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  1. THE ARGENT FORGE " We are all the sum of our actions, young one. Every act, every deed we perform in this wretched existence defines whom we are, how we are remembered, what legacy we leave behind. None of us escape this pitiful mortal coil alive, initiate. It is up to us to define who we are and when the time comes for us to pay our final dues and leave behind our mark it falls to us if our story will be a glorious chapter of Man-kinds history or an oft forgotten foot note that merely highlights the folly of Men," Brother Kristoff Argent - (Former) Master of Sanctity, Star Leopards Astartes Chapter now assigned to the Legio Bolter and Chainsword The Preamble So its that time again. Time for Brother Argent to start another hobby butterfly log. I've tried this a few times and always failed for various reasons. My most recent attempt, when I meant to tackle the Imperium, didn't necessarily fail as falter. Whilst I kept up with the models my intent to deliver fluff for each issue made my get bogged down on posting and I stopped updating entirely. That's not to say I am giving up on that log, I just feel with the amount I flutter around between armies I think perhaps a central spot to share everything would be warranted. And so here I go again, launching a log that, if I am honest, updates will be sporadic and the quality somewhat lacking but I will give it a red hot try. End of Year Goals So, with the end of the year fast approaching I intend on completing a Path of Penance as I have done in the past. With multiple painting challenges failed in the later half of the year, either due to poor time management, mental health or other commitments, I have quite the list of models I had hoped to complete by years end. Whilst this is a huge undertaking and likely impossible given past records the following is the list of what I hope to achieve and the challenge they relate too: 12 Months of Hobby: 1x Seraphim Superior 1x Sister Superior 1x Sister with Simalcrum Imperialis 2x Battle Sisters 2x Repentia 1x Arcoflagellant 1x Repentia Superior 1x Penitent Engine 1x Chaplain 5x Intercessors 1x Redemptor 1x Repulsor 1x Repulsor Executioner Call to Arms: 1x Screamer Killer 1x Psycophage 3x Neurotyrant and accompanying Neurolids 12x Neurogaunts 10x Termagaunts 1x Warpsmith 1x Maulerfiend. Imperium Subscription 2x Ruins 1x Triarch Stalker 3x Battle Sisters 1x Repentia 1x Arcoflagellant 2x Seraphim Thermic Plasma Conduits Other Non Challenge related stuff: 1x AoS Steelhelm minature of the month (also know as Dame Not Appearing in this Log) So, as you can all see, one hell of a lot and likely impossible, but I am going to give it a red hot go. I have colour coded them in terms of priority. Red being highest priority, then orange, yellow and finally green. With any luck I can get this stuff done. I also have some bits and pieces I want to rework from the Call to Arms. If that happens this year or not is to be decided... A Taste of What is to come... So, finally, a blog isn't a WIP blog without some images. So, whilst these models have been seen before, here is a few images to show the schemes that I am goijng towards a a few lines about each army: Adeptus Astartes: The Interdictors Forged from the geneseed of the Ultramarines the Interdictors mostly embraced the gift of the Rubicon Primaris. Known for their tenacity and brutal uncompromising nature they strike in hard and fast, launching assault from drop pod, Thunderhawk and armoured vehicle, cutting off enemy supply routes and digging in at surrounded strongholds. The Interdictors I paint for now are mostly around what is coming with the Imperium magazine as well as my Plodding Along Vow for the Twelve Months of Hobby and will be, for the most part, centered around the 3rd Company. Adepta Sororitas: The Order of the Martyr Redeemed Formally known as the Order of the Penitent Martyr the Order of the Martyr Redeemed has been known to attract the penitent and those seeking redemption. Seen as far more compassionate then many similar orders they are a shining beacon in the hopelessness of the 41st Millennium. It is perhaps because of this, or possible in spite of, the order has a large compliment of Repentia as well as often accompanied by many arcoflagellants. Again the Sisters will be mostly done from the contents of Imperium, at least until later when I shall attempt to get another sister squad completed and, if I win the lottery, more Repentia and arcoflagelants. Tyranids: Hive Fleet Koios A splinter fleet of Hive Fleet Titan cast adrift from the warp storms of the birth of the Cicatrix Maledictum Hive Fleet Koios are possessed of the same hyper intelligent nature of Titan with perhaps less of the propensity for close quarters fighting. Their shadow has only just started to spread, with first contact noted about the same time as the resurgence of Hive Fleet Leviathan. Just how much of a threat this new splinter will be has yet to be seen. Koios (The Titan of intelligence and known as one of the conspirators in the betrayal of Uranus) will be to begin with the rest of the contents of Leviathan and then, in the new year, will move onto a lot of my older models including an old pewter Hive Tyrant and hormagaunts still in plastic wrap from 2009. Necrontyr: The Almwat Dynasty A recently awakened Dynasty the Almwat have woken to find their Dynasty and its worlds shattered and scattered. The Sons of the Phaeron are moving to reunite their broken forces. Should they succeed they will have a force that, with eldritch energies and ancient malice, will no doubt challenge any and all whom face it. My Necrons are a rebuild of my early force back from when the army first started being an army and you had a whole about ten units across the whole codex. They will be mostly built from the Imperium contents with only the yet to arrive Triarch Stalker for this year. Next year there will be a fair bit more but for now they are mostly resting. Adeptus Mechanicus: Forge World Milivia Secondus Milivia Primus was a forgeworld cursed from the days of the Heresy, its ancient machinery infected with a dreaded techno-virus known as the Scrap-Code Malaise. Despite this they continued to survive with the aid of the Iron Heralds Space Marine Chapter. Following the birth of the Great Rift as well as the predations of Hive Fleet Titan upon the world the Mechanicus decided to purge the world, salvaging what machinery they could and relocating them to the next world in the system, Milivia Secondus. Secondus was, much to the Imperium and Mechanicus' chagrin, discovered to be a sleeping Tomb World of the Almwat Dynasty. The awakened Necrontyr quickly drove the Mechanicus forces back. Rather then fight to the last the forge worlds forces instead returned to their ships, where much of the surviving machinery from Primus remained. Knowing they would face censure for their failures the fleet left, becoming a mobile forge World in essence and set out to try to rebuild and find what arceotech they could so one day they could gain retribution on the Necrons as well as the Mechanicum they feel betrayed them by destroying their world. My Admech will be silent for now. I've painted the Imperium detachment and likely wont revisit them till late next year. But they will appear in here so figured they needed a brief. So it Begins... So without further adieu I should get into it. I have been working on my Sisters as well as starting to assemble the marines for my plodding along. With any luck I will get some new models up shortly. Those whom follow the 12MoH will see most of this stuff as well but hopefully I will get more details and my processes in this thread. And with any luck I shall get regular updates. Wish me luck... EDIT: Well just secured myself some more time. Just tested positive to the ol 'Rona... again...
  2. INTRODUCTION So, its that time again. A time veterans of this esteemed forum will know. A time full of promise and, ultimately, disappointment. Its that time when Brother Argent reawakens the Argent Forge and starts another WIP blog. One that will, if past experiences are anything to go off, will likely fizzle out after a few weeks as I am far too much a procrastinator to not give in to hobby butterfly and then stare at models for weeks on end making up constant excuses in my head as to why I can't post something rather then just taking the damned photo, posting the pic and a few words of blurb and just bloody moving on... Anyway... In an attempt to share my works with you all outside of The 12 Months of Hobby 2022 thread, run by the amazing Grotsmasha, I have decided to start this little project to chronicle my (likely vain) attempts to keep up with the newly arrived in Australia Imperium magazine by Hachette Partworks. I wont teach people to suck eggs here but for those not aware Imperium is a (technically) weekly magazine full of Necrons and a various Imperial forces that drip feeds you two forces over the course of a lot of issues. It it my intention with this new blog to keep pace with this and attempt to paint the models etc as they come. But those whom know me know my first and forever home on this forum is The Liber. Although I haven't ventured there as much as I would like these past years (something I promise to try and rectify... again...) as the Unofficial Reclusiarch of the Liber I could never paint established armies or even complete any sort of challenge or project without also adding reams of useless and overly verbose fluff . So as I complete these logs I intend on fluffing out a full conflict through the battle reports etc of the magazine. In the interest of keeping myself accountable I have decided to lay down some rules for this challenge. Indeed if there were any other people starting the magazine now then they would be more then welcome to try there own version of this challenge. So: THE RULES Models must be completed one issue at a time, and one issue per week. Models must be completed in the order they arrive (ie, Issue 1, 2, 3 etc) Paint issues are considered "BYE ISSUES" and can be used to either catch up on missed models, skipped to get ahead, or paint models of my choice from my enormous Pile O' Shame All models must be completely painted before moving on. Basing may be included within the next two issues to save on time and paint. All models must be accompanied by fluff All armies must be DIY and will be detailed in the Liber Battles/Scenarios from the magazines will be played and the results will develop the fluff of the course of the narrative. Present before and after images of each model Weekly updates on progress, most likely on a Sunday. Have fun. THE FORCES SO FAR So, the Primaris never really fitted with my Star Leopards chapter of the Astartes. And with the promised/predicted arrival over the course of the magazine of Marneus Calgar as well as Roboute Guilliman I felt the need to have the marines in question be an Ultramarine Successor with a accepted Primaris presence. It was also my dream since before the original release of Apocalypse to own a full Battle Company, if not Chapter. Indeed I bought one of the original Battle Company formation boxes that is currently about half done in fourteen different marine colour schemes... But anyway, back on topic. Other then a recycled name from one of my previous works I have decided to go a whole new marine Chapter. The INTERDICTORS (IA article TBA). My intent at this point is to go full Primaris with a strong Greco-Roman vibe. I am hoping to push my skills with transfers, free hand, company markings and battle damage. Note from the pic I am intending on focussing around the 3rd Company, as per the red shoulder rim, as decided by a dice roll. The Interdictors fluff will be based around a mix of Greek City States with some Roman politics and gladiatorial combat thrown in along with a pinch of corrupted greek mythology. I will elaborate more as I go but in short these guys are not the nice guys like the Star Leopards. On the other side of the fence we have: The ALMWAT DYNASTY (IX article TBA) A horrible and out of focus and over exposed image I hope to replace but gives the idea of the colour scheme. Based off my necrons from quite some time ago the Necrontyr were one of my first 40k armies way back in the day. They are an Egyptian themed army (Tomb Kings were my first Fantasy army before the whole setting got Squatted. Is that even a phrase we can use anymore?). ** The Sororitas and Mechanicus will be detailed here as they are released. ** HANDY DANDY INDEX THINGY ** I realise these links aren't working and will address at some point soon hopefully ** ISSUE 1 (Primaris Lt and Royal Warden) BEFORE/FINISH ISSUE 2 (Necron Warriors x3) BEFORE/FINISH ISSUE 3 (Assault Intercessors x3) BEFORE/AFTER ISSUE 4 (Scorpekh Destroyers x3) BEFORE/AFTER ISSUE 4 (Primaris Captain) BEFORE/AFTER ISSUE 5 (Primaris Aggressors x3) BEFORE/AFTER ISSUE 6 (BYE ISSUE) ISSUE 7 (Necron Overlord) BEFORE/AFTER ISSUE 8 (... I stuffed up something in here...) ISSUE 9/10 (Necron Warriors x10 Scarabs x3) BEFORE/AFTER ISSUE... Yes I have them... (Phobos Librarian) BEFORE/AFTER A FINAL WORD Finally thank you all for joining my on this journey and I hope to gather all the inspiration and encouragement I can from my amazing brothers and sisters here and I hope to share some of my passion for the hobby and maybe give inspiration and help to others along the way.
  3. Index Astartes: Lion Warriors A moment of laxity spawns a life time of heresy... Summary: ▪ GENE-SEED (PREDECESSOR):- Dark Angels (Angels of Vigilance) ▪ FOUNDING:- 3RD [M.32] ▪ CHAPTER MASTER:- Dumah Berethial ▪ CHAPTER WORLD:- Al-Jandal (destroyed) ▪ FORTRESS MONASTERY:- The Spiteful Legacy (Battlebarge) ▪ MAIN COLOURS:- Golden Yellow, Black Shoulder Insets and Aquila ▪ SPECIALITY:- None ▪ BATTLE CRY:- None, formerly “Fear our roar!” ▪ CURRENT STRENGTH:- Endangered (Currently under four companies) ▪ KNOWN DESCENDANTS: (None known) Chapter Name: The Lion Warriors Origins: With the troubled times of the Scouring behind it and following the glorious Second Founding the Imperial was forced to redirect much of its efforts to the reclamation of the great glories lost during the Heresy. With much of the Traitor Legions having retreated to the sanctuary of the Eye of Terror many of the new Chapters founded were stationed directly around this Warp phenomena, many founded from forces that had already held the area, such as the Angels of Vigilance whom were founded from the forces of the Dark Angels left stationed on the world of Pervigilum. Whilst some of the control of the volatile region was restored the Traitor’s ever tested the Imperial defenses. When the Third Founding was declared the forces around the Eye were further reinforced with some of the Chapter’s being further divided, as was the case when the Lion Warriors were founded from the Angels of Vigilance and granted the homeworld of Al-Jandal, a strategicaly vital world situated on one of the few passages of stable space surrounding the Eye. It was here that the Lion Warriors would serve as stalwart protectors of the Imperium and many were the Traitor forces broken upon the walls of Al-Jandal. This faultless service would be, in a sense, the cause for the Chapters eventual downfall. In the opening days of the 38th Millennium a vast Chaos fleet, under the command of Gheramor the Defiler, set to destroy the Lion Warriors once and for all. Gheramor had faced the Chapter before and lost, and as such held great spite for the Lions. Cutting off Al-Jandal from external supply he lay siege to the planet, starting a siege that would draw on for close to one hundred years. With Gheramor’s forces seemingly endless and the Chapter secure behind the walls of its vast fortress monastery it became a war of attrition. The Chapters armories were not inexhaustible, however, and soon ammunition and weapon supplies began to run out. It was never recorded whom picked up the first traitors bolter, nor whom turned the first daemon possessed weapon against its master but as the siege drew on more and more of the Loyalist Lion Warriors had taken up traitors arms. It wasn’t until eventual relief forces arrived from the greater Imperium that the siege was finally broken. With their world now secure and Gheramor himself lying slain at Chapter Master Azran’s hand the Chapter faced a great decision. To use the weapons of the enemy was Heresy, or at least to open oneself to the taint of Chaos. But the whole Chapter had, in their desperation, taken up the tainted weaponry and, thus, wore the taint. The Chapter’s Inner Circle sat in conference for a decade, with half those present, namely the representatives of the Chapters Reclusium, declaring that the Chapter had committed heresy and should cleanse itself in war, taking the fight to the Eye itself. The others, surprisingly led by Azran himself instead counseled that what better way was there to defeat the Great Enemy then to turn his own weapons against him. A compromise was eventually reached, brokered by the Librarium, that the Chapter would recover all weapons of the enemy it could with every artifact first cleansed by the Reclusium and then checked by the Librarium for any remaining trace of taint, before being made available in a deep vault beneath the Lion’s Den, their fortress monastery. Those artifacts deemed too tainted were to be either destroyed of stored under guard by the Chapter’s first company. As time passed the Chapter began to not only use these artifacts but, eventually, began to seek them out. Soon the Second Companies responsibility wasn’t just the hunt for the Fallen but the hunt for artifacts for the Chapter. And it wasn’t long following this that it wasn’t just Chaos artifacts that the Chapter gathered but those of the Xeno and then not just weapons but lore and knowledge too. The repository beneath the Lion’s Den grew vast and varied and soon whispers grew among the population of Al-Jandal of a dark vault filled with evils hidden away. The breaking of the Lions wouldn’t occur till the middle of the 41th Millennium and come, not from their vast store of dark treasures but at the hand of a young promising Captain by the name of Raziel Nuriah. Raziel had, even in his time in the Battle Companies, show excellent leadership potential and was possessed of an easy charisma that promoted a fierce loyalty in those whom served under him. It wasn’t long before he achieved Captaincy and none were surprised when, following the death of its previous holder, he was granted command of the 1st Company and raised to a high standing position amoungst the Inner Circle. Only once voice spoke out against his appointment, Chief Librarian Daviel, whom urged caution for one so young to be raised so high but his objections were soon over ruled. It seemed as though Daviel would be proven wrong when Raziel took to his new duties with a passion and commitment that only earned him greater respect from those whom followed him into battle. At the battle of Hive Alpha on Provitus III Raziel lead the defence, serving as an immovable rock for the rest of the Lion Warriors to anchor their lines. Against the endless waves of tyranids of Hive Fleet Cerberus Raziel was as the warriors of old, destroying countless of the xenos in a blistering furious rampage. It was on the ash wastes of Zoris that Raziel would rescue the Librarian Naamah and earn with him a friendship that would, years later, ultimately seal the Captains fate. It would be in the Omas Drift that Raziel’s, and with him the Chapter’s, doom would be sealed. Reports of a Space Hulk comprising almost solely of a Pre-Heresy vessel of unidentifiable class known only as the Talon of Aletheia in the ship records soon drew the attention of the Lion Warriors and Raziel led a boarding party of the Lionwing on board. What he found onboard the ancient vessel has since been expunged by the Chapter from Imperial records but shortly following Raziel’s gaining control of the vessel a vast force of orks followed the vessel into the Drift, keen on looting the vessel. Despite urging by the Lionwing’s Chaplain Raziel turned the vessel onto the orks, demolishing their ramshackle fleet with the vastly superior fire power of the vessel, although records indicate the Chaplain perished during the fighting. Upon defeat of the orks Raziel directed the Talon back to Al-Jandal where he and it were immediately seized by the rest of the Chapter. Raziel was censored for his use of unsanctified traitor technology and stripped of his rank and command. He was taken by the Reclusiam and Librarium and tortured and tested to acertain his purity. He was returned to front live duties where he seemed to have realised the error of his ways and threw himself with renewed faith and vigor. Having restored his honour Raziel was eventually reappointed to his command but little did the Chapter know that the taint of Heresy had already taken hold in the young captain, encouraged and nurtured by the Fallen Librarian Naamah. One of his first actions upon returning to command of the Lionwing was to seize control of the still docked Talon and then turn it and much of the fleet on his former brothers, attempting to seize control of the Chapter. The Chapter divided and cut off Raziel and his followers rained fire and death down upon the planet whilst the remaining Loyalists of the Chapter fled to within the Lions Den and fortified themselves as they had done countless times in ages past. Raziel’s followers moved amongst the planets population, attempting to turn those they could to their cause. Eventually reinforcements from their parent Chapter, the Angels of Vigilance, along with a large Inquisitorial detachment responded to the distress call of the Lion Warriors and the siege was broken, but not before much of the Chapter’s strength was depleted and their fleet decimated. Raziel and his followers fled onboard the Talon and, although they were pursued, eventually escaped into the Eye. Before the Inquisition could launch a full investigation into the Chapter Captain Dumah of the 2nd Company, the acting Chapter Master following the death of Chapter Master Thamiel, petitioned the Angels of Vigilance to perform Exterminatus on Al-Jandal, citing the taint of heresy that Raziel had spread among the population as well as the need to protect the secret of the Fallen. The truth of his request may have been to hide the Chapter’s relic gathering ways and seal away its Reliquary but regardless the Angels acceded. Death rained down upon Al-Jandal and soon the thriving verdant world was nothing more then a desert waste. Following an exhaustive investigation by the agents of the Inquisition the chapter was purged of those still tainted by Raziel’s heresy but the Chapter’s secret remained safe. Infuriated that the Chapter had destroyed their homeworld before he could finish his investigation the Chapter was ordered on a penitent crusade, to which they still continue on today. Chapter Home World: When the Lion Warriors were founded they were originally gifted the world of Al-Jandal, a trading mecca in a relatively unknown area surrounding the Eye of Terror, to fortify as a sentinel world to watch for the nascent thread of Chaos. For much of the Chapter’s early history they fortified this trade hub and turned it into a vast fortress before turning their attention to the surrounding worlds. Known for its verdant plains, teeming wildlife and dark forests Al-Jandal became a beacon of Imperial rule in the oft troubled fringes of the Eye. The Lion warriors ruled from their vast Fortress Monastery on the planets Northern Pole, known as the Lion’s Den. Countless times the Lion Warriors pushed back forces, both of the original Traitor Legions as well as those more recently turned to the Dark Gods embrace. Under the Chapters rule Al-Jandal thrived. The Lion’s Den itself was a nigh impregnable fortress, vast obsidian black walls thrust defiant from the arctic tundra and monstrous defence cannons stood silently traced on the forbidding sky above. Inside marines trained, studied and, much like the monastic traditions of the forebears, regularly prayed and meditated. And at the heart of this fortress, watched over by the Chapters Librarius and elite 1st Company, the Lionwing, was the Chapters vast reliquary of artifact recovered or stolen from those fallen to the Ruinous Powers or from the perfidious Xeno. When Raziel led his rebellion within