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  1. Hi I've been really excited about the new Heresy 2.0, and it's inspired me to expand my 40K Blood Angels into the world of 30K. One of the models I've been working on is a contemptor dreadnaught. It's been a lot of fun to build and paint, and I'm really happy with how it's turned out so far. I can't wait to see this model in action on the battlefield!
  2. This will be my thread for my Iron Warriors. I started this thread for myself, partly because I was going off topic in my own thread for my Word Bearers here... http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/305821-committing-to-word-bearers/page-2?do=findComment&comment=4668714 So that's settled. I have a bunch of mk3 marines from BoP. Some of which I will make Iron Warriors. 20 for now. I plan to get up to a 750 point grand co. These first 20 marines will be a 10 man havoc squad with 4 autocannons (converted from BoP heavy bolters) and 2 x 5 man with plasma. Need to aquire and build 5 raptors with 2 meltas, (I know bikes are recommended but I just don't like them) and some terminators... prefferably from calth... to build my elite... also need a PA chaos lord with a big mace... my aux will be the munitorum containers. (I think I posted the list somewhere already for the 750 point grandco) Moving beyond 750. I plan to add some cheap fortifications, home built defensive line with comms and the various barricades, wire and tank traps for a start. Bump the Termies up to 5 and a chaos lord in terminator armour, which will nicely come from a single calth box. Bulk the "tacticals" each to 10 with 2 plasmas and add 4 lascannon havocs in a tenner some how... and definitly a warsmith guiding some oblits, but... I realy don't like oblits models... my plan is instead to follow in purturbo's footsteps and build robots to do the job instead, just no clue how to do it yet, only certain that they should look like smaller iron circle robots with WAY MORE DAKKA.
  3. Guardians of the Covenant Pictured here is a five man squad of First Legion Astartes of the 13th Chapter in action upon the Pale Moon of Xakthres. Exemplars of their kind, the 13th Chapter took great pride in the utter destruction of their foes and the annihilation of all knowledge they held. This pict-capture is of a singular Legionnaire, one of a hundred such Sable Clad Knights deployed by the 8th Company, 13th Chapter. To many outside the First Legion their markings are esoteric and unfathomable, but to the 8th Company under Knight-Praetor Aganus their markings are utilitarian and uncomplicated compared to many of their brothers within the Legion. Note the serialized Phobos pattern boltgun. The modified armorial pictured is the crossed sword symbol of the 13th Chapter. Non-standard markings such as this were common throughout out the First Legion, calling out their allegiance to Chapter and Order. The crowned skull icon worn by the 8th Company is in honor of Knight-Praetor Aganus, a veteran of the Terran wars of Unification and the Pacification of Luna. He was a member of the now defunct Host of Crowns and the icon shown here is a combination of that Host’s icon and Aganus’ personal heraldry. Much of the Company’s demeanor and way of war is derived from his ancient knowledge and they wear his heraldry with great pride.
  4. At the end of 2018 a group of us got together to plan a narrative Horus Heresy campaign. The result was the Harrowing of Harthsgard, a series of ten games that told the story of the invasion of the Harthsgard system by the forces of the Warmaster and its steadfast defence by those who remain loyal. In the campaign we tried to cover as many modes of play as possible, including Zone Mortalis ship boarding operations, Planetstrike orbital assaults, Games Master controlled narrative games, multi-level Centurion Mode scenarios, mass armoured breakthroughs and my personal favourite, all out apocalyptic warfare. We’ve had an incredible year playing through these scenarios. As we progressed through the story, we documented the events that occurred so that we would have a memento to remember the campaign by. The result is the book linked below. It contains the background for the campaign, battle reports for all ten games and also the rules pack. As a taster I’ve added some screenshots from the book below. We hope you enjoy. If any of you recreate any of the scenarios in your own gaming group the do let us know how it goes. Use the link below to access the book: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AjPiJl8KayY8kksOFpw0UWE_iL7S?e=lcvicc Sample photos:
  5. After 9 months the KT-21 compatible version of the Age of Darkness mod is available at https://ossifiedsite.wordpress.com Initially this is Astartes only but future updates will cover all factions in 30K 156 page Pdf, 29 mb. Reworked from the ground up to be compatible with the new edition of Kill Team. 16 pages of lore covering the end of the Great Crusade to the aftermath of Isstvan V 8 pages of additional rules including Destructible Terrain, Suppress and Challenge actions, and the core 5 Psychic Disciplines Legiones Astartes Kill Teams (34 pages): build your Age of Darkness kill team with unparalleled customisation of fire teams together with the Elite suits from the Legiones Astartes Shattered Legion Kill Teams are here too allowing you to mix legions and abilities within a single team.. 80 Pages covering all of the Legions. Each includes lore, abilities and equipment for your operatives together with Legion specific operatives, ploys, and a fifth fire team for the Wolves, The Grey Slayers Warband rules for the Blackshields including a dedicated fire team, Marauders, four detailed sub-factions, and new ploys. Kill Team - Honour and Blood (KT-18) Kill Team - Age of Darkness (KT-18) Kill Team - Age of Darkness - Isstvan III Campaign (KT-18)
  6. This log will follow my trails and error at devising new way to convert models to fit my aesthetic, and expanding the universe through conversions and characters. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +VIth Legion Grey Slayer*+ +VIIth Legion Excoriator Destroyer Sergeant+ +VIIth Legion Siege Breaker+ +VIIth Legion Cataphractii Terminator+ +IXth Legion Assault Legionary+ +IXth Legion Tartaros Terminator+ +XIVth Legion Section Leader+ +XVI Legion Despoiler Assault Legionary+ +Legio Custodes Guardian+ *Special thanks to the talented Kizzdougs for the recipe!
