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  1. In the trip to WHW, we also all brought our tiny titans, being one of the funnest games GW makes (probably). I managed to get a quick 1250pt game in against @Olis's Legio Xestobiax and their Black Iron cores. I was using (and forgot to use the rules for) a Ferrox light maniple with additional reaver (+1 to armour rolls within your scale in inches) against Olis's nimble Corsair maniple: Tempestus Indefatigable (Indy): Reaver (princeps) - melta, gatling, turbo laser, charge warlord trait Aegis Eternal: Reaver - volcano cannon, laser blaster, apoc launcher Hound 1 - plasma, vulcan Hound 2 - Plasma, vulcan. Xestobiax Reaver 1 - melta, chainfist, apoc Reaver 2 - gatling, powerfist, apoc, Reaver 3 - hidden behind the tower so I forget, but I think gatling+ laser+ apoc. Xestobiax deployed as far forwards as possible and in the bunker, behind the tower, with a decent amount of terrain in a diagonal line to partially shield their advance. My reavers deployed to the left, while my hounds to the right out of sight behind the downed titan lander. T1 With the power and chainfists, Olis only had ranged weapons on 7/9 hardpoints, while I had 10/10 ranged, so I had a large ranged advantage - Olis went first and full strided titans to get close to me, but was just out of range with the largely 24" weapons. Aegis and Indy first fired to try and get some more shots in, and I VOIDS TO FULLED some apoc launcher hits and lost some shields, but nothing major. My hounds sprinted up the side, and one was out of LoS. Everything focussed fire on the front chainfist/melta reaver to bring the beast down. Aegis and the Indy managed to bring some shields down, one hound then finished off the shields and managed a 4 hits to the head with a maximal fire plasma blaster to the side, rolling like an 12, 15, 16, 17. The front titan was crippled already which was not a good start for Xestobiax. T2 The near crippled titan tries to charge my nearst warhound but falls short, putting it's shots into it but not managing to down enough shields. Potshots into my reavers down some shields. My charged warhound then tries to move out of arc of the chainfist reaver and draw LoS to that and the fist reaver behind, attempting full stride, but awakens the machine spirit and stands there haughtily. Now everything opens up. Aegis targets the head with the apoc launcher and the volcano cannon and the laser goes wherever. I get one miss, which scatters but still hits the head means 4 hits with the volcano to the critical head and the first titan goes down with a magazine detonation on the melta catching my nearest hound in the massive blast, damaging the body. The rest of the firepower opens up on the fist titan and breaks the shields, and damages the body. This is not going well for Xestobiax. T3 Trying to avoid getting flanked by my hounds the fist reaver knight moves back and angles away, but leaves my reavers in the side arc. Shooting drops Aegis shields (ironic) but does no damge. Indy, which has been pushing reactors and not venting suffers a shield collapse in the damage phase...Then everything unloads into the fist reaver, managing to repeatedly hit the legs. Vulcan downs the shields, plasma cracks the shell then Aegis's volcano cannon finishes the job - the reaver spins 180 degrees, wildfires at nothing, then falls backwards down the hill it was walking down. Two down, one to go, and both kills made by Aegis, who usually does nothing. T4 The final Xestobiax reaver comes out to play. I attempt emergency repairs on Aegis and reignite the voids, everything piles into the reaver and it dies, I forget by who's hand exactly, I think one of the hounds. Due to the mission, I had a greater scale of titans (28 to 24) so Olis got +4VP, and you gain VP equal to your scale remaining, so the final score was 3 engine kills and 32-4 to Legio Tempestus! The gorgeous check-work on Olis's titans, using nail art stencils. Tempestus Walks! Aegis Eternal and Indefatigable stride towards Xestobiax, peppering their shields with fire. The jaws close around the god engines of Xestobiax Titans on parade A couple of glamour shots of Aegis Eternal
