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  1. So for a while I've been toying with SketchUp to make all sorts of models with the idea of 3d printing them and then having them cast. It originally started with some Homeworld inspired ships which then kind of became my interpretation of pre-Imperial vessels: http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag77/Stefmanovic/LEGION%20ship/Somevariants_zps6b58178e.jpg And the first print: http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag77/Stefmanovic/LEGION%20ship/2013-11-01115818_zpscf693308.jpg Later on I started working on some other ship models that are more BFG influenced: http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag77/Stefmanovic/Fleetteaser_zpse59fe328.jpg I've been collaborating on them with Fox Box Games who will produce them. We eventually managed to do a first print thanks to the lovely fellows at the Cardiff University: http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag77/Stefmanovic/prints_zps8fcda915.png http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag77/Stefmanovic/2014-12-02160004_zpsad11030b.jpg And now we're in the process of casting the ships in resin (please ignore the filthy xenos in the background): http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag77/Stefmanovic/miscast%20destroyer%201_zpsrbg8wkrb.jpg I currently have four types of escorts (2 destroyers and 2 corvettes) and some boarding pods printed, and hopefully we'll be able to release them later in the summer. Depending on how those will go, I can contemplate finishing up the larger transport ships and maybe also these. Besides ships I've also worked on some more 28mm scaled stuff. Space Hulk and Necromunda have always fascinated me and for a long time I've tried to make a model version of Philip Sibbering's Ecopolis. I eventually moved to something based more on my own ideas, which you can see here: http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag77/Stefmanovic/Underground%20facility%201.0%20-%20006a_zpskf1dwgwl.jpg http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag77/Stefmanovic/Underground%20facility%201.0%20-%20006c_zpsvucpmoxc.jpg http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag77/Stefmanovic/Underground%20facility%201.0%20-%20006b_zps2c2bokgt.jpg http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag77/Stefmanovic/Underground%20facility%201.0%20-%20008%20equipment_zpsz2zstyix.jpg I still haven't been able to build my own infantry models (yet), but I have been working on designing some equipment for them: http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag77/Stefmanovic/Clubs%201.0%20-%20001_zpst5tskn7y.jpg http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag77/Stefmanovic/Auto%20pistols%20-%20teched%20up%20002_zpsxh3g9ouv.jpg http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag77/Stefmanovic/Rifles%201.0%20-%20002_zpse7znj2qy.jpg So yeah...let me know what you think! I'll keep this thread updated with my process as we go along!
  2. AKA: How I learned to stop worrying and love the drybrush AKA: Ambitious but rubbish AKA: Lore is more what you call guidelines than actual rules AKA: Paint it any colour as long as it's black AKA: An idea isn't a project log Disclaimer: This is a General 40k log. I can't see myself sticking with one project for too long at the moment. This will be strange. I'll try and stay visually friendly to the 40k universe, but I will bend the lore as required for my projects. After 15-16 years in the hobby I think I'm entitled to! Think surreal stuff and mixed IP, mostly using GW models. I favour tabletop standard models with a weathered style, no pro painted eye candy here, sorry! I'm currently working on a Space Hulk Genestealer Kill Team and (non Space Hulk!) Kill Team Board/Terrain. I've been busy over the last couple of months. I wanted to start Kill Team with a friend in time for the UK COVID re-opening this week. Dithering with colour schemes and hay-fever fatigue has made me miss the deadline. I'm nearly there though! Test model and test base: I have to find every way not to paint something before I can decide on a colour scheme. After trying a few things with the unused half of the Genestealers I circled back to my original idea of Xenomorph style Genestealers in a very under highlighted style. It's just Chaos Black liberally sprayed on with an all over dry brush of Scavenblight Dinge followed by an all over wash of Seraphim Sepia, which is my new favourite magic wash (Move over Agrax!) I've never been a big nids fan, but I was worried I would never finish my kill team if I went for my usual default of elaborately kitbashed guard regiments or Inqusition warbands. It also seemed fun to play non Imperial with my 40k newbie friend picking Wolves... I've had the 2014 Space Hulk box for a while (Since 2014) and the Hive Mind Started calling to me. Even I could manage to paint 9 monopose Genstealers right? Being monopose models the main challenge during the build was the basing. A good number of the Space Hulk Genies have amazing bits of er, space hulk moulded onto them. I wanted to retain that, but also make the starship parts seem like a plausible part of the base rather than just stuck on. I have some necromunda/industrial bases but It was hard to make the Space Hulk bits blend in. The largest ones didn't quite fit on 40mm bases so I've obtained some 50mm bases, probably the only innovation from Centurions I approve of . In my day you had 25mm slot bases for troops, 40mm for terminators and 60mm for dreadnoughts (and your kid brother with his WFB had square bases). Now days every man and his dog has a custom base size... In the end I used a mix of sand and chopped up sprue to make fine rubble. After becoming more environmentally concious this year I've decided to stop throwing away used sprues (with no option for recycling them in the UK), and use them for basing or scratch builds. I'm planning to top it with an Ice and Snow wash from precision Ice and Snow. So why haven't I finished 9 models in 2 months? The truth? I spent over a month doing a little bit of de mould lining each evening and not much else. I then decided to start the Kill Team terrain as a parallel project, which is a terrible idea! A great secret I learned from a WHC podcast was that the Kill Team battlefield is a similar size to a standard noticeboard size available in the UK. I already had a cork notice board with only 1cm larger dimensions so I used it to create: Crossroads! I chose to make the road a central feature because thought it would be versatile. Add buildings by the road and you have a small city of death. Add some low rise terrain and the same board becomes a rural battlefield. I got the cork sheet from a cork map of the world I no longer needed and used DIY sharp sand. The areas outside the road are deliberately under detailed so the board is more modular with removable terrain and easier to store. WIP and rather good value laser cut buildings from TC combat: I wanted some more ancient ruins rather than the usual bombed out wasteland, so it was always going to be grass or desert on the board rather than the usual grey or scrapyard vibes you see for 40k. In a bit of a marmite decision I chose a 'Summer Flowers' static grass blend from a model railway provider. My first thought was to use dead grass blends, but to do that realistically would have increased the complexity and time budget. In the end I wanted something that wouldn't depress me to look at in these challenging times and something that's certainly different. The road was painted with art shop greys to save money (which I then wasted by using about
