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  1. CSM 10th edition Chosen This is a topic about Chaos Space Marine Chosen in the 10th edition. Do you use them? How are you using them? Do you think they perform well How do you equip them? Do you use any transports with them? Do you attach any characters? Is there a detachment that they are extra crucial? Other Unit of the Week for Chaos Space Marines can be found in the link below. Chaos Space Marine Unit of the Week Links
  2. CSM 10th edition Chaos Lord This is a topic about Chaos Lords in the 10th edition. Do you use them? How are you using them? Do you think they perform well? How do you equip them? Do you attach them to any specific unit? Is there a detachment that they are extra crucial? Any Enhancements that you like to use with them?
  3. CSM 10th edition Legionaries This is a topic about Chaos Space Marine Legionaries in the 10th edition. Do you use them? How are you using them? Do you think they perform well How do you equip them? Do you use any transports with them? Do you attach any characters? Is there a detachment that they are extra crucial?
  4. I am not that great when it comes to the lore of how the different Chaos legions like each other in the 40k universe. Sure some does not care much for each other and other hates others. I doubt that Angron and his legion works well with Magnus and Fulgrim as their respective gods are not on speaking terms. But what about the others? Does the Iron Warriors work well with Word bearers, my gut feeling says no, as Iron Warriors are not the zealot kind of legio, they probably look down on the Word Bearers. Do anyone work well with Night lords? I know that sometimes the legions and different warbands work together under the Black legion banner, but it feels like that is just under shorter periods. So in general terms how well does the legions get along? Cpt.Danjou
  5. Thanks to @WargamersR inTwitter, have notice this in the reveals of the new Dark Angel miniatures. In the actual CSM codex, terminators can't have thunder hammers, but in this pic we have not only one but two Black Legion terminators having and using that kind of weapon against Deathwing terminators... Maybe is a new option in the future CSM codex. Perhaps.
  6. Way back I had this Renegades army that has seen itself changed to Khorne Daemonkin, and then been lost and forgotten while I play Black Legion. Now with the Red Corsair CP shenanigans Ive been re-purposing them for a battalion, and having my own fun messing around with all my now-oop bitz. (cheaper than getting the new range and bloating my unfinished collection!) I've had this FW astral claws character, Armenneus Valthex for awhile, never found the right fit for him (and making him into a warpsmith was sort of daunting) But I've had a crack at it. He is usually wielding two electro-whips like Rourke in Iron man 2, I've found a place for them in little nibs on his chest, just gotta hair-dryer them into place. First basic 5 man with autocannon is missing their autocannon dude. trying to keep wysiwyg with CSM equipment, so bolter and bp or holstered with grenades for all... sarge has bolter on backpack (gotta find places for that backpack) 5 man with combi-bolter and chaincannon, keeping it Khorne! With bolters! That's the old school way where carnage in any form was welcome by the Red Bastard. Any model with a non-chainsword CC weapon is just meant to be be using their base attacks (again, axe dude here has bolter on backpack) 10 man expensive CC squad! Combi-melta! 2 Meltas! Power fist! Might even get a banner in there! This is my redeploy stratagem squad. Next plan is a Biker lord with Thunder hammer, and start cleaning up paintjobs all over to become a bit more complete and consistent. I made the mistake of using vallejo acrylic-polyurethane primer with a brush (as most primer was on various odds and ends) but it seems weak and I Accidently scratched some off a dude too easily, crap.
  7. Of recent I've been interested in putting together a small Black legion/Chaos renegades force however I find many of the CSM models dated, I've looked at the aftermarket Evil Craft "not chaos space marine" and have been interested but thought them slightly over-detailed for basic troops. Has anyone ever kit bashed the Evilcraft legs with regular chaos space marine body and head? Does the result look better proportioned then the stock ones?
  8. With the total eclipse of the sun possibly foretelling of the end of humanity, why not sit back and watch a brand new Glacial Geek Battle Report?! https://youtu.be/pVmycy1iopI This week my Dark Angels take on the Emperor's Children! The vile Emperor's Children had been operating out of this planet for a while now. The human populous had been enslaved and subjected to their depraved whims. On top of all this, a band of the Fallen had been cooperating with the Emperor's Children and operating out of this planet as well. With this in mind, the Dark Angels decided that the people on this planet needed liberation ... And obviously a debriefing. Will the Unforgiven free the people of this planet and get the information they want, or will the Emperor's Children repel the assault and continue to reign over this planet? Watch and find out!
  9. It's a gorgeous summer Friday here in Alaska (at least the part I'm in) and what better way to celebrate that than staying inside and watching a brand new Glacial Geek Battle Report?! https://youtu.be/RKYdaRouc9I This week my Dark Angels take on the Thousand Sons! Tzeentch had tricked the Dark Angels. The Dark God had used its minions to play upon the enmity between the First Legion and the Space Wolves and tricked them into bombarding their planet. The Unforgiven do not appreciate being made tools in the machinations of the forces of Chaos. So when word was received that Magnus and the Thousand Sons were on a nearby planet, the Sons of the Lion sent forth a force to take him down ... and enact a little vengeance. Will the Dark Angels be able to beat back the Ruinous Powers, or will the Dark God of Fate get the last laugh? Watch and find out!
  10. Looking for opinions. Is it better to bring Cultists or Daemon detachments with Bloodletters? I've been using max sized units of each in games to great effect. Because they both rely on Stratagems, you can't really use them together effectively. I'm starting to wonder what downsides I'm not seeing. The Cultists are great strategically, Tide of Traitors lets them walk onto an objective in the 4th or 5th turn at full strength and opponents can't do much about it. Just standing around has won me a lot of games. The Bloodletters are great offensively, Denziens of the Warp allows them to reliably clear out any area on the board. They do well against every type of opponent, with 60 AP -3 attacks on the charge. Obviously, morale has a significant affect on each unit and neither one has a really great save. If you had to make a choice, which would you pick?
