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  1. Hello all, I'm going to be organising yet another campaign for my local group and while I was reading through the L&M campaign in the Book of Judgement, I decided it was a good idea to post here and see if anyone has any advice for running this campaign in particular? I'm also open to receiving general campaign management advice as there's always room for improvement there too. Thank you in advance and take care!
  2. Given the sneak peaks on offer at the 2019 Horus Heresy Weekender, it looks like it's going to be a bumper year for Necromunda. With all of the original house gangs out of the way, along with their respective Forgeworld upgrade packs, (well, nearly) we're likely to see even more hangers-on, hired-guns and brutes released this year. Furthermore there's a large section of the gaming community with their fingers firmly crossed for further gangs, both re-imagined old favourites and entirely new concepts. The purpose of this thread is for the discussion of all news, previews of upcoming releases and new releases pertaining to Necromunda: Underhive. +++ Some of the miniatures previewed at HH Weekender, but not yet released: The new Bounty Hunters Yar Umbra and The Deserter: Ragnir Gunnstein (The coolest Squat Ammo-Jack ever) and generic Ammo-Jack: Dome-Runner: I love the fact that FW is bringing out these guys and girls. (and Squats!) While I'm a keen converter who is looking forward to kitbashing the hell out of some hired-guns and hangers-on, having high-quality resin minis available is the icing on the cake. I really hope we'll continue to see releases relating to all of the oddities found in the Gang War books. +++ Concept art - Something Van Saar related or (fingers-crossed) a Spyrer Hunter Yeld.... +++ While it looks to be the spitballing of early-stage ideas, these are very cool: I'm not going to lie - when I read "Battles in the endless polluted Ash Wastes, on foot and vehicle-born" I may have emitted a very unmanly squeal. Necromunda meets GorkaMorka with a sprinkle of Mad Max for flavour. Emperor on Terra, let it be so... -Ran
  3. I'm going to put links to any of my tutorials at the start of this thread for easy navigation. Below this will be the original first post. Greenstuff Smoothing Video Greenstuff Smoothing Video 2 Making capes from tissue Changing model colors in Photoshop A better paint stripper than Simple Green. Let's get this going again. Starting off with the 4 Iron Warriors Chaos Lords I'll be trying to complete for Grotsmasha's Captain Conversion Challenge, one for each chaos god. First up, Maesteros, follower of Slaanesh and the path of martial perfection. http://i.imgur.com/v8JToIv.jpg Parts list so far is finecast legs from the beaky Sternguard, Khorne Berzerker torso with the lower beltbuckle area cut away and replaced with a length of plastic tubing to elongate the abdomen, Mark IV Maximus helm from Red Scorpions veteran upgrade pack, and a chaos marine left arm. The crest has been removed from the helm and armor studs added to differentiate it somewhat from the loyalist version. Unlike what the fluff tells us about Chaos Marines, I think they would all be scavenging any loyalists they killed, and there will be parts from all over the various marine kits that I own used in these conversions to reflect that. http://i.imgur.com/dbUXWpA.jpg More GS work on the legs and foot, and I removed the studs from the leg because they looked like crap and replaced them with the same .05 rivets I used on the helm. I like the bigger armor studs anyway. I tried to modify the face plate of the helmet to bulk it up a bit make the eye area look more sinister, but after a few days of looking at it now, I'm not sure if I like it. http://i.imgur.com/WDEpdpQ.jpg Finally getting around to decorating the chest. Small cuts from a strip of plastic half-round for the anchor points of the tubes, which will be covered up later with GS. Hooray for the tube making tool! Also, tip of the hat to Darth Potato for showing me the picture that inspired the chest decorations: http://i.imgur.com/hsDcdWU.jpg Evolution of the polearm he's using: http://i.imgur.com/IMyQpjP.jpg http://i.imgur.com/oBU0K0k.jpg It was originally way too long, so I shortened it up and changed the angle that it sits at, but it might still be a bit too long. Still have no idea what to do for the right arm. Next up is Borgestus, follower of Nurgle, and a few shots of trial poses for him: http://i.imgur.com/kuwvKnw.