  3. The intention of this review is to inform any of the KS backers or individuals who may buy one of these second-hand, I’ve already seen a couple listed on eBay. I do not wish to make light of anything that has to do with the kickstarter itself, only look at the product in hand. I also hope this creates a network of people who can share builds, hacks and other advice regarding this terrain system. This review is based on the “Medium” Backer Cathedral, I did NOT get the Daedelus expansion (which was included in the promotional material) or the fabric mat. As this backer reward was said to be the one used to create the images used in the KS campaign, I feel this offers the most level playing field in comparing what was shown to what was delivered. This system used a tension clip system to attach pre-printed die cut pieces to each other to make a gothic style cathedral inspired terrain for warhammer and other analogous game systems. TL:DR Pros: Well printed. Die cuts popped out easily. Terrain is HUGE. Lots of possibilities. Cardboard holds up nicely. Cons: Assembly videos provided by RH are limited. Clip system was hard on the hands. Cardboard will most likely not respond well to repeated rebuilding. One-shot: I got what I paid for and am happy with the final result, however the road to get there was a journey with quite a learning curve, and not by choice. What was advertised: Kit sizes: https://i.imgur.com/Zv7GAeW.jpeg Promotional images: https://warstages.net/gallery.html What I made: V1 V2 For scale: In Depth I was pleasantly surprised that the printing quality held up, of all the things involved with this terrain KS, that was my biggest concern. It holds up, and the contrast is nice. I did not make any notice of details being cut off or parts being off center. Once all together it makes an impressive scene. The cardboard is sturdy but there are certain parts that need extreme care to not bend in assembly - such as archways along the sides - are very prone to bending at clip points. Many scatter terrain elements had tabs which bent easily or off entirely. On the flip side the platforms are sturdy, and the bigger one, "High Command" held my resin Castigator. The clip system works. However after 15-30 minutes of assembly the constant pushing and coaxing of clips was hard on the fingers. I eventually resorted to using the table, a ball peen hammer, and padded work gloves to minimize wear & tear while slotting clips. You really need to plan out your clip layout if you want to bling out your builds with all the extra greebles provided. This review will go through a few things concerning some the marquee pieces. Instructions were provided as a QR code to a private youtube site which lists 36 videos as of this writing. I expected them to be something along the line of, “do THIS to make the scene you saw in the pictures”. Maybe even a PDF showing layouts they used. But more than half of the videos are for the scatter terrain, the rest cover SOME of the major assemblies, and one of them is exclusive to the extra large kit backers (which was helpful for ideas). Perhaps they’ll add more. I found it to be insufficient for someone to make a casual go at this. If you’re watching the videos on a phone it can be very frustrating as the assembler points to a clip (there’s no talking in MOST of them, just a very, very repetitive soundtrack.) and you’re squinting trying to see which one it was. My naming convention for each is as named in the assembly video list: https://www.ragingheroes.com/pages/assembling-warstages CHOIR: This piece has the largest footprint of the lot and appears front and center in many of the promotional pieces. It makes use of an angled clip which is infuriating to use and was single-handedly the most stressful part of any of the builds. The windows are long and skinny and prone to bending when pressing them together with the angled clips. The upper part of the flying buttress does not attach to the structure, which is annoying to my propensity to secure things. Seems prone to bending as I almost did it myself just moving it around. There is a part shown in the promotional images (Tryptic, per the backer info) that is provided, but there are no clip slot cutouts where this very specific railing is supposed to go. It won’t fit anywhere else, I tried. HIGH COMMAND: Heavily used in the promotional images, however what you DON’T see clearly is that the stairs cannot attach flush to the platform. The stairs have tabs extending from the sides that intersect the angled platform preventing the clips from fully attaching. It looks janky. I cut off the offending tabs since they’re an integral part of this platform. WALLS: This assembly video specifically deals with parts from the Daedelus extension, but has a generic title card, so if you’re a little confused and wondering if you’re missing parts before realizing it’s just something you didn’t get, you’re not alone. No other assembly videos pertaining to wall builds for the cathedral, which make up a large portion of the frames provided. I ended up looking at the promotional photos for ideas on how they might have put them together but ended up just doing my own thing. TRIANGLE TOWER: I opted for making four tall and two short towers instead of 2 super tall and 2 tall towers as advertised. Ridiculously tall for a tabletop game, there’s little to no units that would end up going that high, much less get there, or have any tactical reason to do so. SCREENS: Looks cool but the bases provided suck and slip off super easily. I actually used two inverted toppers for bases from the :”Triangle Tower” build. I think they missed the mark on these. If they simply made the slots at the bottom of some of the screen the same width as the slots on the floor and platforms it would have offered up some better alternatives. GATES: As of this writing the video for this part has been taken down for some reason. Very fiddly construction and I was sweating bullets trying to get all the big pieces slotted the way they show in the video. Biggest golly gee is this platform they put up at the very top. It’s a 1x4 pierce that has slots all the way around and they don’t even use any of them. I ended up removing the platform, used extra connectors to shore up the gates and used the platform to build my walls. The hinge clips are not that good and come apart easily when moving the doors. I was short two clips to fully install the doors for all three gates, but I actually prefer to use the right angle clip for an open position and the single straight clip for closed. BELL TOWER: You get two bell towers but an extra two of the top half, which makes for an odd piece on the tabletop as scatter terrain. Luckily some of the parts can be repurposed to make a small riser and alternative guardrails. SCATTER TERRAIN: I liked most of the little bits. The crates and bookcases are solid, and a lot of the computer screens and displays have many ways of being added to the terrain. I passed on the candelabra and trimmed the lights down to use with clips and added them as interior / exterior lights. I didn’t care for the Pipes, Air Recycling Unit, Med Station or Fireplace and let my kids put them together and keep them. Either the construction was janky or I just didn’t like the look of the finished piece. I’ve got plenty of resin and plastic scatter terrain to use instead. RANDO STUFF: In the end, I had a lot of walkways and other random bits leftover, which is fine. But there were these pieces which never came up in an assembly video, nor could I divine any use for them as the slots don't match up with ANYTHING. edit: font color changed for better readability
  4. After a false start followed by years of hiatus, I've decided to try my hand again with making my own wargaming terrain. Right now I am still in the planning stage (I'm envisioning a bombed-out trench network), but I already see some challenges I may encounter when I get to the painting stage. For the terrain itself I'm planning to use balsawood (mostly as a sturdy base plate, but perhaps for some wooden details too), soft polystyrene (from which I will cut out the trenches and bomb craters), card or cardboard (for other details) and filler/kit to smooth out edges. That is a lot of different materials and I have no idea if the citadel paints that I have can actually be used to paint my terrain (it is designed for plastic models, after all); can I simply basecoat the terrain with Chaos Black spray and then use citadel paint, or do I need to somehow treat the various materials before I can start painting?
