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Well, regarding the Codex... Not sure how much it affected the work. Sure a Codex gives an army some momentum but judging from other Codices, it does not necessarily mean a new model range - most likely it does not. BAs and DAs didn't get anything new with their Codex - only updated pricing for some units. And the Primaris is a common choice for all Astartes so practically whatever new stuff the SMs got, all Astartes shared. I agree that people are reluctant to invest big on time and money when they don't know the deal exactly - as in most cases these models are going to be a part of a functioning army, but still, a Termie is a Termie and a Wulfen is a Wulfen. What if he costs a few points up or down vs. the Index, chances are you'll still get to use them...


The thing is, that Forums here in the B&C have some traits that stick over the years. The SMs have big participation but low completion rate. The BAs have mid-to-high participation and high completion rates - although at low average vow. The DAs, well they are the most unpredictable as there were times of massive participation (close to 60 participants at the peak if I recall) and there were times with low participation (less than 40) and the same applies for their completion rates. The SWs have always the lowest participation among the Astartes and always the highest average vow. The only time they managed a bit higher participation in ETL V (I believe they were 35?) they managed 3rd overall portion - not bad at all!


So my hope is to see a big wave of participation in the next ETL and that combined with the high average vow and completion rates might see them at the top - at least within the Astartes Faction.


Now the DAs have won ETL II, the BAs have won ETL VI... Will ETL VII, the one that will celebrate B&C's 20th anniversary, be the one for the SWs? The key is participation!

Yea I just would have thought people could be holding back a bit pre codex, I have those feelings a bit. I’m worried we may lose some units and it’d be a shame if it was one I was working on.


That’s super interesting though, the data doesn’t lie!

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You can see the results here
Now the ETL VI is truly over. This thread will remain open for posting but will become unpinned. 
Until next year, farewell!
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