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  1. This is an image-intensive presentation. If you'd prefer to view the text-based version, click here. Hidden Content THE FIRE CLAWS CHAPTER Notes: [hidden]Many of you will recognize the names, realizing that this is the Chapter that we
  2. Index Astartes: Lion Warriors A moment of laxity spawns a life time of heresy... Summary: ▪ GENE-SEED (PREDECESSOR):- Dark Angels (Angels of Vigilance) ▪ FOUNDING:- 3RD [M.32] ▪ CHAPTER MASTER:- Dumah Berethial ▪ CHAPTER WORLD:- Al-Jandal (destroyed) ▪ FORTRESS MONASTERY:- The Spiteful Legacy (Battlebarge) ▪ MAIN COLOURS:- Golden Yellow, Black Shoulder Insets and Aquila ▪ SPECIALITY:- None ▪ BATTLE CRY:- None, formerly “Fear our roar!” ▪ CURRENT STRENGTH:- Endangered (Currently under four companies) ▪ KNOWN DESCENDANTS: (None known) Chapter Name: The Lion Warriors Origins: With the troubled times of the Scouring behind it and following the glorious Second Founding the Imperial was forced to redirect much of its efforts to the reclamation of the great glories lost during the Heresy. With much of the Traitor Legions having retreated to the sanctuary of the Eye of Terror many of the new Chapters founded were stationed directly around this Warp phenomena, many founded from forces that had already held the area, such as the Angels of Vigilance whom were founded from the forces of the Dark Angels left stationed on the world of Pervigilum. Whilst some of the control of the volatile region was restored the Traitor’s ever tested the Imperial defenses. When the Third Founding was declared the forces around the Eye were further reinforced with some of the Chapter’s being further divided, as was the case when the Lion Warriors were founded from the Angels of Vigilance and granted the homeworld of Al-Jandal, a strategicaly vital world situated on one of the few passages of stable space surrounding the Eye. It was here that the Lion Warriors would serve as stalwart protectors of the Imperium and many were the Traitor forces broken upon the walls of Al-Jandal. This faultless service would be, in a sense, the cause for the Chapters eventual downfall. In the opening days of the 38th Millennium a vast Chaos fleet, under the command of Gheramor the Defiler, set to destroy the Lion Warriors once and for all. Gheramor had faced the Chapter before and lost, and as such held great spite for the Lions. Cutting off Al-Jandal from external supply he lay siege to the planet, starting a siege that would draw on for close to one hundred years. With Gheramor’s forces seemingly endless and the Chapter secure behind the walls of its vast fortress monastery it became a war of attrition. The Chapters armories were not inexhaustible, however, and soon ammunition and weapon supplies began to run out. It was never recorded whom picked up the first traitors bolter, nor whom turned the first daemon possessed weapon against its master but as the siege drew on more and more of the Loyalist Lion Warriors had taken up traitors arms. It wasn’t until eventual relief forces arrived from the greater Imperium that the siege was finally broken. With their world now secure and Gheramor himself lying slain at Chapter Master Azran’s hand the Chapter faced a great decision. To use the weapons of the enemy was Heresy, or at least to open oneself to the taint of Chaos. But the whole Chapter had, in their desperation, taken up the tainted weaponry and, thus, wore the taint. The Chapter’s Inner Circle sat in conference for a decade, with half those present, namely the representatives of the Chapters Reclusium, declaring that the Chapter had committed heresy and should cleanse itself in war, taking the fight to the Eye itself. The others, surprisingly led by Azran himself instead counseled that what better way was there to defeat the Great Enemy then to turn his own weapons against him. A compromise was eventually reached, brokered by the Librarium, that the Chapter would recover all weapons of the enemy it could with every artifact first cleansed by the Reclusium and then checked by the Librarium for any remaining trace of taint, before being made available in a deep vault beneath the Lion’s Den, their fortress monastery. Those artifacts deemed too tainted were to be either destroyed of stored under guard by the Chapter’s first company. As time passed the Chapter began to not only use these artifacts but, eventually, began to seek them out. Soon the Second Companies responsibility wasn’t just the hunt for the Fallen but the hunt for artifacts for the Chapter. And it wasn’t long following this that it wasn’t just Chaos artifacts that the Chapter gathered but those of the Xeno and then not just weapons but lore and knowledge too. The repository beneath the Lion’s Den grew vast and varied and soon whispers grew among the population of Al-Jandal of a dark vault filled with evils hidden away. The breaking of the Lions wouldn’t occur till the middle of the 41th Millennium and come, not from their vast store of dark treasures but at the hand of a young promising Captain by the name of Raziel Nuriah. Raziel had, even in his time in the Battle Companies, show excellent leadership potential and was possessed of an easy charisma that promoted a fierce loyalty in those whom served under him. It wasn’t long before he achieved Captaincy and none were surprised when, following the death of its previous holder, he was granted command of the 1st Company and raised to a high standing position amoungst the Inner Circle. Only once voice spoke out against his appointment, Chief Librarian Daviel, whom urged caution for one so young to be raised so high but his objections were soon over ruled. It seemed as though Daviel would be proven wrong when Raziel took to his new duties with a passion and commitment that only earned him greater respect from those whom followed him into battle. At the battle of Hive Alpha on Provitus III Raziel lead the defence, serving as an immovable rock for the rest of the Lion Warriors to anchor their lines. Against the endless waves of tyranids of Hive Fleet Cerberus Raziel was as the warriors of old, destroying countless of the xenos in a blistering furious rampage. It was on the ash wastes of Zoris that Raziel would rescue the Librarian Naamah and earn with him a friendship that would, years later, ultimately seal the Captains fate. It would be in the Omas Drift that Raziel’s, and with him the Chapter’s, doom would be sealed. Reports of a Space Hulk comprising almost solely of a Pre-Heresy vessel of unidentifiable class known only as the Talon of Aletheia in the ship records soon drew the attention of the Lion Warriors and Raziel led a boarding party of the Lionwing on board. What he found onboard the ancient vessel has since been expunged by the Chapter from Imperial records but shortly following Raziel’s gaining control of the vessel a vast force of orks followed the vessel into the Drift, keen on looting the vessel. Despite urging by the Lionwing’s Chaplain Raziel turned the vessel onto the orks, demolishing their ramshackle fleet with the vastly superior fire power of the vessel, although records indicate the Chaplain perished during the fighting. Upon defeat of the orks Raziel directed the Talon back to Al-Jandal where he and it were immediately seized by the rest of the Chapter. Raziel was censored for his use of unsanctified traitor technology and stripped of his rank and command. He was taken by the Reclusiam and Librarium and tortured and tested to acertain his purity. He was returned to front live duties where he seemed to have realised the error of his ways and threw himself with renewed faith and vigor. Having restored his honour Raziel was eventually reappointed to his command but little did the Chapter know that the taint of Heresy had already taken hold in the young captain, encouraged and nurtured by the Fallen Librarian Naamah. One of his first actions upon returning to command of the Lionwing was to seize control of the still docked Talon and then turn it and much of the fleet on his former brothers, attempting to seize control of the Chapter. The Chapter divided and cut off Raziel and his followers rained fire and death down upon the planet whilst the remaining Loyalists of the Chapter fled to within the Lions Den and fortified themselves as they had done countless times in ages past. Raziel’s followers moved amongst the planets population, attempting to turn those they could to their cause. Eventually reinforcements from their parent Chapter, the Angels of Vigilance, along with a large Inquisitorial detachment responded to the distress call of the Lion Warriors and the siege was broken, but not before much of the Chapter’s strength was depleted and their fleet decimated. Raziel and his followers fled onboard the Talon and, although they were pursued, eventually escaped into the Eye. Before the Inquisition could launch a full investigation into the Chapter Captain Dumah of the 2nd Company, the acting Chapter Master following the death of Chapter Master Thamiel, petitioned the Angels of Vigilance to perform Exterminatus on Al-Jandal, citing the taint of heresy that Raziel had spread among the population as well as the need to protect the secret of the Fallen. The truth of his request may have been to hide the Chapter’s relic gathering ways and seal away its Reliquary but regardless the Angels acceded. Death rained down upon Al-Jandal and soon the thriving verdant world was nothing more then a desert waste. Following an exhaustive investigation by the agents of the Inquisition the chapter was purged of those still tainted by Raziel’s heresy but the Chapter’s secret remained safe. Infuriated that the Chapter had destroyed their homeworld before he could finish his investigation the Chapter was ordered on a penitent crusade, to which they still continue on today. Chapter Home World: When the Lion Warriors were founded they were originally gifted the world of Al-Jandal, a trading mecca in a relatively unknown area surrounding the Eye of Terror, to fortify as a sentinel world to watch for the nascent thread of Chaos. For much of the Chapter’s early history they fortified this trade hub and turned it into a vast fortress before turning their attention to the surrounding worlds. Known for its verdant plains, teeming wildlife and dark forests Al-Jandal became a beacon of Imperial rule in the oft troubled fringes of the Eye. The Lion warriors ruled from their vast Fortress Monastery on the planets Northern Pole, known as the Lion’s Den. Countless times the