  5. So the new terrain is coming out for AoS called Dominion of Sigmar ...but i was thinking with some well placed symbols from FW or some home made one's even, this terrain could be painted up as some stately high lords office/temple area or the halls of some imperial palace in the Ultramar region etc etc It would make for some very different terrain on your board.. you could swap out the sigmar statue for some of those cool new ones from the Basilicum set (see below) Cheers, Mithril
  6. ok before Christmas i had some Killteam games and its awesome fun sooooo... as well as working on my new necron killteam team i started putting together some terrain for my mate's and i to play on. here is the basic layout below of what im building and as i paint it up i'll post pics of those too ... here is the basic layout of what i have- and seperate parts ... and work on the first piece is underway reactor sides (averland sunset and yriel yellow) and walkways/top colour chosen (thunderhawk blue) More definitely soon (i'm actually enjoying painting this stuff up) Cheers, Mithril
  7. My friend Bloodbeard has shared a tutorial on how to make fire escapes for your buildings. Cheap and solid method! Tutorial: Fire Escapes and Ladders MDF buildings are a great and cheap way to fill out a board. But having a couple of different houses, most just come with one door. The limits the gaming options with then, creating nasty choke points (which is fine sometimes). Decided to make some entry points on the second floors with some fire escapes. I made two different kinds. One angled type for my Laser Model Store houses and straight for the TT Combat houses. The fire escapes are made broader than 25mm, because I want them to fit on bigger models as well. This wouldn't be a problem in Last Days and Walking Dead. But I do have some mutants for This Is Not A Test and Scrappers that has bigger bases. The finished result can be seen at the bottom of the article. Materials - Sprue (I used Mantic Games bases sprue) - Plastic glue - A tiny bit of plastic card (could work with sprue as well) Step 1 - prep the sprues Mantic Games 25mm round bases come on perfect sprues. The are straight and have 90 degree angles. Prepare by cleaning them up. Glue two together to make the angled fire escape. Step 2 - cut off Cut off the extra sprue, to make a nicely shaped angle. Step 3 - railing Making use of the nice angles on the sprue, it's easy to cut out and attach some railing to the fire escape platform. Step 4 - playing with fire Use a candle and heat up some sprue. Bend it into a hooked shape. These will be used to secure the fire escapes in the windows of the houses. Bending with heat is better than glueing - it's much stronger. This is the bit that will take any tension. For the straight fire escapes the hooks are bend directly from the base frame, no need to glue. MDF houses is often double layered on he walls. So aim for a 6mm wide space in the hooks. Step 5 - finishing Attach the hooks to the angled fire escape. Make sure they fit with a window in the building. The Laser Model Store has a small line sticking out at the second floor. So using a bit of sprue and a tiny bit of plastic card I made grip to get around that. So the fire escape is secured on both sides. Lastly add as much sprue as you want to walk on. Fill out the fire escape. Add some extra sprue to the railing as well. Ladders Again using a candle, med some hooked pieces of sprue. Use these to make some ladders. I've made six short and two long fire escape ladders. These can hook on to the fire escape, make further access to a roof. Painting I base coated the ladders and fire escapes with a brown spray. Drybrushed it all with gun metal. Quick shade varnished the stuff with a heavy layer. It's an easy way to get a dirty rusty look. Showcase I think the addition of the fire escapes add a nice inner city downtown vibe to the buildings. Here they're used on a TT Combat house. Homemade felt mat - tutorial. Fire escape on a Laser Model Store house.
  8. "BEING THEREIN AN ACCOUNT OF THE SHADOW WARS AND OPERATIONS INVOLVING LOYALIST, HERETIC, & XENOS FORCES BEFORE, DURING & AFTER THE WAR FOR THE ODOTHESE SECTOR (M40.999)" (ALSO A CHRONICLE OF MY RETURN TO THE HOBBY AFTER OVER FOUR YEARS AWAY FROM GW..!) GUEST STARRING: THE LEGION OF TAURUS... Hello, it's been a while (almost 4 1/2 years) since I posted on here. You might remember my Chaos Space Marine plog, The Legion of Taurus. Whilst I still have that army (and have a handful of units to complete for it), due to real-life stuff (moving, changing jobs, another 'hobby' project), and generally feeling a bit burnt out with GW & 40k, I've had zero inclination towards anything related to the hobby. I did have a brief dabble with Deadzone - building the terrain is fun, but the miniatures & setting just didn't grab me like 40k did - but that aside, I just wasn't bothered to make any miniatures, paint anything, or play. I still followed what GW was up to - I'm pleased that GW have clearly changed from the sort of company they were 5 years ago, and are now more open and engaging with the community - but nothing piqued my interest. Until, that is, Kill Team was announced. It ticked the boxes for me:Squad based, smaller number of models (doing massed armies and keeping up with 'Codex-creep' I think contributed to my 40k burn out) Space for story and narrative (never been a competitive player, it's about fun and story for me) Smaller play area required (I just don't have space for 6'x4' boards and the associated terrain) Fast pace of play (since 7th came out, friends who still play have described games taking hours and hours, even just to deploy and sort out stratagems etc etc etc) As I already had my Legion of Taurus, a pile of spare Space Marine minis, and a bunch of terrain left over from my Deadzone dalliance, I felt it was time for me to return to the hobby - especially as I knew I was going to be looking at less of an investment of time and finances than back when I was building and painting armies..! Anyway, I've blathered enough. Before I commence with a few pics, I'd just like to acknowledge a few people on here who's logs have inspired me while I've been lurking for these past few weeks before posting my new log. The plogs of these are excellent and well worth reading, if you've not! Atia, Augustus b'Raas, Biohazard, Brother Chaplain Kage, Cadmus