the Chapter and divided the Lion Warriors the resulting party of the Inquisition saw the Chapter sent on penitent Crusade and their homeworld declared Exterminatus. Fire and cyclonic torpedoes rained down on Al-Jandal, its verdant plains reduced to cratered deserts, its wildlife wiped out and its dark forests reduced to ash on the wind. Even the planets great hived were shattered and toppled and the Lions Den, once a proud and defiant monument to Imperial Glory was cracked open and reduced to little more then a dead ruin. The Chapter now operates from what remains of its fleet. Loosing its great Heresy-era battlebarge, the Wrath of Caliban, along with the Pre-Heresy ship Raziel recovered they were left with only a few smaller Strike Cruisers and escort craft. It wasn’t until a later mission to help the Adeptus Mechanicus of Forge World Provinents that they were gifted with the vessel that would become their new Fortress Monastary, the mighty battle-barge the Spiteful Legacy. This vessel now contains much of the facilities once held at the Lion’s Den, with a fully functioning Apothecarion, Armoury, Recslusiam and many vast training rooms and other facilities crucial to the functioning of a Chapter. Only one facility remains on Al-Jandal, hidden to all but only the highest ranks of the Chapter. Deep beneath the shattered remains of the Den lies the still hidden Librarium and the vast reliquary it contains, watched over by only a few of the Chapters most elite warriors and the carefully watched remnants of the Librarium. Present Activities: As the Chapter currently stands they approach the end of their One hundred year penitent crusade. Little of the Chapter remains with many having fallen over the course of their penance. Chapter Master Dumah has sworn a sacred oath however to see his Chapter one day restored to its former glory. To this aim he is more and more reserved on how he deploys his forces and rumours are that he has begun recruiting for the Chapter again in secret, although such rumours are often quietly silenced before they have chance to spread. Whatever the case the Lion Warriors have proven themselves still loyal sons of the Imperium and have, despite great hardships, continued to bring glory to their Chapter and the name of Lyon el Jonson Battle Honors: M34 - The Blackwall Uprising: Traitor insurgents from the Alpha Legion cause the entire Blackwall Sector to declare themselves independant of the Imperium, cutting trade to a vast section of the Imperium including Al-Jandal. The Lion Warriors response is as fast as it it ruthless. By the time the loyalist forces have retaken half the sector the rest surrender rather then face the Lion Warriors wrath. Their surrender is promptly ignored and countless thousands of secessionist are made an example of, their pleas for mercy falling on deaf ears. M39 - WAAAAGH!!!! Grotsnappa!: Orks under the command of Warboss Grotsnappa invade the Imperial Worlds of the Stromnos Belt. The Lion Warriors 3rd Company responds, with aid from the 1st and 2nd Companies. The Ork Warband is almost defeated and open to a devastating attack by the Lionwing but on the eve of battle the Lion Warriors redirect their attack against the Ork’s rearguard and after a devastating attack on the orkish wierdboyz cadre withdraw, rumored with artifacts of a dark nature. Without the Astartes aid the Orkish WAAAAGH!!! drags on for many more years and at the cost of countless thousands of guardsmen. M40 - Zerethiel’s Doom: Zerethiel, Captain of the Lion Warriors 4th Company, leads an assault into the Xeno catacombs of Praesis V. What exactly he discovers in the depths is unknown but what few communications were received hint at a vast metallic complex with rows and rows of skeletal statues and strange large insectoid machines before contact is lost. Zerethiel or his marines are never heard from again and Praesis itself disappears from Imperial control shortly there-after. M41 - The Talon of Aletheia: An ancient vessel of Pre-Heresy design is found drifting in the Omas Drift. The Lion Warriors, under the command of Captain Raziel of the Lionwing, seize control of the vessel. Although recommended to destroy the vessel by the company Chaplain Raziel instead takes control of the vessel and turns it against a major Orkish incursion that were following the derelict vessel. The orks are easily destroyed with the ancient vessel but the Chaplain of the Company is killed during the action. Upon returning the vessel to his Chapter Raziel faces censure for using a non-sanctified vessel. Raziel is temporarily stripped of his ranks and punished accordingly before being returned to front line duty. Although his service in exemplary upon return to duty he seems to become increasingly obsessive with the capture of artifacts and forbidden knowledge, even moreso then his brothers. M41 - The Lions of Al-Jandal: Raziel, having been returned to his former rank for loyal service, leads a revolution of nearly a third of the Company against the Chapter Master and seized control of much of the Chapter’s fleet. The loyalist Lion Warriors fortify themselves in the Lions Den whilst Raziel’s followers rain fire down upon the planet. It is only when reinforcements arrive from the greater Imperium that Raziel abandons his siege, taking those of his forces whom were on board his fleet, abandoning much of his forces on Al-Jandal whom flee into the planets forests and wild lands. Al-Jandal is declared Exterminatus following an exhaustive Inquisitorial investigation and the Chapter sent on Penitent Crusade. Chapter Organization: The Lion Warriors originally different little from the Codex, regarding it as a solid and effective tome on battle tactics ideal for the enhanced methodology of warfare of astartes. They only differed from the tome in the same ways as there Primogenitors, with the First Company being Terminator armored veterans, known as the Lion Wing and the Second Company being a highly mobile and entirely mounted Company known simply as The Seekers. The Lion Wings duty was two fold, one to safeguard the Chapters Vault on Al-Jandal and secondly to act as the Chapter’s hammer blow when either Fallen or artifacts were found. The Seekers acted in a similar role to their Ravenwing forefathers with the added role of seeking out those artifacts that the Chapter may wish to seize. Since their fall the Chapters Librarium are rarely seen and never seen on the battlefield. Fleet Assets: 1x Battlebarge - The Spiteful Legacy 4x Strike Cruisers - The Lion’s Tooth, The Sword of Al-Jandal, The Angel’s Throne, Hate’s Kiss Assorted Thunderhawks and Escort Craft Recruitment: The Lion Warriors once recruited from the hardiest of the tribes of Al-Jandal, those whom survived the massive honour duels before the gates of the Lion’s Den. Since their Penitent Crusade however the Chapter has been forbidden to recruit new initiates and as such its forces are slowly dwindling. Chapter Colors: Battle Cry: The Lion Warriors are sworn by their penitent oath to bear no heraldry nor yell no battle cry. Before their sentence their cry was “Fear our roar!” Gene-Seed: Dark Angels (Angels of Vigilance) Champions of the Chapter: Chapter Master Dumah Berethiel As hard as ceramite and as dour as stone is one way Dumah has been described. A man of brooding wrath and dark humour he is perhaps the best representative of what he Lion Warriors have become. When Raziel turned his forces against the Chapter Master Dumah was one of the first to declare which was his loyalties lie. Not by some showy proclamation or defiant speech but simply moving his forces to fortify the Lions Den. During the battle for the Lions Den Dumah is said to have personally sought out the Captains whom turned against the Chapter, and is said to have successfully taken the life of two of the renegade commanders. As one of the only surviving loyalist Captains left after the Inquisitions arrival he naturally assumed command of the shattered Chapter, a role he took without much relish and with the stoic resignation that has always marked him. Despite this grim nature Dumah has successfully led the Chapter through gthe dark days of its penitent crusade and is close to restoring the Chapters good name. Whilst many claim Dumah has disobeyed the direct conditions of the Chapters penitent crusade by secretly recruiting new neophytes to the Chapter Dumah has addressed these with the pragmatism he is famous for, by simply ignoring them. One thing is certain, however, that Dumah will stop at nothing to see the Lion Warriors restored. Grand Master Erasio Tolus With Raziel's betrayal much of the Lion's Pride, or 1st Company, was left depleted and decimated. Despite Raziel's easy charisma it is a telling sign that roughly half of the Pride stayed loyal to their Chapter Master. Erasio was one of these loyalists. Only newly appointed to the 1st and initiated into the mysteries of his Chapter and its Inner Circle Erasio was regarded as brash and boisterous and many were surprised that he did indeed remain loyal to the more monastic nature of his Chapter over the freedom and self aggrandisement offered by Raziel. When the ashes of Al-Jandal settled the position of Grand Master of the First was left open. Despite it being offered to many of the more senior members of the Pride they all declined, not wishing to stand in the shadow of the traitor that had nearly felled the Chapter. So the position remained empty for many years until. Erasio relentlessly petitioned Dumah to grant him the position but was constantly knocked back. Eventually, however, Dumah relented. Despite misgivings from most of the 1st Erasio has proved an apt and capable leader for the Pride, if not a far more aggressive and fierce leader then the Pride has previously known.
  4. IA: Warborne " We are born of war. We are forged in its fires. Every breath we take, every strike we make, every threat of our soul in bound to it. We are born of war. And when we die, it will be fighting it." Captain Alexamander to new initiates M.41 Origins Founded to assist White Talons in 35ish founding Do quite well, despite White Talon efforts Betrayed by Talons and get all but destroyed Rebuild to mostly full strength before Cicatrix Maledictum Geneseed stocks stolen by White Talon raid. Chapter almost destroyed again. Last three companies get destroyed before homeworld. Indomitus Crusade arrives and rebuilds/replenished Chapter from the last few survivors. Last few marines cross the Rubicon Warborne are reborn as all Primaris Homeworld When they were sent to serve in St Andwyn's Scar the Warborne were gifted the world of Plataea to serve as their homeworld. Situated at the galactic north of the Scar Plataea had been the site of many battles against the orks that often invaded the region. Indeed even the White Talons had fought several battles on its rocky and mountainous surface and the scars of these conflicts were never far from the surface. Despite this Plataea was a still very much a world of philosophers and artists. This very much changed with the arrival of Warborne. Seeing such things as a waste of time not only did the Warborne outlaw such wasteful pursuits they even went to the extent of outlawing even basic things like trade. Plataea would serve as nothing more then a fortress as well as a school for recruits. All male children were tested at birth for defects or weakness. Those judged unfit were promptly slain. The children were then taken and placed into the vast military schools that were scattered across the planet. At these schools the boys learn to fight, to survive hardship and how to work as a unit. Everything they do is to make them better soldiers. They are provided with little to no food and expected to steal to survive. If they are caught, however, they are beaten. Not for stealing, but rather being caught. A warrior needs to think on his feet and survive. They are forced to fight each other, but never with malice. They are provided no bed or quarters, but rather forced to make their own. They are given no clothes other then a cloak, the right to wear shoes or boots must be earned, regardless of the weather. Students are often forced into lethal team battles against other schools in great sand arenas where glory goes to the victor and the loosers are punished, those that survive anyway. And atop of this they are all often subject to random punishment and beatings. Life is hard and often short. Great are the number of students that die at the schools or, worse, fail. Those that fail are either killed or made to serve as slaves, along with the women folk of the planet. If the life of a student on Plataea is hard, then the life of a slave is worse. They are regarded as less then property. Indeed as a coming of age ritual it isn't uncommon for the students to hunt and kill the strongest slave they can find. Of course if the students are found blooded themselves in such a manner they are beaten. Not for killing the slave, of course, but for being caught. Plataea itself has become as rugged and harsh as the marines that call her home. Following the devastation of the planet during the first invasion of the White Talons, then damage during the same chapters raid on its Apothecarion and finally during the bloody times of the Noctis Aeternia the planet had become blasted and shattered. Its once great marble cities, where alabaster columns stood thick like forests, were left broken toppled ruins. Its forests were stripped of life and burned. Even the Warborne's great fortress monastery lay broken. Yet the planet is slowly recovering, much like the Chapter itself. The forests are slowly starting to regrow and people dwell among the broken cities. The Warborne, and their planet, were beaten but not broken. Organisation The Warborne are scions of Roboutte and before the second scouring of the Chapter were fanatical followers of the Codex. The strict warrior culture of the Chapter meant that discipline through the Codex was ideal. That is not to say commanders within the Chapter didn't use their initiative. Indeed a large part of the training those earmarked for command would under go was around adaptive thinking and problem solving it was a clearly defined line between the rank and file and Chapter command. A Captains role was to think, a marine's was to do. It was this strict methodology that served them well during their conflict with the White Talons, whose method of war was a far more individualistic. Following the arrival of the Indomitus Crusade and the Primaris it brought the Chapter was restructured. Those few non Primaris marines either crossed the Rubicon Primaris or died trying. A Warborne's role was to fight, and be the best at fighting, so any advantage was to be taken. Anything else was to admit to weakness. These changes, along with the fact that most of the Chapter had been lost, meant adhering to the less rigid adherence to the Codex the reborn Primarch taught. The Warborne are still noted as strict in their chain of command and structure, but perhaps less then before. Combat Doctrines Brutal and relentless. Strike to kill Have all the latest gubbins Merciless and efficient. Again, highly codex. Beliefs We are born of war. We are warriors. We live to fight. The weak are worthless. Mortals are scarcely worth the time The strong are strongest without the weak. Geneseed Ultramarine Most stolen by White Talons Now entirely Primaris GENERAL NOTES: - Very Greek themed (helmet plumes, greek maze designs etc) - Captains/honour guards have bronze chest plates. - Sarge's have bronze helms. Chapter Symbol: Colour scheme: Captain: ********* And so I finally get to these guys. These are just notes so I don't expect any feedback yet, just jotting things down. Should hopefully get a more fleshed out version tomorrow.
  5. "For a thousand years we have given ourselves to the Imperium. Our blood has been spent instead of its children, our lives given as a tithe for the innocent. A hundred times our Chapter has faced annihilation but we have survived. And yet now, as the light of the Astronomicon dims we are called upon one last time to give ourselves wholly and completely. So, come brothers, let us die so that these wretched souls may live one more day... Captain Jodus Ammeo (KIA) - Battle of St Pelinards Spire M41 Salvation through Sacrifice - IA: Star Leopards Star Leopards Chapter Symbol Founding: 13th [M.35] (Suspected) Chapter World: ARGENTIS (Destroyed M.41) Fortress Monastery: Argent Spire (Destroyed M.41) Primogenitor: Unknown (Suspected Salamanders) Known Descendants: None ORIGINS “They call us cursed. That we are fated to fall. I say they are cursed because their fear of failure means they won’t even try” Captain Konor Pell - Battle of Martyr’s Plaza M.41 Although Imperial records of the time are at their best incomplete and hazy and at their worst complete fallacy and hearsay or even out right destroyed there is evidence that supports the Chapter’s claim of being founded in the Thirteen or so called Dark Founding. This proof is mostly just hints and half truths hidden in imperial records on a dozen different worlds. Indeed even though the Chapter loosely claims to be children of the Primarch Vulkan and founded from his children the Salamanders genetic testing has shown genetic markers common with both the sons of Nocture as well as others unique to the Imperial Fists of Rogal Dorn, plus several others that cannot be traced to any specific source. Whilst this lack of true and clear records on their past has haunted some of the Chapter in the past the Star Leopards as a whole tend to focus instead on their future and current circumstance rather then focus on suppositions on what their past and origins may have been. The first clear and definite records of the Chapter date to M.36 in the troubled region of space known as the Mercurian Passage, a narrow treacherous region of Segmentum Ultima. The Passage served as a rich, albeit dangerous, path for traders and Imperial vessels that had come under increasing pirate as well as Xenos activity. Although typically stable the Passage was known to suffer sudden and unpredictable Warp storms of a particularly savage nature. These storms brought with them all manner of Warp born horrors and would leave in their path the detritus of Warp travel, such as orkish roks or other xenos infested Space Hulks. These hazards made the otherwise profitable Passage an oft treacherous journey. After loosing several of his families vessels to just such threats Rogue Trader Garos of the Vandimos Dynasty, whom frequently used the Passage to deliver vital goods to Imperial forces engaged on countless war zones across the Segmentum, petitioned Segmentum Command for further resources to be assigned to secure the Mercurian Passage. Recognizing the strategic importance of both control in the Mercurian Passage as well as remaining on good terms with the Vandimos Dynasty his request was sent on to the High Lords of Terra and in time was answered by the assignment of the Star Leopards to keep order and pacify the troubled region of space. Upon arrival the Chapter soon established Imperial control in the region, basing patrols to help counter whatever threat presented itself from the ocean world of Argentis. It was on this world they would establish their fortress monastery to further secure the region and its strategically vital trade routes. The Star Leopards would go on to continue to fight across the length and breadth of the Imperium, plunging into any number of conflicts on countless worlds. They soon formed a reputation for taking on overwhelming odds and, through sheer grit and determination winning through. They were most noted for taking on the conflicts where people seemed to have been otherwise abandoned by the great war machine of the Imperium. It wasn’t unheard of for the Chapter to deploy to worlds where the last vestige of Imperial resistance fought on against an overwhelming force, striking from Thunderhawk and drop pod to place themselves between the enemy and whatever loyal forces remained. They were often the last shining beacon of hope to countless dying worlds, true Angels of Death. It was a tactic that cost them dearly and the chapter was brought to the brink of extinction on several occasions. They soon gained a reputation with Imperial command as cursed, as harbingers of impossible odds. Still those whom had been saved by the Chapter still offered prayers of thanks to the Emperor for his angels and the legend of the Chapter grew. RECENT HISTORY The fall of Cadia and the birth of the Cicatrix Maledictum plunged the entire Imperium into chaos. None escaped the nightmarish hell of the Warp spilling into real space and the Star Leopards were no better off. Argentis itself came under sustained attack from the denizens of the Immaterium. The Chapter dug in and attempted to save their homeworld but it was a battle doomed to fail from the start. With the Mercurian Passage already known for its violent Warp storms the hellish waves of Warp energy that overwhelmed Argentis were of a scale unseen in the area. Faced with never ending waves of daemons as well as countless warbands of Chaos even the unexpected aid of the Eldar of Craftworld Yme-Loc could do nothing to stem the tide. As the battle hung in the balance the Farseer Talondir of the Eldar host approached the Chapter Master of the Star Leopards. He had a deal. He had seen the future of the Chapter, its destruction should they continue to fight. But he offered a deal that would save the Chapter. He could, via the webway, sent some of the planets survivors as well as what was left of the Chapter to safety. But in exchange they would need to detonate the Chapter's ammunition store and destroy the homeworld forever. For the world of Argentis was home to a long dormant Web portal but it was one the eldar couldn't allow to fall into Chaos hands. It was an impossible decision but one that had to be made. And as the last of the Star Leopards that were able fled the planet via the Aeldari's warp magics Chapter Master Kristof stayed behind to detonate the warheads that would reduce Argentis to dust. 