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  1. Hi gents, diving into 30k. I bought the box and have a spare contemptor, plus a sicaran amd other contemptor I can paint over. Can anyone give me some starting tips on running emperors children, strategies, what I should think about picking up to get to a solid 3k list? Thanks!
  2. + Porphyroexecratos + [Brother Biv, Imperial Fists LXth] A very welcome return for the Bolter & Chainsword – and a perfect opportunity to post up what I’ve been working on during the down-time: 15mm Emperor’s Children. I’m delighted to see that the new software allows us to upload images much more easily, so thanks to the B&C team for making things smoother and cleaner. I’m looking forward to sharing more of the project as I progress; hope you’ll tag along.
  3. I thought I'd share my Chaos army and various WIP things, hopefully to motivate myself to get some more painting done! I have a decent sized Iron Warriors army, as well as a goodly number of Thousand Sons, which I'll get pictures of later. My current projects are a start up Emperor's Children Warband, and a force of The Cleaved. The Cleaved: I made this Plague Marine years and years ago when I had a spare blob of Green Stuff. The armour was a test piece for the new foundations, its straight Dheneb with a heavy devlan wash. He got some nice armour scores, and some weeping joints I abandoned them for a very long time, until the release of the new codex, whereupon I made a couple of plasma gunners to come later. I also have 5 of these guys that will be geting the cleaved treatment. My very first tank, well over 10 years old with an awful splotchy (but thin) nurgle paint job, back when the mark of Nurgle gave your vehicle +1AV all round. Rather than give it to the Iron Warriors, I've honoured it's heritage and dedicated it to the cleaved. The marine on the back was originally an ultramarine, but the blue wouldnt look good with the colour scheme. Green, however would, and seeing as there will probably be a few new DA players soon...and also to annoy Skink a little. The Nurglings on top need some detailing, as well as a few other bits and bobs, but I consider it table worthy after a weekend's work. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With the new codex, I jumped at the chance to finally get some Slaaneshi marines under my belt. Noise marines with an 80's hair metal vibe. I wanted a full Sonic blaster squad, buy only had one and the blastmaster, so time to make up some stuff: Dude doing a squealy blaster solo, and regular blaster dude. You cant quite see the detail, ut they have hides/skin GS'd onto their leg armour, and regular dude has GW barbed wire wrapped around his thigh. Blastmaster and DeathKorg. You cannot have a band without a synth, so this guy got made up. The idea is that the bolter fires, gets some funky rhythm attached to it as it goes along the barrel, then hits the opponent with some music that they've probably never heard of. Noise Champion: Since squad leaders cannot currently have blasters, and in the hope that they can someday, I made something in between a combi bolter and blaster, the backpack (from the classic NM) and belt amp can also double as a Doom Siren. Smile:
  4. I suppose my soft spot for the Emperor's Children comes from 4th edition, back when bolters could seriously harm most things in high enough quantity and Space Marines felt a little weak. I bought the Chaos Space Marines codex and was stunned at the variety and options Chaos had over their vanilla brethren - You mean I can upgrade my marines to have +1 A, I, W, or T? It seemed pretty cool at the time, but what caught my eye was the book of Slaanesh in particular. That section was an explosion of Sonic Weapons (bolters you could move and double or triple shoot with *gasp*), Combat Drugs, and neat upgrades. Nowadays however the tables have sort of turned in 40k, with Space Marines having all the variety in free Chapter Tactics and Chaos having been stripped of nearly all unique legion special rules and selections. It is kind of discouraging, but then of course there is 30K! The purpose of this post is to talk about the Emperor's Children as they were in the Horus Heresy and more specifically the different tactics they can employ which make them effective versus the other legions. Admittedly it's not as easy to see what makes the EC so good when you have other 'heavy-hitter' legions like Iron Hands (-1 S to ranged weapons and FNP is a highly effective combination on MEQs and TEQs), Imperial Fists (+1 BS Bolt weapons and Tank Hunter devestators), Salamanders (Artificer Armour troops with Flamers/Meltaguns, Storm Shields, Eternal Warrior and Mastercrafted!) and Alpha Legion (Infitrate EVERYONE!) but after a lot of thought I think I've sorted it out. ... There seems to be a consistant theme throughout the Emperor's Children of Combat Resolution Bonuses, Initaitive bonuses, speed increases, and sporadic (but still present) non-Unwieldy AP2 in close combat. Naturally almost all of these gear the Legion towards Close Combat, which would be BAD in 40K where many armies can outfight you (since you're still just marines with some perks in most cases) but in 30K since it's for the most part MEQ on MEQ its sort of okay. With some of the upgrades and improvements that have been applied to 30K with the release of new books, there's actually a new