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  1. From the album: Dawn Blades

    poor painting skills aside, this is a decent representation of the symbol: red sun with a pair of crossed blades on a field of white.
  2. From the album: Thunder Coyotes

    Scheme and insignia for the Thunder Coyotes--icon isn't the best but it'll do for now.
  3. From the album: Primaris chapters

    New symbol for my Ashen Blades chapter
  4. The Omega Cohort Date:.......... 022.45M42 Ref:................LBC//DAI By:.................Daimyo-Phaeron Lenoch Re:.................Adeptus Astartes - Omega Cohort Thought:............From the Shadows we Strike The Omega Cohort is a Sentinel Founding Chapter, founded to stand watch against the enemies of the Imperium in Segmentum Tempestus. They are a successor of the Raven Guard, and unfortunately seem to have inherited the chapter's poor luck with genetics. Details are, as customary, in the full report. Origins of the Omega Cohort Founded in late M37, the Omega Cohort was part of the Sentinel Founding, established to shore up the defenses of Segmentum Tempestus against the orks that had plagued the sector in the previous centuries. The first marines of the chapter (and what would eventually become its command cadre) arrived in-system with a massive Imperial force, and descended on the planet with a vengeance. Massive Imperial guard forces were supported by Omega Cohort scouting and sabotage elements, as is tradition for Raven Guard successors. Many Omega Cohort squads found human rebellious elements living in slums undiscovered by orks, and armed, trained, and incorporated these rebels into their plans. After six months, the vast majority of orks were destroyed, their warboss killed, and nearly all orkish infrastructure--inasmuch as they can have infrastructure--was destroyed. Feral orks remained, but they were few and far between enough to not be a bother. Imperial construction crews descended upon an abandoned hive in an overgrown forest, where the chapter established its fortress monastery. Over time, as the mutation in the Black Carapace became apparent, the chapter burrowed deeper underground to get away from noise and clamor of the surface. Geneseed Author Daimyo-Phaeron Lenoch is the commanding officer (Daimyo, by chapter tradition) of the Dawn Blades Second Company, and renowned across the chapter for successfully penetrating the Necron tomb world of Seranon to retrieve several Adeptus Mechanicus Magi, at great cost to his company and in spite of the burning enmity between the chapter and the Adeptus Mechanicus. He also succeeded in stealing several pieces of Necron technology for study and analysis by chapter Techmarines and Legio scientists. The moniker 'Phaeron' was added to his title after this feat, in mocking of the Necrons he had defeated--he was their Phaeron, their master. A capable swordsman and a skilled tactician, he fought for four decades in the Dawn Blades Samurai Company before ascending to the rank of Daimyo following the death of the Second Company's previous commander. He visits the Legio Fortress on occasion, though how he is capable is currently unknown by the Legio, as his Strike Cruiser was last noted on the far side of the Noctis Aeterna. The Omega Cohort suffers from two genetic mutations, either one of which on its own would be debilitating, but which combined are nearly catastrophic, made worse by the fact that if a marine has one, he has both--they are linked to the same organ--the Black Carapace. The first of these is a very poor acceptance rate for the Black Carapace, which has resulted in the chapter having a low number of true, full-blooded marines (known within the chapter as Silent-Speakers for reasons which will soon become apparent) and a very large number of what any other chapter would consider aspirants, but are for all intents and purposes Marines, with the lone exception of they lack the Black Carapace (who are known as Whisperers). The second mutation--synesthesia-- is linked to the nervous system, and only manifests in those recruits who have lived through the acceptance of the Black Carapace. It appears as a light in the marine's vision whenever he hears any noise. Minor noises, such as a heartbeat or breathing, create flashes on the edge of his vision. Louder noises, like voices, are reported as creating spots of light, as if the marine had looked at the sun for too long, or stared into a flashbulb. Very loud noises, including gunfire and vox-speakers, flood the Silent-Speaker's vision with light, which while it does not damage his eyes does blind him. While inconvenient, annoying, and occasionally debilitating, it does not damage their eyes. As such, unless a marine was so fortunate as to avoid the mutation (and few in the chapter are, with an incidence rate of greater than 95 percent) the Silent-Speakers communicate with each other and the Whisperers by Astartes battle-sign, helm text communication, and written word. This has led to a tradition of vows of silence upon successful implantation of the Black Carapace, regardless if the Silent-Speaker is afflicted or not. This vow is only excepted for the Chapter Master, Chaplains, and the recruit training cadre, and the Chapter Master has the option to not break his vow (though the current Chapter Master, Nykodai Tigumedes, has chosen to do so as he is not afflicted). Organization In total, the chapter operates approximately 7 companies--1st through 6th, and 10th. The chapter's veteran company (who denote themselves with white vambraces to honor their parent chapter) is made up of roughly 80 percent Silent-Speaker marines, simply because marines who go to battle in armor tend to live longer. The rest of the company is a unit dubbed Umbra Recon, a large squad of Whisperers who have achieved the ultimate capabilities of stealth in the chapter. They are the eyes the Chapter Master depends upon in order to execute high-danger reconnaissance, eliminate critical targets, and generally see but be unseen. No one save the Chapter Master and Umbra Recon themselves know where they are at any given time, even when at the monastery--such is their skill that no one else in the chapter can find them, unless they want to be found. The second company is also made up of almost entirely Silent-Speakers, with the exception of two attached recon squads from 6th company and the Whisperer assigned as the captain's Lieutenant. It numbers about 100 marines, counting the attached squads of 6th company. Third, Fourth, and Fifth are battleline companies mainly composed of Whisperers, though specialists like Librarians, chaplains, and some of the captains are Silent-Speakers, with Whisperer assistants. Sixth Company is not a true company in that it never operates as a single unit except in times of the entire chapter deploying together. Instead, it operates much like a typical reserve company, attaching squads to the other companies to provide reconnaissance and sabotage support. It has a captain but no other officers, and depends on the company it supports for medical, spiritual, and psychic support. The Recruit Company functions exactly as normal as it would in any other chapter, save that it only has one full-blooded marine in it, the Senior Instructor Sergeant, who never deploys except on training operations. Homeworld The Omega Cohort, once they were founded, overtook the recovering hive world of Septim Regin, which had been ravaged by orks, and renamed it the Omega Colony. They settled on the world and began holding recruitment trials almost immediately, recruiting from the Imperial insurgent forces that had resisted the ork invasion and occupation for nearly a century before the chapter was established. For a hive world, the planet is--or at least was--remarkably temperate due to a century of no industrial output, and abandoned hives sprawl for miles, often close to the edges of not-yet-exploited and feral-ork-infested-forests. Recruits spend a month in the wilderness surrounding the fortress monastery to reach it, where they are taken in and tested for compatibility with the geneseed, and then again for compatibility sans Black Carapace, to determine whether there is any value in training the recruit. Those who are not compatible with any organs are conscripted as chapter serfs, as is Astartes tradition. Orbital defenses consist of several platforms manned by these serfs, as well as the Omega Shield Platform which orbits directly above the fortress monastery, armed to the teeth with hundreds of point defense batteries and missile silos to intercept enemy ships and projectiles. It is also equipped with a powerful void shield generator, shadowing the fortress monastery with layers of shielding as well as its numerous weapons (It also functions as their orbital resupply dock. I chose not to point out the inherent weakness in putting so many valuable eggs in one basket, if only because I knew I would be ignored. Even a Tyranid invasion hadn't been enough to shift the platform from its position, though many of the smaller platforms fell victim to the swarms. What would a 10th legion successor's opinion matter in the face of such evidence?). The world itself produces copious amounts of wargear for the chapter, including parts for both power armor and carapace armor, weapons, munitions, rations, and the countless other war-materials any Space Marine chapter needs to wage war. More complex systems like tanks, aircraft, and specialist armors are produced by a nearby forge-moon, which owes its current survival to the chapter after it was nearly invaded by orks from the then-infested planet of Septim Regin as well as defending it against Tyranid invasions. Combat Doctrine The Omega Cohort operates as many Raven Guard successors do, with large stealth operations supported by veteran Astartes. The only major difference is that these operations tend to be more carefully planned than normal, as more lightly-armored troops require that the enemy be eliminated in order to prevent mass casualties. They are not always successful, which gives rise to the chapter's high attrition rate for Whisperers, but on the whole it is an effective stratagem. When protracted battles, such as sieges, are expected, the chapter tends to employ long-range weapons to whittle away at the enemy, be they attacking or defending. It should be noted that the Omega Cohort's Silent-Speakers, while they don't appreciate being in voidships overmuch due to all of the sounds that a ship generates at all hours of the cycle, do appreciate the quietness of space, and if given the chance will leap for the opportunity to take a boarding fight to the hull of a ship to be in the silence of the void. 1st company especially, with access to both Terminator and Centurion armor, takes advantage of this every chance they get (occasionally even disregarding the optimal solution for a moment of true, blessed silence).Those Omega Troopers who do not have the Black Carapace, and are not currently deployed as scouts, will don full-body carapace armor to provide themselves better protection against enemy fire. The armor is provided by a trusted manufactorum on the Omega Colony, which has commensurate resources allocated to it to account for its increased importance. Interaction with the Legio The Omega Cohort currently does not have any members attached to the