Lion Warriors pushed back forces, both of the original Traitor Legions as well as those more recently turned to the Dark Gods embrace. Under the Chapters rule Al-Jandal thrived. The Lion’s Den itself was a nigh impregnable fortress, vast obsidian black walls thrust defiant from the arctic tundra and monstrous defence cannons stood silently traced on the forbidding sky above. Inside marines trained, studied and, much like the monastic traditions of the forebears, regularly prayed and meditated. And at the heart of this fortress, watched over by the Chapters Librarius and elite 1st Company, the Lionwing, was the Chapters vast reliquary of artifact recovered or stolen from those fallen to the Ruinous Powers or from the perfidious Xeno. When Raziel led his rebellion within the Chapter and divided the Lion Warriors the resulting party of the Inquisition saw the Chapter sent on penitent Crusade and their homeworld declared Exterminatus. Fire and cyclonic torpedoes rained down on Al-Jandal, its verdant plains reduced to cratered deserts, its wildlife wiped out and its dark forests reduced to ash on the wind. Even the planets great hived were shattered and toppled and the Lions Den, once a proud and defiant monument to Imperial Glory was cracked open and reduced to little more then a dead ruin. The Chapter now operates from what remains of its fleet. Loosing its great Heresy-era battlebarge, the Wrath of Caliban, along with the Pre-Heresy ship Raziel recovered they were left with only a few smaller Strike Cruisers and escort craft. It wasn’t until a later mission to help the Adeptus Mechanicus of Forge World Provinents that they were gifted with the vessel that would become their new Fortress Monastary, the mighty battle-barge the Spiteful Legacy. This vessel now contains much of the facilities once held at the Lion’s Den, with a fully functioning Apothecarion, Armoury, Recslusiam and many vast training rooms and other facilities crucial to the functioning of a Chapter. Only one facility remains on Al-Jandal, hidden to all but only the highest ranks of the Chapter. Deep beneath the shattered remains of the Den lies the still hidden Librarium and the vast reliquary it contains, watched over by only a few of the Chapters most elite warriors and the carefully watched remnants of the Librarium. Present Activities: As the Chapter currently stands they approach the end of their One hundred year penitent crusade. Little of the Chapter remains with many having fallen over the course of their penance. Chapter Master Dumah has sworn a sacred oath however to see his Chapter one day restored to its former glory. To this aim he is more and more reserved on how he deploys his forces and rumours are that he has begun recruiting for the Chapter again in secret, although such rumours are often quietly silenced before they have chance to spread. Whatever the case the Lion Warriors have proven themselves still loyal sons of the Imperium and have, despite great hardships, continued to bring glory to their Chapter and the name of Lyon el Jonson Battle Honors: M34 - The Blackwall Uprising: Traitor insurgents from the Alpha Legion cause the entire Blackwall Sector to declare themselves independant of the Imperium, cutting trade to a vast section of the Imperium including Al-Jandal. The Lion Warriors response is as fast as it it ruthless. By the time the loyalist forces have retaken half the sector the rest surrender rather then face the Lion Warriors wrath. Their surrender is promptly ignored and countless thousands of secessionist are made an example of, their pleas for mercy falling on deaf ears. M39 - WAAAAGH!!!! Grotsnappa!: Orks under the command of Warboss Grotsnappa invade the Imperial Worlds of the Stromnos Belt. The Lion Warriors 3rd Company responds, with aid from the 1st and 2nd Companies. The Ork Warband is almost defeated and open to a devastating attack by the Lionwing but on the eve of battle the Lion Warriors redirect their attack against the Ork’s rearguard and after a devastating attack on the orkish wierdboyz cadre withdraw, rumored with artifacts of a dark nature. Without the Astartes aid the Orkish WAAAAGH!!! drags on for many more years and at the cost of countless thousands of guardsmen. M40 - Zerethiel’s Doom: Zerethiel, Captain of the Lion Warriors 4th Company, leads an assault into the Xeno catacombs of Praesis V. What exactly he discovers in the depths is unknown but what few communications were received hint at a vast metallic complex with rows and rows of skeletal statues and strange large insectoid machines before contact is lost. Zerethiel or his marines are never heard from again and Praesis itself disappears from Imperial control shortly there-after. M41 - The Talon of Aletheia: An ancient vessel of Pre-Heresy design is found drifting in the Omas Drift. The Lion Warriors, under the command of Captain Raziel of the Lionwing, seize control of the vessel. Although recommended to destroy the vessel by the company Chaplain Raziel instead takes control of the vessel and turns it against a major Orkish incursion that were following the derelict vessel. The orks are easily destroyed with the ancient vessel but the Chaplain of the Company is killed during the action. Upon returning the vessel to his Chapter Raziel faces censure for using a non-sanctified vessel. Raziel is temporarily stripped of his ranks and punished accordingly before being returned to front line duty. Although his service in exemplary upon return to duty he seems to become increasingly obsessive with the capture of artifacts and forbidden knowledge, even moreso then his brothers. M41 - The Lions of Al-Jandal: Raziel, having been returned to his former rank for loyal service, leads a revolution of nearly a third of the Company against the Chapter Master and seized control of much of the Chapter’s fleet. The loyalist Lion Warriors fortify themselves in the Lions Den whilst Raziel’s followers rain fire down upon the planet. It is only when reinforcements arrive from the greater Imperium that Raziel abandons his siege, taking those of his forces whom were on board his fleet, abandoning much of his forces on Al-Jandal whom flee into the planets forests and wild lands. Al-Jandal is declared Exterminatus following an exhaustive Inquisitorial investigation and the Chapter sent on Penitent Crusade. Chapter Organization: The Lion Warriors originally different little from the Codex, regarding it as a solid and effective tome on battle tactics ideal for the enhanced methodology of warfare of astartes. They only differed from the tome in the same ways as there Primogenitors, with the First Company being Terminator armored veterans, known as the Lion Wing and the Second Company being a highly mobile and entirely mounted Company known simply as The Seekers. The Lion Wings duty was two fold, one to safeguard the Chapters Vault on Al-Jandal and secondly to act as the Chapter’s hammer blow when either Fallen or artifacts were found. The Seekers acted in a similar role to their Ravenwing forefathers with the added role of seeking out those artifacts that the Chapter may wish to seize. Since their fall the Chapters Librarium are rarely seen and never seen on the battlefield. Fleet Assets: 1x Battlebarge - The Spiteful Legacy 4x Strike Cruisers - The Lion’s Tooth, The Sword of Al-Jandal, The Angel’s Throne, Hate’s Kiss Assorted Thunderhawks and Escort Craft Recruitment: The Lion Warriors once recruited from the hardiest of the tribes of Al-Jandal, those whom survived the massive honour duels before the gates of the Lion’s Den. Since their Penitent Crusade however the Chapter has been forbidden to recruit new initiates and as such its forces are slowly dwindling. Chapter Colors: Battle Cry: The Lion Warriors are sworn by their penitent oath to bear no heraldry nor yell no battle cry. Before their sentence their cry was “Fear our roar!” Gene-Seed: Dark Angels (Angels of Vigilance) Champions of the Chapter: Chapter Master Dumah Berethiel As hard as ceramite and as dour as stone is one way Dumah has been described. A man of brooding wrath and dark humour he is perhaps the best representative of what he Lion Warriors have become. When Raziel turned his forces against the Chapter Master Dumah was one of the first to declare which was his loyalties lie. Not by some showy proclamation or defiant speech but simply moving his forces to fortify the Lions Den. During the battle for the Lions Den Dumah is said to have personally sought out the Captains whom turned against the Chapter, and is said to have successfully taken the life of two of the renegade commanders. As one of the only surviving loyalist Captains left after the Inquisitions arrival he naturally assumed command of the shattered Chapter, a role he took without much relish and with the stoic resignation that has always marked him. Despite this grim nature Dumah has successfully led the Chapter through gthe dark days of its penitent crusade and is close to restoring the Chapters good name. Whilst many claim Dumah has disobeyed the direct conditions of the Chapters penitent crusade by secretly recruiting new neophytes to the Chapter Dumah has addressed these with the pragmatism he is famous for, by simply ignoring them. One thing is certain, however, that Dumah will stop at nothing to see the Lion Warriors restored. Grand Master Erasio Tolus With Raziel's betrayal much of the Lion's Pride, or 1st Company, was left depleted and decimated. Despite Raziel's easy charisma it is a telling sign that roughly half of the Pride stayed loyal to their Chapter Master. Erasio was one of these loyalists. Only newly appointed to the 1st and initiated into the mysteries of his Chapter and its Inner Circle Erasio was regarded as brash and boisterous and many were surprised that he did indeed remain loyal to the more monastic nature of his Chapter over the freedom and self aggrandisement offered by Raziel. When the ashes of Al-Jandal settled the position of Grand Master of the First was left open. Despite it being offered to many of the more senior members of the Pride they all declined, not wishing to stand in the shadow of the traitor that had nearly felled the Chapter. So the position remained empty for many years until. Erasio relentlessly petitioned Dumah to grant him the position but was constantly knocked back. Eventually, however, Dumah relented. Despite misgivings from most of the 1st Erasio has proved an apt and capable leader for the Pride, if not a far more aggressive and fierce leader then the Pride has previously known.