  7. After a recent patch of creative energy and finding/fixing my camera and flash, for the first time I actually have some finished miniatures I feel relatively happy sharing on here for C&C. First up, a Forge World Praetor - Captain Iskander Locke - to lead my Ultramarines. The theme is Scouring / 'early-40k' hence the use of a HH model. Not world beating painting, but I was aiming for a fairly grimdark, semi-Blanchitsu style which I hope I've achieved! Secondly, an old Dreadnought that has been sat in a box painted for years. Rather than stripping it, I instead worked on adding washed and neatening up the metallics, as well as adding weathering. The original paint job was clean but quite thick, which is why it looks a little bashed around. Have also JUST noticed the overspill of blue onto the back exhaust... Let me know what you think!
  8. Dear All, Long time lurker, first time poster looking to share my 30K wolves in the hope of motivation and guidance with list building as I have only played once in the last 10 years and the current rule set seems somewhat daunting! This will be my fourth Space Wolves army since I began playing 2nd edition 40K and the heresy era has got me interested again after starting and failing to complete large Tau and Ad Mech armies. Like many, i'm waiting for the next black book before committing to building too many of the units but have purchased the Calth and Prospero sets. Firstly 10 tacticals in MkIV, another 10 to be added as I understand numbers are the way to go with these guys and will look more impressive. Have the new transfer sheet but waiting till I've completed a few squads before doing the markings. Let it snow? Yes, i committed to snow basing the whole squad after this tester. My Calth comtemptor all wolfed up, a little more than I initially intended but I've have decided the majority of the troops will be less embellished. W.I.P of my Ulrik, will be a stand in Centurion Chaplain until I build an appropriate Praetor. Group shot including Terminators, Assault Squad, the beginning of MkIII tactical squad and my Sip Kaerls ready to fend off a boarding action. Closer look at the MkIVs and Dread after application of Valhallan Blizzard. Spent way too long on the bases to then cover up with snow but will know for future. So any critique will be great, things i need guidance on are: Whether to weather with chip effect on armour & dust type wash on legs or leave relatively clean. Which squad markings to apply and where. Dreads left kneepad is blank for this purpose. How to equip a Praetor? Whether to swap new Tartaros for more Cataphract armour or have squads of both. How to equip Sisters of Silence to best complement Wolves. How to arm Tacticals, think I want to take the extra close combat weapon for fluff, is it worth it? Best colour for the base rims torn between brown or back to black. Look forward to hearing from you, will hopefully get better pictures up soon once I master my phones camera! Quinn
  9. Greetings, brethren! I've had a WIP blog over in the Blood Angels section for a few years now, and have been working away at the successors, the Blood Suns, that I have info about in my signature. I'm about 7 death company and 12 terminators away from finishing a complete 2000pt Death Company force AND a 2000pt Archangels All Terminator force. But I got an itch for 30k, and I couldn't scratch it hard enough.... so here begins this other WIP Blog. I decided to post it here so I can do other things like my Inquisitor allies, terrain, and other projects I also work on which aren't Blood Angel successors as well. My Heresy force will be the Ultramarines, and I'm going for an all infantry and dreadnought Zone Mortalis list first, then a 2000pt list with only some rhinos, and then 3000 with heavier transports for killer units. With that lengthy intro, here's to the models! I decided to do some Fulmentarus Terminators first. I am using the Betrayal at Calth box and some bits from the internet. Here they are laid out neatly: Here they are with combi-meltas. 4 are the combi meltas from tactical Calth kits, and 1 is from the Praetor who comes in the Box. And here they are with reaper autocannons. I used the Chaos Teminator Autocannon bit from eBay sellers, as that was going to be much cheaper than buying 5 sets of the Cataphractii Special Weapons sets. Of course, after searching for bits for months to put this project together, 2 weeks after I start someone starts selling only the autocannons on there. Cest la vie! I magnetized all the weapons in the wrist. Using such small 1.5x3mm magnets means there's not a lot of length added in the wrist. I set the arm magnet in by drilling a hole, and just glued the other magnet right onto the wrist of the hand. Painted up, the length won't be noticeable. The autocannons gets a few funny angles due to how I drilled them and the arms end, but we'll just call those "action poses." I'm still fishing around for 2 more cyclone missile launchers. I got 2 metal ones and 1 plastic one from the current tactical terminator kit. Criticism and compliments welcome. Still need to put shoulders and heads on these guys, but the hard work is done for now.
