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  1. A Black Templars Assault Intercessor Sergeant that I painted when first getting back into the hobby. More info: https://chillminis.com/black-templars-assault-intercessor-sergeant/

    © All rights reserved. Copyright Daniel Lee / Chillminis

  2. Reading the new codex, something caught my eye. An Intercessor sergeant may either be equipped with a chainsword or a hand flamer instead of his choice bolt rifle. If he doesn't have a chainsword, he may additionally take an item from the Intercessor sergeant weapons list. This list is: - Chainsword - power fist - power sword - thunder hammer Could this be a weapon in an upgrade kit for the IH or the Sallies perchance? I can't see the RG, or BT having one and the IF and CF are going to have fists aren't they?
  3. In the new SM codex, there is a stratagem called veteran Intercessors. It does the same as the Vigilus stratagem of the same name except for it does not give the veteran keyword and costs 2cp for a 6+ model squad and 1 otherwise. If this stacks with the Vigilus strat, it could be hilarious to see six attacks on a PF Intercessor sergeant on the charge (shock assault added). There are also copies of the bolt rifle buff stratagems for veteran Intercessors as well except any Intercessor unit can use them and they cost more (2CP for boltstorm and rapid fire, 3 for target sighted). I expect this to be errata'd into oblivion but if not our Intercessors are going to cost possibly 3cp (+1 for specialist detachment) per full size squad for maximum efficiency.
  4. Hi Folks, I'm currently toying with the idea of doing a new Primaris Space Wolves army, as lots of people have posted amazing conversions of Primaris Wulfen and characters, and I feel suitably inspired. How would you guys go ahead with arming your Intercessors? I've always gone with Bolt Rifles, but also like the thought of using Auto Bolt Rifles to advance aggressively. What do you think? Cheers, WW
  5. Well I’ve managed to finally get three squads of Primaris Marines done for my Crimson Fists. I really like this model and I have to say they are more fun to paint than normal marines. First up I’ve done a squad of Hellblasters: I think the plasma coils on these boys have come out really well. Next I have done two five man squads of Intercessors: Like I say I have really enjoyed painting these guys and I’m pleased with how they have turned out. I’m going to try my hand at some characters next. There’s some more pictures spread over numerous posts and other hobby related bits over on my blog at: http://classicastartes.blogspot.co.uk/?m=0
  6. Hey, everyone. I'm looking at adding some Primaris Marines to my Deathwatch army, but I'm trying to keep within a 40 model limit (aka a single Watch Company). As such, I'd really like to magnetise the weapon options on some of the Primaris models to give me the most options within those 40 models. I'd like to specifically magnetise the following weapon options on the following Primaris units: Intercessors (Bolt Rifles, Auto Bolt Rifles, and Stalker Bolt Rifles), Hellblasters (Plasma Incinerators, Assault Plasma Incinerators, and Heavy Plasma Incinerators), Inceptors (double Assault Bolters and double Plasma Exterminators), and, Aggressors (Flamestorm Gauntlets and Boltstorm Gauntlets with or without Fragstorm Grenade Launcher). How viable would such a project be, to magnetise all weapons options for any given Primaris Marine, using the regular Primaris kits? Also, how easy would it be to convert the Dark Imperium models to do a similar thing, assuming that the bits in the regular Intercessor and Hellblaster kits are separate?
  7. Decided I'd post my progress with these guys since I've made several posts about the trouble they've been giving me on more than one occasion. Biggest issue I'm dealing with at the moment is getting rid of the excess resin on three of the packs. For reference, here's what they looked like at first: Here's where they are now. Not sure how much more I'll be able to fix them up. Shaved down the back of one marine so far since the part of the pack that's supposed to join there is plugged with resin. I hope that once I get to attaching arms, heads and shoulder pads things will start to move along faster. UPDATE 1: Sergeant and company UPDATE 2: 5/5/2019 17:55EST Four more put together. 6 out of 10 Intercessors Assembled UPDATE 3: 10/10 Intercessors Assembled A couple of days late, but they're finally all put together. The final four. Complete squad. And just added the final touch last night by gluing their bolt pistols and a handful of knives to the men of this squad, not that it's very visible in the photo.
  8. (Apologies if this is posted in the wrong section of the forum.) So, I went ahead and bought what is supposed to be 10 Primaris Intercessors a while back. Didn't go through the GW website, so I was a little concerned with what I'd be getting in the mail. Took some time to arrive, and the package was much smaller than I had expected. I thought the guys would still be in their sprues, but to my surprise all the stuff was already cut out and in a plastic bag. So I have what I assume is enough arms, legs, heads and all to put together 10 Intercessors. Only problem is, that's all that came. Nothing but the parts. So, my question is: Where can I find instructions that will tell me the proper combinations I can use when putting these guys together? I plan to reach out to the seller, but if they don't respond I'm hoping someone else may have the answer I'm looking for. Thanks in advance!