Legio, though I suspect they could be convinced. They would likely attach a Whisperer, given the rarity of a marine who has managed to both survive the implantation of the Black Carapace and be fortunate enough to not be plagued by synesthesia (as of now I believe the current count is two, the chapter master and the main recruit trainer). Now that I hear rumors of Primaris marines reaching the Cohort, however, and reinforcing them with untainted genestock, it is quite possible that a Primaris Omega trooper would be detached to the Legio, possibly accompanied by a Whisperer as tradition dictates (all representatives of the chapter are either Whisperers or Silent-Speakers accompanied by Whisperers as a translator). In either case, it my hope that they join the ranks of the Legio, if nothing else to learn how to properly interact with other Imperial institutions. Notable Personnel Chapter Master Nykodai Tigumedes: lord of the Omega Cohort and Imperial Governor of the Omega Colony, Nykodai Tigumedes is a grizzled campaigner and veteran of three centuries of war against the enemies of Man. Direct ruler of the chapter planet, he is more often than not found in the planetary capital, where the chapter maintains an office for administrative duties. However, when needs demand it, he leaves the care of the planet in the hands of his Whisperer and strides to war in a hybrid of Terminator and Centurion armor, armed with twin Assault Cannons and a rack of missiles. (Having seen this used to great effect against a rather large feral ork tribe, I can personally attest that this is one of the most destructive and fearsome wargear loadouts I have ever seen in the hands of a single Astartes). He is fortunate enough to not have synesthesia, a stroke of fortune that allowed him to live long enough to become the Chapter Master. He does not keep the vow of silence, as he is permitted, but he is noted to be a naturally quiet individual. Senior Instructor Sergeant Alexios Siris: While not a captain, Senior Instructor Sergeant Siris is unquestionably the one in charge in the 10th company. He oversees all recruit training, and is the initial judge of worth whenever a recruit arrives at the fortress monastery. A Silent-Speaker who is not silent, the Senior Instructor Sergeant is one of the loudest, most foulmouthed marines in the chapter, which he uses to great effect for motivating his recruits. Personal Notes and Addenda I have observed that the Omega Cohort has evolved something of a death cult. They have a belief that the God-Emperor of Mankind cursed them for some past misdeed, as the genetic mutations only arose a few centuries after the founding of the chapter (Having scoured their history, I have not found anything that gives me the impression of a great misdeed, as their past is nigh impeccable, but I do not claim to have the breadth of knowledge or wisdom that the Solis-Imperator does). As such, their chaplains preach a belief of death in service, glory to the God-Emperor, and an overall theme that they are worthless except for service. Silent-Speakers willingly subject themselves to what any self-respecting chaplain would call rants without their helmets, allowing for their vision to be flooded with light, in what I am told is an approximation of the God-Emperor's brilliance. Whisperers, and any guests in attendance of their services, have massive floodlights shined upon them to simulate the experience that Silent-Speakers undergo (as I learned to my own chagrin. The light was enough to wash out my augmetic before it could compensate.). With any luck, fresh gene-stock from the Ultima Crusade will rid the chapter of its belief and its curse, but only time will tell. In lieu of personal armor for a Whisperer to affix service studs to, medallions are instead awarded to marines in the chapter. They are permitted to carry two medallions onto the field of battle, whichever they decide hold the most significance for them, whilst the rest remain in the marine's quarters, displayed however the marine sees fit. Every marine, upon completion of recruit training, is issued the God-Emperor's Challenge coin, to represent their acceptance of the God-Emperor's call to serve their fellow man. Any Omega Trooper without his God-Emperor's Challenge coin on his person is ridiculed and mocked for having misplaced what is viewed as the physical manifestation of the God-Emperor's will, and the marine's willingness to stand up and fight. Other medallions may be awarded for various accomplishments throughout a marine's lifetime, and often accompany official Imperial awards like the Marksman's Honor. Chapter Icon: Admin/notes: 10/15/19: Only partially filled out for now, but I'm paranoid that I'll lose my work, so I'll be coming back to this later (maybe even later today, but we'll see). 10/17/19: partially updated to reflect discussion. 10/18/19: partially updated to reflect discussion, and added image 10/22/19: updated the rest of the unfilled sections, added Personal Notes and Addenda and Notable FIgures10/23/19: added color scheme and rearranged doc slightly (many thanks to the good Chapain for fixing my code!)
  5. "For a thousand years we have given ourselves to the Imperium. Our blood has been spent instead of its children, our lives given as a tithe for the innocent. A hundred times our Chapter has faced annihilation but we have survived. And yet now, as the light of the Astronomicon dims we are called upon one last time to give ourselves wholly and completely. So, come brothers, let us die so that these wretched souls may live one more say... Captain Jodus Ammeo (KIA) - Battle of St Pelinards Spire M41 Salvation through sacrifice: IA - Star Leopards Star Leopards Chapter Symbol ORIGINS " They call us cursed. That we are fated to fail. I think they are cursed because their fear of failure means they won't even try" Captain Konor Pell - Battle the Martyr's Plaza M41 There are many whom call the Star Leopards cursed. A statement stemming from their likely founding during the infamous 13th Founding. Like many of the Chapters from that dark founding the Star Leopards have no true record of their creation, rather hints and half truths hidden in Imperial Records on worlds through out the Imperium. Indeed they don't even have a reliable source of information on their primogenitor. Whilst they loosely claim to be children of the Primarch of the Salamanders, Vulkan, there gene samples show genetic markers from both the sons of Nocturne as well as several markers unique to the Imperial Fists. Whilst this lack of their knowledge of their past has haunted many of their brother Chapters to the Star Leopards they put little stock in what their past may have been, instead preferring to focus on their current path and their future. The first record of the Chapter are in the early days of the 36 Millennium as they begun operations in Mercurian's Passage, a narrow treacherous section of space that provided a rich and easy trade route for the Vandimos Dynasty of Rogue Traders whom had petitioned the High Lords for greater security along the vital trade route. The passage, although typically stable, was known to sudden and unpredictable savage warp storms that brought with them all manner of warp born horrors as well as the various detritus of warp born space, such as space hulks containing ork warbands or genestealers. These threats plus the ever present pirate raids meant the frontier region, although profitable, was also high risk. So it was into this crucible the Star Leopards were sent. They would establish a fortress of the frontier world of Argentis, an ocean world split by rugged forested islands home to Imperial colonists and native tribes. The first signs of what would become known as the chapters curse soon begun to show. The Chapter seemed to be dogged with seemingly unwinnable battles. Whilst they were no less able then their brother Chapters they seemed to be plunged into a seemingly constant array of impossible conflicts. First it was the (insert some examples here that show not ineptitude but rather crap situations) Whilst many others would have become disheartened, not the Star Leopards. They continued to throw themselves into whatever fate demanded, their Chapter being brought to the edge of extinction several times but always they came back with dogged determination. Recent History The fall of Cadia and the birth of the Cicatrix Maledictum plunged the entire Imperium into chaos. None escaped the nightmarish hell of the Warp spilling into real space and the Star Leopards were no better off. Argentis itself came under sustained attack from the denizens of the Immaterium. The Chapter dug in and attempted to save their homeworld but it was a battle marred by the Chapters curse. Faced with never ending waves of daemons as well as countless warbands of Chaos even the unexpected aid of the Eldar of Craftworld Yme-Loc could do nothing to stem the tide. As the battle hung in the balance the Farseer Talondir of the Eldar host approached the Chapter Master of the Star Leopards. He had a deal. He had seen the future of the Chapter, its destruction should they continue to fight. But he offered a deal that would save the Chapter. He could, via the webway, sent some of the planets survivors as well as what was left of the Chapter to safety. But in exchange they would need to detonate the Chapter's ammunition store and destroy the homeworld forever. For the world of Argentis was home to a long dormant Web portal but it was one the eldar couldn't allow to fall into Chaos hands. It was an impossible decision but one that had to be made. And as the last of the Star Leopards that were able fled the planet via the Aeldari's magics Chapter Master Kristof stayed behind to detonate the warheads that would reduce Argentis to dust. The Chapter was in ruins. Scattered to the winds, its Chapter Master gone and its homeworld destroyed the Chapter was again on the brink of extinction. This time, however, they lacked a homeworld to draw recruits from. Even the enigmatic Eldar whom had brought them from the ruins of their homeworld disappeared. But the Chapter was determined to survive. The remaining Captains and leaders of the Chapter gathered and formed a plan. The remaining warrior houses would separate, each going different ways, to look for a new homeworld, seek out recruits and to prove the Chapter still a threat to the enemies of the Imperium. They coined this the Redemption Crusade. The arrival of Guilliman and his Primaris only strengthened the Chapter. Still the Redemption Crusade goes on, with reports of the Star Leopards fighting in warzones across the beleaguered Imperium. There arrival is oft a welcome relief for the commanders of humanity know that the Star Leopards will answer the call for aid, no matter the aid. Star Leopard Battle Brother Beliefs Believe that they can only earn redemption and honour through sacrifice Hold the Salamander mindset of protecting even the smallest innocent at their own loss Believe in reincarnation and that a life spent well will reward you in the next life. This comes from the beliefs of the natives of Argentis "It is better to die for the Emperor, then live for yourself" Combat Doctrines Cross between Codex and Black Templars Commonly strike from Thunderhawk and Drop pod, inserting themselves between the enemy and the innocent. Every