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/nIJcvRa.jpg I really wanted a two-handed pose, but it's proving to be a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, thanks to the bulkiness of the terminator armor, so it will probably be the second pose or maybe another variation. I've also done a lot of work on building a new torso for this guy, and I'll try to have progress pictures of that posted later today. Parts list as shown is loyalist termie legs (because the chaos termie legs all look HORRIBLE), chaos termie toso, and GK head and arms. As of now, the torso front is from a GK and has been chopped up and modified quite a lot. Last, is Varko, follower of the Blood God. I originally thought of giving him a very still and static pose to contrast the raging fury most Khorne marines are modeled with, but most of the Four are already going to be posed like that, and what can I say? I love action poses. So, going way back to the hallowed antiquity of 40k for the inspiration: http://i.imgur.com/ppc34uB.jpg I've always liked that art for the sense of frenetic motion it imparts, and I think GW tried to capture that feel with their plastic berzerkers and failed miserably. Instead of this, we got marines with ork hands that looked like they're ice skating. My rough sketch of Varko: http://i.imgur.com/E1eNPL9.jpg The right arm has no hand on it because I'm going to have to do a lot of work on it to get the pose I'm wanting, but I stuck it on there to check the overall balance of the figure. My first idea was to give him twin lightning claws, but, I gotta be honest, it's a real pain in the butt trying to get a pose with those things that doesn't look goofy, aside from the Wolverine pose with the hands out to the side, of which there have already been several figures from GW with that pose and I didn't want to replicate it. Instead, he'll be hefting two power axes and my bits order for the second one should be here in a few days. Parts list is loyalist assault legs (because the khorne berzerker ones suck and they've never made a good replacement for chaos), chaos torso that may or may not change, right arm from BA Death Company, left arm from FW Red Scorpion veteran upgrade pack, and head from FW Khorne Berzerker upgrade pack with the Ears of Khorne™ removed, and the axe is from a one of the Chosen in the Dark Vengeance box set. As always, thanks for looking. -BCK
  4. Archived. Current project further down. Hidden Content Hello all, I'm planning on doing quite a bit of Necromunda work over the next few weeks/month/year so starting a thread to cram all my stuff into seems appropriate. My main focus for this year will be to paint two gangs, learn how to play, and get a few friends into Necromunda. Bonus items are painting Necromunda-themed terrain, more gangs, and organising a campaign. This is all time, energy, and pandemic-permitting. The two gangs I've started assembling are a Chaos Helot Cult gang and an Enforcer Patrol gang. The former made up exclusively of Blackstone Fortress models at this point and represents the core members of the cult (though not all have been assembled yet). The basic idea is to have a cult based around a traitor Commissar and a few surviving traitor Guard mixed with some more "cult-y" models. There's very little conversion work (if any) just because the models are so great as they are. The initial 1000-credit list I've come up with and shall be running can be found in the tab below. Hidden Content Dos' Chaos Helot Cult Name Type Equipment Skills Cost Status Cult Demagogue Leader Maul, stub gun w/dum-dum rounds, mesh armour Overseer 135 On sprue Cult Disciple Champion Reclaimed autopistol, heavy stubber, mesh armour Unstoppable 210 On sprue Cult Disciple Champion Chainsword, autopistol, mesh armour Nerves of Steel 105 On sprue Cult Witch N/A Reclaimed autopistol, mesh armour Dark Shield 90 Assembled Helot Cultist Ganger Maul, reclaimed autopistol, flak armour N/A 60 Assembled Helot Cultist Ganger Axe, laspistol, flak armour N/A 65 Assembled Helot Cultist Ganger Lasgun, flak armour N/A 60 Assembled Helot Cultist Ganger Grenade launcher, reclaimed autopistol N/A 95 On sprue Helot Cultist Ganger Reclaimed autogun N/A 45 Assembled Helot Cultist Ganger Reclaimed autogun N/A 45 Assembled Helot Cultist Ganger Reclaimed autogun N/A 45 Assembled Helot Cultist Ganger Reclaimed autogun N/A 45 On sprue The latter gang uses the Palatine Enforcer kit for the most part, with a few extra bits and pieces (namely heads) thrown in for good measure to add character. Rest assured that their helmets have been clipped to their belts. I've also decided to equip almost exclusively with