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Found 15 results

  1. From the album: Primaris chapters

    A Primaris chapter, which I've created to return to my Dominion of Storms project. They will be part of a splinter fleet of the Indomitus Crusade, the Tempestus Crusade. Acting as a driving force, the Night Owls advance into the Dominion in order to bring it back into compliance, reestablish contact with the missing chapters (Storm Riders, Phantom Blades and Imperial Sons) and to prevent both, Xenos and Chaos of claiming it for their own ends. Inspired by the Nite Owls, a sub faction of the mandalorian Death Watch. Because of this, the Night Owls will be heavily Mandalorian themed, as well.
  2. From the album: Dominion of Storms

    This is a selfmade map done by me. I've tried to implement all released galaxy maps featured in the 8th editions codices in order to create an accurate setting. It is the first step of updating the Dominion of Storms unto the current edition.

    © Done by myself.

  3. Kelborn

    Imperial Sons Crest

    From the album: Dominion of Storms

    Crest done for my Imperial Sons commission by Blazbarus.
  4. From the album: Dominion of Storms

    Done by Blazbarus! http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png
  5. From the album: Dominion of Storms

    Primaris color scheme for the Imperial Sons, a First Order themed successor of the Ultramarines. They are also part of my Dominion of Storms project and the first to be updated towards the new Dark Imperium setting.
  6. Kelborn

    Dominion Map 8th

    From the album: Dominion of Storms

    8th edition version of my Dominion of Storms galaxy map
  7. From the album: Dominion of Storms

    An attempt of creating an amphibious vehicle for Space Marines.
  8. From the album: Dominion of Storms

    An attempt of creating an amphibious vehicle for Space Marines.
  9. Kelborn

    Dominion Galaxy map

    From the album: Dominion of Storms

    An edited version of Forge Worlds official galaxy map during the Horus Heresy. Added my selfmade version of the Dominion of Storms, including several planets, clusters and the like.

    © original map: Forge World

  10. From the album: Primaris chapters

    New symbol for my Ashen Blades chapter
  11. From the album: Primaris chapters

    Color scheme for my Ashen Blades chapter, created for the Liber Chapter Swap Challenge.
  12. Kelborn

