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  1. This will be my thread for my Iron Warriors. I started this thread for myself, partly because I was going off topic in my own thread for my Word Bearers here... http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/305821-committing-to-word-bearers/page-2?do=findComment&comment=4668714 So that's settled. I have a bunch of mk3 marines from BoP. Some of which I will make Iron Warriors. 20 for now. I plan to get up to a 750 point grand co. These first 20 marines will be a 10 man havoc squad with 4 autocannons (converted from BoP heavy bolters) and 2 x 5 man with plasma. Need to aquire and build 5 raptors with 2 meltas, (I know bikes are recommended but I just don't like them) and some terminators... prefferably from calth... to build my elite... also need a PA chaos lord with a big mace... my aux will be the munitorum containers. (I think I posted the list somewhere already for the 750 point grandco) Moving beyond 750. I plan to add some cheap fortifications, home built defensive line with comms and the various barricades, wire and tank traps for a start. Bump the Termies up to 5 and a chaos lord in terminator armour, which will nicely come from a single calth box. Bulk the "tacticals" each to 10 with 2 plasmas and add 4 lascannon havocs in a tenner some how... and definitly a warsmith guiding some oblits, but... I realy don't like oblits models... my plan is instead to follow in purturbo's footsteps and build robots to do the job instead, just no clue how to do it yet, only certain that they should look like smaller iron circle robots with WAY MORE DAKKA.
  2. Ok so my local store is running a luck dip painting comp for the store anniversary. I got The Changeling so I'm giving it a go. I've got an idea for the scheme of a galaxy, nebula cloak with blue and gold trim. I've not painted a galaxy effect before and I'm not using an airbrush but here's as far as I've got with some wet blending, sponges and some washing and glazing. I know I need to add stars and stuff but I'd like some feedback on the effect I have achieved so far.
  3. Well Hello Peeps I'm Guzzlrr Been playing 40k since about 2007 where i Instantly fell in love with chaos nothing to do with my best mates well timed coercion into the hobby it was the day Chaos were released. Had my own Custom Warband Initially until i read a Storm of Iron which started my love of the Iron warriors. Ive been a Iron Warrior player ever since. My Current armies include : Iron Warriors- oldest force most of these models are about a decade old Recently refreshed my Troops with Mark 4s & Mark 3s the mark 3s especially going quite well with The Iron Warriors this army has fallen victim to attrition. might reinforce with the new chaos Stuff when it drops. Currently the armies i play them most are my most recent : Death Guard - all started when i bought Mortarion an army who sort of needed to be bought after i fell in love with mortys model. Death Guard are fun to play. can be surprisingly fast in certain situations. Thousand sons - like morty Magnus was the birth of my Thousand sons army. I bought Magnus when he released but only started collecting Thousand sons at the beginning of 8th Magnus & Morty Smash Bros list for a wee toruny with friends (i got smashed to bits XD) So Ive got quite alot of painting to do ... and likely will have lots of painting coming up in the future with all this new stuff on the way. got alot of catching up to do so hopefully this will provide some motivation as well as welcome Criticism always looking to improve. so ill stop rambling and show you what Ive been working on this evening. Some of the Marines from Blackstone. been on the to - do list for a while I thinned the black a little too much so the black will need another coat or two but will try to finish that off tomorrow
  4. Greetings Fellow Commanders, Ive had the pleasure of speaking to a few of you know and it was suggested i start a WIP thread for my army where i can show off painting progress,Lists, and battle reports so here i am. As for me im just getting back into 40k i last seriously played in the very beginning of fifth. Im having a grand time now that I have the fincial resources to play the army ive always wanted and over a couple weeks researched purchased and assembled round about 2500 points maybe a bit shy. Im a relaxed guy and im always willing to hear someone out on their opinion so please feel free to share. Now then Introducing The Cadian 420th Honor Gaurd. A Hand picked regiment assembled by the glorious Creed himself before his disapearence and the death of the beloved Color Sergent Kell. Though our planet may have fallen, our Commander Missing and our brothers in arms scattered we stand firm. For the planet cracked before our men and we shell persevere. The orginial intention of our unit was to work as as a spear tip in dire consequences where an assualt was deemed vital yet near impossible. A unit Commander Creed could rely upon over all others to get the job done even at the cost of everyone one of our lives for we ready to sell them as dearly as possible at a moments notice. Now we continue to fufill our dutys as a spear tip. Though it is not a seige we fave but the overwhelming task of rebuilding. The Cadian 420th Honor Gaurd now stands as a force under the direct power of the Ordo Malleus. We are being used as the command center to rebuild the cadian gaurd and damn the costs. Our objectives are simple. We search for our beloved commander, a world to call our own, and to strike feircly at the arch enemy and make them rue the day they thought they broke Cadia. For as Long as a single Cadian has a las gun in his hand, CADIA STILL STANDS!