  3. I have updates for my three chapters, some presented as in-universe documents, some not. I have provided links to the initial articles, as opposed to reposting three articles. Thunder Coyotes Record of Interactions with Chapter, Dawn Blades, 'Co-located' Fleetborn Chapter in Area of Operations Envoy dispatched to Battle Barque for purposes of introductions. Envoy received cordially and appropriately, though prevented from full tour of present chapter fleet, excused as current hyperkinetic war footing, with no time for such things. In recompense, a finely wrought power axe is gifted to the Thunder Coyotes, in addition to the typical gifts demanded by the chapter's traditions and an envoy of their own. Thunder Coyote Envoy reports that Ultima reinforcements have been delivered to the Dawn Blades. A degree of classism and a superiority complex begin to assert themselves. Envoy reports that nearly half of initial reinforcement group is discreetly bundled off to the Deathwatch for 'not being up to chapter standards.' Coyote Recce team identifies covert Dawn Blades chapter facility on surface of Ocrod Secundus. Facility is locked down tightly, and data-security nets prove impossible to penetrate. Physical penetration is attempted, but foiled by a squad of Dawn Blades performing an ' urban operations training exercise' about the area of the facility. Coyote force delivered to Qoslomoya with diplomatic but slightly excessive haste. The Dawn Blades envoy feigns ignorance of the facility and refuses to speak of the matter. Joint combat operation undertaken by Dawn Blades and Thunder Coyotes against Chaos incursion and warp rift. The chaplains and hymns of the chapter prove particularly effective against the daemonic assault, and combined with the psychic might of both chapter forces are able to force the micro-rift closed, followed by a declaration of Exterminatus on the affected planetary populace by the Dawn Blades Saisho-Shinsengumi, operating on the authority of his leige-lord. Protests that he does not have such authority by Thunder Coyote officers are quelled by a communique from the Shogun, confirming that he has delegated that power to his champion while he tends to Inquisitorial matters, and guarantees that all such incidents are reviewed after the fact. Reports of increasing hostility between the Firstborn and Rubicon marines and the original Primaris Paradigm marines reach the Thunder Coyotes' ears. The chapter lodges a formal protest to the treatment of the Primaris Paradigm troops, which is summarily dismissed as relating to internal chapter matters. Following a report of open violence between the factions in the Dawn Blades, the Coyote envoy is recalled from the chapter, and recommends that the Dawn Blade envoy return to his own brothers for the time being. No further official contact is had between the chapters for multiple decades, though Recce teams continue to keep tabs on their cousins. A Tyranid splinter fleet requires the two chapters' cooperation as ordered by the Sector Governor. The Tyranids actively avoid the Dawn Blades chapter barque for reasons unknown, but happily attacks the other vessels in their fleet. Omega Cohort The Arrival of the Unnumbered Sons, and the Salvation of the Omega Cohort Primus Apothecary's Annual Report, Collating Data-Trends and Fitness Reports for the Chapter: Lord Tigumedes, I will mince no words. It is my great pleasure to report to you that this new Primaris Paradigm has delievered to us an innumerable amount of more compatible candidates for ascension. The gene-stocks that the Ultima Crusade has brought to us, alongside five-score and still ten more full-blooded Primaris descendents of our Lord Corax, have proven impeccable in nearly all respects. The Mucranoid Gland still retains its atypical coloration, but this is no great loss. Our integration rates have skyrocketed to easily triple or even quadruple their pre-Crusade levels. Additionally, the incidence of the synesthesia affliction has fallen drastically, to perhaps twelve in one hundred successfully ascended Neophytes from nineteen of twenty previously. By miracle, we have been saved, praise the Emperor. It is my strong and immediate recommendation that all Whisperers be tested for compatibility with the new Black Carapace, if age permits, and implanted with all possible haste. Additionally, based on my observations of the new Primaris troops, all current Silent-Speakers, including yourself, my Lord, are recommended to undergo the Rubicon Primaris. It cannot be denied that the process is dangerous (first reported with a six in ten casualty rate, now improved to I believe about fifteen out of one hundred), but the combat benefits and down-the-line durability in my medical opinion drastically outweigh the casualties we are certain to lose to the operation. I will perform your surgery yourself, should you consent to it, as the primary surgeon. Attached please find my complete data-reports, and related addenda. Signed, Chief Apothecary Saniel, Omega Cohort. Greeting Address to the Legio Bolter and Chainsword staff, Chapter Master, Omega Cohort: Hail, cousins. I have entrusted this letter to the aide of my predecessor, whom has passed from the Emperor's Service as an Astartes of flesh and blood two months prior to the dispatch of this missive, due to complications with his Rubicon Primaris procedure. Please recieve his Whisperer as my envoy, and accord to him the full honors as deserved. My chapter, as we suspect the Legio knows, has been until very recently ravaged by terrible genetic mutation due to corruption in the gene-seed. Our manpower has been perpetually very thin, and I suspect that had the Ultima Crusade not reached us when it did, we would have shortly died out, unable to replace our power-armor-capable brethren. However, I shall not dwell overmuch on this, for it has been rectified by the grace of Lord Commander Guilliman, and our Chaplaincy has declared us absolved of the sin that we must have committed to have earned such a terrible fate, as evinced by our salvation. The Omega Cohort is pleased to accept the invitation of Daimyo Lenoch to join the Legio Bolter and Chainsword, and will detach for permanent Legio duty a demi-squad of Primaris Paradigm Astartes, and a demi-squad of Firstborn Paradigm Astartes, experienced in stealth operations, for distribution as you see fit. I look forward to cooperation in full with the Legio. Signed, Chapter Master Taeban Ghoststrider, Omega Cohort; Lord Governor Taeban The Protector, Omega Colony. Dawn Blades The Primaris Paradigm, and the Duality of The Rubicons and The Forgechained: The Dawn Blades have a complicated relationship with their Primaris contingents. Contingents, plural, for they have two: the Rubicon Primaris, who are ascended Firstborn marines, and the Forgechained, who consist of the hundred or so Primaris marines that the chapter has received in reinforcement over the past seventy five years or so (and that is a number which has been whittled down by excruciating trials and combat casualties) from the Unnumbered Sons. The Rubicons enjoy full rights as any Firstborn member of the chapter would, and are treated as such by the rest of the chapter. There are around ninety members of the chapter so ascended, distributed fairly evenly over the chapter's companies and leadership, except the 2nd Company, whose only Rubicon member is Lieutenant Shonar, due to aggressive and long-term deployment patterns in the wake of the Noctis Imperium. In contrast, the Forgechained are assigned exclusively to the Forge, and are treated practically as slaves. They do not deploy except under the direct supervision of The Master of the Forge Ceticus Stormmoon, or a trusted subordinate, and have a shoulderpad painted in Techmarine Red surrounded by a chain to signify their assignment. Their 'representative' in chapter matters, such that they are allowed one, is given the title Saisho-Dorei, who has a nonvoting seat on the council of Shinsengumi. However, despite their deep distrust of the fleshlings that were given to them, the Dawn Blades adopted their technologies after a brief chapter-wide debate, if only because it help alleviate their previous materiel shortages. The Redemptor Dreadnought Chassis that accompanied the initial delivery of Primaris was dismantled and reverse-engineered within days, and while the chapter itself often has little use for Dreadnoughts (due to its typical casualties being either easily recoverable with bionics or total losses save geneseed), its weaponry and targeting systems were quickly applied to existing vehicles, improving their combat efficiency over the next several decades by eleven point four percent. A great amount of friction exists between the Rubicons and the Forgechained, it should be noted, as well as between various camps in the Forgechained themselves. The Forgechained look at the Rubicons and see what could be for them, while the Rubicons look down upon the Forgechained as children playing with their father's power swords--dangerous, untrained, and liable to hurt themselves as much as someone else. Despite his own personal distrust of them, however, Stormmoon is as defensive of his Forgechained as he is of his vehicle pool--though whether relegating them to the status of semi-sentient machines is an improvement or a degradation is hotly contested among the Forgechained who actually give a damn about their status. Some of them, it must be noted, are happy to be elevated to the status of machine (these are mostly gene-sons of Ferrus, whom the chapter as a whole claims as their gene-father), while the others, led by the few sons of Vulkan, protest their treatment but recognize that they are still subordinate to the Chapter Master's authority through Stormmoon.