angle that can be played quite effectively - Outflanking + reliable reserves. This particular combination comes to fruitition when using the legion's unique Rite of War the Maru Skara. The ability to have reserves arrive exactly when you plan them to is invaluable, and having Outflank means you can set up some pretty devestating ambushes to catch more stationary gun-based opponents off-guard. I could write a whole article on the Maru Skara and the application of it, but instead I'm going to move to the next most important point: Fulgrim. Amongst his brothers, Fulgrim is arguably one of the best Primarchs in the game. With the upgrade he can take a Mastercrafted Paragon Blade (which also has higher chance to ID) which is pretty much a no-brainer, and so armed is statistically likely to kill any other Primarch in the game in a one on one battle (except Horus, who can wear him down and kill him over many turns). This is just a perk however, not his main draw - the big benefits to taking Fulgrim in your EC army are: 1) You can choose his Warlord Trait from the BRB or Crusade Army List. This opens up a whole pandoras box of army building options... you can have Master of the Ambush Fulgrim to press in your Bikes/Marines, Fighty Fulgrim with Coordinated Assault, Shooty Fulgrim with Target Priority, or even Victory Fulgrim with Legendary Fighter (you can count on your opponents refusing pretty much every challenge though...) 2) Reroll Reserves - as if the Maru Skara isn't enough reserves shenanigans, you can ensure everything else arrives right on time too! 3) Combat Resolution Bonus - stacks nicely with Rylanor's Aura for a +3 bonus. If you can't get enough of this, Paladin of Glory Fulgrim increases it to +4. So basically unless you completely whif versus World Eats you are unlikely to lose too many combats... Later I'll talk about the unique units and potential army lists in more detail, but for now I'd like some more experienced EC players to chime in. Are you out there?
  5. As Emperor's Children players, we strive for perfection on the table top. The purpose of this thread is to explore the tactical opportunities created by the 9th edition Heretic Astartes codex and to discuss how they will allow us to humble our enemies. This is the perfect place to explore topics related to the supreme space marines of the Emperor's Children Legion, including (but are not limited to): Powerful combinations Majestic character builds Discussion of our many table top victories and of our rare defeats Potent army lists Optimal use of our units, stratagems, warlord traits, relics and other battlefield resources. Pitfalls to be avoided As a note, all arrogance and coloured text is probably best reserved to this initial post.
  6. Hi all, first post, looking for some list feedback. Never written a list or played a game of Heresy, but I've got a burning desire to since getting the AoD box. There's a 2.5k event coming up near me, which also serves as excellent motivation to get everything painted. I built the AoD box around what felt cool, rather than towards any specific list and it's challenging me a bit here - while I'm not setting out to win, I'd also rather not lose turn 1. Anyway, the list: EC, running Pride of the Legion RoW, total 2500pts: HQ Praetor - 195 Paragon Blade Power Fist Sonic Shriekers Warlord Trait - Bloody Handed Troops 10 Cataphractii - 875 Phoenix Power Spear 4x Pairs Lightning Claws 5x Power Fists 2x Reaper Autocannon Sonic Shriekers Spartan w/ Flare Shield 15 Tactical Marines - 200 Phoenix Power Spear Vexilla Chain Bayonets 10 Assault Marines - 205 Phoenix Power Spear Sonic Shriekers 3x Plasma Pistols Elites Contemptor Dreadnought - 220 Power Fist w/ Plasma Blaster Chainfist w/ Meltagun Havoc Launcher 10 Palatine Blades - 380 9x Phoenix Rapiers Phoenix Power Spear Sonic Shriekers Apothecarion Detachment - 45 1 Apothecary Fast Attack Javelin Attack Speeder - 105 Lascannon Multi-melta Heavy Support 10 Kakophoni - 275 Vague plan would be to run the Contemptor and Spartan-with-Cataphractii straight up the middle, point the Javelin at anything vehicle-shaped, and point the Palatine Blades with Praetor at anything power-armour-wearing. Kakophoni + Apothecary pin whatever the Palatines want to charge, while the Marine squads do what Marine squads do - either score or get in the way as needed. I appear to not have a lot to deal with much of anything at range - I'm inclined to think this is normal for a melee army, but coming from 40K Guard I do feel uncomfortable with it. Some specific questions I have: Is my lack of other transports going to get me shot off the board? Is this the right number of power armour bodies to run at this game size? Should I be going more elite? Less elite? Are Kakophoni a waste of the single HS slot? As is, how would you play this list? If you're mortally offended by this list, how would you change it? (See below) List of other stuff that I have, for reference, to swap in and out: 10 power sword + boltgun Veterans 10 chainsword + boltgun Tactical Marines +5 chain bayonet Tactical Marines 10 plasma Support Marines 10 melta Support Marines 10 unbuilt mk3 Marines, that I'm debating making into either Breachers or bare-bones Despoilers? I also have two Rhinos on backorder but I don't know if they'll be here in time for the event. Any advice welcome, please be gentle
