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  1. So while this could serve as a general IF tactics post, I have some questions of my own : Since we get +1BS with our Legion Rules, has anyone had/tried running Recon Squads and what kind of success have they had? Obviously you'd be running them with bolters to benefit from the rule. Would you run them with with recon armor for infiltrate and use them as beefier scouts from 40k and alpha strike like its nobodies business or keep PA and make them slightly tougher? Is it even worth considering them? Heavy Support Squads : How would you gear them if at all use them? Continual preference of Autocannon, Culverin and Missle or would the HB be worth considering? This is also dependent on what game type : ZM, sub 2k, above 2k, etc. Note that they also get Tank Hunter with legion rules. Templar Squads : Since Sigismund Makes them Troops, how would you put them to work? I thought of using them as Troop Culling units while the rest of the list would be built around anti-armor and fire support. But would a rhino be good enough as a transport or is something that pricey a guaranteed Land Raider'd unit? While Apothecaries would help, how much help would they actually provide? Solarite Power Gauntlet Vs Thunderhammer. Both have more or less the same profile, the gauntlet having AP1 but the Hammer Concussive. Thinking about it I'd focus the Sol Glove on Anti vehicle and the Hammer on Characters/infantry. What other uses beyond those could you see them being put to? Jetbike Squads : do they benefit from the +BS since theyre using HB? If so how much does that affect them? It seems counter-intuitive to be using jetbikes/bikes/flyers of any kind as IF for me, but since this a Legion...
  2. :::::::::Attempted Data-Recovery:::::::::Accessing File AXXR-29748:::::::::Please stand by::::::::: :::::::::Access denied as per the Sigillites request:::::::::Termination Protocol engaged::::::::: :::::::::Inquisitorial Override, Access Level Charon:::::::::Please stand by::::::::: :::::::::Greetings Inquisitor Yannik:::::::::Unspooling Data-crystals::::::::: :::::::::Access granted::::::::: :::::::::Thought for the day: Where dark reigns, light must fall::::::::: The Incident at Station Euripides Date: 013.m31 - Segmentum: Solar - System: Sol - Planet: Europa, orbiting Jupiter - Function: Mechanicum research facility - Assigned Overseer: Genetor-Supreme Kykeron Ancient Pict-Reconstruction of Pre-Imperial Europa; date unknown, probably m3/m4 Europa, like many of the solar moons, has been utilized as a secretive research facility for some of the Mechanicum-covens that were closest to the Imperial throne. Deimos and Phobos of Mars were the twin-seat of the Pradaean synode; archwrights of some of the more destructive base-technologies supplied to the Crusade (>>>>Cross-reference DEIMOS-PATTERN-RHINO///>>>>Cross-reference PHOBOS PATTERN BOLTER). Luna as the shadowed empire of the Sororitas Silentium and the lunar Geno-cults. Similarly, Europa was home to the Ansilean Circle, a branch of of the Adeptus Genetoris concerned with -REDACTED- and thus imbued with all the neccessary ranks and privileges as by the Emperor's own decree. Due to the high-priority technologies developed and improved upon, in which incidentally both Lord Guillaume and the traitor-primarch Alpharius have taken high interest, the station has long been obscured from regular imperial authorities and been declared perditas due to remnant xenos infestation. This, of course, was a farce. Access could only be granted by a select few individuals; the primarchs, the fabricator-general of Mars, the Emperor and Malcador to only name a few. During the closing stages of the Horus Heresy, assaults conducted by the Alpha Legion on the Solar system had increased massively and many harrowing strikes were lead against both the various mechanicum outposts as well as the Imperial Fist garrisons scattered throughout the system. Somewhen during the thirteenth year of m31, all contact from Terra to Europa broke off and an investigative force of Imperial Fists had been sent out by Lord Dorn to secure the technology still present in the Ansilean vaults. It is to be noted that Lord Dorn was at first unwilling to send out any of his men due to the impending Siege of Terra, but both Lord Malcador and the Emperor's personal genewrights could convince him otherwise. The investigative force would quickly discover that a strike force of the Alpha Legion, supported by traitor units of the Solar Auxilia, had disabled all communication in the facility and begun off-loading the present technology. It appears that the stationed Mechanicum force had been seeded with operatives for decades, if not longer, and had thus turned to the cause of the archtraitor. This is the documentation of the Euripides-incident. :::::::::Unspooling fragmentary audio-data recorded by Legionnarie Karst of the Imperial Fists::::::::: :::::::::Data is heavily damaged:::::::::Please stand by::::::::: :::::::::Data partially recovered:::::::::Open the record: Y/N?::::::::: :::::::::Input: Y::::::::: "We are Alpharius" :::::::::Close the file: Y/N?::::::::: :::::::::Input N::::::::: :::::::::Fareth well, Inquisitor Yannik::::::::: :::::::::The Emperor protects::::::::: [Written by The Observer]
  3. Pretty much as the title suggests! Living in Notts rn and a friend was visiting for the weekender, so got them to pick me up a Dorn due to how goddamn cool the model is! Thought I'd give it a go Gonna be the first model I've painted in a while, so bear with me... Also if anyone has any questions about the model feel free to ask! (I've included a reference to how large his chainsword is - at least a marine) Cheers for looking!