'Raylan Carentan - Chief Librarian by Greyall' The Chapter was in ruins. Scattered to the winds, its Chapter Master gone and its homeworld destroyed the Chapter was again on the brink of extinction. This time, however, they lacked a homeworld to draw recruits from and were lost to the far side of Imperial space. Even the enigmatic Eldar whom had brought them from the ruins of their homeworld disappeared. But the Chapter was determined to survive. The remaining Captains and leaders of the Chapter gathered and formed a plan. The remaining warrior houses would separate, each going different ways, to look for a new homeworld, seek out recruits and to prove the Chapter still a threat to the enemies of the Imperium. They coined this the Redemption Crusade for they felt the loss of their homeworld was a great sin and stain on the Chapter’s honour. A stain that needed to be redeemed. The arrival of Guilliman and his Primaris reinforcements were at first welcomed by the Chapter, their numbers helping swell the decimated ranks of the Chapter. But for many within the Chapter the Primaris were more another sign on the death of the Chapter as it was, for the Primaris were born of the gene-seed of Guilliman and his Ultramarines as the Chapter’s own gene-seed was as mysterious to the Primarch as it was to the Chapter. This, as well as growing instablilities in the Chapter’s gene-seed meant it was unlikely to accept the further enhancements of the Primaris and successful implantation rates in new recruits was extremely low. To further compound this the new reinforcements were not of Argentis and knew nothing of its culture and people. A culture that was fast dying out with the death of every marines of the chapter. The death knell of the Chapter seemed to have been sounded. Still, no matter the risk, the Redemption Crusade goes on, with reports of the Star Leopards fighting in warzones across the beleaguered Imperium. There arrival is oft a welcome relief for the commanders of humanity know that the Star Leopards will answer the call for aid, no matter the odds. HOMEWORLD: “ She was a jewel, Argentis. A shining gem in the hellish night that the Passage became. An gleaming example of beauty and perfection, as if formed from the very breath of some divine being itself. And now it is ash and dust. Speak not to me of Argentis, recruit, for I have no time for such bitter memories.” Sergeant Kolaj - MIA, Redemption Crusade M.41 Ask any marine of the Star Leopards on what their homeworld of Argentis was and you would receive a different answer, if you received an answer at all. For many it was a sanctuary from the doom and hatred of the galaxy. For others it was a fortress for them to launch their crusade of hate against the xeno and traitors of the galaxy. For other’s still it was as part of them as their blood and gene-seed. Argentis was all of these things to the Star Leopards. Originally taken to act as a forward base for the Chapter’s operations in the Mercurian Passage the ocean world with its rugged forested islands soon became much more for the brothers of the Chapter. As the Star Leopards spent more and more time on the planet and began to recruit from the worlds native feudal tribes they began to form a connection with the world and eventually petitioned Segmentum Command for rights to the world as their homeworld. It was a request that was granted with much pomp and ceremony and the Star Leopards would establish their fortress monastery on the top of one of the worlds tallest peaks. They build a great silver tower that stretched high in to the planets cerulean sky and had deep vaults that tunneled their way to the bedrock through the massive mountain. In these deep tunnels were stored the Chapter’s vast store of armaments and relics. It is not an uncommon practice among the Star Leopards to do away with the more traditional paper seal method to record Oaths of Moment but rather engrave such oaths on chains that are then worn about the marine. When he completes such an oath the chains are ceremoniously broken and often melted down into service studs, bolter rounds or other such honourifics. Chains of Oath When the Cicatrix Maledictum opened its terrifying maw across the galaxy many worlds were engulfed in the warp energies that spread across the galaxy and Argentis was one such world. As daemons and traitor astartes spread violence and blood shed across the beautiful world the Chapter Master of the Star Leopards, Chapter Master Kristof, was approached by a Farseer of the enigmatic Aeldari whom revealed to him a secret his homeworld had long kept hidden. For Argentis had once served as a refuge for the Aeldari. Although not one of the fabled Aeldari Maiden Worlds it was, none the less, home to a long dormant gate to the mysterious webway. A gateway that could not be allowed to fall into the hands of chaos. For if it did it would, eventually, be able to be entered by chaos and give them a path onto the various eldar craftworlds. When the Farseer met with Kristof they struck a deal and as the eldar evacuated what they could of the Chapter and the worlds population Kristof led a defiant last stand, leading the traitor forces deeper and deeper into the catacombs, fighting alongside his chapters first company. When they could go no further, when they reached the vast ammunition stores at the heart of the mountain Kristof detonated the munitions and Argentis was no more. On the other side of the galaxy what remained of Argentis’s native population and their astartes guardians emerged on a desert world. It was from here they were rescued by Imperial forces and eventually given ships and supplies to carry on their fight. They were granted further resources by the Indomitus Crusade and have since begun functioning as a Chapter again. For now the Chapter operates from their varied fleet, as each company takes their part of the Redemption Crusade far and wide. The Chapter has no homeworld and, until they find the redemption they seek, they never will. COMBAT DOCTRINES “ Form a line Brother! Protect them with your bodies if you must! We are the Emperor’s shield! Duty till death! Salvation through sacrifice!” Reclusiarch Barak Tobit - KIA, Battle of Cicero’s Landing M.40 The Star Leopards became renowned for their way of way in and out of the Mercurian Passage. They would strike like a hammer blow, raining down from drop pod, thunderhawk gunship and even low orbit to smash their way between loyalist forces and whatever foe assailed them. On occasions they have been seen as reckless and foolish, throwing themselves into conflicts most other Imperial forces have withdrawn from. But they stand true to their belief that as long as there is a hope of a battle being won they wont stand idly by. Whilst this has led to the chapter being all but decimated on several occasion it has also earned them the respect of other allied forces and there are many who have over time been more then willing to send aid to the chapter. Since the fall of Argentis and the loss of so much of the Chapter much of how the Star Leopards go to war has been changed. Every marines life is now precious as the Chapter hopes to rebuild. That is not to say the Chapter will not place itself between an enemy and a friend but rather how they go about such attacks has changed. Where before the chapter would rely on shock and awe strikes and hammer blow tactics to break an enemy charge now they will rely on precision cuts and attacks avoided rather then shielded. They will sooner evacuate a population centre then stand at it’s walls to the last man if such a tactic can be done. Star Leopard Battle Brother With the Tenth Company decimated and the Master of Recruits lost on Argentis it is not uncommon for the Star Leopards to take the neophytes of the Chapter into battle alongside the chapter’s more veteran members in a manner not entirely dissimilar to the Black Templars and other crusading Chapters. Unlike their more zealous cousins, however, this has been done more out of necessity then choice for there are too few battle brothers left to teach the vast influx of new recruits the chapter has been forced to take on. The Primaris detachment assigned to the Chapter tend to operate more like their Ultramarine gene sires. Where the first born of the Chapter tend to have mostly disregarded the teaching of the Codex Astartes, following its tenets only in principle, the Primaris tend to follow Guilliman’s texts with the fanaticism typical of the descendants of the Thirteenth Legion. ORGANISATION “There is no eleventh house…” Primaris Captain Kollt The ancient people of Argentis were divided into several distinct groups known as the Nine and One, or Ten, Houses. These represented the nine tribes of ancient myth whom ruled the worlds islands. The other tribe, the tenth, was the group known as the Houseless, or those whom were not sworn to any particular house. One could move between these houses as was needed but it was rare for someone to move from one house to another, baring unusual circumstance. So when the Star Leopards established themselves upon the world it was no surprise when these traditions began to find their way into the Chapter. The Companies took the mantle of the Houses, with the Tenth Company taking on the role of the Houseless. The First Company took up the mantle of the First House, those warriors whom had been selected by the High King, or Chapter Master, as his personal household. All the nine houses were capable of conducting war on their own part, and often did. Each of the Nine more resembled the battle companies of more Codex compliant Chapters, although the individual make up of each company was decided by the High Captain that led it. For example the Seventh House were known for their dogged determination and composed mostly of tactical and devastator squads where as the Second House, the house of the Wolf, were known to have a preference to long ranging attack bike squads. Whatever their make up these houses were still kept at close to the one hundred marine level of Codex compliant chapters and oft operated in much the same way. When Argentis fell and the Chapter was all but destroyed a great number of the High Captains fell with it, including the entire First House and the Chapter Master Kristof. When the remaining High Captains met they agreed to separate into smaller bands, consisting mostly of one House or another. What was left of the Houseless was divided amongst the remaining houses with the Master of Recruits among the fallen and all the survivors having more then earned their place in the Chapters ranks. Each House now maintains its own Master of Recruits, known as the Master of the Hearth, whose job, amoungst others, is to ensure the Houses survival till the Chapter is reunited. With the fall of the First Company as well each House maintains its own veteran cadre. Although technically still members of their House they are separate from them, maintaining their own council until such time as the Chapter stands together and a new First House is founded again. The Primaris assigned to the Chapter have not taken well to this blatant disregard of the Codex and have, instead, maintained their own Company system within the Chapter’s Houses. This has led to the common phrase of the Primaris being “The Eleventh House” and apart from the Chapter entirely, an accusation they vehemently deny. They still continue to operate as such, however, and elements of Primaris are instead assigned alongside their first born kin as the need arises. The practice of the Redemption Crusades has long been established by the Star Leopards long before the fall of Argentis. When a brother earns dishonour, either in his own eyes or those of his brothers, he may request to be sent on a penitent crusade of sorts. Or, in more extreme circumstances he may be ordered to do so. Such a penitent crusader is stripped of his arms and sent out into the Imperium to earn his redemption or die trying. It is not uncommon for these brothers to never return. Sometimes these brothers go to serve in the Deathwatch, whilst other simply disappear into the vast uncarring universe that is the Imperium of Man. The Redemption Crusade Beliefs " The galaxy gave you life, humanity held you in her cradle. It would not be fitting to spend your life any other way then serving her." Apothecary Adamarn Volan - KIA The Siege of Everhold M.40 Over their long history the Star Leopards have lived by a simple set of beliefs. Their purpose is to live and die for humanity and the Imperium. They live by a simple motto of " Duty till death, salvation through sacrifice". They live by the ideals that their purpose is to sacrifice themselves so others may live. It is this guiding belief that has given rise to many of their ways of war, thrusting themselves between the enemy and innocent mortals. Despite claiming to come from possible Imperial Fist geneseed the Star Leopards do not particularly revere the Primarch Rogal Dorn, or even the Emperor himself but rather give reverence to all the Primarchs as defenders of humanity and the Emperor as the father of the Imperium. Rather they focus their worship on humanity itself, and the faith that even the smallest person can make the greatest difference. it is a belief that has, on occasion, caused tension with the more bombastic members of the Ecclesiarchy. Geneseed " Look not to the past for the deeds of those long dead, initiate. They have had their glory. Look instead to now and the bolter in your hand and the traitor we face!" Scout Sergeant Namico Fennan - The Houseless Imperial records show the Star Leopards to be that of the gene line of Rogal Dorn. The truth is far harder to come by, however. Whatever machinations preceded the Thirteenth Founding had caused the truth of exactly where many of its Chapters geneseed comes from. Whilst the genetic materials of the Star Leopards share many similarities and gene markers of the Imperial Fists, they also bear some of the same markings of the Salamanders and even more from unknown sources. The Star Leopards, however, put little heed in their past origins, however, preferring to live in the moment and the things they can control. Like the sons of Dorn, however, they suffer mutations and even out right failure of some of the organs that make them astartes. Their Betchers Gland is missing, like their Imperial Fist forefathers. Unlike their primogenitors, however, whatever what done during their founding has restored some functionality to their Sus-An Membrane. The organ, however, is just as likely to send its owner into a coma that they can not be woken from as it is to function as it should. For the most part the Chapter has never felt its use worth the risk. On top of this the recent loss of their Apothecarion and the changes to their recruitment pool seemed to have started to cause instabilities in their geneseed, causing a higher then usual rejection rate amoungst new recruits. It is a situation those survivors of the Apothecarion are striving to fix. But every loss of a brother or his progenoids is a bitter blow to the already struggling Chapter.
  6. Index Questoris: House Ishard The Legend Ask any member of House Ishard, noble house of the Questoris Imperialis, and they will tell you the same story of their founding, for all are taught the tale as soon as they are able to sit long enough to listen. The legend goes that the founding of House Ishard came before the dark days of the Horus Heresy. The planet they come from, Novala, was a garden like agri world settled during the Age of Strife when human settlers arrived in vast colonisation ships. As contact was lost with Terra the planet fell into warring smaller kingdoms of psuedo fuedal techno barbarians where the planets aristocracy dueled with lance and sword over the planets vast green fields. These duels often escalated into full fledged wars that could span continents and involve hundred of warriors. When these conflicts truly escalated it wasn’t uncommon for the planets aristocracy to take to the field in their ancient war machines, known as Knights. These relic war machines were heralds of a bygone era and were as devastating as they were rare. Vast battle cannons would level whole fortresses and massive feet crushed scores of warriors. To command one of these war machines was the highest of honours among the planets nobility yet even amoungst the knightly houses the rule of the aristocracy was supreme. Those houses determined to be more pure and noble lorded over the lesser houses, using their position to use these lower houses to brutally oppress the planets other inhabitants. One of these so called lesser knight pilots was a young noble by the name of Tristain. Tristain served as a squire for the King of Lothaine, one of the smaller kingdoms on the shores of one of the worlds great seas. He was an indentured warrior, piloting one of the armiger class knights, whom was often sent on whatever menial and demeaning tasks his King Marek could think of. Despite this Tristain served with honour and distinction, never once balking from the tasks he was set. It was during once such task he faced in one on one combat the champion of one of the greater kingdoms. Despite he being only in an armiger helverine and the enemy piloting a paladin class knight he was able to bring down the foe, although taking great damage in the process. In recognition for his deed in honour of his lord he was given a slightly less menial task. He was sent to retrieve a new wife for his King, the Princess Ishard of Kaenwall, whom was promised to his liege lord in exchange for military alliances. The young Tristain, now bereft of his crippled knight mount, set out on foot and then by sea to the Kingdom of Kaenwall where he met and set out again with the young lady Ishard. While on the journey back, however, the two grew close and eventually fell in love. When they returned to the court of Lothaine Tristain did his duty and handed over to his King his new bride, despite it breaking his heart to do so. Despite his noble intentions, however, the young Tristain couldn’t deny his heart and the two kept up a secret affair whilst Tristain stayed at court. It was an state of affairs that wasn’t to last as Marek became jealous of the attention his young bride showed the young knight. Although he never discovered their affair he had his suspicions and so King Marek sent Tristain on a impossible quest that would certainly be his death. Learning of this the Princess Ishard begged Tristain not to go, but to run away with her. But to Tristain to abandon his duty would be worse then dying and so he set out on the quest he had been given. What the quest itself was is never certain. Indeed it is said that the tale of Tristain’s great quest varies on whatever lesson the Preceptor at the time is attempting to teach but what part of the tale that remains the same is that without a knightly mount it would have been impossible and Tristain’s warmachine was still crippled from his duel. He prayed to whatever god was listening and was said to have been sent a vision of a white leopard that led him to the sea shore where he could see a wooded isle. He would eventually sail to the island after repeated dreams of the leopard and found on the isle a cave that led deep beneath the earth. What had seemed an island soon turned out to be the remains of one of the great colonial ships that had brought his people to the world in the first place and the cave one of the remaining entries to the catacomb of ship works beneath. Within this ancient structure Tristain managed to stumble across a great store of the ancient war machines that had laid dormant here for so long. Tristain was able to activate one of these ancient knights, a massive Cerastus Knight-Castigator. He would take this relic of glorious wars past and go on to complete his task as given. When he returned to Marek the king was surprised but not disappointed for he now had a rare and highly powered relic in the Cerastus, despite its Throne Mechanicum refusing to accept him as pilot. Still, the King reasoned, Tristain was his loyal servant and would pilot it in his name. Tristain and Ishard soon resumed their affair, despite initial hesitations, but were soon discovered in the midst of their tryst in King Marek’s garden. He flew into a rage and attempted to slay the young knight whom fled. Marek locked Ishard away in his fortress and Tristain fled back to the isle where he had discovered the Cerastus, taking the war machine with him. It was here he was visited by another vision where the leopard led him to where he saw himself at the head of a great army that freed all on his world from the oppression of the planets nobility to live as equals. Filled with new hope at this vision, and perhaps some prompting from the lost voices of the Cerastus’ Throne Mechanicum, he set himself a new quest. Soon the legend of Sir Tristain Hopebringer began to spread many were drawn to his banner, that of six emerald leopards on a field of white. Despite his love for Ishard never waining he married the Princess of another Kingdom, Ishard of the White Hands, for her name and her beauty. Despite living together for a long time in the castle Tristain had built on the Isle, Tristain still pined for Ishard of Kaenwall and his new wife knew it. Still the two ruled side by side and began to forge a new kingdom of freemen. Eventually his actions drew the attention of King Marek whom led a band of himself and his five best knights to slay the knight whom had dared defy him. They made battle, six against one, on the shore beside Tristain’s isle and despite being out numbered Tristain managed to best the six sent against him. As Tristain confronted in person the wounded King Marek the King struck him with a poisonous blade before he died. Tristain was taken to his castle where he lay dying. He was visited by a wise man whom told his that only his true love could cure his and he sent word to the now Queen Ishard of Kaenwall to come to his aid. He told his messenger to fly white sails on their ship when they returned if Ishard same and black sails if she didn’t. When word came of the messengers return the dying Tristain asked his wife what coloured sails the ship flew. She, in a fit of jealousy, told him the sails were black. Broken hearted the young Tristain breathed his last, as Ishard of Kaenwall made her way from the docks. Queen Ishard had brought her young son to see his father for she had soon discovered she was with child during Tristain’s exile. When she found her lover’s body she was broken hearted but swore Tristain and her son would continue his father’s legacy. On the day he came of age and was able to take over piloting his father’s Cerastus knight it is said she made her way to Tristain’s grave where she lay down and died from grief, her duty done. Tristain’s son, whom his mother had also named Tristain, would prove worthy of his namesake and father’s legacy and would forge a new knightly house and kingdom that would eventually rise to dominance on Novala. A house he named for his mother as House Ishard, whilst still taking his father’s crest. And so was House Ishard formed. Leopard Ascendant Or so the legend goes. It was been passed down for countless millennia, often changing and changing back on subsequent retelling. No matter their original myth the knights of House Ishard soon lived up to their founder’s legacy following the arrival of the Emperor’s Great Crusade. Although the Emperor himself didn’t arrive on Novala his warriors did. Novala put up no resistance to their arrival. House Ishard’s ruler, Tristain the Younger’s great grandson Palanis Ishard, immediately recognized the Divine Authority of the Emperor’s emissaries and bent the knee, with much of his house holds warriors joining the Crusade. They would go on to win great glory for the house only for much of their glory to be undone in the dark days of the Heresy that followed. Indeed much of the forces that left Novala ended up being destroyed when they refused to renounce their loyalty to Terra by the forces they fought alongside. In the millenia that have followed, however, House Ishard have proven themselves worthy of their founder’s legacy time and time again on countless worlds and against innumerable foes. Where the Imperium’s need is at its greatest the Knights of House Ishard are often to be found, fighting for the common man from the cruelty of tyrants.
  7. So over the long years here on the B&C I have, on occasion, given people cause to call me mad. Whether it my over the top vows in the Liber or my tendency to throw myself at the greatest challenges I can. So, after a bout of depression (ah, the old black dog, my long term companion) left me severely sapped of my motivation to do much of anything either hobby related or otherwise I was left considering where i go from here. I had hardly touched a paint brush, other then to bash out the five marines I needed for the DIY swap challenge. A long period of about five minutes of meditation on what path to take led me to the realization that, without over the top goals and deadlines, I had no where to go. So, what path to take? Well there was only one option really. Jump down the rabbit hole. Thus, 30 Power Level in 30(ish) Days was born. In an attempt to tackle some of the massive back log I was hoping to clear this year I decided to craft this little challenge for myself. I will give myself a month to paint a semi competitive, mostly legal and very fluffy force of each of my forces on a month to month basis. This force will be to 30 Power Level or close enough. Along with these models I will expand on the fluff of the force and the army, both here and in the sacred halls of the Liber. I will attempt to regularly (at least once a week) update this log here. When these challenges are complete I will likely attempt to maintain this blog (he says knowing he will likely forget about it in a week) So, without further ado let me present to you all the Madness of Brother Argent: MONTH 1 (June 2021) - - - The Star Leopards - - - (Adeptus Astartes) ARMY FLUFF The List: NAME TBA Primaris LT with Storm Shield and neo-volkite pistol BEFORE/AFTER NAME TBA Assault Intercessors x5 BEFORE/AFTER NAME TBA Intercessors x5 BEFORE/AFTER NAME TBA Rievers x4 BEFORE/AFTER NAME TBA Outriders x3 BEFORE/AFTER NAME TBA Land Speeder Tornado BEFORE/AFTER So I know its very WIP but then again it is close to midnight and I start work early tomorrow so I can't get to involved but I needed to get the log up. So I need to complete these (he says after struggling to paint 5 scouts in a month) be the stroke of midnight on 30th June. Or else I will turn into a pumpkin... or just a disappointment to myself again. And so let the madness begin...