  2. So I have a few pics of some games this week. I have had a super busy week so excused the rushed report, but here are the short notes: It was a 2K Maelstrom game.... it was pretty intense. More so than I thought it would be with Orks. Basically here's what I brought, unfortunately since the new codex came out I haven't had the heart to rip arms off of my sword Strikes, (which hardly got used in 7th), and put on Falchions, but two of the squads were WYSIWYG and 2 were Falchion loaded. One NDK is just a heavy, the other is a GMNDK. Razorback (missing turret) is an Assault Cannon. 2 Purgation squads are in there too. (Psilencers x2 and Psycannon x 2) The rest is pretty vanilla... 4 Pals, 1 Apothecary w/Cuirass. Voldus, and Draigo. The Orks army. I have to say it was not one of his stronger lists, but it had a good mix. He's played a lot of the massive body count armies... very annoying, but this was more trukks, more elites for him, and therefore less bodies, but he has been testing a Gorkanaut (I think it's called). Anyway I do get first turn. He's lined up poorly in my opinion though and this could be where I get a huge advantage if I don't mess it up. Beginning of the game: My first turn I alpha the heck out of him to retain some slight advantage. He has lots in trucks and I see the limitations of my non-Lascannon oriented force immediately... here I was hoping to Stormbolter him to death. The GMNDK comes down and Voldus launches Vortex. ! I love that about this edition... my Vortex is back baby! Take that dirty , green space mushrooms! The Vortex is a big one! It doesn't get the extra mortal wounds, but it is bin in the way it hits 4 squads including a Dread, and the Gorkanaught. I baby smite as much as typically can be done, and a well placed Purge Soul rips more off of the Gorkanaught. I don't waste most of my shooting on the Gorkanaught... because I need to wittle down some units. And I do. I get first blood at this point on a truck, and I think I've got a huge advantage here with his deployment so I get the GMNDK into CC with Gorkanaught... oh they will write such great prose about this moment on Titan... won't they???? Yea, so .... Not really! The Grandmaster waltz's in and hits but only does two D3 wounds!!! (Since I can only roll as low as a 3 that's as good as it gets for me)!!! That hammer needs batteries or something. I even blew a command point. So as you can clearly see the Gorkanaught had it's way with the GMNDK! The Gorkanaught pulled back and out of it's gut comes the Nobs with Heavy axes....But hey I remember this! In 7th I wiped these guys no problem..... Well frag grenades aren't needed in 8th, and ANYTHING can adjust a Terminator (2+ save). So the Nobs come out, and they are.. shocking S6 with these axes, 2 wounds each, and -1 AP!!! When did this happen? They come out with a banner dude, and lay the beat down, and the Gorkanaught easily finishes off the GMNDK. So now things have changed. I move up everything and try to crack vehicles, but the Orks are now in the lead, and have Slay The Warlord. The Paladins move in and do not let the image of their based in GM slow them down.... - My NDK (Heavy) does some good work here, we look really good now as the Paladins and Voldus start to take down boys, but they are cheap... dispensable. - I have some points from this, but he's still leading. The weird thing is the game keeps swaying HUGELY back and forth. I finally have the tipping point I feel when I get the Morkanaught down BUT it explodes on the way down!!! - The ensuing explosion causes 12 wounds on my stuff!! Insane. He's laughing now. Voldus took 2 (after killing the robot) and the Apothecary took a few.... very bad... Strikes went down... it was bad. - I get some points around the board, his copters come in flanking and steal a few points... I have to react, and it looks like I'm going to have to table him. - My Purgation squads are big in this game. I sit them in front of the Razorback and spew out Psilencer shots, and Psycannon shots (the Psycannons weren't worth it in my opinion. The Assault Cannon just does more for the buck). - I gun down the Nobz with