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  1. That was eventually bound to happen. Inspired by Simison's Halcyon Wardens and Raktra's Berserkers of Uran (as well as Athrawes' II Legion, although in a slightly more distant measure), I have decided to have a go at both expunged legions. Given my perpetually empty wallet, I probably won't be building them anytime soon, but I might be adding a few "transfer marines" to my next IW squad.
  2. 'He was too good a man to lead a legion, and too driven a man to let the opportunity slip through his fingers' Leman Russ http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/sm/bpe=827D7D&bpj=827D7D&bp=827D7D&bpc=827D7D&hdt=827D7D&hdm=827D7D&hdl=827D7D&ey=FA6969&er=FFFFFF&pi=FFFFFF&nk=827D7D&ch=827D7D&eg=EBBF73&sk=EBBF73&abs=827D7D&bt=000000&cod=827D7D&ull=827D7D&lk=827D7D&lll=827D7D&lft=827D7D&url=827D7D&rk=827D7D&lrl=827D7D&rft=827D7D&slt=827D7D&sli=FF7700&srt=827D7D&sri=FF7700&ula=827D7D&lel=FF7700&lla=FF7700&lw=FF7700&lh=FF7700&ura=827D7D&rel=FF7700&rla=FF7700&rw=FF7700&rh=FF7700&bg=FFFFFF&rb=BDBDBD&gr=FFFFFF&wg=true&be=BBBBCC&mk6=true&slips=CC0000&mk6kn=true&lkr2=FFFFFF&bpr=000000&pfr=000000&/spacemarine.jpg http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/sm/bpe=FF7700&bpj=FF7700&bp=FF7700&bpc=FF7700&hdt=FF7700&hdm=FF7700&hdl=FF7700&ey=F58282&er=FFFFFF&pi=B5B5B5&nk=FF7700&ch=FF7700&eg=737373&sk=737373&abs=FF7700&bt=737373&cod=FF7700&ull=FF7700&lk=FF7700&lll=FF7700&lft=FF7700&url=FF7700&rk=FF7700&lrl=FF7700&rft=FF7700&slt=737373&sli=FF7700&srt=737373&sri=FF7700&ula=FF7700&lel=737373&lla=FF7700&lw=737373&lh=FF7700&ura=FF7700&rel=737373&rla=FF7700&rw=737373&rh=FF7700&bg=FFFFFF&rb=B5B5B5&gr=B5B5B5&wg=true&be=737373&mk6=true&chps=CC0000&slips=CC0000&veti=FFFFFF&mk6kn=true&lkr2=FFFFFF&pp=000000&pws=true&/spacemarine.jpg The Godslayers, my Second Legion. You may recognise me from my other thread, from which the basis of this legion is drawn. For those of you who have no idea what I am on about, here are some introductory rules: Legion-specific rules: Legiones Astartes: Godslayers: Adamantium will. Additionally, if the army's warlord is killed, the entire army gains Feel No Pain (6+) and may re-roll one dice when making morale, fear or pinning tests. Piercing blow: Ignores armour saves on to Wound rolls of 5+ Rite Of War: Liberation Force Effects: · Free the People: All units gain Crusader if within 12” of the armies warlord · Fell the Elite: All Elites and HQs gain preferred enemy (Elites, HQs) Limitations: · All units have -1 initiative when making sweeping advances rolls after having lost a combat · No units may voluntarily fail morale tests · May not take Seeker squads or Vigilator Consuls Rite Of War: Survivors (this one comes into play during the fall of the legion... you'll see what I mean) Effects: · Hold the Line: All units gain Preferred Enemy (any enemies within 18” of the friendly table edge) · No Retreat: All units gain stubborn when at over 50% of their original model count · No Quarter: All units gain +1 to existing FnP saves, or a 6+ FnP save if none exists Limitations: · Must have more Survivor squads and/or Survivor Terminator squads than other units · May not take dedicated transports · May not take any Superheavies · No units may voluntarily fail morale tests · May not take an allied detatchment Koschei Kharkovic – 415 pts Primarch of the Godslayers, The Dreamer, The Light in the Darkness WS: 7 BS: 5 S: 6 T: 6 W: 6 I: 6 A: 4 Ld: 10 Sv: 2+ Unit Composition: · 1 (Unique) Unit Type: · Infantry (Character) Wargear: · The Black Mantle · God’s Hand · Blade of the Pariah · Frag, krak and psyk-out grenades Special Rules: · Primarch · Preferred Enemy (psykers) · Sire of the Godslayers · Bulky · Psychic Suppressant Warlord Trait: · Inspiring Presence God’s Hand: RNG: - S: x2 AP: 1 Melee, Unwieldy, Concussive Blade of the Pariah: RNG: - S: User AP: 3 Melee, Murderous Strike, Piercing Blow, Psy-bane Psy-bane: Gains the Instant Death special rule when targeting a psyker. The Black Mantle: 2+ armour save, 4+ invulnerable save, Aegis Aegis: Destroyer weapons suffer a -1 modifier on the Destroyer chart when targeting Koschei. Sire of the Godslayers: Feel No Pain. All friendly models with Legiones Astartes (Godslayers) gain Feel No Pain (6+). If Koschei is slain, all friendly models with Legiones Astartes (Godslayers) gain Feel No Pain and Fearless. Psychic Suppressant: All blessing and maledictions within 6" inches immediately cease to effect. All psykers within 6" inches suffer -2 leadership. He and his unit may not be targeted by any psychic powers, and he grants all units fully within 6 inches +2 to Deny the Witch rolls.