marine life matters, so spend it well. Must ensure Chapter survives Have both Crusader squads and Tactical. Up to the individual Captain. Organisation Not Codex Compliant. Mix of Codex and Great House/Warrior lodge set up. Chapter decimated so split into smaller crusading groups. Organised around the "9 and 1 Houses" - 9 Company sized groups plus the "Houseless" or scouts. First House was the veterans but were destroyed on Argentis. Now all houses keep their own veterans till they can restore the First House. Scout Company mostly disbanded amoungst the various company forces. Each has their own Master of Recruits following 10th House Captains death on Argentis Gene-seed Unknown source but bears both markings from Salamanders and Fists, but have different organ failures then both Have an Ultramarine Geneseed contingent of Primaris. Gene-seed believed to be cursed, causing the Chapter to face impossible odds. Other Notes Wear "Oath Chains" as oaths of moments rather then purity seals. Particularly important oaths, when sworn, are engraved onto chains that are then hung on a brothers armour till he completes the oath, then he is able to ceremoniously break the chain. Some brothers then have these chains melted down and made into rounds for their bolters, or service studs or other accessories. Some wear tabards and more knightly accouterments, although not to the level of the Templars. Ultramarines still very codex in their organisation. Captains and VIP wear leopard pelts from their homeworld, but these are becoming fewer are further between. http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2014/148/6/f/raylan_caraten___star_leopards_librarian_by_greyall-d7k1uvt.jpg Chief Librarian Alessio Carentan by Greyall
  6. Hi all, Apologies for the delay in getting this up, long story short I wrote a complete IA for an Ultima Founding version of this Chapter but when I was done as happy as I was, I just couldn't bring myself to do a Chapter with no Firstborn Astartes, and so weeks of work were put aside for further weeks of work to get this in for the deadline! C&C always welcome, please excuse any formatting errors, this is my first topic! Index Astartes - The Celestial Knights CHAPTER NAME: ..............THE CELESTIAL KNIGHTS FOUNDING: ..................4th[M.32] CHAPTER WORLD: .............URDU FORTRESS MONASTERY: ........THE CELESTIAL SANCTUM GENE-SEED (PREDECESSOR): ...VII LEGION/IMPERIAL FISTS [<<REDACTED>>] KNOWN DESCENDANTS: .........NONE Origins The Celestial Knights exact age, like so much knowledge in our proud Imperium has been lost to the intractable march of time. Records differ between the institutions of Man. The Adeptus Administratum first recorded mention of the Celestial Knights is during a brief excert with the Apocrypha Piscean as a proud member of the 4th Founding, the largest founding ever undertaken at it’s time, however the Librarium of the Chapter itself contains battle honours dating back to the War of the Beast. The Mechanicus, while reticent on the date of their founding, have been forthcoming on their first recorded battle honour of the Celestial Knights; the Morannan Cleansing of 012.M33. A bloody but brief conflict in which the Celestial Knights reinforced a beleaguered Martian expedition within the Morannan Reaches, beating back the predations of Craftworld Caom-Scéal, ending thousands of Aeldari lives in the process. The grateful Mechanicus bestowed upon the Astartes with the Auric Cog, a prestigious honour for defenders of the Martian Cult and the offer of custodianship of Morannan Prime’s primary moon Udan, which was gratiously accepted. Since those distant days the Celestial Knights have stood vigil over the Morranan Reaches protecting Mechanicum and Imperial fiefs alike A stalwart defence against the outer dark. Much like their primogeniture, The Imperial Fists, the Celestial Knights took to their stewardship with a cold efficiency, building Chapter Keeps upon the key worlds of the Reaches, with defences so expertly designed they could be held for weeks with but a handful of Astartes garrisoning them. While they inherited their primarchs acumen for the raising of great defences, it was in the offensive prosecution of siege the Celestial Knights found there true calling. Across the Imperium the Ultima Segmentum, and beyond, there are records of their famed mass infantry assaults supported by heavy ordanance breaking the fortresses of Xenos and Heretic alike. The Fresco of Serapis, while physically lost, was fortunately extensively recorded via pictograph, was a masterful marble rendition of one such assault, hundreds of Astartes can be seen pushing through the a breach in the enemy Xeno defences, with unmistakeable outlines of Whirlwind and Vindicator tanks can be seen beyond the masses. Unfortunately, the classification of Xenos has been long lost to the ravages of time, long assumed to be due to their utter destruction at the hands of the Celestial Knights, the shape of their broken pyramid and obelisks, seem all to familiar and can still be clearly made out in the surviving pictographs. THE MORANNAN CLEANSING The untouched wilderness worlds of the Morannan Reaches forbade the deployment of heavy armour, forcing The Celestial Knights into a bloody infantry war which culminated in their first mass infantry assault, a form of warfare they are now synonymous with. The Bridal War M36.279 – The Imperium is lost in political turmoil once again, the whispers of civil war between the Administratum and Ecclisiarchy have long since been replaced with the Reign of Blood of the new High Lord of both august offices, Goge Vandire. Over the course of his reign his edicts had become more and more extreme, erratic purges and pogroms were common. Over the years the divides within the Imperium grew greater and greater, with more and more regions being cut off by the drastic increase of warp storms through out Imperial demenses. It was in this climate that the conflicts now remembered within the Celestial Knights as The Bridal War took place; responding to reports of heresy on Coeus VI the 5th Company of the Celestial Knghts, under Captain Gail Gagern arrived in system and made planetfall to a sight both shocking and profoundy disturbing. In direct contradictions to the reports of both the Ecclisarchy and Administratum, Captain Gagern and the 5th found no signs of armed uprising, nor any indication of their turning from the Emperor. Instead they were greeted with garlands and impromptu parades and religious celebrations celebrating the arrival of the proud sons of Dorn. Concerned by the disparity between the apparent reality of the situation and the reports coming from Terra, Captain Gagern felt that discretion was the better part of valour, and elected stay to better ascertain the truth of the situation. Elements of the 10th Company were dispatched to seek out the truth, unseen and unheard by the denizens of Coeus VI whie the 5th returned to the Strike Cruiser Domitus. After a week the investigation still found no sign of treachery, raids on elusive cults within the city of Dumas found nothing but doctrinally acceptable death and redemptory cults. Such revelations did little to explain the order to punitively decimated the population, but a new arrival in the system would bring answers more terrible than Gagern had imagined, and with them a war for that would decide the fate of Coeus VI. A force of Frateris Templars led by a detachment of the Brides of the Emperor, under the fierce Sister Lylith, translated from the tumultuous warp broadcasting but one message repeated into the void, “People of Coeus VI, rejoice for your salvation has come. You have been found guilty of apostacy, we are here to purify your souls with blood and fire.” Shortly there after the new arrivals began to make planetfall, and they brought all that was promised. The Celestial Knights were faced with a dire choice, stand by and let the servants of an increasingly unstable, illigitamate regent impose their will upon a clearly innocent world, or take a stand to defend the mortal of a beleaguered world, at the risk of being declared the traitors they had originally travelled to purge themselves. Despite the repute of their progeny, Dorn’s sons are not the cold men of stone they are often believed to be, their stony countenance hides a fiery passion best shown through their rage, and enraged they were. Captain Gagern decreed that they would not stand idly as true, honest citizens of the Imperium were slaughtered on the whims of a madman, by fanatics and zealots. The 5th made planetfall upon Coeus VI for the second time, this time to act a balwalk between the people of the world and an outer threat rallying the Planetary Defence Force to stand with them in the defence of the populace. Much to their horror no cease of hostility occurred, in fact the servants of Vandire attacked with a renewed vigour and ferocity proclaiming the Celestial Knights traitors and heretics. The war raged for the better part of a Terran year, the Celestial Knights of the 5th had converted the capital city of Dumas into a grand bastion which proved all but impregnable to the Brides and their forces, but they were not the only agents Vandire had dispatched to Coeus VI, the Officio Assassinorum had arrived in secret to aid Lylith, and now they struck at the heart of the resistance. Captain Gagern died at the Strategium, to his eye by his trusted Brother-Sergeant Armus, but truly it was the Callidus Assasin Lenora. In a move of outstanding co-ordination within minutes the Brides and Frateris Templars launched what would be their final push to remove The Celestial Knights foothold on Coeus VI. The fighting on the outer walls was fierce with large swathes rent from heavy bombardment and swarms of Vandire’s zealots filling the breaches and venting their fury on the PDF. The forces of the Celestial Knights would bend no more, and breaking was not in their nature, the time had come for them to sally forth, led by the true Sergeant Armus, still filled with fury, even after killing the interloper Lenora. He had managed to assume command and co-oridnate the defence to meet the assault as well as it had thus far, pulling back the remaining 5th and 10th Company forces at the onset of the assault, it was now time to bring them to bear on the attackers. It was a final bid to break the back of Vandires purge, depleted after over a year of war, there was little hope of success if they could not break their enemy now, before any reenforcements arrived, then Coeus VI would surely be lost. The same was true of Vandire’s forces and both forces met with a fury usually reserved for the enemies of Man. After two days of bitter conflict the siege was finally broken when the entirety of the Celestial Knight Chapter arrived in system, bearing news of Goge Vandire’s death, the Reign of Blood had finally ended. Both sides were ordered to stand down and await further debriefing. In the face of certain annihilation it was thought that Lylith would relent, but fanatasism is not so easily quietened, she continued her assault taking advantage of the Celetstial Knights standing down, The 5th and 10th were caught unaware and almost entirely wiped out before the rest of the Chapter made planetfall and wiped out the attackers. So ended the Bridal Wars, unfortunately for the Imperium of Man