axes... they are incredibly good now and cheap (too cheap?) At this point the NDK hops across the board with Gate, and I am down to the Razorback about 2 squads of 3 model Strike squads.... Voldus, and one NDK. I get the points I need literally in the last turn to pull off a crazy narrow victory! Orks are a lot different. Anything affecting saves is hard, but one thing I forgot to mention in this battle was a squad of Rocket Boyz in a Truck.... after I got through an assault with my Paladins they just got VAPED by the Rockets! -AP plus each unsaved wound is 3 Damage! So every lost save is a dead Strike, or a dead Paladin. That was incredibly rough, and made me really doubt the continued use of Paladins. But I have to hand it to my Ork opponent, this felt nothing like 7th edition Orks vs. GK.
  3. Most of my batreps start with a critical moment.... so I have to reach into about the mid point of the game for this unfortunate scene: ++ This is not an Ultramarine going into a donut shop. It's 'counts as' Calgar going toe to toe with an Admech Knight. The Inceptors and the Ultramarines' back line watch on in disbelief (at the insane heroism or stupidity is yet to be determined) ++ This battle report has some of the Primaris models in it, and it's a bit misleading because this is the army I planned to field: ++ This was to be my list for the game, however, I determined I did not want to use Guilliman as a crutch. I changed a large portion of the list and not all models would be WYSIWYG. ++ This is what I ended up bringing: Calgar Lt. 2 x 5 Intercessors 1 x 5 Scouts 5 x Cataphractii Termies 1 Storm raven carrying: 3 Centurions, 1 Apothecary, 1 Contemptor Dreadnought. (* The Stormraven is Proxied by a Stormhawk) 1 x Razorback with Twin Assault 3 x Inceptors 5 x Plasmablasters Admech List:(Sorry I don't know the name of their stuff very well) - Tech priest. HQ (there were a few of these dudes, but I can't remember the name of the Warlord) - Knight - Squad of Destroyers with Plasma - Squad of Destroyers with Grav - Ranger squad with Plasma - Infiltrators with pointy spindly legs and tazers - 3 giant robots that never friggin die. - Onager Dune Crawler <--- Nasty D3 S10 shots I think - 2 Dunestriders? Tall spindly walker dudes with probes for... probing. The Game: - Deadlock? We start with 6 Objective cards and have to discard down (if necessary) a card per turn. At Turn 3, Command Points cost double to use. - I end up going first, and the shady Admech fail to seize. Deployment/Early Game: - Calgar and friends zoom up the right flank. I REALLLY did not want to do this. My cards were the pits. I sense the meddling of Belararius at play. My only 'doable' card is really on my left flank, but I have very thin coverage of Intercessors. Still they 'advance' to get to the objective, and do not make it within 3"! I have to blow a command point to get there.... - The Ultramarines full movement for the turn looks something like this: ++ Calgar orders a full press towards the Knight. The left flank is left exposed but too many points hang on this corner of the table. ++ - Back to right flank the reason I don't want to go here is the Knight is sitting in that corner, however, Calgar is given orders (defend an objective AND secure an objective) which the Knight is sitting on top of. That's a bad break but Calgar doesn't complain... he orders the Stormraven up that flank with full cargo remaining aboard. - Calgar himself comes down in flash with 5 Cataphractii, and 3 Inceptors. His aura will help, but the Stormraven is outside of the aura. The Knight has to be 'damaged' if not brought down entirely... This picture is from the Admech's turn, but you get the idea: ++ With a hail of firepower from the Stormraven, Inceptors, Razorback, and Centurions, the Knight would take little damage. ++ - The Knight takes very little damage. I hoped the Stormraven would do more... but no dice... literally. - Desperate times call for desperate measures, I attempt to assault the Knight but require a 9" charge.... I roll a 1 and a 3, so not even worth using a command point for, and therefore Calgar wisely decides to not make the attempt. Unfortunately 