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  1. So when Raging Heroes had their "toughest girls in the galaxy 2" kickstarter involving sisters of mercy and space elves, I kind of went overboard on my pledge and ended up buying a full sororitas army as well as a full dark eldar army (lust elves and void elves collections). The dark eldar army wasn't one I was intending to actually play, and was more for a showcase project. As such, I bought pretty much all of their heroine minis as well as full squads of each type. The idea I had was that it was a faction that swore to Tzeentch in order to save themselves from Slaanesh... then the Ynnead stuff came out. At any rate, this army is almost exclusively topless elf girls (although not as X rated as a Slaanesh army). I'm still relatively early in the color schemes and design phase. The army list as it stands at the moment is something like this: Lady Ashara (counts as Asdrubel Vect) Lady Darkyss (counts as Lady Malys) Zalith (counts as Drazhar, master of blades) Lelith Hesperax Yscarloth (counts as Urien Rakarth) Shiveryah (counts as Yvraine, emissary of Ynnead) Mahleezaria (counts as Yncarne, avatar of Ynnead) Kashala (counts as Visarch, sword of Ynnead) Kraash (counts as beastmaster) several other characters 10x hunters (counts as Kabalite trueborn) 30x blood vestals (counts as 3 squads of wyches) 10x skinners (counts as wracks) 6x stingray riders (counts as hellions) 10x death dancers (counts as mandrakes) 6x centaurs (counts as grotesques) 10x executrix (counts as incubi) 4x she-werewolves (counts as clawed fiends) 10x bargheists (counts as khymera) Avatar of Shah (counts as greater slaanesh) So anyway here are some of the characters assembled and primed. http://img03.deviantart.net/7bda/i/2017/187/d/6/dark_eldar_01_by_kasumidoll-dbfburg.jpg Left to right: Zalith (Drazhar), Liligrith (succubus?), Shiverya (chaos mage?), Shaliah (mandrake champ), Onyx (succubus/Lelith) http://img12.deviantart.net/ee20/i/2017/187/0/8/dark_eldar_02_by_kasumidoll-dbfbuvo.jpg Left to right: harpy queen (chaos fury champ), Sephea (incubi champ), Violet (familiar?), Sinzinth (dunno?)
  2. Hi folks, A quick background question on the Drukhari/Dark Eldar during the Great Crusade. We know that the birth of Slaanesh and the destruction of the Eldar caused the warp storms around the galaxy to abate and the Emperor to embark on the Great Crusade. The Eldar that had seen that the excrement was about to hit the fan had embarked on their craftworlds (we have some description of these in Fulgrim). My question is what form/appearance would the Dark Eldar have had around that time? Their 'fall' had been relatively recent - would they have already had their full 40k-mode of spikes and slave girls? Or would they have been more recognisably equivalent to their Craftworld Cousins, with warrior aspects still existing in some form (perhaps with some initial 'mark' with trophies and adornments of their armour?) Am thinking of recreating miniature wise and very grateful for any thoughts!
  3. A bunch of FAQs have just been announced on Warcom - you can download them on the FAQ section. Included are; Deathwatch Adeptus Custodes Adeptus Mechanicus Drukhari Genestealer Cults Grey Knights Orks T'au Empire Imperial Armour Compendium Psychic Awakening: The Greater Good War Zone Octarius Book 1: Rising Tode Warhammer 40,000 Core Book
  4. I saw on Reddit recently a succubus conversion using the New Gene Stealer Cult Magus....it was pretty awesome in its simplicity (as far as conversions go) so i wanted to do my own but as i want to make a slightly fluffy army i therefore wanted to make a Lhamaean to go with the Archons court side note* now that blackstone fortress has plastic Ur-Ghul's in it's boxsets it's quite cheaper to make the court form plastic and not expensive resin Alas the sslyth is still needed...unless you want to cut up some AoS snake girls and some lizardmen and sprinkle in some kabalite torso's... Anyway back to the Lhamaean.... All i did was cut and trim the neck back to a flat level (i also did the same to a wych head to match angles) then i cut the end off of her staff and carefully pinned the end of the impaler to it. The hard part was trimming her left arm at the elbow and getting a suitable wyche's lower arm with dagger to fit... ++EDIT++ Added pic of her Left side showing dagger arm here she is - Cheers, Mithril
  5. Hey guys, So seeing that Dark Eldar don't have their own Super Heavy to roll out on the field. How does the community feel about a Dark Eldar player rolling out a wraithknight? Seems really un-fluffy to me, but we gotta have something big to go toe to toe with the big guys.