the enmity between the Celestial Knights, and the forces of newly reformed Adeptus Sorriritas and Callidus Temple of Officio Assassinorum are still yet to fade to this day. The Great Rift Opens - The Reaches Burn The closing days of the 41st Millenium were some of the darkest the Imperium have ever known, although not present themselves the loss of Cadia was felt in the distant Morannan Reaches. With Cadia’s death came the birth of Cigatrix Maledictum, and with it a night without ending, Noctis Aeterna. The Morannan Reaches, now lying deep within Imperium Nihilus, found itself utterly cut off and alone. With no guiding light from the Astronomican and no astropathic communication The Reaches thought that Terra had fallen and with all hope was lost; anarchy spread through it’s worlds. The Celestial Knights Chapter Keeps became the last bastions of order within the reaches, isolated battle-brothers held out against raging populaces baying for blood in increasingly shocking displays of depravity. The Celestial Knights attempted to muster their dispersed Companies at their Fortress-Monastary on Udun, but far fewer companies answered the summons, if they received them at all, than Chapter Master Harrick Zobel had hoped, but even with only six companies present the Celestial Knights sallied out to reinforce their brothers holding out within their keeps. Then reality tore and everything changed. The turmoil in the Morannan Reaches had grown in intensity, building a preasure within the warp which now spilled out into realspace, and from this tear came the Bringers of Truth, a chapter of the XVII Legion the Word Bearers, seemingly disconnected cults and rebellions across the system suddenly began operating with a co-ordination that belied their true affiliations, now supported by the Neverborn and Heretic Astartes the worlds of the Reach were under sieige, and none more so than Udun. Zobel had remained upon Udun with 7th and the 9th Company to co-ordinate the counter offensive to quell the uprisings across the Reaches, these same reserves were now faced with defending the chapters home, from eight companies of the Bringers of Truth supported by the innumerable hordes of the Neverborn. The conflict that followed, was not not a war it was a massacre. Across the Reaches the Celestial Knights were outnumbered and losing more ground every day, and their list of allies were dwindling. Most disturbing of all Udun had fallen silent. Aid Arrives CHAPTER MASTER VARRICK ADELMANN A storied and honored hero of the Celestial Knights with over six centuries of experience. Varrick Adelmann was considered a legend within the Chapter long before the coming of the second, Long Night. The former First Captain of the Celestial Knights’s rise through the ranks was hardly meteoric, but rather much like his Chapter, through perseverance and determination. He was lifted to the rank of 1st Captain along with the ascension of his close friend, and mentor Chapter Master Harrick Zobel some two centuries before the fall of Cadia. To the surprise of some of his now fellow captains, the former veteran sergeant of the 1st rose to the challenges of command admirably and exhonerated the criticisms of his premature promotion. Well respected within the 1st for over three centuries service as a veteran sergeant the new Captain led the 1st with honour. With the birth of the Cigatrix Maledictum chaos reigned over the Morannan Expanse, Captain Adelmann was overseeing delicate negotiations with the Fabricator-General Xanthis on the forge world Ikenga when reality was torn asunder. Charged by Zobel to hold Ikenga at all costs, Adelmann did his duty, even when Udun fell silent and he was the highest ranking member of the Chapter still in active communication he kept to his duty, co-ordinating the rest of his brothers to fall back and hold what worlds they could. It was only when Shield-Captain Apollion confirmed the fate of Udun, that Adelmann reluctantly took on the role of Chapter Master. Despite the fury in is hearts and the hearts of his brothers, Adelmann was able to curb the fury of the Celestial Knights to regroup and rebuild, deciding it better to dispatch their reinforcements from the Imperium Sanctus, the Primaris Marines purge the worlds taken by the enemy. After nearly 6 years of fighting a brutal campaign of their surivial, the Celestial Knights were on the brink of extinction fewer than 150 battle brothers remained, and much of the Morannan Reaches had fallen under the sway of the Dark Gods of Chaos. Udun had been silent for the entirety of the conflict, and all but one of the Chapter Keeps had succumb to the Word Bearers continued assault. 1st Captain Adelmann had assumed command of the chapter, trying to co-ordinate what forces remained into a coherent defence of the remaining loyal worlds; the forgeworld Ikenga, and the fortress world Agrona. With the support of their Skitarii Legions and Imperial Guard the Celstial Knights had managed to hold out, but Adelmann knew the end was near. It was then that relief came, the Indomitus Crusade had come. Battlegroup Gamma of Indomitus Fleet Senimus translated into the system and struck deep into the system making their way to Udun. Their mission was to offer relief and reinforcement to the Celestial Knights, but when they arrived on Udun there was naught but ruin and ash. The Celestial Knightsvwere gone and their Fortress-Monastry the Celestial Sanctum broken, it was here that they learned of the Last Bastion of Agrona and Ikenga. Finally, after six years and four months alone the Celestial Knights received a much-needed reprieve. Led by Shield-Captain Apollion Nirah of The Emissaries Imperatus, Battle Group Gamma brought the combined forces of the Imperium to bear, better still they were accompanied by two lost companies of Celestial Knights. The joy of the reunion was short lived for Apollion brought new word from Imperium Sanctus, and its regent, the Primarch reborn, Roboute Guilliman. The news of a Primarch returned was a source of joy until Captain Adelmann heard what came with him. The Celestial Knights were to be reinforced by a new breed of Astartes, the Primaris Marines. Such heresy was abhorrent, the cursed 21st founding had been proof, that improving upon the Emperor’s work brought naught but ruin, and Adelmann could not believe he was being commanded an Emmisary of the Throne itself. Threatened with censure and extermination if they refused, Adelmann grudgingly relented. Within the solar month, the Reaches were cleared of the taint of the enemy, though there was no contact with The Bringers of Truth, Battle Group Theta and Epsilon arrived to further support the compliance, the heretical temple worlds they established were crushed and the embattled worlds lost to war were reconquored. With the region secured the Indomitus Fleet moved on leaving the Reaches to the Celestial Knights to fortify and hold until the Imperium could fully reintergrate the Imperium Nihilus. Home World Udun was never a kind land. Situated deep in the Morannan Reaches, a collection of some eight starsystems deep in the Ultima Segmentum. Udun itself, orbits the primary moon to the region’s capital world Morannan Primus. Udun was always a rocky inhospitable land. Never inhabited in its own right, it stood as a planetary scaled monument to the heroes of the Celestial Knights; all across its surface statues, monuments and cemetaries. Over the millennia these became grander in scale until it rivalled a minthe maor cemetery world. With no indigenous population of its own, Udun was inhabited by the denizens of worlds through out the Reaches, while a Space Marine homeworld, the majority of its population are made up by Chapter serfs: Artificers from Ikenga, Historitors from Morannan Primus and Warrior Serfs Agrona to name but a few. Each world within the Reaches offering up serfs that best suited it’s disposition. All of this ended with the burning of the Reaches. With the destruction of Udun, little remains of the once proud edifices of the Celestial Knights, the Celestial Sanctum fell, what little remains of its structure turned to glass by the heat of the orbital bombardment unleashed by the Bringers of Truth’s war vessels. The influx of personnel has stopped, worse still the land itself is haunted by the warp echoes of the fallen; while none can ascertain what happened upon the surface of Udun, in the darkness of Noctis Aeterna it is known that not one Celestial Knight’s body has ever been discovered upon its surface since it’s fall. Recruitment Unlike many chapters of the Adeptus Astartes the Celestial Knights do not limit their recruitment pool to one world, but rather recruit from numerous worlds through out the Reaches, in accordance with the accord struck with Adeptus Mechanicus during the colonization of the Reaches. On a dozen worlds the Celestial Knights established their Chapter Keeps, not only to better hold the Reaches, but to operate as centres of recruitment. Each keep is garrisoned with a skeletal staff led by a member of the Apothecarion and defended by a solitary squad of Astartes. The method of identifying aspirants varies from world to world, on more civilized worlds such as Nidaba III, aspirants often seek the privilege of ascension to an Angel of Death, fighting through the natural and mechanical defences along their pilgrimage to the Chapter Keep. On Morannan Primus potential candidates are taken in the night after careful observation of the conflicts of the underhive. The more primitative cultures like on Cammulus, the best of the clans young warriors battle in the rites of ascension, series of honour duals to the death between the gathered clans in which the victor and candidates granted their lives by the attending “Sky Giants” are taken back to ther Keep. Regardless of the method of identifying aspirants, once within the walls of the Chaoter Keep from that moment onwards all remenants of their former culture is slowly stripped away and supplanted via extensive hypno-indoctrination and pain enduced physical reconditioning. By the end of their training the neophytes have shed their former lives and take new names to better reflect their new, noble heritage. They are reborn as weapons to be wielded in the name of the Imperium, bound by duty and purpose like the knights of old. Combat Doctrine Perseverance through adversity, a simple doctrine which carries through all the Celestial Knights do, and it is reflected in their methods of war more so than anywhere else, while they follow the edicts of the Codex Astartes they do so with a marked preference for mass inaftry deployment, to best test themselves against their foes. Much like their primogeniture, The Celestial Knight’s planning is impeccable, though often it is reliant on their famed stubbornness to see their plans come to fruition. This has on occasion been criticized as an unimaginative method of warfare by those they have fought beside, but such a criticism is unfounded. To the Celestial Knights pain brings with it clarity of purpose and should never be avoided; if a plan has been implemented by field command then it is by its nature a worthy undertaking, pain and death does not lessen its merit, and the Astartes were created to endure the horrors mortal men cannot, so endure they will. That is not to say that the Celestial Knights are unable to