2 whole Cataphractii Termies DIE in overwatch from the Knight! I need Ballersarius to make me some new ones! - Ultramarines only accomplish the one point on the opposite flank of this mess. However it has left them in the open of a LOT of firepower. . ++ Chirps and beeping followed by "Intruder Alert" can be heard across the battlefield as Admech rolls out. This shows the battlefield from the Admech side, in the far flank, Ultramarines have very little defense, and the Admech happen to have some points sitting there waiting to be claimed. ++ - Ultramarine Intercessors can do very little about denying the Admech in my left flank. All they can do is die... slower-ish if possible! They do take a lot of firepower, but the Admech is relentless. A lot of shots are fired, but the Intercessors somehow live for now. Meanwhile the rest advanced, while the "Infiltrators' came in behind my rear guard of Intercessors. But they would not make the charge. - Most of the Admech was targeting the Stormraven wherever and whenever possible. The Stormraven dodged and dipped, but a stray wrench was hurled into the engine turbine and the Stormraven went down and somehow the contents got out unharmed.... this was a terrible blow, as it looked for a second like the Stormraven might make it out of this turn. But things are about to get worse.... ++ And back to this scene... Calgar looks on defiantly, and the Knight arrogantly strides into close combat..... fists are crackling with energy, the buzz of the massive chainsaw starts to grind to life.... ++ - The Admech Knight easily destroys the rest of the Cataphractii with firepower after watching the rest of the admech destroy the Stormraven. - In the Fight Phase, the Knight barely makes close combat... Swinging first, the Knight swoops in and Calgar proves to be more nimble than he looks, and he manages to dodge all but 2 of the Knights attacks. The Knight would only wound once, but use a command point to re roll the second failed wound, only to wound again. I guess Cawl isn't steering this one.... - The Knight still wounds once, but Calgar's mighty ancient suit holds out and saves the wound. Calgar swings back taking the Knight down a few more wounds! - The Admech take the lead with a few points and First Blood. Mid Game: - Calgar retreats from the Knight (wish I had Chapter Tactics in effect!). - With the Raven down, the Centurions, Apothecary and Contemptor move into position. The Inceptors jump over the Knight to claim the much needed objective point. Firing hits desperation mode, I BARELY bring the Knight down. The Inceptors even fired into it causing zero wounds. A few of the Contemptor's rounds got through but the Lascannons did mediocre damage. The Knight finally goes down, I get a point. - On my left Flank I've lost 5 Intercessors, but they didn't go down easily. They lasted through a lot of firepower. The assaulted Intercessor squad is thinning out, and there's more trouble on the way.... ++ The last Intercessors try to hold the line, but more Admech are incoming. ++ - The Admech turn is full of plasma, grav, and miscellaneous beeping and chirping... the Razorback takes hits, the Centurions take wounds which would be recovered by the Apothecary. - The Inceptor squad is wiped easily by Grav. This means I can't get "Defend" the objective.... and the Admech take a good lead with a score of 5 - 2. End Game: - The Ultra's have to try something to get the Intercessors out... fast forward to T5 and I am only 2 points behind, most of the destroyers are dead, or severely wounded. The Onager Dune Crawler goes down from the Contemptor, and Calgar is slowly lumbering to mid field. - to save the Intecessors, I retreat from CC. This lines up a long shot of Lascannons to his Longstriders... which die in a hail of Centurion fire. - I get a few points and get his Warlord for my best turn of the game going up to 12 points to his 11. ++ The Lieutenant and scouts have to gank this lowly robed construct thing... It is a character and scores me a vital late game point. ++ - The last turn of the game the only plausible option for the Admech is to steer their last Grav Destroyer into my last 3 scouts and "Fire EVERYTHING" into them... as they die it gives the Admech a final point... the Game Ends in a tie 12-12. Conclusion: - A thorough, and severe beating. I made big mistakes but those opening cards forced me into a horrible spot. Admech is a great army and a great matchup for marines as usual. The knight was really good as usual too. - Now I have to decide... to take Ultramarines into the Konor campaign or Chaos!! A mere day or two away from Pre orders!!! Thanks for reading!