  4. IA: Warborne " We are born of war. We are forged in its fires. Every breath we take, every strike we make, every threat of our soul in bound to it. We are born of war. And when we die, it will be fighting it." Captain Alexamander to new initiates M.41 Origins Founded to assist White Talons in 35ish founding Do quite well, despite White Talon efforts Betrayed by Talons and get all but destroyed Rebuild to mostly full strength before Cicatrix Maledictum Geneseed stocks stolen by White Talon raid. Chapter almost destroyed again. Last three companies get destroyed before homeworld. Indomitus Crusade arrives and rebuilds/replenished Chapter from the last few survivors. Last few marines cross the Rubicon Warborne are reborn as all Primaris Homeworld When they were sent to serve in St Andwyn's Scar the Warborne were gifted the world of Plataea to serve as their homeworld. Situated at the galactic north of the Scar Plataea had been the site of many battles against the orks that often invaded the region. Indeed even the White Talons had fought several battles on its rocky and mountainous surface and the scars of these conflicts were never far from the surface. Despite this Plataea was a still very much a world of philosophers and artists. This very much changed with the arrival of Warborne. Seeing such things as a waste of time not only did the Warborne outlaw such wasteful pursuits they even went to the extent of outlawing even basic things like trade. Plataea would serve as nothing more then a fortress as well as a school for recruits. All male children were tested at birth for defects or weakness. Those judged unfit were promptly slain. The children were then taken and placed into the vast military schools that were scattered across the planet. At these schools the boys learn to fight, to survive hardship and how to work as a unit. Everything they do is to make them better soldiers. They are provided with little to no food and expected to steal to survive. If they are caught, however, they are beaten. Not for stealing, but rather being caught. A warrior needs to think on his feet and survive. They are forced to fight each other, but never with malice. They are provided no bed or quarters, but rather forced to make their own. They are given no clothes other then a cloak, the right to wear shoes or boots must be earned, regardless of the weather. Students are often forced into lethal team battles against other schools in great sand arenas where glory goes to the victor and the loosers are punished, those that survive anyway. And atop of this they are all often subject to random punishment and beatings. Life is hard and often short. Great are the number of students that die at the schools or, worse, fail. Those that fail are either killed or made to serve as slaves, along with the women folk of the planet. If the life of a student on Plataea is hard, then the life of a slave is worse. They are regarded as less then property. Indeed as a coming of age ritual it isn't uncommon for the students to hunt and kill the strongest slave they can find. Of course if the students are found blooded themselves in such a manner they are beaten. Not for killing the slave, of course, but for being caught. Plataea itself has become as rugged and harsh as the marines that call her home. Following the devastation of the planet during the first invasion of the White Talons, then damage during the same chapters raid on its Apothecarion and finally during the bloody times of the Noctis Aeternia the planet had become blasted and shattered. Its once great marble cities, where alabaster columns stood thick like forests, were left broken toppled ruins. Its forests were stripped of life and burned. Even the Warborne's great fortress monastery lay broken. Yet the planet is slowly recovering, much like the Chapter itself. The forests are slowly starting to regrow and people dwell among the broken cities. The Warborne, and their planet, were beaten but not broken. Organisation The Warborne are scions of Roboutte and before the second scouring of the Chapter were fanatical followers of the Codex. The strict warrior culture of the Chapter meant that discipline through the Codex was ideal. That is not to say commanders within the Chapter didn't use their initiative. Indeed a large part of the training those earmarked for command would under go was around adaptive thinking and problem solving it was a clearly defined line between the rank and file and Chapter command. A Captains role was to think, a marine's was to do. It was this strict methodology that served them well during their conflict with the White Talons, whose method of war was a far more individualistic. Following the arrival of the Indomitus Crusade and the Primaris it brought the Chapter was restructured. Those few non Primaris marines either crossed the Rubicon Primaris or died trying. A Warborne's role was to fight, and be the best at fighting, so any advantage was to be taken. Anything else was to admit to weakness. These changes, along with the fact that most of the Chapter had been lost, meant adhering to the less rigid adherence to the Codex the reborn Primarch taught. The Warborne are still noted as strict in their chain of command and structure, but perhaps less then before. Combat Doctrines Brutal and relentless. Strike to kill Have all the latest gubbins Merciless and efficient. Again, highly codex. Beliefs We are born of war. We are warriors. We live to fight. The weak are worthless. Mortals are scarcely worth the time The strong are strongest without the weak. Geneseed Ultramarine Most stolen by White Talons Now entirely Primaris GENERAL NOTES: - Very Greek themed (helmet plumes, greek maze designs etc) - Captains/honour guards have bronze chest plates. - Sarge's have bronze helms. Chapter Symbol: Colour scheme: Captain: ********* And so I finally get to these guys. These are just notes so I don't expect any feedback yet, just jotting things down. Should hopefully get a more fleshed out version tomorrow.