  6. Like it says on the tin. Would the following list be any good? <Haemonculus Coven> Battalion Detachment HQ Options: Haemonculus w/Hexrifle: 75 Points Haemonculus w/Hexrifle: 75 Points Troops Options: Wracks x5 w/Hexrifle x1: 151 Points Wracks x5 w/Hexrifle x1: 151 Points Wracks x5 w/Hexrifle x1: 151 Points Elites Options: Grotesques x3 w/Monstrous Cleavers x3: 105 Points Heavy Support Options: Talos x1 w/Macro-Scalpels x2, Haywire Blasters x2: 99 Points Talos x1 w/Macro-Scalpels x2, Haywire Blasters x2: 99 Points Dedicated Transport Options: Venom x3: 195 Points Total: 996 Points It's a nice, fluffy list, what with the whole "it is 100% Haemonculus units" thing. I'm considering picking it up just to have a Drukhari list with good fluff to it. Edit: Altered based on suggestions. Any good now? I removed all the Liquifiers and replaced them with other weapons, cut down the Wracks to 5-member squads and added Venoms for each, altered the Talos' weapons and added a second Talos because I had exactly 100 points left over after all that. Edit 2: I realized Acothysts (Wrack Sergeants) could take Hexrifles and that threw a wrench into everything, so I basically overhauled the entire list.
  7. Hello everyone I've been doing project logs for a while (and I even have one on this site in the Dark Eldar section but I didn't know that this existed at the time as I'm still kinda new to Bolter & Chainsword. (It's here http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/345779-kabal-of-the-nightsworn-project-log/ ) Anyway I play Dark Eldar and have been making a converted army in the theme of Necromancy, Armor, and Kabals (you'll see some of these themes as I post images) if you all would like I could start posting lore to go with each of the models as well. Anyway on with the show! Talos Pain Engines Grotesques Incubi My first conversions (These are pretty much a test now but I'll put em here anyway) WIP Mandrakes (Conversion not Complete) Wyches-Kill Team (You can see some of my other projects here if you look) Archon Conversion Anyway I hope you guys like some of my conversions and more will be on the way, and I look forward to your comments
  8. https://youtu.be/Wo6gqc6nLuM Cheers, Thoth
  9. Hey guys you've probably seen me post a few things around here before but I've had a project log for my Dark Eldar for quite some time (although my activity is sparce) and since I was planning on doing an update today I thought I'd start posting my stuff here. So you'll probably be able to tell but I'm going with a Necromantic theme with my Dark Eldar. Talos Pain Engines Incubi Clawed Fiends / Grotesques Mandrakes / Wyches Dark Reapers (Made outta spare stuff so they're bad) I apologize for the image quality on some of the photos I got a new phone which unfortunatley has a worse camera than my old one.
  10. In my efforts to expand the kill team options available to Aeldari players, I've developed a new kill team list for Dark Eldar players - Kabalite Trueborn. Many Dark Eldar players don't have Wyches, but these players most likely have Kabalites, so this gives such players a way to play SWA with their existing units. You can see the rules here. This is just my first stab at the rules and I hope to refine it with playtesting and feedback.