adapt to changing circumstances, rather doing so is only to be done if it is the only way to ensure victory. Organisation The Celestial Knights are organized into ten companies, as per the dictates of the Codex Astartes, although they are referred to as Households in the style of the Imperial Fists Legion of old. Each Household’s heraldry is derived from a mix Codex ordained company heraldry and the personal heraldry of its captain. Since the arrival of the Indomitus Crusade there has been a slight deviation from their traditional organization. While as per Imperial decree, the Celestial Knights have welcomed the Primaris Marines into their chapter, all though to say their reception was cold would be an understatement. The initial influx of 400 Primaris Marines were organized into separate Households, the 3rd, 4th, 6th and 8th; the Households mainly operate as a supporting force within the Celestial Knights, many have claimed this is a sign of the Chapters acceptance being in name only, and that the spirit of the order was missed entirely, other observers whisper that this is a sign that the Celestial Knights recognize the heresy of these new creations and wish to maintain a distance from these new aberations. The truth of these claims is unknown. Chapter Fleet THE NOUADHIBOU DRIFT A vast interstellar graveyard of ancient Imperial vessels found on the boundary between the Ultima and Obscura Segmentums. Curiously all of the wrecks and scuttled vessels date to the later part M30. It is speculated to be the site of a large catastrophic naval engagement with an unknown Xeno force. Due to numerous failed attempts to salvage vessels from the site by the Adeptus Mechanicus due to malicious scrapcode, it is considered haunted by the many of the surrounding cultures. This has not stopped numerous criminal elements from attempting the illegal salvage of the site. The Fleet is led by the mighty Manifest Destiny, a battlebarge of ancient design, which is said to have been recovered from a region of space known as the Nouadhibou Drift. It’s 8KM long superstructure has been dated to the late 30th Millenium, filled with resplendent artwork depicting the divinity of Man. Capable of supporting multiple chapters of astartes, and attending mortal forces, it has been postulated it was once the flagship of one of the Emperors mighty expeditionary fleets before it’s scuttling in unknown circumstances. The rest of the fleet was made up of a roughly standard Codex complement, that was until dawn of the 42nd Millenium, shortly after the departure of the Indomitus Crusade. Finding themselves once again cut off from the rest of the Imperium and besieged on all fronts the Celestial Knights endured for many years, finding themselves the centre stone holding up the defences of the region. To better co-ordinate the defence of the Reaches they took the bold step to commandeer the surviving local Imperial Navy assets and incorporated them into their fleet. Vastly expanding their naval capacity beyond the tenents of the Codex Astartes, such an action would normally have been denounced as Heresy but during such dire times such an action was deemed acceptable when communicated back to Imperium Sanctus. Beliefs Like many of the Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes the Celestial Knights do not believe the Emperor to be a God, but rather the embodiment of fully realized human potential, which is the closest to divinity anything can come. Such views have, on numerous occasions, resulted in conflict with the Ecclisiarchy. A relationship already strained since the Bridal War has only grown more hostile with each passing century. The Ecclisiarchy aware of the Celestial Knights beliefs posit that such a view would result in an increase in sedition on countless worlds should such a view be allowed to spread; if Man as a whole is divine then humans of all station are worthy of respect, such a view could only lead to strife. Such an interpretation is wholy incorrect, for the Celestial Knights merely believe the Human form itself is the closest to divinity within the universe, a rebuttal on the validity of all religion. Their interactions with baseline humans are far from that put forward by the afore mentioned elements of the Ecclisarchy, the Celestial Knights see themselves as living weapons, wraught to serve the Imperium, it’s citizens, and all Adeptus are seen in a similar vein. If one is not fulfilling its function it is better for it to be removed and replaced than upset the function of the whole. Such a view has often put the Celestial Knights in opposition to many other Imperial agencies, and the sacrifice of numerous civilians when found wanting. Chapter Motto The Celestial Knights often quote passages from the texts of their forebears, books such as The Verses of Sigismund and the Book of Five Spheres. One such example often recited before the meeting of battle is in actual fact a derivation of a passage within The Verses of Sigismund [book CIV, Verse I] found below: “We carry the Emperor's will as our torch, with it we destroy the shadows.”
  7. Index Astartes (poor painting skills aside, this is a decent representation of the symbol: red sun with a pair of crossed blades on a field of white.) The Dawn Blades Space Marines Chapter Origins Established as part of the 18th Founding, the Dawn Blades were created as a response to a massive ork Waaagh to retake the subsector of Ocrod in the Ultima Segmentum, and stand watch in the Segmentum in defiance of the Emperor's enemies. What followed was a long and brutal war three centuries long that saw the loss of more than two hundred marines over the duration. Upon the conclusion of the crusade (which had been backed by a multitude of other Imperial forces), the chapter declined the offer of a homeworld, instead choosing to stay fleetbound as they had for three centuries. The chapter's designation sprung from their actions, as a predilection for early-morning raids led to rescued civilians and beleaguered Imperial forces to claim that they had been rescued by the Dawn itself. Over time as the sentiment repeated itself throughout the sector, the chapter adapted to it, and adopted it as their chapter name. In the time since their inception, the Dawn Blades have crusaded throughout the Ultima Segmentum, seeking and destroying the enemies of the Imperium wherever they were to be found, striking at the edge of the sunrise as they have for millennia. Home World/Homeworld The Dawn Blades do not maintain a homeworld, being fleet-based, but they do have a favored recruiting world, Ocrod Tertius, a world of desert wastes and hardy settlements, the central administration planet of the system, subsector, and sector, all named for their capital world. The planet allows the chapter to maintain a recruitment platform and a shipyard in orbit, in exchange for routine sweeps of the planet for feral orks that pop up from time to time as well as continued defense of the planet against any other hostile attackers, a duty the chapter gladly fulfills. In lieu of a fortress-monastery, the lord of the chapter (currently Shogun Kujo Kamakura) has his seat of power aboard the battle barque Shogun's Might as both lord and captain. The battle barque has housing for the entire chapter, though it can only support up to three companies and the Forge in operational matters. Combat Doctrine The Dawn Blades tend to favor overwhelming strikes, committing their entire force to one overwhelming strike, in order to swiftly defeat their foes. The tactic harkens back to the blitzkrieg strategies that the chapter used at its inception to retake the Ocrod Sector from Ork control, executing the first strike and leaving the remaining mess for the Imperial Guard and Navy to clean up. They also have a cultural predicilction for early-morning attacks, as might be guessed by their name. When a swift blow fails to end the war in their favor, the Dawn Blades settle into a more adaptive, calculated operational pattern more favored by their forefathers the Iron Hands. Their stubbornness and tenacity is well-embodied in the Dawn Blades, who are unrelenting in their assault once it has begun. Organization/Organisation The chapter is, for the most part, organized along the lines of the Codex Astartes, with a few exceptions. Fourth Company has fallen out of use as a true Battle Company, instead functioning as the chapter's penitential unit. Its size fluctuates from decade to decade as marines from across the chapter see themselves as fallen from the light, a Fallen Dawn (as they were coined by an unnamed sergeant of Captain Arual Valpas's company when they set out with him to fulfill oaths of redemption sworn after a particularly embarrassing and bloody defeat). The Fallen Dawn operate out of the Strike Cruiser Blade of Martyrs, 4th company's Strike Cruiser. Companies rotate Hearth duty, in which a company returns to the Chapter Barque for several reasons. One is garrison duty--after all, the Shogun's Might is the chapter's home, and needs protecting as much as a fortress-monastery would on a planet. This also allows for the company's vessel to be refit and repaired at one of the many imperial worlds the Dawn Blades have recruitment and resource agreements with, as well as downtime for the company's marines. 10th Company does not have its own capital ship, but does have several escort-class vessels it uses for recruitment and defensive purposes--a void platform is maintained above the chapter's primary recruitment world of Ocrod Tertius for training and housing purposes, and there is always at least a demi-squadron of ships prowling about it at any given time. The chapter Armory has also operated, sometimes against the recommendation of the Shogun, as its own independent force, especially under the command of Master of the Forge Ceticus Stormmoon, who has always been war-hungry. When the Primaris were added to the chapter, they were assigned to the Forge to test their mettle at the insistence of Stormmoon, who merely saw the new-bloods as tools for war, thinking though they may have been. To mark their status as part of the armory and machines of war, the Primaris of the chapter paint their right shoulderpad a deep red. The 1st Company is called Samurai by internal tradition,(a term whose origin the chapter's history does not record), and paint their armor a gleaming silver. Captains who rise from the Samurai Company are entitled to the title of Daimyo instead of the title of Captain, to mark their status above the others. As a break from the norm, and perhaps the most egregious break with the Codex Astartes, the chapter's honor guard, the Shinsengumi (idiomatically translated from Frensan as 'Arrows of the Shogun') are instead spread throughout the chapter, one accompanying each company as an advisor and champion. The first of these is known as the Saisho-Shinsengumi, and functions as the chapter champion and the bodyguard of the Shogun himself. Each is armed with relic weapons known as an Edge of Dawn as well as their own personal weapons. Beliefs and Traditions The chapter's name for the Emperor, Solis-Imperator, springs from a combination of the chapter's own name, a belief that they are manifestations of the dawn, and several worlds whose local religions of a sun god and the surrounding pantheon were in fact the Emperor and his many sons. This