  5. Well, time is running out, so here's something to put on the board to at least help establish some idea onto who my Cursed Founding chapter are, as part of the LASC. Plenty more additions to come to build and refine this work, but here's some outlines and some early history and Chapter structure. DEATH CASTERS Chapter: Death Casters Founding: 21st Homeworld: Lacrima Geneseed: Blood Angels Organisation: Codex Chapter Master: Nikel Fulmos Heraldry: Legacy Created in the ill-fated 21st Cursed Founding, the Death Casters have long walked across the knife-edge of destruction, not only from the enemies of mankind, but from elements within in Imperium itself. Fashioning themselves to appear as blessed angels of deliverance to the Imperiums citizens and of retribution to their enemies, the chapter hide beneath this appearance a dark and destructive flaw that has given them the reputation of monstrous butchers to survivors of their ill-placed fury. Born from the Angels Encarmine, their initial growth was one without major fault or aberration, as they utilised the Blood Angel geneseed stock given to them at their founding by the Mechanicum. Recruitment proved to be more difficult from the norm, as a larger than average number of aspirants died during the application of the Black Carapace, but this was not seen to be an issue of great worry as many more passed and became fully fledged Astartes in their formative decades. As the Chapter grew to a viable fighting strength to be independent in their campaigns, it became increasingly clear to observers and allies that the Death Casters possessed a near preternatural knack of working with their brethren as combat grew in intensity akin to a shared consciousness. As larger numbers of the Death Casters fell in combat, their ferocity increased to savage levels as the sons of Sanguinius would fight to avenge their fallen. Some Imperial commanders and eyewitness accounts from battlefields shared with the new Chapter described how the ferocity of the Death Casters squads would reach wild levels of barely controlled rage as squad-mates fell or were grievously wounded. As the corrupted seeds of the 21st Founding began to bear its tainted fruit across the Imperium in the centuries following, the Death Casters faced much closer scrutiny from elements of the Inquisition as they fought for humanity in numerous campaigns and crusades. Being tasked with the defence and pacification of the Luctum sector, located to the very northern borders of the Imperium in the Segmentum Obscurus, the Death Casters were sent to cleanse and establish the Imperiums foothold by scouring it clean of the Ork and other minor xenos presence. Some observers tacitly commented on this being a method to remove the risk of an aberration in a Chapter that originated from the Cursed Founding. But despite this arduous and impossible task, filled with a desire to prove their worth to the Imperium and that they were loyal and pure sons of Sanguinius and the Emperor, the Death Casters succeeded in establishing a foothold in the Lacrima system, named for the unique tear-drop shaped continent on its primary planet, which became the homeworld of the chapter as they established their base of operation. The system began to grow and settle with fresh citizens from across the Imperium and the Death Casters sought to cement themselves into the culture of Lacrima, looking to be their angelic protectors and saviours in purple and bone. For the next half-millennia, with aid from elements of other Imperial forces and brother Chapters, the Death Casters suitably cleared the xenos corruption of the Luctum Sector and Rogue Trader and Explorator fleets began to found new settlements and trades, which the Death Casters swore to defend at all costs. A number of strong ties were made between a small number of Rogue Trader houses, which has proven useful in negotiation with other elements of the Imperiums groups, including elements of the Ordos Xenos Inquisition. Within this time however, the increased levels of ferocity and synchronised reaction between squads and Companies at heavy losses began to become more noticeable as larger threats appeared to challenge the new Imperial presence, including Drukhari raiders and elements of Chaos bleeding through strongholds in the distant stars surrounding the Luctum Sector. Internally, the Death Casters command elements sought to find the source of this issue as further aberrations to the implantation of the Black Carapace became more pronounced as the centuries marched on from their founding. The truths of the Black Rage and Red Thirst were already well known to the chapter from their parentage in the Angels Encarmine and they dealt with those consumed by the Black Rage in the method almost all Blood Angel descendants have done. But the divergent unique mental bond between squads and the consequences of losses within them was becoming harder to hide as elements of the Inquisition kept close scrutiny of these sons of the 21st Founding. With increased research from their Librarius and Apothecarion, they came to the conclusion that a latent psychic link was shared between all members of the Death Casters and severe traumatic events such as grievous wounds or death would mentally assault them, leading to a faster fall into the Black Rage as the Astartes would descend into a savage and wild blood craze, ending all threats perceived before them. An increase in psychically gifted Astartes also pointed further to this theory after initiates received the chapters stock of altered-geneseed as Librarians dealt even further with the psychic shock of the death of their brethren, but the Psychic Hoods utilised by the Librarius proved to be useful in dampening the shared pain. Thus, unique mantles were formed akin to the metal and crystal shrouds used by the psykers to help limit the mental pain and anguish, limiting it mostly to more traumatic deaths amongst squad-mates. But a boon of this unique flaw was that battle-brothers in squads also possessed a useful link to synchronise their attacks to seem to work as one, complementing each others flows and firepower when they reach the peak of their combative abilities in open warfare. Atop this, as the chapter continued to scour the Luctum Sector clean of Xenos presence, they also secretly searched for any source of psy-damping technologies to add or enhance their protective mantles, utilising their links with the Rogue Trader houses and Mechnacius forces that they had formed allegiances and pacts with during their formative centuries. What technologies they have earned is not known beyond the Death Casters upper echelons of command and those they have made deals with amongst their allies, but some unique bespoke armour worn by the highest ranks of the chapter hint at unique methods or technology being utilised to prevent them from falling to the flaws of their geneseed and psychic link through the bond of those that they command into battle. As the centuries have passed from this, the Death Casters earned a number of notable battle-honours that have held them in good stead with a number of forces throughout the northern region of the Segmentum Obscurus, including with Rogue Trader House Cassilon, which was first forged with the cleansing of the Luctum sector. Often the Death Casters have provided them with battle brothers to protect the Rogue Traders ships as they seek new planets and resources. In return, the chapter have received a supply of those resources in gratitude. But countering these bonds of friendship and honour pacts, the Death Casters have also earned the ire and scrutiny of a myriad of Imperial forces due to their afflictions effects. The Stain of Parallax A notable incident and mark of shame that has marred the Death Casters reputation even now in the Imperium Nihilus originates from fighting alongside the Shield Bearers chapter, after both suffered catastrophic losses during the Parallax Genocides in 380.M37, against the brutal forces of Lord Discordant Tarr's Word Bearers. The wild ferocity of the Death Casters combat was one that perturbed the more martial and systematic combat of the Shield Bearers, which strained ties from the earliest points of the campaign. But as the Death Casters suffered more losses, including deaths from malefic methods of warfare utilised by the corruptive Word Bearers, a chain reaction of falling to the Black Rage and Red Thirst occurred across their squads. The chapter attempted to obscure these terrible occurrences, but as both chapters attempted to defend and evacuate Hive Aurus Prima, reinforcing elements of the Shield Bearers discovered rogue, maddened Death Casters indiscriminately killing all and feasting upon the blood of the fallen. Carrying a contempt for any and all mutations and enshrining purity above all else, the Shield Bearers declared the Death Casters to be corrupted and opened fire upon their afflicted Astartes of the Death Casters to purge the aberration of Astartes purity. This action was answered by the full fury of the Death Casters fleet above the Hive when they received word of what had happened. Captain Heleas ordered for that sector of the Hive City to be bombarded with their full arsenal to purge all elements of the Word Bearers forces, but also hiding the evidence of what had been seen, preserving the Death Casters secret. The bombardment completely annihilated the Shield Bearers that had fired upon the Death Casters forces, but also wiped out any remaining forces of their own battle brothers as well, who sacrificed themselves for the good of the Chapter. This single, desperate act completely shattered all bonds of brotherhood between the Shield Bearers and the Death Casters, as the sons of Lacrima explained their reasoning that the Hive City was too far gone with corruption. The Shield Bearers cut off all communication and the two chapters fought their battles separately, avoiding all opportunities to aid each other. The Parallax Sector fell soon after, becoming a charred husk from countless Exterminatus orders to end further daemonic incursions and the sheer madness that had been created by the forces of the Word Bearers, as neither chapter could counter the forces of Chaos on their own. Sending word of their suspicions to the Death Casters actions, the Shield Bearers brought the investigations of Inquisitor Kovohr of the Ordo Hereticus upon the sons of the Cursed Founding. The chapter were placed under arrest upon arrival at Lacrima, undertaking strenuous tests and investigations of loyalty and purity. It was fortunate that those who had fallen to the Death Casters curse and subsequent Black Rage had already been given the Final Mercy prior to their leaving of the Parallax Sector. But the actions undertaken over Hive Aurus Prima and the close ties the Shield Bearers held with the Inquisition and Inquisitor Kovohr led to the Death Casters receiving a century long Penitent Crusade, with recruitment of new aspirants forbidden during that time. The subsequent crusade nearly halved the chapters number of Astartes, but they emerged unbroken to the eyes of the Imperium. However ever since the shameful events of the Parallax Sector, elements of the Inquisition continue to monitor the Death Casters at every turn as Inquisitor Kovohr's retinue spread these beliefs of the Death Casters being a Chapter to always scrutinise over the centuries and millennia, until it became gospel by the end of M41. However, with the events of Noctis Aeterna and the tumultuous events following the cutting off from sacred Terra, large elements of these Inquisitorial forces were annihilated through the madness and chaos that descended across the Imperium Nihilus and the memory and teaching of the Death Casters being a risk have slowly faded from focus as greater issues and threats in the besieged and isolated half of the Imperium. The Call to Baal and Noctis Aeterna In the final centuries of the 41st Millennium, the fate of the Death Casters seemed increasingly grim, as the sheer ferocity and relentless nature of enemies, both xenos and chaos continued to harass and attack the Luctum Sector and beyond. The reputation of the chapters tainted ferocity and from incidents across the millennia had led them to become outsiders to numerous forces of the Imperium and treated with distant contempt by some commanders and brother-chapters of Astartes. The curse and afflictions that affected them seemed to increase further as a direct result of these arduous campaigns