  4. So I have a problem... I'm very much a hobby butterfly. I make progress on all my projects, just not usually on the same project. And I start way more projects than I finish. As a result of this, I've got a number of dead project logs across the B&C, some for projects I started years ago and am still making progress on, but I figure nobody wants to see a project update once every other year. I know I don't, but such is the curse of my hobby attention span. To remedy this, I humbly present Seneschal's Forge-Fane, a single thread for all my various 40k projects, where hopefully I can show some progress on some project every once and a while. I love the community on B&C, and y'all's input and feedback is extraordinarily helpful and valuable to me. Hopefully y'all will enjoy reading this thread as much as I will making it. I'll start each section with the below icon for the relevant faction, which will help (me!) keep everything straight. This post will serve as a table of contents for the thread - to the extent that I can keep it straight! The VII Legion Astartes Consolidation of Prior Entries #1 Consolidation of Prior Entries #2 Consolidation of Prior Entries #3 Sigismund WIP Sigismund & Leviathan Sicarans, Typhon & Apocalypse Game Grey Knights & The Orders of the Inquisition Consolidation of Prior Entries Ordo Reductor of the Mechanicum (Coming Soon) Adeptus Sororitas (One-Time Commission) Commission
  5. Wut? Welp, this arrived today, so I guess it's time I got round to making this thread: You're mad, IHF doesn't do models - what have you done with them? I'll concede the first point, this is dumb even for me. Since B@C's release I'd planned on getting in on the plastic heresy action, and with rumours of vanishing stock, I finally got the push I needed to actually go and buy it. I'm not going to pretend that this is the start of a crazy-fast painting spree that will end in a full army after a couple of months - I'm bad at finishing projects, painting fast or painting large numbers of models at once - plus I love obsessively converting every model & painting totally unnecessary freehand details, none of which is conducive to successfully collecting an army. Instead: baby steps - stupidly ambitious plans, but sub-divided in to teeny, tiny baby steps. What's a 'Brannsar'? Clan Brannsar is my homebrew Clan for the Iron Hands Legion (very WIP Liber Astartes thread: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/316214-clan-brannsar-of-the-xth-legion/ ) - Brannsar is Norwegian for 'burn' because I am absolutely awful at coming up with names for stuff. There's a dark corner of my brain which whispers about plans to expand this into Shattered Legions Sallies, Raven Guard & Imperial Fists, plus Solar Auxilia, Mechanicum, Imperialis Militia, Titan Legio & Knights but that's crazy talk. Show me an army list, I have to see an army list The way I'll be constructing this army is slightly unusual - for me, fluff is everything so how I'll proceed is to plan multiple 'detachments' (each based around a small formation within the Clan) which can be combined to form a functional (albeit likely noncompetitive) army list representing a portion of the Clan's 4th Order. If that's a little tricky, here's an example of a 'detachment': Zone mortalis / siege assault infantry Phalanx: here a Phalanx constitutes a third of a full company, so it might contain: 1x 10 Cataphractii Termies, 2x 10 Breachers, 3x Graviton Rapiers, 1x Contemptor (possibly in addition to enough Anvilus / Kharybdis Assault Claws to carry them all) The first detachment I'll be working on is the titular Seeker-Killer Cohort Ultor - a mechanized anti-infantry division mainly equipped with MkIV plate due to its mobility & enhanced sensor suite, for which B@C will form the core. The end goal for Ultor's organisation is as follows: HQ: Praevian Consul Centurion + 3 Vorax Battle Automata Elites: Techmarine Troops: 10 Tacticals with Rhino 10 Tacticals with Rhino 10 Support marines with Rhino (these will probably double for a heavy support squad too) Fast Attack: 10 Seekers with Rhino Heavy Support: 3 Predator Executioners Land Raider Phobos (MkIIb) Victory is Vengeance Anyhow, back to the baby steps - I'm gonna start off Ultor by first making a ViV Extermination warband based off the formation's constituents, so the first models to be attempted will be: * Praevian Consul * Techmarine * 5 Tacticals * 5 Seekers * 2 Vorax This might change a bit, but expect it to remain within the framework of Ultor's larger organisation as set out above. ...This is an opening post without any actual pictures of models, isn't it? Guilty I've got loads of stuff to set up before I really crack on with this, so I wouldn't hold your breath for any actual painting within the next month (apart from painting all the bare heads in B@C because I want to experiment with skin-tones / circuitry tattoos), but I'll probably be doing a load of converting, so expect plenty of grey. Anyhow, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy this new project of mine