  11. Following on from my ideas for Eldar Corsairs and Craftworld Eldar, here's my idea for another Dark Eldar kill team option for Shadow War: Armageddon, Kabbalite Trueborn. First, here are the rules: I've made this as true to the 7th edition codex as possible, including Power from Pain as the kill team's defining rule, to make what I hope is the quintessential Dark Eldar kill team. Not all Dark Eldar players have wyches, so this kill team provides the basic alternative that fits within the schema of Shadow War: Armageddon kill teams (i.e., jump infantry are confined to special operatives roles, and no bikes are allowed). The weapons and equipment go without saying (I hope). I'm not sure that I've necessarily translated the rules perfectly, so I'd definitely appreciate some help there. I've highlighted the points values on the weapons and equipment chart. Anything in green already has an established points value in Shadow War: Armageddon, so these don't need to be adjusted (rather, if they do need to be adjusted, that's a larger issue than this kill team's rules). Anything in blue uses the same points value that I've used elsewhere (most likely in my Eldar Corsairs Kill Team rules, see the link in my signature). These points values are up for debate and, if it is determined that their costs need to be adjusted, they will be adjusted in all of the kill team lists I've created. Anything in yellow is new to this kill team, so changes won't cascade. These are definitely values that need to be evaluated for balance. I started the skills chart identical to the Wych Cult, but shifted things around to reflect that Kabalite Trueborn aren't stabby (like the Wyches), but are instead shooty (like Guardian Defenders). I'm definitely open to suggestions here. As for the special operatives, I decided to follow a "mercenary" theme, using those Dark Eldar units that seemed to be most closely associated as mercenary type units for the Kabals. It also helps that my two favorite units are Incubi and Mandrakes, each cool and terrifying in their own way. Personally, I would have used either a Hellion or a Beastmaster for the Wych Cult Kill Team, keeping with the whole Wych theme, but I can't really affect that (though my modified version of the Wych Cult Kill Team will include that change. So I've used the Scourge for the Kabalite Trueborn. Disclaimer, of the Aeldari sub-factions, I'm least well-versed with the Drukhari. I've never gotten around to painting up my minis (most from the 3rd edition WH40K release), so I'm open to suggestions with regard to Dark Eldar theme and what-not (if I've missed some things). As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated.
  12. Hi all, I'm making this thread to record my attempts to paint up a Drukhari army. To start this project, I've vowed a five man warrior squad and an Archon. Today I primed the warriors and put the first coat of paint on them. Perhaps not the most interesting of first posts, but it's a start. I was slightly disappointed with this guy. I used Liquid Greenstuff to fill in the weird box mouth on his helmet, but having put a layer of paint on it, it looks like I didn't fill it in completely. I may give it another go. Not really feeling the smirk he has currently. For some reason, this guy is my favourite of the squad. To me, he just screams "Dark Eldar". Less keen on this guy, but he'll do. Finally, here's a minor conversion to add a little variety to the blaster wielding warriors in my army. C&C Welcome. Dallo
  13. I entered my Lady's chambers at her command. The room I was required to wait in was empty. Unusual. My Lady normally had her consorts around her at all times, usually to watch them torture a Mon'Keigh. I had no idea how long I was to wait, so I stood. It would not do to anger her. Her mood has become darker and darker of late, especially after hearing news of Ynnead's emergence. It was dividing the Dark Kin more than ever, many taking sides hoping for an advantage. The Biel Tan Craftworld in ruins a Mon'Keigh King has re-awoken and worse still, rumours afoot of my Lady's arch rival wishing to destroy Commoragh. My lady wishes to stop him. I have no idea how. A curtain to her private chamber is flung back, and an underling leaves, his face ashen. I am glad I am not in his place. "Ml'Hur." The tone in her voice was not encouraging. Whilst slow to anger, recent events has changed this. I must tread carefully... "My Lady Malys." I bow deeply in genuine respect. My loyalty is hard earned, and she has done so a thousand fold already. She beckons me to her chamber. I pause, unsure of what to do. My instinct is to accept my fate. She had already summoned four of her advisors already. They haven't been seen since. She knows of my discomfort, and makes no secret of her pleasure. I approach the threshold and enter. I am surprised to see a very conservative decor. Many Kin I have served in the past lived in