and battles they faced, often without reinforcement. As the final century of M41 dawned, the Death Casters suffered a crippling blow of the utter extermination of the Second Company and their geneseed, as they sought to purge a Necron tomb-world that had recently been discovered, only to awaken the metal Xenos and be systematically wiped out within a short span of weeks as the curse ruined any chance of a retreat, such was the excruciating brutality of the deaths of their comrades to a full legion of Necrontyr that awoke at their trespassing. But this was but the prelude to the harrowing centuries that would follow as the Death Casters neared total and irreversible losses to their numbers through further degradation of their affliction through further terrible and brutal events the chapter desperately fought to maintain their control of the Luctum Sector and protect its people. When Hive Fleet Leviathan descended upon Baal and Commander Dante made the call to all descendants of the Blood Angels to answer the call and defend the planet, Chapter Master Phakeos deployed the Sixth Company to immediately make way to Baal, whilst he recalled and mustered all available Death Casters not engaged in critical battles to make their stand alongside their fellow brethren. Their remaining chapters journey to Baal was one that became a nightmare of destruction and madness as they became caught in a colossal Warp Storm in in the Nohs Gulf, as the events upon Cadia sent shockwaves across the galaxy. By the time the Death Casters reached Baal, their numbers were halved from the fighting within the warp storm that trapped them for what was mere days in realspace, but were weeks for the chapter until they broke free. Upon their arrival, the fighting against the Tyranid and Daemonic hordes at Baal were at their peak. The Death Casters sought to aid and reinforce their brothers of the Sixth Company that had already arrived in the weeks prior. But no remains of the Sixth were present, having already been lost and devoured in a void battle to shatter a splinter fleet in a pyrrhic sacrifice before the bulk of Hive Fleet Leviathan had fallen upon the Baal system itself. At the conclusion of the Devastation of Baal, the Death Casters now stood at a fifth of their original number that had deployed to Baal, enough to build a mere one and a half companies. Chapter Master Phakeos had survived, but the same could not be said for the four Captains lost in the fierce fighting. With bonds forged with their fellow sons of Sanguinius and with the true horror of the Cicatrix Maledictum forming across the length of the galaxy, the Death Casters sought to return and rebuild upon Lacrima. The loss of so many of his brethren however became a burden too great for Chapter Master Phakeos as he meditated during the journey home, descending to the Black Rage and was summarily given the Final Mercy before he truly fell into utter rageful madness. At this time, all sense of hope was now but a guttering flame in the hearts of the Death Casters as their geneseed continued to degrade as they sought to rapidly grow in number, despite the near-logarithmic increase in attacks against Imperial worlds. But soon that light would be rekindled at the arrival of the Torchbearer Fleet decades later with the gift of the Primaris. The Advent Primaris became a pivotal moment in the potential fate of the Death Casters as the arrival of the Custodes and their new Greyshield brothers bolstered and regrew the chapter anew. The secrets of creating the Primaris Marines and their new bank of genestock were immediately utilised by Chapter Master Nikel Fulmos. Having been blessed with this new reinforcement of new Death Casters, the chapter have ranged out to retake lost worlds across the Luctum Sector to maintain and Imperial stronghold to the northern edges of the Imperium Nihilus. Numerous firstborn sought to undertake the crossing of the Rubicon Primaris as well, but these were limited in number simply due to the need of active Astartes to counter the threats constantly emerging. As the centuries have passed into the 42nd Millennium, the chapter have also noticed a lack of affliction amongst their newer Primaris brothers raised with the new stock of geneseed provided by the Mechanicum, but the larger than usual amounts of psychically gifted Astartes that grow from these supplies have tempered any true hopes of a turning in the curse that has gripped the Death Casters since their inception. But regardless of their faults and afflictions, the sons of Lacrima continue to fight on as the angelic champions of the Luctum Sector and the Imperium, striving to maintain the example of their genefather Sanguinius and that of the Emperor Himself. Chapter Organisation The Death Casters follow a similar set up to their fellow sons of Sanguinius, adhering to the Codex Astartes, but with additions that are standard across most Blood Angels successors including a Death Company, which with the mutations of their tampered geneseed, it has been heavily utilised in their combat methodology due to the sheer numbers that have fallen to the Black Rage from their plight in recent centuries. Their Chaplaincy, referred to as the Ebon Sentinels continue the standard rite and duty of leading their afflicted brethren into combat and guiding them where they are to meet the merciful embrace of death in combat against the Imperiums foes, or to administer the Final Mercy once the battle is ended and some continue to survive. However, in recent history with the sheer loss of number and increased levels of desperation, the Death Casters leadership have sought to utilise the Death Company in more than one battle if possible, interring those surviving Astartes in stasis caskets akin to ones used in Dreadnoughts until they arrive at their next battle. But often these second or third engagements, these surviving brethren are fully fallen to the Red Thirst and are unleashed as a wave of mad and bloodlust driven fury that often die quickly as they engage in the deadliest of combat zones on the battlefield. The chapter also possess a Sanguinary Guard amongst their First Company, their colours inverted to be of polished bone with purple pauldrons, to stand out and reflect the light of the Emperors fury upon their enemies. Often those within the Sanguinary Guard are those that have survived the afflictions of their geneseed and the loss of their brethren and squadmates. Still, they can fall to the Black Rage and Red Thirst as every descendant of Sanguinius is doomed to suffer inevitably and their sacred and masterly-crafted angelic armour is stored in the Detraxi Vaults beneath Lacrima, waiting to be used once more as others ascend to the vaunted ranks of the Sanguinary Guard. As is typical with Blood Angels successors, the Death Casters to possess an increased amount of psykers within their Chapter. But in their case, it is further increased by their unique genetic flaw from their creation, with an even greater number of Librarians being found within their Company and Chapter structure. Librarian Dreadnoughts can be found across the Companies and have been seen to lead their fellow Astartes in a number of engagements and deployments. Librarians often attempt to dampen the shared link between their fellow Death Casters using their abilities by keeping some distance from the battle lines but often it cannot be done when combat is fully joined. The arrival of the Torchbearer fleet and the Primaris Decree was greatly welcomed by the Chapter after the tragic and cataclysmic events that had befallen them and the Imperium at large during Noctis Aeterna and their misery in trying to reach Baal. The additions of the new Primaris Astartes and war material have been quickly integrated into the Chapters structure, with a more than half of their Companies being made almost entirely of Primaris marines to fill the empty ranks and lost companies. The Death Casters attempt to maintain a strong Scout Company to ensure their legacy continues throughout the dark era the Imperium Nihilus is enduring. This includes breaking typical Codex teachings by increasing the retinue of their Tenth company to anywhere between 150 to 200 when at full strength simply to replace their constant losses from combat or from their genetic curse, but often it is depleted quickly throughout their history from the constant intense battles the Death Casters face and from undertaking marks of penance throughout their history. Combat Doctrine The Death Casters maintain a very similar methodology of combat as their sibling chapters born from Sanguinius' Blood Angels, relying heavily upon mobility and ferocity to meet the enemy in close quarters, where they exact their fury by bolt and blade. The sons of Lacrima have fully embraced the use of their Primaris brethren, especially the Assault Intercessors are part of their main line of combat, delivered by Storm Ravens and the new Grav-Tank vehicles created by Belisarius Cawl. Belief Despite their marred and tainted history and legacy through the ill-fortunes of their creation, the Death Casters maintain a strong and unshakable belief that despite their afflictions wrought by their geneseed, they are all champions and angels of the Imperium sent to protect humanity from the myriad of enemies that seek to bring ruin and death to the Emperors citizens. As such, their armour is often fashioned to look as celestial and noble as is possible, with little in the way of terrifying effigies or icons of death and despair towards their enemies. They see their actions in combat and a visible enough symbol to those that earn the ire and vengeance of the Emperors Angels that scour away the abominations that seek to destroy the Imperium. The curse itself that all Death Casters will suffer and inevitably succumb too is looked upon without shame, but one of acceptance of the sacrifices they must undertake to ensure the Imperium survives, especially during the current era after the Cicatrix Maledictum tore the Imperium in two and their stranding within the northern regions of the Imperium Nihilus. The chapters link to their Primarch, Sanguinius is one that is held in the highest regard. The Death Casters hold the opinion that their genefather was the greatest hero of the Imperium during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy after the Emperor himself, for Sanguinius had selflessly sacrificed himself fighting the arch-traitor Horus to allow the Emperor to defeat them and send the traitor Legions retreating into the Warp. Icons of a teardrop of blood is often worn across their armour and adornments, reminding the chapter of their legacy as they seek to follow Sanguinius example. ++++ TO DO LIST: Recruitment And that's it for now, hopefully COVID work doesn't fully draw me away to get this done in time. Feedback as always is welcomed. Cambrius
  6. Outline/skeleton (note that most of the content below has been randomly generated using the Deathwatch RPG Chapter Creation tool): Battle-Brother Kolos Novosad, 6th Company (Reserve) History: 26th Founding (M41); Created to join the Adeptus Praeses around the Eye of Terror; Sent to stand in for the destroyed Black Consuls; Figure of Legend: Chapter Master (stalwart enemy of the servants of Chaos, slew a Daemon Prince); Home World: Home world: Feral ice planet; Maintain distant rule, preferring to keep their stock as "pure" as possible; Gene-seed: Ultramarines gene-stock, but inexplicably altered; Scions of Mars (close to the AdMech, affinity with tech) -> perhaps the AdMech are keeping a close eye on their genetic test-subjects, in case something goes wrong? Lost zygote: Oolitic kidney -> all Marines are less resistant to toxins, but lack of the oolitic kidney can also lead to implant malfunction/rejection and organ failure; Organisation: Followers of the Codex Astartes; Favour close combat, relentless; Quick reaction is the hallmark of this Chapter; Nominal Chapter strength; Combat Doctrine: Favour strength and cunning; Chapter Friends: Imperial Guard raised from a specific world; Chapter Enemies: Eldar Corsairs (specific group); Beliefs: Revere the Emperor above all;Battle-cry: "Forward, for the glory of the Emperor!"Name, Heraldry, & Livery: Chapter name adjectives: Sable, Fiery, Omega, Brothers, Millennial, Mailed, White, Bloody, War, Imperial; Chapter name nouns: Marauders, Brothers, Sons, name of its Chapter's home world, Hunters; Heraldry: raven, chalice, talon, clenched fist, sword; Livery: orange & dark pink.