  8. Index Tyrannicus: Hive Fleet Titan “There was a silence across the warp. A deep and fathomless depth that swallowed all light and though that tried to cross it. I saw this void and new its name; death. The Great Devourer had come for us all” Astropath Eborus Kol - Assigned to 45th Golustrum Infantry (KIA M.41) The Shadow Approaches What is believed to be the first hints at what was to come for the Imperium were recorded late in M41, prior to the events of the Fall of Cadia and the nightmarish hell that was unleashed on the Imperium following. The Le’Okar rogue trader dynasty complained to authorities of the Sub Sector Incogni of several vessels disappearing without a trace to the galactic north of the sub sector. This was an area of space bordering on the lawless region known as The Bleak, home to countless orkish warbands and any number of other raiders, human and otherwise, and sub sector command wrote it off as simple pirate raids and promised to increase patrols of Imperial Navy in the area and the issue was dropped. It was only when the Navy patrols also began to disappear if they ranged to far out did Imperial Authorities began to take notice. A task force was put together under the command of Commander Heronimus of the Imperial Navy. Perhaps hinting that they knew the reality of the threat the Deathwatch of Watch Fortress Arbarus sent a strike force along with the fleet. When queried as to why they gave no answer, stating that they needed to give no answer as to how and why they carried out their duties. At first the expedition was a great success. They plunged into The Bleak like a blade, cutting a path towards the last know coordinates of the lost navy patrols. It wasn’t long, however, before hints at the threat that was to come became apparent. The fleet encountered a number of orkish warbands pushing out towards Imperial space and, although they outnumbered the Imperial fleet many fold, they showed no interest of engaging and continued to push on. Wondering is this was part of some greater threat brewing Heronimus sent word back to Imperial command but as they moved further and further from Imperial Space it became harder and harder to communicate. Last contact with the force was recorded in 758.M41, a rather run of the mill message stating that the fleet hadn’t encountered anything other then the orkish warbands and was requesting clearance to return. When sub sector command attempted to reply they were met with silence and it was assumed Heronimus’s fleet had simply gone beyond astropathic reach and the Imperium waited for a reply. First Contact The reply, when it came, was a highly chilling. A desperate broken message from Librarian Astermon of the Deathwatch “Beware, the devourer comes…”. After that contact was lost and no attempts to reach the Librarian or the rest of the fleet were successful. Imperial command began to marshal what forces it could to provide a defence. Astermon’s message was a warning, but a warning as to what was unclear. Many in Imperial command hypothesized some force of Ork under the command of one called the devourer whilst other supposed some sort of traitorous force. Only the voices of the Ordo Xenos suggested the possibility of Tyranids but Sub SEcotr Incogni was far removed from any yet known encounters with the race and so for the most part the words of warning were ignored. Even as Imperial forces marshaled contact was lost with the frontier world of Omos. Astropaths under imperial command described it as though one day the world was there, the next it wasn’t, as if swallowed by a great shadow in the warp. A few weeks later another world vanished, this one a mining world closer to the more settled region of Incogni. Again it was described as if the planet had simply disappeared. Desperate for answers as another two worlds vanished Sub-Sector command petitioned for aid and the nearby forces of the Ascarron Crusade, a combined force of Astartes from the Iron Heralds and Warborne as well as elements of other branches of the Imperial war machine, including Knight House Ishard and any number of regiments of the Imperial Guard, soon arrived in the area. Under mounting pressure from elements of the Deathwatch these forces pushed towards where contact was being lost. It would be on the world of Golustrum they would have their answer as, whilst stopping for supplies, the Imperial fleet was assaulted by the vanguard forces of a vast Tyranid Hive Fleet. Titan Rises Code named Hive Fleet Titan the tyranid fleet fell upon the surprised Imperial forces with all the ferocity their race is known for. Mycetic spores rained from the skies as Imperial battleships, both Navy and Astartes, dueled with vast bioships in orbit. On the ground defenders hurridly maned great anti air batteries that spat flak into the skies, scything down a vast number of xeno organisms. But despite their fire an even greater number of the creatures made planet fall and soon the entire egri world became a vast battlefield as brave Imperial forces sold their lives dearly. Caught unprepared the Imperial forces still fought valiantly, led in large part by the mighty astartes of the Iron Heralds and Warborne. But with every death the defenders grew weaker and the tyranids stronger as they devoured the planets biomass and regurgitated it into more bio forms to assault the planets defenders. Despite all efforts of the Imperial forces the fate of Golustrum soon became apparent. Imperial command ordered a withdrawal of all defenders from the planet. A bitter taste in their mouths the defenders began a fighting retreat towards the planets space ports. What few civilians remained on the planet were first before being followed by what guardsmen could be spared whilst the astartes held on while they could. Finally at the planets last space port the Astartes of the Warborne, led by Captain Sulla, declared he would hold the forces as long as he could while the Heralds safe guarded the fleet. He declared they would detonate the spaceports massive thermic plasma reactor banks in a hope to cause a massive chain reaction that would wipe all life from the planet in an attempt to deny the Tyranids what biomass they could. The last transports fled as Golustrum’s space port was enveloped in a vast white hot explosion as Sulla was true to his word. Unfortunately the explosion didn’t do as hoped and Golustrum was consumed. Imperium Defiant The survivors of Golustrum pulled back with the vanguard of the Hive Fleet hard behind them. They were beaten, but not broken. Captain Hectos of the Iron Heralds sent word to the remaining forces of the Ascarron Crusade; they would lure the Hive Fleet to the planet Ascarron itself where Imperial forces, having taken the fortress world from the seperatists, were even greater in number. It was there he hoped to break the Hive Fleet on the anvil of Ascarron’s fortresses. At Golustrum they had been caught unaware. On Ascarron they would not. The Deathwatch had marshaled what forces it could spare and sent them there as well. At Ascarron they would hold or sub sector Incogni would fall. It wasn’t long after the survivors of Golustrum arrived that the first shadow in the warp fell on Ascarron. As guardsmen looked the heavens and offered prayers to the God Emperor the vast bio ships began to blot out the sky. Appearing as a vast brown reaching nebula that snaked from beyond to blot out the sun the horror of Hive Fleet Titan arrived. Marines of the Iron Heralds as well as what few survivors of the Warborne that had remained on Ascarron double checked their gear and anointed their bolter rounds and the Knights of House Ishard prepared their great engines of war. Then the maw of the devourer closed on the world and its defenders. Golustrum’s defences had been impressive, but Ascarron had been turned into a veritably unassailable fortress. Whilst many of its defenes had been destroyed when the Imperium had taken it many more had been returned to service as word had been sent of the Hive Fleets approach. As the first spores rained from the sky they were blasted apart by the planets guns before they even made entry. Even that didn’t dissuade the vast organism’s assault as more and more spores rained down. Despite their fire power the guns weren’t able to destroy all the invaders and several spores struck the ground, unleashing creatures onto the planets surface. Swarms of smaller gaunt organisms threw themselves at the fortress worlds walls, to be blasted apart by the defenders guns. As more and more spores rained some of the creatures reached the walls, only to be unable to gain access. Imperial command began to feel secure, perhaps at Ascarron they would hold. More and more waves of xenos threw themselves at the walls to be gunned down and victory seemed likely. Then the first sounds of combat were heard within the city. Great tunneling creatures began to erupt from the ground, striking at the cities defence batteries. Losses were quick until astartes assault marine forces retaliated, striking at the mawlocs and trygons from the skies. Nest waves of flying creatures struck as the next wave of tunneling creatures stuck, attempting to counter the astartes, but they were cut apart by anti air. When the next wave struck they targeted the anti air batteries. And so it went, the Hive Fleet becoming recognised for its fast evolution to combat the Imperial Defenders. The battle raged on as Imperial forces slew wave after wave of the attackers, burning and destroying what bodies fell both allied and enemy to rob the Tyranids of biomass. But slowly they were being pushed back as the amount of xenos seemed without end. Captain Hectos’s plan was desperate. He hoped to bleed as much as he could from the Hive Fleet before revealing his master stroke. As they fought to a stale mate on Ascarron Imperial Navy forces were gathering nearby. Hectos knew, on advice from the Ordo Xenos, that the only way to defeat the Tyranids was to defeat the Hive Fleets. Sensing the moment to strike was now or never he sent word through what Librarians he could, hoping word would reach the Navy forces, then turned back to the defence at hand. The Hammer Strikes At first it seemed word had not reached the fleet and that Ascarron was doomed to fall. Tyranids broke through to the final inner fortess of Hive Chazol, where Hectos led his defense. Across the planet reports filtered through of Imperial positions slowly being overwhelmed. Hectos, gravely wounded through the defence, swore he would sell his life and the lives of his brothers dearly. He planted the standard of the Third Company in the central plaza of the Planetary Governors palace and swore that on this spot they would stand to their last. And then hope arrived. A massive fleet of Imperial star ships emerged from warp space their guns firing. Caught off guard and weakened by their constant fighting on the surface the starving hive fleet rapidly fell to the guns of the Navy. The surprise didn’t last long, however. Even as defenders on the planet surged forward at the suddenly distracted xeno bioforms on the surface the Hive Fleet began to react to the new threat. Massive bioships made to swallow Imperial Navy ships in the darkness of the void. The Fall of Cadia In the end Imperial victory on Ascarron would actually be caused by events in a system far away. As Abaddon the Despoiler finally brought ruin to Cadia and the Cicatrix Maledictum tore itself across the Imperium the entirety of Sub Sector Incongi would be wracked by warp storms that spread from the Bleak and Ascarron would be no different. Warp lightening cracked from the skies as daemons flooded through to real space. A great host of the Blood God Khorne assaulted the planet and its defenders, as well as those in space above the planet. The vast bioships were attacked from within by legions of Bloodletters, hacking the apart. As they writhed in pain the Imperial ships, despite facing their own assaults continued to pummel the bioships with weapon fire. Several vessels, their crews fast being overwhelmed overloaded their reactors and crashed their vessels into the enemy, taking out great swarths of the fleet in the firey detonations of the ships. Other’s crashed to the planet surface hoping to find safety in the fortress worlds wards. The combined assault from the warp as well as the final sacrifice of the navy forces would prove too much to the tyranid fleet and what little resemblance of synapse control remained on the surface soon evaporated. Victory against the Tyranids had been achieved, as the remaining forces on the planet fast reverted to more animalstic behaviors. Ascarron wasn’t saved yet, however, as Imperial forces would still have to survive the next horrific years of battling the demonic invasion on their world. The Shadow Returns Hive Fleet Titan was defeated at Ascarron. In the years following the eventual setting of the Warp storms Imperial Forces led by the Ordo Xenos and the Iron Heralds, now supplemented by the Primaris reinforcements, would work to scour the remaining xenos from the worlds that had fallen under the shadow of Titan. Eventually reaching as far as Golustrum. On the once verdant world, now reduced to an ashen waste, they chose to erect a new fortress, to rival that of the now decimated Ascarron. They would be prepared, in case the tyranids ever returned. Recent reports have come to light. Far ranging ships in the Bleak have begun to disappear and attempts to contact them have met with what seems to be a great shadow blocking the light of the Astronomicon. It is a shadow far greater then what marked the arrival of the first vanguard of Titan. One faint and broken signal has echoed across the void; “Beware. The devourer comes…”
  9. FOREWORD: The New Eden Rifles started life as one of my entries to the last Iron Gauntlet. I know its slightly cheating to copy them from where I left off with them last time but as I will rework large amounts of the article as well as my other large number of entries I figured all good. I have copied the whole article across from where I finished it last time, a very rough collection of ideas that, if I am honest, fell short of what I wanted from these guys. I will, in the interest of the challenge, leave things as they were and then make notes in this colour afterwards on the main points/changes I am going to make. These are changes taken from, for the most part, comments made on the previous article as well as my own ideas. I know I have left starting the challenge late but I am hoping to make good on my vows. GENERAL THOUGHTS The New Eden Rifles were/are based primarily off the Australian and New Zealand Army Core, or ANZACs. Most notably from around the World War 1 and 2 period. Today (25/4) is ANZAC Day. This is the day each year we in Australia (and I think New Zealand) hold services at dawn commemorating the sacrifices these soldiers have made for those of us whom remain free. I figure today is as a good a point as any to start reworking these. The ANZACs were known for their plucky attitude, their irreverence and general lack of respect for authority and their unquenchable spirit of mateship. They were also sent into the worst situations as their commanders at the time seemed to view them as expendable as they were just the "colonials". During the two World Wars the ANZAC's were plunged into grinding trench warfare on the beaches of Gallipoli and then later the fields of Flanders. It is this unbreakable spirit even after they were defeated at Gallipoli that I want to capture with these guard. So anyway, onto the article. The New Eden Rifles Renowned for their stoic steadfast nature and their stubborn refusal to accept defeat the New Eden Rifles have gained a name across the length of the Imperium as all but unbreakable in defence and just as determined in assault. The New Eden Rifles regiments combine a defiant nature with a plucky and almost irreverent attitude to war and their enemies that has, on occasion, caused their allies to question their reliability on the field of battle but once battle is joined they quickly change their minds. The New Eden regiments are siege masters without equal in the Sub-Sector Incogni meeting their enemies with unbroken trench works and shelling them relentlessly from artillery batteries. Going to rework the first line. As per comments by Ferrus on my first draft its far to grandous for guardsmen. Also they aren't seige masters but rather determined and gritty troops with a perchance for trench warfare. I may rework it into comments along the lines of: "This defiant nature combined with a gritty and down to earth attitude and a steely resolve in the face of adversity has made them ideal for the grinding realities of trench warfare. Dug in trench positions combined with relentless shelling from artillery batteries has turned aside many an enemy assault over the years". Regimental History The planet that would become known as New Eden was discovered in the later days of the Great Crusade. Noted for its virgin arable lands and harsh but beautiful landscape its was inhabited by a primitive hunter gatherer nomads whose technology was equivalent to ancient Terran Stone Age. It was quickly earmarked for settlement and before long settlers arrived from across the vast expanse of space. Its lands were perfect for farming and soon the surface was dotted by vast sprawling farming estates ruled over by wealthy nobles whose lands were worked in turn by criminals, slaves and indentured freemen supplemented by those natives of the planet whom had been deemed useful for integration with the Imperium at large. Qualified overseers and tradesmen arrived from across the breadth of humanities worlds to help supply the farm workers and soon New Eden was a flourishing Agri World supplying foodstuffs across much of Sub-Sector Incogni and further afield. It was not to last however and in the closing days of M.39 the region of space that Sub Sector Incogni bordered on, known as the Bleak Stars, became a hot bed of activity for the xeno species known as the Orks. A lawless region that had escaped the reach of the Emperor’s Great Crusade it easily was subdued by the by the beastial xenos and soon they would push into Imperial help space. Faced with Xeno invasions across multiple Sub-Sectors, including Incognil, the Imperial High Command was unable to meet every push against the xenos and in the vast bloated bureaucracy of the Imperium Incogni and New Eden were either forgotten or deemed unimportant and resources were sent elsewhere. As orkoid vessels pushed into the sector what little Imperial forces that were their were quickly brushed aside. Deciding to cut their losses and regroup on one of the newly established fortress worlds Sub Sector Incogni was declared a loss and the Imperium turned its back on those whom still dwelt there. Declared lost by the Imperium the world of New Eden was far from fallen. Its PDF stood defiant against the off-world xenos. Defences were quickly set up and soon New Eden’s farmlands were divided by sprawling trench works and make-shift bunkers. The planets defenders prepared to sell their lives dearly and it wasn’t long before the Orks arrived on-world. Expecting to find frightened farmers and flimsy defences, like they had on the rest of the Imperium’s worlds so far, the orks were instead surprised to find stoic lines of defenders in their path. Their would be no easy victory on New Eden. Steadfast defiance and unbreakable determination met bestial and unthinking rage and it wasn’t long before New Eden’s verdant fields were turned into a bloody quagmire of blasted apart corpses, both xeno and human, and craters bloomed across the ground like pox marks. But the orks are a race bred for war, they thrive on it, and whilst the ork numbers seemed exhaustible the PDFs were not. Despite their intractable defence their numbers began to dwindle and so the Planetary Governor issued a decree, known forever after as simply “The Emperor’s Call”. A lotto would be taken with every citizen of New Eden, from the lowest criminal slave labourer to the Planetary Governor himself, entered. A day of the year would be drawn at random and every person born on New Eden on that day would be drafted into service in the PDF. It was an initiative the Governor would prove himself committed to when his only child, a daughter, was taken in the first Call. His position was simple, New Eden would stand even if he had to spend every last drop of blood on the planet to do so. When Imperial Forces eventually pushed the orks back in the early days of M.40 they expected to arrive in Incogni to find destroyed worlds overrun by greenskins. Instead they found New Eden still standing, her once verdant fields covered in vast elaborate trench works and defensive positions that ran like spider webs across every clear surface. And when the trench works had fallen the men and women of New Eden had fought for every inch of their cities. Roads were choked with razor wine and make-shift tank traps. Machines and animals, once used to tend to farms or clear land had been turned to war. Weed spraying trucks had been outfitted into crude flame thrower tanks and plows had been reforged into dozer blades. Despite being abandoned for as long as it had New Eden still held on defiant. The newly arrived Imperial crusade quickly helped the New Eden inhabitants reclaim their planet. As the last orkoid was burned in righteous fire Lord Commander Ferius, commander of the Imperial Crusade, commented on that is was as If by the Emperor’s divine providence itself that the world had held. He promised them whatever aid they needed to restore New Eden to its former glory, a gift for their loyalty, when the orks were pushed back to the Bleak. It was a surprise to him when the commander of the planets defenders, the former Planetary Governor whom himself had been taken in the thirteenth Call, declared that he and his men would come with them to see the orks driven from the Imperium for good. Thus was the 1st New Eden Rifles formed. Lord Commander Ferius was good to his word and ensured aid to the planet following the defeat of the orks and it wasn’t long before New Eden was recovering. Crater’s were turned to water supplies and the trenches were kept, a reminder of the regiments proud past. It wouldn’t be long before they would be used again, however, with the orks of the Bleak rising again and again to threaten the Imperium throughout the next few Millennium. This section I want to remain mostly as it is. Its enough of a nod to Australia's convict colonial heritage while, at the same time, being very 40k. It also hints at the determined nature of the people as well as give reasons for their general disregard and disrespect of authority figures. It was asked in my last draft as to what made the Planetary Governor so competent as to allow his daughter to be drafted and would I elaborate on him further but I don't think I need to. I like the idea that, like the rest of the original defenders of New Eden, he is just another unamed determined face, united in the belief New Eden wouldn't fall. "The Emperor's Call" is both my attempt for another unique hook with the regiment but also a hint to the "Draft" that occurred during the World Wars. Although I believe that was done by year rather then day. It was a well liked idea in the previous draft and is here to stay. The only thing I may change in this section is the geography. The Bleak and Sub Sector Incogni are where my Iron Heralds are based and it was an attempt to link the two forces. I have, however, since