short-ranged firearms (i.e. no boltguns) as shotguns and pistols are cool and I'd like to see how they perform. The sole exception to this is the sniper sergeant who managed to get away with having a long-ranged rifle due to the Got Your Six rule being evocative and cool. Presently, I'm missing a few more heads and bodies, but they should arrive within the next couple of weeks and then I'll be able to complete the initial eight members of this patrol. As with the cult above, the 1000-credit Enforcer list can be found below. Hidden Content Dos' Enforcer Patrol Name Type Equipment Skills Cost Status Palanite Captain Leader Enforcer shotgun, shock stave, stub gun, flak armour, armoured undersuit, magnacles Team Work 225 On sprue Palanite Sergeant Champion Shock stave, stub gun (w/ dumdum rounds), flak armour, armoured undersuit, magnacles Restraint Protocols 130 Assembled Palanite Sergeant Champion Stub gun, sniper rifle, flak armour, armoured undersuit, magnacles Got Your Six 135 Assembled Palanite Patrolman Ganger Stub gun (w/ dumdum rounds), flak armour, armoured undersuit, photo-lumens, magnacles N/A 90 Assembled Palanite Patrolman Ganger Stub gun (w/dumdum rounds), flak armour, armoured undersuit, magnacles N/A 75 Partially assembled Palanite Patrolman Ganger Two stub guns (both w/dumdum rounds), flak armour, armoured undersuit, magnacles N/A 85 On sprue Palanite Patrolman Ganger Enforcer shotgun, stub gun, flak armour, armoured undersuit, magnacles N/A 130 Assembled Palanite Patrolman Ganger Enforcer shotgun, stub gun, flak armour, armoured undersuit, magnacles N/A 130 On sprue Anyway, that's it for me for now; back soon with more. Thank you for reading!
  5. Hello folks, To cut a long-ish story short, I was going through the weapon options for Van Saar and came across the Suppression Laser and its Focusing Crystal upgrade. The Suppression Laser's short burst profile is S4 AP0 D2 Am4+ Knockback, Plentiful; with the Focusing Crystal added, the way I understand it, it becomes S4 AP-2 D2 Am4+ Knockback, Plentiful, Unstable, right? The reason I ask is because YakTribe's Gang Manager tool modifies this profile to Am5+ and removes the Plentiful trait and I can't figure out why. Anyway, thoughts on and potential solutions for this matter are much appreciated and sought after. :)
  6. With another pretty crap year fast approaching its demise, it's time to look to the bright and cheerful future, and to reflect upon what you'd like to achieve: eat more healthily, take up a new physical activity, quit the nicotine game... ...or you could commit to something meaningful in the form of painting Necromunda models (rich coming from me, I know )! I managed to get a handful of Escher models painted in 2021 but that mojo seems to have fizzled out, so I'm considering focusing on another gang (Cawdor, perhaps? TBC) to try and get that mojo back. I also have a truckload of models for NPC characters for future campaigns. Last but not least, I'd like to commit to being more active in this nook of the B&C. What about you: what did you manage to achieve in 2021, Necromunda-wise, and what are your plans for the coming year?
  7. sure this has been seen elsewhere but just in case https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/08/13/breaking-news-necromunda-returnsgw-homepage-post-1/
  8. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2022/01/16/sunday-preview-update-your-rules-with-chapter-approved-and-get-started-with-kill-team/ Hive Scum Bolster your gangs with four extremely expendable Hive Scum or get revenge on the major Houses of the Hive by forming an entire Outcast Gang. These versatile underhivers can form a gang of their own or join House Gangs as Hive Scum by being hired or through gang tactics and campaign choices, so it’s always worth having some spare scum to hand. Edit: anyone else just befuddled by the 4 man hive gang? Why is this even a thing?
  9. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2022/01/16/sunday-preview-update-your-rules-with-chapter-approved-and-get-started-with-kill-team/ Outnumbered? Outgunned? 400 credits short of a fair fight? These Underdog Tactics Cards will help you pull enough shenanigans to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. The pack also contains 12 universal Gang Tactics, available for all!
  10. WarCom Article. Another set of plastic Necromunda upgrades - slowly, but surely, chewing through the original slate of gangs.
  11. WarCom Article. Definitely the weirdest title I've written recently, but I really dig these dudes - I really want the Scavver for GSC.
