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  1. I'm always on the look out for cool Deathwatch conversions. Here are a few of mine, but share yours below! Watch Master - Made from the Vulkan He'Stan model The Iron Raven - Watch Captain made from the Artemis model Redemptor Dreadnought - I hate the static pose, as well as the boring Dreadnought face plate of this kit. Thought I'd share how pose able this guy can be. Intercessor Sergeant - Made from the Dark Angels Lieutenant model
  2. Hello! I'm curious to hear what people think about kill team setups and army lists. I've found that my results when playing have been extremely varied. I have only played a handful games atm, a couple of 2v2s and some 1-1.5k games. I'll share some of what I've been doing and perhaps people can fill in with what I might be doing right/wrong. Some of the different kill teams I've fooled around have been: boltgun + power sword shotgun + power sword frag cannon (chapter approved arrives) combi-plasma + stormshield combi-melta + stormshield combi-plasma + power axe boltgun + storm shield I found I've mostly leaned towards dropping the frag cannons because they are so expensive, and because I don't find them particularly useful with the limited range (esp. if charged from +8"). If I get charged by something like 30 Tzaangors combined with getting smite'd, I lose too many casualties to really make vanguard + fall back + shoot frag to really matter. I'm having a lot of trouble dealing enough damage with my kill teams before they just get wiped out. Mortal wounds is really a big problem, so I've ordered the DW Termie librarian so use as an HQ. Previously I've been using Watch Master + Artemis as HQs most of the time. My next plan is to try to use two 10-size kill teams where every model has a storm bolter + chainsword. Jumping out of a Corvus with 10 dudes and shooting 40 attacks, followed by a charge for up to 32 attacks seems like a good idea to me. Alternatively I might do 6 boltgun+storm shield and 6 storm bolter+chainsword, for 2 squads in 2 corvuses. The Corvus seems like a must-have, I tried to leave it out and used a land-raider crusader instead, but I found the land raider to be almost useless because it cannot fall back and shoot. I'm getting a second corvus now. Thoughts?
  3. Hi there! It has been a long time since I registered here but now I think it is time to start posting at last. I'm starting a tournament DW army and a small blog here. First of all, a roster: I am trying to make a "pure"(well, almost) DW army with a minimum of allies and first WiP's of bolter and chainsword armed Veterans(more will follow soon):
  4. https://youtu.be/e6ERhROAKhc An00bis's Tau Empire vs my "Imperium" list comprising of deathwatch and count as ultramarines. 2000pts, tau empire had one battalion detachment, imperium was a battalion and flight wing I believe. - cover slaves
  5. So I just had a horrid game. Probably my worst beating in 8th edition. But what I'm trying to figure out is if the Landraider or the Corvus is the 'go to' in the codex.... but I do believe it has to be one of those options because otherwise we have a very, very vanilla looking army. (just thinking of the constraint issues GW have given us with transport options for "Kill Teams".) I'm not going to do a full run down of the game and bore you to tears with it. Basically I had two very beefy Kill teams and they were both deployed in Corvus Blackstars. One had the Watchmaster, and a Termie + Vanguard vet + Black shield a few dudes with Frag Cannons. This loaded it up. The second Blackstar was deployed on the very opposite corner of the table. It had the second most kitted out Kill team. Similar to above, but a little less expensive and it was lead by Artemis and his super bomb. I had a third kill team which was fairly average, but flexible in a Razorback with twin- Assault Cannons. Then I had 5 bikes with a few good hth weapons for flexibility. The plan was to use the biker's TP homer to pull back the KT's with Termies if I needed it for objectives (This was a Maelsrtom game). So I had turn 1 and just to give some perspective how it went I deployed my first Corvus in the corner like so: That's a homing device, the Razorback is full, but it was hard getting full cover so it is definitely not 'center' of table.... The bikes are hidden in the middle... and