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  1. +++Accessing Data-Loom XCVIIΦ... +++Establishing Link.... ++Servitor Φ-264 has connected to Terminal Σ221 ++Servitor Φ-89A has connected to Terminal Ω79 +CONNECTING.... +CONNECTING.... +CONNECTING.... +++CONNECTION ESTABLISHED+++ *hissing electronics and vox feedback* "Welcome, Commander, to the Khymara Sub-Sector. If we had thought times were hard for the Imperium of Man due to the Thirteenth Black Crusade, then we knew nothing of what has lurked in the shadows for us here. The Kymara sub-sector lies in the Western Fringe of the Ultima Segmentum and sits along the Malestrom. Such a thing has given it great prosperity and great danger, as such things are seen throughout the galaxy.” "Currently we have been unable to regain contact with one of our Imperial Mining Stations, Alpha -67c on Kymara. Imperium forces only control four systems out of the eight within the sub-sector. The sub-sector capitol of Josufa, which is positioned in the center and has had a shaky foothold throughout the last century, but that could be lost.” "Reports have been flooding in for the past decade now on new dangers. The Xenos and Renegade threats have been growing in number and daring, moving out further and more aggressively from various locations. We are afraid one our worlds might become a xenos or renegade vile nest. Aid from several Adeptus Astartes Chapters has been requested in an attempt to assist in exterminating these xenos and renegade threats.” "The last Adeptus Arbites Patrol sent to Kymara in an attempt to regain contact with Alpha-67c has not reported in -- much like the previous 6 such patrols. The Sub-Sector Adeptus Arbites Precinct has filed several more complaints with the Administratum, protesting the lack of initiative on the sub-sector Governor's part to look further into the issue. The old legends about there being several technologically advanced xenos and renegades within the area continue to dissuade their desire to reach them. The local Ecclesiarch has already sent a report via channels to the Inquisition, requesting advice and help in this heretical matter.” "Much is happening beneath the surface events however, Commander. I can feel it. I can only hope that with your arrival that the Imperium of Man will emerge victorious...even through it is against training to entertain doubt, I feel worried. Things are happening within the sub-sector and for all I know, things will not be brighter on the other side." ++END MESSAGE+++ UPDATED 05/19/2017: War009's Raptor 10th company Plog is built around the idea of an All Scout army with very little Power Armour (HQs and Elites only) supported by various other vehicles to give the army the punch it needs. This is a slow moving plog, is built for fun and no way intended to be for competive use, some conversions, and rule of cool is in effect. In preparation for 8th I have broken down the selections as follows. As a model is completed a link will be added to it. UPDATED 07/20/2020: WAR009's Raptors 10th Company Plog has been changed from an all Scout army to focusing on the 2 elements that make up the 10th Company: Vanguard and Scouts. The Army will be comprised of the those 2 elements and support from various other companies.10th Company Shadow Captain Admar Voss has crossed the Rubicon and became a Primaris Marine and is overall Commander of the Raptor Forces on Khymara. UPDATED 02/2022: WAR009' Raptors 10th Company Plog has been forced to change gears due to 9e rules changes. The Army will consisit of mainly Phobos armor units with Support in the form of different detachments from the 2nd Company, Armory and Various Headquarters staffing. some units may be deleted and other units may be added over time Vanguard Section of the 10th Company HQs -10th Company Shadow Captain Admar Voss -Phobos Lexicanum Torec - Completed -Phobos LT -Revier LT Elites -Invictor Warsuit -Reiver Squad I -Reiver Squad VI -Reiver Squad VII Troops -Infiltrator Squad II -Infiltrator Squad III -Infiltrator Squad IV -Infiltrator Squad V -Incursor Squad VIII -Incursor Squad X Fast Attack -Suppersor Squad XI -Storm Speeder Hailstorm Heavy Support -Elininators XII -Eliminators XIII -Gladitor Lancer Dedicated Transport -Impulsor -Impulsor Scout Company and Support HQs -First Born LT -First Born LT -Firrst Born Chaplin -First Born Librarian Elites -First Born Apothecary -First Born Apothecary -First Borm Ancient -Scout Squad Helios V -Scout Squad Archlift VI -Scout Squad Venze VII -Scout Squad Felk VIII -Scout Squad Tomez IX Fast Attack Land Speeder Typhoon Squadron "Kite" Scout Bike IV Scout Bike I Heavy Support Predator Destructor 2nd Company and Support HQs -Chaplain Achmedes Assigned to 2nd Company -Epistolary Borak assigned to 2nd Company- -2nd Company LT -Questioable- Chapter Master (Shrike Conversion) Elites - Veteran Intercessors V - Redemptor Dreadnought Troops -Assault Intercessors- II -Intercessors IV -Intercessors III Fast Attack -Outriders VI Heavy Support -Hellblaster Squad VIII -Repulsor Executioner Armory Support -Techmarine -Fire Strike Servo Turret -Fire Strike Servo Turret -Fire Strike Servo Turret