opulence, even for our kind. This room was...unnerving. "Do you know why I have summoned you?" I did not and responded as such. "I know you have heard things. Things that even I know nothing of. Let us discuss current affairs. I do not wish to be kept in the dark on the mood of Commoragh." She beckons me to sit next to her. Her beauty is intoxicating, balanced by an extremely shrewd mind and a ruthlessness I have rarely seen. "Tell me. Tell me what you know of Yvraine..." ++++++++ Hello and welcome to my WIP for my eventual Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue! I've never played Dark Eldar before. When I first played 40k in the late '80's/early '90's and before my previous retirement from the game (end of second edition to very late fifth), they didn't exist (as didn't Tau, Necrons and Sisters as we now know them), so I've only recently thought of making a small army. I was drawn to Lady Malys, mainly because of her fluff, but also it served as a chance to kitbash my own model, seeing as she doesn't have one. So, to begin with here are a few WIP pictures of her and Ml'Hur. I have a squad of Wyches, a Succubus, Leilith Hesperax and a Raider as well, but they'll be added to this topic soon. As Lady Malys has a bladed fan, I was struggling to work out how to make one for her. As I'll be using the generic Archon rules, it wouldn't have any effect in the game, but she it's an iconic part of her, so I knew I wanted to make one. In the end, I cut three Witch Aelf blades from their hands, glued them together and whilst it isn't perfect, it certainly passes muster for now. I added a DE weapon to her hip to finish her off. The Marine shoulder guard at her base will have the badge of a known Chapter soon. Just need to work out which Here is a picture of what she looks like with some paint along with Ml'Hur: Forgive the poor pictures, as my proper cameras can't be used as I lost the memory cards and they aren't easy to get replacements for these days! I will make sure to take better ones soon though. Thanks for looking!
  14. Since nobody has stepped forward, I'll take the burden. I cannot do an in-depth review of every unit, much less maths, so just a few units for now; but that's a nice thing imho, so the community can fill the gaps, correct me when I'm wrong and bring ideas, combos, synergies and what not. And I'm pretty sure that here are some veteran DE players that would put this thread-o-pain in the place it belongs. So deal with me and feel free to contribute and share the pain. Archons. They are decent, but nothing spectacular, have a nice invuln and can take a Ld debuff in the form of the Phantasm GL. For wargear, the classic blast pistol+agonizer is pretty solid. If you want to take a Court of the Archon, Lhamaean and Sslyth are solid, but somewhat expensive. Drazhar. Is a beast in CQC, and buff the Incubi to insane levels of killyness. As like much of the DE stuff, he is better if he manages the charge (which shouldn't be that difficult because he is fast and can ride Raiders with his Incubi pals). To put this in numbers, on the charge a unit of 9 incubi+drazhar would be killing ~4 terminators, ~11 marines or ~17 guardsmen on average. It is not a cheap combo (dudes+ride is about ~430 points) but it can be nasty. Venoms. Awesome transport, screaming to be spammed. They're cheap, can be deadly to infantry with dual Splinter Cannon (12 shots that wound non-vehicles on 4+) forcing a lot of saves (which you can add the firepower of the transported unit if necessary), high mobility at 16". It also have a 5++ save and are hit with a -1 penalty, meaning that plasma weapons aimed at him would overheat on 1-2 on a D6 as per the new FAQ. While not specially tough in the statline, they are cheap and with the Flickerfield, the Night Shield, T6 and a 4+ save they are going to be more durable than the statline suggests. Warriors. Cheap and spammable, armed with splinter rifles and a trusty blaster they are great for dealing extra dmg on enemy units. Regarding Ravagers (always triple lance, unless your meta is really horde-heavy) I'm going to quote the Potato God here: On the Voidravens he's referring to the 6.667 mortal wounds it would deal on average against non-vehicle/monster units of 10+ models. But I also love the Razorwing jetfighter, with dual lances, splinter cannon, and funky missiles it's a very annoying unit (and a really good looking model) that can caress everything for just 170 points. For the Reavers I'm going to just quote Slips, as he grasps them better than me: And lastly I'm going to quote myself regarding Talos because I'm really tired: "If you like big nasty things, triple talos (barebones) can also deal a lot of damage both in the shooting phase and in close combat, and you'll like to have a friendly (if that is even possible) haemonculus near them, for a nice and sweet +1T bonus." Looking forward to see your thought on this. Cheers!