  7. *Picture of Space Marines here, still WIP* "A poor hunter chases prey. A good hunter waits for it." - Chapter Master Koganeth, Champions of Athlum, M38.224 Early History: "Some battles are decided before swords are drawn" - Athlumi proverb Amongst the first Chapters created in the 18th Founding, the Champions were given clear objectives from their very inception. Sent to the south-east of the Glastheim Rifts, the Chapter was to establish a base of operations and destroy a festering empire of brutal, lizard-like xeno raiders called the Khovata. Arriving at their designated area of operations, the Champions immediately began a war of calculated aggression, striking the xenos occupiers wherever their defences were weakest and clearing the path for larger Imperial Guard and Navy forces to push the xenos back. On the border of the Kohvate empire lay the Death World of Athlum, a stunningly beautiful but barely hospitable planet filled with hyper-lethal plant and animal life. The Chapter found the planet's climate produced hardy, viable recruits, and quickly adopted Athlum as a homeworld, allowing them to replace the losses incurred during the Khovata wars. The final assault against the Khovata empire saw their homeworld of Lor conquered, the aliens massacred and the scant handfuls of survivors fleeing into distant space. Lor fell into Imperial hands, and was quickly turned into a mining colony to supply the Adeptus Mechanicus with ores and oils. The Champions, having succeeded in breaking the strength of the Khovata, found themselves suddenly beset by Dark Eldar - the Kabal of the Shattered World began launching raids on nearby Imperial worlds, forcing the Champions to chase after this elusive foe. At the same time, Chaos cults began to surface across multiple systems, sometimes in great numbers or with hordes of mutants or daemons in thrall. Beyond this, remnants of the Khovata sometimes launched their own bloody raids from the distant, disparate worlds they had fled to, cutting into the Champions' territory like a scythe, intent on causing as much damage as possible. The Champions were unable to easily pursue foes across so many fronts, and so changed their tactics, drawing inspiration from the hunters on their Homeworld of Athlum. Studying the habits and attack patterns of their enemies, the Champions were able to use smaller forces to lie in ambush, using guile and forward planning to intercept enemy attacks. Chapter serfs were employed as agents, gathering intelligence and acting as watchful eyes for the Chapter on many worlds. When enemies massed in large numbers, the Champions would seldom attack them head-on, instead sending strike teams of a few squads to destroy enemy supplies and materiel, sabotage enemy defences or ships, or assassinate key enemy figures. The Chapter quickly became famous for their "Death of a Thousand cuts" approach to warfare, weakening an enemy to the point the battle was all but decided before the Champions deployed their companies in open war to finish a foe. The Champions of Athlum would, in M37, become part of the "Silver Circle", a band of Chapters around the Glastheim Rifts sworn to defend the Imperium's holdings in that area. Heretics lurking in the Warpstorm-addled Rifts themselves and xeno predators attacking from all angles made the Rifts a dangerous place, but the alliance of Space Marine Chapters worked together - albeit grudgingly - to grant the Imperium some additional purchase in the region. In late M40, the Champions discovered the lost world of Kynasa, that was in many ways a mirror of proud Athlum. Home to a hardy, primitive population dwelling in the forested ruins of ancient Imperial cities, rich in danger for the unwary, and isolated enough to have largely avoided the predations of enemies. Claiming recruitment rights from the world at the same time as claiming Kynasa for the Imperium, the Champions even transported a small but significant portion of Athlum's population to Kynasa to help ensure the world's viability for future generations of recruits. The occupation of Kynasa went smoothly, and the Chapter successfully took it's first batch of recruits from the world before disaster struck, a scant few years later. After feinting an attack at the Maladar system, the Kabal of the Shattered World were able to deploy a large-scale raid on Kynasa, killing or abducting every man, woman and child from the young colony, and retreating back into the webway at blinding speed. The Champions, overcome with grief and rage, raced to get vengeance. In their haste, the Chapter made several errors of judgement that led to an extended series of defeats. Their supply lines were repeatedly targeted by the Drukhari, several Chapter serfs killed or kidnapped while attempting reconnaissance, and on two occasions Company Apothecaries were assassinated in the midst of otherwise unimportant skirmishes with unaffiliated foes. The Champions came to their senses and saw that the Dark Eldar were trying to play them at their own game. The Chapter refocused their anger, turning it from a burning rage into an ice-cold, murderous focus. To this day, both the Kabal and the Chapter remain locked in an endless series of raids, ambushes and gruelling small-scale warfare all across the south-east of the Glastheim Rifts. Recent History: "Our success depends upon our strength. Our strength depends upon our success." - Brother Maliad, Champions of Athlum 7th Company, 516.M41 Amongst the many disasters that befell the Imperium with the opening of the Cicatrix Maledictum, Athlum came under direct attack, thanks to the machinations of the heretical Blades of Atracia. Cults sprang up, seemingly in synchronicity with the appearance of the Cicatrix, no doubt seeded and sheltered by the traitors in the Glastheim Rifts for this very purpose. The Champions were, as always, quick to react, dispersing their forces to be the rock against which this wave of heresy would break. While the Champions were thus occupied, the Blades of Atracia struck at Athlum itself. With half the Chapter still entangled with enemy forces off-world, and less than eighty marines left standing in Athlum's defence, the Champions mounted a desperate last-ditch defence at their Fortress Monastery, gathering as many of the civilians as they could and bunkering down. Before the Blades of Atracia could do much more than breach the second layer of walls, however, reinforcements arrived from an unexpected direction. Companies of Primaris Space Marines, bearing the livery of the Silver Circle's Chapters at the head of innumerable hosts of Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii and Imperial Guard. The Indomitus Crusade had arrived, and with it came thunderous, inevitable victory for the Champions and the Imperium. The Riftmark leading the Chaos forces was slain, trampled to death by the unyielding Kastelan Robots of Forgeworld Valstrax, causing a mass breakdown of the heretic's command structure. The Champions were much less active in the century following the Battle of Athlum, their efforts focused largely inwards as the Chapter adapted to the changes wrought by both the attack on their own world and the Indomitus Crusade. Eventually, however, the Champions re-emerged from the Battle of Athlum with renewed purpose, striking remorselessly at heretics and aliens wherever they may be found with the Chapter's traditional precision and focus. Recruiting more serfs from other worlds allowed the Champions to spread their intelligence network further while tightening their control on the systems and subsectors around Athlum. Taking steps to ensure Athlum would never be so exposed to enemy action again, a hundred Primaris marines were assigned to what was informally called "The Sentinel Company"; a group dedicated directly to the protection of Athlum itself. Homeworld: "To be entranced by the flower is to forget the presence of the poison." - Athlumi proverb http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/sm.php?b62c=@hXbsb_hOPYE.hmmn0@@@@@@@_@.@@i8khii8khi@@@@@@@@@@@_iakk7_iakk7@@@@@@@@@@hCmX3.