  4. Hey guys, A very quick battle report here. I apologize in advance as my Black Legion testing has been largely done with proxies so these pics are a little on the ugly side... but I sold most of my Black Legion and will have to proxy a lot of this. The Game: - Maelstrom Objective X (You can't discard secure objective "X" and your opponent can always steal it.) - 2,0000 points. - Admech : Knight 2 priests, 3 of those big robot things with fists, and shooty stuff. And a priest warlord. Onagar Dunecrawler, a squad of shooty Skitarii and a squad of the assaulty dudes with multi wounds and tasers. Dunestriders (tall walkers?) are infiltrating as well. A 3 man squad of Grav cannon dudes, and a 3 man squad of Plasma Cannon dudes. - Black Legion: Abaddon w/ 5 Shooty Terminators, Sorc in Termie armour Questoris Knight - very shooty variant (my fave variant so far) Baledrake 3 Oblits 3 x 10 Culitsts (one squad has 2 flamers) 3 x Spawn +These are Abaddon's forces. Sorry for the mismatch of various models. + + I got tired of proxying Abaddon so I did a quick conversion. I honestly don't know if it's worth painting it up. I've been saying for a year he's getting a new model and.... still waiting. So I may be forced to paint this up. + Early Game: - I go first, Admech fails to steal the initiative (for once!) - Baledrake zooms up, takes 1 flame shot at Skitarii, goes to do a dual assault into Skitarri and the Onagar Dune Crawler (the shots on these things is insane I had to tie it up). My Baledrake.... takes 6 WOUNDS in OVERWATCH. Stupid bird can't even dodge a wrench apparently! - I commit to the Alpha Strike: Abaddon the Termie Sorc, 5 Termies all come in from reserves right in the middle. I also put the Oblits just to the outside flank of the ruins to stay within Abe's 6" circle of love. (I drew objective 2 which was in the ruins). This is where everything goes terriblly for Abaddon and the funky bunch: 1. Abaddon orders the Sorc to cast Warp Time on him.I successfully cast it, and Abaddon moves closer to the trio of Huge Robots (Castellans?) and their Techpriest. They are no slouch in CC and I know this from past experience.... BUT, I know I took the Khorne Icon on the 5 man termie squad to help out in Close Combat.... Truly it even pains me to type this.... 2. The Teriminators unload all kinds of hell... 2 Plasma combi's, meilta combi, Autocannon into the Knight, while the Bolter part of the combi is shooting 4 shots each into his robots! 3. Termie Sorc unloads Plasmas as well into the Knight. Combi bolters into robots. 4. Abe Unloads his Talon into Robots. 5. Obliterators unload magical crappy shots at Robots (S7, AP1, D1) Thank you fickle powers of the warp... how I love Chaos Random Gods! All of this is within Abaddon's circle of love. Just outside the circle of love, my Questoris Knight unloads Storm missiles, dual Battle Cannon and Avenger Gatling into the Knight. The good news is the Knight takes almost nearly half of its hullpoints! (one short of crippled stats) The Bad news is Abaddon makes his charge, swings a way at the robots, at T7 I elect to use Drachnyen because of the D6 bonus which I get 5, for 11 attacks + False Emperor bonus.... that's a lot of hits.... but I could not roll 5's to save my life. Abaddon kills one robot and 2 wounds on another one. Abaddon took a wound in overwatch, and 3 more wounds from robot fists which apparently hurt pretty bad. All in all this is quite full of fail.... now for the big mistake.... Admech Turn: - He draws cards, juggles his positioning, and withdraws the Castellan robots and priest from Close Combat.... wow.... then it occurs to me... I completely forgot to charge (with re