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  1. “Last of a ragged house long bereft of lordship.....” Unknown author, Terra, M2 “Brothers, fellow warriors, We have sat in the shadows and have watched our legion descend into madness. We have endured the uncontrolled rage of our so called father. We have been shunned for our enduring loyalty to the emperor, banished to the corners of the galaxy to seek and destroy terrors that stalk the night. But our loyalty runs deeper, we lay down our lives for a vision vast in its ambition and millennia in its creation. A vision that is threatened by the actions of one who we once recognised as warmaster. It is clear to us now, that Horus has rebelled against the imperium. His reasoning is unclear but our gene father stands by his side, the loyal remnants of our legion lie slaughtered on the sands of Istvaan III. But we will not succumb to this heresy, and we will bring honour back to the name of our legion! We are shunned because we are feared and rightly so, for our fury comes from a deeper well, natural, innate, not manufactured by a fools design. We will endure and we will exact vengeance for those loyal to the XIIth, those murdered on Istvaan. For the emperor!” Endryd Haar. Extracts taken from a speech to loyal members of the XIIth legion under his command. M32. ——————————————— Greetings fellow warriors! Welcome to my new WIP log, I was intending to finish my iron hands and alpha legion projects before embarking on this, but my desire to start a new project has overcome my ability to focus. I’ve always found following what you enjoy in the hobby, rather than forcing yourself to do something you “should” do is more productive in the end! Ever since we saw the first images of betrayal and the models that accompanied the release, I have always wanted to start a world eaters force. The Typhon in glorious blue and white was such an awesome sight to behold! Even before that, I remember reading various index astartes articles about the traitor legions before their fall to chaos. Alas, I was distracted by bringing my 40k iron hands into the 30k universe and more recently by the beautiful metallic alpha legion airbrushed paint schemes. But now I return to what first drew me into the heresy, the XIIth legion. I’m a loyalist at heart (I know, I know), and reading about Endryd Haars background really got me inspired to produce a loyalist world eater force. He has so much character and the mystery of his background is intriguing. He is also a force to be reckoned with on the tabletop..... So this is the start of my loyalist world eater blog, with a twist. I will be using the blackshield rules to represent the force on the table. The Chymeriae rules (option 3: Fleet, fear and rage) really represent them well, still ferocious but subtlety different to their world eater kin and distrusted by everyone around them (no allies). I also couldn’t resist the modelling opportunity of having marines wielding chain axes and shotguns! I aim to slowly build a 2000 point list, which you can peruse here: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/361713-blackshields-endryd-haar/?do=findComment&comment=5472970 The force will be modelled and painted in the time just after Nuceria and the legions reorganisation after the discovery of Angron. So they will be painted in the blue and white of the XIIth legion. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am! Cadmus.
  2. Blackshields take a Wrought by War rule which "...the owning player may choose one of the following special rules to apply to their entire detachment.." One o f these is called Orphans of War has the following rule: "Non-Character models with this special rule: When within 6" of another unit of at least five friendly models with the Legion Astartes (Blackshields) special rule, the unit gains +1 Leadership (to a maximum of 10), and can re-roll all failed To Hit roll of a 1 during the Shooting phase Assault phase. They may not however benefit from the Leadership value of other models, and if they fail a Moral check in the Assault phase, D3 models from the unit are removed as casualties in addition to any other effects Character models with this special rule: Gain the Preferred Enemy (Character) special rule" Question is: do vehicles which are within 6" of a unit of 5 friendly models (say a Marauder Squad) gain the ability to re-roll ones? My opponent was of the view that Non-character models includes vehicles. His position was that if the writers wanted to exclude vehicles they would have said "Non-Character Infantry models". In the rules the definition of models is very broad "Models represent a huge variety of troops - from the massed forces of the Legion Astartes to the automata and the titanic constructs of the Mechanicum" My view as that this rule is only applicable to infantry models During the discussion it was also raised that the usage of the word "another" dictates that the unit wishing to gain the benefit of this rule must also be 5 strong - therefore if there were two units of Marauders next to each other, one was 5 strong and one was 4 strong, then neither get this rule) - not sure about this strict grammatical issue but this is for another day )
