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Astra Militarum Resources

Brother Tyler

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There are lots of useful topics about the Astra Militarum scattered across the Bolter & Chainsword website. While most will occur in this forum and in the Astra Militarum army lists sub-forum, other related topics are bound to spring up elsewhere, especially in the Forge forums. In addition, plenty of external websites will include content that is useful for fans of the Astra Militarum, including blog posts, videos, etc. Since we can't pin every useful topic, this topic is intended to provide a handy resource for players of the Astra Militarum.

If you know of a topic, external site, or video that you would like to see added to this resource listing, please reply with a link to that topic, external site, or video. If the moderators agree that the submission is both relevant and useful, it will be added to the listing.

If you see a link that you think is no longer relevant or which is broken, please post a reply notifying the moderators of the issue. We'll do our best to keep this resource listing updated, fixing broken links and removing those that are no longer relevant.

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The default tag for discussions about the Astra Militarum is Astra Militarum.
gallery_26_14909_135.png ASTRA MILITARUM RULES
Astra Militarum Apocalypse Datasheets

Astra Militarum Combat Patrol rules (10e)
Astra Militarum Forge World Apocalypse Datasheets
Death Korps of Krieg Forge World Apocalypse Datasheets
Elysian Drop Troopers Forge World Apocalypse Datasheets
Games Workshop FAQs and Errata

Imperial Armour: Astra Militarum 1 | 2 (10e)

Index: Astra Militarum (10e)

Warhammer Legends - Astra Militarum (10e)
Warhammer Legends - Astra Militarum (9e) (Warhammer Community)
Warhammer Legends: Forge World (Warhammer Community)

gallery_26_14909_135.png BACKGROUND OF THE ASTRA MILITARUM
Tabula Militarum - the regiments of the Astra Militarum/Militarum Tempestus
Traitor Guard - Departmento Munitorum research thread about the many traitor regiments throughout the galaxy - Seahawk
Ultramar Defense Auxilia - Departmento Munitorum research thread about the human forces that defend Ultramar - Seahawk
Naming Your Astra Militarum Regiment (Ars Scripta)

Painting a Valkyrie - Step by step article on how to paint a Valkyrie, including weathering and more advanced techniques - Mathieu Fontaine (external link)
Imperial Guard painter - Imperial Guard version of the Space Marine painter - Brother Argos
Varied poses from IG push-fit models - A tutorial on converting the pack of five push-fit guardsmen to get more varied poses - Kierdale
Magnetising Imperial Guard vehicles - A comprehensive tutorial on magnetising methods and individual vehicle tutorials - WarriorFish
Green Stuff Berets - Simple tutorial on basic use of green stuff and how to sculpt berets - WarriorFish
Spotlight lenses - A tutorial on how to paint blue spotlight lenses - elmo
Converting a Leman Russ - Adding Internal Sponsons

Anvil Industry - offers many weapons that may work for IG
Edinburgh Miniature Company - models
Kromlech - miniatures and bits
Mad Robot Miniatures - Alternative heads, arms, torsos, weapons, accessories, etc.
Maxmini miniatures - A lot of different alternate heads, legs, torso and more
Pig Iron Productions - offers many nice headswaps
Juweela Scenics (Germany) Sandbags, bricks etc (UK supplier) (USA Supplier)
Puppets War - Alternative Rough Riders, tank turrets, heads, weapons, and more
Ramshackle Games - a range of 28mm sci-fi military miniatures
Reptilian Overlords - miniatures and bits
Secret Weapon Miniatures - miniatures, bits, bases, and painting supplies
Victoria Lamb miniatures - Alternate heads, highland guard and more
Wargames Atlantic - Iron-Core
Wargames Factory - Greatcoat troopers

gallery_26_14909_135.png ASTRA MILITARUM WEB/PROJECT LOGS
(No links yet)

gallery_26_14909_135.png ASTRA MILITARUM SHOWCASES
Blood Pact - One of the main antagonists in the Gaunt's Ghost - Prot
Astra Militarum Parade of Honour - Completed B&C events and challenges entries - WarriorFish

gallery_26_14909_135.png ASTRA MILITARUM TACTICA
Tactica Generalis
Command Squads
Dedicated Transports
Heavy Weapons Squads
Infantry Squads
Leman Russ tanks
Master of Ordnance
Platoon Commanders
Rough Riders
Special Weapons Squads
Tank HQs
Veteran Squads

gallery_26_14909_135.png ASTRA MILITARUM BATTLE REPORTS
(No links yet)

gallery_26_14909_135.png ASTRA MILITARUM EVENTS
Events List and Archive - List of current and former events

Astra Militarum Forum Rules - clarification on the section rules - WarriorFish


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Messages from High Command & Regiments


An archive of the official events of the Astra Militarum forum.


Regiments of the Bolter & Chainsword

One for All and All for One (Painting Challenge) Completed

Treads and Thrusters (Painting Challenge) Completed

Big Guns Never Tire (Painting Challenge) Completed

Blood and Glory (Painting Challenge) Completed

Heroes of the Guard (Painting Challenge) Completed


Single Events

Pride of the Guard (Painting Challenge) Completed

Trooping the Colour (Painting Challenge) Completed

Relics of the Armoury (Painting Challenge) Completed


Campaigns of the Astra Militarum

Assault on Lutum | Phase 1 | Phase 2 | Phase 3 | Successfully Completed

Cleansing of Ioria | Phase 1 | Phase 2 | Phase 3 | Successfully Completed

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