  3. http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/sm/bpe=B87B7B&bpj=9E7272&bp=B87B7B&bpc=B58181&hdt=D4B550&hdm=D6BA4B&hdl=D6BA4B&ey=36D10F&er=FFFFFF&pi=ADA1A1&nk=B58484&ch=B87B7B&eg=EBB860&sk=EBB860&abs=B58484&bt=000000&cod=B87B7B&ull=B87B7B&lk=D6BA4B&lll=B87B7B&lft=B87B7B&url=B87B7B&rk=B87B7B&lrl=B87B7B&rft=B87B7B&slt=B87B7B&sli=D6BA4B&srt=B87B7B&sri=D6BA4B&ula=B87B7B&lel=B87B7B&lla=B87B7B&lw=B87B7B&lh=B87B7B&ura=A37272&rel=A17272&rla=B87B7B&rw=B87B7B&rh=B87B7B&bg=FFFFFF&rb=8C8787&gr=9E9393&wg=true&mk6=true&comi=FFFFFF&mk6kn=true&blt=9C9191&spl1=533B1C&spr1=533B1C&spl2=533B1C&spr2=533B1C&/spacemarine.jpg Everyone, meet the Dune Serpents. Dune Serpents, this is everybody. I'm sure at least some of you know me from the previous thread; this thread is the home of the finalized version of the eleventh legion that you saw there. For all the newcomers, here are some introductory rules: Legiones Astartes (Dune Serpents): Cover and going to ground grant an additional +1 cover save (e.g. Ruins are 3+, going to ground is 5+, open ground is still no save). This does not affect Stealth or Shrouded. When units have at least one model within 3” of their target, all models in the unit gain Twin-Linked. Rite Of War: Fury of the Ghosts Effects: · Roll a D6 for each non-vehicle unit before the game. On a 6 (5+ for Troops), they gain Infiltrate, Outflank and Deep Strike, but must enter play using one of those methods. · +1 to Seize the Initiative rolls Limitations: · May not have more than 50% of points invested in vehicles and Superheavies · May not include any vehicle squadrons of more than one model. · All models that have frag and krak grenades must replace them with smoke grenades for no extra cost Azus Bahmut – 430 pts Primarch of the Eleventh, Ghost of the Sands, The Mad King WS: 7 BS: 7 S: 7 T: 6 W: 6 I: 7 A: 5 Ld: 10 Sv: 2+ Unit Composition: · 1 (Unique) Unit Type: · Infantry (Character) Wargear: · Armour of the Sands · Devil’s Vengeance · Anarchy · Frag, krak and smoke grenades Special Rules: · Primarch · Sire of the Dune Serpents · Ghost of the Sands · Very Bulky Warlord Trait: · Night Attacker Armour of the Sands: 2+ armour save, 4+ armour, Phantom Plate Phantom Plate: Azus still may take cover saves with the Ignores Cover special rule, and gains a 3+ invulnerable save against shooting weapons. Devil’s Vengeance: RNG: 36 S: 6 AP: 3 Assault 3 Deflagrate, Pinning, Rending Anarchy: RNG: - S: +1 AP: 2 Melee, Instant Death, Master-crafted, Duellist’s Edge Sire of the Dune Serpents: Azus and his unit gain Stealth and Deep Strike, and may charge on the turn they enter play if they do not scatter. All friendly models with the Legiones Astartes (Dune Serpents) special rule gain Stealth if they are within 12 inches of Azus. Ghost of the Sands: Once per game, at the end of the friendly turn, Azus may use this ability. This means that no enemy models may draw line of sight to him, and all enemy units within 12 inches that could draw line of sight to Azus must take a morale check as if they had just lost a combat. This ability lasts until the beginning of the next friendly turn.