  5. Hello all! Please allow me to introduce myself I'm a man of wealth and taste OI! -clears throat- Okay, now that the silliness is done, you've probably seen the beginnings of my Waaaagh in my general WIP thread. Well, this is the start of the PROPPA Orky WIP thread. Orcs have always been one of my favorite fantasy races, and the ones in 40k take what I find awesome about orcs and adds a healthy dose of Mad Max. That's going to be very important, because this is the start of Speed Freeks army first and foremost. However, it's not solely Evil Sunz. This army will be lead by three Big Bosses, Zapwazza Grimdakka 'da Skorchmasta' (Evil Sunz, overall boss), Anzagg Nazgrim 'Manyteef' (Bad Moons, not named after the WoW character . Brings the teef and Dakka. And you'll see why he has hos sobriquet when the model I needed for him comes in tomorrow....) and Wirgoz Studskragga (Deathskulls Mekboss, the brains of the operation). All three of these bosses will be heavily converted. And big. Very, very big :lol: Now, I suppose I should show some of the models then yes? Some Nobs: Flash Gits (likely going to be Bad Moons, possibly not Freebooters): Burnas and a Spanner: The start of Mekboss Studskragga's recovery vehicle (a Battlewagon of some sort, based on the War Rig from Fury Road): And finally, the newest vehicle being added to the Orks stable of Trukks: Yes, that's Christine (1958 Plymouth Fury) being looted. That model kit is a PAIN because of how it goes together. The hardest part will be the final assembly once she's all painted. That and finding a way to get a driver in it
  6. Afternoon all! I've been slowly working away at a small (soon to no longer be) force of Deathwatch for Kill Team.... Which then expanded into proper 40k (just like GamesWorkshop probably planned.... ) So.... I suppose I should post what I have then? Hellblaster Ramiel of the Dark Angels (originally made for Inquisitor28/Inquisimunda and the first Deathwatch model I made, technically): As-of-Yet Unnamed Apothecary (will be of the Red Scorpions): And with the updated Ramiel: Raptor with Stalker-Pattern Boltgun: Kill Team 1 (Fire Lord, the Raptor, Metamarines, Flesh Tearers, Blackshield): As of these pictures, the other 5 Kill Marines from the Start Collecting, Artemis and the Dreadnought have been assembled and primed. I've also got Kill-Team Cassius assembled and primed (in sub-assemblied) Now, that's the old. Here's the new: Primaris Watch Master (will be an Emperor's Spear): Blood Angel Sergeant (more for Inq28 as he's not exactly WYSIWYG): Comms Specialist Marcus Dexsius for Kill Team - Ultramarines [idea for the backpack shamelessly stolen from thewarriorhunter]:
  7. Hey brothers, I've been planning on starting up a space marine project for a while now and have settled on Doom Eagles. I'm focusing on the 2nd company and mostly doing primaris to start. I do plan on branching out to regular marines as well. Any advice is welcome. I'm waiting on black gothic number decals and I know a few models have ruman numerals on them which is not the Doom Eagle way, that will be fixed when decals come. Also some markings are white and I need to paint them red. Need to paint the base rims black all in due time. The 2nd company has spent years during the Indomitus Crusade fighting tyranids with their brothers of the Ultramarines so some have tyranic veteran markings. No back ground supporting this but I liked the idea. First up is my 2nd company captain. Valac Aquilon Lt of 2nd Company, ruman numerals bother me on him lol. Painting over them tonight. Also i know the helmet stripes are incorrect. My error. 1st Company Captain and test model for project. Ironclad dreadnought 2nd Company Redemptor dreadnought Daedelos First five intercessors of 3rd squad Ratherion 1st squad of 2nd company Cheers Primarch83
  8. The Xian Guardians A legion of highly disciplined warriors proficient in the hand to hand combat and diplomacy. They dedicate their lives to protect any innocent living beings, using their diplomatic talents they have been able to save millions of lives from the suffering of war. Their home world is covered in mountains each one home to different temples dedicated to the "Xian", a belief that through the respect of all things, you leave behind a legacy of peace and prosperity. Here's my first rough idea for the 2nd missing legion. A legion based on Shaolin monks and Chinese Mythology. The legions kind and overly optimistic attitude towards others has allowed them to be very successful diplomats. This is defiantly going to extend towards peaceful xenos and results in them denouncing the imperium for their genocide against any thing not human or those who don't aline with the imperial truth. (New Colour Scheme) (Old Scheme) The colour scheme for these guys is based around Shaolin temples rather than the monks. I felt the orange and black of the robes would be to obvious. Though I may integrate these colours into legion units. The original colour scheme had to much green on it and it clashed with red to much, by simply adding some gold to it to replace some of the jade it's really improved it. Rather than use the standard roman numerals I decided to use Chinese symbols. The 2 lines meaning 2.
  9. +++ Glory to the Dues Mechanicus +++ Arch Magos Prime, Cult Lachrimallus Cyber familia I have been playing with this kit the last few days, kept adding stuff till I arrived with the above. Reading Extermination, I like the sound of the Lachrimallus cult, the ones who look after the workers. Tech Thralls, Servitors, indentured workers, the Lachrimallus are their overlords, a dirty job, but vital to the running of any forge world, I would like to build a team around him, bodyguards, and biomass hunters (I.e. Slavers), I also have 8 Thallax and a Castllax to paint, and a some other FW resin and GW plastic to turn into stuff.
  10. It is time to paint some titans! And these are first Warhounds of my Ignatum demi Legio mostly done except bases Reavers and Warlords will follow after :)
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