  15. Welcome to Meh's Dark Eldar Drukhari thread! Please buckle your safety belts and ensure all tables and chairs are in their upright positions: we're about to take off ! It's that time again: new edition, new army. In the past, I've regulated myself to only playing Factions of Imperial bent. No more, I say! It's been a strange decision but it seems the Dark Eldar chose me to lead them to greater glory and nefarious gain. The denizens of Commorragh voted or something - I'm not entirely sure how this happened. I asked for a recount but they just smiled, shook their heads, and poked me with a stick. There was no other option: it was their drumbeat or I was to be poked again with the stick. After that, who knows? After some thinking, a name came to me for my Kabal: the Kabal of the Left Hand Path. As you may be aware, that already sets them up for some sinister leanings. If you're not aware, "left" is not exactly considered the best direction in metaphysical thinking. For centuries (at least a couple thousand years), the Left Hand Path denoted unwise actions or motives. It also was used to persecute left-handed people for a time but I won't go into that. Anyway, what better name for a Kabal? Here's a mock-up of their colour scheme: As you can tell, they're in white armour. I'll try to get a Warrior painted up this coming week but I am in the midst of converting one of my Archons so we'll see. Also, I know some Warriors and Wyches go around with flayed flesh as a belt but the dark crimson is there to show the secondary colour of the army. The lenses are purple, by the way. Stay tuned for talk about fluff and other backstory about the Kabal of the Left Hand Path. Oh, yeah. I'll also have posts on my Wych Cult and Haemonculus Coven, the Cult of Secrets Revealed and the Coven of the Three-Pronged Way. Cheers !
  16. So, I have some dark eldar models sitting around from the 3rd ed days, and they don't appear to have aged well relative to new modes. Therefore, I want to create a list entirely using them for small games. I'd love some advice on what people think would be decent. Here is what I am thinking right now: Patrol Detachment Archon (1) - 4pwr 1 Archon: Huskblade,Splinter pistol Kabalite Warriors (20) - 9pwr 1 Sybarite: Splinter rifle 2 Kabalite Warrior: Dark lance 1 Kabalite Warrior: Shredder 16 Kabalite Warrior: Splinter rifle Kabalite Warriors (10) - 5pwr 1 Sybarite: Splinter rifle,Power sword 1 Kabalite Warrior: Splinter cannon 7 Kabalite Warrior: Splinter rifle 1 Kabalite Warrior: Shredder Raider (1) - 6pwr 1 Raider: Dark lance,Bladevanes Kabalite Warriors (10) - 5pwr 1 Sybarite: Splinter rifle,Power sword 1 Kabalite Warrior: Splinter cannon 7 Kabalite Warrior: Splinter rifle 1 Kabalite Warrior: Shredder Raider (1) - 6pwr 1 Raider: Dark lance,Bladevanes Once I get a list more finalized, I will use this thread for posting the build of this project.