mutated over time to become the current warrior cult of the Chapter as it enters the 42nd millennium. While the chapter does not view the Solis-Imperator as a total deity, they do have a belief in his power and his authority as undisputed ruler of the Imperium. Outside of their warrior cult, the Dawn Blades also have three traditions ingrained in chapter memory from their reconquest of the Ocrod Sector, each taken from worlds that made a particular impression on the chapter. Tradition of the Forge: one of the recruitment trials for Dawn Blades recruits includes the forging of their own blade, which they then use in duels to determine martial prowess amongst the candidates to determine who is most worthy. This initial test teaches a recruit the value of their own wargear, and how a warrior is only as good as his blade. Each Dawn Blade is a competent weaponsmith, and will personally craft, modify, or otherwise be bent over an anvil for hours on end to improve their weaponry. Tradition of the Arts: the Dawn Blades have a curious predilection for beauty in the martial. Many marines will, in the tradition of the forge, embellish and beautify their own weapons, for the Solis-Imperator deserves only perfection in war. Other marines are renowned throughout the chapter and subsector as creators of devotional artwork, as well as more peaceful scenes that are used as focuses for meditation, in order to sharpen the mind for war. Still others pen hymns and poems to glorify the lord of the Imperium. Tradition of Xenia: Whenever Imperial delegates or other Astartes come aboard a Dawn Blades vessel, or the rare occasion when xenos like Eldar seek to make a temporary alliance, the fullest hospitality is extended to them (though very begrudgingly in some cases). This tends to include a welcoming feast, an offer of repair and resupply, and a gift given as proof of openness and willingness to be open. Institutions that have longstanding relationships with the chapter often extend the same courtesies to Dawn Blades personnel, which has led to the chapter and its warriors obtaining some very interesting (and on some occasions unwanted--but never rejected) wargear. Gene-seed/Geneseed The Dawn Blade's gene-seed is very pure for its age, and the only noted deviation from normal gene-seed is a remarkable stubbornness and refusal to give in, which is inherent in the Iron Hands gene-line. It is noted that this stubbornness of mind also leads to the chapter having a simple refusal to die, which results in many marines shrugging off wounds that should have killed them long enough for an Apothecary to reach them, or simply fighting until they keel over from a million and one wounds. As such, the chapter has few dreadnoughts, and those that it does have are treated as practically divine manifestations of the Solis-Imperator's will, due to their rarity in the chapter. Battle-cry "Nam Claritas Solis-Imperator" Idiomatically translated from High Gothic as 'for the glory of the Sun-Emperor'. USING A DAWN BLADES ARMY IN WARHAMMER 40,000 Links to chapter characters: LINK Notes/Admin: 11/1/19: HEY I HAVE A BASIC IA DONE FOR THESE GUYS (reformmated from my Iron Gauntlet entry a few years ago)! Will be updated as time goes on for the LASC, but after I add images I'd say this is good for now, just need chapter symbol.
  8. The Argent Fists -= Deliverance of the Emperor =- The Argent Fists are a Ultima Founding successor of the Imperial Fists stationed in the Segmentum Obscurus sector. Like their parent chapter they are a chapter of patience and stubbornness making them excellent at siege warfare. Their home planet is in the Muk'sa system called Sairen. Sairen is a mixture of jungles deserts and swamp lands at the poles of the plant. The fortress monastery on Sairen is in the shape of a ring surrounding a lone mountain called Heaven's Fist. The mountain is part of the fortress monastery and houses the most sacred relics and equipment of the chapter which is protected by the ring structure around the mountain which creates a powerful void shield around both the mountain and ring structure. The Fortress-Monastery also houses an ancient terraforming engine with exhaust ports all over the plant. It has been modified into a defense system for Heaven's Fist and can alter the weather patterns of the planet if needed to help slow or even prevent an assault on the structure. -= Life on Sairen =- Sairen The planet Sairen was acquired by the Argent Fists shortly after the end of the Indomitus Crusade. The planet is located in the Segmentum Obscurus sector and the Argent Fists were stationed there to assist the Iron Hands in the region. The plant's south pole, viewed in the picture above is covered with a giant terraforming structure that surrounds a lone mountain known as Heaven's Fist. The rings around the planet are made up of ice, rocks and rare minerals and are filled with hidden planetary defense platforms. The rings are still gathering rare minerals from the system and are used to fuel the terraforming machine on the planet's surface when needed. Sairen is a planet of many climates and intense seasons. The planets rotates from East to West but also North to South. Only intensifying the random weather patterns on the planet. Once every two hundred years the poles swap from South to North causing slight disruptions of electrical equipment on the planet. The terraforming engine is protected by the void shielding but it is one of the main reasons the human population is still stuck in the hunter-gatherer stage of civilization. During spring, the deadly flora and fauna grow rapidly;carnivorous plants are known to attack, sedate and slowly digest animals of human size and smaller, battle-tank sized sized predators awaken from their hibernation ready to feast after their winter fast; and ice sheets melt causing the planet to be covered with two feet of water allowing the hunters from below to traverse upon land. During summer, the lands boil in sweltering heat and humidity; clouds cover the skies leaving the landscape in a perpetual haze; great lumbering beasts traverse the flat plains in search of food and torrential rains are common across the entire planet. During fall, the lands become dryer as the water is recollected at the poles and begins to freeze; fires are started from the dry lightning storms; the lumbering giants return to their nests for hibernation while scavenger packs of smaller but no less deadly species race across the planet in search of what is left; and the trees, having grown their polyps, release their seeds in a series of blasts with the sound of boltgun fire kill any living creates nearby. During winter, the lands become a desolate landscape; with the majority of life in hibernation or a state of starvation and the plant life returned to their roots, the dangers appear to have subsided. That is until the realization that water can rarely be found outside of the polar regions. Packs of gore hounds hunt most living things moving at this time. The humans of Sairen are in a constant state of threat. There are no cities, the majority of buildings are built high in the tree-lines giving the clans proper views of their surrounding areas but also keeps them safe from most hostile life. They hunt with bows and spears and range hundreds of miles as a clan to collect water and food for their clans to store for the fall and winter seasons. They build hidden nest-eggs of water and food that are spread out over the vast wilderness of the planet, moving from one location to the next to survive the harsh fall and winter seasons. -= Recruitment on Sairen =- Every year during the season of summer they are encouraged to send their strongest warrior to any of the many altars on the planet. These altars were built into the exhaust ports from the terraforming engine housed in Heaven's Fist. The plates have been and turned into shrines for the local population and remain a flat circle with the word of the emperor and his image inscribed into the plates. The local population views them as a sign that there is a god and that this man is it. They are broken of this belief when they are accepted as recruits. When the recruit arrives at the altar they are expected to fast for one week and meditate. They are only able to drink water during this time. What they meditate on is up to the individual, but if any break their concentration they are disqualified. This test helps establish those recruits with the focus and stubbornness to survive implantation. The second test is when training begins. After the week of meditation the recruits are picked up by the master of recruits and are allowed two days to rest and eat. They then being the second phase. This phase can take anywhere from 1-2 years. The recruits are trained in history, military tactics, languages, art, physical education, and many other fields of study. After passing several tests the recruits are prepared for the initial implantation. If a candidate survives the implantation process they are then assigned into existing groups. These groups are further trained in military tactics an and all forms of additional mental training. They also compete for position. The best units are chosen for missions and the others are left to mock battles and training within Heaven's Fist. A recruit is ready for their final implantation and promotion to brother after 4 years of training. From this point on they are a full brother of the Argent Fists and are shown the respect and reverence from all recruits. -= Chapter Colors and Organization =- Image Provided by Boldthreat The Argent Fists Chapter Badge The chapter badge was created by Chapter Master Suresh when he was chosen to lead his own chapter. The small group of lieutenants that he led during the campaign joined him and were promoted to captaincy of the 13 companies of the chapter. The ideology of purity of the flesh and painting of white on the hands and helm to represent the purity of a marine and chapter were also derived from him. The chapter colors of the Argent Fists are quartered yellow and black. The hands are white to represent the purity of the chapter and their will. As a marine moves up in rank his helmet will become white as well to represent purity of mind. The chapter badge, a white rotunda around a white fist on a black field, is an inverted representation of the Imperial Fists badge to show honor to their parent legion. This badge represents the purity of the chapter but also that they are the light in the darkness. A beacon of hope against the vastness of despair. The chapter is organized loosely following the Codex Astartes. Due to the Rites of Challenge their ranks are more fluid and their 1st company is broken down and usually fielded throughout all of the other 13 companies. Yes, thirteen companies. Company 1-10 are your standard companies outlined in the Codex Astartes and companies 11-13 are further reserve companies that are stationed on Sairen. When companies come back from a campaign with losses they will fill their ranks with the reserve companies from the 11th to 13th companies and head back out after restocking supplies. The chapter as a whole has only been fielded two times. Once during the Indomitus Crusade and the only other time was against WAAAGH Goresmasha in the Juran system. The full display of the might of the Argent Fists is still