shifted focus on my astartes to return to my Star Leopards and may move New Eden to a different area entirely so as to separate them into their own stand alone force. Notable Campaigns Pilium Crusade (M.39) The newly founded 1st New Eden Rifles accompany Lord Commander Ferius on his next crusade following his success against the orks, along with many other regiments and no less then two companies of the Space Marines against the traitor forces near the warp storm known as the Pilium Anomaly. Despite great success contact against the enemy eventually the contact is lost with the forces after they enter the Anomaly itself and eventually they crusade is considered lost. May rework to make more like Gallipoli. A grinding trench war that, due to an equally determined enemy and some... less then competant decisions at the start of the conflict resulted in a loss. Was originally added to show that the Imperium is a dark place and the greatest storied heroes often get lost quite... inconsequentially. Fall of Gokh (M.39) The 22nd New Eden Rifles form part of the Imperial Forces besieging the seccesionist forces on the world of Gokh. Despite horrendous casualties on both side, including losses due to the employing of Phosphex artillery by the planets defenders the Imperial forces are victorious and the Secessionists are put to the sword. A nod to the Western Front where the allied troops and ANZAC's were often gassed and it was a horrifying grinding trench battle that caused the loss of thousands of lives. It was, however, eventually an Allied victory. Just 40kified a little. Will expand this a little more I think. The Battle of Bridge 432 (M.40) Assisting the forces of the Iron Heralds Astartes Chapter elements of the 34th and 22nd New Eden Rifles help hold of a previously unknown Xeno species known as the Desmerax. The turning point of the battle comes when the Rifles hold the Bridge, designation 432, against countless waves of xenos before the Heralds can eliminate the xeno leaders, breaking their forces and sending them back into the Bleak. The Second Battle for New Eden (M.40) Although it has come under constant assault over the years from orks as well as other xeno races the second major invasion of New Eden came in the later part of M.40 when a vast force of Traitor Astartes sworn to the Blood God, Khorne, invaded. The New Eden Rifles would stand firm as always and the waves of frothing madmen were met with ranks of sustained fire and constant artillery bombardment. The invasion would be broken and the planet held, but not before extensive damage was caused again to the planets farming again. Just general nods to how awesome they are at holding the line as well as hints towards their ties with the Iron Heralds. Will probably leave these as they are. The Charge of the 4th New Eden Light Horse Brigade (M.41) On the desert world of Bar-Shava Imperial Forces had been fought to a long standing stale mate against traitor forces. Facing impressive trench works and bristling gun emplacements the forces of the Guard were unable to push any further forwards without sustaining heavy casualties. Several sorties from the infantry and tank brigades had simply caused substantial losses on the Imperial forces without gaining any true ground. Knowing that a victory here was essential to capturing the world Captain Johanne Winters of the 4th New Eden Light Horse Brigade ordered his men charge straight into the gun lines. Seen as a suicidal assault Johanne was determined his men would break the enemies lines. It was a ploy that worked when surprised by this seemingly mad man and his men’s charge the traitors guard fled their positions or surrendered in a panic, unsure how else to react. With the gun lines broken with minimal casualties the Imperial forces went on to secure victory and Johanne was awarded the Star of Terra, one of only two Guardsmen of New Eden to ever receive the award. At Beershaba the 4th Australian Light Horse Division of the British Forces mounted an assault on the well defended town when Allied forces were unable to take in and its vital wells. The men mounted a seemingly suicidal charge into the Turkish machine guns and trenches. Despite not having the typical equipment of cavalry used in this way (sabres etc) they only charged with bayonetted rifles. The Turks were surprised by this seemingly mad move a lot of the Turks surrendered when the Australians reached their lines. One account of an Australian of the battle is that his horse was shot out from underneath his and he fell into one of the trenches. He was dazed and disorientated but when he managed to recover the multiple turkish soldiers in the trench were waiting for him to recover so they could surrender. History lesson aside I grew up on tales of these guys heroism and, although I have learned a perhaps less heroic account of the conflict I still love it and had to include a nod. Besides, rough riders... The Black WAAAAAGH!!! (M.41) Ork Warboss Drizog Blacktoof leads a vast orkish invasion from the Bleak into Sub-Sector Megara, sector of the Iron Heralds homeworld and neighbouring sub sector to Incogni. No less then seven combined regiments of the New Eden Rifles, including the 13th New Eden Rifles led by the heroic Colonel Katrin Pendt and the 4th New Eden Light Horse, still led by the unflappable Johanne, are deployed to help the Iron Heralds defend their homeworld. Joined by forces from throughout the Sub-Sectors the Orks are eventually defeated when Drizog is slain by Chapter Master Seric in single combat. Colonel Katrin is awarded a relic bolter by the Chapter Master due to her part in the defence on the Pelion Fields. I'll rename the ork here as I have since been informed Blacktoof is a canon ork. Other then that whether I keep this or not is determined on whether I move the planet or not. Homeworld Its vast farmlands tended by criminals, slaves and indentured common folk New Eden is somewhat of a melting pot of cultures from across the immediate area of the Imperium. This peculiar blend of different cultures had strangely bred a strong bond between the planets inhabitants. It is a camaraderie that serves them well both in the fields as when as on the battle fields. Although officially an Agri World New Eden has started to bare many similarities to a Fortress World. With the ever present orkoid threat in the Bleak Stars as well as the fact that the Imperium never truly recovered from the losses from the first orkish invasion means that New Eden is frequently assaulted by disparate ork warbands, although nothing on full WAAAAGH!!! status. The New Eden PDF is well drilled and experienced, working to maintain the vast trench networks and gun emplacements that have become as much a part of New Eden’s landscape as its sweeping farmlands. Most native born New Edene, as they are called, end up working on the planets farms as either overseers or qualified craftsmen of some sort on the farms or in one of the three major hive settlements on the city that have grown around the planets space ports. These hubs are a vast market of sorts with food stuffs and other farmed goods being exported across much of the nearby Imperium and all sorts of criminals and farm machinery arriving daily to feed the labour needs of the vast farming estates. Might expand this a little but for the most part it says what I want it to say. I do want to expand a little on the planets natives as well as perhaps expand on the planets use as an Agri world. A question was asked in the first draft so may include a little on the Imperial Cult but as its pretty standard not sure. Recruitment There are two ways one can end up in service in the Guard on New Eden. The first is service within the planets PDF and is typically a voluntary commission. Any and all, from lowest criminal to highest noble, are welcome to swear their lives to the service in the PDF and if they do so they are trained and equipped to defend their homeworld and can expect to spend the rest of their lives in the trenches of New Eden, either keeping them repaired or fighting in them. The other way is through the Emperor’s Call. A practice established in the early defence of the planet it has been kept as a standard practice to help meet the Imperial Tithe alongside the planets food output. Much like the first Calls a date will be drawn at random and any and all those born on that day must report to their local recruitment centre where they will be deemed fit for service or otherwise. Even those unfit for direct service will often find themselves drafted for service into the regiments support crews. These recruits are then stationed with the PDF for a short while to receive basic training and equipment before being sent off world in service to the Emperor. It is this way that the New Eden Rifles Regiments are usually split equally amongst men and women and recruits will range from criminals and poor labourers to the highest ranking nobles. All are equal once they answer the call however and the regiments original officers are drawn from PDF where their service and experience has given them the skills needed to lead the newly founded regiment. It is not uncommon for ab-humans to be sent to New Eden for service on the various farms. Each have their own uses in the vast Agri complexes and these services can serve equally well in the Guard. Because of this they aren’t exempt from the Call, just like any and all on the planet. Again I will probably expand on this but for the most part I am somewhat happy. Will include a little bit about psykers and Commissariat here though. Regiment Organisation Regiments from New Eden are typically divided into separate core formations depending upon their previous skills and employment. The most common of these are the regiments of ‘Rifles’. These tend to follow the standard size and layout as prescribed in the Tactica Imperialis. It is these regiments that most think of when they think of the regiments of New Eden. Implacable in defence and attack they have a down to business attitude matched with an almost irreverent attitude towards war and their enemy that mas many doubt their effectiveness until they see them in battle. New Edene have a strong sense of camaraderie that will often see them going to great lengths to save a wounded comrade. It is this combined with their never say die attitude that has seen them stand defiant when many other regiments have fallen. Other forms of regiments drawn from New Eden often relate to specialisations that the drafted soldiers had before their Call. Regiments such as the ‘Light Horse’ regiments formed of those herdsmen whose job was to ride animals similar to the now extinct horses of ancient Terra to shepherd the vast herds of farm animals on New Eden as they make their way across the landscape. Others are formed from the farm vehicle operators drafted into ‘Armour’ or ‘Artillery’ regiments depending on the needs at the time. It isn’t uncommon for New Eden Regiments to serve alongside each other in warzones where Imperial Commanders just refer to them as ‘New Eden Rifles’, but not in front of the soldiers themselves whom seem to have developed a friendly competitiveness between regiment types. Will fluff out more specialist formations (storm troopers) and maybe add a pic or two of "standard" regiment formation. Regiment Wargear The standard New Eden Trooper is equipped as follows: 1x M36 Lasgun: The standard work horse of the Astra Militarum the M36 is one of the most common patterns of lasgun in the Imperium at large. All guardsmen receive one upon being inducted to the guard. It has been commented that a lasgun is far more valuable to the Imperium then the man whom hold it, a saying that the New Edene regiments take objection too. It is from this weapon that the New Eden Rifles get their name. 4x Charge packs: Standard ammunition pack for most imperium las weaponry. Can be recharged crudely by throwing into a camp fire. This does reduce the life of the charge pack however. A fair trade off as far as the New Eden Rifles are concerned, not that they would admit this in front of the Commissariat. 2x Frag Grenades: Standard Imperial Issue fragmentation grenades 2x Krak Grenades: Standard Imperial Issue krak grenades. 1x Auto Pistol: A favourite side arm amongst Astra Militarum forces. Issued to troopers to use as a last resort. The New Eden Rifles tend to favour them once enemies have breached their trench lines, favouring the smaller size in the close quarters. 2x Auto Pistol Magazines: Standard Imperial Issue magazines for an Auto pistol containing solid metal jacket rounds, 1x Combat Knife: Good for cutting enemies if all else fails. Or your field rations if all chewing fails. Just don't let the Brass catch you doing the later. 1x New Eden Trooper Uniform: Typically dark grey combat fatigues similar in style to the plain thick grey clothes worn by the planets farm workers. Indeed it has been noted that they may be the surplus of exactly that. They are sometimes, but rarely, changed with slight camouflage patterns depending on the warzone the trooper is fighting in. They are designed to offer protecting in even inclement weather although only to a point. 1x Flak Armour: Standard Imperial Issue flak armour, based off the design worn by Cadian Shock Troopers. Not that the New Edenes care about where it comes from as its often the only thing between them and a bloody death on some back water world of the Imperium. The helmet often has an inbuilt short range vox suite 1x Rucksack with Entrenching Gear: Masters of trench warfare most every New Eden Rifleman is provided with basic gear for entrenchment, including shovels and wire cutters. More specialised units within the regiments are provided with more gear and training for full trench construction. 1x Basic Field dressing: For very, very basic emergency first aid (Increases trooper survival by 1.5% compared to untreated wounds) 1x Sleeping Bag or Blanket: Sleeping in luxury… 1x Mess Kit, stale dry rations and two days (mostly clean) water: eating only the finest foods… 1x Dog Tags: When you need to know who that bloody mess was. 1x Rechargeable lamp pack: Basic hand held lamp pack, good for late night reading. 1x Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer: Standard issue text that covers everything from how to on gear maintenance, combat tactics, field first aid and prayers and guide to proper devotion to the God Emperor. Commissariat recommends this to to be the ONLY thing you are reading at night. Punishment for loosing or damaging this text is severe. Other more specialised regiments or troopers may be issued with: Heavy Weaponry consisting of possibly: Mortar, Heavy Bolter, Lascannon, Auto Cannon or Missile Launcher. Usually issued to two man teams due to the size and encumbrance of the weapon. Specialised Weaponry consisting of possibly: Flamer, Grenade Launcher, Plasma Gun, Sniper Las-Rifle. Depending of situational needs Medical Kit: Slightly more comprehensive kit issued to company medic for first aid in combat situations. Vox Caster: Standard communication device issued to ensure good communication in battle environments. New Eden Proto-Steed: A strange blend of bio-mechanics and nature creating a steed similar to the horses of ancient Terra. Ridden into battle by particularly fool hardy troopers. NOTE: Add Slouch hats... Joking aside, however, this was inspires by notes I found on other regiments and I think its adds something to the regiment. I want to destandarise these guys a little. The humour is definitely staying here though as it speaks to the character of the regiment. Regimental Markings New Eden regiments tend to follow a fairly standard regimental marking system, with squads being issued a unique three digit number upon enlistment. Command staff are typically issued a two digit number with a skull in the middle and more elite or specialised regiments have three digit numbers starting with a zero. Regiments are often issues with a second number, typically the date of their birth date and the reason they were called in the draft. Regardless all troopers, from the lowliest conscript to the highest ranking officer, carry the rising sun symbol of New Eden on their left shoulder pad. Will expand a little and maybe destandardise here a little too. They were based of Cadian models to begin with but I am thinking when I get back to collecting that may change. Of course I dont just want them Austrialians in Space (Looking at you GW Regiments...) Notable Regiments 1st New Eden Rifles: Founded following the liberation of their homeworld from orks the 1st New Eden Rifles continued on their glorious service until they disappeared into the Pilium Anomaly along with the rest of the Crusade they were with. Only their regimental standard was ever recovered and it rests with honour on Terra in the Hall of Heroes. In honour to the first scions of New Eden the number was retired with honour. 4th New Eden Light Horse Brigade: One of the first founded regiment of Light Horse designation the 4th New Eden Light Horse has served faithfully since then, having fought the length and breadth of the Imperium. They have been all but wiped out on several occasions but they are always rebuilt and continue to serve faithfully. They are currently commanded by Captain Johanne Winters, a unflappable scion of New Eden’s noble houses possessed of steel nerves and unshakable courage. 13th New Eden Rifles:”Katrin’s Own”: 22nd New Eden Rifles “The Blood Hounds”: 34th New Eden Rifles: 102nd New Eden Mechanised“The Free-born” : The first regiment ever from New Eden to consist entirely of the free children of indentured criminals on New Eden it was formed specially at request of Inquisitor Stromnash to serve during the Siege of the White Spire. Following the Imperial victory they were released back into Imperial service. 255th New Eden Heavy Armour Division “The God Killers”: Notable Heroes Colonel Katrin Pendt: TBA Captain Johanne Winters TBA Lord Commissar Jon Abram TBA First Lieutenant Sharia Tothe TBA Major Luthias Brom TBA Will actually fluff these out. The 13th is the actual guard army I am collecting so will fluff those a bit. Examples will be "The God Killers" - named for killing Titans and perhaps adding some other heroes that are dead or otherwise not involved with the 13th... CLOSING NOTES I have lots to expand with these guys and a few bits to take out. I know I haven't given people much reworking to go off but I would love some general thoughts before I get too far into the rework so - Thoughts away.
  10. INDEX TRAITORIS: Angels of Decay " Do not weep, little mortal. The death I bring is not the end of everything. Only of your wretched suffering. No the death I bring rather a beginning of new life. A beginning of immortality." Lucerius Cepio - The Second War for Agammar. M41 As relentless and uncaring as the march of time itself the arrival of the Angels of Decay in system is as a death knell to any and all whom stand in their path. Swarms of flies and virulent diseases mark their arrival, and nothing but the silence of the grave and the stench of rotting flesh mark their passage. They are true Angels of Death, bringing plague and pestilence to a beleaguered Imperium. Orgins: The Warband that now call themselves the Angels of Decay were formerly a task force of the loyalist Chapter known as the Angels of Ultramar. The Angels of Ultramar were founded in the Third such founding of Astartes Chapters and arrived into an Imperium still reeling from the betrayal and horrors of the Heresy and subsequent Scouring. Founded from the geneseed of the Ultramarines themselves the Angels of Ultramar were a chapter beyond reproach. Driven by a near fanatical belief in the Emperor they pushed out from their homeworld, the world of Olirion on the edge of the Five Hundred worlds of Ultramar, to cut a swathe into any and all that defied the Emperor's will. They soon formed a reputation as an uncompromisingly efficient Chapter, bringing countless worlds back to the fold. It seemed there was little that could stand against their forces. Angels of Decay Colour Scheme It was this reputation that would mark their downfall. Their skill and determination attracted the attentions of Inquisitor Lord Phillimos whom was at the time leading a defence against a combined traitor invasion that was cutting deep towards Ultramar. Phillimos petitioned the Chapter for aid in the defence of the fortress world of Agammar, the next world in the traitors black path. The Angels of Ultramar answered the call, sending a detachment consisting mostly of the Third Company along with elements of the first and led by their Master of Sanctity Lucerius Cepio. The task force dug in, manning the worlds defences against the traitor forces. It was a siege that lasted for decades. The traitors were relentless, flooding the world with more and more forces whilst the defences were immovable. The lynch pin of the defence, however, was Cepio and his Angels of Ultramar. Phillimos petitioned a further three times for more aid from the Chapter but the Angels were pushed thin, fighting other wars throughout the Imperium. As time wore on the planet of Agammar was reduced to a bloody slaughter ground. As more and more traitors arrived the bloodshed soon drew the eye of the dark gods themselves. Dark rituals enacted by the enemy caused tears in the very fabric of reality and entities of the Warp flooded the blood soaked streets. Daemons of Khorne cavorted in the bloody slaughter whilst the growing decaying piles of the dead soon caused plague and sickness on both sides which inevitable attracted the attentions of Nurgle. The seige was going nowhere. Eventually Phillimos, a notably radical Inquisitor, grew tired of the protracted siege. He knew that his attentions were required elsewhere but he also knew that of the traitor forces were to make it past Agammar then they would be able to run rampant throughout the Imperium. Knowing that the mortal defenders of Agammar were far less valuable then the fortress itself he would soon make a decision that would eventually doom him and countless thousands. Phillimos declared Exterminatus upon the world. Knowing that the majority of Traitor forces were committed on the planet and that virally bombing the planet would successfully wipe out most of them whilst still leaving the planets fortresses intact he ordered his ships to open fire on the planet. When questioned about the loyalists still planetside he stated that to withdraw them would alert the traitors to what was happening and allow them a chance to escape. He stated that the Angels were true loyalists and would understand the need for their sacrifice. Their death fighting to hold the enemy would ensure their place at the Emperor's side. It was a large price to pay, but one that was needed to save the greater Imperium. As deadly virus containing warheads detonated across the planets surface the doom of Agammar was sealed. Across the planet people, both loyalist and traitor fell to their knees screaming in fear and pain as flesh eating viruses turned their bodies to mush and chocked them in their own innards. Even the power armoured and bio engineered physique of the Angels astartes nature could save them. As Cepio, a man of great faith, watched his brothers fall around him dying from a cowardly strike from their own allies and his own body wracked in pain called out in desperation to an uncaring universe for anyone to save his and his brothers. He had hoped or even expected the Emperor, what he got was a far darker being. The Chaos god of disease