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Well, that eliminates any doubt we were getting a House of Faitb preview, but this also teases the possibility of a Slave Ogryn-like Redemptionist gang, which could be interesting.

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Well, that eliminates any doubt we were getting a House of Faitb preview, but this also teases the possibility of a Slave Ogryn-like Redemptionist gang, which could be interesting.


I thing it's more than a teased possibility. This is taken from that article:


You can add the Redemptionists to existing Cawdor gangs, or you can make a new one made up entirely of these religious fanatics and spread faith at the end of an exterminator, fire pike, or eviscerator.*


* Be careful as this will mark you out as an outlaw gang and the Enforcers WILL be after you, regardless of how devout you are.


It outright states that Redemptionists can be added to a Cawdor gang or played as a gang on their own. I hope that the part after the * is specifically for gangs entirely made up of Redemptionists. I'm fairly sure that is the intention of those sentences, but it is ambiguous enough it could be taken either way.


As a Cawdor player, I am a little disappointed (though retaining an open enough mind that it will all work out fine once I've seen the full House of Faith book).  Don't get me wrong, I love that Redemptionists are back, but as an addition to Cawdor it disappoints me for several reasons:

  • It reinforces the idea that Redemptionists are solely a subset of Cawdor. While the two have always been closely linked, they've also always been distinct. Previously, Redemptionists could come from any House and were essentially outlaw Cult of the Redemption fundamentalists. Cawdor did practise Cult of the Redemption as their chosen version of the Imperial Creed, but were able to do so without ostracising themselves from the rest of the Houses and nobility of Necromunda. In other words, Cawdor would think all the other people in the hive were heathens undeserving of the Emperor's glory; Redemptionists would tell those people that and then try to set them on fire to prove a point.
  • Every other gang has had completely new ideas added in the form of their 2nd champion option and/or prospects. Redemptionists are great, but they're nothing new. Even the weapons we've seen or had mentioned aren't new (most of them are new to this edition, to be fair).
  • A cynical person (like me) could say that GW couldn't be bothered developing anything new for Cawdor and just went the easy route. They arguably shot themselves in the foot by specifying that female Cawdor don't mix with males and only form single sex gangs; because having female Cawdor that style themselves on Sisters of Battle could have been quite interesting.

I wonder exactly how they'll be implemented in the gang. Will they simply be a new fighter type (or multiple fighter types perhaps) that can be added to Cawdor gangs? Or perhaps they will be an upgrade to the current fighter types, similar to the way subjugators work in Enforcers gangs?


If the latter option is what they have gone with, you'd be able to have Redemptionist leaders, champions, gangers and juves; the upgrade opens up new weapon/wargear options for subjugators, and their starting equipment is also different. Skills could also be different I guess if they take this route with Cawdor/Redemptionists (I really hope they amend the skill list for Cawdor - Brawn is just a terrible skill list for their primary - or make their bespoke skill list worth taking).


Presumably, if this were the case, if all gang members (or maybe just the leader needs to) take the Redemptionist upgrade it is considered a Redemptionist outlaw gang.

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Preview is up.


So, It looks like the new kit is 2 Champion-level Redemptionists and 4 Prospect Redemptionists (Going off the previewed models). I don't know much about Cawdor lore, but can understand the frustration that these aren't new ideas.


Minis are

-Preacher with Scripture and Chainaxe

-Previously seen guy with Flamer and Flaming helmet

-Less impressive guy with a Combi-flamer/shotgun

-Another rank and file guy, this one with a Combi-autogun/flamer

-Twin Autopistoleer

-Guy with an Eciscerator


Models look nice, but they don't have they don't quite have the wow-factor previous prospects+champion boxes have had. Also, I imagine Cawdor players were hoping to diversify from just ALL THE TEMPLATES. I was also personally hoping to see Sheen Birds in the kit, just because they seem like a neat bit of lore and I want to see what the model would look like.



Also previewed is a replacement Starter set. Delaque vs Escher, with some Zone Mortalis walls for terrain.


Specific contents look to be

-2x Delaque Sprue

-2x Ewcher Sprue

-1x 3 Small ZM walls

-2x 1 Small ZM wall and 1 large ZM wall

-2x 2 ZM columns

-2x (?) Barricades and Objectives sprue

-New mini-rulebook

-Templates, Tokens, and blast markers from the original starter set.

-2x2 Game board

-2 sets of Dice, probably each themed around one of the gangs

-44 Tactic cards; perhaps the originals?


Definitely looks more newbie-friendly than Dark Uprising, although it could use some doors, and Delaque feels like a weird choice for one of the starters.

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My guess is that there won't be a prospect for Cawdor/Redemptionists. I keep seeing posts saying GW confirmed that one gang wouldn't have prospects, but I don't know the source of that. But if so, it looks like Cawdor are that gang.


I'm expecting that for Cawdor these will represent a different champion and ganger option. The box also seems to have an option for a leader (the guy with the chainaxe) for running a purely Redemptionist gang.


There's stuff I like about these guys. I like the weapons we've seen, and I'm glad that shotguns are an option (hopefully also for Cawdor gangers too). But I'm really hoping there's more options because like Squark says, that's a lot of flamers (and Cawdor aren't exactly shy of them already).


