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= Dark Angels Forum Painting Competition =

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Good morning fellow Dark Angels denizens!


I am pleased to announce a painting competition for the staunch DA fans!


Next August it will be 20 years that I have the pleasure to be a member of the BnC and to mark that occasion nothing better than a good old Feast of Blades... I mean a nice themed painting contest.


This one will be out of the ordinary... The theme is past, present and future of the Dark Angels, so entries will be an iteration of the same model, 3 times, showing its progress through time. Complicated? Not really!


Each contestant will choose one model (old or new) from their DA (or Sucessors)  collection and will do iterations of it!


Some examples:

- Bother Silas is a Dreadnought from the 3rd Company from my collection.  Now I need 2 models: One to represent Silas in the past, one other to represent in the future. That means I will have to paint and build one scout and one Venerable dreadnought!


- Revered Brother Goatbel is a veteran in my collection. My objective will be to build Goatbel as a line trooper as is past self and a Goatbel as a Terminator as his future self.


The premise is that you take something from your collection and make a saga of it! How was the model in the past and what you expect the future to be.

Of course If you want to scratch build 3 models you'll be allowed to, the objective is to have fun after all!


Competition will start 1st May and the deadline will be  the end of August. All finished entries will be then linked in a poll here in the BnC so the judge will be your peers!

The prize to sweeten the deal will be a brand new, mint, unopened BnC Mods playing card deck with the art by Aerion the faithful (https://www.deviantart.com/nicolasrgiacondino/gallery/273980/warhammer-40-000-the-dark-millenium) ! It's a limited item and pretty much out of production!


To participate just drop your name and goal in the thread!

Progress pictures of the work are most welcome!!!

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Posted (edited)

Contestant list:

Grotsmasha - goal: Scout Sgt > Company Master > Chapter Master
Interrogator Stobz - goal: Devastator > Deathwing heavy > Deathwing Knight
Jbaeza94 - goal:Intercessor (chaplain initiate) > Chaplain > (chaplain) Contemptor Dreadnought
Skywrath - goal:Terminator Captain > Contemptor Dreadnought > Leviathan Dreadnought.
Freakshow668 - goal: Legionary > Deathwing Companion > Dreadnought
Aura_enchanted - goal: Scout> Marine> Captain
Chaplain Grey Raven - goal: Heavy Intercessor > Agressor Sgt > Venerable Contemptor
Lostrael - goal: Tactical Marine > Deathwatch Marine > Terminator or Knight
Elmo - Scout > Assult veteran > Contemptor
Knight of Caliban - goal:TBA
Bevulf - goal: Primaris Scout (or Scout Sgt) > Primaris Intercessor (or Int. Sgt) > Primaris Company Veteran
Galloway - goal: captain in terminator armor > firstborn chapter master > primaris chapter master.
Brother Tyler - goal: Battle Brother > Veteran > Interrogator Chaplain
G8Keeper - goal: Devastator Sergeant > Agressor Sergeant > Redemptor Dreadnought
Dark Rage: Veteran - Terminator Master - Deredeo Dreadnought

polythemus: intercessor-> Eradicator-> redemptor

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I'm down for this, this is very similar to the Silver Fire of Dawn challenge I ran in the Grey Knights subforum.. 


Just so I understand this right, so if I were to provide a regular tactical marine with a special weapon then upgrade him to a terminator with a special weapon and then a captain (neophyte -> first company -> master) that would be acceptable?

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I'm going with


HH: Legionaire => Vet Sergeant (existing model) => Terminator


or / and


40k: Firstborn Terminator => Firstborn Captain (existing model) => Primaris Chapter Master

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Mmmm what path to I go...


Thinking either Scout, Sgt then Bladeguard or Scout, Riever then Lt.

What about scout > deathwing > bladeguard


Decided Scout >>> Stg >>> Bladeguard. And probably going Dark Angels... Or my Red DA.


All my bits have been ordered...


Going Shotgun for Scout, Plasma Pistol & Chainsword for Sgt, My Bladeguard guy should look good with Plasma Pistol and Power Sword.

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I'm in. :biggrin.:


After some construction work, just restored my work space. 



Yup I think I will resurrect the Red DA.





photo 2022 04 08 15 39 07

photo 2022 04 08 15 12 09


Here is the WIP of my Sergeant and Bladeguard... (Waiting for rest of the bits for my Scout).


But I kind of feel he would be better as an Lieutenant.

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