the other Corvus is at the very far left, but you get the idea. I had such a small army that I of course am going first.... BUT Chaos steals the initiative, and this was a sign of things to come. The Chaos player had a well rounded army. Nothing over the top, probably most of his list was just adjusted with some recommendations I actually made including Abaddon and a 5 man Black Legion-esque Combi weapon Termie squad, and a lot of marines/cultists/Decimator dread/Defiler/Predator, Oblits. Well after stealing the initiative I tell him which Corvus has the Watchmaster/Librarian in it, and he unloads the Predator annihilator at it, needing 4's to hit because of Supersonic... he takes all the wounds off of it... the Corvus goes down, I lose 2 Kill team dudes. I basically end up with this. The Kill team is engaged by the defiler, 10 marines, shot up by a ton of stuff, the bikers hold their own and the other Corvus does surprisingly little in the air. This forces me to get the contents of it out, and assault the Decimator dread which heavy flames a good portion of the squad out of close combat and Artemis does 1 Mortal wound to the Decimator with his bomb, I re-roll it with a CP and it turns into a 2. Deep in my zone my large kill team did make an assault on a Rhino, but ... and this is a really, really goofy mechanism of 8th, the Watchmaster and Librarian FAIL their independent charge rolls. This leaves them alone, as the rest of the kill team has advanced beyond them. Of course Abe comes in with 5 Termies on my back row and the Combi weapons annihilate the Watchmaster (Slay the Warlord) and the Librarian is the recipient of everything else. The only thing I can hope to do to retaliate is the Razorback mini-Kill team pours out, the Bikers join in and shoot everything at the Termies. with only one Frag cannon, and higher AP SIA rounds, I manage to kill a whooping 2 termies (4 unsaved wounds). I won't have a chance in close combat so in T2 I call the game. perhaps the worst game I've had in 8th. I've already played a lot of armies, against a lot of very different opponents and this was one game that was very difficult to figure out what the appropriate changes would be. This is why I started thinking of the Corvus. It was so dehabilitating to lose one Corvus in the top of T1. Sure it was a bit of luck, but it's quite plausible to happen against a few opponents. But the result was so bad I knew I could not come back using a super slow army, with super small numbers. The opponent could circle me at will and throw rocks at my head until it was safe to come in for the kill. That weird mechanic of the HQs not making the charge has happened to me in other games and I find it one of the more awkward things in 8th where this results in squads 'abandoning' their HQ's, but it's super dangerous, and it can be incredibly self destructive because the HQ's become very exposed, and in some cases you're losing the 'aura/buff' which you heavily rely on. This made me think about the Landraider. I have a love/hate with it. I've used it in several games and it's finally become something that kind of plays like it is written. It can take a good beating, and it does perhaps have the best delivery system out of the codex in terms of reliability. BUT it is so incredibly expensive it takes a small army, and makes it smaller. One complaint about the Corvus I have is the Cluster Launcher bombs are kind of crappy... compared to the 2 Ork Bomber ones, and the Tau one (I've seen these so I don't know about other flyers.) But at 250-260 points each, the Corvus bombs give up to 10 D6 attempts at hitting units with Mortal wounds on a roll of a "6". Orks (!) and Tau seem to have better bombs, resulting in mortal wounds on a 4+. The Flyer is expensive, but still much cheaper than a landraider. So I'm starting to think of just using one flyer, even though the load out and speed is pretty impressive on paper.
  6. I am continuing with some new techniques trying to squeeze a better appearance out of the army. This isn't 100% done but very very close. There is a shine on the models that would be gone with the finishing spray, but it's unavoidable with the glaze/wash I've created. I'm going to be honest I really don't know if the results are conveyed.... or are basically worth the amount of time put into each fig.
  7. From the album: Deathwatch HQ