    Dominion 40k

    From the album: Dominion of Storms

    40k version of my project, the Dominion of Storms. Including Xenos and Deathwatch.
  13. Hello there, this is the beginning of (hopefully) one of two complete Index articles featuring my newest (of too many) chapter ideas: the Ashen Blades I'll start off with the key facts I already got, expanding on them in time. The other chapter's going to be the Night Owls but I'll cover them in their own seperate thread. Now back to the Ashen Blades. By the way, the name is not fixed yet. I'm still open for suggestions but I needed to give the chapter a work title. One of them will also play a part in my BL submission of these years open window, so there might be some fanfic fluff coming in, as well. The first idea behind the Ashen Blades were that of a Pre-Lorgar themed Primaris successor. One that hunts down cults and such, burning all heretic lore which is not compliant to the Imperial Truth (which itself is a lie). While writing this down, they evolved into a lore protecting chapter, tasked to help Guiliman in restore the imperial past while hunting heretics, traitors and the likes. I would like to go back to this idea at a later time, maybe after finishing the basement to work upon. Before starting, I want to thank you (the entire LIBER community) for inspiring me to get something done. There were plenty of realy cool and unique concepts uploaded in the last weeks! Here's hope that my humble ideas may one day be as epic as yours. Now, let's have a look on the Ashen Blades, shall we? Chapter Name: Ashen Blades Founding: Ultima Founding Geneseed: Salamanders Chapter Master: Gardion Flameheart Homeworld: Vulkar Combat Doctrine: Siege Warfare & Liberation and Defensive Operations (chapter) + Suppression of Ideological Revolt & Lore Culling (Vanguard) Battlecry: Sons of Vulkan!" "To arms!" Colours: Various tones of grey and red Chapter Badge: A sword in front of a flame History The Ashen Blades is a Loyalist Codex Astartes-compliant Space Marine Chapter born of the Ultima Founding and a Successor Chapter of the Salamanders, composed entirely of Primaris Space Marines. The Ashen Blades were amongst the first of the Primaris Chapters created in the Ultima Founding. The Ashen Blades' homeworld is Vulkar, located in the northern half of the Ultima Segmentum. Though their battle record is still growing, they have already established themselves as vital supporters of Lord Regent Dante of the Blood Angels along other newly founded chapters like the Ebonspears or Night Owls. Furthermore, have they been chosen to follow unofficial orders given to them by Lord Guiliman himself. The Ashen Blades Ashen Blades have gained a reputation as caring and utterly focused warriors who rarely back down if civilian lives are at risk. Following the teachings of the Promethean Cult, they stay true to the virtues of their genefather Vulkan. Self-sacrifice, loyalty and self-reliance are greatly emphasized by all their battle brothers and further, by the people of their newly given homeworldVulkar. Once brought into compliance by the eighteenth Legion under Vulkan himself, the citizens of this icy death world pledged their fealty to his recently awoken sons. During the Indomitus Crusade did the Ashen Blades specialize in siege warfare and liberation operations, risking their lives to bring lost world into compliance once more. For them, a barren world, which requires repopulation is a lost cause. Each life saved by them will bolster the ranks of the imperial forces within the Imperium Nihilus. Besides saving as many lives and worlds as possible, do their Vanguard forces have a quite different agenda: securing historical records. While leading theIndomitus Crusade, Lord RobouteGuiliman established a new order of mortals, whose goal was to reconstruct an official history record of the Imperium, mimicking the Remembrancers he once knew during the golden age of the Imperium. With the Imperium Nihilus still being in an even worse state of constant war than the secure southern Imperium, Guiliman decided to dedicate an entire chapter to this cause. Known for their dedication and humanitarian beliefs, Guiliman thought the sons of his brother Vulkan to be the perfect candidates to gather, validate and secure those records for him. Deep within their new Fortress Monastery had the Ashen Blades begun to create a vast archive of different kinds of records. Not only do they search for ancient records, but also for rumours and hints about seemingly lost realms of the Imperium Nihilus. Aside from their battle proneness and secret agenda, are theAshen Bladesalso accomplished weaponsmiths, often crafting their own weapons and war gear. Born into a galaxy riven by war, the Ashen Blades are eager to prove themselves to their Primarch and their Emperor, throwing themselves into combat against the Imperium's countless foes. Organization The Ashen Blades' Chapter organization follows the standard revised Codex Astartes structure. It consists of ten companies, also called Lodges, of Primaris Space Marines, each one hundred warriors strong. Each is commanded by a Captain, who is assisted by a pair of Lieutenants, a Chaplain, an Apothecary, an Ancient, and a retinue of Veterans. The rest of the company is divided into squads of ten to five warriors. There are only slight adaptions in terms of naming certain ranks and disciplines, for example are members of the Librarium called as Battlesmiths. Another example would be the priests of Kharrzim, the chapters equivalent of a codex compliant Reclusiam. As sworn guardians of the Vraccarian Rift, were the Ashen Blades part of the rebuilding process after the reclamation of the Rift, the so-called Riftwar. Although the Rift was officially declared as being brought into compliance, the crusade cost the Ashen Blades and its allies dear, the war is far from over. To cover as much of the Rift as possible, did the Ashen Blades construct four additional chapter bases, acting as staging points, stations for resupply and places to train and raise new recruits until they are sent to Vulkar. Each of those posts are habituated by two entire chapters. This enables them to react on emergency calls as soon as possible. Furthermore, do those posts act as gathering places for newly acquired chronics, predictions and other useful data. The lodges of the Ashen Blades are currently spread as followed: 1 & 10th in space, battle barge Vulkatrix, 2 & 6th on Vulkar, Fortress Monastery Khoz-Ghyrak 3 & 7th on , base of Dorakis 4 & 8th on , base of Dul Bodaz 5 & 9th in the Chpem asteroid belt The 1st Company is made up of the Chapter's most experienced warriors. Veterans who wish to join the 1st Company's ranks rise through several companies, gaining experiences an reputation. Chosen by their superiors, each member of the 1st Company is a veteran of countless battles, a source of inspiration and wisdom and an embodiment of Vulkans teachings. The 1st Company rarely fights as one unit, usually taking to the field alongside other companies to serve as a veteran reserve. Still, the majority of the 1st Company resides on the chapter's flagship, the Vulkatrix, acting as a honor guard for their chapter master and rapid strike force along with members of the Vanguard company. