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Gather, children of Corax. Gather within the shadows you have mastered, away from prying eyes, and plan out with your brothers your next strikes against those who dare to oppress mankind, be they xenos or traitors. We are all the sons of the Nineteenth Legion, regardless of the colors we choose to wear when we slit the enemy's throat.


The goal of this thread is to bring together players of the Nineteenth Legion, whether they collect the legion before the Second Founding or one of its successor chapters, as well as provide an index of all Raven Guard-related project logs on this forum. As such, please provide a link to your workshop when you come to name your company here.

I've been helped by Flint13, SlaveToDarkness and forte. Speaking of the latter, he's improved the badge I'd prepared for the occasion for all those who wish to bear it:


I'll use my name for exemple to show what it will look like:


Ask here if you want your own badge.

And now starts the documentation of the Nineteenth Legion's might!



1st Battalion, 7th Chapter - White Ravens - Komrk

2nd Battalion, 7th Chapter (Post-Istvaan) - work in progress - KBA

9th Shadow Company - The Pale Magpie - Flint13

10th Battalion, 1st Tactical Wing - chaplain mortis

21st Shadow Company - old work in progress - The Hydra

99th Veteran Assault Company - The Psycho

Company number unknown - Ghosts of Istvaan - jeremy1391

Company number unknown - post-Istvaan force - Barn

Company number unknown - Strike Force Nightfall - Nusquam

Company number unknown - work in progress 1 - work in progress 2 - angel robertson

Company number unknown - suxdavide

Company number unknown - Tyrant's Bane - Knight of the Raven


Raven Guard 1st Company - SyNidus

Raven Guard 1st, 2nd and 5th Companies - work in progress - Shrieker

Raven Guard 1st, 3rd, 8th and 10th Companies - Damo1701

Raven Guard 1st & 4th Companies - 4th Company detachment - The Call of the Hunt

Raven Guard 1st & 4th Companies - work in progress - Voron

Raven Guard 2nd Company - work in progress - GreyCrow

Raven Guard 2nd Company - work in progress - Uginius

Raven Guard 3rd Company - work in progress - Asamodai

Raven Guard 3rd Company - Ulrik_Ironfist

Raven Guard 3rd Company - Lord Ravenhood

Raven Guard 3rd Company - Realityburn

Raven Guard 4th Company - Tiger9gamer

Raven Guard 4th Company - Jacques Corbin

Raven Guard 4th Company - Valaas

Raven Guard 4th Company - Bedouin2

Raven Guard 4th Company - work in progress - Chaplain Dosjetka

Raven Guard 5th Company - dracpanzer

Raven Guard 5th Company - work in progress - Race Bannon

Raven Guard 7th Company - Darkthorns

Raven Guard 8th Company - gallery - Brother Tiberus

Raven Guard - Lord Lorne Walkier

Raven Guard - Archon_77

Raven Guard - work in progress - pompeyladbfp

Raven Guard - work in progress - Nostalgia

Raven Guard - Vindicet Honorem forward strike detachment - thewarriorhunter

Black Guard - work in progress - deathspectersgt7

Raptors 2nd Company - Inquisitor Eisenhorn

Raptors 2nd Company - luke6116

Raptors 2nd Company - Vulkan454

Raptors 2nd Company - work in progress - mithrilforge

Raptors 5th Company - work in progress - The Yak

Raptors 10th Company - work in progress - war009

Revilers 3rd Company - Retribution Force Nasalle - Daemonifugue

Revilers 7th Company - Reviler

Death Spectres - work in progress - deathspectersgt7

Crimson Spectres - Index Astartes - Cormac Airt

Ghost Warriors - Index Astartes - GreyCrow

Sable Hawks - Index Astartes - trub

Eagle Eyes - Index Astartes - work in progress - JeffTibbetts

Predators 2nd Company - RG-Predators

Crimson Shrikes - the Fourth Shrine War - kobrakei

The Sons of Ananta - Index Astartes - gallery - The Sons of Ananta

Sons of Corax - ltvyper

Void Hawks - work in progress - Tyriks

Night Claws - work in progress - Mr. Poe

unknown - Antarius

unknown - Helias Tancred/Kyvus Garn

Edited by Knight of the Raven
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A google search shows vinctorus to mean restraint, so I believe trub is correct.


Are fluff-only projects acceptable?


Edit: If you are open to suggestions, might it be better to separate the lists as the Raven Guard Legion, and the Raven Guard Chapter and Successors?

Edited by Cormac Airt
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I blame the Index Astartes. It's written Vinctorus there. Can you blame me for not trusting Lexicanum for the correct spelling? I'll correct it at once. Thanks for the heads up.

Yes, fluff-only projects are acceptable. I'm also thinking about listing fanfictions and battle reports, but you know, baby steps.

+First Founding+ is supposed to be for the legion whereas +Second Founding Onwards+ is meant for all its successors, including the Raven Guard chapter itself.

Komrk: here's the badge. I suggest you upload it in your own gallery; redundancy is safer.


Edited by Knight of the Raven
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I have to admit, that seems wonky to me, as both the Raven Guardian Legion and Chapter are considered First Founding. But if it works, it works. Cool with me.


Well, then. I would like to introduce my Crimson Spectres, a Raven Guard successor Chapter. One of the newest, barely a couple centuries old by the close of the 41st millennium.


Here is the thread to my current IA:



At the moment, it is very close to its original incarnation as a /tg/ Chapter that I kind of appropriated since I was the only one that stuck around from start to finish, and it was that 90% I actually provided that was kept.


I intend to reinvent them, however much detail will remain the same. Please, all C&C is welcome.

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As far as I'm aware, and a brief foray into Lexicanum and a look at my FFG books agree with me, even though technically the 2nd Founding is where all the first Chapters came from, and they were all once part of the First Founding Legions, only those Chapters that did not keep the Legion name are considered Second Founding Chapters. Those Chapters that did retain the Legion name, though technically formed simultaneously to the others, are still considered First Founding.


So technically you were right, as the Raven Guard Chapter was formed during the Second Founding. But the lore describes it like I said above, that the Raven Guard Chapter is a continuation of the Raven Guard Legion, and so First Founding.


But anywho, thanks for the badge! It's a bit difficult changing sigs on mobile, so it will be a bit before anyone sees it.

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This is an awesome idea, count me in !


I'd like to sign in the Ghost Warriors, a 25th founding successor Chapter of the Raven Guard !

You can find out more in my IA, even though it says from an uknown origin and rumoured to be RG geneseed, it definitely is and I haven't had the time to correct it



No photos of the force yet but they'll be coming !


Can I have a badge, pretty please ? :D

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