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E Company of the 7th Levalloisian Life guards WIP

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Thought it might be considered a dereliction of duty if I failed to get a WIP up and running for my ETL vow(s).
First 9 grunts completed

Progress 14/5/14

More foot slogging to continue over the weekend. :biggrin.:
For the Emperor. Edited by our_baz
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I love it, you can tell right away that they're the Life Guards. Just make sure you give them all the suitable pomp and ceremony :P I'm keen to see all your troopers lined up in their fine colours, keep that paint brush in hand! :D

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Brother Paen, with the armoured support i've gone for an urban-camo dazzle colour scheme http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/287241-urban-dazzle-camo-wip/?p=3602925.

Not sure what to do with the air support. Was possibly thinking of modelling the Valkyrie colour scheme similar to to the P57's ran by the 8th Air Force during WW2, i.e brushed aluminium with splashes of colour on tail, wing tips and tail. 

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Progress has been painful over the last couple of weeks, (work/life/the distraction of a load of old metal models that I found in my parents loft which I'm currently stripping at work) hence no update in a while.  Photo showing work completed over the weekend. Will add further updates from this week in due course.


DSC 0167

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#Progress Update 7/7/14#

Its been a while since my last update, here's my progress to date


Completed squad 1 7/7/14

First Infantry Squad Completed

Completed Squad 2 7/7/14

Second Infantry Squad Completed

Completed Commisar 7/7/14

Commissar Completed

Progress 7/7/14

ETL progress to date, The basilisk isn't part of the vow.

CCS Progress 7/7/14

These 3 of the CCS are 95% done just need basing. Two more are at bascoat will update once they are done.
Just two HWT to go, this will go to the wire:unsure.:.
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#Update 10/7/14#

CCS complete

CCS complete. Thanks to the advice of Kierdale drilled out the flamers makes a big difference thanks for the advice.

Missile HWT progress 10/7/14

1/3 of first HWT done just need to base. (Just released I glued the backpack on upside down :blush.: )


More pictures to follow once sufficent progress is made.

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Been a while since I updated my WIP (might be a while before my next one too as I need to show my Sallies some love). Since the ETL actually...anyway been slow going but finished some armour to add to the grunts above. The camo is so much easier to paint on larger surfaces, the sentinel took an age to paint for its size.

Happy to hear the thoughts of you guys


Armoured Sentinel Urban Dazzle Camo

Armoured Sentinel Urban Dazzle Camo

Armoured Sentinel Urban Dazzle Camo

Urban Dazzle Armour

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