Tyro, Doghouse, DuskRaider, ElDuderino, Grieux, KrautScientist, InsanePsychopath, rednekkboss, Subtle Discord, SystemSyn, Tzen (and apologies to those I've forgotten!) Anyway, pics and details... the plan is to build 2-3 Kill Teams (apart from those I can make from existing armies), a couple of boards, and paint some terrain to go with it. Without further ado: Part One - Killzone Xergev Decades before the Legion of Taurus launched their all-out war to conquer the Odothese Sector, they lured a strike force of Avenging Eagles Astartes to an abandoned mining planet, Xergev. There they decimated the loyalist Astartes in a series of ambushes and traps - all part of a plan to lure further Imperial forces to the planet. Though the campaign against the traitors, referred to as 'The Xergev Prosecution', was considered a success, the Legion of Taurus was not destroyed. For the first of the Kill Teams & terrain, I'm focusing on this little nugget from my Legion of Taurus' background; I'm doing a Kill Team of Avenging Eagles Space Marines, and a board representing the desert-like terrain of Xergev. To start of with, I've built the Kill Team - but first, behold, the first GW miniature I've built in over 4 years..! http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c274/firestorm40k/Kill%20Team%20Project/20180822_214328_zpsajboa9nk.jpg (I've since repositioned him on the base, as he was a bit too far forward). Here's the whole Kill Team: http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c274/firestorm40k/Kill%20Team%20Project/20180904_210105_zpskul141b0.jpg (I've since had to swap the Sergeant's Combi-Grav for a Grav Pistol, as I hadn't realised it wasn't legal. D'oh!) The feel I'm going for is that these are survivors of the ambushes and traps that have wiped out their comrades, so are seeking vengeance on the Legion of Taurus (and hopefully survive long enough to get intel about the traitor's forces to the in-coming Imperial armies). As I'm finding my way back in to the hobby I didn't go overboard on conversions, and will attempt to convey that they're 'survivors', trying to evade the Chaos Marines, through how I paint them (chips to the armour, etc). Hopefully, I can remember how to paint them..! I'll post more details about each individual Marine over the course of this plog! As well as this, I've been re-configuring some of the terrain I built for Deadzone to use for Kill Team. Although it doesn't look 'standard' Imperial-style Gothic, Xergev was abandoned pre-Imperial times, so it doesn't matter. My plan is to paint it really weathered and rusted. http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c274/firestorm40k/Kill%20Team%20Project/20180904_204419_zpsvjcvkpql.jpg I'm in the process of adding some styrene rod to cover gaps that often occur with this terrain product: http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c274/firestorm40k/Kill%20Team%20Project/20180904_204441_zps8tqdugdj.jpg http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c274/firestorm40k/Kill%20Team%20Project/20180904_205856_zpsmltbfidm.jpg Thinking about how I'm going to paint these, so I've had a 'test' at using the salt-technique to get some chips going on. Starting off, I've primed this with some cheap white then red acrylic spray primer: http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c274/firestorm40k/Kill%20Team%20Project/20180909_165438_zpsqik7zo4c.jpg I then sprayed it with hair spray (!) and put some rock salt on while the hair spray was still wet; once that had dried a bit I sprayed it with blue primer: http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c274/firestorm40k/Kill%20Team%20Project/20180909_171728_zpsjzdvyigl.jpg Before the blue fully dried I brushed the salt off with a damp brush: http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c274/firestorm40k/Kill%20Team%20Project/20180909_175427_zpsg8aadnq7.jpg As far as a test goes, it's been a learning curve - I think I need to use a salt that's a bit more fine/granular, to get more coverage (admittedly I struggled to get the rock salt granules to stick). But hopefully, once I've sussed this technique, with some weathering powders and washes, I can get this terrain done quickly. More pics to follow as I get painting; in the meantime, thanks for looking!
  9. So I'm thinking of getting into selling handmade terrain on Ebay. Mostly stuff like plateaus, rock spires and small mountains, the kind of terrain that would be for badlands, desert, or cave themed environments, though I'm also considering pieces for earthen breastworks and trench systems. Nothing master-class here, it's meant to be cheap and simple. My primary question is this: should I make the extra investment of painting these terrain pieces so they can be used immediately, or should I sell them plain and unpainted so someone can paint them up themselves to their own theme and standards? The latter is what I would want to do as a hobbyist myself.
  10. [Posted in the wrong section. Please move.] Of relevance to the science fantasy setting Warhammer 40'000. Copy-pasted from an advice reply over on T9A for Mad 'At's Citycape Skirmish Blog, since much of it could be of general interest to wargamers all over. Mad 'At is by the way an accomplished scenery builder and miniature painter, as should be evident here, and it's something out of the ordinary to play across his club's terrain at some Swedish tournaments. I guess the board will double up as both sewers and streets with canals? I'd highly recommend you paint some odd stones in different tones to add interest to the plain grey board as it stands. E.g. blue-grey, reddish brown, beige, blackish grey. Likewise, a little moss and painted lichen clinging to stonewall surfaces can break up the grey monotone and give life to the texture: [align=center] [/align] It can easily be done, and is a simple way to improve terrain. Needn't be Golden Demon level, something quick like this from a Danish Frostgrave table adds a lot. Also, a touch of ivy somewhere could be neat. As could the rare tuft of grass growing between cracks in a stone or brick wall (not the street stones, that could impede placing bases around). Yellowed grass will help keep it grimdark if that is desired. And a simple bird's nest somewhere high up in a ruin could add a lot, maybe with eggs in it. Onward, wood can easily be made to look more organic on miniatures and [lexicon]terrain[/lexicon] by adding a few streaks of grey or