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Found 7 results

  1. My FLGS is launching a escalation league style thing for 40k they'll be streaming on Twitch. As part of that, and my poor decision making following the Slaanesh release to start a Slaanesh daemons army, I'll be running a mono-Slaanesh daemon army. This is likely going to end in pain and suffering, but at least it'll be in character for the army! Because I like having some kind of mental story going on, here's the basic premise in my head of what my warband is and why it fights: Lead by a Keeper of Secrets acting as concertmaster, the warband seeks to write the perfect symphony of pain and suffering using the sounds their victims make. I'm still mulling over names, but basically the idea is that they move from battlefield to battlefield seeking to compose a masterpiece through slaughter. I've always been fond of Slaanesh's whole deal with sound (and weaponizing it to melt your face off in a literal sense) so this ties into that quite heavily. This little PLOG will be a way to track my progress, let me talk about the things I learned playing the army, and to generally lament that I calculated the odds, but was bad at math. And to keep this from being too far off topic, here's an early test model for the paint scheme (some more work is needed to perfect the colors, but the basic idea is there):
  2. Hello all, I'm dipping my toes back into hobby stuff after a decade or so and want to put together some 30K era Blood Angels - specifically late-Crusade era. This is mostly going to be a model/painting project (if I can still remember how to hold a paintbrush) but I also want them to be useable in game, just in case I decide to start gaming again. The plan is to start with a MK III squad (with Forge World shoulder pads) and then look into some vehicles, characters. While I can obviously use vanilla marine rules for them in 40k games, can anyone give me any guidance on special Horus Heresy Blood Angels rules? IIRC the Forge World Retribution book has some Blood Angels rules, but I'm unsure as to whether they have been supplanted by anything later? Have the Army of Darkness books supplanted this? Want to be certain before I drop £££ on one of the books! Other than that, are there any decent resources on 30K Blood Angels out there that people know of? Other than reading the occasional Black Library novel I'm fairly behind on what is new with all things GW.
  3. Decided I needed a proper Age of Darkness Thread, for my thematic dark angels list I am building up... Slowly... The force I am building is supposed to represent a “vigil” Demi-chapter sized deployments of Dark Angels in the Fleets of Rogue Traders, this particular vigil (the 501st) was deployed under on the edges of Segmentum pacificus as part of an expedition by a Rogue trader looking to penetrate the outer dark. However, word of the Heresy reaches them, and they formulate a plan to fight a shadow campaign against traitor assets in the Segmentum. I intend to build out a 2500-3000 points list in three parts : n Merchant raiding of traitor supply lines in the early years of the Heresy (1000 point ZM force largely done at this point) n Intervention in the Atar-Median Arachnis civil war (Adding two Rhinos, Two Contemptors, and a land raider Proteus, possibly some kitbashed destroyers) n Raid on Word Bearers recruiting faciilites on Khur/Colchis (superheavy of some kind, Maybe an allied count as solar auxlia detachment, to represent the allied rogue traders forces being deployed) side note: The thread is called Malachi's gambit because Malachi the Consul Delegatus in charge of my force, Is what I image a Post-Human Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck would look like leading a effective harrowing-gurrilia campaign to tie down resources in a Segmentum of limited strategic significance... Picture of the ZM force That largely done, gonna rebase the squad with Necromunda bases, which are surprisingly cheap compared to resin bases.