    © MonoratiMiniatures

  8. From the album: Deathwatch HQ

    © MonoratiMiniatures

  9. From the album: Deathwatch HQ

    © MonoratiMiniatures

  10. Monorati

    Watch Captain Artemis

    From the album: Deathwatch HQ

    © MonoratiMiniatures

  11. SnakeChisler

    Artaia BlackHammer

    From the album: Deathwatch

    Artaia BlackHammer Deathwatch Captain jetpack lightning Claw Power Fist
  12. SnakeChisler

    Artaia BlackHammer

    From the album: Deathwatch

    deathwatch captain Artaia BlackHammer - Iron Hands
  13. Hey all. First time delving into the Deathwatch with a fully Firstborn army, trying to capitalise on the lore in terms of Kill Team compositions whilst still being a fairly competitive list. In terms of a game plan: Combat squad Termie Proteus KT to cover deployment zone and home objectives. With the Malleus Specialism, they'll form the bulk of my army's heavy ranged weaponry to take down monsters/vehicles. Combat squad both VanVet/Bike KTs so that I have 2 quick and durable T5 squads to advance up the left and right flanks and to hopefully capture objectives near the enemy's deployment zone. The two footslogging halves of the KTs will advance up the centre to contest/capture objectives there, with the 3 HQs following close behind them to provide buffs and contribute to combat. Vanguard Vets will be my tank/monster hunters whose mobility I'll use to leap from cover to cover or bring them in from reserve to catch a big unsuspecting target. What do you fellow Watch Masters think? Would love to get your thoughts on it and any advice would be greatly appreciated! ++ Battalion Detachment (Imperium - Adeptus Astartes - Deathwatch) [76 PL, 11CP, 1,500pts] ++ + HQ [17 PL, -1CP, 295pts] + Chaplain: 6. Canticle of Hate (Aura), Bolt pistol, Crozius arcanum, Litany of Hate Librarian: 1. Premorphic Resonance, 2. Fortified With Contempt, Bolt pistol, Force sword, Smite Watch Master: Spear of the First Vigil, Stratagem: A Vigil Unmatched [-1CP], Vigil Spear, Warlord . 1. Vigilance Incarnate . 5. Castellan of the Black Vault: Adamantine Mantle + Troops [52 PL, 1,040pts] + Proteus Kill Team: Jump Packs [315pts] . Deathwatch Veteran: Astartes Chainsword, Storm shield . Deathwatch Veteran: Astartes Chainsword, Deathwatch Combi-plasma . Deathwatch Veteran w/ Heavy Weapon: Deathwatch Frag Cannon . Deathwatch Veteran w/ Heavy Weapon: Infernus Heavy Bolter . 2x Vanguard Veteran: Lightning Claw, Storm shield . 3x Veteran Biker: Frag & Krak grenades, Power sword, Twin boltgun . Watch Sergeant: Deathwatch Combi-flamer, Xenophase blade Proteus Kill Team: Jump Packs [315pts] . Deathwatch Veteran: Astartes Chainsword, Storm shield . Deathwatch Veteran: Astartes Chainsword, Deathwatch Combi-plasma . Deathwatch Veteran w/ Heavy Weapon: Deathwatch Frag Cannon . Deathwatch Veteran w/ Heavy Weapon: Infernus Heavy Bolter . 2x Vanguard Veteran: Lightning Claw, Storm shield . 3x Veteran Biker: Frag & Krak grenades, Power sword, Twin boltgun . Watch Sergeant: Deathwatch Combi-flamer, Xenophase blade Proteus Kill Team : Deathwatch Teleport Homer, Malleus [410] . 2x Deathwatch Terminator w/ Heavy Weapon: Chainfist, Cyclone missile launcher and Storm bolter . Deathwatch Veteran: Astartes Chainsword, Deathwatch Combi-plasma . 2x Deathwatch Veteran: Storm shield, Thunder hammer . 2x Deathwatch Veteran w/ Heavy Weapon: Heavy bolter . 2x Deathwatch Veteran w/ Heavy Weapon: Missile launcher . Watch Sergeant: Astartes Chainsword, Deathwatch Boltgun + Elites [7 PL, 165pts] + Vanguard Veteran Squad: Jump Pack [165pts] . 2x Space Marine Veteran: Lightning Claw, Storm shield . 2x Space Marine Veteran: Heavy thunder hammer . Veteran Sergean: Frag & Krak grenades, Storm shield, Thunder hammer ++ Total: [76 PL, 11CP, 1,500pts] ++
  14. Recently I bought a bunch of new primaris models to build a Deathwatch force, really looking forward to building up an army of these guys from chapters all over the Imperium. I have gotten a lot of inspiration from members of this forum, thank you! My WIPs and army blog is here. Here is first space marine I have painted since Battle for Maccrage was still in stock! Lieutenant Scipio of the Iron Snakes All magnetized pieces:
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