rolls) my Terminator squad into the Castellan robots to help Abaddon! - Abaddon takes all available shots from the Plasma Cannons, and Grav Cannons in the face and he is blow to pieces several times over until all you can see is that top knot sticking out of the burning debris that was his armour. - The Black Legion Terminators watch on in horror as the Admech Knight unloads into them, and they all die but one (with the assault cannon). That last Termie gets sliced to death by the Admech Knight in CC. A brutal first turn. The Black Legion had lost their Alpha Strike (which quite frankly did very mediocre). I had lost the re-roll aura and my CC ability was greatly diminished.... Black Legion had no reason to go on, and the Culitists were all considering running off with the Spawns and getting married. It looked bad. Mid Game: - I am in the lead and this largely because of the Cultists squatting on objectives in my zone, however in a very, very bizarre twist of fate, the Obliterators are preventing the Admech from scoring by simply refusing to die....Granted the Admech didn't put much attention into these fools, as they couldn't damage anything. - The brightside of this is the Questoris Knight is undamaged, it was time to poke his head out entirely and be extremely aggressive.... + The Culitsts are threatened by flanking Skitarii close combat units, and the 3 Dunesrtiders.... amazingly the Spawn came to the rescue. One died to shooting but the others didn't seem to care, and they absolutely butchered the Skitarii to my amazement. Then they rolled into the Dunestriders, and killed one, while leaving the survivor at one wound. The Cultists watched on in horror and amazement as the Spawn start some strange Chaos ritual with the dead skitarri.+ - The Baledrake continues to harass. It isn't killing much, but the claws keep damaging the Dune Crawler wound at a time. It's a slow motion slap fight, but the Dune Crawler can really do damage if left unchecked. + The Questoris Knight rolls in. The Terminator sorc has escaped death in the middle of the ruins while the Renegade Knight finally kills the Admech Knight from shooting. + (with some vital wounds taken off the Admech Knight by Smite from the Sorc too)+ + The middle was still contested by a very annoying Techpriest who kept killing the best of my "Legion"... but they were fine cultists. Never underestimate the power of soiled underwear and a strong belief in a dead Despoiler. + Late Game: - The Admech rush towards the Cultists dies down thanks to the Spawn and the Obliterators shoot again and do squad, but they roll into the close combat against the Skitarii Rangers. - In the middle (above picture) it was getting ugly. We both had very few models, but the middle represented serious points for both of us. You can score "Defend Objectives" on your opponents turns so I kept throwing chaff into the middle, but I had run out....the Techpriest shouldn't be underestimated. He kept shooting into CC and hacking down cultists with bad hygene and worse weapons. I would be forced to put the Sorc into harm's way. - The points were well in Black Legion's favour at this point. The Obliterators kept preventing scoring... and while they would kill next to nothing, they kept tying up stuff, and refusing to die. After the death of the Baledrake, it was up to the Obliterators to keep firing at the Dunecrawler and in the 5th turn they would finally roll decent dice: S9, AP1, D3, and kill it. - The Spawn were pure beast mode. Their hits are truly punishing but it is a dice luck heavy unit requiring good rolls to get decent volume of attacks. Still the right side of the table was firmly in Black Legion's hands. - With the Admech Knight dead, the Admech put all fire power into the Questoris and he was quickly down to 15 wounds (I only recall making one 5+ save which is a 100% more than I typically make) - The middle is still hotly contested.... + The last of the great Cultists go down in a hail of shots in close combat from the Priest. In the Black Legion's turn the middle must be won to seal the deal.