  2. Hello Wolf-Boys (and -Girls if there are any )! After just commenting and lurking around for maybe about a year (maybe?) I decided to open a thread for my Wolves. As my ressources are pretty limited right now don't expect a huge army anytime soon. I guess I will just play Kill Team in the beginning anyway. It's basically a bunch of older models from my teenage years (10+ years ago) which never got to be a proper army. Back then choosing Space Wolves was a no-brainer because they looked like 80s James Hetfield, they we're rebellious good guys, and I liked wolves. Nowadays my affinity to Thrash Metal has mostIy faded, but I still l like my Space Wolves, although I was a bit shocked to see how cartoony some of the newer models looked (Looking at you, Santa Logan and Canis Wolfborn). I recently bought some newer models here and there though, plus some bits from various sources. At some point I will also buy some Primaris I think, but will make them look quite retro marine like (classic helmets and power packs). As my older models have been upscaled - or are in the process of - via the "Veteran Seargent"-method (spacers in legs and torso), the difference in size shouldn't be that big actually (Primaris are still bulkier of course). I just started painting again and I'm trying to figure out how to paint my version of Space Wolves armour (no baby blue and no yellow pauldrons, I think). The idea for the army is that they're a special contingent on some kind of investigative mission in a lesser known system. Maybe I'll have members of different great companies in it, I'll have to think about it . There won't be snow bases, they should look more like the sorroundings of a devastated Ad-Mech research station or something. I'll show you my humble progress here and would be grateful for painting and modelling tips. First of here are some general pictures plus my experiments with finding the right shade of pale , which I tried on the most expendable models I own, old Blood Bowl humans . Space Wolves in progress https://imgur.com/gallery/MRNzdqi https://imgur.com/gallery/SKRybrn https://imgur.com/gallery/v7elAjd Blurry pic from the workbench for giggles https://imgur.com/gallery/yY2q8Ct Edit: unfortunately I'm still getting errors when I'm trying to post pictures with (]... [/img ), don't really get what I'm doing wrong Edit²: Pictures work now, see below ☺! Resolution is not too high, though...
  3. It has recently occurred to me that a lot of people have cool hobby blogs to keep track of their regiment, it's about time I did the same! Odd topics for vows and challenges is fine but I need a proper home for general models I'm working on. Given I started repainting my Guard a few years ago (almost finished...) it is fitting that I start with not only a repaint but one of the oldest of models. Check out this Russ, found lingering in my parent's storage and in need of some serious love and attention. Fortunately the commissariat is well known for having an abundance of love to share This model must be over 20 years old, so it is surely deserving of some special treatment! It's also the a perfect example of how everyone starts out rubbish Yes that is Goblin Green and Blood Red, I only had so many paints back then (and Chainmail instead of Boltgun Metal!) In between working on my Regiments vow I've been sorting the model out ready for stripping. Broken bits like the HK have been removed (wish my glue is that strong now...), barrels and exhaust drilled out along with cleaning join lines. Such a relic of the regiment demands the best so I'm going to give this model my all and try and push myself to greater heights of painting. I'll see if I can give it a fitting backstory and name too but any and all suggestions are most welcome
  4. I bought a box of the Fenrisian Wolves years and years ago and all that leaping and bounding is not for me, I want a wolf that is stood or at least walking next to his master, so has anyone re-modelled the legs on any of these to that end, any pictures? I don't want to buy another wolf model, just want some inspiration on where to break their legs and make them, stay, stay Stay! Good doggy
  5. Greeting B and C! This feels a bit odd... Plonking Xenos down but here we go! I have been working on some Tau. For no real reason other than a change to my usual power armour obsession (iron warriors, angels sanguine, plague marines etc). These were really just a painting army. But I went eBay ad and have quite a lot. I will likely sell a lot though to make some space as a hour move is on the horizon but here is the current state of play. http://i.imgur.com/uXzQank.jpg Terrible, over bright pic. Can't see any highlights but it gives you a good idea at least. First suit and fire warriors complete. http://i.imgur.com/dyMlsiU.jpg?1 Second complete suit. Better pic. Ish! But you can see some highlights at least :) Now the WIP. http://i.imgur.com/ohq6rLO.jpg 5 fire warriors to round out the squad. These are painted differently to first batch and I think I prefer them. Just details really and markings then a dull cote and done. http://i.imgur.com/0bLWOG4.jpg Finally a very early ethereal shot. Lot's to do and better pics to be taken. So the theme is crap pictures and lots of white :) After these I might do 3 stealth drones then a couple more crisis suits and some pathfinders. I also have a devilfish. Another 3 stealth as well. Cheers!
