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Death Korps of Krieg 3rd Siege Regiment, Blue Company

Jud Cottrell

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  • 1 month later...

I've had a slow start to 2021, all I've painted are these and a Roboute Guilliman for my son!


Now I'm back in the habit I can get on with my beloved Krieg. 


I decided to do the Hades Breaching Drill and another squad of Engineers.


50904847528_64aab34ee9_z.jpgDeath Korps of Krieg Engineers 


50905676672_fbb26b30bc_z.jpgDeath Korps of Krieg Engineers 


50905549331_0fd6f7096a_z.jpgDeath Korps of Krieg Engineers 


50905549791_a7b069c425_z.jpgDeath Korps of Krieg Engineers


50904849048_54907881b6_z.jpgHades Breaching Drill 


Thanks for looking!

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The Hades and its passengers look good, but why do the engineers have heterochromatic eyepieces on their protective masks (what civilians mistakenly refer to as "gas masks"- I served in the US Army, whose drill sergeants make the distinction VERY CLEAR)? Do the right eyepieces incorporate monocular preysight (infrared vision) devices? Edited by Bjorn Firewalker
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Looking good as always chief :tu: about time we had some real guardsmen showing up on my screen and not these lazy Cadians, they aint so tough, they dont even have a planet :P ... 

My inner Word Bearer wants to mock you for painting Rowboat Girlyman but as it was for your son I shall play nice. Out of interest you got an image of the master of toilet seats to share? Im curious to see how he turned out, I imagine quite well going by the standard of your Krieg. 

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Thanks very much!


Slave to Darkness, I wouldn’t go that far though I am really chuffed with how he turned out (so’s the boy!)


Luckily my youngest daughter wants to paint the standard models while I paint the characters!


Should give me more time to work on my Krieg!


Next up will be an Earthshaker Carriage. Wish me luck.

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  • 2 weeks later...

So this time I’ve built an Earthshaker Carriage!


I wanted to try make this one look like it was being loaded. I think I just about got away with it.


Here’s the pics:


50953415557_4bafa57c2e_c.jpgDeath Korps of Krieg Earthshaker Carriage


50952612258_cf2e552d93_c.jpgDeath Korps of Krieg Earthshaker Carriage


50953312711_064c900f06_c.jpgDeath Korps of Krieg Earthshaker Carriage


50953416522_85e9f90477_c.jpgDeath Korps of Krieg Earthshaker Carriage


50952613208_24bf34ee88_c.jpgDeath Korps of Krieg Earthshaker Carriage


50953313986_f02526f503_c.jpgDeath Korps of Krieg Earthshaker Carriage


Next up will be my Macharius Vanquisher. I can’t wait to get started on it!

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Thanks Slave to Darkness!


I’m a little demoralised atm, I was scouting out my next purchase on Forgeworld and I discovered that the Mars Alpha pattern Vanquisher and the DKoK Squad at Ease are no longer available.


The Infantry squads were definitely on my to get list. Now the only option is the squad advancing. Now while that was disappointing it has me wondering if GW will bring out plastic Krieg Infantry (probably a little too much to ask for!) so I’ll have to wait and see.


For now though I’ll just work through my grey pile of shame.


As I said though hopefully GW will save the day (and a massive amount of cash!) and produce some plastic Krieg!


Anyone else disappointed/hopeful?

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I know you come here for the Krieg but.....


I’ve finished a centrepiece for my son’s Ultramar Force!


It’s taken all my hobby time for the last week. He picked the colours and I did the painting.


Really enjoyed it from building to painting it was an absolute joy. It’s a bit rough round the edges but he’s well chuffed with it!


50996373378_f8d78cda0b_c.jpgImperial Knight


50997185882_35f5265351_c.jpgImperial Knight


50996372653_8c92691d04_c.jpgImperial Knight




50997064511_e86be99154_c.jpgImperial Knight


50997184197_d5813d74b7_c.jpgImperial Knight


50996371148_9bec92396f_c.jpgImperial Knight


Next up I’ll be working on a Commissar for my Krieg! I need to bash out some smaller stuff before another large project!

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Beautiful work on the Knight! Why put a wolf IN ADDITION TO the Ultramarines' inverted omega? Do Guilliman's sons also use wolf heads as honor markings or campaign symbols, did the Knight ALSO fight beside Leman Russ' sons in a fierce battle, or is the wolf head from the Knight House's own coat-of-arms?
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