+ - The Knight finishes off the shooty Cataphrons (Grav and Plasma units) and then destroys the last robot which was right in front of him. - The Terminator Sorc for 2 Fight Phases has been unable to put a dent in the Tech priest... so he does what Sorcerers do and plays dirty... casting 2 Smites he fries the Priests brain and finally claims the points for the central marker. - Admech tries to retaliate but the Warlord and a few dudes are all that's left (for both sides). - The game points are well in the Black Legion favour but this had almost nothing to with Abaddon unfortunately.... what would have happened if the Termies tried that charge? Would it have made any difference? Did the Obliterators have an absolutely horrible game? Or the worst game you've ever seen? (I still can't figure that one out.) Anyway it was a fun and very interesting game. The "Playa's of the Warp" award goes to: Questoris Renegade Knight, and the Spawns. I say both of them for the reason that I truly thought the game was over when Abaddon and the Termies went down so easily, so quickly and did so little..... the Knight put a HUGE dent in the Admech which was very lucky, but crucial. Yet on the entire right flank of the table, all I had to hold it was Cultists which surely would have crumbled to the Skitarii units and dunestriders if it weren't for the resilient and speedy Spawns. Thanks for checking out this batrep.
  5. My second game of 8th edition. Deathwing vs Orks. We're both still learning the rules so mistakes were made (like forgetting to use CP's) We played 1500 pts because it's better to start lower. One funny thing: Altough both lists were 1500 pts (ish), the ork list had 20+ power level difference. My List: Battalion detachment Belial Chaplain in TDA: Crozius and SB Apothecary Ancient 2x 5 DW terminators with AC 1x 5 DW Knights 3x5 scouts with sniper rifles Ork list The mission was the relic. I deployed Scouts, Apothecary and Standard bearer, kept rest in reserve. I managed to steal the Initiative, so I moved only the terminator characters. The DWK appered close to the relic, with the Characters close by. The game was shakey in the beggining because the DWK took the brunt of the fighting. They managed to survive with the relic, always retreating and with the rest of the DW making a wall between them and the relic. I managed to face the mobs one at a time with Terminator shooting, Belial CC prowess and re-rolls and Ancient extra attack. Overview Scouts. Those pesky Sniper rifles took out both HQ's, a couple of storm boyz and some wounds in Trukk, Warbikes and other boyz. Thanks to Belial re-rolls the accuracy was kept high.. Apothecary: He healed single wounds and revived 3 dead terminators. He is definately a keeper in this sort of army because every model count. Ancient. Not only he was a force to be reckoned with in CC, giving the extra attack to the rest of the Terminators. DW terminators: AC was ace and at 12" those 4 SB shots made dents, paired with re-rolls from Belial. In CC they were no slouches . Belial: Buffed the army and everything he touched in CC, melted. Chaplain: Gave re-rolls to Belial and other squads and pulled his weight in CC. DW knights. They only soaked fire. I missed them not having firepower. I see no reason to have them instead of normal terminators at this moment. Maybe because they had to keep relic safe and I didn't want to risk them, but in such a small army, the Firepower of another DW squad would have helped much more. Having 2 wounds per terminators makes them more resilient but stuff like missile launchers have to be cleared from the table because they'll make short work of multi-wounds. All in all a fun game to learn 8th Ed. Thanks for reading.
