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Underhive Informant: A Visit to the Doctor


Enter the House of Iron


The new Rule of Iron that Arms Masters get is pretty useful and I'm keen to see more of the new Orlock Skill set Bravado


Most of all, I love that the House Orlock gimmick is based around reputation and nicknames - hopefully my guys will have their names on the official list already:


'Orlock gangers live and die by their reputation. To represent this, your Orlock Leaders and Champions can now be given Orlock Legendary Names. These are Orlock-specific Advancements that symbolise some great deed. Be careful though, part of being a legend is living up to your own hype. For example, maybe your fighter is incredibly lucky, but maybe they’re so lucky that they’re not around for the worst fights.'






Love it. :wub:



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Anyone know if the gang tactics cards are any different from the ones originally released?


if House of Iron is the same as the House of Chains/Blades books, they're different, and are reproduced in table-form in the relevant book :)

Ah brilliant, I’d looked to get those cards for the most recent expansions, but wasn’t too sure (and hadn’t compared!). Much obliged!

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I am a bit daft. what do the cards do for the game?


This article (at least the first bit) will get you up to speed InKaras:


Necromunday: Tactics Cards – Which Ones Are Good and How To Use Them


The Tactics cards were a great idea that was utterly ruined by GW by making them an add on purchase. (and limiting the stock to approximately half a dozen per country :tongue.:)


Thankfully the new House Books include a printed list of Gang Tactics Card and their effects.


In other news... my House of Iron book turns up today. :biggrin.:



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I dont really get the point of the Escher champs, I mean nice models but I would just convert them out of regular gangers and make them unique.


House of Blades is a good set though, packed with weaponry and those awesome Death Maidens.

Im currently working on House of Iron - fantastic kit. They had me at plastic Cyber Mastiffs.

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Great to see the Van Saar release, although this did catch me by surprise a little bit in terms of how quickly they came out! (I think I'd assumed they'd come in very early Q1.)


I really do value these Road Maps, as it's exciting to see what's coming and the respective plans. And, I can't not be excited for whatever might come in Q4! :happy.:

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