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Let The Galaxy Burn! Balefire Legion: 40k again!


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Hey again, remaking this thread, it disappeared when the forum vent down, and haven't had the time or energy to remake everything, until now!

so all of you that's been waiting I am sorry it took so long back now and will update with the old and the new projects.

also lost the friends and such on my profile so you guys know I didn't remove you all from the list :wink:


did get quite a few subscriptions last time in those 2 days, so if you still like this you can sign up again :wink:


Balefire Legion is Chaos Space Marines from the black legion, who had the warp intensified their hate for the empire and set it ablaze, the green demonic glow showing out through their eyes and even burning through armour and shown in markings.


They keep the dark armour of the black legion but adorn the trims with the colour of bone to match the skulls they collect from the countless victim's of every world they set ablaze.


With this thread that was originally inspired by subtle discord and his legion rising chaos thread, I in return hope that my work can also inspire others and him as well.

if you haven't you should definitely go have a look at legion rising too.


I love feedback and ideas and suggestions, so please feel free to comment as much as you like :smile.:


I really like building and converting, and painting and a bit of playing.


now lets get some pictures back up!


all of these are still wip so missing highlights and such I know :smile.:


and the hellbrute of course, the auto cannon is magnetized and the power fist is snap fit and moveable





then we have my helldrake, wasn't too fond of the original so had to convert it, and since they are supposed to be warped chaos fighters I made it more fighter plane like, opened up a maulerfiend head and stuck a bale flamer in there too for good measure and some crispy loyalist marines on the base,











Working on my next helldrake, did some test mock-ups and asked for feedback on them


(Edit: removed these because it somehow exceeded the maximum pictures allowed in a thread)



also made a couple of chaos spawns, one normal kit and one I converted from a marine.

need to get my hands on some freakflex paint for realistic blood for it.





and the standard one






currently i am working on my deathwing terminators, not having that much money I went for the cheap option and bought a start box, then converted the dark angels to chaos

here is the champion





will update with more of the old stuff and of course more of the new

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Didn't see this last time :sad.: But I'm glad I did this time :happy.:


I especially love the kitbashed Spawn and the way the Marine is pulling his insides out to release the Spawn within :smile.:

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well colour me impressed, really nice work mate! great conversions great painting I wish I could paint like this


the call of chaos is strong on these boards


what colours are you using for your green? it looks fantastic


can't wait to see more

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Thanks!  all those terminators as you can see are really slightly converted dark angels deathwing termis ^^

have a total of 10 but had to build legs and other parts in grey stuff because they are build mostly from spare bits I traded other bits for.


lets see about the paint, I use rather some rather ancient colours still have some of the six sided colour bottles from around 1990

but I uses 4 colours for green base a really dark one, (dark angels green) then a lighter one (snot green) after that (scorpion green) or moot green, then last a bit of (skull white)


since I posted most of this before I try to add a few new pictures to every post, I regret some of the models are base coated black, almost impossible to see the details unless you study them closely but as soon as they get some more colour and a few highlights ill add some more.


the colours I use for the green glow ^^



someone asked me how I made the glow effect, so last time I very quickly added this picture to show, the trick to it is to thin down the paint and then patiently let it dry then add another layer, I go dark to light, letting the lightest part be in the centre, then the glow I put the lightest part towards the source hope the picture explains better than I did :smile.:



and I got some space bits so made a couple of havocs, this is ne a vehicle missile launcher slightly converted to fit, the only thing that needed fixing was the hand on the side of the camera. 





now some more terminators ran out of arms for them, so half of my terminators have one arm and no right arm with shooting weapon, just haven't been able to find anyone that have spare arms















There, now I hope you like it, and looking forward to all your comments and questions :smile.:

will update in a bit, have lots to do !

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Had these on the old thread my army's objective markers  

so thought ill add those too





and as always I love feedback and ideas and suggestions,  so please feel free to comment as much as you like :smile.:

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Hey Gratan


The markers I made from some gale force 9 plaster stones, that I used for basing, made a few chaos stars on them then cut into them with a scalpel, after that just a bit of paint and there we are :)


The result turned out okay, at least I am pleased with the result. 

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thank you thank you, I must be doing something right, even have 3 likes already :smile.:


I been painting a bit on my terminators, the deathwing ones, not quite done but thought ill add few pictures







and a few pictures from the lost thread of one of the chaos lords, still not quite done but almost.







and a happy champion




there a little update, will have to do some building soon, still painting for speed painting contest here so builds will have to wait a little while more.

as always comments are very welcome and ideas too.


hope you like this and some of it might inspire a little.


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One thing I been wondering, is how to add tags to my post here, like Chaos space marines, and wip and such.


but I am still slowly working on terminators, will ether go back to helldrake building there is pictures of the different poses I was contemplating.


that or paint my remaining 4 havocs have some pictures of those just black tough.


to add a little something here is my rhino I used the printable template from Subtle Discord, then changed them so the design fit better with the trim of the helldrake and maulerfiend and my hellbrute. 


still needs more highlights Osl and more, but getting there.







would love lots of comments, like if you like, and of course welcome to subscribe , hope one of you can give me some help with tags too :smile.:



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One thing I been wondering, is how to add tags to my post here, like Chaos space marines, and wip and such.

The tags are added in the very first post - click "edit" and then "use full editor". At the top of the screen you'll see that you can change the title of the topic and below that, you'll see where you can add up to 10 tags :smile.:


Hope that makes sense :smile.:

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Glad to see these guys back after the scrapcode attack. Looking good as always. Despite the wonderful conversions I like the happy champ, he shows how the scheme can be simple yet very very effective. 

Any more back story on these chaps? I seem to remember you saying their an offshoot of the Black Legion.

And on a final note, I hope you don't mind, I'm pinching the left handed rocket launcher idea for my Havocs. :wink:

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have been really busy lately, so haven't had time to write up some impressive fluff yet, but yes they are a offshoot from the black legion, and sure go ahead and use the idea for the left handed rocket launcher :)


thanks will be starting on the 2nd helldrake soon, will get around to it soon I hope, been stuck with terminators atm, and was torn between my havocs and building drake



will work on some more pictures for you guys soon

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A tiny update, with the terminators, it takes quite a while for the paint to dry making a light effect.





was looking at this picture, I am not really fond of the helmetless look on terminators, but just to try this look I made one. wanted the face lighted up like the picture from the tactical holographic display with the same green I been using.

hoping the effect will work otherwise ill just end up with a green faced terminator lol




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A tiny update, one armed terminator and the other with glow effect almost done

rushing through them a little to get to my helldrake building :)





as always, like ideas and suggestions, comments

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