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Atia's Thread (Adeptus Titanicus Warlord-Sinister finished)


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Mortarion the Reaper

The Pale King, Master of the Death Guard, The Traveller, Dread Liberator of Barbarus


The shadowed and sinister Mortarion was Primarch and Commander of the Death Guard Legion. Raised upon a nightmare world of fell secrets and necromantic horror where humans were hunted like animals, the darkness that surrounded him seeped into his soul and would never leave him. Fiercely driven and relentless, the reaper-Primarch led his Legion to become wrathful liberators, spectres of death and judgment to whom no battlefield was isurmountable and no foe too terrible to face. With lies and half-truths did Horus sway Mortarion to his cause, and the price that he and his Legion would pay for their role in the Heresy would be nightmarish beyond imagining ...


"Pain is an illusion of the senses, fear an illusion of the mind, beyond these only death waits as silent judge o'ver all" 

- The Primarch Mortarion







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thx for comments guys. i was busy the last weeks, medusa is 1/2 complete, i will post some pictures later (atm my mobilephone is empty, so no camera :/).


I also added some rust on Mortarions scythe ;)

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Hiho Ponies!


Death Guard Legion Anvillus pattern Medusa Siege Tank 

[unknown vehicle, pict-capture Istvaan V]


One of the heavy artillery units available to the Legiones Astartes is the Medusa, which carries a short ranged but extremely powerful siege mortar capable of breaching all but the thickest walls. When a breach has been secured, the Medusa will then rumble forwards to support the assault, levelling buildings with a single shell. 










c&c are welcome =)

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Howdy Ponies! 


NICE !!!

thx :p


And for the first time since I joined the forum, I ran out of "likes" for the day.


Fantastic work sister. 



hehe :P thank you :)




Durak Rask, Siegemaster of the Death Guard


Durak Rask was a fanatical follower of his Primarch, and viewed Mortarion as a preternatural saviour from his early youth on the benighted world of Barbarus.  Having first been accepted into training into the Death Guard Legion when he came of age, Rask's innate intelligence and fervour were marked from an early stage and he quickly proved to be a dour and driven warrior with an uncommon flair for siegecraft. Over his decades of service in the XIV Legion, Rask rose steadily through the ranks to become his Legion's Marshal of Ordnance, proving his mettle in many battles and campaigns, and earning a rare commendation from Mortarion himself after the Siege of Valstpol, a battle in which Rask himself lost his left eye and was left horrifically scarred. When Mortarion declared his allegiance for Horus at the start of the Horus Heresy, Rask was one of the first and loudest in his support, having already become a member of the Seven Pillared Warrior Lodge which had been founded within the Death Guard to corrupt them towards the service of Chaos from within. On Istvaan III Rask volunteered to lead the vanguard attack against his former Battle-Brothers, a treachery he would pay for with his life ...








hope you like him :p

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Rask looks Great . LIke him over OLE Morty!!!!

^^ poor morty :<


Please share how to painted their armor!

Primer with Imperial Primer


"Dusk Raider Grey"

1) 1 Zandi Dust + 1/2 Fenrisian Grey + 1/2 Ulthuan Grey

2) Wash with 1 Seraphim Sepia + 1 Lahmia Medium

3) Mix of 1) with White and Screaming Skull, use it for highlites

4) Make it brighter, use it as glaze

5) last highlites with 4 but more brighter (more white/screaming skull in it)

6) for soilings use Typhon Corosis and other washes aswell as Ryza Rust


"Death Guard Green"

1) Castellan Green

2) 1 Loren Forst + 1 Castellan Green + 1/2 Caliban Green, first highlites

3) last highlites with 2) + Screaming Scull


"Reaper Bronze"

1) Balthasar Gold

2) wash with Seraphim Sepia/Lahmia Medium mix

3) 1 Balthasar Gold + 1 Scyrax Bronze, first highlites

4) next highlites with pure Scyrax Bronze

verdigris with Nihilakh Oxide, be carefull with it

use Ryza Rust for ... rust =)

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Hi Ponies!


Finally finished the Lightning =). LR Achilles-Alpha is next!


Death Guard Legion Voss pattern Primaris-Lightning Strike Fighter


A relatively recent addition to the armouries of the Great Crusade, the Primaris-Lightning Strike Fighter is a high-speed sub-orbital fighter craft, designed for high-speed interception, interdiction and surgical-strike roles. Created by the Archmagos-Arbiter Sykosk Thule, master of the Forge World of Voss, the Primaris-Lightning represented a new paradigm in aero-warcraft, being built around a powerful forced-plasma ramjet drive and optimised for the most sophisticated munitions and avionics systems available. 


While exceeding all similiar patterns in service of its size for speed and payload capacity, it was extremely costly to maintain. These factor, however, saw the pattern's issue limited to the elite close-support units of the most well-resourced Legions and the Mechanicum himself, and while a "degraded" version of the Lightning was rumoured to be under construction just prior to the outbreak of the Horus Heresy, this reduced pattern paid no part in the conflict ...











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Hi ponies! =)

Highly impressive army. I particularly like the war machines : the Medusa and Lightning are awesome !

Thanks, these were just the beginning, something big is coming ....






Glorious army so far! Keep up the good work. 

Thanks for sharing.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: !!!!!

Awesome Lightning Atia! The paint job is beautiful and the weathering is excellent :smile.:

thx all =)


Death Guard Legion Achilles-Alpha pattern Land Raider 

[This vehicle is the personal transport of Moritat Prime Tariq Vralgor and his Destroyer Squad]


The Achilles-Alpha pattern Land Raider is the most durable vehicle currently in service with the Legiones Astartes.  These vehicles shrug off weapon strikes that would cripple other battle tanks, and are proof against even the most toxic environment. The weaponry of these vehicles is formidable, featuring an advanced quad launcher and powerful volkite batteries. 


Each Achilles-Alpha is assembled under the direct oversight of a Forge World's Macro-tec Magos, and is the result of months of painstaking labour, and so costly are they to produce that no Legion fields more than a handful of these tanks. The most common Achilles pattern Land Raider is derived from the design of these mighty engines of war - a lesser copy that can be reproduced with the expenditure of fewer resources, but possesses only a fraction of the original's might.








c&c are welcome =) next vehicle: Death Shroud Land Raider mk IIb!

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