grayish-greenish-brown (Catachan Green is a classic) into thew woodwork. This is not to say that all the wood surface shall be covered in it, but that once one have painted it brown, one can add a few veins of grayish green. [align=center][/align] Clever take with the ruined parts of Avras (Constantinople and Rome rolled into one) for a Mordheim game. This is probably not what Cityscape Skirmish players want to see, but what the heck: In both the case of Rome and Constantinople, when they got largely depopulated and the living city shrunk back within the walls, parts of the former city were given over to farming and pasture for cattle, goats, swine and sheep. So that you had a living city centre, huddling together around the Vatican in the case of Rome, and lots of ruins and abandoned enormous monuments, falling apart in urban decay. And scattered amid all this was some agriculture within the city walls. So you could include some field or orchard in a misplaced location, e.g. on some broken-up market square or within the walls of a ruined temple whose roof collapsed long ago. Perhaps some makeshift little stable of herdsman's hut thrown up against the towering stone wall of some ancient grand building. Maybe even stray farm animals just for flavour without any effect whatsoever on the game, moving out of the way automatically as the warbands roam about (or perhaps breaking line of sight and possibly stampeding in panic for some odd scenario - or being a cattle raid)? Maybe some broken statue could enhance the ruined impression? Likewise, as a bone thrown to fungoid Goblin fans out there, you could make a patch or two of brightly coloured mushrooms who release spores with odd gameplay effects in their vicinity, particularly for sewer play. And some unearthed mass grave, for all Necromantic needs. Furthermore, don't be afraid to add burn markss to frayed and damaged edges of ruins. It can aid with the visual impression. And speaking of marks, some old dried blood stains or just stains of mold, dung or dirt could help break up the grey stone expanse. Not big spots and splotches, but ones better done with a detail or stippling brush. And if you ever do a living inhabited city quarter, you could include posh ancient fluted columns and other intricately carved stonework that has been looted from old buildings and built into newer ones, such as shoddy little mansions. Here are parts of some ancient Greek columns from the Bactrian kingdom still in use in Afghanistan today: [align=center][/align] Also, while much more relevant to sci-fi than to fantasy, some graffiti in the form of chalked or coal-drawn clan markings, pathfinding signs or unholy occult symbols drawn by gibberish madmen (Chaos stars and so on) could be added to some ruin or another. Perhaps Roman, Viking or Egyptian style? Just throwing ideas in case anything is of interest. Hills as Dump Piles On a different note, how about spicing some of your hills? Tired of all wargaming hills looking virtually the same? While we all want a flat surface on top for movement, the steep hillsides are usually open field for add-ons, so long as they don't interfere with movement trays on top and units passing by. While moss and flowers can be added to the sides of hills to bring nature more into the game, there is also another route which can be taken. Simultaneously with the vegetation, in fact: Hills as dump piles. One dump could be corpses and skeletons, such as this Hill of the Slain, an illustration for Silmarillion: Another could be ruin stones poking out from the sides of the hills, some bearing ornate carvings, like the Schuttberg in Germany made up of rubble from cities bombed asunder during the Second World War: Another could be a Tell, an ancient settlement mound built up of layers upon layers of sunbaked mud brick. Perfect for desert tables. Some artistic license would work best here, since the outermost layer of bricks usually crumble down to an indistinguishable dust layer. Instead, make some sections of the hillside be worn brick wall visible among the earth. Could include pottery and bones for extra effect: Yet another take on a fully or partially artificial hill could be to make it a dumping ground for waste, such as one made up entirely of pottery shards stacked on top of one another, akin to Monte Testaccio in Rome which is a hill made up of millions of discarded olive oil amphorae during the city's ancient heyday of bustle and consumption: And last and least, how about a dump pile for Skaven underground digging? All those tunnels and caverns clawed out from the earth must leave a lot of waste, that needs to be dumped above ground. This would be an ordinary hill, but perhaps with some Skaven skull or broken ratman shield or weapon sticking out from the earth, rocks or grass of the hillside. The same could be done for others than the verminous swarms, of course, including Dwarfs (runestone proclaiming ownership of dump pile material by some clan?), Chaos Dwarfs ( sprinkled with obsidian shards and dead Goblins?) and Goblins (Goblin waste, including dung, broken gear and fungi). Just make sure any such vertical/diagonal additions to hills are done in a friendly fashion for tabletop movement. Got any tips of your own to share? Do please spill the beans!
  11. Hello everybody! I got so many good ideas and so much inspiration from people in this forum and now I think it's time to share some of my own stuff too. After an over ten year break from the hobby I got back into it a while ago. Thinking back I found that the games I played in second edition were the ones most rememberable and decided to start something with that in mind. I also knew that I have to restrict myself in this hobby to get something done, so I came up with these two (because one isn't enough) main projects : Storm of Vengeance (SoV) and Warhammer 40K 2nd edition box (2ndEB) SoV is the remaking of the historical armies (and terrain) from the Storm of Vengeance campaign book for Warhammer 40K second edition. For those of you not familiar with this 20(!) year old gaming goodnes: the campaign takes place on Piscina IV, a Dark Angel recruitment planet, between the DA 3rd Company and an Ork alliance between Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Tharaka (Goff) and Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub (Bad Moon). The Campaign book has 9 scenarios with lists of the historical forces involved and battle field layouts. 