and decay, Grandfather Nurgle, saw the Angels suffering and reached out to save them. He didn't take the diseases from them, rather made them numbed to their effect and allowed them to survive their affects. As those few of his brothers whom refused Nurgle's gift breathed their last wet gasps around him Lucerius Cepio rose. He was no longer the Master of Sanctity, instead he took a new title; The Prophet of Plagues. Leading his now fractured warband from the ruins of Agammar Lucerio knew he wouldn't be welcome amoungst his brothers and so led his force, know calling themselves the Angels of Decay, into exile and eventually the Eye of Terror. From here they have proved a thorn in the Imperium's side for countless millennia. Homeworld Olirion was once a shining example of a how a Hive World could sustain an Astartes Chapter. Situated on the edge of the Five Hundred Worlds of UItramar it had been restored peacefully to the Imperium during the Great Crusade and had proven to be a bastion of stability in an otherwise uncertain time. Its rule was modeled much after Macragge and statues of the Emperor and Guilliman lined much of its streets. When Cepio and his brothers fell on Agammar word eventually filtered back to the Chapter that he and his brothers had fallen and the Chapter mourned their loss. Indeed Inquisitor Phillimos himself stayed on the planet for a while, the Chapter unaware of the Inquisitors betrayal of their brothers. The Angels would eventually return to their homeworld in early M.41 bringing destruction and disease on their former brothers. Olirion was reduced to a uninhabited wasteland of rust and toxic sludge. The Angels of Ultramar survived complete destruction however, and now roam the galaxy looking for revenge against their renegade brothers. The Angels of Decay have dwelled in the Eye of Terror since their original self imposed exile. They travel as a vast traitor fleet that appears in system with no warning and gives no quarter. Cepio himself leads this fleet from onboard the corrupted remnants of a battle barge, named the Altar of Pestilence. Combat Doctrines Even before their fall the Angels were know for their resolute and unwavering way of making war. Since their fall this had only grown with the blessing of Nurgle. The Angels of Decay arrive in system and strike without warning. They offer no quarter or surrender, moving to simply exterminate all life in their path. Great hosts of poxwalkers, unfortunate victims raised to unlife by the fell blessings of Chaos, follow in their advance, moving to silence those few whom escape the Angels notice. They are often times accompanied by noxious daemon engines akin to those of their Death Guard brethren. Their long years in the Warp have seen many of the customs and wargear from the Traitor Death Guard adopted in an attempt to survive. Indeed many former marines of the Death Guard have joined the Angels, taking on their colours and joining under the Prophet of Plagues as an escape from the rule of the daemon Primarch Mortarion. Whilst many would suspect this would earn the ire of the Primarch instead he allows it, seeing that they are all bringing about Nurgle's will in one way or another. Indeed it has been this recruitment from the Death Guard that has allowed the Angels of Decay to boost their war efforts with dark daemon engines such as Foetid Bloat Drones and Myphitic Blightcrawlers. Angels of Decay Lord of Contagion Beliefs Once the Angels believed in the divinity of the Emperor and the unfailing truth that he was the one constant in the fractured universe. Following the betrayal at Agammar that belief was destroyed as Nurgle reached out to answer the plea the God-Emperor did not. Whilst at first Cepio and his Angels were horryfied at what they had become and their new patron but it became soon apparent to them of the blessing that Nurgle's Gift was. Immune to pain, the effects of sickness and death they became immortal hulks, reveling in their own corrupt forms. No longer were they angels of a false and weak Emperor but angels of death. They were the divine messengers of the only way humanity could be saved, through death. Disease was nothing to fear but rather the only way to reach the closest a human could come to divine. And Grandfather Nurgle was always happy for more followers. Geneseed Whilst they once were proud scions of the Ultramarines what is left of their geneseed is rotted and corrupt beyond reason. Still their numbers are added to by the obscene remnants of their Apothecarion as the Plague Surgeons hack what geneseed they can from any marines that fall in battle against them. Whilst some are added to the Angels of Decays numbers in this fashion most new members if the warband come from either the Death Guard or renegades. Roll of Honour TBA Champions of the Warband Lucerius Cepio - The Prophet of Plagues, The Minister of Miseries Former Master of Sanctity, Cepio has led his brothers into damnation. At first horrified at their salvation Cepio was led on my visions of the true divinity of Nurgle and has since come to embrace his new patronage. (More stuff to be added) Cepio goes to battle in the horrifyingly corrupted remnant of his former terminator plate and wields a corrupted crozius. He is accompanied into battle by a swarm of droning stinging insects that have nested in his armour. (TBA) A couple more villanous dudes of varying levels of plagueiness
  11. "For a thousand years we have given ourselves to the Imperium. Our blood has been spent instead of its children, our lives given as a tithe for the innocent. A hundred times our Chapter has faced annihilation but we have survived. And yet now, as the light of the Astronomicon dims we are called upon one last time to give ourselves wholly and completely. So, come brothers, let us die so that these wretched souls may live one more say... Captain Jodus Ammeo (KIA) - Battle of St Pelinards Spire M41 Salvation through sacrifice: IA - Star Leopards Star Leopards Chapter Symbol ORIGINS " They call us cursed. That we are fated to fail. I think they are cursed because their fear of failure means they won't even try" Captain Konor Pell - Battle the Martyr's Plaza M41 There are many whom call the Star Leopards cursed. A statement stemming from their likely founding during the infamous 13th Founding. Like many of the Chapters from that dark founding the Star Leopards have no true record of their creation, rather hints and half truths hidden in Imperial Records on worlds through out the Imperium. Indeed they don't even have a reliable source of information on their primogenitor. Whilst they loosely claim to be children of the Primarch of the Salamanders, Vulkan, there gene samples show genetic markers from both the sons of Nocturne as well as several markers unique to the Imperial Fists. Whilst this lack of their knowledge of their past has haunted many of their brother Chapters to the Star Leopards they put little stock in what their past may have been, instead preferring to focus on their current path and their future. The first record of the Chapter are in the early days of the 36 Millennium as they begun operations in Mercurian's Passage, a narrow treacherous section of space that provided a rich and easy trade route for the Vandimos Dynasty of Rogue Traders whom had petitioned the High Lords for greater security along the vital trade route. The passage, although typically stable, was known to sudden and unpredictable savage warp storms that brought with them all manner of warp born horrors as well as the various detritus of warp born space, such as space hulks containing ork warbands or genestealers. These threats plus the ever present pirate raids meant the frontier region, although profitable, was also high risk. So it was into this crucible the Star Leopards were sent. They would establish a fortress of the frontier world of Argentis, an ocean world split by rugged forested islands home to Imperial colonists and native tribes. The first signs of what would become known as the chapters curse soon begun to show. The Chapter seemed to be dogged with seemingly unwinnable battles. Whilst they were no less able then their brother Chapters they seemed to be plunged into a seemingly constant array of impossible conflicts. First it was the (insert some examples here that show not ineptitude but rather crap situations) Whilst many others would have become disheartened, not the Star Leopards. They continued to throw themselves into whatever fate demanded, their Chapter being brought to the edge of extinction several times but always they came back with dogged determination. Recent History The fall of Cadia and the birth of the Cicatrix Maledictum plunged the entire Imperium into chaos. None escaped the nightmarish hell of the Warp spilling into real space and the Star Leopards were no better off. Argentis itself came under sustained attack from the denizens of the Immaterium. The Chapter dug in and attempted to save their homeworld but it was a battle marred by the Chapters curse. Faced with never ending waves of daemons as well as countless warbands of Chaos even the unexpected aid of the Eldar of Craftworld Yme-Loc could do nothing to stem the tide. As the battle hung in the balance the Farseer Talondir of the Eldar host approached the Chapter Master of the Star Leopards. He had a deal. He had seen the future of the Chapter, its destruction should they continue to fight. But he offered a deal that would save the Chapter. He could, via the webway, sent some of the planets survivors as well as what was left of the Chapter to safety. But in exchange they would need to detonate the Chapter's ammunition store and destroy the homeworld forever. For the world of Argentis was home to a long dormant Web portal but it was one the eldar couldn't allow to fall into Chaos hands. It was an impossible decision but one that had to be made. And as the last of the Star Leopards that were able fled the planet via the Aeldari's magics Chapter Master Kristof stayed behind to detonate the warheads that would reduce Argentis to dust. The Chapter was in ruins. Scattered to the winds, its Chapter Master gone and its homeworld destroyed the Chapter was again on the brink of extinction. This time, however, they lacked a homeworld to draw recruits from. Even the enigmatic Eldar whom had brought them from the ruins of their homeworld disappeared. But the Chapter was determined to survive. The remaining Captains and leaders of the Chapter gathered and formed a plan. The remaining warrior houses would separate, each going different ways, to look for a new homeworld, seek out recruits and to prove the Chapter still a threat to the enemies of the Imperium. They coined this the Redemption Crusade. The arrival of Guilliman and his Primaris only strengthened the Chapter. Still the Redemption Crusade goes on, with reports of the Star Leopards fighting in warzones across the beleaguered Imperium. There arrival is oft a welcome relief for the commanders of humanity know that the Star Leopards will answer the call for aid, no matter the aid. Star Leopard Battle Brother Beliefs Believe that they can only earn redemption and honour through sacrifice Hold the Salamander mindset of protecting even the smallest innocent at their own loss Believe in reincarnation and that a life spent well will reward you in the next life. This comes from the beliefs of the natives of Argentis "It is better to die for the Emperor, then live for yourself" Combat Doctrines Cross between Codex and Black Templars Commonly strike from Thunderhawk and Drop pod, inserting themselves between the enemy and the innocent. Every marine life matters, so spend it well. Must ensure Chapter survives Have both Crusader squads and Tactical. Up to the individual Captain. Organisation Not Codex Compliant. Mix of Codex and Great House/Warrior lodge set up. Chapter decimated so split into smaller crusading groups. Organised around the "9 and 1 Houses" - 9 Company sized groups plus the "Houseless" or scouts. First House was the veterans but were destroyed on Argentis. Now all houses keep their own veterans till they can restore the First House. Scout Company mostly disbanded amoungst the various company forces. Each has their own Master of Recruits following 10th House Captains death on Argentis Gene-seed Unknown source but bears both markings from Salamanders and Fists, but have different organ failures then both Have an Ultramarine Geneseed contingent of Primaris. Gene-seed believed to be cursed, causing the Chapter to face impossible odds. Other Notes Wear "Oath Chains" as oaths of moments rather then purity seals. Particularly important oaths, when sworn, are engraved onto chains that are then hung on a brothers armour till he completes the oath, then he is able to ceremoniously break the chain. Some brothers then have these chains melted down and made into rounds for their bolters, or service studs or other accessories. Some wear tabards and more knightly accouterments, although not to the level of the Templars. Ultramarines still very codex in their organisation. Captains and VIP wear leopard pelts from their homeworld, but these are becoming fewer are further between. http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2014/148/6/f/raylan_caraten___star_leopards_librarian_by_greyall-d7k1uvt.jpg Chief Librarian Alessio Carentan by Greyall
  12. 2020... Another year, another decade... Another heap of hobbying in seclusion. Or not. I have decided to reawaken the Argent Forge, the name of my old Hobbying blog. I never included much, as I am a notorious procrastinator and have a shocking history of long abandoned projects etc. So to commit myself more fully I will be updating this log every weekend as well as when I complete things. I am also a long time Liberite, although I mostly just lurk in the Darkest Deepest Depths of the Liber these days, so most of what I post will have fluff of some kind or another. For not, however, I am starting with something simple to get me back into my hobby mojo; A munitorum container. I am working through my Warhammer Conquest subscription so this is the next thing to cross my desk. I have committed to this as well as three intercessors for the 2020 Tale of Hobbyists so hope to get it done soonish. Here's where it started: And here is where I got to last night: Happy with it considering it will hardly ever be seen. Any and all feedback more then welcome. As you could tell from the title of the thread I will be reworking my Tale of Eight (now Nine) armies project where I committed to completing a large number of armies. I never let myself get far with it so I am rebooting as I go. The armies involved will be: - Star Leopards (Space Marines, mostly Primaris and veterans) - Iron Heralds (Space Marines, mostly old school marines) - This is up for change as I focus on the Star Leopards - Angels of Decay (DIY Renegades using Death Guard rules) - White Talons (DIY Renegades of Slaanesh) - Craftworld Yme-Loc (Eldar with a lean towards Rangers, jet bikes and wraith constructs) - Hive Fleet Titan (Tyranids with a close combat lean) - 13th New Eden Rifles (Imperial Guard) - WAAAAAGH!!!! Runtkilla (Orkz) - Imperial Forces led by Custodes and Inquisitors with a large number of Sisters as they are release. Oh and some Knights. I will add links to IA and fluff as I go but it is my intention to enter and and all appropriate challenges as they arise on the B&C with one simple rule - Commit to less, achieve more. I am well known to commit heaps and fail hard. But no more. (famous last words) Finally I will be including some battle reports, or just highlights with full reports in the appropriate forum. I think thats it for now so, uh, yeah. I better get back to painting.
  13. "That's the issue if you keep digging down. Eventually you are going to find something you don't want. Or, even worse, it will find you..." Rogue Trader Terena Deveaux on the mines on Incipios The Cicatrix Maledictum had cut a viscous scar across the breadth of the Imperium. The galactic north had been declared the Imperium Nihilus and was cut off from most if not all of the golden light of the Emperor's Astronomicon as well as support and supplies from Terra and the heart of the dominion of man. As the enemies of humanity, the heretic within and the traitor without as well as the ever present insidious threat of the xeno, push these isolated and fractures worlds greater then they ever have the Imperium is forced to more and more draconic measures in an ever desperate attempt to push back the darkness of oblivion. Forge worlds are pushed to produce more and more equipment for the Imperium's many wars and their vast forges are the hungriest they have ever been for the raw materials to meet the demands. On mining worlds across the Imperium more and more criminals and citizens are drafted to the great mines to churn out more and more to meet the demands, the human cost a mere inconvenience when compared to the horrors that watch the failing light of humanity. Incipios was one such Mining World. Once a verdant agri world its fertile fields were found to hold a far greater worth beneath their grassy vales. Following the discovery of rich mineral deposits beneath the planets surface it wasn't long before farms were replaced with great open cut mines and the planets waters were transported onboard great ships to be sent off world. Stripped of its vegetation the planet soon lost much of its atmosphere, becoming a hot and arid place, a hellish nightmare for those brought from off world to work its vasts mines. But even with Incipios's mineral stores its greatest wealth was when its was discovered to contain great reservoirs of the life blood of the Imperium, promethium. Despite its nightmarish living conditions, or perhaps because of them, it was also a highly valuable world to the war machine of the Imperium. Its vast space port was surrounded by great factories and manufactorums that turned much of the planets raw materials to vital components to be sent elsewhere. The space port became a common stopping ground for Imperial forces enroute to far flung conflicts across the breadth of humanities realms. It was for this reason that the forces of the Star Leopards and what would become to be known as the Incipios Crusade would arrive in the early days of M.42 ******* When mighty Cadia fell and the Great Rift was born any number of worlds across the Imperium were lost to the ravages of the Warp. The Star Leopards home world of Argentum was once such world. Spared from complete destruction only by the machinations of the enigmatic Aeldari the Star Leopards were cut adrift and left decimated far from the ruin of their homeworld. It was only that arrival of the Indomitus Crusade and the Primaris reinforcements that saved the chapter from utter destruction. Although some could say the Primarchs gift was as much a curse as the mysterious origins and nature of the Star Leopards geneseed meant that the Arch-Magos Belisarius Cawl's primaris works didn't mesh and the Primaris assigned to the chapter were instead scions of the Ultramarines. Even later attempts to raise new recruits to primaris met with horrible failure and hugely high fatality rates amoungst its inductees. With the Chapter's numbers already decimated there were few willing to undertake the procedures required. Despite this the Chapter had broken up and divided its remaining forces into forces known as Redemption Crusades, each responsible for its own surrpl and recruitment. Led by the remaining Captains of the Chapter each set off to redeem their Chapter's name and, perhaps in doing so, find a new homeworld and perhaps even their lost Chapter Master whom disappeared at the fall of their homeworld. It was one such force that arrived at the mining world of Incipios, looking to resupply from its recent actions against the tyranids of Hive Fleet Titan. When they arrived at the mining world rather then be met with Imperial hails they were met with deathly silence. Drawing closer to the world they saw the ghostly silhouettes of shattered Imperial ships left adrift in space, their hulls open to the cold vacuum of space. High Captain Valis Dune of the remnants of the Star Leopards 5th Company wasted no time sending his forces to make planet fall. They were met with the same scenes of death and devastation. Doom had come to Incipios, it seemed, and it was up to the Star Leopards to find out what and why. What was left of the world was shattered ruins and empty streets. There were no bodies to by found, either loyal or enemy, but the signs of battle wer everywhere. What little defence forces the planet had been able to muster had clearly put up a valiant fight. Against what was unsure to Imperial forces. All they were able to detect was the occasional unusual energy reading from deep below the planet surface that would show for a while on auspex scanners before disappearing before augers could get a lock. No life signs were detected in the twisted ruins. Incipios was a dead world. ****** Okay so Fluff aside this is my newest project, the Incipios Crusade. For those whom know me I have tried to, on multiple occasions, attempted to make work in progress logs on my various armies, including my Tale of X Armies, with the number of armies varying over the years as I have found other armies (I have been in the hobby for 20 odd years, I have lots of unpainted armies floating around). So this time I am focusing on a fluff heavy log. And indeed will continue to do so for all the armies with my "Warzone" idea where I am dividing my various armies into separate conflicts. Anyway I recently acquired this: Which turned into this: Which in turn turned into this: And this: I must say it was a roller coaster of emotions assembling these models. The Assault Intercessors were an absolute dream to assemble and are amazing models. I will add in some other bits to make the first five different from the second five. The Outriders were a nightmare and I dont like the look of them at all. The Captain and Lt were again quite fun. The Necron warriors were fine once I got the hang of them but finding the parts on the sprue was a nightmare, with often getting the wrong part due to the number 1 of 18 etc being almost off the sprue resulting in constant muck ups. The scarabs were just a couple of bits so nothing to note. The Destroyers were easy and again awesome models. The Overlord and other character were fiddly and un-intuitive and although I like the end model I didn't enjoy building them. The pipes and buildings were the same, with the ruins and pies easy but the Thermo Exchange Shrine was a bit 50/50. Not sure how much I will go with Necrons but I did start an army back in the day with old school warriors and a lord and scarabs but none of them really fit the new Necron look. Heck I haven't even read the new fluff but I know it has drastically changed. And if I am honest the recent release of 40,000 new primaris units has left a very bitter taste in my mouth with marines. Indeed this latest wave may mark the end of a 20 odd year stint of marines for me as I feel GW has somewhat screwed over long term players. Thats not to say I don't like the look of primaris, I actually like the look of most of their models, but I think they would have been better as a rework of marines rather then the shoe horned it replacement for everything monster they are. For now I will work what I have and the things from Conquest as I have been working on the relaunch of this Chapter for 15 years but afterwards I may move on to my other love, the Guard.
