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I really like the jetbikes although they are sort of too hightech for what I imagine would fly (terrible pun alert!) in Necromunda.

The Goliath dude is just… well, not so much underwhelming as a complete non-entity of a model.

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You raise a fair point. Unfortunately, the GW release schedule demands new models and characters to support their new cycle of books. There's a chance we might see some of the missing characters from Underhive released in the future but the chances are pretty slim by my reckoning. I'm certainly not happy about it, but similarly nor am I surprised by it. GW gonna GW, after all.

That said, this lovely Escher lady and her diminuative pal will fit right into my collection. I'll likely get two and convert one into a gang Leader/Champion. :biggrin:

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his new kit contains three resin miniatures, consisting of a Relicmonger – a purveyor of dubious religious artefacts, the Gun-smyth, who can unsurprisingly source you anything from a stub pistol to a lascannon, and the Beastwrangler – because you never know when a semi-domesticated sumpkroc might come in handy.



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More lovely Necromunda stuff is coming:




This time the Bounty Hunter Rex Spires and the ne'er do well Estsu Jet.

Both are great models!


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