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Found 11 results

  1. Greetings Brothers, Just for fun, who would you pick from official GW lore/novels etc to become the named character for 40k? Seeing as the loyalists get 1 named character like the did with the last Primaris splash, I thought it would be cool to see who you would pick for the Night Lords? Me personally id like to see Decimus the end product of First claw, he has potential but not enough to unite the legion like someone like Servitar could do. -Noctem
  2. Greetings Brothers (and Sisters), I thought it would be interesting to discuss things you have done or can do to the minis to fit the lore of bright lights hurt Night Lord eyes. In the Past I have done a simple plastic card metal coverings or justified you can make different coloured flames using different chemicals but I wanted more character on some minis. So here is my simple suggestion, inverting a Primaris Inceptors gun shield on a Melta gun gives a mini Breacher like quality. It leaves a gun sight or aiming the weapon but would primarily block out most of the light produced by the weapon. (Orginally I was looking at the Inceptors wielding helmet before deciding it didn't suit the Legion look). I plan on adding some stretched skin over a plasma pistol and making it look like its burning the skin underneath but im interested to see what ideas you guys have made to fit this lore? -Noctem
  3. Greetings Brothers (and Sisters)! I return to the VIII Legion after a break and 2000+ points of Daemons, to dip my toe in first a Kill Team to see how we go with all I have learnt since my last attempt. The whole W I P progress will be in this album. But let's get indepth for ive started with the first half of the Kill team 20 man Roster with the Marines, so far here they are before spraying arms and heads are bluetacked on so I could get a feel for them. First up my Aspiring Champions: For one ive gone with a disgraced Raptor and removed his turbines as punishment, red gauntlets ahoy! Here are my gunners: I'm a beliver that Night Lords will avoid bright light where possible so my ex Breacher Melta Gunner rigged up a shield from an Inceptors gun to block out some of that pesky light. My warriors: I have head swapped since as I've been given an old possessed head so the kneeling tracker will be tasting blood he has found. The other has the belt feed equipment. My Icon Bearers: I didnt what full on chaos icons so just defiled Imperial icons on the backpacks. And finally my Heavy Gunners: I chopped up the champions arm from the upgrades to have a grizzly trophy equipment shoulderpad. So you may think hmm needs more flayed skin but worry not! I plan on painting them up first before this stage as I will make PVA skin once I know where it will look best not covering up nice lightning on the armour etc. I hope you guys like them so far as of posting I have done 80% of the bases in a concrete city theme and have a box of Cawdor and bits to make my cultists/ship crew/live bait to fill out the roster. C+C welcomed. -Noctem
  4. So think Ive got a list ironed out just looking for feedback. Was hoping to get a leviathan in there but not sure how it would fit. It is for a campaign with friends and will be facing space wolves, blood angels and, my chief concern, iron hands with a lot of armour. I’m a little concerned it doesn’t feel very “night lords” but maybe I’m over thinking it. Thanks in advance. ++ Crusade (Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Army List) [2,999pts] ++ + HQ + Chaplain [100pts]: Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol, Melta Bombs, On Foot . Chainsword or Combat Blade: Combat Blade . Consul . . Chaplain: Power Axe Damocles Command Rhino [100pts] Sevatar [175pts] + Elites + Apothecarion Detachment [130pts] . Apothecary, Legion: Jump Pack, Nostraman Chainglaive, Power Armour . Apothecary, Legion: Augury Scanner, None (Infantry, Power Armour), Nostraman Chainglaive, Power Armour Terminator Squad, Legion [254pts]: Teleportation Transponder . Cataphractii Pattern Terminator Armour . Terminator Sergeant, Legion: Grenade Harness, Pair of Lightning Claws . Terminators, Legion: Chainfist . . Combi-weapon: Combi-weapon: Meltagun . Terminators, Legion . . Combi-weapon: Combi-weapon: Meltagun . . Power Weapon: Power Axe . Terminators, Legion: Combi-Bolter . . Power Weapon: Power Axe . Terminators, Legion: Pair of Lightning Claws + Troops + Assault Squad, Legion , Compulsory [280pts]: 14x Assault Space Marines, Legion . Additional Wargear: 2x Power Axe . Assault Sergeant, Legion: Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol, Nostraman Chainglaive . Standard Wargear . . Chainsword or Combat Blade: Combat Blade Terror Squad [290pts]: 8x Executioner, 9x Volkite Charger . Drop Pod, Legion . Headsman: Artificer Armour, Melta Bombs, Nostraman Chainglaive Terror Squad [310pts]: 9x Executioner, 10x Volkite Charger . Drop Pod, Legion . Headsman: Artificer Armour, Melta Bombs, Nostraman Chainglaive Terror Squad [310pts]: 9x Executioner, 10x Volkite Charger . Drop Pod, Legion . Headsman: Artificer Armour, Melta Bombs, Nostraman Chainglaive + Fast Attack + Primaris-Lightning Strike Fighter [235pts]: 2x 2x Kraken Penetrator Heavy Missiles, Ground-tracking Auguries, Twin-linked Autocannon, Twin-linked Lascannon Xiphon Interceptor [215pts]: Ground-tracking Auguries, 2x Twin-linked Lascannon + Heavy Support + Jetbike Sky Slayer Support Squadron, Legion [165pts]: Multi-melta, 3x Space Marine Sky Slayers + Allegiance + Legion and Allegiance: VIII: Night Lords, Traitor Rite of War: Terror Assault + Lords of War + Konrad Curze [435pts] + Use Playtest Rules + Use Playtest Rules: Playtest Rules On ++ Total: [2,999pts] ++ Created with BattleScribe (https://battlescribe.net)
  5. Dan The Deamon