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Companies are Battle Companies and do most of the Chapter's fighting. They usually consist of six battleline squads, two close support squads and two fire support squads, forming a balanced force to take on any foe. When the Ashen Blades go to war, they usually deploy a single Battle Company supported by troops from the Veteran, Scout and Reserve Companies. The Reserve Companies are each made up of squads of the same designation. The 6th and 7th Company are essentially additional Battle Companies. Their squads can be moved into a Battle Company to replace losses during a campaign. The 8th Company is the Close Support Company. Reivers and Inceptors from the 8th Company often comprise the first wave of an invasion force, disrupting enemy lines and causing panic before the main forces arrive. The warriors of the 8th Company are also expert at responding quickly to support their brothers when needed. The 9th Company is the Fire Support Company. It is made up of Hellblasters and other heavy weapons squads. They will often be called to assist a battle company should they need extra firepower. Furthermore do the Intercessor and Aggressor squads act as bulwarks of firepower on the battlefield, guaranteeing their brothers advance while at the same time securing escape routes for civilians. The 10th Company of the Ashen Blades is the Scout Company. It consists of fresh recruits whose training is incomplete. They are often tasked with reconnaissance missions during their training process. Aside from training the chapters future recruits do the Vanguard forces follow a quite different goal. Besides the regular specialization of acting behind enemy lines, do the brothers of the Vanguard company act as pathfinders to lost or claimed hubs of information. It is they who secure data vaults, archives and so on until they have been screened by the chapters techmarines. Vanguard strike forces are the first to enter a battlefield and among the last to leave it. They remain until their discoveries are either secured by the main forces of their chapter or, if forced, until they have destroyed every last scroll of lore, preventing it from being used by their enemies. Specialty Ranks and Units The Keymasters The Keymasters are the absolute rulers of the chapters growing archives on Vulkar. Regardless of their origin, be it a priest of Kharrzim or a member of the Battlesmiths, all serve for their greater purpose of their chapter given to them by Lord Guiliman himself. It is they, who analyse every bit of newly discovered lore, using a strict process, which shall filter between heretical writings and useful chronics. With the help of the chapters armoury is the archive constantly growing, which requires a frequently update on the security systems, traps, locks and so on. As a result do only the Keymasters have an overview of every process currently happening in the archives. Without their guidance, even the battle hardened Veteran might get lost in the deep vaults of their Fortress Monastery. more to come Combat Doctrine - the Ashen Blades wage war on two fronts: against the foes of the Imperium and to preserve its past and once claimed wisdom - while the majority of the chapter fights to reclaim and protect worlds, its vanguard is mostly sent to search for data archives and such in order to reclaim as much as possible - in doing so did they specialize in siege warfare and liberation/ defensive operations; weither they defend or the lay siege to a world, their outmost priority is to safeguard as many lives as possible - Vamguard strike forces are sent prior to the main battleforce in order to analyze the battlefield and their foes while at the same time taking a look for archives, data vaults, etc. which will be important to secure during the fight - with enough intel gathered do the Ashen Blades fall upon their foe - Inceptor squadrons fall from the skies upon well prepaired targets, marking the first step of the chapter's attack - Hellblasters and tanks lay siege upon enemy fortresses while Aggressors and Intercessors advance in mobile transports, breaking through enemy lines - Aggressors spread out, adding their devastating firepower to the overall chaos within enemy ranks; at the same time, Intercessors join forces with Vanguard and Inceptor squadrons, overwhelming the remaining adversaries Homeworld - Vulkar, an icy death world, which was once claimed by the XVIIIth Legion during the Great Crusade - the sons of Vulkan saved its population from an growing Ork infestation and reestablished order and civilization beneath thick layers of snow and frost - these days, great cities lie beneath the surface in vast caverns and tunnels, acting as hubs for several tribes - until this day, do they fight the remaining Orks, which still haunt them (comparable with Ironjaws Orruks of AoS) - the Ashen Blades' initiates fight against these with shields and hammer/ sword to proof themselves and their capabilities - several other lethal threats like giant tunnel worms, rock flayers, ravager beasts and so on; nearly nothing of flora & fauna on the surface, only ice and some legendary predators - the chapters fortress monastery is built into a mountain, with one third being above the surface and two third reaching deep into Vulkars ground; one of the deepes and hideous caves, protecting the gathered lore, raising new recruits and so on - there are rumors and unconfirmed legends of an ancient temple, in which Vulan seemed to have caught something; rumor has it that they may be related to the Gorewings, a humanoid race of cannibals Culture - adherents to the Promethean Cult, though slightly altered and adapted by the people of Vulkar in terms of terminology - oaths, use of runes, a book of grudges against seemingly "fellow" imperial allies or foes; example: a Forge World, which denied them precious archive data just for the sake of securing it in the name of the Omnissiah - smiths and loremasters, the fire of Vulkan keeps the population alive and warm; his blades (sons) protect them - venerated as "deliverers of hope" by their people - Keepers of the Keys as important institution, guardians of both, their archives as well as their traditions, the word of the Promethean Cult, etc. - many battle brothers make use of tattoes be it a reminder of a past battle or a rune/ oath to remember/ guard him Geneseed - stable - features their genefather's traits, i.e. resilience and stamina - there are no records of unusual skin pigmentations or differently colored eyes known - only their temperament seems to be "hotter" than that of their distant gene brothers as they are holding grudges against those who did them wrong until said incidents have been settled Notable Ashen Blades - WIP Chapter Fleet - Vulkatrix (Battle Barge), flagship - Draakenheart (Battle Barge) - Blazing Spirit (Strike Cruiser) - Vulkansson (Strike Cruiser) - Grigni's Rage (Strike Cruiser) - Grugmir's Anvil (Forge ship) Chapter Appearance Note: here's their old chapter symbol featured; you can find the new one at the beginning of this article Sources of inspiration and why: Cheers, Kel PS:
  14. Hail brothers! I've decided to create a holy crusade of our sacred brotherhood by myself. As I'm not plaing or collecting the minis, this will only consist of fluff, sorry. Its task will be to investigate the so called Dominion of Storms. Because of the Great Rift and its repercussions, Terra did lost contact to several well habituated regions deep within the Dominion, including three entire Space Marine chapters and additional forces. Acknowledging their determination and them being a crusade incarnate, did Roboute Guiliman request the help of Highmarshal Helbrecht and his Black Templars. Soon after did Helbrecht announce the Tempestus Crusade, which will be heading towards the Dominion. Its task: - find out of what happened to the loyal forces - reconquer lost territory - find stable connecting routes to the Imperium Nihilus Further did Lord Guiliman attached several supporting elements to this potentially crucial crusade: - a contigent of Primaris Marines, descending from his brother Dorn - several Imperial Guard & Tempestus Scions regiments - other potential allies like the Mechanicum, Sisters of Battle, Knights (not sure of what I'll make use of, as for now) So basically I'm intending to create a Liber Astartes article. Why am I posting in here, you might ask? Easy. I want to be sure of a couple of details regarding recent events and releases. And where to get better answers than here? ^^ Here are my questions: As far as I know did the Adeptus Custodes join Guiliman during the Indomitus Crusade. Are they still spread across the Imperium or would they accompany such a crusade like mine? What kind of "new" stuff did we get with the 8th edition codex? Any clues about their relation towards Primaris? I got some assumptions regarding Primaris: They will most likely have Librarians, right? That might lead to some heavy tensions between the Primaris and their Astartes brothers. The BTs deny the witch. Those Primaris can only descend from the 30K Imperial Fists Legion. That would mean that they are the sons of Dorn but not of Sigismund, leading to the assumption that they might not be as zealous as their 40K BT brothers. Furthermore, the usage of Libarians was allowed / ordered by Guiliman, ignoring the Edict of Nikaea. The BTs only adhere to the Emperor's edicts. Therefore, they might not accept RGs decree and continue to refuse to make use of the Librarians. How do the Black Templars fight these days? Still like the old days? Or did they changed / adapt to recent releases like Centurions? Do they make use of Devastors and the likes? Or is it open for everyone? What do you think? If this was already discussed previously, I'm sorry. Would be lovely if someone could give me an appropiate link. Thanks in advance! :) Kelborn
  15. Hello there, at long last, it is about time to publish my newst project; a DIY version of the Dominion of Storms. Mentioned on the galaxy map during the Horus Heresy, which was don by Forge World, it inspired me to recreate this region as the setting for all of my selfmade chapters, warbands and the like. Though it took me some time, I enjoyed it quite a lot. I also started to write something down in the fan fiction section but don't expect any great writing skills. In this thread, I will upload every project I'll work on, including my Storm Riders chapter which was published a couple of weeks ago. Long speech short, I hope you will enjoy reading it and as allways: comments and criticisms are welcome. Cheers, Kelborn -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- The Dominion of Storms (Ancient depiction of the realm known as the Dominion) (depiction of the realm known as the Dominion in the late 41st Millenium) (current depiction of the realm known as the Dominion in the beginning of the 42st Millenium) In the Imperium’s eastern border lies a huge and desolate area of space, its common name on astronavigation charts being the “Dominion of Storms”. This region of void was renowned for the ferocity and frequency of the ethereal gales that beset vessels that dared sail the Empyrean there. But still, within the raging storms and hideous nebulas, which prevented every attempt to unify this realm under a single rule, there are regions which are not constantly plagued. In these stellar oases, entire systems can be found which were as well colonized in ancient times, like the rest of the known galaxy. Separated from one another, different cultures and governments had developed, each of them being able to sustain themselves. Nevertheless, trading and few diplomatic connections were established, though it was nearly impossible to maintain this rare contacts as the constantly moving storms did their part to separate them again. Ignored during the Great Crusade and left behind to be brought into compliance when the Imperium had consolidated itself entirely, this region cam into prominence during the dark days of the Horus Heresy. Used by the traitors Lorgar and Angron as a cutoff to bring death and betrayal into the realm of Ultramar, it was quickly acknowledged by both sides of the war for its potential of being a bastion and waypoint for the future. While Horus advanced to prepare his strike on Terra and Lorgar and his brother Angron led their Legions through the Dominion of Storms to hide themselves before bringing annihilation to Ultramar, the hordes of the Traitors nearly ignored the Dominion in their backs. But there were others, who were more long-sighted. Perturabo, Primarch of the IVth Legiones Astartes Iron Warriors became interested in the wider Dominion as it was not only a perfect base of operations but further a source of yet uncovered resources and potency. Tasking a strike force of his own Legion to conquer it, Perturabo concentrated on the larger scale of war. But there were others, who laid their hands on this precious zone. Small in numbers but fierce in battle, black clad members of the Legiones Astartes arrived in the southern regions of the Dominion. Having renounced their heritage and not considering themselves as belonging or beholden in any way to their Primarch or their erstwhile brethren, none can tell where they have come from or who they previously were. After their arrival, they started to fortify the Domerian cluster, one of many small and isolated empires within the Dominion of Storms. From there, they started their own crusade, holding up the ideals of the Great Crusade. Within the borders of the Dominion, they quickly came to know as the Phantom. Known for their secretiveness and success on the battlefield, they declared themselves as the sworn guardians of the Dominion. It was them, who tried to stop the fleets of Lorgar and Angron, binding at least a small portion of their so called Shadow Crusade. But yet another side of the war joined them in their lust for conquer, the Brotherhood of the Storm Riders, members of the Vth Legiones Astartes White Scars. In search for the remains of the Ullanor Orks, the sons of the Great Khan joined forces with the Phantoms to secure the Dominion for the Imperium. After that and after learning about the betrayal of Horus, the Legionnaires under Thoruk Khan sought to join their Primarch again. It was then, when the Phantoms were alone again, that the strike force, sent by none other than Perturabo, the Lord of Iron himself, arrived at the borders of the Dominion, ready to take it for their own means. Soon, the wheal of death and war would spin again. Timeline Pre Imperial era Sometime between M15 and M19 - The Creators downfall: The ancient race known as Quoraz conquered the entire region which will later be known as “Dominion of Storms”. They used their advanced technology to form this region how they wanted it to be, including rearrangement of whole star systems, intense terraforming and even shaping some of the native species into sentient races as laborers and servants. By this, the xenos races of Arak, Tul’vyr, Abashi and Rai’Q came to live. While the first three races were designed to serve as labourers and workers, the Rai’Q was shaped to reminiscent their creators, keeping a part of their intelligence to protect the realm of the Quoraz. Unfortunately, the Rai’Q learned much while serving until they gathered their forces and tried to overthrow their masters, resulting in an apocalyptic war which ravaged the entire realm of the Quoraz. After nearly 100 years of constant war, the Quoraz were able to kill nearly all Queens of the Rai’Q who served as a vital connection between their swarms and therefore ending the war. Without them, the remaining Rai’Q fell to anarchy, killing everything in sight and destroying their own achievements like bio ships capable of flying through space which were destined to carry them to the borders of the galaxy. The last Quoraz learned from their mistakes, sealing the remains of their kingdom with multiple storms and nebulas. No one shall ever enter or leave this new Dominion of Storms. Too few to keep a race alive, the last Quoraz died a couple of years before the awakening of the Emperor. Since then, the Rai’Q had never shown up, although rumors claim that one queen might have survived but was never found. The other races of the Quoraz were now isolated, each of them developing differently. The Abashi of Hanaii regressed into savage barbarians, while the Arakk and the Tul’vyr formed an isolated but peaceful society on Uldunar. M30 – M31 – Great Crusade006.M31 - A home within storms: An unknown fleet under the leadership of black clad Astartes entered the unsecured region of the infamous Dominion of Storms, discovering a couple of habituated planets which introduce themselves as the Kingdom of Domeria. Acknowledging the potential of the entire dominion concerning resources and the offered possibilities, they decided to remain, to secure and fortify the Domerian cluster and to explore this mysterious realm even further. Unbeknown to the rest of the Imperium, they began their own crusade to unify the worlds of the dominion. 007.M31 - The Green Tide: A sizeable fleet of Orks, which had once belonged to the forces of Ullanor fled into the Dominion of Storm as they were hunted by members of the Legiones Astartes. When they reached the Domerian cluster, they were welcomed bywell prepared forces of the black clad Astartes, who named themselves the Phantoms. In trying to overwhelm them, the Orks stretched their forces too thin, resulting in their systematically annihilation. M31 - Horus Heresy / Great Scouring 007.M31 – The Shadow Crusade: Using the unstable and dangerous Dominion as a cut off for their unholy Shadow Crusade to bring war to the realm of Ultramar, the fleets of Lorgar and Angron were scattered within the restless storms. Some ships like the Catechism of Revelation were lost forever. Others like the Tenacious Zeal and the Eternal War, both part of a small portion of the impressive traitor fleet, were separated from the bulk of their crusade, travelling separately through the void. In doing so, the infamous Preachers of the Truth Word Bearers chapter and the 26th World Eaters Company discovered several planets and systems as well as numerous resources hidden within the storms. When the Phantoms’ scouts found them, they were immediately engaged by the whole forces of Domeria, resulting in several ambushes and battles within the borders of the Dominion. 007.M31 - Treachery uncovered: The Storm Riders brotherhood of the Vth Legiones Astartes entered the realm of Waniku, which as well is a part of the Dominion like the Domerian cluster, searching for elements of the Ullanor Orks which had fled before the might of the Imperium. None could be found. Instead of them, they were faced by combined forces of the Word Bearers and the World Eaters, fighting against an unknown force of Astartes Legionnaires. As they had been separated from the wider Imperium for a couple of years, the White Scars under Thoruk Khan had not heard of Horus' great betrayal and the atrocities that were committed. Therefore, they were caught off guard when both, the XVII's Preachers of the Truth chapter and the XII's 26th company attacked them, as the Sons of the Great Khan had officially sided with the Emperor during the second battle of Prospero. Alongside the unidentified force, which had offered a pact to destroy the aggressors, the Storm Riders faced the traitors, ravaging nearly half of the Waniku sub sector, until finally facing them on YT-1300, an uninhabited world at the edge of the Waniku sub sector. In this final confrontation, Warp storms erupted because of a breaching warp engine and several dark rituals done by the Diabolist of the Word Bearers, forcing the loyalist to retreat and trapping the traitors within, resulting in the renamed Dreadstars. 008.M31 - The Departing: Thoruk Khan and his men decided to return to their Legion to fight at their Primarchs side. The black clad Astartes, who introduced themselves as Phantoms, declared that they would remain to secure the Dominion and its numerous routes through the SegmentumUltima. Furthermore, they assumed additional forces of the traitors within the Dominion. When being asked to which Legion they belonged, the Phantoms replied that they were the loyal sons of the Emperor, the last ones of his Ghost Legion and there was nothing more to say about it. 009.M31 – The Iron Dawn: Tasked to claim the Dominion of Storms and its assumed resources by their Primarch Perturabo, the 117th Grand Battalion of the IVth Legiones Astartes Iron Warriors passed the borders of the Dominion, right after the battle of the Dreadstars. A long and devastating war erupted, when they were intercepted by the loyalists’ forces of the Phantoms, ravaging a wide area and several planets of the Dominion. In making use of guerrilla, ambush and infiltration tactics the Phantoms were able to slowly decimate the Iron Warriors’ forces. During the last battle in the orbit of Pheistos, a subdivision on the Iron Warriors fleet renounced their heritage and their traitorous Primarch, pledging their true fealty to the Imperium. They allied themselves with the Phantoms, destroying the remains of the 117th Grand Battalion. As it turned out, these loyal sons of the Iron Warriors were heavily outnumbered and have waited for the right time to pledge their true loyalty and to inflict as much damaged upon their treacherous Legion. Both, Iron Warriors and Phantoms joined forces, resulting in the foundation of the Phantom Blades. 011.M31 - A bastion of calm: In the final days of 011.M31, under the command of Arceas Odenathus of the 10th Chapter, the Ultramarines moved to assault the world of Desperation, in the northern borders of the Dominion of Storms, seeking to establish a zone of Loyalist control in the Dominion. 