2ndEB is basically all the content of the Warhammer 40k 2nd edition box 'upgraded'. Including ruins, templates and markers. I try to give everything an 'updated' 2nd edition look, all Space Marines will be true/art/whatever- big scale and some of the Orks will be a bit bigger too. With the Xenos I will cheat a bit by using them for all scenarios and for both projects. So there will be Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Xenos scum (Orks) here. ...oh and also quite a bit of terrain Please don't hold back any criticism good or bad. Cheers, spraehbuer _-SoV-_ A t the moment I am mainly focusing on the terrain of scenario2 . Most of it is ready to get primed and painted. List of Historical Forces of the Piscina IV Campaign Dark Angels Master Belial WIP Master-Chaplin Uriel Interrogator-Chaplin Boreas/Sarpedon WIPrtp Apothecary Nestor WIPrtp Lexicanium Charon Lexicanium Acutus/Hebron Techmarine Hephaestus WIPrtp Veteran Sergeant Naaman WIP Tactical Squad Ravager WIP Tactical Squad Lemael (Exalta) WIPrtp Tactical Squad Dominus WIP Assault Squad Exanimare/Zaltys/Arbalan/Menelauis Devastator Squad Scalprum/Annihilus Scout Squad Arcanus/Damas/Erinyes WIP Deathwing Squad Malignus/Vigilus/Adamanta WIP Ravenwing Bikesquad Raptor/Aquila/Validus (5 Bikes) Ravenwing Landspeeder Dreadnought Revered Venerari WIP Predator Razorback Rhino Orks Goff Warlord Ghazghkull WIP + Gretchin Standard Bearer Makari WIP Bad Moon Warlord Nazdreg WIP + Gretchin Standard Bearer Smirkin WIP Goff Warboss Ulgrim/ Bigboss Gurbad WIP Goff Warboss Tufzog Bad Moon Bigboss Narfrag Goff Bigboss Snargit WIPrtp Snakebite Bigboss Scardreg/Barkskar WIP Mekaniak Grodmek/Shakdreg/Badmek WIP Mekaniak Wurrmek (Shokk Attack Gun) WIP Painboy Lurksnag/Urtlug WIP Runtherd Gutzmeg WIPrtp Runtherd Gaffmeg WIPrtp Drillboss Nardrill WIPrtp 5 Snakebite boarboyz WIP 10 Goff Skarboyz WIPrtp 10 Goff Boyz DONE 20 Bad Moon Boyz WIPrtp 7 Evil Sunz Boyz 5 Death Skull Boyz WIPrtp 8 Death Skull Lootas WIPrtp 4 Goff Nobz WIPrtp 9 Stormboyz WIPrtp 10 Blood Axe Kommandos WIPrtp 30 Gretchins WIP 12 Freebooters 6 Snotlings WIPrtp Dreadnought WIPrtp 6 Warbikes 2 Warbuggies WIP 1 Scorcher 1 Wartrak Pulsa Rokkit Interogator-Chaplin Boreas http://i.imgur.com/Qlu7ytz.jpg Tactical Squad 4 Lemael (Exalta) http://i.imgur.com/gPNGBqe.jpg http://i.imgur.com/NmOfx39.jpg Tactical Squad 6 Ravager http://i.imgur.com/rN4chEr.jpg http://i.imgur.com/CyIpaWu.jpg Veteran Sergeant Naaman http://i.imgur.com/vJ87Lgt.jpg Scout Squad Damas http://i.imgur.com/nnQRta1.jpg Scenario 2: Dark Cathedral http://i.imgur.com/lHIN5uq.jpg Battlefield: http://i.imgur.com/mduJWvF.jpg http://i.imgur.com/q1fTdoN.jpg http://i.imgur.com/MMRmQLY.jpg http://i.imgur.com/3uI6mT2.jpg http://i.imgur.com/V4tVWgF.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Qn4UAIv.jpg http://i.imgur.com/cRF3wWn.jpg ~2ndEB~ List of Historical Forces Battle for Armageddon Scenarios Blood Angels Squad Raphael: Sergeant Raphael - Chainsword, 3 Space Marines - Boltgun, 1 Space Marine - Flamer WIP Squad Mephisto: Brother Mephisto - Boltgun, 3 Space Marines - Boltgun, 1 Space Marine - Missile launcher (trageter, frag and krak missiles) Squad Lazarus: Sergeant Lazarus - Chainsword, 3 Space Marines - Boltgun, 1 Space Marine - Flamer Squad Cleon: Brother Cleon - Boltgun, 3 Space Marines - Boltgun, 1 Space Marine - Missile launcher (trageter, frag and krak missiles) WIP Goff Orks Da Krusher: Ork Dreadnought armed with two power claws, a heavy bolter and a lascannon WIPrtp Grugnat's Mob: Ten Orks armed with bolt pistols, axes and frag stikkbomz DONE Snikbog's Mob: Ten Orks armed with bolt pistols, axes and frag stikkbomz WIPrtp Grit's Mob: Ten Gretchin armed with autoguns WIP Grot's Mob: Ten Gretchin armed with autoguns WIP Scumbo's Mob: Ten Gretchin armed with autoguns Fergit's Mob: Ten Gretchin armed with autoguns also small status picture http://i.imgur.com/cFAXOhH.jpg
  12. I enjoy modelling and painting, but I had no idea what to do with the models, so I began GMing a Dark Heresy 2E. Then I also wound up modelling stuff not in the game. Anyway, lets see what turns up! The PCs were an Arbitrator, Desperado and an Ad Mech He needed shades They soon met a harlequin that liked to mess with them. I love John Blanche and felt harlies should be "horror clowns" more than theatrical types:
  13. So it's been probably years since I have put my face on these forums and it's probably time I get back to where it all started... I've had some very hectic tournaments in the last few years, focusing primarily on CSM but moved the start of 2016 to the loyalist and superior codex of SPACE MARINES! I've gone through a full circle event realising that as much as I do love Death Guard, they were not heavy on the chaos iconography like other chaos marines were so I went back and built a full army of loyalist kits with the preheresy scheme with a few worn out models but mostly basic painting on them. I ran with this on the CSM codex for a good two years, heavily investing in vindicators, land raider and terminators to get my work done and I performed well most games but then the codex creep came... Experiments with 4 Maulerfiends, Cypher in Spawn stars, and all the like left me feeling let down by the basic elements of the army and so the Emperors guiding light set me free. The leap into using preheresy models came almost 2 years ago because of their rugged and tough appearance plus being expensive they were not seen often at tournaments in this area so I took to it quickly and they suited my painting style - fast and washy! Within months I had made 50 marines and a few tanks as well as ordered 15 odd terminators, which is now in the 50 mark thanks to BAC and BOP box sets. My shift in the hobby though turned towards the hobby, where I found solace those earlier years when things in life just seemed tough, warhammer and particularly the building of terrain gave me a reason to be excited for tomorrow. https://www.facebook.com/DistrictTerra/ I put most of my stuff on here, been using it as a good creative release and have just in the last month moved in to a much bigger home where I can finally get some real work done and all those half finished projects can go to rest. Just to make sure there is enough spam in the post. I hope to reconnect again with those of you I may have lost, and make new friends along the way!!! Introduce yourself either here or FB. Looking forward to a good reunion.
