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Grave Wardens Almost Done (8/22/22)




Let's see how the whole blog thing goes. In my last WIP update, I had done some GS work. I've done more. I used a template for chainmail to get the pattern and placed it over the stripped down leather strips.


Once dry, any excess was removed.


The inner shoulder pads were dry-fitted and glued into place. This gave me all I needed to assemble the bodies (Mk6 included for scale).


I'm a bit annoyed at myself for the one on the far left. I didn't realize that one arm went straight out like that or I would have positioned the head differently. Here are two close ups:

7vtOeBom.jpg  Qe4SDFPm.jpg

The angle of viewing means one can't see a bit of an overhang where the torso rests on the GS ball. It is noticeable on the back, but I'm going to cover that with a tank for the flamers.

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Interested in this new blog format for B&C.

Looks like you've got a good start there on the chainmail. I've thought about a chainmail or fur texture type mold for greenstuff, but don't have much experience with sculpting. 

Look forward to seeing them painted up. 

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Fur is as straightforward as it gets, really just a bunch of lines, while chainmail is a bit more complicated. There are a lot of great tutorials in the Forge for both. I cheated and used a mold from Green Stuff World to make the process faster.

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