talked about in stories on the planet Fect in a yearly week-long celebration in conjunction with the celebration for the Emperor. -= Cult of the Argent Fists =- Captian Sifo-Dyas of 3rd Company Lieutenant Sifo-Dyas was promoted to Captain in the war against the renegade forces of the Jackel system. After several months of grinding siege warfare Lieutenant Sifo-Dyas issued a Rite of Challenge to Captain Durrant. The challenged Captain picked the contest of Go to determine the winner. It was a very close game but Lieutenant Sifo-Dyas emerged victorious and was promoted to Captain. Captain Sifo-Dyas moved quickly and ended the campaign two days later by leading a strike team into the heart of the renegade forces while using the companies entire supply of empty drop pods as distractions. They gutted the leadership of the renegade forces and the survivors quickly surrendered and were processed into the mining facilities as slaves. The Argent Fists reviewed and took after their parent legion in many ways. One of the many lessons they learned from the Imperial Fists Legion was how cults worked and helped excel personal and teamwork skills on the battlefield. They have taken this idea and formed a inter-chapter cult revolving around competition and skill. Veterans do not mean they are older than their brothers of non-veteran status like most other chapters. The Argent Fists consider veterancy a rank that is to earned through competition. If the older marine is not the best then they should be taking orders from the best. In this sense the Veteran Company, 1st Company, is never fielded unless the entire chapter is fielded in the same battle. This has only happened on a few occasions. The Cult of the Argent Fists focuses on all skills related to battle. From siege-craft to black-ops, all skills are tested and in constant competition with their brothers. Every position in the entire chapter is available for the Rite of Challenge and there have been many times where a chapter master had been demoted or re-promoted based off the needs of the chapter at the time. However, the current chapter master, Chapter Master Achaeus, has been not been beaten or removed from position for thirty years now and has not had a challenge in over fifteen years. These Rites of Challege can be issued at any time that the target is not currently engaged in battle. It has been known for captains to change entirely in the middle of campaigns allowing for the chapter to adopt and entirely different approach to the war. This sudden change in tactics usually unbalances their enemy and has led to some of the most notable victories of the Argent Fists. Another aspect of the Cult of the Argent Fists is that they view the loss of flesh a very dishonorable act. Hence their some-what heated rivalry with the Iron Hands and their successors. The Argent Fists believe that their flesh was made perfect by the Emperor and any adjustments not granted by him or his sons is just short of Heresy. They feel sorrow for their brothers of the Iron Hands and will go out of their way to help them achieve honor in the hopes of them realizing their wayward decisions and change their opinions about the flesh being weak. Because, in their opinion, the flesh is sacred. This idolization of their own flesh has caused some unique rituals to be performed on marines that neglect their duty. This punishment usually involves in one or both of the marine's armored fists being painted black. Upon atonement they are then allowed to repaint their fists white. -= Chapter Politics =- -= Dealings with the Iron Hands =- The Argent Fists patrol the same region as the Iron Hands and have had several opportunities to work with them in expelling vile traitors and xenos filth. However, their ideology of the flesh being sacred clashes with the Iron Hands' thoughts about the flesh being weak. The Argent Fists are always too honorable to point this out, they are also well aware of the Iron Hands being one of the original legions and that they stayed loyal to the Emperor. However, they still feel that the Iron Hands are deliberately shaming the Emperor every time they replace a body part with machines. In order to avoid conflict with the Iron Hands they have decided that when the two forces engage an enemy together they will pass all the honors to the Iron Hands in hopes that they will realize that the flesh is not weak and that they will retreat from their shameful ways. -= Dealings with the Astra Militarum =- The Argent Fists understand the vital role that the Astra Militarum play in war and they use it to their advantage. They understand that each brother is worth at least a thousand guardsmen and will not sacrifice themselves for them unless necessary. When on missions/campaigns with the astra militarum they have occasionally found some that they could respect. When they find these individuals they will offer them protection and even give them direct lines to their leadership should they ever need assistance. Even then, they know that their goal is the protection of the Imperium and that lives are the cost of the protection. -= Dealings with the Inquisition =- The Argent Fists know the importance of the role that the Inquisition has and do their best to oblige to the requests made by them. But they also know that they are not at the whims of the Inquisition. Dealings with them can be tough and verify dangerous, so when strange requests are made by the Inquisition they are usually passed around the entire chapter several times before the individual representing the Inquisition gets to speak with anyone of authority. Sometimes this process can take weeks. Most of their interactions with the Inquisition have been with Inquisitor Victor Vaughnbrattin and Cannoness Brunilda of The Order of the Steel Rose. -= Dealings with the Imperial Knights =- Imperial Knights hold a special place of honor for the Argent Fists. Having worked with the Knights provided by the Forge World Psyther several times, they have a keen understanding and respect for the machines of war. They understand that they are valuable assets on the battle field and will go out of their way to protect the Knights from stealth teams and assassination attempts. -= Dealings with the Adeptus Custodes =- Having worked with Guilliman in the Indomitus Crusade, the Argent Fists have several officers that had worked directly with the Adeptus Custodes. They view them as mirrors of the Emperor and will obey any request given to them from these champions of legend. The most recent request being that 4th Company deploy defensive positions around Cepium 5 -= Dealings with Forge World Psyther =- Forge World Psyther is located in a nearby star system, Juran. They have held good relations with the Forge World since they helped repair and rebuild the Argent Fists fortress-monestery on Sairen. The two forces have engages in several fields of battle together, the most recent being the ending of the treat of WAAAGH Goresmasha. Which met it's demise on the mining and fortress-world of Fect. Fect was designed and built off of a mineral rich planet for Forge World Psyther to gain supplies to fuel their massive forges as the Forge World is one of the larger suppliers of space marine armor, weapons and ammo in Segmentum Obscurus. -= The Companies of The Argent Fists =- -= 3rd Company =- 3rd Company is led by Captain Sifo-Dyas. A specialist in rapid assault and diversionary tactics. He has trained his company for rapid deployment with a focus on mobility and assaults. As such, the majority of the company has trained extensively with Phobos and Reaver based armors as well as Invictor Tactical Warsuits. Captain Sifo-Dyas has led the company on more than twenty successful campaigns since he was promoted. However, with their tendency to rush the battle, the company tends to suffer a higher casualty rate than most other companies. -= 3rd Company Organization=- Captain Sifo-Dyas Librarian Washburn "Wash" / Lieutenant Durrant / Tech-Marine Lafayette / Apothecary Leonard "Bones" 3(6) Infiltrator Squads/Reaver Squads** / 3 Eliminator Squads / 3 Inceptor Squads 11 Impulsors / 11 Drop Pods* / 6 Repulsor Executioners / 6 Storm Ravens / 6 Invictor Tactical Warsuits * (I know they can't use them but they have them and hopefully in the future they will be able to use them) ** (In some cases three of the infiltrator squads will gear up as Eliminator squads if needed) -= Combat Doctrines =- The Argent Fists have developed a love for bolt weaponry that boarders on fanaticism. This, mixed with the stubbornness that is often found in the sons of Dorn, has led to some rather bloody engagements as their lines moved into optimal firing range of the different bolter variants. Younger marines will see these orders and follow them as trained, but generally question them when the fighting is done. This has led to many Rites of Challenges within the lower ranks of the chapter but has also had a more positive side-effect allowing for the increased repair of power armor, vehicles and star ships as the losers of the Rites of Challenge are usually assigned to assist the companies Techmarines in repairs. However, this has been a gift to the chapter as more than the usual number find the work enjoyable. This has led to the chapter as a whole boasting three times as many Techmarines as normal chapters. Another quirk of the Argent Fists is that they are extremely focused on completing the task at hand in the shortest time possible with the least amount of effort. So, while they are highly trained in the art of siege warfare, they quickly grow bored of stagnant conflicts and will sometimes take positions in battle that put them in disadvantageous positions to goad their enemy to come out and meet in battle. This usually increases the causality rate of the campaign but it is viewed as an acceptable loss if they are able to complete their mission sooner. There are few in the chapter that enjoy the blood slicked battle fields caused by melees. As soon as they are found they are assigned to 3rd company. The 3rd company relishes getting stuck in with the enemy and the ensuing chaos that comes from that. It is this desire that has led 3rd company to be one of the most decorated companies in the chapter since Captain Sifo-Dyas was promoted. However, these decorations have come at a cost in lives and 3rd company has a casualty rate far higher than any of the other companies. -= Short Stories of the Argent Fists =- Brother Ashur: Short story involving 4th Company's assignment to the planet of Cepium 5. Kell's Last Battle: Short story involving SGT Kell of Fect's 351st witnessing the arrival of the Argent Fists
