looking guys" but due to anxiety to which I cannot attribute drop off twice. Probably for the best. I just didn't want most of the things from the bundles so the savings would be largely from models I have no current wish to own. 

On the table, I have 10 Grognards I have sculpted chest plates for, all greenstuffed up now. Trying to decide if I want to use heads from their box or not. Bearhats are cool -ish but I haven't put one together for a good look yet. 

The Raumjagers I am using for veterans are nearly painted but hitting a snag. Not sure which special weapons I really want to use for them from the kits I have I found something neat but have not decided. I made shot guns for them using tooth picks and some green stuff but need to sort out a magazine, something larger than what they already have. 
All progress has more or less slowed for right now.

Nearly half way done painting the mortar teams hope to finish those in a few days.  

I think I will try to clean up my table this week. 
What to ask what people who use them like better thud guns or heavy mortars. Find myself looking more and more at heavy mortars. Prubably because the thud guns seems outclassed by the Wyvern. 

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Super small amount of progress today.
Kinda a test model if you will.


So this could be either a storm trooper or a guardsmen. Much larger than the other models, larger enough to definitely note the deference. Just not sure if I want Bearhats or not on the line troops and above. Could do 9 more like this.

Managed 3 total today. Had to do another picture for the D&D game. Lots of fun but it took all evening.

Edited by Warhead01
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News from the front.

This week I managed so far to built 10 of the above trooper, the Sgt having a pistol with a sword slung at his left side. 
I'm not 100% loving these guys just yet but paint will help I plan a further 10 of he same. No special or heavy weapons this go round though I could build 4 still but I kinda like hell guns. 

I woke this morning thinking about buying yet another several boxes of infantry and will but need to slow down for a bit. I bought lots of shelves for the house, which I had been putting off for not real reason. I'm not sure how many kits I will buy I can get the 3 kit deal which is a small savings or just 1. Was thinking again about the Wargames Atlantic WW1 French sets, only seen a sneak peak of a mock up in their email so far but I hope they are planning to issue the troopers the long rifle they would have had at the start of the war a long with the short sword bayonets, very cool for the DKoK feel and I'll find a cool head to fit them from the German kit, I just need to plan far enough in advance and have the bitz set aside. doe the Germans I am thinking about the Flack vest in Green stuff just like I have already been doing but try to make it look a little more 40K, what ever that means but I was thinking about a classic 40K camo pattern for their uniforms. As long as it doesn't look cartoonish. 
I had plans for the Grognards but they keep changing, there's just not enough of them in the boxes! 

Not much else hobby related to report in.  


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Just caught up with the thread and the army is really comong along :smile.: What are you thinking for heavy weapons for the infantry?

For the squads, nothing. 

I am thinking about mortar teams, I have 1 team so far and Heavy Mortars and Thud Guns. The infantry at best will have a special weapon. I may try to get my hands on a rapier laser destroyer or 3. But most all the heavy hitters should be some kind of artillery sitting safely in the back. I will also have 3 Malcador tanks bashed up from the Char 2c tanks I ordered, I plan to buik them up a little with side plates and track armour. Trying to make them like like a Malcador, just if it were longer and slimmer. 

I am considering Autto cannons and all the usual heavies from Victoria Miniatures for more heavy weapons teams at some point down the line. 

The only other heavy hitter is that titan.

TL;DR. Entrenching tools and the will to use them? 


A few years ago I had this picture of an infantry wave and a few knights in my head but never made the attempt. Like old school 40K art. I may have had Mordians at the time. 


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