  3. :::::::::Attempted Data-Recovery::::::::: :::::::::Accessing File AXXR-29748::::::::: :::::::::Please stand by::::::::: :::::::::Access denied as per the Sigillites request::::::::: :::::::::Termination Protocol engaged::::::::: :::::::::Inquisitorial Override, Access Level Charon::::::::: :::::::::Please stand by::::::::: :::::::::Greetings Inquisitor Yannik::::::::: :::::::::Unspooling Data-crystals::::::::: :::::::::Access granted::::::::: ++++++++++Thought for the day: Where dark reigns, light must fall++++++++++ File nr. 229837-11; The Euripides Incident >Date: 013.m31 >Segmentum: Solar >System: Sol >Locis: Europa, orbiting Jupiter >Function: Mechanicum research facility >Assigned Overseer: Genetor-Supreme Kykeron ++Ancient Pict-Reconstruction of Pre-Imperial Europa; date unknown, probably m3/m4++ Settled since age immemorial, Europa, like many of the solar moons, has served as a secretive haven for research most esoteric - it is here that Cult of Solex devised the first examples of darkfire weaponry, and it is here that the predecessors of the Empyrean Engineers would scrawl the first blueprints for Gellar Field Devices on everlasting sheets of platinum. That the Emperor, blessed in His wisdom, would come to desire such a trove of knowledge, appears self-evident even to us, who live in the shadow of His passage. It was thus then, that he would send forth his Angels of Death, the then-nascent Legio Primus - the Angelum Mortis - to root out the entrenched xenophile cults that had come to inhabit Europa by that point. The operation was swift, if bloody, and fiefdom over the stellar body would be ceeded to an enclave of the Helvetian Technocracy - an offshoot of the Machine Orthodoxy that had weathered the Age of Strife in isolation most extreme upon Terra. Where then Deimos and Phobos of Mars would become the twin-seats of the martian synode of Beherrean, and Io became the heart of the lunar Simvulsean Complex, Europa would become home to the Ansilean Circle, a branch of the Technocracy responsible for the research of weaponization of warp phenomena. Due to the high-priority technologies developed and improved upon - research that held keenest interest among a number of the Emperor's subjects - the station had long been obscured from regular imperial authorities and been declared interditum absoutis to any and all who did not hold the appropriate seals of authority. It is during the early stages of the Horus Heresy that elements of the Alpha Legion would conduct a series of assaults on the Solar system - most famously the grand assault on station Hydra, in the orbit of Pluto - and research outposts would prove to be some of their most favoured targets, both due to the wealth of material and knowledge that could be raided there, and the relative isolation in which they existed even in this most fortified of circles. On the third day of the Septimus in the thirteenth year of m31, all contact from Europa would cease, prompting Lord Dorn to send out an investigative force of Imperial Fists to ascertain what had transpired and - should the situation require it - secure and extract any technology still present in the Ansilean vaults. It is to be noted that Lord Dorn was, at first, unwilling to send out any of his own men, for in those early days of the Great Fratricide many things had been uncertain and he - rightly so - feared more direct attacks against Terra and thus sought to hold back his own forces as best he could. It was only after a private audience with Lord-Hierophant Ecneon, master of the Technocracy, that Lord Dorn would relent. The investigative force would quickly discover that a strike force of the Alpha Legion - henceforth termed Strikeforce 'Lintwyrm' - supported by allied Mechanicum and Militia elements - henceforth termed as Strikeforce 'Koleikos' and Strikeforce 'Sarthaccan' respectively - had disabled all communication in the facility and begun off-loading the present technology. It appeared then, that the stationed Helvetian forces had been seeded with operative elements of the Alpha Legion many years prior. This is the documentation of the Euripides-incident. :::::::::Unspooling fragmentary audio-data recorded by Legionnarie Karst of the Imperial Fists::::::::: :::::::::Data is heavily damaged::::::::: :::::::::Please stand by::::::::: :::::::::Data partially recovered::::::::: :::::::::Open the record: Y/N?::::::::: :::::::::Input: Y::::::::: +For the Emperor+ :::::::::Close the file: Y/N?::::::::: :::::::::Input N::::::::: :::::::::Fareth well, Inquisitor Yannik::::::::: :::::::::The Emperor protects::::::::: ++Pict-Captures extracted from reconstructed Helvetian Cybergholam++ ++Identity unconfirmed; presumed to be Consul-Delegatus Autilon Skorr++ We are not gods. We are creations of science. And therein lies our problem, for we are neither human, nor divine. We are flawed versions of both. Attr. to Primarch Alpharius, recorded by remembrancer Mikhael Bro'ok
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