However, there's stuff I really don't like - pretty much all of the heads look terrible to me. Especially the ones with hair. A couple of them look like they just came from a Dragon Ball Z convention and only had time to chuck their burnanating robes on before going on crusade. The fact that the guys that have literally set their heads on fire look the best of the bunch says a lot to me.


Don't get me wrong; I'll be getting these guys and adding them to my Cawdor gang. But not without a lot of conversion, and I still have a worry of, "What do they actually offer my Cawdor gang that I can't already do?"

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New Underhive Informant. Nothing huge, just the profile for that new flamer sorry, fire pike and teasing the unique House Agent (Personally, the unique House Agents seem too expensive to roll for compared to the generics).


As for the fire pike... I dunno. Extra AP is nice, but unless it comes at a discount compared to a flamer, wouldn't you rather have, say, a combat shotgun with Firestorm ammo? (Although admittedly that would be champion exclusive for Cawdor, but still)

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Preview of the Starter set is up


Couple of things worth noting


1) The mini-rulebook includes basic rules for all 6 house gangs, which is nice, especially since it means anyone who wants to do Delaque doesn't need GotU.


2) Looks like only one sprue of objectives and barricades are included


3) Definitely looks like the Tactics cards are reprints.

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This might be the best place to ask:

I can see the normal gangs like Orlocks, Van Saar and so on. What are some gangs that aren't really listed but do have rules?

Example: I know that GSC has rules but looking at the Necromunda page you wouldn't really know this. Are there others? And if so where do I find this information.


Right now none of the normal gangs really interest me. Might go GSC or Ogryn Slaves. 

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I don't know if these are still in the game as options because I've been out of the game since all the 'House of X' books started coming out, but aside from the GSC there's a Venator gang which is all bounty hunters, an Outlaw gang which is a normal house gang that has been kicked out for some reason and all have bounties on their heads, House gangs worshipping the Dark Gods or joining the GSC, and finally Chaos Helot gangs that are the type of Chaos cult found all over the Imperium. 

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It might be easier to explain things with a Comprehensive list of all gangs to date, along with which books you can find them in and what official models are available for them.


-House Goliath (GotU/House of Chains)

-House Escher (GotU/House of Blades)

-House Orlock (GotU/House of Iron)

-House Van Saar (GotU/House of Artifice)

-House Cawdor (GotU/House of Faith)

-House Delaque (GotU/House of Shadows)

-Venator Gangs (Book of Peril, but you really, really need the Trading Post and/or Black Market from GotU/Book of Judgement because it doubles as your house list): Bounty Hunters. Can be run as pretty much whatever you like- Deserter Guardsman? Motley assortmenr of House Gangers? A clan of squats? All totally viable (there's evem a profile that lines up suspiciously well with the statlines for the two squat characters from forgeworld).

-Palantine Enforcers (Book of Judgement): You've probably seen these guys in the existing range.

-Genestealer Cults (Free Pdf or Book of Ruin): Uses the Acolyte, Neophyte, and Abberant kits, probably with a fair bit of conversion.

-Chaos Helot cults (Free PDF or Book of Ruin): Can be built using the existing 40k models and Blackstone Fortress models, or just go nuts with conversions

-Corpse Grinder Cults (Book of Ruin): Again, these guys have an official Necromunda kit.

-Slave Ogryns (House of Chains): Built using the Ogryn Servitor kit, probably with kitbashing from the Guard Ogryn kit.

-Redemptionists (House of Faith): Sort of a subset of Cawdor. As yet unreleased, so we don't have all the info about them.



In addition, as the Good Brother Chaplain says above, House Gangs can be corrupted by either Chaos or Genestealers during creation or the campaign (Or by both, if your Arbitrator allows it), and House Gangers and Venators can choose to be law abiding or outlaws in a Law and Misrule Campaign, which can affect their equipment access and progression (Cults and Slave Ogryns are always outlaws, while Enforcers are always law-abiding).

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House of Shadow Sheds New Light on the Delaque, But Don’t Believe Everything You Read


Some interesting tidbits of information there, including a very cool psychic power for Delaque: 




Look out House Goliath - Taking one's own (paired) Pulverizer to the face is going to hurt.


Also... a new gang is coming at the end of the year!






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Don't know if the plastic upgrade packs on the roadmap are related to a lot of the weapons packs being either out of stock (sold out) or removed from Forgeworld's site, or if it's another case of the ERP Strikes Back. :/


Typical, as I'd got the plastic Escher/Goliath ones, and was looking at one of the resin packs to supplement them, which are now NLA ...

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Just in case we have folks coming back in and who've missed the last couple of months or so of releases, I've collated them below.


Van Saar Arachni-rig, Champion in Carapace armour, and Champions in Mesh Flak armour


Hidden Content






(Note: these have been out of pre-orders for about a month now).


Outcast Gang, the Book of the Outcast, Outcast Gang cards, and Market plastic terrain


Hidden Content








(Note: these have been out of pre-orders for just under a month now).


Underhive Slopper and Scabber


Hidden Content




(Note: These are due to be released early next year).


If I've missed anything, feel free to let me know or add it here yourself. :thumbsup:

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