013.M31 – Honourum retaken: When Arcaes Odenathus, captain of the Ultramarines, rallied the scattered Imperial garrisons across the Dominion of Storms in order to recapture Honourum, the Phantom Blades heeded his call for aid. Fighting against the stationed World Eaters and Word Bearers garrison, they proved their worth in retaking the former outpost of the Ultramarines. Experienced in fighting the traitorous sons of both, Lorgar and Angron, the Phantom Blades were a decisive factor in the loyalists’ assault. 024.M31- A new home: The Storm Riders brotherhood under Thoruk Khan returned to the Waniku sub sector, claiming the world of Aukkaja as their new home. From then on, they are the sworn guardians of Waniku and, alongside their allies of the Phantom Blades chapter, of the entire Dominion of Storms. M32 – The Forging 035.M32 - Death from below: The Storm Riders chapter and a fleet of the Departium Munitorum discover Tanyaba and the nearby ocean world Kajio, which was the home of House Toho, who furthermore were facing annihilation by an unknown, amphibious xenos race. After defeating the native Nagazh, Kajio and Tanyaba joined the Imperium. 076.M32 - Who's da Boss?: After being defeated by House Valcorian during the war against the Beast, the Grinskull Freebootas under Kaptin Dabossa, headed for something new to plunda! When they found the realm of Waniku cluster, they immediately set course for it. Defending their home against this new threat was the first challenge for the relatively newly founded Storm Riders and their new allies of House Toho. 079.M32: Rise of the Beastslayer:Tanyaba, famous for its vast and diverse forges, was declared to become home of a new Titan Legion, Legio Gojira. Making use of the same modifications House Tohos Knight Suits had, Legio Gojira was able to fight under water for a certain amount of time. 354.M32 - Horrors of the past: An ancient, insectoid race awakens and threatens the entire realmof Waniku, House Toho, the 26thAlphic Scorpions, a Militarum Tempestus regiment and the first Titans of the newly risen Legio Gojira engaged them while the Storm Riders and Phantom Blades chapters are distracted elsewhere. 354.M32 - Hunting the moon: The Phantom Blades hunted the Cabal of the Reaping Moon, a band of Dark Eldar pirates which had its own kingdom within the more unstable regions of the Dominion. M33 - A galaxy aflame 087.M33 - The Scion of Madness: In the first years of the 33rd Millennium, the government of the Waniku realm lost contact with a convoy of the Adeptus Mechanicum, near Kuabos. The last transmission was about a giant, unknown ship of unknown class on its way to intercept the convoy. When the 4rd Tribe of the Storm Riders chapter found the missing convoy, nothing was left behind except the wreckages of the convoys' ships. Within the cold bones of the dead crewman, they found a message which was left behind: "You were found of being weak and corrupted. The galaxy will be purged of your existence. The Iron Fist will be your doom." 089.M33 - The Fist strikes: Kuabos was attacked by the Scion of Madness. Cold and efficient logic coupled with the savagery of daemon machines secured the renegades victory. The inexperienced defending Skitarii and Taghmata regiments stood no chance against a foe, which had waged war since the Great Crusade of the Emperor and the horrors of the Dark Mechanicum. Helldrakes and Forgefiends tore the defence systems apart, while Legionnaires and masses of adjacted auxiliary forces raided the hive cities Furisa Tertius and Secundus. Furisa Primus fought fierce and was spared from the atrocities the others had to endure. Killing every soul within the hives and scavenging everything useful, left both hive cities as massive, silent graves behind. When reinforcement had arrived, the warband of the Iron Fist was already long gone. 176.M33 - The genocide of Konig Secundus: When the Imperium lost contact with the entire star system of Konig Secundus and its surrounding outposts at once, a nearby crusading fleet of the Soul Drinkers chapter was recruited to engage the incident. With an emergency strike force, consisting of elements of the 26th Alphic Scorpions and the Phantom Blades chapter on route to support them, the Soul Drinkers hurried to arrive as soon as possible. Entering the outer rims of Konig Secundus just in time to support the last survivors of the local Astra Militarum, the Soul Drinkers witnessed the carnage which was unleashed here. The Scion of Madness hung deep in the lower orbit above Konig Secundus, the defending fleet scattered around it. There was nearly no response from Konig Secundus itself but those survivors, who had gathered within the southest fortress, Tal Dabor. Engaged by the Soul Drinkers fleet, the Scion of Madness was long enough distracted until imperial reinforcements had arrived. Outnumbered and in a desperate battle for survival, the Iron Fist was about to flee. Sacrificing much of its warmachines to secure the escape, the Scion of Madness was barely able to flee but it made it into warp. As both sides had taken heavy casualties and with the completed genocide on Konig Secundus' people, no one dared to call that a victory. M35 - The Time of Schisms 143.M32 - The Sons of the Lion: High Cardinal Alonsus declared the independency of the Kuljantis cluster within the SegmentumUltima, near the Dominion of Storms, renaming it the Four Heavens. Alongside the Angels of Redemption were the Phantom Blades sent to deal with the seemingly corrupted Alonsus and his priesthood of Westshire. Instead of dealing with the fanatical armies together, the Angels of Redemption went straight for the High Cardinal in a decapitate strike while the Phantom Blades systematically engage the whole cluster, purging it from its heretical belief. In doing so, they encountered a black clad Astartes warrior who was responsible for the corruption of the High Cardinal and his priesthood. After taking the Astartes into custody, they were faced by the Angels of Redemption. The following argument between both chapters lead to a bitter feud as the Phantom Blades were forced to surrender the traitor to the Sons of the Lion. Curious about the unusual behaviour of their so-called allies, the Phantom Blades decided to find out of what had happened to the scions of the Dark Angels in order to led them threat a fellow Astartes chapter. M36 – Age of Apostasy 351.M36 - The Children of the Sun: After years of preparations, a chaos cult rose on the beautiful shrine world of Omoke. With every shrine or temple they destroyed, the barriers between the mortal and daemon realities were weakened until the Children were able to summon the first demons. With the whole planet drowning in blood, the combined forces of the Storm Riders 1st, 3rd and 7th Tribes and the Tempestus Scions of the 26th Alphic Scorpions were able to hold the demonical forces at bay, while a small contingent of the mysterious Grey Knights cleansed each temple from its demonical incursion, reassembling the barriers between the planes and ending the constant stream of daemons. Cornered, the Children of the Sun fought desperately and it was revealed that an ancient and long thought defeated enemy had founded the cult: The Preachers of the Truth. Hearing that their old nemesis was still out operational, made the Phantom Blades immediately focused all of their forces to find and hunt down every living member of the Word Bearers warband. 