  12. The Spirit of Necromunda Sometimes in the underhive, it’s very easy to get sidetracked by the pursuit of victory at any cost. Fortunately, Necromunda playtester Johnny is on hand to remind us that sometimes you just need to look around and smell the barbed venomgorse.* Johnny: Necromunda is an absolute gold mine when it comes to background material and is an incredible system for building narrative campaigns. Each of the books contains a thousand details, any one of which could lead you down innumerable rabbit holes. Necromunda is at its best when you’re taking full advantage of the narrative side and fleshing out the backgrounds of your gangs and their surroundings. The following is a series of basic things that I do when entering a campaign in order to immerse myself and take full advantage of the experience. ... <<<read the full article at the Warhammer Community site>>>
  13. Hi, I was wondering how compatible the Palanite Enforcer bits are with the Cadian bits. Will the Enforcer heads fit on Cadian or Scion torsos? I'm interested in trying a headswap. Can anyone with the bits clarify this for me?
  14. With this Van Saar girls I begin a new army project: Van Saar Astra Militarum They are purely color scheme test subjects and don't have game role. More miniatures will be coming in time.
  15. Hi all, I'm notorious for starting stuff and never finishing it. This is commonly referred to as having "Hobby Butterfly Syndrome" (or "HBS" for short) While I'm under no illusion that this won't change in an instant, I'd like to try and complete at least one hobby project this year. As usual I have a few underway so I'll use this log to document them all. Now, my project list in its current state: Dosjetka's 2019 projects list (updated: 05/01/2019) NAME SIZE START DATE END DATE STATUS 12 Months of Hobby Challenge (link) 12 or more painted models 5th January 2019 31st December 2019 (planned) April models completed Top secret project At least 500 points painted 19th April2019 9th August 2019 In progress. ? Chapter, Primaris Space Marines At least one 100-point Kill Team 5th January 2019 31st December 2019 (planned) Brainstorming Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress All models assembled and primed, >50% of both Explorers and Hostiles painted 5th January 2019 31st December 2019 (planned) 5/9 Explorers and 30/35 Hostiles assembled, 2/9 Explorers and 1/35 Hostiles painted Legio Astorum, Adeptus Titanicus At least one painted Titan 12th December 2018 31st December 2019 (planned) Brainstorming Iapto Corporation, Genestealer Cults TBD 31st January 2019 31st December 2019 (planned) Cancelled. Militant Minxes, House Escher 5 or more painted models 10th March 2019 31st December 2019 (planned) Cancelled. As I get stuff done I'll update the table above so I can keep track of my own progress and folks can follow it, too. Next update, with pictures, very soon. Thank you for having a look.
  16. I would like to start Necromunda collection. We are planing to play some campains with my friends, so NO COMPETITIVE guys, only Narative based! I choose Van Saar gang. I found them the best gang in Necromunda from visual side. Here is my start: All started from moment when I found only 9 bases in box, so GW send me set of 10 bases ;-) Regarding paint scheme, I found 2 possible patterns: First one, Doom Slayer from DOOM 2016. Seconda one, PanOceania from Infity: Can't decibe which one is better. Potential Gang name: Doom Slayers Why? I saw Van Saar gang as persons, who search Hive City for some scums and mutants and exterminate them. While they don't kill "enemies" they look for ancient artefacts which can help in their mission. They are already almost dead and they will take with them lot of scums! For ganger name I am thinking of searching web for some Daemon names and select them as ganger names. More photos will be published during process ;-)
  17. Greetings all! Thought I would share some of my latest pieces for my skirmish games in the 40k verse.7 This is an Inq28 project.. not sure on exactly what is what yet, and nothing is finished. A Black Legion kill team for the new game - I have more miniatures ready, but I'm holding off to committing more time until I've at least read the rules over. Space Marines - a mix of Primaris, true scale tacticals and a lonely Scout! Death Guard - these haven't been purpose built, just cobbled together from what I had from Dark Imperium etc. My Genestealers from the Kill Team starter... I've wanted some of these models for so long but never got around to it until now! C&C welcome and appreciated