  9. I wish I could call this a review, but I doubt my inexperienced observations qualify as such. But I still found them worth sharing. Subjective: I love the look of mark X armor. The Maximus-inspired helmet plays a big role in this. I can't enjoy old marines anymore. I don't know if it's because of the primaris' improved anatomy, bigger size or both. bolter rifles are too damn long. Less subjective, hopefully objective: mold lines are as little pronounced as I'd expect from recent plastic sprues. the instructions are sometimes incomplete. While the Hellblasters' five two-handed heavy plasma incinerators have the number of each bit, the two one-handed ones require you to process by elimination and count the 'cylinders' along the cables linking the weapons and the backpack add-on. Not necessarily a dealbreaker, but it's a nasty surprise when your first model is intended to use the one-armed incinerators. reduced kitbashing possibilities. While the shoulder pads, heads and helmets from older marines fit the primaris, each two-handed weapon has the left hand molded on. So you need to pluck a left hand from an older kit if you want to use any of the several weapons given to marines across the years. Annoying for people like me who'd rather avoid pushing from kitbashing into converting territory, however minor said conversion may be. less posing possibilities. The legs and torso sets are each keyed to one specific pose, meaning you have to take a knife to the models if you want to avoid repetition across multiple models. less variety. The power packs and their eventual Hellblaster add-ons are all identical. So is the entirety of the whole mark X armor from the legs to the torso aquilas to the helmets save for one skull for the sergeant's. The sole variety comes from the weapons; three types for either box, but each variant is keyed to one specific ruleset, which might provide small problems. edit: the Intercessors actually have different shoulder pads. The Hellblasters don't. That last point is key for me. Compare to the power packs of current tactical marines, which all have differences however slight they may be. Compare to the torsos of tactical and mark IV marines, even if it's only minuscule studs for the latter. To the helmets of tactical, mark III and mark IV marines. To the the legs of tactical and mark IV marines. To the shoulder pads of tactical and mark IV marines. To the bolters of tactical marines. I fully understand the decision (if there even was one on the subject in the first place) to make kitbashing with older marines harder, since I subscribe to the point of view that they will be phased out of existence to make way for primaris. But the lack of variety, both in poses and design, makes me less than impressed and the opposite of hopeful in regard to where the models of Games Workshop's new flagship are headed, regardless of how I like the looks of mark X power armor.
  10. Some of this has been talked about in various threads, but thought we could use a thread to consolidate and focus on this. So I was excited to get my hands on 8th and the new box set, but I'm having trouble finding a roll for most of the primaris. I thought I'd write it all out to get it organized outside of my head. However, I really don't play much anymore, so I'm hoping others will add to, and or correct some of these observations. I like the Intercessors most. I think they could hold back field objectives better with there increased range and wounds for not much more points then other troop options. They won't be as good in melee, and they have no special weapons, if the enemy gets in my backfield. There lack of transport options is another con, but in this roll all of this is not that bad. I was most excited about Hellblasters, but they are more expensive then Longfang Plasma canons. I also like that I can mix in other weapons in a Longfang squad, especially with split firing. They could be a more mobile close support option that could still move and shoot, but then transport becomes an issue. Inceptors are cool, but pretty expensive points wise for what essentially is a three model suicide unit. I'm going to have to model the Ancient, just to Space Wolf him up. If I had a gun line of Longfangs his buff might be worth the points, but I have so many other elites I want to run with my wolves! Lieutenants? WGBLs can take a storm shield and ride in the same transport as the troops. I'm not sure about the captain either. Gravis Armor looks cool, but there are so many great SW HQ choices out there I'd rather run. What are your thoughts?
  11. I was wondering what your experiences are with these primaris kill teams. I've done different compositions but keep missing the effectiveness that a veteran kill team has. Curious to read what compositions you guys have made and had succes with and what you think of my 4 compositions. My favorites: -6 intercessors with bolt rifles + 4 hellblasters with plasma incinerators (combat squads for 3+2) Their role is to hold homefield objectives and take objectives/ground up to mid-field. -6 intercessors with auto bolt rifles + 2 reivers with bolt carbines + 2 aggressors with ABG and FGL (combat squads for 3+1+1) Their role is to advance up to enemy deployment taking mid-field and enemy territory objectives. Also great units to thin out hordes before advancing up. -5 intercessors with auto bolt rifles + 1 reiver with combat knife + 1 aggressor with FSG + 1 inceptor with plasma exterminators Their role is to advance and charge or to form a first line of defence against CC units. Lots of shots coming, even in overwatch and the inceptor allows them to retreat after the first incoming CC and shoot again. Forming an organised retreat while everything can shoot. -5 intercessors with stalker bolt rifles + 1 aggressor with ABG and FGL Their role is to keep backfield objectives and to pick on 2W models like primaris P.S. For AV I always use up to 3 venerable dreads with TL/ML combo. Never use infantry for it due to the low damage impact vs point costs, rather ignore the tank and play the objective game then.
  12. From the album: Accipiters

    Accipiters 3rd company 1st squad
  13. From the album: Accipiters

    Accipiters 3rd company 1st squad
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