    20160708 000245

    From the album: 2015

  6. Dan The Deamon

    20160707 235113

    From the album: 2015

  7. From the album: Tol Zhaeqal 47th Company Night Lords

    © Michiel Kruijff 2013

  8. Hey all, Long time lurker, gamer, and hobbyist. I've been collecting chaos marines since the early 90's and never really been good playing, or modeling them until recently. This is my third go around at a Night Lords army and i think i finally have the recipe for success. Disclaimer : My fluff might contradict what you envision these legions to be and how they fight or operate. Let's not get too caught up in the interpretation of these legions. On to the models! These are my proxied Khorne Bezerkers. Before making them my army was a mess of whatever cool weapons i could get a hold of. My old "counts as" bezerker squad had about six power weapons modeled into the squad, they looked a mess. A buddy of mine beginning his Word Bearers Army made them a strict, regimented (Yet Chaotical) force which i always admired. While my Marines were a mess of poses and war gear, his were strict, disciplined and well thought out. I was jealous so i began work on these guys trying to encompass the best of both worlds. I spaced their waists out with a small rod of plasticard (ripped from the WB'ers) and their necks with a small rod as well. At first glance it is not too noticeable but standing next to normal marines it removes the encumbered power armor look. To hide the gaps between his torso and legs i had to begin strapping on as many pouches as war gear as i could. The one thing my supposedly nasty, terrifying troops were missing were death totems and marks. Playing Night lords is all about atmosphere for me. My guys don't like fair fights, in fact they don't prefer fighting at all, just mercilessly killing and torturing civilians and leaving just in time before someone retaliates. I needed grisly, death inspiring guys, which led me to creating this squad. Now before we get too far, i realize one of them is on a square 25mm base... Moving on These guys i went all out on. It took me most of one day to create one of these marines. I spaced their legs, their waists, their torsos, shoulders, arms, wrists, necks, and backpack mounts. They were all created with fear in mind and strictly adhered to WYSIWYG. There is one melta gun, one flamer, one champ with a HUGE power weapon, and the icon bearer, which uses IoCG exclusively. I used bits from countless armies across 40k and fantasy. The most predominant are dark elves, vampire counts, and the space marine, chaos range. There are bits from lizardmen, imperial guard, Orks, Deamons, and empire kits as well. A break from the Night Lords for a moment. On a late boring night I felt the need to make an Alpha legion trooper. The chosen theme was not death or destruction but more along the tactical superiority of lone alpha legion troopers. I was so happy with the initial result i felt the need to make a whole squad of them! I modeled them with tricked out bolters and plenty of ammo, scopes, and communications gear. I decided to play them using Noise Marine rules. A skirmishing force capable of tactically running from you all game and still shooting 24! Guilliman may have taught you to shoot once at range, or move and spray. Alpharius taught us to think outside the box! One of the reasons i liked these guys so much is how i got scaled cloaks on all the model from the dark elves corsairs. They fit in perfectly with the Alpha legion theme and all the other scaly marines out there (SALAMANDERS!) *pain to convert* One of the biggest elements in both of these legions is scouting, stealth, and infiltration. Chosen are nice and all, but unnecessary. I decided to create weapon teams operating behind enemy lines using Obliterator rules. Deep Striking would be throwing off cammo cloaks or coming out of a hide site and then sowing dissaray into my opponents. Here is my interpenetration of these teams. I decided to make one Alpha Legion team and one Night Lord team. I tried to smash as many obliterator weapons into the models as possible to keep with WYSIWYG and both team leaders have a powerfist. The Night Lord Spotter was modeled to look like he was crawling out of his cover to snatch up an unsuspecting guardsman while his shooter does his thing. If you look closely he has a combi-melta-flamer I modeled these guys for fun and to add depth to my army. They've been treating me well in the fight too! The paint scheme i am thinking of is pretty neutral. I'm not the greatest painter and when i pick up the brush it takes me days to complete one model. I'm terrified of starting these guys until i have got it down but i am aiming for something similar to an old champ of mine. The only hiccup i've hit so far is how to re-size my lord. I'm using possessed bits for his body and it's going to be tough to scale him up the way i'm used to. He has a lot of character but doesn't stack up to the hours I've put into my normal troopers. Here he is... When making him i was aiming for spectral/non dimensional wings. As if he is blessed by the gods and is on the way to becoming something infinitely more powerful. My main inspiration for him was from the book Storm of Iron where the warsmith is attaining his daemonic nature. Here is a size comparison to an unaltered marine. Future projects are updating the Alpha Legion to the spaced out armor, another squad of Chaos glory Night Lords, and maybe redoing my Bezerker squad and using the old bland ones as initiates or something. C + C greatly appreciated!
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