  10. After a fair few years away from the hobby, I recently picked up a few bits and pieces from FW. I like the clean, hi-tech look of the Tartaros Terminators and fancied making a First Legion POTL list. I wanted to focus more on the practical image of the Grest Crusade over the ornamental style of 40k. I filed off all the studs and imagery off the test model to emphasise the 'clean' look I was looking for. To keep with the hi-tech theme I armed him with a Volkite Charger (with an Anvil Industries holo sight) and a Grey Knight power sword. I also added some spare Volkite power cells to his left hip and, as a nod to the Deathwing of the 41st millenium, a dagger to his right. As it's been a while since I last painted anything, I kept to a simple palet using Vallejo Model Colour. I based the scheme on Luther's Blood Angel Death Company found elsewhere on the B'n'C. The view from the side showing the sword a little better, as well his spare power packs for the Volkite Charger. A slightly ropey top-down view showing a FW etched brass symbol and the top of the Charger. And, with the test model there or there abouts, the rest of the WIP squad.
  11. The following thread is for all information and rumours pertaining to the Blood Angels during the Horus Heresy. OP will be updated with each legitimate tidbit. *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** Found in book 4, Conquest. Source. This weapon is one of the Legion specific relics. The link also contains six generic ones which we may have used. Anyone want to guess what the sword is? *** *** *** Unconfirmed rumours state we are in book six, which will be about Signus Prime. We may share the book with the Dark Angels. Update: Book five is Tempest (may), book six is the Shadow Crusade (Tempest part 2 - late 2015), book seven is Prospero (2016). This means we're going to be book eight or nine which is likely to be sometime in or after 2017 :/ *** *** *** HH:Extermination, page 267 BA and IF are testing the field testing the Iliastus pattern Assault Cannon for their legion terminator squads, this is available for BA and IF terminator squads. Costs five points more than a Heavy Flamer, same as 40k rules but with a Malfunction rule (think second edition Assault Cannon rules). *** *** *** Castellax and/or Vorax in BA flavour: Link to source below Basically, a Legion Praevian gives you access to these robots and grants them Legion Astartes Blood Angels (which is currently unknown). *** *** *** Book six is called Retalliation In July, there was speculation it would be at the end of this year, but it October it was said to be delayed until February 2016 It will contain our rules but no special units or Primarchs Book Eight may be Signus Prime. Or Thramas. Or both(!) Seems like our pre-Heresy colours are red, black and gold. Images courtesy of mr_r_parker: *** *** ***
  12. Welcome to my WIP log for my Horus Heresy Salamanders army, the Ashen Brigade. Pictures of my work begin on page 2, but there's lots of helpful advice on the first page! The white text below is the post that started it all! I hope you enjoy looking through the thread, it's been a joy putting together this force, and I have no intentions of halting progress anytime soon. Please leave your comments, constructive criticism, and banter. I look forward to having you join me in the Age of Darkness! Oh! And remember..... Vulkan Lives. Hey All! Still relatively new to the B&C, but like everyone on here, I'm super excited about the Horus Heresy box set. After much consulting with my brother, Son of Carnelian, I've decided to make them Salamanders. I couldn't be more pumped about getting into 30k, but as I read more about my legion and their traditions, I'm already running into a few dilemmas. Each Salamander puts a lot of work into their own armor, and each individual model deserves a lot of attention and specialization. However, I'm worried that just getting the Horus Hersey box won't afford me a lot of opportunities to customize and detail each model like I would love to do. I don't have the money to place a FW order to get lots of unique goodies, as much as I would love to do that. So, any suggestions on easy(inexpensive) suggestions for ways to kitbash and customize to make each guy look unique? I want to make my foray into 30k to be as good-looking as possible. Also, what should I do to model scales??? Edit(s): Updating thread title, added introduction (6/13/17)
