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Dr. Ruminahui's mostly Slaaneshi stuff

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Would have posted this in a "Post your" or "Showcase" thread, but there isn't one for fliers.


Anyway, I'm really happy with my emperor's children helldrake, so while I don't normally post things here (so intimidating) I thought I would in this case.


Still have to do the base, but that can wait until I decide on how to spruce it up a bit.




Here's some pics of the two weapon options:







The picture above shows some of the things I'm not so sold on about the model - namely its stubby tail and its funny little rear legs.  Still, it gives a good view on the wings - if I do another, I think I will give it wider stripes and carry them back onto the rear wings as well.




Finally, a "danger view" photo.

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Thought I would make this thread into a general "stuff completed" thread.


You ever buy a model because it will let you use some bits left over from a different model?  It happens more often than one might think for me.


Anyway, I had an imperial knight that I hadn't used the mechanicus symbols on, and when shopping at the local hobby store, saw a WWII Russian fuel tank that would allow me to use them.  So I picked it up and painted it to go along with the little tractors from the munitorium terrain set.






I'm out of practice building historical models... it was very fiddly and (I suspect) quite fragile.  Also used a transfer for the first time in more than 20 years, and while it was less of an ordeal than a remembered (part of the reason for not using them in so long), I'm pretty happy with it, even if the decals aren't completely straight.  The model doesn't really have much obvious detail, so I think the giant white numbers really bring the model together.

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Built a squad of 12 melee noise marines, out of mostly shadowpear models with chaos warrior backs, and the lightning claws on the champion are from a dark vengeance mini.  Just finished painting the first half of my melee noise marines squad - at least I can now field them as a unit of 6.   They still need to be based - I tend to save up a bunch of models and base them all at the same time.


Here they are:



And from behind:



The aspiring champion:



And each of the 5 other guys:







I'm really happy with them, especially the aspiring champion. My onoy complaint is that I essentially built the same model twice, in that both the "sword in the air" guys have the same post and the same base body, and I had tried to avoid duplicate poses.

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Thanks Dosjeka, glad you like them!


Next is the second obliterator conversion seen in this post: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/346143-the-judgment-on-kadeth-dr-ruminahuis-emperors-children/?p=5711439 (so, the one with the big fist with the flamer), which I am currently painting the trim of.  All of my next painting projects for the next while will be from a Chaos Marine "Let's Start Collective" box (so, the chaos half of the shadowspear box) that I have converted or modified all the models in one way or another - if you scroll forward from the post I've linked to the post with the converted spawn/possesseds and guy with the wings, you can see the ones I have altered so far.

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Finished painting my first converted obliterator:




And here is a picture with the two unconverted obliterators I painted ealier - you can see it has the body of the one on the right but the arms of the one on the left and a different head from either (a spare head from the helbrute kit).



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Been a while since I've posted my stuff here - have a bunch of new models done.


First, my 4th obliterator.  Like the one above, he has an arm swap and a hellbrute head (and an autocannon instead of the rotary cannon on his shoulder)




Here he is with my other 3:



My second venomcrawler, which has been reposed to distinguish it from my first:



And here the 2 are together:




Finally, my kitbashed Master of Executions - his an amalgam of a bunch of models, including the chest/tabard of the dark angels librarian from the dark vengeance box:







The scales symbol on his cloak is my chaos warband's symbol.  Don't normally do much in the way of blood or dirt on my models, but thought that if any model deserved a bit of splatter, it was this one.


As I mentioned previously, I tend to base a bunch of models at once, so here's a picture of all the models I based last weekend.



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Thanks Dog House and Bjorn!


Here's a maulerfiend I recently painted - he's been mostly done for a few months, but I was waiting to do the glow effect until after he was based.  I've altered the pose slightly from the original (he's shifted forwards and his arms are repositioned a little) as the original pose didn't make much sense to me - you can see the unpainted conversion here: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/346143-the-judgment-on-kadeth-dr-ruminahuis-emperors-children/?p=5777114






The tentacles are magnetized (to allow them to be swapped with its meltacuttter option), which is why I didn't do any glow effect from them.  Sorry the pictures are a bit dark - I found glare to be a real problem with my new lamp, and was trying to reduce that.

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Thanks Bjorn.

Finished a chaos knight (except for the basing - I usually base in groups) - its  a kit bash of the chaos and imperial kits.

As a Ravager


He looks pretty good as a Despoiler too.


Close up on the bloodletter skull on this tilt plate and the knife holding it in place.  This follows my demon skulls theme on my tilt plate (my other knight, a pic of which is below, has a demonette skull on its tilt plate) and with the colouring of the model lets me field it as either Slannesh or Khorne alligned.  It also shows the eye lenses, name scroll ("Fidelis") and its crotch shield.


Here's the top hatch.  Don't know why Kazinky came to mind - its "sky" instead of "ski" as it fits the space better.  I imagine this/was is the name of the pilot.


Its left shoulder with trophies.  Might add some more symbols as there is a bit too much white space.


Its other shoulder, with my army symbol.


Its back


Close up on his claw


And his sword:


And finally, my 2 completed knights together - I'm happy how they look different with the different pinks, but still like they belong together.


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Excellent work on the new Chaos Knight. The way its mask apparently pries the optics open, remind me of the scene in which Alex DeLarge (Malcolm McDowell) undergoes the Ludovico Technique for rehabilitation, in A Clockwork Orange. Maybe base the Knight Scion's biography on Alex?

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Thanks!  I think we are seeing the mask differently, as I don't see it as prying open the optics - its actually a few mm in front of them.  Rather, I wanted the head to look from a distance like an eyeless head with a big maw (kind of like the white EVAs from the Evangelion movie - or a white version of the alien from the Alien(s) movie series).  Now, whether its bloody because it actually chews things (it is chaos after all) or some other mechanism I leave at the discretion of the viewer (for now, anyway).

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Finished my first wardog (except basing and the left shoulder symbol, which I'll do when I've done a few of them), though with only 1 set of weapon options so far.  Did it in the same scheme as the Ravager above, but halved instead of whatever you call the scheme I used for my Abhorents (thirds?  insides/outsides? dunno).  Really happy with it.

Right side


Left side


Front as the Ravager's mini-me


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