666-937.M36 - The Tion Hegemony: During the so called Age of Apostasy, many revolts and insurrections arose because of all kind of demagogues, chaos conspiracies and oppressed populations. But the records of one specific were locked deep within the archives of Terra and the holy Inquisition: The Scions of the Sigilite. On Hephelios Primaris a man named Tion, who proclaimed he to be the reborn Malcador the Sigilite, was born. Not only did he look like him, but he also shared memories and visions of the Emperors closest advisor. As he gathered more loyal followers he tried to spell before the local governments of the Dominion. All of them denied accepting him as the true Sigilite. Therefore, he left the Dominion in search of other, more open followers. And he did found them. In the subsequent years, Tion the Reborn Sigilite, as he was named by his loyal followers, was able to gather various followers. About 200 planets, several regiments of the Astra Militarum and Ordo Tempestus, an order of the Adeptus Sororitas and three chapters of the Adeptus Astartes pledged their fealty to him, resulting in the founding of the Tion Hegemony. When the Hegemony declared its independence, the High Lords of Terra at last reacted. The subsequent attempts of peaceful negotiations resulted in a disaster. War erupted, which lasted for nearly three hundred years and shook the Imperium in its foundations as more worlds and another two Astartes chapters joined the Hegemonies' cause. A devastating civil war arose, which was halted by a crusade of nearly insane size as 15 Astartes chapters and hundreds of Astra Militarum regiments were recruited to end the reign of the pretender. The gigantic Crusade of Truth was divided in three smaller crusades to engage the vast Hegemonie from different sides. Led by the Ultramarines, the Black Templars and the Carcharodons chapters, these three crusades of truth, revelation and justice were, though acting separately, successful. The war and the Hegemony itself ended when the still living Tion the Reborn Sigilite was captured by the Carcharodons, judged guilty by the Ultramarines and executed by the Black Templars. This long lasting campaign took the Imperium many centuries to finally recover from it and still, the name Tion was whispered behind closed doors within the formerly Hegemony. M37 - Age of Redemption 399 – 402.M37 - Bonechewa-Waaaagh!!!: BossSkullswalla, one of the last descendants of the mighty Shadowtooths clan, invaded the Waniku sub sector with countless bloodthirsty Orks. Undefeatable on the ground, the only way to stop him was to confront his fleet in space. Imperial forces under the leadership of the Storm Riders chapter lured him in a trap between the gravity of Monsuna and its asteroid belt, resulting in his utter defeat. The few surviving Orks, which were able to flee, crash landed on the near world of Kumula. There, they were hunted down until they lost every bit of technology, turning them into primitive wild Orks which fought each other. Therefore, Kumula was then renamed into the Green Hell. 589.M37 – Rise of the Forsaken: The former chapter of the Blessed Blades were said to be loners, rarely fighting at the side of other imperial institutions as they have seen themselves to be superior and the chosen sons of the Emperor. In the early years of the 37nd Millennium, the Imperium lost contact with them because of the outcomes of the warpstormDionys. Their entire home system was caught in one of countless erupting warpstorms of that time. They were declared to be lost forever. Centuries later, near their former home of Elia-Hathel, a warband clad in the colours of decay appeared out of nowhere, assaulting nearby systems. It is assumed by high ranking members of the Ordo Malleus, that the so called Forsaken are the remains of the former Blessed Blades chapter. In 589.M37, they entered the south-western realm of the Dominion of Storms for reasons unknown. A strike force consisting of the Knights of House Toho and the Phantom Blades was sending to intercept them. After several devastating battles, the Forsaken were at least put to rest. M38 - A Time of Unrest 527.M38 - Xenos in shepfur: The 3rd Tribeof the Storm Riders chapter supported a Deathwatch Killteam led by Inquisitor Xulvias and brother captain Maxamius of the White Consuls chapter in hunting down a rising genestealer cult hidden deep within the hive cities of Hana. Though heavy tensions between the Astartes leaders and the loss of Inquisitor Xulvias, they were able to overcome their differences and extinguish the Xenos cult. 973.M38 - Bread and Excess: Over generations, the rulers of Polymus became more and more decadent, ruthless and addicted to wealth, power and sensation. When they enacted the creation of a gigantic coliseum for brutal sports like gladiator fights or entire war scenes, the Inquisition became curious of them. Lord Inquisitor Tobeas Markucien recruited the nearby living Phantom Blades to engage the seemingly corrupted cast of rulers. After several months of infiltration, espionage and the like, the loyal forces of Markucien and captain Damios of the Phantom Blades found out that the upper echelons of Polymus’ society were indeed corrupted by the god of pleasure. The following campaign took nearly two years and annihilated entire cities until the cult, later known as the Seekers of Pleasure, was annihilated. Worlds of the Dominion Because of its numerous, dangerous and unstable storms and stellar phenomena, it is not possible to name the Dominion of Storms a single realm. Instead, several stellar oases in between these storms permitted mankind to colonize many untouched planets, leading to the foundation of a handful of independent kingdoms and empires. Those listed below are the most considerable as for their importance for the Imperium and their decisive history: Waniku: Of regular size for a sub sector, Waniku is governed by a council, consisting of representatives of each colonized world, with the Warchief of the Storm Riders chapter acting as the head of all military forces of Waniku. Notable planets of Waniku are: Aukkaja– Ocean and Adeptus Astartes homeworld - first planet of Waniku being rediscovered by the forces of the Imperium; became the homeworld of the Storm Rider Brotherhood of the V Legiones Astartes White Scars after the Horus Heresy and the following Second Founding Hana – Hive World - Hana is one of the most productive worlds within the Waniku sector. Hanaii - Death World - It spends much of its time eclipsed by another planet, causing it to have long periods of twilight and nighttime. Every couple of months, the planet slips out of eclipse and is blasted by harsh heat from the sun. The primitive Xenos population, known as the Abashi, often seeks shelter in the planet's vast and thick forests, but during this period, forest fires are also frequent. During the eclipse period, the Xenos population is constantly on the run and hiding from Hanais variety of dangerous creatures. To survive, Abashi learn to be extremely adept at stealth and hunting. Place of ScholaProgenium of the 26th Alphic Scorpions, who are using the planets special environment and natives, sometimes along with their allies of the Phantom Blades chapter, as their training ground. Kalo - Agri-world - This planet and its orbiting moons have a Mediterranean climate, making them ideal for agriculture. Kaijo - Ocean and Knight World - Homeworld of House Toho, the Nagazh race and the giant Ke'mano monsters