  6. Good Day B&C! So, I have come back to my roots so to speak. Some of the older members may remember me from years back when I had an Angels Sanguine army. They were my first real army and when I got dark imperium I couldn't decide what to paint the primaris as... Angels Sanguine won! To that end I then went on ebay as I am an idiot and lo and behold picked up a load of stuff! None of this is my painting but I plan to re base a lot. Then change bits to suit my style. So few highlights. Different shades etc and then get to work on the primaris. http://i.imgur.com/PGIniRA.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Sp17aH4.jpg http://i.imgur.com/cUSGM2w.jpg I will prob have a go at a scout to ease my way back in as I currently have Iron Warriors for 30k and Deathguard and Tau for 40k on the go! So lot's to be doing. Plus I am buying a house! So I will update when I can. On the gaming side I haven't played since 4th I think. But it looks like BA are taking a kicking in 8th... Thoughts? Cheers!
  7. I was uhmmm-ing and ah-ing about posting this (I actually thought he was a user on b&c, but didn't find him), but anyway: therealbrokenfingers has just opened a yt-channel, and I thought you might be interested. He is known through Instagram (-> https://www.instagram.com/therealbrokenfingers/ and other places, I suppose...) for his true scale Alpha Legion, which he paints mostly with oils for an interesting, gritty look. Some nice tutorials on there already, also for terrain. Cheers! https://www.youtube.com/user/jeremycwood79
  8. Hello, I've been thinking about buying some single sprues of frostgrave and/or kings of war miniatures (particularily barabarian types) for the heads. I always like to have a variety of bare heads (especially bearded ones, because Space Wolves) to give my guys some character. Thinking about these ones: -> https://store.warlordgames.com/products/frostgrave-barbarians -> https://www.manticgames.com/games/kings-of-war/northern-alliance-kings-of-war/northern-alliance-clansman-regiment/ So I wondering about the scale obviously. I had a look at some of the minis (not completely sure which of the two they were) at a display case next to marines and the scale seemed to be alright, but I'm not 100% sure. Maybe someone around here has first hand experience :)? Thanks in advance, Ranulf
  9. Just wanted to give a heads-up, that there are some relatively new bits available from maxmini. Particulary a wolf skull helmet, which might be interesting for people who want to add some Deathsworn flavour to 40k without having to buy the whole kit from forgeworld: https://maxmini.eu/feral-knights-helmets-bits I also like these new shields: https://maxmini.eu/northern-tribe-shields-bits All a matter of personal taste, of course
  10. Greetings brothers, I lurk quite a bit about the B&C. The recent call for activity in the forum and my own recent ITC successes (recently being a practice game against a Knight list using pure wolves!) has stirred my drive for putting colors on the Great Company more than ever. So! I'd like to begin this "Lost" company's formation from the top. Jarl Einar Darkseer himself: A top his Thunder Wolf: Company Rune Priest, Jokull: Battle Leader Aeric: The Dead Speaker: More to come! Feedback, questions or anything I can answer I'm more than willing!
