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Unit of the week (10th edition index tactica) : Cultists


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As with everyone else I use them for sticky obsec, screening and mark of nurgle to keep them safe at key moments. I used to have 3 squads but I found that a bit to many compared to what I needed them to do, I’m done to one at the minute and a squad of Nurglings due to points but if I need more cultists I’ll probably drop a character for another squad and spend the left overs on an enhancement.

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I have had the idea to use Ash waste nomads from Necromunda as my cultist, look a a little ragged tagged, have some weapon options. The "banners" are easily chaosfied with symbols. Sadly they don't have any great ranged weapon options, but the rifles can be easily be stand in for Autoguns. With the right paint job I think they can be glorious speed bumps in a Chaos Space Marine army.


Cpt. Danjou

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With the index, cultists are now armed with "cultist firearms" rather than autoguns, which opens up the sources a fair bit.  So for now, anything that is a) two handed; b) a gun; c) smaller than a bolter; and d) can't be confused with a grenade launcher, flamer or heavy stubber probably works.  Assuming you want to stick with GW parts (and there are lots of great non-GW guns available from 3rd parties if you don't), the best sources in my mind would be imperial guard lasguns, which ought to be fairly easy to obtain cheap separate from their models, or the guns from the genestealer cultists box, which comes with both 10x shotguns and 10x autoguns to a box (plus 1 each of the heavy stubber, grenade launcher and flamer, giving you those options as well).

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On 2/15/2024 at 5:28 PM, Dark_Vengeant said:

any tips on where to find autoguns to convert the current cultist scults to autogun troops?


Couple days late to reply, but the Cultist Warband box you can buy is the source for the official GW Autogun Cultists (and also the special weapons Cultists can take as well).


I think you can still find some of the Old GW Autogun cultist boxes knocking about on FB or eBay, but they're quite pricey when they show up.

In terms of conversion, our Cultist brethren from the GSC and the many different Gangers from Necromunda make decent converted Cultists, as do a wide variety of AoS models (Tho you'll need to source arm swaps).

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Added Necromunda
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I have 20 ccw and pistol. Will usually run 2 10 man squads. Their sticky objective ability is great for an army that wants to move up the board. 

For the shooting option, I’m using Traitor Guard.

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