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The cockpit conversions are looking awesome, on both big and small Knights! The drivers (or should that be pilots?) are really smart conversions, using the Forgeworld parts id subtle but effective.


The way you've built up the inside if the Armiger looks really good, all the internal workings are sitting really flush with the model. The best thing you can say about a conversion is that it doesn't look like one, and if I hadn't looked at the unbuilt Armiger I wouldn't know yours is converted!

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Thanks buddy, some high praise there. I still have a few details to add inside the Armiger, nothing major though. Im happy with how easy those parts have worked with the Armiger, the Storm Talon dash especially was just a fluke. I bought a few of them on a bits site a while back for using in the larger Knights before I settled on the Storm Raven cockpit for those. They should look alright painted up.
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Edlrick, thanks buddy. Like I say has been a pretty rotten start to the year but starting to get back on an even keel now. :tu:


Here’s some of the comparison pics I promised yesterday.


Here’s the Blood Slaughterer torso on the Armiger legs. Works a little better than I thought to be honest.



I think the head is still slightly too large though



And the Armiger next to the Redemptor Levi, and a Space Crusade Dread just because :D



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Cheers for all those comparison shots, buddy! Those pictures should prove extremely useful if I should ever get around to converting my own Armiger. I still think the Blood Slaughterer head might work, by the way, provided one would lose most of the neck and stick to the actual head part. We shall see...


In any case, I am really looking forward to seeing what you do with these guys! :)

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Thanks for the comments folks, haven’t had a chance to work on them some more but I did get a bits delivery of another 2 Sentinal pilots and cockpits today so I can start working on the second and third Armigers once the 3rd turns up.


I also managed to find another Storm Raven cockpit on a bits site so I can work on Knight 3 in the near future.

Works really kicked my ass the last few days so I’ve been a bit too burnt out to do much in the way of hobby anyway but I am reading through Knights of the Imperium just now and I have Kingsblade to read afterwords. I loved the way the Knights sanctuary was introduced in KotI and hope to incorporate some elements of that into my own fluff for these guys.


Apologies for the wall of txt

TL,DR, I haven’t worked on anything yet but I will soon :tu:

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I'm super interested in any solutions you come up with for the armiger pilot. I would love to add them but I'm concerned about holding up the rest of my build. I never got around to adding one to my Queen Bee and now I fear it would be too difficult and risk damaging the model. What did you end up using for the seat, for starters. Was that from the sentinel as well? And how about the console and gubbinz around the front? 

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Nemac, Gederas, thanks guys. Glad you like it :tu:


Kraut, thanks, I’ve no plans for mandible yet but I’m still not 100% happy with the faceplates. I really like the Darth Nihilus style mask but I need to integrate it with the faceplate underneath a little more.

Jefftibbets, thanks for dropping by. The cockpit has been made by using the pilot and seat from the Sentinal kit and the dash is from a Storm Talon. I’d bits ordered a few of them a long time ago when I was trying to come up with a cockpit for the full sized Knight. Then I realised it was just a lot easier to use a Storm Raven cockpit in that case. :tu:


Here’s a few pics that’ll hopefully help you understand what I’ve done. I’m aware the first cockpit is a little squint but I put that down to me just winging it as I went. The second one is coming on a lot better I think. The cork underneath was just to hold it in place until the glue dried, a piece of Sprue would work just as well.


Here’s how they stand so far








Ps ignore the messy desk. I tend to work in what can only be described as ‘Utter Chaos’


Edit, I’ve also just realised the first pics of the cockpit I showed I had actually used different parts. Those are the gunner from the Taurox and the dash is from the Storm Raven servitor turret. I ditched these as the Sentinal/Storm Talon bits just work a lot better I think.

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Those cockpit assemblies are brilliant! I am saving all of this for future reference :wink: What's that bit you used for the engine block, though? Or did I miss that somewhere?


As for the head, I can definitely see the appeal of the Darth Nihilus look, but it's maybe still a bit too Edvard Munch as is ;)


I wasn't really suggesting a complete mandible so much as rather the suggestion of one to either side of the chin -- something that would look like the Predator's extra lower jaw when extended, if that makes any sense.

Edited by KrautScientist
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Hushrong, thanks bud.

Kraut, Munch is a bit harsh but I take your point ;) It’s going to take some fine tuning to get the skull to fit how I picture it. Also I won’t be going the mandible route as I don’t think it would fit with the rest of the Knights force but thanks for the suggestion. That’s the same reason I won’t be using the Blood Slaughterer parts. They look cool but these are for my allied Knight Household more than my WE do want to keep a similar style running through them all. Oh and the engine part is actually from the Sentinal kit as well. I think it may be from the bottom of the hull. :tu:


Duskraider thanks bud. :tu:

Augustus, thank you, also see my response above. Not trying to be a douche but like I say that’s not what I have planned for these. That’s not to say a future Decimator engine wouldn’t use similar parts. Possibly ;)


Jeff Tibet’s No worries :tu:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Nighthunters, and you’re knocking them out the park. Love the hex camo :)


So I’ve managed to build the three Armigers I have but no pics yet. Still waiting on some bits coming for the pilots.


For now, I have some pics of a squad that SystemSyn has helped me with. He added some Gs trim to the Thunderwolf legs for me. Loving how they look and just realised I hadn’t shown them yet. Still need a hand for one and the banner is just a place holder for the moment until I get the Blood Reavers banner added.







They’ll need trophies added as well.

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