@@@@@@@@@@@@@.iakk7&grid=TRUE A Battle Brother of the Champions of Athlum Athlum, the chosen homeworld of the Champions, is a beautiful, verdant paradise, crawling with life. But behind the beautiful visage is a world of extreme danger. Almost every life form on Athlum is dangerous, from the incredibly poisonous blossom trees that turn the forest canopies lilac and pink once a year, to the myriad of insects whose bites can cause permanent damage to unlucky victims. Amongst the deadliest things on Athlum are the carnivorous Wyverns, house-sized flying carnivores that roam the skies looking for exposed targets to feast upon, and the Dirgewolves, giant wolves whose front half is largely covered in scales and bone protrusions, making them very hard to hurt with conventional weapons. The humans of Athlum live in scattered clans, and mostly survive as hunter-gatherers, armed with the finest bows, spears and traps that their craftsmen can make. Only the patient and the skilled can survive on Athlum, and it is from the youth of this hardy caste of hunters that the Champions draw most of their recruits. Known as the Great Spire, the Fortress Monastery of the Champions of Athlum was constructed in the centre of the planet's highest mountain range. The mountains themselves are called "The land of Angels" by the natives, and none dare tread on such sacred ground, leaving the Champions to keep a distant vigil on the people below. The outside of the Spire is faced in gleaming white marble, and it can be seen from almost a week's journey away on the plains below, reaching above even the high peaks. For recruitment trials, the Champions drop would-be aspirants in one of several pre-selected starting points, roughly a day's travel from the base of the mountains, and simply instruct them to reach the Spire. The trial routes bring aspirants face-to-face with some of Athlum's most dangerous wildlife, and then pits survivors against the treacherous, unfamiliar terrain of the mountains as they seek to reach their goal. The Chapter's outlook and methods of war are shaped to a certain degree by the native hunters of Athlum. Patience, planning and decisive action are the keywords by which both hunter and Space Marine live and die. Beliefs: "War is not the only duty of a Champion." - Chaplain Durran, Champions of Athlum 1st Company, 113.M42 Parhaps the most unusual aspect of the Champions of Athlum's outlook on the Imperium is their view on The Emperor. The Champions feel that He looks upon His Imperium with great sorrow, a soul-deep melancholy that what should have been His greatest work was laid to ruin. Additionally, the Champions believe that His Space Marines are the only surviving means of truly uniting and protecting the Imperium, and that The Emperor intended for Space Marines to not only safeguard ordinary humans, but to embody the best aspects of humanity. Thusly, the Champions of Athlum believe the Chapter must excel in all disciplines to be as The Emperor intended them to be. To this end, the Chapter can boast well-practiced craftsmen, diplomats, artists, musicians, and architects as well as great fighters and insightful strategists. The Champions point to their Primarch, Guilliman, and his own multi-faceted talents as further proof that Space Marines should be more than simple fighters. Though this diversity of disciplines obviously serves the Chapter well in many respects, it does come with its own drawbacks. Those who study non-combat disciplines are, inevitably, somewhat less-practiced in war. While the difference is almost imperceptible to outsiders, even fractional hesitations or marginal errors in a combat situation against the enemies of mankind can mean the difference between victory and death. This has led, over the centuries, to something of a culture of preservation in the Chapter, where battle-brothers skilled in one or more non-combat arts are considered to be, informally, of somewhat higher value than their purely war-trained kinsmen. This is done simply to prevent the Chapter's expertise in esoteric disciplines from diminishing, and preserve the reputation of the Chapter as a whole. Furthermore, such is the Champions' conviction that they are closer to The Emperor's ideals for the Space Marine, that many amongst the Chapter tend to treat other Chapters as either short-sighted fools or wilfully ignorant of their true purpose. Thus, the pride of the Champions remains a stumbling block in their relations with other Chapters. The Chapter's diplomatic corps exists, in part, to manage this issue - keeping the more self-assured Champions firmly in line as well as minimizing the risks of conflict between brothers. Battle Doctrines: "Squad Amanir, close with the objective. Squad Uthag, fire on my mark..." - Sergeant Galborn, Champions of Athlum 3rd Company, during the battle of Kryndaia, 233.M41 The Champions of Athlum are somewhat atypical for Space Marine Chapters in that most of their defining victories ultimately come from small-scale actions. Kill Teams sent to eliminate key or isolated enemy figures, or sabotage enemy materiel, or disrupt a foe's supply lines. Combat Patrols using carefully gathered intelligence to cripple an enemy force before it ever truly musters its' strength. Small-scale strikes used to cause large-scale effects, so that when the time comes for the Champions to muster at Company strength and take to the battlefield, often the result of the battle is decided before the Company even deploys for battle. On the battlefield proper, the Champions of Athlum fight as befitting an Ultramarine successor, with fluid battle plans that take advantage of an enemy's weaknesses as they are presented. There is a noted predilection to the use of ambush attacks, outflanking strikes and the use of carefully laid traps, mirroring the methods of hunters on Athlum. The use of camouflage is not only considered acceptable, but encouraged by the Chapter, though their innate pride ensures they seldom completely cover their Chapter's heraldic colours. Organisation: "A leader must set an example. We must set an example." - Codicier Kyrloth, Champions of Athlum 1st Company, 167.M42 Taking pride in the heritage of their Primarch, Roboute Guilliman, the Champions of Athlum proudly adhere to codex-mandated Organisation. Such structure has served the Chapter well in their time in the Glastheim Rifts, being able to disperse or gather to deal with encroaching threats as they rise. For a long time, the only notable deviation was the renaming of the traditional rank of Company or Chapter Champion as "Headtakers", given that each Battle-Brother is already a Champion in name. The arrival of Primaris marines placed the Champions of Athlum in a difficult situation with regards to their Codex-Adherence. Considering themselves exemplars amongst marines, how they handled the issue of the Codex Astartes not making provision for the Primaris Marines was seen in the Chapter as a decision of the utmost importance, and arguments amongst the Champions' leadership for how to handle the issue were commonplace. Eventually, the Primaris marines were all provisionally placed into an Eleventh Company, until such time as a satisfactory decision can be agreed upon by the Champions' leadership. Despite being technically limited to one company, the Primaris marines were scattered to reinforce the existing ten Companies around the Rifts, mirroring the way the First Company veterans are seldom gathered together. A hundred Primaris marines of varying experience and role are kept at Athlum, known within the Chapter as the "Sentinel Company" or "Vigilants" to better ward against another attack at Athlum itself. Marines in the Sentinel Company are rotated back into the regular companies on a yearly basis. Those amongst the Chapter assigned to keep a vigil on specific systems or areas of space where enemy activity is expected are given the honorary title of "Marchwarden", taken from an old Athlumi title. The Title of "High Marchwarden" is bestowed to the marine assigned as the leader of the Sentinel Company. Geneseed: "To excel in all matters is the goal of all right-thinking sons of Guilliman" - Brother Nabirad, Champions of Athlum 2nd Company, 783.M39 The Champions of Athlum bear the genetic lineage of the Ultramarines. Proximity to the radiation of the Glastheim Rifts has caused minor mutations in the Melanchrome, causing the hair of most Champions to transition to bright white from an early age. The Chapter has been known to suffer a lower successful implantation rate for geneseed in new recruits than most Ultramarine successors, but such is the pride of the Champions that they would never deign to simply request more geneseed from any stock but their own. Battlecry: Outside of company-level engagements, the Champions seldom make use of traditional battlecries, however the commonly-used motto "For Athlum and Emperor" seems to double as their most typically-used war call. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Updated: 13/7/2021 Quotes! Also added and refined some more stuff, addressing more points raised by my erstwhile and vigilant Brothers. Specific relations with the rest of the Silver Circle will have to wait until I've actually defined the rest of the Silver Circle. Updated further, trimmed a few words. It hasn't made much difference to the size of the article but I suppose every little helps!
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