  13. Hi all, Looong hobby hiatus for me. As I've eased back into things, I'm considering starting a small 30k force. I've chosen the Sons of Horus as I really like the colour scheme and the background. No idea if they are a competitive Horus Heresy army. Not sure I'm too bothered about that aspect though. Also, representing the harsh Chtonian culture of the Legion on the models, through iconography, weapons, etc... sounds like a fun project to me. I'd like the force to represent the SoH Pre-Heresy/at the onset of the Heresy, before their fall into damnation. What I'm doing now is putting some concept art together to get a feel for the force and make me understand how the army is going to fit together visually. I thought that banners would be a good start as they are a focal point of any army. I've tried to mock up some designs, but I was curious if anyone had any feedback on these. Do they fit your understanding of the Legion? Are they impactful enough? Finally, does anyone know any good reference material specifically for SoH banners? Has anyone painted anything they'd like to share? I'd appreciate any feedback you guys have, searching the internet hasn't yielded as much as I'd like. Here's what I came up with:
  14. I’ve decided to split my WIP logs, to make it easier to follow, rather than posting Night Lords and Emperor’s Children in the same topic. I’ve long held a fondness for the III legion since the old days of Rogue Trader. The Index Astartes article prompted me to get back in to 40k. However I was struck by the tragic nature of their fall. Then the Horus Heresy books came along, and how could I not love the Fulgrim novel. I actually liked the ending – it is now a bit anti-climax given Fulgrim escaped the painting… but that is for another post. I’ve been pondering it for a while, but I have finally got around to starting a pre-heresy force. I am basing it before the events of Istvaan, so it is whilst the legion was still loyal, however I will add in some specific traitor units whilst keeping the bulk ‘either way’ in appearance. I also think it will be fun to convert up some of the characters. I am much more of a painter than a gamer, so shall probably concentrate of what I want to paint, as opposed to what I ‘should’ paint! My initial thoughts were to base it around Marius Vairosean’s third company, but as mentioned about by swopping the Captain/Command it can easily be another company, such as Solomon Demeter’s Second….. So far I’ve got a paltry 4 Marines and 1 Sergeant – but there is more to come…. Here is a pic my local GW store took of my guys…. http://i66.tinypic.com/2qkqgs0.jpg Anyway… I’ve been greatly inspired by Brother Heinrich’s Night Lords and jumped at the chance to ‘enlist’ in the 15th Company in the form of an alter ego…. I felt it only appropriate to return the favour, so here is what everyone’s favourite Night Lord would look like if he wore purple…. Behold my WIP First Sergeant Henricus Vestalis, Praefectus Vigilum of the Third Company. http://i58.tinypic.com/2pousea.jpg Here are few quick pics I floated by Brother Heinrich to see if he was ok with the plans. I have since magnitised the Phoenix Spear and pistol, to allow for them to be alternated. The back pack is also magnetized, should I want to add a jump pack at a later date. Any comments and criticisms all appreciated – it’ll help me improve. http://i60.tinypic.com/35anncy.jpg   http://i59.tinypic.com/2qwzyn6.jpg I am going for Longitudinal crests for SNCOs and Transverse for Captains. Obviously as the crest on the First Sergeant is more elaborate than a standard sergeant. I’ve also posted my version still WIP of Marius Vairosean previously in the Heresy forums, I’m debating what to do with him now, as I am not convinced he looks ‘heresy’ enough…… http://i59.tinypic.com/nf0k2g.jpg He's had the Eye of Horus replaced with a brass etched one, so it looks less chaosy and has been painted purple, but I'm not feeling the love. It is mainly the chest that I'm not liking. The body might end up being relegated to a Lt or something. Any comments here will be appreciated. I've got a few more line marines to finish the squad off - sadly they'll need to be re-photo'd as they are too blurry.
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