  4. Basically. New year, new edition, new army. Ive been fluttering about with my old edition 40K armies since the launch of 8th ed and just not really been feeling any of them. I thought the new Blood Angel codex would of got my juices going, as I play the 9th in 30K. But nope... You see, I enjoy using those slightly less seen forces. The new Angel book is actually good! Also, my angels are very much in the 30K style. The Primaris stuff just looks silly standing next to them. So Ive gone for a 40K marine force with no option of crossing into the 30K realm. The Red Scorpions. Now I like to hit the ground running. I have a 40K event at the back end of January I would love to take these too. This thread is for motivation and place for jotting lists and army composition ideas ect. Heck may be even the odd battle report or two. So lets start with my current list ideas First of Ive decided to use the Salamander Chapter tactic until Forgeworld release the Scorpion one. The re-rolls signifying the chapters better maintained war gear and tighter training regime. Secondly. Forgeworld units have that stigma associated with them. So I don't know how well an entire Forgeworld Chapter would be received. The event has no comp in regards to this but Ive written 2 lists. One which is basically a Primaris force with Culln, the other with some more Forgeworld models. The Primaris & Culln
  5. Well folks, after a while experiencing some hobby burnout, I'm finally feeling the enthusiasm to get back in the saddle and get serious about finishing up the Ordo Hereticus strikeforce led by Lord Inquisitor Soulis, the Saviour of Valka, and long-time tabletop alter-ego of yours truly since some of my earliest days with the hobby. This force started out as an auxilliary force to my Imperial Guard regiment, the Emperor's Own Valkan Rifles, but I am making the push to make a full-blown Inquisition/Scion/Ecclesiarchy force ... failing to do so during the halcyon days of Codex: Witch Hunters has been one of my greatest hobby regrets so time to rectify this now that such a force is again legal thanks to 8th edition. So I am starting with a new version of Lord Inquisitor Soulis himself, who will now be using the rules and a converted model of Inquisitor Karamazov. Since I can't buff him with retinue like in the good old days, this is the best way I can get a half-way competent in close combat Soulis. I'm also going to enlarge his 2-man crusader retinue of 6th edition codex fame into a 6-man unit. I got started last night: Unfortunately my bitz box has gotten rather large (and dispersed over a few boxed) and it took me all evening last night to round up my Forgeworld etched brass =][= stuff, my old faithful Bretonnian men-at-arms box, the Grey Knight swords I bought on eBay, a metal crusader, and some other bitz. The crusaders will be similar to the two chaps on the right: As for Soulis himself, I'm going to at minimum do a head swap, or am contemplating even chopping the current Soulis (who is no longer game-legal) off at the waste because its one of my best paintjobs and I'm concerned I won't be able to replicate it, and attaching that to Karamazov's lower body: Either way, we're talking about an Inquisitor hat on a Sanguinary Guard head. Then the multimelta servitor will become a Scion manning the multimelta. I'm just not a huge fan of that servitor. The rest will stay the same, although Soulis' Throne of Judgement will be gold, not faux marble.
  6. "lost in the warp for 11 years" EDIT: Obviously i have made this my Black Templars WIP/PLOG... so enjoy /EDIT I already made a post in new members, but I feel I need to report directly to the fortress monastery! Hello y'all. I have played black Templar since 1999. Shut it down in about 2004 with the dissolution of my immediate circle of gamers. Getting back into it now. So I've been lurking for a while on this board. Y'all have given me a lot of inspiration. I will be rebuilding my crusade. With the acquisition of 2 tactical boxes, 2. BT upgrade boxes and a stern guard box folded into my existing forces I intend to build 4 crusader squads. For lack of better terms 2 shooty and 2 choppy. Fully 9 initiate and one sword brethren The shooty squads will have bolters, a heavy bolter, a special weapon and the sb will have a matching combi weapon and power sword all in a rhino. The choppy squads will have 5 neophytes with, 9 initiates and a sb, all with bp/cs except imbedded power fist special weapon and sb with power sword and matched combibolter. Both in their compulsory LRC. Leaving room for an HQ in the LRC. I will have 6 sword brethren built all with power swords and combi weapons. 2 plasma, 2 melta and 2 flamer. Also 6 special weapon initiates, 2 each of plasma, melta, and flamer. Seeing a pattern? Plan is to move in matched combo and special to the appropriate squad depending on my enemy. Throw in 2 HQ, i have several Marshalls chaplains techmarine and emperor's champion. Should be a fun fluffy army. Sadly almost everyone I saw at the local 40k night were playing marines which will get old, and require I declare any "loyalist" opponents excommunicate traitoris before the match... Lol Almost forgot, I have a predator, some land speeders, enough initiates for a devastator squad with 4 missile launchers, and a dreadnaught all for support... Guess I need anti air cus that is a thing now...
  7. Participating in The Good, The Bad, The Aeldari event got me back in the head space to paint orange again. I've had this army for a long time, and getting around to finishing it means going back to 5th edition where it all started. This is a largely drybrushed army, as was the style in the heady days of the mid 2000s. We as a community have moved on from heavy drybrushing. But, this army is going to be a relic. Similarly, this army is in some ways a tribute to the Warhammer Fantasy line of Dark Elf models that helped me to fall in love with that now defunct setting. This plog is mostly pictures, but also historical ramblings and experimentation. I'm an older hobbyist learning new techniques and using new materials while still using a retro style for a retro army.... I'm currently finishing up the small details on the Succubus for one of my custom Wych Cults. She will make an appearance alongside her counterpart in their rival custom Wych Cult in the future. The Splinter Pistol she currently wields is just a placeholder until i can get ahold of another Blast Pistol. Next on the bench...
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