  9. Hey y'all, this is my content page for my custom chapter <Knights of Damascus> for the 2019 LASC! I'm still working through a lot of my fluff and origin story so bear with me! I will be continually editing this over the next few weeks (I hope not) and will hopefully have this finished soon. All comments and ideas are appreciated! +++++ KNIGHTS OF DAMASCUS I've included the armor paint schemes for both standard Astartes and primaris marines (this is an earlier founding chapter with Primaris reinforcements). The squad markings are Codex Compliant with the standard assault, elite, troop, and heavy support symbols. And the standard marine armor: "Where there is uncertainty, I shall bring light. Where there is doubt, I shall sow faith Where there is shame, I shall point atonement Where there is rage, I shall show its course My word in the soul shall be as my bolter in the field" - Litany of Devotion Chapter: Knights of Damascus Founding Chapter: Salamanders Founding: Twenty Third Founding Chapter Master: Alistair Kingsblade Homeworld: Relicta Fortress Monastery: The Black Citadel Colors: Dark Brown, white, and gold Specialty: Siege Warfare, Guerilla Warfare, Close Combat Battlecry: "Bellum vocat, exaudi nos! For the Emperor!" 1. History The history of the Knights of Damascus begins among the many unlisted chapters created in the Twenty Third Founding. The Knights were gifted the feral desert world Relicta as of their Founding and were given rights to recruit from the surrounding worlds. Relicta is located on the edge of the Veiled Region amidst a cluster of Death World's. The planet itself is about the size of Neptune. Relicta's own surface is a desert wasteland covered in crags, caverns and gigantic rock formations. The planet was once home to a species of burrowing sand wurms spanning almost a kilometer in size, now near extinct due to a Pre-heresy purge of the aggressive species long before the Knights set foot on Relicta. These sand wurms are responsible for the vast subterranean tunnels that span a majority of the planets surface and in rare and almost always fatal encounters, can be found nesting deep within said tunnels. However, also deep within these subterranean tunnels are vast wells of water, a treasured and valuable resource to the scarce tribes of humans that roam the bitter wastes of Relicta, known as "Reliceans" (Re-lee-shins). They took to the style of their Founding Chapter, the Salamanders, for organization and recruitment methods. The chapter was founded with many ancient Terran values instilled alongside those of their parent chapter, the Salamanders. These values focused on the honor and brutality of war and are exemplified in the Knights' use of single combat and guerrilla warfare when outmatched. They hold nothing back, but will seek out worthy opponents to strike down. These values are also seen in the forging process during recruitment of Aspirants. The chapter's name derives from the Ancient Terran conducts of Old orders of warriors that once fought on the face of Terra. The Knights of Damascus' sigil is that of a sword embossed on a shield, sharing the focus of ancient warrior conduct tradition of wielding sword and shield against thy foe. Among the traditions of the Chapter is dueling, sparring, and the earning of a "sword-name". A Battle-Brother usually earns his sword-name after exemplary combat action or heroic circumstances. It is considered a great honor to have earned ones sword-name and the process of receiving one, the Rite of the Accolade, is treated with the utmost reverence and regard. One to have received the Accolade is considered to have sacrificed beyond their mortal limits for the Chapter and their brothers. Those deemed worthy undergo the Rite. They are presented before the Chapter Master, the High Chaplain, and the Master Librarian to be dubbed with their sword-name. Their Fortress Monastery, the "Black Citadel", is made out of a strange dark ore found on Relicta, "night-stone" as it is known to the native Relicean tribes. Close in strength to adamantium and nigh unyielding once folded and forged in fire with Terran Steel. The Fortress is and was crafted and shaped into and by this metal, creating large subterranean tunnels and catacombs underneath the Citadel ranging miles deep. This metal is mined and used in the recruitment process of the Chapter. The Knights faced much adversity first settling on Relicta as its feral tribes (a source of recruitment for the Knights) was the focus of many Dark Eldar raids before the persistent defense of the Knights of Damascus drove them out. They waged war in the early centuries of their founding against such forces and were found victorious, although their recruitment process suffered greatly and their growth was largely diminished in comparison to other Chapters.The Chapter, despite this, has had a healthy development with several successful campaigns with minimal losses. However, due to their seemingly ruthless nature and high combat tendency, the Knights are a prize the Blood God seeks for his own. NOTABLE ENCOUNTERS In the late M38, two companies of the Knights of Damascus laid siege to an Eldar Maiden World (unknown to them) after losing contact with a scouting force sent to investigate the planets surface. The Knights landed to discover a planet seemly void of life. After finding the long dead and desecrated corpses of their scouting force and combing the jungles of the Maiden world, the Knights discovered deep catacombs filled with the corpses of thousands of Exodite Eldar destroyed by an army of daemons. The daemons had come through an old webway portal slaughtering the Eldar and proceeded to beset the caught off guard Knights of Damascus. They held against the tide slowly but surely retreating until a massive roars erupted from deep within the catacombs. A Khorne Bloodthirster, Khax'dra had caught the scent of his new quarry, and launched a new wave of assault against the dwindling Knights'. After two days of a grinding retreat, The Knights of Damascus force numbering no more than 30 marines escaped due to the sacrifice of the Captain Sovrain of the 2nd Company, who challenged the Bloodthirster in single combat, his sacrifice buying the precious moments needed to escape. The Knights of Damascus returned in full force, laying siege to the daemonic world. They launched a full on offensive, seeking to cut the head from the snake, Chapter Master Uther challenging Khax'dra as Captain Sovrain had before. Chapter Master Uther held fast under its blows, parrying strikes and slicing his blade into the Bloodthirsters thick legs. Eventually the Bloodthirster was brought to its knees where Uther and the Wardens of the Inner Table proceeded to cut it to pieces, ending its blasted existence for a time. In a matter of days, the Knights had pushed back the forces of Khorne and closed the webway gate, preventing any more forces from coming through. With the geneseed of their fallen brothers returned, Chapter Master Uther declared the planet 'Exterminatus'. In M39, while pursuing an unknown faction of Chaos Space Marines laying waste to many worlds in a nearby sector, the flagship of the Knights of Damascus, Caliburnus, is ambushed by a band of World Eaters Legionnaires. The Legionnaires, led by Warlord Dravix the Crucifier, launch an all out boarding assault and manage to carve a bloody path to the bridge where Chapter Master and his retinue of three Company champions and elements of the 1st Company awaited them. Chapter Master Uther Drakehand is cut down in his fight against Dravix. The Champions, seeing the plight of their Lord, circle Warlord Dravix like wolves and engage in a flurry of battle, parrying, lunging, and striking the Chaos Warlord. Howling in anger, Dravix lashes out at his combatants, skewering one champion with his sword and smiting the other down with his armored fist. In a desperate move, the 3rd company champion, Alistair, attacks the warlord breaking his sword from his grip only to be thrown down by the Chaos Warlord. As the Warlord gloated over him, Alistair found the grip of Dravix's fallen sword and plunged it into the Chaos Warlords primary heart, before carving his way through Dravix's second heart. With their Warlord defeated and the 1st Company holding fast, the warband retreats, leaving the Caliburnus and the Knights wounded, but very much alive. Alistair is given the sword-name "Kingsblade" and is unanimously promoted to the position of Chapter Master. +++++ "War remembers only the victorious. Remember the dead, brothers. Without their sacrifice, we would have no victory." - Chaplain Aurelius Stonefist 2. Organization and Tactics The Knights of Damascus embrace the Codex Astartes readily, their traditions benefiting greatly from the discipline of the Codex. They adhere to standard Codex organization. Although there are minor deviance's such as the inclusion of the Inner Table, a tribune of the best and wisest warriors the chapter has to offer, one from each Company to act as representatives of their company and Captain - and in dire circumstances, serve as the Chapter Master's Honor Guard. The Champions are also eligible for the seat of Captain or if the Chapter sees fit, for the position of Chapter Master. The Chapter's main color is a dark brown with white and gold details. Upon recruitment, the Chapter's Chaplain encourage brotherhood and comradery between initiates. This creates iron bonds of brotherhood as they proceed through the trials of becoming a Battle Brother. When an aspirant makes it to the final trial of joining the Chapter, he is charged with forging his own Terran style long sword out of the dark metal that makes the Dark Citadel, should all else fail in battle, the sword will serve him. Upon completion, the aspirant is to duel another initiate in single combat - a battle between brothers, with the victor proceeding fully into the ranks of the Chapter. Due to the resilient nature of the metal and unrefined techniques of the aspirants in making their swords, the blades have a high tendency to break mid-duel. This gives either victor a possible advantage and a victory possibly more hard fought. Most aspirants are left with no choice but to crush their brother asunder wave upon wave of bare-fisted blows. This harsh and selective recruitment method instills two lessons to be learned: First, war can only have one victor; and secondly, there is no victory without sacrifice. Fallen aspirants are treated with honor and are buried outside the Black CItadel with the utmost respect. This burial ground is known as the "Last March". The Chapter's Techmarines are then responsible for forging the remnants of the two swords (whether whole or broken) into a new blade worthy of an Adeptus Astartes. The fallen aspirants name is inscribed upon the new blade as a constant reminder of what was sacrificed. Afterwards, the Aspirant receives Gene-seed and is inducted as an Initiate of the Chapter where they are assigned to the 10th Company. The Chapter places much emphasis on skill with a blade of all kinds, preferring power swords and relic blades above other combat weapons. However, it is not unheard of to see members of the chapter wielding thunder hammers and the like. Due to their close comradery and consistent practice with close combat weapon drills, Battle Brothers are competent close combat fighters and are skilled in the execution of combat squad tactics. The Chapter keeps a well maintained balance of utilizing small squads for guerrilla warfare and full-company deployment when in defense or laying siege. Notable Elements of the Knights of Damascus: Notable Members: - Captain Sovrain, 2nd Company Captain (KIA) - Chapter Master Alistair Kingsblade (2nd Chapter Master), successor to Uther Drakehand - Chapter Master Uther Drakehand (1st Chapter Master) (KIA) - Sergeant Urien - Deathwatch, Kill Team "Warden" - Chaplain Aurelius Stonefist Chapter Fleet: - Caliburnus, Battle Barge - Avallonis, Battle Barge - Cavalon, Strike Cruiser - Sangreal, Strike Cruiser
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