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Far from Fenris - Ranulfs Wolves

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Hello Wolf-Boys (and -Girls if there are any )!


After just commenting and lurking around for maybe about a year (maybe?) I decided to open a thread for my Wolves. As my ressources are pretty limited right now don't expect a huge army anytime soon. I guess I will just play Kill Team in the beginning anyway. It's basically a bunch of older models from my teenage years (10+ years ago) which never got to be a proper army. Back then choosing Space Wolves was a no-brainer because they looked like 80s James Hetfield, they we're rebellious good guys, and I liked wolves. Nowadays my affinity to Thrash Metal has mostIy faded, but I still l like my Space Wolves, although I was a bit shocked to see how cartoony some of the newer models looked (Looking at you, Santa Logan and Canis Wolfborn). I recently bought some newer models here and there though, plus some bits from various sources. At some point I will also buy some Primaris I think, but will make them look quite retro marine like (classic helmets and power packs). As my older models have been upscaled - or are in the process of - via the "Veteran Seargent"-method (spacers in legs and torso), the difference in size shouldn't be that big actually (Primaris are still bulkier of course). I just started painting again and I'm trying to figure out how to paint my version of Space Wolves armour (no baby blue and no yellow pauldrons, I think).

The idea for the army is that they're a special contingent on some kind of investigative mission in a lesser known system. Maybe I'll have members of different great companies in it, I'll have to think about it . There won't be snow bases, they should look more like the sorroundings of a devastated Ad-Mech research station or something. I'll show you my humble progress here and would be grateful for painting and modelling tips. First of here are some general pictures plus my experiments with finding the right shade of pale :wink:, which I tried on the most expendable models I own, old Blood Bowl humans .


Space Wolves in progress








Blurry pic from the workbench for giggles https://imgur.com/gallery/yY2q8Ct


Edit: unfortunately I'm still getting errors when I'm trying to post pictures with (]... [/img ), don't really get what I'm doing wrong


Edit²: Pictures work now, see below ☺! Resolution is not too high, though...

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Welcome back brother. I understand your issue with finding a paint scheme, if you want let me know and I can draft you something in Impcat. Just let me know what colors you were thinking and we can tweak it.


As for santa Logan, canis, and wulfen. Well.... they are personal choice, not my choice but others enjoy them. Wulfen are the same scale as primaris and do wonderful conversions. I have seen some take thunderwolf without the saddle and use a primaris for their thunderwolf cavalry, a little less comical. I haven't seen any conversions for Logan.

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Ah yeah, thanks a lot for the reply. I'll see if I can come up with a satisfying result with actual paints this evening, but if it doesn't work out, I might come back to your offer.

Yes Wulfen especially are quite weird obviously, I still remember the old 13th company ones - they we're tasty. Not really usable nowadays unfortunately. I'm working on some alternatives right now using Goliath gangers and Garrek's Reavers from Shadespire. Takes some time converting these obviously, but they will show up here one day too, I guess.

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For the images, you need to get the actual picture link (needs to end in .jpg or .png, IIRC), not the post link - you can't use ] and [/img otherwise.


Models look pretty good - as far as paint schemes - do you want a grey or a blue tinted grey? When I was starting up my Great Company, there were plenty of offered possibilities for darker than baby blue schemes, so you may want to check the first page or so of my thread here for some potential ideas. Calderson's Impcat thing is also really bad-:cuss so take advantage if you can - the first one he showed I thought was an actual model.

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Thanks again. Ummm well, I have trouble deciding on the shade of grey. Back in the day I used Shadow Grey (I think it's called differently now) as a base and highlighted up to Space Wolves Grey. But this is too blue for my taste now. I think I will go for more neutral greys. I was wondering if mixing a hint of blue grey into a dark wash might do the trick...


Edit: praised be the Allfather, pictures seem to work now. Thanks Blaire

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Should have attached the photos of Impcat


My Allfathers Einherjar







Something like this?


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Welcome Brother!

You have some really nice models there!


I have always had mixed feelings about the "baby blue" Space Wolves.. I got into the hobby when my older brother bought Epic: Space Marine, 2nd Ed. but he had the 1st Ed. book too and there the Space Wolves were grey. That stuck with me. I have had several Space Wolves armies, one in 2nd Ed. (baby blue), two in 3rd Ed., one prior to the Codex and one after (Shadow Grey and then Codex Grey). Then another in 4th Ed and I was back in Shadow Grey agaian.


I think both work and look cool. The Shadow Grey is maybe "sensitive" to the highlight and what undercoat you use. Mine has been anyways.The baby blues doesn´t have to be too cartoony but can be done dark, gritty and cool, in my humble opinion.. :)


On the other hand, I am struggling right now to decide what my new Company will look like.. So I will follow your progress and maybe steal some ideas.. ;)


Just some ramblings from an old wolf, welcome back though!

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You can show whatever you like. And your stuff is fine, anyone saying something else will have to talk to me choppa.. Er! I mean chainsword..!