  14. greetings, I'm coming from 40k0. Been lurking B&C painting/modelling section for a while and I thought i'd start posting and sharing my work. here's my start on the Imperial Fists 5th company. This project is looking pretty exciting, I'm looking to really bring these guys to life and develop the Chapter a bit more. hopefully I'll have more to share as I finish some modeling and christen my handy-dandy new airbrush with craploads of yellow. Sorry for the bad pictures, believe or not these were the best ones of the batch... Just looking to share and fishing for C&C. http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f390/augustmanifesto/imperial%20fists/102.jpg http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f390/augustmanifesto/imperial%20fists/103.jpg http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f390/augustmanifesto/imperial%20fists/105.jpg http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f390/augustmanifesto/imperial%20fists/106.jpg http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f390/augustmanifesto/imperial%20fists/107.jpg http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f390/augustmanifesto/imperial%20fists/111.jpg http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f390/augustmanifesto/imperial%20fists/109.jpg http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f390/augustmanifesto/imperial%20fists/108.jpg
  15. HiMyNameisHarry aka DarKHaZZl3 and I will be your in-flight entertainment for the duration of my hobby life A while back I had several WiP topics of various themes, and needless to say, it was a bit of a ball ache. So instead I've decided to throw everything into one pot in an aim to get more feedback and possible praise for being semi-awesome not making a complete mess of things! In between my own stuff (which honestly is mainly not 40k orientated these days) I do take on commission work... While this won't strictly be 'Armies of the Imperium' based, I don;t want to set up another topic, so they'll also live here There is quite a back catalogue of posts, so bellow are the links to each of the categories on my blog if you want to keep up to date on any specific project. +--EDIT--+ A while back the B&C had a huge update. In this overhaul they have trashed the blog section of the website. A such my hobby blog posts have all been deleted, and therefore the links I have posted will no longer work and thus have been removed (I think I got them all anyway). So from now on, any links to written blogs will take you to The Underhive Hero. But all/most of my images will still be hosted here on the B&C! +--EDIT--+ I don't post much online anymore... that is something I am looking to get back to. You can find almost everything on my instagram, or on my commission page, depending on what it is (links in sig) Cheers for checking this out, Comments, Compliments and Constructive Criticism all welcome. I Hope you enjoy the ride +--ACTIVITY LOG (Recent first)--+ UPdate 29/08/2020 = 30k Ultramarine Commission complete ! part1 (Page 9). Update 27/08/2020 = 30k Ultramarine Commission wip (Page 9). Update 14/08/2020 = The Great Unclean One Commission Complete! part 2 (Page 9). Update 09/08/2020 = The Great Unclean One Commission Complete! part 1 (Page 9). Update 06/08/2020 = Teaser: The Great Unclean One Commission part 2 (Page 9). Update 05/08/2020 = Teaser: The Great Unclean One Commission part 1 (page 9). Update 28/07/2020 = Abaddon the Despoiler Commission Complete! (Page 9). Update 10/02/2020 = Corvus Corax Commission Complete! (Page 9). Update 10/02/2020 = Teaser: Corvus Corax Commission (Page 9). Update 06/07/2019 = Leam Russ Commission Complete! (Page 8). Update 05/03/2018 = Teaser: Leman Russ Commission (Page 8). Update 30/01/2018 = Solaris Reaper Space Marine - Single Miniature (page 8). Update 17/07/2017 = Imperial Knight project. Testing Terryn (page 8). Update 20/02/2017 = L'Ordre Des Angels - The Sisters of Battle - Triumvirate (Page 8). Update 11/02/2017 = L'Ordre Des Angels - The Sisters of Battle - Prayer of completion (Page 8). Update 06/02/2017 = L'Ordre Des Angels - The Sisters of Battle - The Ecclesiarchy (Page 8). Update 03/02/2017 = L'Ordre Des Angels - The Sisters of Battle - Buttery biscuit basecoat (Page 8). Update 07/10/2016 = Salamanders. PK FIRE! (page 8). Update 03/10/2016 = Salamanders. Coil, coil melta, and trouble. (Page 8). Update 16/09/2016 = Salamanders. Armour up! (page 8). Update 05/09/2016 = Adeptus Mechanicus. Knowledge is power - Project complete (page 8). Update 30/08/2016 = Adeptus Mechanicus. A warm fuzzy glow (Page 8). Update 27/08/2016 = Adeptus Mechanicus. Darkness (Page 8). Update 22/08/2016 = Salamanders. Annihilation! (Page 7). Update 19/08/2016 = Salamanders. Don't lose your head! (Page 7). Update 12/08/2016 = Salamanders. Bon Anniversaire! (Page 7). Update 15/04/2016 = Salamanders. Devastator Ready! (Page 7). Update 06/04/2016 = Salamanders. A Fiery Red Head. (Page 7). Update 28/03/2016 = Salamanders. A Prophecy is Fulfilled. (Page 7). Update 16/03/2016 = Salamanders. Unto the Anvil! Finally! (Page 7). Update 01/03/2016 = Imperial Knight project. Paint Factory (Page 7). Update 16/02/2016 = L'Ordre Des Angels - The Sisters of Battle - Fly on the wings of.. green stuff (Page 7). Update 16/02/2016 = Imperial Knight project. Manufactorum (Page 7). Update 23/01/2016 = Imperial Knight project begins! (Page 7). Update 28/05/2015 = Inquisotr Coteaz reboot. Always TBT; Cloak, Fur and the Force (Page 7). Update 20/05/2015 = Inquisotr Coteaz reboot. A man of the cloth (Page 7). Update 16/05/2015 = L'Ordre Des Angels - The Sisters of Battle - Layers of Dakka (page 7). Update 14/05/2015 = Gaming Board Project. Stage 16. Lamp Post Perfected (completed) (Page 6). Update 06/05/2015 = Gaming Board Project. Stage 15. Look for the lights that shall guide you home (Page 6). Update 23/10/2014 = L'Ordre Des Angels - The Sisters of Battle - Faith is out shield; having a big ass wall helps (page 6). Update 14/10/2014 = L'Ordre Des Angels - The Sisters of Battle - Paint dat Dakka Dakka (Page 6). Update 01/10/2014 = The Not-So-Mighty Imperial Navy - Terrain Project 5. Downed Aquila (Page 6). Update 22/09/2014 = Brown. Grey. Red. Black. Forever - Terrain Project 5. Downed Aquila (Page 6). Update 14/09/2014 = Layers. Layers Everywhere - Terrain Project 5. Downed Aquila (Page 6). Update 07/09/2014 = Inquisitor Coteaz reboot. IT HAS PAINT! (Page6). Update 31/08/2014 = All its Base are Belong to Me - Terrain Project 5. Downed Aquila (Page 5). Update 28/08/2014 = Inquisitor Coteaz reboot; Throwback Thursday? Already hit a snag (Page 5). Update 24/08/2014 = Unto the Anvil a Little Too Hard eh? Terrain Project 1 - Land Speeder FINISHED (Page 5). Update 12/06/2014 = L'Ordre Des Angels - The Sisters of Battle: Marble; The Basework of Basses + Grey Knights/ Inquisition sneak peak (Page 5). Update 20/05/2014 = In Your Underhive, Destroying Your Buildings. Terrain Project 1 - Land Speeder (Page 5). Update 07/05/2014 = It Came From Urban Space. Terrain Project 5 - Downed Aquila (Page 5). Update 05/05/2014 = Urbanising the Urban Board. Terrain Project 4 - Imperial Building (Page 5). Update 01/05/2014 = Sutorīto Kurētā. Terrain Project 3 - Street Crater (Page 5). Update 29/04/2014 = Gun Speeder? Land Emplacement? Terrain Project 2 & 1 - Gun Emplacement + Land Speeder (Page 5). Update 30/03/2014 = Gaming Board Project. Stage 14. Dusty streets. 