  4. Act I: He Who Roams the Ruins "Who the Lost One is? Depends on who you ask, I suppose. A daemon wearing the skin of the Emperor's holy warriors. A relic, birthed of betrayal. The child of a forgotten father. Many things and yet none of 'em. We fear and rever him, like heathens worshipping the lightning-born inferno. Sometimes he kills, yet other times he protects us. Such is the nature of fires, they do not chose, they simply burn." -Elder Grawh, Scryer of Clan Taurach "You have seen him, haven't you? The ashen black and blood red armour of the demi-god? Yes, yes, he is as ancient as the oldest of the Emperor's children. True, he does not wear any of the eighteen legions livery, but you seem to forget: They came as twenty." -Lord Ulrat, Scribe of the Rusted Coven "Once he might have been a hero. Now he is naught more than cinder. A relic of an age long past and best left forgotten." -Hag Elana, Fateteller of Numo's Inn http://i411.photobucket.com/albums/pp194/hodoalmir/truescale20shot201_zpsnjgeq05d.jpg Beneath golden towers, amongst the dry and ashen wastes of Terra's true face, there roam relics of a hundred ages past. Ages of peace, Ages of blood. Disorder and Unity, back to back, face to face. Fabled tales and vaunted saga's are buried beneath the macropoles. Broken corpses, clad in sea-green and blood red, dark iron and proud yellow, have long since rotten away in their mass-graves, only leaving back bleached bones. Deep within these ruins walk schemes, wraiths and ghosts of the past, perhaps better forgotten. Or are they, perhaps, an eldritch omen of sorts? Those who would know might already be dead or not yet born, not that it would change a thing in the world. There is still one, roaming all of Terra, aimless yet with such a grim determination, that he still might have some purpose. He, known only as the Lost One, wanders on hidden paths and speaks forbidden words. The man is as old as the legions of yore, a remnant of those once forgotten by grandfather and kin alike. http://i411.photobucket.com/albums/pp194/hodoalmir/truescale20shot202_zps4gbzgstu.jpg Rare are the sightings, yet all confirm the same. The giant is clad in ashen black, like blood-wet cinders left after a battle. He sports a giant cleaver, orkoid in appereance, yet too refined to be such in nature. Chains scratch against his swordarm's wrist, perhaps reminders of an existence sworn to war? Many tales are woven into his being, making him out to be a god, a devil or perhaps something inbetween the two. Some, a rare few, say that he is a harbinger, that he screams out into the void, calling for those that abandoned him. Perhaps, if I dare say so, he wasn't abandoned at all. Perhaps he was left back as a reminder. http://i411.photobucket.com/albums/pp194/hodoalmir/truescale20shot203_zpsqdynzib7.jpg There was once a girl, born somewhere in the slums of lower B'gdalesh, who claimed having seen the Lost One. She spoke of hearing only whispers, like the crackling of a dying flame, untainted by vox yet still warped by age. The ancient giant apparently had spoken three words to her. "The Fire Fades." She died a short while after, having deteriorated like a fruit exposed to the sun. Her skin dried out like parchment and her flesh had all but atrophied. Her bones as frail as glass and her frame shivering and jittering with every step. The eyes I had found most unsettling. Pitch black pits, not like the eyes of the Rex Noctis or the Custodis Corvus, but actual pits. As if someone had dug out the pearly orbs of organic matter with spoons and replaced them with seeping, wailing darkness. I have seen many things in my life, dear friends, have bested daemon, heretic and xenos alike for almost three centuries, but never have I felt such dread as I do now, writing down these words. May the God-Emperor protect us all. Lord-Inquisitor Laurenz Kotophardi -------------------------------- Hello everyone! I'd like to welcome you to my very own Inquisimunda project. Perhaps some of you know this feeling, but sometimes I just get burnt out painting all the Horus Heresy stuff. Then I like to just build a character or two, completely unrelated, and muse upon the finer and deeper nooks and crannies of this universe we all love and share. This has spawned quite a sizeable collection of characters, cults and more. To this end, I have decided to start writing some more fluff to all the stuff I've built and actually expand on some more mysterious and eldritch stuff. I've been playing Dark Souls lately, so please do excuse the influences but I think that some of the stuff might intermingle quite well with the more metaphysical implications of the 41st millenium. Hope you like it, stay around, have a chat and I'd like to hear your opinions!