  6. http://i.imgur.com/uEuKXk5.png?2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9S24hgiisQY&feature=player_embedded Datafile unlocked… Memory core opened… Sequence begins… I do not understand. My brother captains often speak of glory, of honour, of becoming legends in their time. Sigismund and his Templar are the epitome of this, rushing into combat without worry or care. They have zeal, and that is enough for them. But it does not satisfy me. My father taught us many things, but above all, he taught us duty. Duty to our brothers. Duty to him. Duty to the Emperor. Duty to our Imperium. We are the foundation upon which the Imperium is built. We carry it upon our shoulders every single day. That is why we crusade. That is why we stand, when all others are dust. My brothers, my father. They are heroes. They are legends already, and they will be remembered throughout the annals of history. I am not. I simply do what is needed, and that is enough. It always shall be. I am a soldier among heroes, and I understand my burden. It has been mine since I first stepped foot in the Temple of Oaths aboard the Phalanx so many years ago. It has been renewed with every breath I take, every beat of my heart within my chest. It ceases only when I do, bloody and broken in the golden yellow of my Legion. It is the burden of duty. - Memoirs, by Heinrich Eilings, Shield-Commandant, 284th Storm Battalion, XXI Regiment,. VII Legion Astartes Sequence ends… Memory core closed… Datafile locked... VII Legion Organization CCLXXXIV Storm Battalion, XXI Regiment, VII Legion Within the Legiones Astartes there existed many variant lesser known formations and structures – the Armatures of the impeccable Third, the Steel Phalanges of the Iron Hands, the Dragoons of the early IV legion – that endured from the early days of the Legions. Significantly better known were the designate Battalions of the Imperial Fists: those of the Shield, the Lance, the Sword and the Storm. By far the most common of the battalion structures, the Storm Battalions were shock infantry formations, with a marked disposition for zone mortalis and urban warfare, with an abundance of squads configured as standard Tactical (Line) and Breacher units, representing a propensity for close order firefight units over other more specialized close-combat units. A standard structure for the Storm Battalion was a command group overseeing 3 Line Companies, roughly equitable to the standard Legion Company outlined in the Principia Belicosa, with further units relegated to a number of Auxiliary Detachments. The minutiae of the organization, as in many Legions, was relegated to the commander’s preference, and greatly varied from Battalion to Battalion, making it utterly difficult to pin down specific squad numbers for each detachment. The 284th Storm Battalion simply existed as one of many, but one whose particular ideals, exercised into tactical decision, fell close to the original structure. Within the battalion, it was typically viewed as foolhardy to go into battle with anything less than a boltgun, and whilst it was expected that each trooper of the Line companies would carry with them a sidearm and a combat blade for close quarter brawls, a company was expected to be universally equipped with the bolter as their primary weapon, with the exception of those assigned to specialized Support units and issued an alternative firearm instead. Peculiar to the 284th Storm Battalion’s rhetoric was the reference of individual Astartes as ‘soldiers,’ or often alternatively as ‘trooper.’ Whilst it is true that most Legions and their ideologies regarded the individual as lesser than the whole, it is rare that an Astartes would be referred to as a ‘soldier,’ rather than the more common ‘warrior’ or some variation thereof. The 284th placed a special emphasis on duty, and promoted this ideal as a greater purpose than anything else: glory, honor, or recognition. Duty to their Primarch, the Emperor, and most especially the Imperium was more important than any other motivation a trooper of the battalion might have, and it was frequently referred to as ‘the burden’ in many personal journals and memoirs recovered after the Siege of Terra. They prized fulfillment of their tasking over all else to a higher degree than most Astartes, and as such, suffered a high rate of casualties due to their refusal to abandon any incomplete mission, no matter how minor an impact on the war effort as a whole it might have. The precise structure of the Battalion reflected many of the standards of the Storm Battalions – Shield Commandant Heinrich Eilings and his Command Staff led, while the trinity of line companies formed the spine of the Battalion – each comprising approximately 120 Marines split among Veterans and Marines of the Line, while auxiliary detachments such as the Wallbreaker Terminator Elite and the Hunter Divisions formed its beating, unbreaking heart. By the time of the Siege of Terra the 284th was equipped with large stocks of Mk IV ‘Maximus’ pattern armor. This power armor pattern favored by the battalion for its advanced sensor suite was supplemented by other, older patterns and several prototype armor marks retrieved from Martian forges during the intense fighting there. Optimization and mixed armor types were extremely common, especially among the troopers of the Line companies, who often suffered higher than average damaged wargear during engagements as a result of the battalion’s preferred methods of warfare. It is these same tactical preferences for forlorn hopes and attrition warfare that wore away at the formation throughout the Siege and led to the ultimate termination of the 284th Storm Battalion as a functional fighting unit. http://i.imgur.com/OY4eT9k.jpg?1http://i.imgur.com/IcBn2ZR.jpg?1 [Pict-capture ZX/5793-37-00] Trooper Brannagh, I Grenadier, Company A (Line) http://i.imgur.com/iQs1TBu.jpg?1http://i.imgur.com/2vyh5Nz.jpg?1 [Pict-capture ZX/5793-37-01] Trooper Thawne, I Grenadier, Company A (Line) http://i.imgur.com/1TUf0hL.jpg?1http://i.imgur.com/Xkcf5ST.jpg?1 [Pict-capture ZX/5793-37-02] Trooper Kane, I Grenadier, Company A (Line) http://i.imgur.com/g5IenY2.jpg?1http://i.imgur.com/PwuVBP4.jpg?1 [Pict-capture ZX/5793-37-03] Trooper Lukas, I Grenadier, Company A (Line) http://i.imgur.com/gM5m9km.jpg?1http://i.imgur.com/fu4y0HR.jpg?1 [Pict-capture ZX/5793-37-04] Master Sergeant Arno Slade, I Grenadier, Company A (Line)
  7. So Ive finnaly put enough paint to Resin to start my WIP in this forum Im still working on a contemptor mortis and ive got some bases to paint , but the bare bones dudes are pretty much done as well as the HQs sooooo My submission for the HH communities approval 30k Imperial Fists 1st Company Mid to Late Scouring We Follow Sigismund Command Section Ancient Terminators Thudd Guns! Sicarian Battle Tank Heavy Support Squad with Las Cannons ( I like the modern Las Cannons better ) And the Tactical Bros! Oh and heres my book Pls ignore my feet that many years of karate makes them pretty gnarled @ n @
  8. In case you missed it, Fafnir Rann is getting a plastic model: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2022/02/15/black-library-celebration-2022-meet-the-hero-of-the-lions-gate-spaceport-fafnir-rann/ Given that I'm in the middle of building a VIIth Legion Zone Mortalis force, this release couldn't come at a better time: I'll be using Fafnir Rann as is. Now I'm curious to know how you will use your Fafnir Rann model (should you get one)? Will you: Use it as is for your Imperial Fists Legion force? Convert the model to use in another Legion as a character? Use it in your Imperial Fists Chapter force as a captain/other character? Use/convert the model for a Chapter force that is from Dorn's lineage? Use/convert the model for another power armoured force as a character? Or something else entirely?
  9. From the album: Sarment Sector Colour Schemes

    Emblem of the 56th Company of the VIIth Legiones Astartes Imperial Fists, the "Protectors"
  10. Well that came out of nowhere. Wonder if this was meant to be in Heresy Thursday instead of the Arvus re-release?
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