12 - 6. (Page 4). Update 28/03/2014 = Gaming Board Project. Stage 13. Streets awash with...wash (Page 4). Update 27/03/2014 = Terrain Project 2 - Gun Emplacement. (Page 4). Update 25/03/2014 = Terrain Project 1 - Land Speeder (Page 4). Update 21/03/2014 = L'Ordre des Angels - The Sisters of Battle: List revised (Page 4). Update 03/03/2014 = L'Ordre des Angels - The Sisters of Battle: First shot at a new(ish) dex list (Page 4). Update 15/01/2014 = Killing Them With Kindness part 2 + L'Ordre des Angels - The Sisters of Battle: Proof of concept (Page 4). Update 13/01/2014 = More distractions. Killing Them With Kindness. Part 1 (Page 4). Update 11/01/2014 = Gaming Board Project. Stage 12. Light. Camera. Lamppost - The pun I should have used before (Page 3). Update 07/01/2014 = Gaming Board Project. Stage 11. Lights. Camera. Inaction (Page 3). Update 19/12/2013 = Gaming Board Project. Stage 10. Follow the Grey Slab Road (Page 3). Update 09/12/2013 = Gaming Board Project. Stage 9. Turn to Grey (Page 3). Update 20/11/2013 = Gaming Board Project. Stage 8. Base! Done! (Page 3). Update 12/11/2013 = Gaming Board Project. Stage 7. A Strong Learning Curve (Page 3). Update 12/11/2013 = L'Ordre des Angels - The Sisters of Battle: Completion and Hiatus (Page 3). Update 21/10/2013 = L'Ordre des Angels - The Sisters of Battle: The Final Superior + Gaming Board Project. Stage 6. Paving the Way to Completion (Page 3). Update 26/09/2013 = Salamanders: Trial of the written word, or, concept army lists (Page 2). Update 17/09/2013 = Fission Mailed - Reasons for delay (Page 2). Update 07/09/2013 = L'Ordre des Angels - The Sisters of Battle: Rank, File, Speech and Flight. Infantry built (Page 2). Update 23/08/2013 = L'Ordre des Angels - The Sisters of Battle: By Faith and Microwaves. Metla Squad complete (Page 2). Update 14/08/2013 = Gaming board project. Stage 5. Testing sand + L'Ordre des Angles - The Sisters of Battle: Retribution. + Something else (Page 2). Update 09/08/2013 = L'Ordre des Angles - The Sisters of Battle: A chip off the old marble block. (Page 2). Update 06/08/2013 = B&C Database error: Posts repaired. (Page 2). Update 00/00/0000 = L'Ordre des Angles - The Sisters of Battle: Worst model ever finished! (Page 2). UPdate 00/00/0000 = Gaming board project. Stage 4. Detailing the street (Page 2). Update 00/00/0000 = L'Ordre des Angles - The Sisters of Battle: Worst model ever! (Page 2). Update 00/00/0000 = L'Ordre des Angels - The Sisters of Battle: Anti Air Guns for Nuns (Page2). Update 00/00/0000 = Gaming board project. Stage 3. Curb your enthusiasm (Page 2). Update 03/07/2013 = L'Ordre des Angels - The Sisters of Battle: Roster ready + Game board project. Delayed. Stage 2.5 (Page 2). Update 19/06/2013 = L'Ordre des Angels - The Sisters of Battle: The shoulder pad conundrum (Page 2). Update 18/06/2013 = Game board project. Stage 2. Building the layout! (Page 2). Update 15/06/2013 = Game board project. Stage 1. Planning (Page 1). Update 12/09/2013 = Cautiously Joined Istvaan V (Come All Who Dare) Under the Banner of the Salamanders (Page 1). Update 30/06/2013 = L'Ordre des Angels - The Sisters of Battle: Schemes, banners and the task ahead (Page 1). -DH-
  16. Greetings to you all! I have for many a year been plucking away in the WIP thread, but as most of the things I put there are actually finished by the time I post, I thought it a bit more apt to have a thread here as well - and as there is not far from though to action, thus it is done now. The aim of this thread is for me to post pictures of the various B&C permissable armies that I usually work on and the units belonging to them, which I finish. Currently, I have the following armies in my possession: Dark Angels (1st, 2nd and Battle Company) - about 5000 points total Chaos Space Marines (Death Guard, World Eaters, Black Legion & Fallen Angels) - about 4500 points Chaos Daemons (Tzeentch, Nurgle & Khorne) - about 3000 points Imperial Guard allies (Death Korps of Krieg) - about 400 points Grey Knight allies - about 400 points Tyranids - about 8000 points As you can see, there is plenty of potential for varied things to be shown and displayed here - and I look forward to sharing with you all. Thus, with no further ado, I bid you welcome to my thread of finished works from the forge of Master Ciaphas! Faithfully, Master Ciaphas
  17. So I did some science. I then followed this science with heresy, because it's awesome, and here's what I ended up with: a dormant Chaos Gate, about half an inch thick. When activated, it produces a glowing tunnel that gives the appearance of being several feet long. Why? For the glory of Chaos, of course! UPDATE: Brief (6 min) how-to-build video: https://youtu.be/JHh7IZqpGoY http://i.imgur.com/bcQrfnOl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Xb3drUpl.jpg
  18. Hi All, just thought I'd post the scenery I've been building and painting on here in an effort to keep me motivated. Hope Y'all enjoy!
  19. After seeing this from the new boxset reveal video i really want to make something similar!, does anyone else think it's super cool?, ... sorry for the potato image Cheers, Mithril
  20. I was uhmmm-ing and ah-ing about posting this (I actually thought he was a user on b&c, but didn't find him), but anyway: therealbrokenfingers has just opened a yt-channel, and I thought you might be interested. He is known through Instagram (-> https://www.instagram.com/therealbrokenfingers/ and other places, I suppose...) for his true scale Alpha Legion, which he paints mostly with oils for an interesting, gritty look. Some nice tutorials on there already, also for terrain. Cheers! https://www.youtube.com/user/jeremycwood79
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