  7. There are a lot of good chaos space marines models and a lot of good slaaneshi models but unfortunately not a lot of Emperor's Children support in current 40k. In this free for all topic we can share images of conversions, tips and suggestions to fill the gap! Emphasis not on how proud we are of our deeds but on how we can give suggestions or inspire our fratres (but, given our Legion choice, a little pride is not off topic) (I have not too much time right now so I will edit this intro later)
  8. Hi all, I'm getting close to completing my 2500pts Emperor's Children army, and I thought it was time for me to post up some pics, and get some opinions. I have bought 99% of the models I need for my army, and all but Fulgrim are base-coated, but I'll just post pics of the finished models. Please just speak your mind, no need to hold back . FYI, I know the 'gold' doesn't look like gold all the time, but that's because I'm still learning this 'NMM' technique. To be honest, I don't think I'll change it no matter what people say, because even though it might not seem like gold all the time, I still like the unique look it's bringing to my army . I can't post this without mentioning our member 'Whitescar', who's EC army has been my inspiration. The shield on my champion is a copy of his design, and you might notice more elements that match his army (though I don't dare to think my army gets any where near his it looks). So here we go: http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j146/MorgothNL/IMG_1639_zpskxzqm1i8.jpg http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j146/MorgothNL/IMG_1631_zpsld3ry1lh.jpghttp://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j146/MorgothNL/IMG_1630_zpsyy917chf.jpghttp://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j146/MorgothNL/IMG_1629_zpslfeop6lz.jpghttp://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j146/MorgothNL/IMG_1627_zpsvewrzobz.jpghttp://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j146/MorgothNL/IMG_1626_zpshhggrlih.jpghttp://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j146/MorgothNL/IMG_1625_zpsp8vdmwhv.jpghttp://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j146/MorgothNL/IMG_1624_zpsxaugcfdr.jpghttp://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j146/MorgothNL/IMG_1628_zpsusgpgu3d.jpghttp://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j146/MorgothNL/IMG_1622_zpsycvgmuuj.jpg
  9. edit: now a proper project blog! edit 2: update to better reflect project scope (ever increasing it seems...) edit 3: now we're including Thousand Sons, guess the brackets were prophetic? edit 4: now the Thousand Sons can fulfil a detachment they get their own topic in the Thousand Sons section edit 5: Daemonettes have their own home too, also updated warband scheme at bottom of post After getting a taste for Kill Team my gaming circle got into some talk about collecting small kill teams from new armies as a fresh modelling opportunity. Whether or not this comes to fruition is another matter, but I thought this would be the chance to tick a few boxes of mine; namely to get my Slaanesh on and experiment and push my modelling and painting abilities. So here I am to scope it out before anything gets started! I'm familiar with Marines, but having not encountered Chaos for a while I'm a bit out of touch with the finer details of what's going on aside from the obvious. How does Slaanesh fair these days? What about daemon units? I'm not too fussed about the other gods at the moment, if I did end up using their stuff I might counts-as them as something Slaaneshi as a good excuse to hone my converting skills. This is all sort of unplanned so you'll have to forgive the rambling nature (or more rambling than normal?). I quite like the idea of whites, pinks/purples and maybe some black and gold but I gather this is fairly typical of Slaaneshi stuff? I'm not set on anything yet other than liking something bright, maybe with something in the pinky-purpley range - all my armies have green on so far, could that be good somewhere? As I said I really want to get outside of my comfort zone but I also want to do something I'd like. I crafted a quick CSM painter colour scheme up, behold it's probably generic glory: Well, everyone starts somewhere right? Painting a halved scheme would be something new too, I'm discounting quartered because I'm slow enough painting as it is While I'm sure that the army has a good chance of growing into a full one given time (isn't it always the way?) I'm only focusing on a Kill Team right now so I'd prefer to start with suggestions based on that first I've not given any thought to backgrounds, names etc yet either but I'll put some time to this if it ends up having legs. Thanks in advance Edit 5 new scheme image with more accurate colours and bits:
  10. Hi there folks, this is going to be a log for me to post up all those small one off projects that we find ourselves constantly drawn to. There's going to be a mix of building and painting projects, maybe even some terrain too! To start off with I've got an Executioner/Judiciar from the Dark Angels, or perhaps one of their successor chapters, I'd like to hear peoples' opinions on the model, both in general and in regards to what he should have adorning his power pack. Plain: Angel: Icon: Banner: Skulls: Thanks for looking and if anyone has alternative suggestions for decoration, please suggest those too!
