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At the end of 2018 a group of us got together to plan a narrative Horus Heresy campaign. The result was the Harrowing of Harthsgard, a series of ten games that told the story of the invasion of the Harthsgard system by the forces of the Warmaster and its steadfast defence by those who remain loyal.  In the campaign we tried to cover as many modes of play as possible, including Zone Mortalis ship boarding operations, Planetstrike orbital assaults, Games Master controlled narrative games, multi-level Centurion Mode scenarios, mass armoured breakthroughs and my personal favourite, all out apocalyptic warfare. 


We’ve had an incredible year playing through these scenarios. As we progressed through the story, we documented the events that occurred so that we would have a memento to remember the campaign by. The result is the book linked below. It contains the background for the campaign, battle reports for all ten games and also the rules pack. As a taster I’ve added some screenshots from the book below.


We hope you enjoy. If any of you recreate any of the scenarios in your own gaming group the do let us know how it goes.



Use the link below to access the book:




Sample photos:








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A double post I know, but I've finished reading through this and I cannot praise you enough for how comprehensive and well made the battle reports, the document, and the campaign were. The Archaeocrypt mission in particular was amazing.


Congratulations on completing such a long and thematic campaign, then writing it up in such a manner. 

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Read through and damn, that is some dedication. Exactly what I like to see, with informative pictures of the whole situations and some detail shots sprinkled in between, all tied in with the narrative. Just magnificent.


...now to get my pals to commit...

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