  14. Imperfect Perfection: INDEX TRAITORIS - White Talons White Talon Colour Scheme " Mercy? I do not let you live out of some foolish notion such as mercy! No, I do it so you know and will let other know that we were better then you. That I was better. Now run, weakling. Let them know that the White Talon Legion is here and that there is no hope!" Jhericas Varhn, Legate of the 3rd Cohort - White Talons. Origin Founded during the Nineteenth Founding of the Adeptus Astartes the White Talons were created to guard over the region of space known as St Andwyn's Scar. The Scar was an area of space known for its vast mineral wealthy and as such constantly attracted all manner of xenos, raiders and other detritus of the galaxy, as well as being prone to rebellion and sedition. It was also hugely valuable to the Imperium for the self same reasons. Such a rich but hugely under threat region was deemed worthy of the protection of an astartes chapter and so the White Talons were born. Forged from the geneseed of Rogal Dorn they were tasked with securing The Scar and set off. It was a task they set to with all the stubborn pragmatism and stubbornness associated with their primogenitor. St Andwyn's Scar was to prove no easy conquest. Long had it been all but abandoned by the Imperium and any number of heretical despots, orkoid war bands and xenos pirates had taken over. But its conquest was a task the White Talons set to with a grim abandon. But despite their strength and skill they could never stay in control of the region for long. No sooner would they quash the latest rebellion then a new orkish warband would attack or a rogue trader would petition for aid as his vessels were being attacked. It is, perhaps, testament to the warrior cult of the White Talons that not only did they meet these threats but it was uncommon for them not to also have forces out in the Imperium at large. Despite this, however, they were no fool. Time and time again the Chapter only just managed to hold on, stretched to their very limits, and in response the Chapter Master's would send a request for aid to the High Lords or Segmentum Command. The Chapter was woefully under resourced as their tireless making of war saw vital machinery and equipment destroyed or damaged beyond repair. It was a long war of attrition that, without aid, the Chapter was going to loose. Time and time again the Chapter's requests were denied or, worse still, met with nothing more then stoney silence. Aid was not coming. Still, true to the testament of their Primarch, the White Talons would not back down. If they were to die then they would go out fighting for the duty they had been set. This state of affairs would come to a head in the early years of M.41. Pollonius Verro, a high ranking member of the Adeptus Administratum as well as personal friend to the Master of the Administratum, found himself grounded on the world of Ilo in the Scar, directly in the path of an Ork WAAAGH! His death, and the death of all on Ilo, seemed assured until the arrival of the White Talons. Deploying in almost Chapter strength they met the WAAAGH! head on. It was a grueling battle, and one the Talon's nearly lost, but in the end their tenacity proved itself and the orks were destroyed. Pollonius, witnessing how under supplied the Chapter was and grateful for the aid, promised aid and support to the beleaguered defenders of the Scar. It seemed as though the White Talons may have been saved. Pollonius left and things seemed to go back to usual in the Scar. Nothing was heard from the High Lords and the Chapter returned to its duty, slowly replenishing its numbers. When all hope had been all but lost for the promised aid word arrived of a great convoy enroute from Segmentum command. Jubilation soon turned to bitter disappointment, however, when the nature of the promised aid arrived. This was no shipment of weaponry or arms from the forges of Mars but rather a whole new Chapter, formed in the most recent founding, to help pacify the Scar. To make matter worse this new Chapter, The Warborne, had been equipped with a vast surplus of the greatest and best equipment that could be afforded. Worse still Pollonius himself led the convoy and, upon arriving in the Scar, declared the newly founded Warborne as the stewards of St. Andwyn's Scar and that the White Talons could rest, now that this new Chapter could achieve their duty for them. Such a slight on the honour of the White Talons was not overlooked easily. Forced to fight on with depleted and obsolete weaponry and machines the White Talons began to obsess over proving themselves the better warriors. They had long held the Scar and they were not about to be shown up by a newly minted Chapter, particularly one of the geneseed of the Ultramarines. When the two Chapter's were forced to fight alongside each other the White Talons would go out of their way to prove themselves the better, even going so far as to have laud hailers playing on repeat over loyal cities promoting the Talons whilst, at the same time, surreptitiously casting slander on the Warborne. The Warborne in turn ignored such slights, instead choosing the path of words over actions. Finally, on the world of Atium, the resentment nearly cost the Imperium a victory when the White Talons intentionally fed false information to the Warborne commanders, leaving them exposed and far from the conflict, whilst the White Talons struck at the heart of the enemy. The glory hungry Talons, however, found themselves outmatched and it was only after the commitment and subsequent decimation of several regiments of the Imperial Guard that the enemy was broken and victory assured. The actions of the White Talons didn't go unnoticed, however, as agents of the Inquisition happened to be on Ilos. The Talons were called to answer for their reckless actions and, facing Imperial censure, returned to their homeworld having been sworn to longer compete with the Warborne. It was not a punishment taken lightly. Swearing that if the Imperium would not help them then they would help themselves Chapter Master Tyrios declared waht would become known as the White Legion Protocol. Renaming themselves the White Talon Legion the White Talons began to recruit far beyond the number proscribed by the Codex, training and outfitting new marines in secret. Demanding tithes from the worlds of the Scar under their protection they kept their companies, renamed cohorts, seperate so as to disguise their number. Tyrios made to ensure that their would be no need to try to prove themselves greater then the new blooded Warborne if he ensured that his Chapter was more then capable to performing their duty. Soon fully a third of the worlds of Saint Andwyn's Scar were sworn to compliance and tithe to the Talons, their rulers being either watched or completely replaced by agents of the Chapter. The White Talons had established themselves not as wardens of the Scar but rather rulers. Whilst outwardly loyal to the Imperium and humanity it is rumoured that it is during this time that the perfidious influences of Chaos began to creep in to Chapter command. Others believe that the Chapter as a whole was actually free from dark influence until after their fall. This sudden attempt to fully control the Scar didn't go unnoticed by their fellow Chapter set to guard the region. Attempting to avoid conflict the Chapter Master of the Warborne, Leonides, met with an honour guard with Chapter Master Tyrios on the Talon's homeworld. What exactly transpired in the meetings that followed are unknown beyond the two masters and their honour guards. Neither side seemed to be able to reach an agreement. The cause of following events aren't entirely clear but at some point slight was taken by one of the White Talons honour guard, Lycarus, the Chapter Champion and he subsequently challenged Chapter Master Leonides to a duel. It was a duel the Warborne Chapter Master couldn't deny and the two met in combat. Although supposed to only be a duel to first blood it would result in Leonides slain by Lycarus' hand and in the following chaos the Warborne delegation was slain, with only one managing to escape to return to his Chapter, claiming that Leonides was murdered. The Warborne were enraged, launching an attack on the White Talons. This move would prove their undoing, however, as not only were the White Talons a much more experienced Chapter they now had the advantage of far greater numbers. The Warborne soon found themselves on the defensive and were rapidly pushed back to their own homeworld. As the decimated Chapter looked to the skies as the White Talon ships drew in around the world the war would turn in against the Talons. It is perhaps a testament to just how much the Imperium had learned from the fall of the Astral Claws how hard the hammer blow would fall on the Talons. Hearing of the conflict the High Lords sent a crusade to stop the White Talons in their tracks consisting of not only vast numbers of the Imperial Guard and Knights but also a mission of the Adepta Sororitas and forces of no less then four fellow astartes Chapters. This would not be a second Badab War. Relieving the beleaguered Warborne the combined forces begun a systematic assault against the White Talons. Despite their enhanced number the White Talons could do little against the crusade and soon the Imperial Fleet drew in around the Chapter's homeworld. No offer of quarter or surrender was given as a barrage from the ships in orbit blasted apart the Talon's Librarium before the ground invasion begun. The Battle of the Eyrie would be a long drawn out conflict but one that would eventually lead to an Imperial victory. What remained on the White Talons fled into space as Chapter Master Tyrios met his end at the hand of the Iron Herald Chapter Master Seric Desarro and proof of his corruption was revealed. Despite the best efforts of loyal forces a great many of the White Talons were able to escape into space from the many worlds under their command. The White Talons were defeated and broken, but not destroyed. Rumours have since grown of a new figure having risen to reunite the shattered remnants of the White Talons. These forces, having long fled from humanities light, have long succumbed to the influences of the ruinous powers. This new figure, rumoured to be Lycarus but only going by the name the Cowled Prince, is seeking to reforge the White Talon Legion. He has started to scour the galaxy to reform what was lost. The scourge of the White Talons is long from gone. Organisation - Highly organised for traitor, - Still follow warped version of the Codex. - Have "Cohorts" that are tasked by current leader - Still semi mercenary but all in a mission to prove themselves superior and to push themselves to perfection Beliefs - Obsessed with being "Perfect warriors" Combat Doctrines - Large number of cultists and Slaneesh daemons - Otherwise very codex. Geneseed - Maintain Apothecarium (of sorts) Symbol But the claw is white
  15. [basicheader=]CHAPTER NAME: Iron Heralds[/basicheader] SUMMARY ▪ GENE-SEED (PREDECESSOR): Iron Hands ▪ FOUNDING: 4th Founding ▪ CHAPTER MASTER: Chapter Master Seric Dasarro ▪ CHAPTER WORLD: Planet XVII-4R3 (Local Dialect: Megara) ▪ FORTRESS MONASTERY: The Desolate Spire ▪ FLAGSHIP: The Ultima Redemptio - Battlebarge ▪ MAIN COLOURS: Blood Red, Black and Iron ▪ SPECIALITY: Drop Pod Assault ▪ BATTLE CRY: Redemption through iron and blood! (Alt: Iron and blood! - Used as a greeting or battle cry) ▪ CURRENT STRENGTH: Nominal Strength ▪ KNOWN DESCENDANTS: None known The closing days of the 33rd Millennium were a time filled with both great promise as well as great foreboding. The horrors of the Horus Heresy and the subsequent Scouring were a distant memory and yet the Imperium still lay sundered. Many worlds and even whole systems had been lost in the chaos following the betrayal of the Emperor’s favoured son and the threat of the Traitor Legions still lurked within the Eye of Terror. Worse still the growing threat of a multitude of xeno races gnawed at the tattered fringes of mankinds’ domain. In response to this the High Lords of Terra declared a new founding of the Adeptus Astartes, the fourth of its kind. Gene-seed tithes and cadres of veterans were drawn from those Chapter’s still loyal to the Imperium. One such group was drawn from the Iron Hands, a Chapter still bitter and filled with hatred following the loss of their Primarch during the Heresy. Led by Former Captain, now Chapter Master, Dereo Fidel the cadre were placed in charge of a fledging group of marines, provided the requisite equipment by the Adeptus Mechanicus, and then sent out into an Imperium beset on all sides. Dereo, a man perhaps driven more to passion then most, strove to hape the marines given to him in the image of his Primogenitor. He taught his protege’s of a hatred of weakness, particularly of the flesh. He drove them to breaking point, filling them with the same bitterness and hatred that had filled the Iron Hands since the dark days of Istvaan V. Claiming a vision from the Emperor he named his fledgling Chapter the Iron Heralds. They would be as cold and unbreakable as the iron from which they were forged. They would be heralds of the Imperium’s will and a bane to those whom had fallen from the Emperor’s Light. It wasn’t long before the Iron Heralds became known as an uncompromising and merciless force of destruction. As the 34th Millennium dawned word came from the Fortress World of Cadia, Abaddon’s Fourth Black Crusade had begun. As a large force of the Traitors besieged Cadia Abaddon himself led the bulk of his forces into the wild space of Segmentum Obscurus. Imperial Command scrambled to meet the invading forces and any and all forces in the area were sent a desperate plea for aid and the Iron Heralds were one of the first to answer. Considered inexperienced by the Segmentum Command the Iron Heralds were tasked with missions outside of the main warzone. Embittered by what he saw as a blatant slander on both he and his marines Dereo threw himself into the missions assigned with a barely concealed rage. Tasked with hunting down and destroying a splinter of the Black Crusade that had ran deep into Obscurus the Iron Heralds struck like the hammer of doom. Worlds burned in their rage as they pursued the traitor force, led by a former Emperor’s Children Techmarine turned sorcerer known as Jydas the Forgotten, further and further from the Eye. It would be on the Forge World of Milvia Prime that the two forces would finally meet. Milvia Prime seemed to have been Jydas’ target all along and as his Traitor Forces rained down from his flagship, the Black Wrath, the Iron Wardens arrived in system and battle was joined. Dereo and his marines were eager to face their Primogenitors’ old nemesis and the forces of Jydas were eager as ever to fight loyalists. The battle was hard fought on the planets machine filled surface as Dereo and his brothers, driven by hate and sustained by their rejection of the flesh pushed the traitors back further nad further. It was then that Jydas’ plan was revealed. Unleashing a horrific blending of warp craft and sorcery upon the planets defenders that would become known as the Scrap-Code Malaise. Targeting any and all technology and possessing them with a near demonic in nature virus it rapidly spread across the planets surface and defenders. Suddenly weapons misfired and targetters went awry. Worse still the planets skitarii defenders suddenly turned on their masters and any and all bionics and vehicles suddenly acted with their own will. The Heralds, now beset by their mechanicum allies faces a further threat as, the parts they had replaced with bionics turned against them. Many were the marines cut down with their own weapons and others, those with cranial enhancements, fell completely under the sway of Jydas. Dereo himself, having large parts of his own body replaced in his pursuit of eliminating the weakness of flesh, fought against the voices that now seemed to tear at his very mind. Those of his forces still under his control retreated to their fleet where they prepared to withdraw, hoping that they could regain control of themselves elsewhere. It is unclear exactly what happened aboard his ship as they made to withdraw but Dereo’s own accounts claim he was again struck with a vision. In it the Emperor approached him and told him that he had failed the Emperor’s vision for his sons. Too much had he become embroiled in hatred. Hatred for the enemy and hatred for the flesh. But he would offer him a path to redemption. Purge himself of hatred, of his rage, and cleanse himself of the weakness of mind. Bring redemption to all mankind and in return the Emperor would help him overcome the curse that Jydas had placed on him and his men. When Dereo emerged from his meditations he was a changed man. Gone was the impulsive rage and deep hatred. Instead was a calm and cold purpose. Dereo’s face was scared and tattered where he had torn much of his bionics from him and instead only kept those that he needed to fight. He spoke to his marines and shared his vision and they too stripped much of their bionic enhancements. Then, after placing his second in charge, Pryden Falk, in control of the Chapter’s remaining forces, he led his most elite warriors in a do or die assault on Jydas’ flagship. The exact details of Dereo’s assault are lost to time, thee being so few survivors to recount them but in the end Jydas was slain aboard the bridge of his ship by Dereo himself. Jydas’ ship was sent spiralling into the warp to join the detritus of war and Dereo and the few remaining members of his elite cadre extracted via teleportation back to the planets surface. Their leader slain and their main in ruins the traitors withdrew as more reinforcements arrived from Imperial space, including forces of two other Chapters. The battle for Milvia Prime was won, but at a steep cost. Dereo’s wounded body was recovered amongst the rad swept dunes of Milvia Prime’s surface, surrounded by the remnants of his force. Each and all of them barely clinging to life. They were returned to the Chapter’s flag ship where they were rushed to the apothecarium. It was there that Dereo and those who followed him would be interred into stasis, their bodies too far lost to the Malaise to be laid to rest in Dreadnoughts. Here they would be held until such time as the Chapter found a way to finally purge the Malaise from the Chapter. The battered Heralds would drift for some time following the catastrophic battle of Milvia. Lacking the drive that Dereo had led them with and with much of the Chapter’s identity cast aside they roamed Imperial space, engaging foes where they found them but never truly committing to any particular campaign or battle. The losses suffered of Milvia had put the Chapter’s future into danger. It was then they arrived on the forgotten planet, known to its population as Megara. Megara had been left off Imperial star charts since the Age of Darkness and its population had faltered in isolation. Reduced to a feral state its people eked out a living amongst the shattered cities of the worlds glorious past. In its tumbled cities and forgotten glory Pryden saw something of his Chapter and declared that, as the Chapter needed a homeworld and Megara needed a defender, that henceforth the Chapter would call Megara their homeworld. The Iron Heralds had come home. Megara, a planet long forgotten by the Imperium that birthed it, is rightfully classified as a Death World. Hidden at the edge of Segmentum Obscuras Megara was once a thriving hive world, as evidenced by the tumbling ruins that dot the planets surface. The planets lethal forests survived between the towering urban spires and, when the planet fell, quickly reclaimed the urban sprawl. Its people degenerated from their hive dwelling past, becoming feral savages living as tribes in the forests around the cities. The Megaran’s regard the ruined Hive’s as cursed places, said to be haunted by the ghosts of those whom once dwelled there. Records on the rise and fall of Megara all all but non-existent, with references to the world being all but unheard of in Imperial Records. The planets ruins are similar in architecture to those from the time period following the Age of Darkness and the subsequent Great Crusade and, although their is little evidence suggesting a violent down fall, it has been supposed that the world was one brought into Imperial Compliance in the closing days of the Crusade, perhaps its re-settlement interrupted by the following horrors of the Heresy. Despite their superstitious distrust of the ruins around them the Megaran’s are greatly connected to their world. They believe that a persons soul is constantly reborn when someone dies and as such their bodies must be returned to the planet, to create an unbroken cycle of life. It is a belief of redemption and rebirth that has made its way into the Iron Heralds psyche. Whilst the natives hold the ruins in great superstition the Chapter does not. Making their home in what was believed to be the planets rulers palace at the heart of the largest Hive ruin the Iron Heralds have reforged the spire into their home. Known simply as The Desolate Spire the towering edifice bristles with defenses and thrusts into the planets sky like a giant spear piercing the heavens. It is from here that the Chapter has a commanding view of the ruined city and following jungles around. Visible for kilometres around The Spire acts as a grim reminder to the planets population of the planets overlords and a beacon to the planets youth who hope to one day join their hallowed ranks. Despite maintaining such an imposing fortress on the planet much of the Chapter’s facilities remain in part on board its massive fleet, particularly the Chapter’s flagship a Pre-Heresy Battle Barge known as the Ultima Redemptio. Although this is in part a relic of the Chapter’s crusading days it is as much a nod to the Chapter’s attitude that they are a weapon of the Imperium, nothing more or nothing less. They must be able to make war where ever they go and these assets enable them to do so. PRESENT ACTIVITIES:[/basicheaderhalf; padding: 12px 8px 12px 8px; border: 1px solid #DDD; margin-left: 0 auto; text-align: left; color: #fff; text-indent:10px; font-size:130%; width:50%;"> The Fall of Cadia was a death knell to the fragile stability the Iron Heralds had managed to achieve in Sub-Sector Megara. The arrival of Hive Fleet Titan to the north of the Sub-Sector, meeting the Chapter's forces already engaged against Traitor forces as part of the Ascarron Crusade, were already stretching the Chapter's resources thin, whilst a new WAAAAAGH was growing in the Bleak. When Cadia fell and the Cicatrix Maledictum burst into reality the Bleak errupted into hellish Warp storms that spilled forth, swallowing Megara and the entire sub-sector. Suddenly the Chapter faced daemons and traitor marines on every world as the servants of the Dark Gods took the opportunity to invade real space. Blood letters of Khorne cavorted in bloody slaughter on the world of Ascarron, slaughtering Imperial defenders and tyranids alike. Lucan Alerro, Master of the Fifth, battled the nauseating servants of Nurgle as they attempted to spread their rot on the agri world of Perditia. A legion of mindless power armored warriors led by sorcerers sword to Tzeentch invaded Milivia Prime, hoping to uncover the secrets of the Scrap Code Malaise. Worse still a Keeper of Secrets, servant of Slaanesh led an invasion onto Megara itself. Chapter Master Seric united what little of his Chapter remained on Megara to face the hellish forces, mostly those wounded in combat as well as elements of the tenth company and a portion of the reserve companies. Seric met the Keeper of Secrets in the Temple of the Waters where he faced the daemon in single combat. It is unknown what happened exactly in the Temple but it is said that the daemon of the Prince of Pleasure tempted the Chapter Master with his deepest desires but the aged commander resisted. Seric emerged from the Temple bloody but victorious, but has since been a changed man. He has become more and more withdrawn since his duel and has taken to spending more and more time in meditation and solitude. Iron Heralds Colour Scheme Victory on Megara was not the end of the conflict, however, and the Chapter battled all across the sub sector, working to safeguard those it was sworn to protect. Eventually the storms receded the Chapter emerged from the nightmarish toil battered and bloody, but not broken. Worse still contact had been lost with Terra and the Astranomicon. Chapter Master Seric didn't rest, however, sending out what little remained of the Chapter to continue to fight as Imperial forces reeled with the losses caused. Then forces of Guilliman's Indomitus Crusade arrived. Whilst the Primarch himself never visited the Chapter they were reinforced with elements of the Primarch's Primaris marines. Forged from untouched and untainted geneseed of the Primarch Ferrus Manus the Primaris marines were free from the Malaise. They were, however, still indoctrinated in the ways of their primogenitors, the Iron Hands. Whilst these new warriors were a relief to the Chapter murmurs of dissent have spread throughout the Chapter. Regardless these new reinforcements were the help the Chapter needed and they have committed ten fold to the wars that threaten their sector. [basicheaderhalf=]BELIEFS: The Iron Heralds beliefs are a combination of the final teachings of Dereo before his fall of Milivia Prime as well as an evolution of the beliefs of the Megaran natives. Dereo taught his chapter to abandon their hatred of the weakness of flesh and instead to focus on the hatred of the weakness of the mind. Instead of replacing their flesh with bionics instead the Chapter spends hours and hours in meditation and prayer, even more so then their brother Chapters. Iron Heralds shall spend hours, and sometimes even days, in silent prayer full vigil, contemplating over the smallest things. The Megaran people believe that the Emperor will one day return to the world and its fallen people will rise again to join him in a new paradise where they will be forgiven for the failings of their past. It was an idea that appealed to the wounded Chapter as offering a system of redemption. As the chapter drew more