Koya – Feral World - Koya is a Storm Riders Training World used largely for increasing the tactical and strategic skills of the Chapter's Neophytes. Having several drastic climate zones this world is ideal for their training process and maneuvers. Make’ao - Dead World – Before the Great Crusade, Make’ao was well known as Ka’mala, the proud jewel of Waniku. It was a world full of life, beauty and all kind of arts. Destroyed by life-eater bombs during the conflict between the Storm Rider brotherhood and the World Eaters' 26th company in the first years of the Heresy. Omoke- Shrine World - spiritual center of Waniku, the damage done by the rise and fall of the cult known as Children of the Sun was nearly total, changing its beautiful surface for all eternity as the continent Hiboja was ravaged entirely, turning it into a barren world Pal Harboris- Hive world - While Tanyaba is the industrial center of the Waniku sub sector, Pal Harboris is well known for its giant, orbital shipyards. Every imperial force, be it imperial navy or Astartes chapter, of the entire Dominion is delivered by the lords of Pal Harboris. Their ships are well known to be perfectly balanced in terms of arms, protection and speed. Specially customized ships for the Storm Riders and Phantom Blades chapters are produced as well. Recently, Pal Harboris had suffered a horrible catastrophe. About 70% of its shipyards were heavily damaged, nearly the entire docked fleet was stolen and the population took casualties in the millions as three hive cities were nearly vaporized as a distraction by the infamous Alpha Legion. It will take years until they will have recovered. Tanyaba - Forge World – Tanyaba is a Forge World ruled by the lord magi of the AdeptusMechanicum. Home of LegioGojira The Dreadstars- place of the final showdown between the Storm Rider Brotherhood and the traitorous World Eaters forces, Warp Storm erupts and swallowed entire system, since then it became a bastion and refuge for all servants of Chaos from cultist to space marine and even daemon. Nowadays, the storms have lifted for reasons unknown and a huge army of chaos followers emerges from the Dreadstars. A strike force consisting of elements of all nearby imperial forces, the Inquisition and the mysterious Grey Knights gathered to engage this new thread of old times. The green Hell - Once known as Kumula this planet is a former Death World, covered entirely with jungle. Remains of Bonechewa clan fled to this planet after the disastrous ending of the Bonechewa-Waaagh!!!. Degenerated to wild Orks without proper technology. Domerian cluster - small cluster of handful of planets in the southern realm of the Dominion Polymus - Civilised World, seat of power of the Domerian cluster Sheda, penal moon of Polymus Arexis, fortress moon of Polymus Neptus - Paradise World, being the crown jewel of the Domerian cluster Klepiames – Agri World, supplies the Domerian cluster with food Taspar - Death World, homeworld of the mysterious Phantom Blades chapter, home of the deadliest predators of the Domerian cluster, including the Helenian Nighthunter and the Hydarian serpent, a harsh planet with several climatic zones, which make Taspar the ideal trainings world of a Astartes chapter, habituated by a couple of native kingdoms, technology level is at ancient bronze era Pheistos – Industrial World, center of Domerian industry Elemes, mining moon of Pheistos The Yurai nebula – a giant and strange nebula in the northern realm of the Dominion; it is assumed that it is not a natural but rather an artificial phenomena of unknown originCraftworld Umare, A medium sized Craftworld, the Eldar of Umare are lead by Runeprophet Alveras, they believe that enemies like the Orks, Necrons, Tyranids and especially the powers of Chaos can only be defeated if the Eldar and the Imperium would stand together. The tried several attempts to join forces with the Imperium, their greatest success being to have become the allies of one of the Emperors Sons. At least they say so. If that would be true, it would be of great insight about what happened to one of the Lost & Forgotten Legions. Since the days of the Horus Heresy they hide within the dangerous Yurai nebula, allying themselves with the nearby imperial forces, for example the Storm Riders, against a common foe. Shen-Jian - Maiden world, allied with craftworldUmare, first world to be conquered by the Eldars of craftworldUmare to establish a safe haven for those who had lost their home in the recent time Illyas’ Tear - Maiden world, allied with craftworldUmare, second world to be conquered by the Eldars of craftworldUmare to establish a safe haven for those who had lost their home in the recent time Quel'Doraj - Dead world, formerly the third world conquered by Craftworld Umare and first to fell beneath the emerging Twilight Crusade of the powerful chaos champion known as Dal'Gun Sharjaszh, daemon world, former homeworld of the peaceful Arakk and Tul’vyr races, conquered by Dal’gun and turned into a daemon world, formerly known as Uldunar The eternal Storms – several closely gathered stellar storms (ion, warp and other), either created on purpose or it is the result of an unknown event (for example the destruction of a planet system or to lock something up)Fel-amor, hidden base of the Dark Eldar force known as the Cabal of the Reaping Moon Nyg-Sarthu- Daemon and Fortress world, hidden center of Dal’Guns emerging forces and his seat of power as well as the former homeworld of the extinct Quoraz race Hyperias - unique space station, a seemingly ancient space fortress, heavily armed and defended, all who tried to enter it where perished or driven off, there are some rumors and legends that it might have belonged to a Space Marines Legion of old, which disappeared from one day to the next, some even claim that it is still inhabited Known Forces Imperium of Mankind AdeptusAstartesStorm Riders, successor chapter of the White Scars; Deriving from the stormy world of Aukkaja, the Sons of the Great Kahn protect the realm of Waniku. Known for their fast and merciless strikes, the are an important part of the loyal forces of the Imperium. Phantom Blades, a secretive brotherhood, not much is known about them. Making use of infiltration, sabotage and feints, they lured their enemies into death traps, overwhelming them in surprise assaults. These black clad Astartes are hunting in the dark, watching over their home, the Domerian cluster and the wider Dominion of Storms. QuestorisFamilia; Household Toho CollegiaTitanica; LegioGojira Astra Militarum Ashigaru regiments of Kaijo Dustwalkers of Hana KaloanPraefectors Ordo Tempestus; 26th Alphic Scorpions The alien, the heretic, the mutant OrksBonechewa clan GrinskullFreebootas Shadowtooths clan Dark Eldar; Cabal of the Reaping Moon Chaos Space Marines The Forsaken [formerly known as the Blessed Blades] Preachers of the Truth [Word Bearers] Nightmarchers [former part of the Storm Riders] The Iron Fist [iron Hands] Wolves of Apocalypse [Wolf Brothers] Chaos CultsBrotherhood of Kain (Tzeentch) Children of the Sun (Nurgle) Carnage Incarnate (Khorne) Seekers of Pleasure (Slaanesh) Daemons; Butchers of Katharax [KhorneDaemonkin / remnants of 26th World Eaters company] Neutral Eldar; YuraiEldar [craftworld Umare and Maiden worlds]
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