  6. Edit: Some gits pressed da wrong button and most of my pictures disappeared from the internet. In response I started a blog, https://redtoof.blogspot.co.uk/ I'm plannng to post some (fairly lazy) battle reports here. Hopefully they will be in some way educating and/or entertaining. Here is the first one: 2000 points, Orks vs Chaos Space Marines. Me vs two opponents with 1000 each. All still learning the rules. My list was a Battalion with a spearhead detachment. Warboss Redtoof, big mek Gubbinz, wierdboy Durrork Orkora, nobz, 2 trukks, 70 boyz, tankbustas, lootas, deffdread, kans and kannons. My enemies were 2 daemon princes, 2 defilers, melta havocs in a rhino, contemptor, Leviathan and 2 decimators loaded up with mortal wound guns. The Mission was contact lost, though I think it was mostly forgotten in favour of smashing stuff. http://i1164.photobucket.com/albums/q565/dan_wellington1/BE86B589-20D8-4B89-B586-9BC3D37CB0AD_zpsptcfw3b5.jpg Deployment looks like this. Two wedges of stompiness. They went first. http://i1164.photobucket.com/albums/q565/dan_wellington1/56F73E66-9540-41EB-9383-F9C31F1C3F54_zpspkjskhaf.jpg Chaos stomp forward. Shooting is not so effective thanks to heavy weapons, apart from my lootas getting mortal wounded to death. The defiler did the Warp time up in my face. http://i1164.photobucket.com/albums/q565/dan_wellington1/3B468389-86B8-45B2-A611-DA2276B65F9C_zpsdqufevq2.jpg That defiler charges into the front of my formation. My movement is severely hampered. Feels like this might have been a cunning plan if the defiler wasn't so expensive. http://i1164.photobucket.com/albums/q565/dan_wellington1/A39E7ACB-AD42-42E7-B1B5-A12E9D84A90A_zpsxx53v8ec.jpg Redtoof and his Nobz get out. He orders the boyz to get out of the way so the deffdread can get in. (Gubbinz fixed up the damage it took so it was back to full.) http://i1164.photobucket.com/albums/q565/dan_wellington1/89C44CBF-7E07-4C1A-8A67-9D42CE868006_zps12c1vh8m.jpg Problem solved. http://i1164.photobucket.com/albums/q565/dan_wellington1/FDC73D96-9E94-44FB-BD61-93D08430E309_zpsylyawtb7.jpg The chaos follow the defiler into the meat grinder. http://i1164.photobucket.com/albums/q565/dan_wellington1/0A4B7F56-6D48-45E3-A5EE-80A11AE16536_zpsq3hrkxw4.jpg Shooting takes out the dread. The leviathan charges Redtoof after the Nobz are reduced by the defiler. Warlord slain. http://i1164.photobucket.com/albums/q565/dan_wellington1/ABC65112-0D39-45B2-BEA2-021728DD5925_zps0xeppmjd.jpg Not in any way motivated by revenge, the tankbustas, kans and my characters converge on the Leviathan. http://i1164.photobucket.com/albums/q565/dan_wellington1/BBF34CB9-C690-4F70-914F-86DB434680B6_zpscnucwwuj.jpg Jobs a gud 'un. Tankbustas are tasty. http://i1164.photobucket.com/albums/q565/dan_wellington1/D9C89C2B-B39C-4047-96AB-B2344C818FEA_zpsqeo0xdry.jpg Kans and bustas charge the defiler and get a bonus stompy monster kill this turn. http://i1164.photobucket.com/albums/q565/dan_wellington1/7C5B8AE0-47E1-4420-9D2D-D087640396F2_zpsxionfjlp.jpg Iron warriors rhino does an admirable impression of a wall and blocks many of my boyz reaching the contemptor who is eating his way through their buddies. http://i1164.photobucket.com/albums/q565/dan_wellington1/D069D8F9-4B66-47F1-B95A-B744D9C62538_zpsy5w7g83n.jpg Chaos decide (wisely) that the kans have to go. Between two princes, the Decimator and the havocs, they are wiped out. It's ok, they were only grots. http://i1164.photobucket.com/albums/q565/dan_wellington1/99777AA6-6C32-4C9A-8390-3817700B8B5E_zpspvkhbhku.jpg Rhino goes, the boyz get to pile in on that contemptor. http://i1164.photobucket.com/albums/q565/dan_wellington1/8ED4BA68-4D02-4682-8D8D-EB59E38E45FB_zpslyfxyjy6.jpg So my last two tankbustas in melee with the prince happened to have rokkit pistols. They finished it off in the shooting phase, allowing my two remaining Nobz along with Gubbinz and Durrork to pile into the second prince, killing him as well. I also throw buckets of dice at the contemptor and finally kill it. With the leaders gone, the last few turns were just mopping up Havocs then claiming some token objectives while the last Decimator back-pedalled into his deployment zone. In the end a solid victory 15-4. Learning points: Tankbustas are good took out the first Decimator so fast I didn't catch it in the report :p Kans are good. Try a big unit with a wierdboy casting Warpath on them for 5 attacks each. Wierdboy is quite good at bashing stuff. Lootas probably need a battlewagon to hide in because they are super vulnerable. A big unit of orks can grind down a dread over a few turns. Rolling lots of dice is still fun. :)
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