  17. Hi there ! Working for a while on my armys and even if it's not quite finished it's on a good way.. Feel the need to share theme with you guys . First of all some of my Carcharodon army : Carcharodon 8th battle company known as the "Oblivion's predators". First Battle barge : the Hemiodon Known Shoal master : Captain Nebriuson "the black water jaw" Command officer : Nebriuson : http://img4.hostingpics.net/pics/86713413315479102102053413091932739047072642893759n.jpg http://img4.hostingpics.net/pics/17986313315505102102053410291863970049295404925255n.jpg Makoha Noronhai Second in command Red brethren sergent : http://img4.hostingpics.net/pics/23984313321874102102053270688376196898810943833682n.jpg http://img4.hostingpics.net/pics/26712113260057102102053287488796521418096470843612n.jpg Isodon Saar, Primary Librarian of the 8th company : http://img4.hostingpics.net/pics/36567313254314102102053370290864015516579222455021n.jpg http://img4.hostingpics.net/pics/31355913260174102102053387491294532316465406508022n.jpg http://img4.hostingpics.net/pics/32411813266064102102053384691228470865378697802495n.jpg Known characters of the Shoal : Saelei Brachyurus, Contemptor class dreadnought : http://img4.hostingpics.net/pics/59217613327568102102053434692477147082716382040343n.jpg The Oromatua "The Soul eater", "8th tithe" of the Oblivion's predators company . Background : http://img4.hostingpics.net/pics/91684613876665102108567927150714271903908240161825n.jpg http://img4.hostingpics.net/pics/69682213902772102108567901950084227959378688228669n.jpg http://img4.hostingpics.net/pics/58695313938343102108567887549726152664765135844988n.jpg Rest of the shoal : Drop pod : http://img4.hostingpics.net/pics/8185531471649417986258604165851035569885544972288n.jpg Leviathan siege dreadnought : http://img4.hostingpics.net/pics/765983323259DSC00486.jpg http://img4.hostingpics.net/pics/369634904453DSC00484.jpg Leave you their for the Carcharodons parts but their is a lot more to come .. Next post for my raven guard here is a taste : Moritat / Count as Kaedes Nex : http://img4.hostingpics.net/pics/74126413626968102105957867100841379123922612432323n.jpg http://img4.hostingpics.net/pics/48107013659052102105957891501452161964159180690106n.jpg http://img4.hostingpics.net/pics/54938813654391102105957884301276166571870936289160n.jpg ( if you are asking why the tau gun, it's just to represent the special gun of Kaedes nex and for the most part it's just that I wanted to try a light effect.. just an aesthetic issue ^^) Hope you guys will like theme ! Stay tuned for the next round Malchy aka Nebriuson
  18. Participating in The Good, The Bad, The Aeldari event got me back in the head space to paint orange again. I've had this army for a long time, and getting around to finishing it means going back to 5th edition where it all started. This is a largely drybrushed army, as was the style in the heady days of the mid 2000s. We as a community have moved on from heavy drybrushing. But, this army is going to be a relic. Similarly, this army is in some ways a tribute to the Warhammer Fantasy line of Dark Elf models that helped me to fall in love with that now defunct setting. This plog is mostly pictures, but also historical ramblings and experimentation. I'm an older hobbyist learning new techniques and using new materials while still using a retro style for a retro army.... I'm currently finishing up the small details on the Succubus for one of my custom Wych Cults. She will make an appearance alongside her counterpart in their rival custom Wych Cult in the future. The Splinter Pistol she currently wields is just a placeholder until i can get ahold of another Blast Pistol. Next on the bench...
  19. Hey guys, it’s been a minute. So 9th edition came out and I just got familiarized with 8th,
  20. Hey guys, I was wondering about some Wych cults and obsessions. How do they work? Which, in your opinion, is a good one to have? Is there specific ones you would use against specific armies? In the codex, it’s kind of difficult to understand all of it being a newbie. Also I would like to state that the armies I go against, since I battle at home rn, is space marines, chaos and Tyranids.
  21. Hello! This is my very first post so I’m sorry if I butcher anything. I’m pretty new to the 40k realm but I am very competitive. I am battling a Space Marine army, 1000 points and I was wondering if in such a small battle are there any good tactics I could use? Or are there any good ways to infiltrate space marines without losing many units? I’m sorry if my questions are confusing or nonsense lol.
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