  18. So I have written a full set of Ratskin Renegades for my Necromunda Campaign. I will be playtesting next weekend, but I wanted to know what people think of them. Unfortunately B&C doesn't hold the formatting when I attempt to paste it over so I'll have to post a link. Because the campaign, the Renegades are called "Native Renegades" to differentiate them somewhat from Necromunda, but it's intended to Ratskins. The idea behind them is they're meant to have okay to mediocre shooting, they don't have any heavy firepower by default and find it hard to acquire anything heavier than a Shotgun. What they are, are fast, One of their Champions having a movement of 6" and their psychic powers are intended to be powerful. They are good in combat and cheap. They overwhelm with speed, numbers and nimbleness, that's the idea anyway. http://dirtsidewar.blogspot.com/p/native-gangs.html
  19. =][= Various members of the most holy and exalted Velsian Ordos of the Emperor’s Inquisition and their affiliates as well as some of their enemies, dastardly recidivists and heretics, all. Hey everyone, time for yet another thread! :) Those of you who have been following my ongoing World Eaters thread might already have read my thoughts about opening a dedicated thread for my INQ28 models here on the board, and now it's finally time for that: Ever since getting back into the hobby in 2010, after a longer hobby hiatus, creating models and characters for Inquisitor (or Inquisimunda or INQ28 or whatever you want to call it) has been the second big pillar of my hobby, along with my World Eaters. I still remember being drawn into the whole INQ28 cosmos by places like Commissar Molotov's INQ28 blog or the Ammobunker's INQ28 board, and I've never looked back since: INQ28 has become such a fascinating way for me to explore the world of Warhammer 40k away from the battlefield: The kind of setting jokingly referred to as "domestic 40k" by Dan Abnett: The world in-between the cracks, where a shadow war is being fought for the soul of the Emperor. A world equally informed by Dan Abnett's Eisenhorn and Ravenor novels and by the grimdark and gothic madness epistomised by artists like John Blanche or Wayne England. So yeah, I have been building INQ28 models for quite some time now, and seeing how The Bolter & Chainsword remains such a vibrant and alive community - even at a time when so many hobbyists seem content to leave forums and blogs behind for the (presumptively) greener pastures of social media, it seemed like the right time to finally show off my stuff over here as well. I have amassed quite a collection at this point: Exactly 50 models as of yesterday ;) To me, INQ28 is not so much a ruleset as a state of mind: A way of exploring the setting and the lore behind the 40k universe and a way of building and creating characters in that setting. It's also a great way of dipping my toes into dozens of different smaller projects at the same time: Building retinues and warbands instead of entire armies not only allows for lots and lots of variety, it also provides the breathing space to turn every model into an actual character, instead of a mere playing piece. While the collection of models shown above may seem haphazard and utterly chaotic at first glance, there is an overarching method to the madness: For our shared INQ28 activities, fellow hobbyist DexterKong and I have come up with a joint adventurescape, the Velsen Sector, our very own little corner of the Warhammer 40k universe: And while Dexter is on the opposite side of the planet from me, we keep exchanging ideas, both about our characters and about the overarching lore behind our setting, on a regular basis. This has proven to be wonderfully inspiring, and there's more than one case of models (and characters) being informed by the greater setting we have come up with. So even if we should never get together for an actual game of INQ28 ( I shouldn't hope so, but it's possible), the characters we come up still draw from the world building we have put into the setting. And there are also several big and small narrative arcs that already define the Velsen Sector: The Rise and Fall of the Lamtron Trading Conglomerate and the derring-do of Karis Lamtron, the scion of the House. The political machinations by powerful nobles and the Mandelholtz House of Imperial Finance to gain political leverage in the light of the sector governor's failing health. The pursuit of that most devious and dangerous splinter sect of radical Thorians, "The Fragmentarians". And, of course, the terrible truth behind the life - and death - of Velsen's own sacred martyr, Sabasto the Sword-Saint. All of this may or may not be revealed in the future. In any case, there's a lot going on that informs my creation of new characters for this setting. So allow me to begin by sharing some of the warbands I have come up with so far. Let's start with my first ever INQ28 warband: =][= The retinue of Inquisitor Lazarus Antrecht, Ordo Malleus Velsen: From left to right: Arco-flagellants Molotov XXVIII and Enoch 451 | The Mandalorian (a bounty hunter and blatant shout out to Star Wars) | The Daemonhost Zalambur | Inquisitor Lazarus Antrecht | His servo-skull familiar, Mercutio | Elias Cobb, diminuitive twist sniper | Magos Explorator Hiram Zeiss | Operative Sigma, a former Ordo Assassinorum Operative turned around by Antrecht | Klytus, Chrono-Gladiator. Back when I first built this warband, I really wanted to create a radical Inquisitor, and Antrecht's merry collection of freaks reflects that: Antrecht has gone very far in his pursuit of a possible sector-wide conspiracy of a shadowy faction know as "The Fragmentarians", and he has few lines left to cross and even fewer friends left to lose (think the late-era Eisenhorn, and you're not far off the mark). Which is why Antrecht's warband mostly consists of freaks and monsters: There really aren't too many respectable characters still prepared to throw in their lot with the rogue Inquisitor. Antrecht was inspired both by Eisenhorn (obviously) and by Phil Kelly's old warband for Inquisitor Liechtenstein (who, in turn, was an Eisenhorn expy, so yeah): In hindsight, it feels like I may have tried to hard with some of the radicalism in Antrecht's warband: His retinue seems a bit too extreme, with few proper characters. I am still fairly happy with the old rascal, though, and some of his operatives still seem rather interesting: Speaking of which, you can always take a closer look at the detailed backstory of my INQ28 characters here on my blog, as long as you don't mind reading through huge walls of text Always remember, though: Everything you have been told is a lie. [inquistor Antrecht by DexterKong] For now, Antrecht and his retinue are a good place as any to start this thread. So please let me know what you think and stay tuned for more!
  20. This has probably been talked about somewhere else in the forums but I just saw this in the WC: I nearly lost it, I've been eyeing the GSC models for a week wondering whether to buy some or not to either use as Chaos Cultists or even start my own GSC force, although I've heard they're not very good in 8th right now. But this just made me even more curious since I was also wondering if I should get into Necromunda. I'm still not familiar with the model range, though, so which ones do you think would be the most likely to be compatible with Necromunda?
  21. So, my local GW is starting a necromunda campaign and I've been wanting to get into necro but haven't really liked the goliaths or escher, but with the orlock relase I've decided to dive in! My idea for them is that they are a gang of gentlemen thieves. Inspiration wise I was using fantasy rogues, highwaymen, musketeers, 40k nobility. that sort of thing. I've also been trying to figure out backstories for each model. so pictures! Bishop (Ganger) I see him as the voice of reason of the group (Ganger) Haven't decided on a name for him yet, but hes the gang best lockpick Pip (Juve) Vim (Juve) August Grimm (Champion) Haven't figured oout much backstory, but I imagine him as very jovial, but enjoys combat in a way that is slightly psycopathic The start of Debon Keen (Leader) Super charismatic but a bit of an a-hole, think Gaston from Beauty and the Beast Slug Atkins (Bounty Hunter) A part of the campaign is that we have to bring a bounty hunter (preferably with a converted model) so I'm using this guy I made ages ago. I made him mostly as a bit of fun and to test out some new painting techniques All of the models are gonna have some GS work done to them, and there's a few more to come too. Thoughts?
  22. Hiya everyone! I've been out of the picture for far to long, but I'm back and with a new project. Introducing Siouxsi-Cide and the Banshees's! I will be doing regular updates, as well as the whole painting process, yes even the awful looking base coat stage lol. I will be using my gang in a new Necromunda Campaign my group is starting next month. Gang Leader Siouxsi-Cide: She's armed with a Shotgun and power knife. She's nearly finished. She needs her hair further shading, as well as something funky for her shotgun, maybe tiger stripes [WIP] and here is my first Champion: Syd Vicious: Armed with Heavy Stubber and auto-pistol. Obviously she's only at base coating stage.
  23. Hello all. Anyone tried this combo? I do remember a statement from when the boxset was released that these were compatible. However I stumbled upon this blog entry. I know there is warping to consider but the pictures in the blog looks like the doors are even bigger than just a warping issue. http://battlebunnies.blogspot.com/2017/11/necromunda-doors-in-3d-zone-mortalis.html I've been thinking about building or just buying a small ZM table. Was leaning towards just buying it from Forgeword as I just don't have the time to scratch build one. But if the doors do not fit - might literally go back to the drawing table.
  24. You thought you were cool but you’ll never be Mighty Stoof on a Water Dragon cool! Something big is coming to a dome near you! https://yaktribe.games/community/threads/mysterious-yakmeet2020-uk-related-thread.9073/ Keep your eyes peeled for updates
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