Looking forward to you showing us what colours you chose. That´s the best part of this forum, I think, all the great modelling and painting ideas (I can nick..!)

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Oh Boy! Here I go posting again.


Decided to show some of my Wulfen in Progress. Pics are still not great, but you get the general idea.


A headless powerhouse. These are based on the Goliath gangers.




Another one.




A group shot




Some of them even got heads!




This one is originally a Shadespire Khorne guy. There are five in total waiting for completion






This miniature isn't even GW. It's an old model from 'Hordes' (Privateer Press). I had a small army of them (Circle of Orboros), which I had no use die anymore. But this guy was oddly fitting, so I kept him. I just attached some pauldrons obviously.




So yeah, I still need some parts (shields, heads, claws), but I hope the group will come together one day. Comments and critique welcome ☺️

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Thanks ☺️, the pads and fur pieces are mostly blue stuff molds though, that's quite easy to do, the only trick is to figure out the right green stuff/miliput ratio (about 50:50 is what I'm using, miliput alone doesn't catch the details as good).


But I also learned what not do - using liquid green stuff to close gaps for example, it never really worked Out but made the model look really messy instead

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Thanks Kolgrim. So... I did touch some brushes again to test out my greys on some infantry. It's still a 100% work in progress (didn't even paint some of the details) and I didn't paint in about 10 years, so please be gentle... :blush.:. Also I realise that one might say the result is quite baby-blue-ish, which might seem a bit weird since I kind of dissed babyblue initially. 
The process I did so far consists of some underpainting: black priming + zenithal with some light grey both out of a can (did come out somewhat rough though:dry.:, that should be improved somehow the next time), then stormvermin fur (it's a dark brownish grey) as a base for the armour, nuln oil, then drybrush with some offwhite
I then did the 'actual' armour colour which is a P3 coulour named galvanized metal and then went back and forth with a dark blue wash I made from black artist ink and greenstuff world's blue "inktensity ink" (thinned with matt medium). It went okay I think, but the wash stained a bit more then I wanted, maybe I should use some kind of additional flow aid?

I think the biggest problem is that the primer went on too rough, maybe I'll just drop my attempt of rattle can highlight, and just do drybrushing in the future until I get an airbrush at some point...

Anyway, enough of my rambling, here are the the pictures. First one example of the 'underpainting' stage, then some of the stormclaw which I'm most advanced with yet. Also moldlines...:yucky:, maybe I'll just have to strip the sword guy at some point. Well, I'm still in the test stage, I guess...





So, what do you think? :whistling: (Sorry for the large pictures, I'll try to resize them next time)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Been painting a bit but not mich too Show so far. Fleshed out my fluff a bit though, so if you're interested...

"Ranulf's Exploration force

Part of the Blackmanes, Ranulf is one of Ragnar's Huskarls. Less feral than most Space Wolves, but still ferocious if necessary, he's valued by Ragnar for his sound advice and intelligence. Ranulf is compassionate at heart and tries to save Imperial lives whenever possible. In rare occassions, his deeply reflective nature borders on the erratic for less intellectual brothers; even more so for other Imperial troops. Ragnar knows of his capabilities though and often dispatches him for special missions which require a bit of subtlety; these might at times be somewhat at odds with Imperial authorities.

Ranulf's force is rather small which suits these mission types. It consists of a mix of young blood and trusted veterans - some of which have served in the Deathwatch. The Wulfen in Ranulf's force didn't succumb to mutations - the Iron Priests have recently found a way to keep them physically (trans-)human while the revered Wolf Priest Frodr Stigandr's spiritual guidance keeps them somewhat sane.

Ranulf's force only engages in larger battles when serving under Ragnar himself. Markings throughout his battlegroups don't follow a strict code and differ from the markings generally employed by his company. Rather consistent is a threefold system of rank for higher ups, located mostly on the rims of shoulder pads: pack leaders are allowed to use bronze, wolfguard silver, while battle leaders and priests can use gold. Ranulf prefers these colours to be used sparsely though as the pale grey of his force is useful in engagement during night or break of dawn.
Apart from Blackmane and general wolf iconography where are also symbols of the cursed Lunar Wolves found in his group - a personal touch be Ranulf which is meant to remind his brothers to stay vigilant even against the highest authority - but also to honour those who stayed faithful to the Emperor(*).

Ranulf currently investgates the devastation of an Ad Mech research facility on a small Planet called "Nornun" located in the Outer Rim of the Xana System, Segmentum Pacificum."

(* totally not just a cheap way to explain me accidently buying Lunar Wolves iconography from Shapeways, thinking they were Space Wolves icons :P)


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They came out great, you are super skilled at painting. I should be getting my army of SW soon out of storage but I'm a mediocre painter at best lol but I'll post them regardless. Half the army is painted from when I was working on them back in the early 2000s and then the other half is primed. I might have to fully repaint them though since they don't sell the grey I had used on the armor anymore.

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