  5. Looking at some of these lost legion projects I've noticed many focus on building a legion around a tactic missing from the known legions. Which got me thinking, is there a comprehensive list of what each legion's specialty is? I know the obvious ones, like Imperial Fists are siege defense, Iron Warriors besieger, Alpha Legion espionage. But legions like Ultramarine, Sons of Horus, Emperor's Children... do they have specialties? And beyond that, what specialties/tactics are missed by the Legions?
  6. Ok. In order to not distract from other important topics I thought I would make a thread for working on the map. This is where I will post updates, but also where I'd like people to comment if they have suggestions for alterations or if I screwed up and put your Home planet in the wrong Segmentum. I would also like to get names for important locations, either for the Great Crusade or for the Insurrection itself. It's a lot of work reading back through the many threads we have here so if you could help me by putting a list of important locations for your faction in here I'd be very appreciative. If you could give me a rough idea for location too that would be great http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn171/Grifftofer/Map%20Attempt_zps53guetdh.jpg This is where we stand to start with. I used the info that you gave to simison to try and put all the homeworlds in roughly the right places, for those that gave locations. If it doesn't look right tell me and I'll try and move you to the right place. Where places seem to be located in different locations depending on source (Stygies & Gryphonne at least) I've used the FW location. Cognomen - Primarch - Homeworld Lightning Bearers - Icarion Anasem - Madrigal Space Wolves - Leman Russ - Fenris Crimson Lions - Hectarion Mycenor - Mycenae Void Eagles - Yucahu - Coabanna Halcyon Wardens - Alexandros Von Salim - Delos Iron Bears - Daer'dd Niimkiika - Huron Berserkers of Uran - Raktra - Uran Godslayers - Koschei - Zbruch Warbringers - Kozja Darzalas - Strela Fire Keepers - Niklaas - Obsailes Thousand Sons - Magnus - Prospero Wardens of Light - Gwalchavad - Caerbannog Eagle Warriors - Alexos Travier - Mexicatii Prime Dune Serpents - Azus - Dhul'hasa Grave Stalkers - K'awil Pakal - Kabyieb The Drowned - Sorrowsworn Morro - Styx Warriors of Peace - Jade General - Han Stygian Jackals - Wilym Jackel - Fugion Scions Hospitalier - Pionus Santor - Iona Ghost Walkers - Coch'ise - Teutoberge
  7. I know this was discussed previously, but behind the scenes those of us who are running Pariah-heavy Legions have decided to try to unify our differing rules under a single, modular, banner. This thread is to discuss the development of this subset. Ok. To start us off I'll try to explain my idea in more detail. Using the rules that we have already come up with I hope for us to create a selection of categories in which models with the Pariah rule may purchase upgrades to their capabilities. In this way we can have a single rule that allows each of the 4(?) legions to express their nature in different ways. Each category would have differing levels of power, of which you may purchase one for an appropriate points cost. For example the initial list of categories that I have been considering is: Dark Presence: This would have fear effects in it. Initially working only vs psykers, but having upgrades to work against all enemies. Indomitable Will: This would be bonuses to Deny the Witch rolls. Counting as mastery level 1-3 when defending against psychic powers culminating in being completely immune to all psychic effects used on you. Psychic Void: This is generic psychic defence. Giving bonus dice to the warp charge pool in your opponents turn. Aetheric Tempest: Disrupts enemy psyker concentration. -1 to manifest powers against the unit, improving to within X" etc. Soulless: Disrupts enemy morale. -X to Leadership within X". Initially only vs psykers, but against everyone for an upgrade. So using the above list a Pariah would be able to buy up to 5 powers that show his ability in different areas. Obviously the more powerful effects would cost more to add on and a Pariah wouldn't need to take options from all of the categories. I would also envision that perhaps the different legions might have different focuses within this list, so one might focus on Dark Presence, another on Psychic Void. These could then be listed in the legions' individual appendices. I'm probably going to be updating through the day as I come up with a list of specific powers to include and initial point values for them. But even so, what do people think?
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