  11. Everyone has to start somewhere but this is more of a return. I've always had a thing for the Chaos side of things since the Lost and the Damned books with the huge tables for gifts and mutations and different gods. Originally (probably because I was a lot younger), it was Khorne that caught my attention with the rage and love for martial prowess. But over time this changed. Not helped in any way by the old Index Astartes articles in White Dwarf. My eyes were opened to the truly horrific sides of two Legions in particular...Night Lords with their terror tactics (which still haven't fully been realised on the tabletop). The idea of a world being bombarded with psychological warfare before attacks really begin appealed for some strange reason. Then came the real evil side of Chaos...Emperors Children! Twisted, self satisfying, inhumane, and very individualistic. Khorne and his hack and slash ways just didn't cut it any more. Then A.D-B had to do the Night Lords books and Forge World had to do the Horus Heresy stuff. Time to attempt some EC and NL me thinks. So here's my attempt to get some Chaos minis completed and to keep me motivated while doing so. And here's where I'll begin... Call of Chaos 2013 I offered up one Chaos Lord and a squad of Noise Marines initially. And very nearly got started. But then a Kakophoni squad found it's way to me and frankly, they are amazing. The faces alone made me want to paint them. Everything starts somewhere and what better than taking a nice dip in something warm and bubbly to get you in the mood for a bit of work in the name of Slaanesh. Next step will be pins, bases, and undercoating. I always base my models before painting these days as I find painting them separately results in a better end result. With these I'm thinking along the lines of Isstvan V (and why not). Black ash, battle debris, and maybe a body part here and there. I'm also hoping to use them as noise Marines too so they may get a bit of individual work too as part of their journey to 40k. Part 1 has been pretty basic and a bit of an anti-climax I know. But, if you do have any ideas for bridging the 30k/40k gap. I'd love to hear them. Till next time, cheers for reading.
  12. Hello all, I look forward to being a part of this community and can't wait to share what I have planned for an army with you guys and girls. Also, if anyone remembers me from my Black Legion posts, I may have had a change of heart when I learned about the emperor's children and their.....interesting ways.
  13. I have walked the stars. I have traveled far from my hearth and home, from the comfort of Imperial peace into the maelstrom of war. I have fought impossible wars under the shadows of heroes and monsters. I am the son of a demigod, consummately reborn to fill my grasp with countless worlds. I have come, I have seen, I have conquered. Polished, we stand on the eve of our greatest conquest. The walls fall, violate. The foe runs, routed. The clarion rings, our duty calls. We are oathed to this moment. I will hold the engines of destruction in the palm of my hand. To the Long Room, brothers! - Captain Vermillio Toderan, addressing the 64th Company, Emperor' Children, M39.14 -------- I cordially invite you to gaze into the looking glass with me, as I delve into the mystery which surrounds the once mighty 64th Company, XIIth Cohort, VIth Millenial, IIIrd Legion, Emperor's Children. Together we will shall learn the history and motive of those most desecrated traitors. Forgotten history will be reclaimed. I must know what happened there. Gather friends, so that you too may learn of the heroes and villains of the Long Room. - Istorphiles, Emperor's Servant
  14. What would be the most cost-effective units (money-wise) to base my Noise Marines off of, using GW's official upgrade packs for them? I'm wanting to run an Emperor's Children army with the repro classic Noise Marine as a Chaos Lord (maybe have the guitar as a combi-flamer counts-as, like Mad Max?) and decent amounts of Noise Marines decked out with sonic weapons ONLY. (I'm not actually expecting to get much in the way of Noise Marines up and running, because they're expensive points-wise, especially fully decked out with the best speaker system in the universe.) Maybe a Rhino or two for armor, but it'll be mostly Noise Marines. Also, I've read that it's actually legal to have a Noise Champion decked out with a Doom Siren, a Sonic Blaster and a combi-bolter all at once and shoot them all in one turn? Can someone confirm? Edit: I wrote up a Noise Marine list (like, specifically Noise Marines) and I can fit 40 of them in with one Chaos Lord. Edit again: Oh, dear lord, Noise Marine upgrades are expensive, especially in large amounts like that. Yeesh. Uh. Not sure if I'll be doing Noise Marines after all lol. Still curious to find the answer.
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