  11. I realized that I invest more time building/painting stuff when I share what I am working on so I decided to start this topic as a blog of sorts. It can also be very helpful for me to read people's comments on my stuff since I only started painting on September 2017. It occurred to me to just create this topic in the CSM forum but since I'm thinking about getting some non-Chaos models I think it will fit better here. I also have several count-as non-GW models which I hope is ok to post in B&C but, just in case, I'll try to post pictures of them along with official GW ones. So, let's get started! On Sunday, February 4th, I got to try how it feels to paint models primed using Corax White (until now I had only tried Abbadon Black and Leadbelcher): I love the poxwalker models and they are my favorite ones to test new stuff in. I went on a shopping spree on Friday and this was my first time using washes that weren't Agrax Earthshade: But for most of the day, the drone was the one that had my attention. I had left it half painted for a couple of months and now it went from this: To this: I started to work on that winged Daemon Prince of Nurgle in the background but no pics yet as I'm still testing things on him (mainly sick flesh).
  12. So, I've decided to do two separate threads for my Alpha Legion and auxiliary forces, as the Alpha Legion contingent has such a different aesthetic in 40k and 30k. Bear in mind that a lot of the names aren't decided, so they're just Z or A etc. So, without further ado, here are... http://i.imgur.com/xW3AUUa.png The Starfall Princes is an Alpha Legion Warband descended from the 126th Harrow of the Alpha Legion, also known as the Starfall Princes during the Great Crusade. Regularly heeding the call of other Alpha Legionnaires, they have incorporated Thousand Sons and Fallen Angels in their Warband, and often ally with the Red Corsairs, in addition to human auxilia. Warband Homeworld The warband has no particular homeworld, but a large amount of its space marines do come from the Feral World of Z. It is not unlikely this is where their cannibalistic rituals originated. However, many newer initiates are from A. Warband Recruitment The Heretical Inquisitor Kravin stated at the Ikrilla Conclave that the Alpha Legion have bases of recruitment inside the Imperium. The Starfall Princes have set up a recruitment facility, in addition to several minor and decoy facilities, on the planet A. This is due to increased radiation from their sun and residual radiation from the nuclear war that engulfed it during the Horus Heresy subtly mutated the people of A to make them resistant to mutation. Notable Starfall Princes and Units Claudius [Lacking model]– Eventually rising from Primus Medicae during the Heresy to the de facto leader of the Starfall Princes, Claudius steers his warband with expert skill in the grim darkness of the far future. Vendra'hael – Vendra'hael is unique in that as a space marine, he carries the Navigator gene, and now serves Claudius as his chief navigator and sorcerer. How a Navigator came to become a Space Marine is entirely unknown, but the resources expended and genetic knowledge required for the implantation, were likely incredibly, and may have been a vanity project. His sorcerous powers grow with each passing day, making Claudius increasingly uneasy with his favoured weapon. Kranhar – One of Claudius’ bespoke creations, Kranhar is chimaeric space marine, being made up of both Imperial Fist and Alpha Legion geneseed. A member of Claudius’ sentte, he usually goes into battle brandishing his power fist. Fallen Angel Librarian - [No fluff yet] Trevas - A Librarian during the Great Crusade, he continued to use his psychic ability even after the Edict of Nikaea. 6th Fang – A squad of Chaos Space Marines whom often serve alongside the Physaliidae as close-ranged anti-tank, firing their two melta guns while the the rest of the squad support their brothers with bolter fire and krak grenades. The entire squad is unusually tough to kill, often exultant in the wounds they take in the name of the Dark Prince they serve. The Aspiring Champion carries a wicked power sword, though he has also been observed using a power fist [May be changed to having an Apothecary Counts-As MoS instead]. The Physaliidae - A squadron consisting of a trio of Predator Annihilators; Everloyal, Purgator of Traitors, and Purifier of Sin. They are believed "salvaged" from the Iron Warriors, whom salvaged them in turn from an unknown Chapter. http://i.imgur.com/ZpJJDo9l.jpg http://i.imgur.com/iprwMCwl.jpg 6th Fang. http://i.imgur.com/O8yTr0Ul.jpg Vendra'hael http://i.imgur.com/FeWaZ02l.jpg Kranhar http://i.imgur.com/rwUf6rpl.jpg Trevas, Sorcerer http://i.imgur.com/65siU13l.jpg Fallen Angel Librarian http://i.imgur.com/WfDKTS0l.jpg The Physaliidae The paint scheme is Vallejo Grey Primer, followed by Vallejo Silver (exact name escapes me, the lighter one), a thin layer of 1:3 mix of Tamiya Green: Tamiya Blue, another thin layer of pure Tamiya Blue, and finally washed 2-4 time with Guilliman Glaze. Everything up until the Glaze is airbrushed and the Tamiya paints are mixed 1:1 with Tamiya airbrush thinner. It's pretty much the FW recipe.
  13. +++Unit of the week+++ Exalted Champion This thread is only for tactics for Exalted Champion, not for pictures, there are other places for that. How to best use Exalted Champion? Wargear? Mark? Legion? Which stratagems are worth throwing out? Any solid unit combos?
  14. +++Unit of the week+++ Rubric Marines This thread is only for tactics for Rubric Marines, not for pictures, there are other places for that. How to best use Rubric Marines? Wargear? Legion? Which stratagems are worth throwing out? Any solid unit combos?
  15. +++Unit of the week+++ Raptors This thread is only for tactics for Raptors, not for pictures, there are other places for that. How to best use Raptors? Wargear? Legion? Marks? Which stratagems are worth throwing out? Any solid unit combos?
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