and more recruits from the world the beliefs of the Megarans began to infiltrate the Chapter. Soon the order of Keeper Chaplains was formed, taking the place of the Megaran Shamans. It is these Keepers that witness the recruits birth into the Chapter, baptizing them in the First Waters. And it is the Keepers that, upon a warriors death, return them to the same waters where their body is anointed, cleansing him of his failures and sins should he be worthy, before being laid to rest in the vast catacombs beneath the Temple of the Waters. It is this ritual which is said to return the warriors soul to the planet to wait for the Emperor's return to join him in Paradise. It is this belief in redemption through service that has made the Iron Heralds into the implaccable foe they are today. Despite having since settled on Megara the Iron Heralds still maintain the a strong fleet presence and, combat wise, have little ties to their homeworld or its people. The first warning foes often have of the arrival of the Iron Heralds is as their ships arrive in system. Sending no messages, offering no surrender or quarter they smash through whatever space borne assets the enemy have before striking as true angels of death, raining down in drop pods or, where circumstances prevent otherwise, arriving by thunderhawk or storm raven. They form a relentless aggressor. Known to keep pushing until either they or the enemy is destroyed they have been known to completely ignore fellow Imperial Commanders and it is believed that, for many, they simply do not accept defeat as an option. Despite having moved much from their Iron Hand primogenitors they have maintained both the merciless attitude to their enemies as well as their affinity with machines. To face an Iron Heralds force is to face an implacable, merciless and relentless foe, who expects no quarter and will offer none in return. [basicheaderhalf=]ROLL OF HONOUR: Incarnation of Despair - M39 It was in the closing days of the 39th Millennium that the Space Hulk, classified as the Incarnation of Despair, was vomited forth from the Warp above the Imperial Hive World of Oru Secondus. Imperial prognostication had the vessels flight path bringing it crashing down upon the densely populated world in an event that would have seen the important world plunged into a dust induced long night that would cause the loss of all life on the planet. With Imperial Navy assets commited elsewhere at the time the planetary governor of Oru petitioned the Iron Heralds for aid. Sending a strike cruiser with some of the Chapter's elite First Company armed with Tactical Dreadnought Armour and led by Chief Librarian Provatus Evette the Iron Heralds answered the call. Knowing that their only was to stop the vessel would be to destroy it from within Provatus led a series of boarding actions into the Space Hulk, only to find it densely populated with the Xeno biomorph known as Genestealers. As the scope of the vessels infestation became apparent Provatus realised that if he detonated the ship so close to Oru then parts of the hulk would still land on the planet and potentially carry the genestealers with them. Deciding on a last, desperate course of action he activated the Warp Drives board the ship, plunging it and his marines into the Warp with the hope of detonating the ship where-ever they arrived. Whether he ever arrived or not is unsure as contact was lost shortly after he entered the Warp and neither he nor the Incarnation have been seen since. What is certain, however, is that the Keepers insist that Provatus is alive somewhere still and so the Chapter waits in hope for his return one day. The Lament of Hercellium - M41 When the Iron Heralds were petitioned by the High Lords to assist Imperial forces in the space surrounding Hercellium against Eldar raids the Chapter answered with gusto. A detachment of a full three companies under the command of Chapter Master Thomut himself arrived in the system in a show of force. It was Thomut's hope that the enigmatic eldar, upon realising the massive force against them, would simply melt away as was their custom. He had no such luck however and a series of stinging attacks and ambushes by the eldar left the Iron Heralds forces reeling. Seeming to strike from a hundred places at once the eldar strikes were bleeding the Herald forces dry with the marines scoring little back against their Xeno foe. Thomut's chance seemed to come when he recieved reports of what appeared to be an eldar base on the world of Hercellium itself. Realising that sending his entire force would alert the Eldar to his plan he Thomut led an elite force at the Eldar base. Leaving the remaining forces under the command of the young Captain of the Third Company, Seric Dasarro, Thomut led his forces from the front. Little did he know it was cunning ambush to lure him in. Finding himself suddenly cut off and overwhelmed Thomut and those with him were killed to a man. With command of the forces now under Seric it was here that the young captain aptly demonstrated the tactical instinct that would become his reputation later in life. Taking a more intentionally reactive strategy then Thomut he used tactics similar to those the xenos employed against his own forces. Eldar strikes would suddenly find themselves over reaching their strike as Iron Herald forces simply melted away. It was a delaying tactic, for the most part, leading the Eldar force further and further forward. Seric had a plan, however. Using his famous insight and the data available to him Seric was able to predict the location of the Eldar Craftworld. He then drew his entire force together and struck a hammer blow at the raiders Craftworld. Drop pods rained upon the Wraithbone ship whilst Thunderhawks made devastating bombing runs. Seric himself led the ground forces, making a point to destroy everything in their path. Delicate spires were toppled and monuments destroyed. Despite their success, however, an assault on a craftworld was no small thing and the Heralds losses began to grow. It was a calculated move and, after causing massive destruction the Iron Heralds forces stopped their assault. Seric called for a meeting with the Eldars leader. It is unknown what was said during that council but at its conclusion the Iron Heralds withdrew and the eldar disappeared from the sector. A truce had been struck, as great cost to both forces. Upon returning to the Chapter Seric was unanimously voted to take the place as Chapter Master. The Harrowing of Mosicum - M41 When the worlds of Sub-Sector Mosicum declared themselves as succeeding from the Imperium a crusade was declared by Imperial High Command. Led by Inquisitor Lord Harlom Halt of the Ordo Hereticus the Imperial Crusade arrived at the fringes of Sub-Sector Mosicum to find that the renegade planetary governors had allied themselves with the forces of Chaos. Chaos cultists roamed the planets offering bloody sacrifices to their dark gods whilst elements of the traitor legions and other disparate renegade astartes ruled over the worlds. Realising he would need greater forces then what he had at his command he petioned for the aid of several nearby Chapters of the Astartes. One Chapter to answer his call was the Iron Heralds, sending the Second Company along with supporting elements from the rest of the Chapter. Pushing from world to world the Imperium forces were relentless and merciless. By the end of the campaign a full three quarters of the sub-sectors population had been put to the sword and the traitors had all been cast down. Those that remained were put back to work in the sub-sectors factories and mines whilst loyal forces were brought in to rule over the worlds. Many deemed the brutal culling too be going to far, particularly when in some occasions the planet had surrendered at the Chapter's arrival having heard of the fate of their neighbours. The fact that Sub Sector Mosicum remains a highly loyal and productive region of Imperial space since perhaps says otherwise. The Black WAAAAGH!!!! - M41 Sub Sector Megara, home of the Iron Heralds, is bordered on one side by a vast stretch of unchartable and unconquerable space known simply as The Bleak. It is home to all manner of Xeno forces. The most numerous and troublesome of these is the orkoid kine. Typically a disorganised and chaotic species the orks of the Bleak are regarded as typically a minor threat to Imperial interests in the area. It wasn't until the early days of M41 that the orks of the Bleak began to build towards a critical mass. As Warp storms through the Bleak subsided Ork tribes from various worlds that, until recently, had no contact with each other began to make war and, as the species is wont to do, grew from the conflict. As the threat the growing ork presence became apparent the Iron Heralds began to prepare an invasion force, hoping to cull the orks before they reached Waaagh!!!! numbers. The Iron Heralds entered the Bleak and began a systematic extermination of the orks. Little did they realise this preemptive strike would be the match that started the inferno that would consume much of Sub-Sector Megara. When the Ork warboss known as Drizog Blacktoof met the Iron Herald forces with his warband his brutal savagery caught the Heralds off guard and Blacktoof was able to crush the Iron Herald forces. Using this as proof to the other orks he bullied them into joining behind him and leading an invasion against the Imperium. Inspired by his success or bludgeoned into submission Drizog led a massive WAAAAGH!!!! into Sub Sector Megara. Despite the skill and might of the Chapter the Iron Heralds found themselves being pushed further and further back towards their homeworld of Megara. Even the legendary insights of Chapter Master Seric seemed unable to stem the tide. As world after world fell to Drizog's forces the Iron Heralds braced themselves for the inevitable invasion of their homeworld. It would be the timely arrival of reinforcements from both the Forge World of Milivia as well as a detachment from the Knight House Ysuelt that would halt the invasion. As legions of skitarii, platoons of guardsmen and squads of marines fought in the shadows of Titans duelling ork gargants Chapter Master Seric Dasarro met the ork Warboss Drizog in single combat. Despite all his years and skill Seric found himself on the back foot. Wounded and his strength fast fading it seemed Seric would fall but, by chance, he managed to fell the warboss with a shot from his combi melta. As the warboss' flesh melted away literally his great Waaagh!!!! did the same. Suddenly leaderless and pushed hard by the Imperial forces they began to fight amongst themselves over whom would lead. The arrival of those Iron Heralds deployed elsewhere came at a critical time and the ork forces were broken. It would take many years to fully purge the orks from the sub sector and longer still for the following strikes into the Bleak to eradicate as much of the orks as possible but the worlds that had suffered under the orks still bear the scars to this day. The Iron Heralds are, for the most part, compliant with the Codex Astartes as proscribed by Guilliman at the end of the Heresy. Although they are forged from the more divergent Iron Hands they have moved closer to the tome as laid down by the Ultramarines Primarch. The role of Iron Father has been divided into both separate roles of Chaplain and Techmarine. This has as much to do with the Chapters lack of obsession over the weakness of flesh as it does the need to have Techmarines fully devoted to their craft, due to the after effects of the Scrap Code Malaise which still haunts the Chapter to this day. The Primaris: A Brotherhood Apart The arrival of the Primaris wasn't an entirely welcome one. Separated from their Firstborn brothers by beliefs, lack of effect of the Malaise, as well as not being from Megara itself they struggled to fit in alongside their veteran brothers. Even Chapter Master Seric viewed them with dislike, stating they were "the wrong solution to the right problem" meaning they were addressing the weakness of the flesh when chaos won due to a weakness of the mind. As it stands they are an organisation apart, whilst part of the chapter they are organised into different companies and maintaining their own fortress monastary, the Sanctum Primaris, upon one of Megara's moons. On top of this separation of the role of Chaplain the Iron Heralds maintain an entirely different organisation of Chaplains. Whilst the regular Chaplains function much as they do in any other Codex Chapter, serving alongside the battle companies as both a spiritual guide for the brothers under his guidance, as well as advisor and warrior on the field of war. The other organisation of Chaplains, known as Keeper Chaplains, tend to both the recruitment and eventual death and interment of the Chapters warriors. The role of Keeper Chaplain is a hold over from the belief of the Megaran people, one of the few influences the population has had on the Chapter. It is the duty of the Keeper Chaplains to help raise a mortal into the ranks of the Chapter alongside the Apothecarium. Then, when a Brother falls, it is the Keeper’s who ensure his body returns to Megara where, after his gene-seed is extracted, it is annointed and laid to rest in the catacombs so that his essence returns to the planet.. [basicheaderhalf=]RECRUITMENT: For the most part the Iron Heralds draw their recruits from the feral tribal warriors of Megara, making the most of the populaces hardy nature and ferocity in battle. Although some recruits are drawn from elsewhere, often from worlds where the Heralds have fought, these recruits are often looked down upon by their Megaran counterparts. Regardless of where they are from all recruits start their journey to the join the Chapter on the Chapter’s homeworld. Starting out from one of Megara’s villages they must journey through the death worlds deadly forests to the heart of the Chapter, the Spire. Many of these recruits never survive the journey, falling prey to either the predators of the forests, the deadly plants or even each other as groups from rival villages have been known to fight to the death on the journey. Upon arriving at Spire they will be met at the gates by the Master of Recruits whom shall tell them the Spire is only open to those whom have passed through the flame and been judged worth. It is here in the ruins fo the ancient hive, in the shadow of the Spire, shall the recruits be trained. As they progress they will be given the various implants that raise them from the a mere mortal to that of an astartes. When they are finally judged ready they are sent on one their final tests known as the Iron Pilgrimage. They will be sent back into the world’s jungles, given only the location of a place known as the Eternal Fire. They will journey alone to the holy site, watched over secretly by the Keepers. As they draw close they enter another set of ruins, this time one bereft of any trace of the Chapter or Imperium. As the recruit makes this final approach the lesson of the ruins is a simple one. Without the Imperium, humanity falls, without the Chapter, the brother will fall. At last the recruit will come to a central plaza where the Temple of the Waters sits. In a secret ritual the recruit is baptised in the waters, representing him being washed of the failings of him as a mortal and his rebirth as a marine. From that moment on his is an Iron Herald. There is one last ritual that a brother takes before becoming a fully fledged marine. Once he is judged ready to join his brothers and be granted his Black Carapace and his Power Armour he is taken back to the First Waters to face a rite known as the Final Harrowing. Watched over by the leaders of the Chapter the brothers mind is laid bare by the Chief Librarian. The darkest recesses of the brothers mind are plunged and he is forced to face his darkest fears and the horrors hidden in his mind. Many brother’s are broken or driven insane by this final test. Worst still some will turn on those whom have showed them such horrors. Most, however, are hardened by this rite able to face all the darkness and evil that the galaxy has to offer without flinching. Redemption through iron and blood! Alternatively: Iron and blood (usually used as a greeting or benediction [basicheaderhalf=]GENE-SEED: The Iron Heralds are forged from the gene-seed of Ferrus Mannus and like their Iron Hand forefathers is relatively free of mutation and degeneration. Like their primogenitor they display a propensity for obsessive behaviour towards eliminating perceived weaknesses. Unlike their parent legion this has been turned from a hatred of the weakness of the flesh and more towards the weakness of mind. [basicheaderhalf=]CHAMPIONS OF THE CHAPTER: Chapter Master Seric Dasarro Lord of Megara, The Iron Lord, The Eternal Currently holding the title of longest serving Chapter Master as well as one of the oldest members of the Iron Heralds Chapter Master Seric Dasarro has led his Chapter for the greatest part of his long life span. Gaining the notice of his superiors early in his career Seric proved himself a capable commander as well as a formidable warrior. He was elected unopposed for his first captaincy, that of the Third Company, and led its warriors with distinction. It was only a matter of time before his rose to command of the First and then, when his predecessor was slain by the Eldar in an ambush, there was little opposition to his taking up the mantle of Master of the Chapter. Known for a near uncanny ability to predict the enemies movements, sometimes even before the enemy themselves realise it has won countless victories for his Chapter across the length and breadth of the Imperium. It is this almost supernatural foresight that has brought the attention of many of the more suspicious members of the Imperium and Seric has been examined thoroughly on three separate occasions for any taint of Warp based abilities. Once by his Chapter’s own Librarium and twice by the shadowy arm of the Inquisition. All three turned up no trace of psyker abilities what so ever and his abilities have just been passed off as a fortunate abnormality. Seric goes to war most commonly clad in an ancient suit of Cataphractii Terminator Armour, a relic of the Heresy once worn by the Chapter first Master, Dereo. He wields an ancient power fist and carries the combi melta known simply as Hearthfire, a gift from the Star Leopards following a joint action. (Acting) Chief Librarian Jorn Agrethan Lord of Mysteries The title of Chief Librarian is actually currently held by Provatus Evette. Provatus, however, disappeared along with the forces he was fighting alongside into the Warp aboard the Space Hulk the Incarnation of Despair. Despite the millennium since the vessel and with it Provatus disappeared the Keepers have declared that Provatus and those with him still live, as they have not seen his death in their flames. Because of this Provatus still officially holds the title of Chief Librarian but it was decided in his absence another needed to fill his role. Thus the Acting affixed to the title of Jorn and those whom filled the position before him. Jorn is a reserved and often cryptic member of the Chapter's council, tending to speak only when he deems it necessary. He takes a similar attitude with the Librarians under his charge. Seeming to rather they work on their own accord and stepping in only when it would be foolish to not do. When he does offer advice it is often in cryptic riddles, leaving those to whom he imparts his wisdom wondering if they were better of before or after the lead Librarian speaks. Chief Apothecary Nuuro Fenn If one was too say Chief Apothecary Nuuro Fenn was dedicated to his craft they would be making a dramatic understatement. Nuuro is highly protective of his charge, that of ensuring the continued preservation and implantation of the Chapter's geneseed. Such is his dedication to his charge that he has been known to regularly take to the field of battle, unlike many of his contemporaries. Clad in Terminator Armour and wielding both Narcelethium and an ancient thunder hammer he is known to be a veritable immovable object on the field of battle when it comes to protecting the gene-stock of his Chapter. His dedication to his craft continues off the field and when not engaged in battle he is obsessing over both the purity of his chapters stock as well as the treatment of his wounded brothers. Master of Sanctity Taron Baere Master of Hate From early in his career Taron proved a capable warrior and inspired leader. A master of hand to hand combat he was just as highly regarded for his ability to inspire those around him. It was this dedication and skill that fast saw him rise to a position of leadership and he became one of the youngest ever members of the Chapter to be raised to Captaincy. It is believed that Chapter Master Seric had even earmarked the young warrior for further advancement. Taron was granted one of the Chapter's most treasured relics, The Blade Eternum. A pre-heresy relic wielded by one of Dereo's companions at the founding of the Chapter the Blade Eternum was only to be wielded by those of outstanding ability and whom had sworn the most sacred oaths to unsure the blades safety. Rising from Captaincy of the Eighth Company to command of the Fourth Taron wielded the blade with brutal efficiency. It was the world of Veconna VI that prove Taron's downfall. Fighting against elements of the Traitor forces that had fled to the Eye Taron led his Company on a savage thrust, smashing aside the traitor forces. Thinking his enemy weak and allowing himself to be overcome with pride he pushed relentlessly forward, only to realise he had been drawn into a trap. As his forces pushed into an ancient temple on the planets surface the trap was sprung as thousands of Warp Rifts opened across the planets surface and Warp entities of all manner poured out. His forces drawn out and isolated, as well as hopelessly outnumbered, the Iron Heralds were cut down almost to a man. Taron himself fell in one on one combat against a Keeper of Secrets but not before the greater daemon deliberately broke the Blade Eternum in front of the striken Captain. It was only the arrival of more Iron Heralds as well as a detatchment of the mysterious Grey Knights Chapter that meant any of the Fourth Company survived at all. Taken back to the Chapters apothecarium Taron's wounds were treated with all the care deserved of one of his rank. His body soon healed but his mind not so much. Gone was the charismatic and noble Captain and in his place was a dark, brooding man prone to bouts of rage and anger. Taron refused to return to command in the Chapter, stating that he had no right following Veconna. Released from the Apothecarium but with no place to go he became a dark shadow, stalking the halls of the Desolate Spire. It was here that the Master of Sancity Desimund found him. Recognising that the wound to Taron's soul could be shaped rather then healed he took the young marine under his wing. Under Desimund's tutelage Taron soon learned how to shape his grief and rage into a weapon for the use of his Chapter. Hate was the one emotion the Iron Heralds allowed themselves if it was kindled properly and under Desimund Taron's anger became a smouldering ember that could, when needed, be turned into a raging inferno. It wasn't long before Taron donned the black of the Chaplaincy and fast became one of the more respected members of the Chapters Reclusium. When Master of Sanctity Desimund was slain during the Battle for Transcendence his mantle was passed onto a reluctant Taron. Desimund's final gift, passed to Taron after his death, was the remains of the Blade Eternum reforged into a new Crozius to be wieled by Taron in his new command and then any whom bare the title after him. Keeper of the Temple of the Waters Megara When a marine takes up the mantle of Keeper of the Flame they set aside their old name and take up the title Megara. Regarded as one with the Chapter's homeworld the Keeper tends to the rites over the First Waters as oversees the final Harrowing of all new recruits. The Keepers are regarded as an enigmatic and distant group, perhaps even more so then the Chapter's Techmarines. The Keeper of the Temple of the Waters is regarded as the strangest and most distant by far. Indeed many doubt if he even remains truly sane, prone as he is to long silences and random mutterings. Despite this he remains a member of the Chapter's Inner Council and Chapter Master Seric is said to highly regard the Keepers advice. At least, that is, when he understands it. Despite this the Keeper of the Flame and his Chaplains are regarded as a vital part of the Chapter still and as such most overlook their eccentricities. Master of the Forge Austilian Ferrum The Scrap Code Malaise still lurks hidden in the machine spirits of the Iron Heralds warmachines and, like all those whom held the title before him, Master of the Forge Austilian has dedicated his life and work to purging it. Between his duties tending to the Chapters armoury or organising those beneath him to do the same, Austilian spends large amounts of his time of the Forge World of Milivia Prime that suffers from the same fate. It is this seemingly neglect of his duties that has led many to question the true reason for his obsession with the Malaise Captain Dosje Ludovic Captain of the 1st Company, Regent of Megara A warrior without equal within the Chapter and a cunning strategist as well many regard Dosje as the obvious choice to succeed Seric as Chapter Master and it is said Seric agrees as the two have spent many hours in private conversation regarding the future of the Chapter. Dosje takes great time with his charges within the First, pushing to achieve the greatest results from them. His exacting standards and no nonense approach has meant he has ruffled a few feathers, particularly from those outside the Chapter besides which he has fought but he still remains a stalwart example of what it is to be a Iron Herald. Captain Lucan Alerro Captain of the Fifth Company, Master of Marches TBA SIDEBARS The Alliance with Rogue Trader Dynasty Why Their Heraldry - Blood Red for blood lost for redemption Nearby Forge World/Older Armour Marks The Scrap Code Malaise
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