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Conscriptboris's 40K/HH/Fallen Dark Angels

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Hi all,


Having embarked on the 12 Months Hobby Challenge for 2022 by GrotSmasha, I thought I would track my progress here for general pointers and thoughts.


As an FYI, this will be my first time using enamels, and anything outside of GW, and I dont own an airbrush. This is also my foray back into painting after about 5-6 years. I am seeking to play also, which has been a bit longer since I last did.


First up, I posted a Leviathan in the 2022 hobby;


Leviathan (low res)


Because I am on leave, and probably as I was too keen to get the model done this month, I am done already! However I am going to take a day to see if I want to go further;


DreadWing Leviathan Left View

DreadWing Leviathan Left View


Couple of points, the black base has very much come out a Grey/Brown. Next model I will be using a better drybrush method on the black, and the AK Brown Wash, might be switched out for streaking grime, with less focus the higher up the model.


The base does need more life, however I'm going to see how it sits with me over the coming weeks. It was just some All purpose filler with stones, and some spare plastic bits. However the legs do blend in well with the surrounding.



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That looks great, I like the base a lot.


Thank you! The base was very much trial and error, using filler, some stones and a few bits of plastic scrap from the bits box.


Astrogranite/Ak Dark Brown Wash/Vallejo Umber and Slate Grey pigments. Mig Rust on some base bits. I like the look, trying to create the look of a 'dirty, dead world'.

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That looks seriously nice! I really like the weathering as well as the base and the detailing is great.


Thank you! Much appreciated. AK Dark Brown Wash, Vallejo Burnt Umber and Light Slate Grey Pigments generated most of the effect.


It is the first time ive used such things, and a little less Wash might leave some of my previous highlights and battle damage i put on.

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Next, my Imperial Knight from Battlecastings, who have produced a beautiful 2nd Edition themed Imperial knight, from the Armorcast days!


Knight Boxed

Knight boxed 2



Ill be painting the knight as house hyboras, although they sided with the Warmaster, maybe this one didnt? Or maybe pretended not too whilst hiding amongst the First Sons, either way, its not the first time the Angels have operated in the 'grey' area.

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I have now added some transfer, I gave an attempt at free handing the House Hyboras symbol. Transfers to identify alliegence to the DA. With some skull Kill Counters on the leg.


Next Ill be doing the grimdark stages, and weathering. Hoping the next phase turn out well!


Knight 03


Knight 04

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Recently Completed a Squad for my Astral Claws, the old metal Vets, thank  god we have Plastic Characters these days!



Using the Fafnir Model from HH, I am hoping this guy will become my Executioners Chapter Master. I didnt want another 'silver' army, so my Executioners will be the classic paint scheme. I do need to locate transfers.



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