  11. THE VENGEANCE CRUSADE Ok, since the 1st version of the Vengeance Crusade is officially mocked up with random updates from me... I might as well leave it in the tattered pages of history, and like the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel... time for a "reboot" so in this thread I will place the Background story development, some WIP, finished BT models, and make this the official blog spot for this Crusade, that I hope to update atleast once a month until the Crusade is officially over. So for now, Fluff... ++ Warning: ahead of this is a small wall of text. Skip if you want to. ++ http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/style_images/BCBlack/folder_post_icons/icon4.gif Short Story: (Background) THE VENGEANCE CRUSADE What you just read (if you read it), is my attempt at a sort of short story for the fluff for my Crusade and what could be a poor attempt at creative writing but still I hope you enjoy and if you want me to continue the self made short story of the Vengeace Crusade, tell me so... http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/style_images/BCBlack/folder_post_icons/icon4.gif Short Story Parts: Prelude Chapter 1 - Personal Log 160528 Chapter 2 - Masters of the Chapter Chapter 3 - Broadcast http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/style_images/BCBlack/folder_post_icons/icon4.gif Crusade Composition: Crusade Leaders: High Marshal Kordhel Marshal Pendraco Balian the Black Knight, Champion of the Emperor Chaplain Reginaldus Champion Tuor of the Honour Guard, leader of the Marshal's Herald Land Raider Crusader: Righteous Zeal ETL IV - Repentance Vow Castellan Tychon
  12. Dear All, Long time lurker, first time poster looking to share my 30K wolves in the hope of motivation and guidance with list building as I have only played once in the last 10 years and the current rule set seems somewhat daunting! This will be my fourth Space Wolves army since I began playing 2nd edition 40K and the heresy era has got me interested again after starting and failing to complete large Tau and Ad Mech armies. Like many, i'm waiting for the next black book before committing to building too many of the units but have purchased the Calth and Prospero sets. Firstly 10 tacticals in MkIV, another 10 to be added as I understand numbers are the way to go with these guys and will look more impressive. Have the new transfer sheet but waiting till I've completed a few squads before doing the markings. Let it snow? Yes, i committed to snow basing the whole squad after this tester. My Calth comtemptor all wolfed up, a little more than I initially intended but I've have decided the majority of the troops will be less embellished. W.I.P of my Ulrik, will be a stand in Centurion Chaplain until I build an appropriate Praetor. Group shot including Terminators, Assault Squad, the beginning of MkIII tactical squad and my Sip Kaerls ready to fend off a boarding action. Closer look at the MkIVs and Dread after application of Valhallan Blizzard. Spent way too long on the bases to then cover up with snow but will know for future. So any critique will be great, things i need guidance on are: Whether to weather with chip effect on armour & dust type wash on legs or leave relatively clean. Which squad markings to apply and where. Dreads left kneepad is blank for this purpose. How to equip a Praetor? Whether to swap new Tartaros for more Cataphract armour or have squads of both. How to equip Sisters of Silence to best complement Wolves. How to arm Tacticals, think I want to take the extra close combat weapon for fluff, is it worth it? Best colour for the base rims torn between brown or back to black. Look forward to hearing from you, will hopefully get better pictures up soon once I master my phones camera! Quinn
  13. Cleansing of Ioria Campaign - Phase 3 Sieges and Decisive Battles The final scene in the Crusade to cleanse Ioria commences! Regiments and Inquisitional parties participating in this phase are to proclaim their attendance by providing the Administratum the required details on their forces and its representative as well as listing the unit and associated value. Vows may be performed in the tradition of your regiment or Inquisitor, or follow the registered standard: I, , hereby pledge the forces of [REGIMENT/WARBAND/ORDO] under [COMMANDER/INQUISITOR] to the capture of Ioria in the name of the Emperor. The contribution of [uNIT] at [POINTS] will do their duty no matter the cost. The phase begins immediately, and vows may be made at any time during the phase's run. Phase 3 will end at 2200 GMT/B&C time on Sunday the 2nd of April, make sure your vow is done by then! Participating regiments and Ordos that have already given their background pieces don't need to do so again as this will have been recorded from phase 1. As a reminder the bonus FOC choices for phase 3 are: HQ, Heavy Support and Lords of War. As before a single FOC unit is eligible even down to the components, whether that is an entire Scion Platoon, a single Taurox, a Platoon Command Squad or an Infantry Squad and their dedicated transport Chimera for example. Signal your participation in this grand endeavour with this sig image: Campaign: Cleansing of Ioria Phase 3 - Imperial Guard ID Recruit Regiment Commander WIP Points Completion 1 brettfp 42nd Savlar Chem Dogs Capt. Slip Saveryx WIP 185* Completion 2 Jam Master Flex 82nd Cadian Armoured Group Knight Commander Pask WIP 535* Completion 3 Mactire Midgardian 12th Commissar Thedren Voalt WIP 55* Completion 4 our_baz E Company of the 7th Levallosian Life Guards Colonel Leukas Prins WIP 140* Completion 5 elmo 711th CCAB [Redacted] WIP 40* Completion 6 GKTerminator First Firestorm Sentinels Lord Edric Shade WIP 460* Completion 7 Cap'n Heckus Agamemnos Prime Planetary Defense Force Colonel Bolivar Hesk WIP 85* Completion 8 WarriorFish 144 Arukan Lord Commander Firionel WIP 40* Completion Campaign: Cleansing of Ioria Phase 3 - Inquisition ID Acolyte Ordo Inquisitor WIP Points Completion 1HodConclave of Holy FireInquisitor Larine BladeauWIP150Completion2Jam Master FlexOrdo MalleusInquisitor IlseWIP95*Completion3HondaCOHORT:110011ARTIKUS-110011WIP360Completion4ArkanissOrdo HereticusLord Inquisitor ArkanissWIP382Completion
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