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  1. There are lots of useful topics about the World Eaters Legion and Chaos Space Marines in general scattered across the Bolter & Chainsword. While most will occur in this forum and in the various Chaos Space Marines army lists sub-forums, other related topics are bound to spring up elsewhere, especially in the Forge forums. Since we can't pin every useful topic, this topic is intended to provide a handy resource for players of the World Eaters and other Heretic Astartes warbands devoted to Khorne. Similarly, this resource index provides a handy list of links to external sites, videos, etc. about the World Eaters Legion and Khornate Heretic Astartes. If you know of a topic, external site, or video that you think should be added to this resource listing, please reply with a link to that topic, external site, or video. If you see a link that you think is no longer relevant, feel free to provide your reasons for removing it in a reply. We'll do our best to keep this resource listing updated. Also keep in mind the tags function and how those provide a handy method by which members can search for related topics.
  2. “Last of a ragged house long bereft of lordship.....” Unknown author, Terra, M2 “Brothers, fellow warriors, We have sat in the shadows and have watched our legion descend into madness. We have endured the uncontrolled rage of our so called father. We have been shunned for our enduring loyalty to the emperor, banished to the corners of the galaxy to seek and destroy terrors that stalk the night. But our loyalty runs deeper, we lay down our lives for a vision vast in its ambition and millennia in its creation. A vision that is threatened by the actions of one who we once recognised as warmaster. It is clear to us now, that Horus has rebelled against the imperium. His reasoning is unclear but our gene father stands by his side, the loyal remnants of our legion lie slaughtered on the sands of Istvaan III. But we will not succumb to this heresy, and we will bring honour back to the name of our legion! We are shunned because we are feared and rightly so, for our fury comes from a deeper well, natural, innate, not manufactured by a fools design. We will endure and we will exact vengeance for those loyal to the XIIth, those murdered on Istvaan. For the emperor!” Endryd Haar. Extracts taken from a speech to loyal members of the XIIth legion under his command. M32. ——————————————— Greetings fellow warriors! Welcome to my new WIP log, I was intending to finish my iron hands and alpha legion projects before embarking on this, but my desire to start a new project has overcome my ability to focus. I’ve always found following what you enjoy in the hobby, rather than forcing yourself to do something you “should” do is more productive in the end! Ever since we saw the first images of betrayal and the models that accompanied the release, I have always wanted to start a world eaters force. The Typhon in glorious blue and white was such an awesome sight to behold! Even before that, I remember reading various index astartes articles about the traitor legions before their fall to chaos. Alas, I was distracted by bringing my 40k iron hands into the 30k universe and more recently by the beautiful metallic alpha legion airbrushed paint schemes. But now I return to what first drew me into the heresy, the XIIth legion. I’m a loyalist at heart (I know, I know), and reading about Endryd Haars background really got me inspired to produce a loyalist world eater force. He has so much character and the mystery of his background is intriguing. He is also a force to be reckoned with on the tabletop..... So this is the start of my loyalist world eater blog, with a twist. I will be using the blackshield rules to represent the force on the table. The Chymeriae rules (option 3: Fleet, fear and rage) really represent them well, still ferocious but subtlety different to their world eater kin and distrusted by everyone around them (no allies). I also couldn’t resist the modelling opportunity of having marines wielding chain axes and shotguns! I aim to slowly build a 2000 point list, which you can peruse here: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/361713-blackshields-endryd-haar/?do=findComment&comment=5472970 The force will be modelled and painted in the time just after Nuceria and the legions reorganisation after the discovery of Angron. So they will be painted in the blue and white of the XIIth legion. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am! Cadmus.
  3. +++ ORDO MALLEUS REPORT N0230716X9237 +++ +++ HERETIC ASTARTES WARBAND REGISTRY +++ +++ NAME: IDOLATERS OF THE RED ANGEL +++ +++ INQUISITORIAL DESIGNATION: A12993 +++ +++ YEAR: 099.M42 +++ +++ AUTHOR: [REDACTED] +++ The Heretic Astartes force A12993 know themselves as the Idolaters of the Red Angel, and are named for their fallen gene-sire, the Primarch Angron. They have come to the attention of the Inquisition in the wake of the 13th Black Crusade, where they have appeared to have been originally a part of the Despoiler's war host. In the time since the Crusade, they have launched attacks throughout the Imperium from an unknown location in the Cicatrix Maledictum. The aim of this report, and its attachments, is to profile the current strength of the Idolaters and document the atrocities committed by the heretics, in the hope that this information may be used to combat these traitors in the future. The Idolaters of the Red Angel are suggested to be a newly formed warband, having been drawn together from a number of dwindling World Eaters splinter groups, united in their cause by the Chaos Lord Sevrax Drato. Drato is a heretic in the truest sense of the word, being fully devoted to the Chaos God Khorne, and who believes his Primarch Angron to be Khorne’s messiah; the most potent form of his god’s ideals made manifest. He and his warband seek to emulate Angron, so that they too may one day be as close to Khorne as their gene-father. Part of their heretical zealotry is the ritual painting of their traditionally red helms bone-white before battle, to remind each warrior of his duty to the skull throne, and that their own skulls can also be offered as bounty to the Blood God. +++ PERSONNEL FILE +++ +++ PLANET OF ORIGIN: UNKNOWN +++ +++ SERIAL NUMBER: UNKNOWN +++ +++ ALIAS: RAXUS THE UNWORTHY +++ +++ PRIORITY FOR ELIMINATION: PRIORITAS MAGNA +++ The heretic known as Raxus is believed to have once been a Company Champion of an unknown World Eaters Echelon. Among the members of his legion, he won great fame during the Horus Heresy on Istvaan V, by defeating the infamous Raven Guard Captain [REDACTED] in single combat. As the Heresy progressed, and the World Eaters became more depraved, Raxus sought the favour of Khorne with increasing fervour. However, despite a number of dark exploits, it would appear Raxus could not draw the attention of his bloody patron. This came to a head during the War on Skalathrax, where Raxus perceived his failings in the war as the impetus for the fracturing of the legion. He sent himself into exile, allegedly vowing not to return to his fellow traitors until Khorne had found him worthy as a vassal. All records of Raxus then cease for ten thousand years. His next appearance was not until M42, where he has been seen leading hosts of berserkers into battle on behalf of the Chaos Lord Sevrax Drato. It is unclear whether Raxus fulfilled his vow, or how he entered Drato’s service. Survivor reports of Raxus in action are rare and unreliable, as he is only observed from afar: presumably, those who witness him up close do not survive his berserker rage. He is said to wield a plasma pistol into battle, accompanied by a large chainaxe, which is rumoured to contain the essence of a foul Daemon. It is the judgement of this Inquisitor that the elimination of Raxus be designated prioritas magna.
  4. Hi all. I'm oldschoolsoviet, and I've been lurking for a few months, enjoying the material on show, and generally settling back into the hobby after a 15 year hiatus. As the title says, I'm mostly working on a Traitor WE force, ignoring the GW aspects of late, and adding a dash of the RoC days. My armies are for fun, for the enjoyment of creating them, rather than being designed for the tabletop. I'm certainly not the best painter or modeller around, and the few ideas I have are typically born from desperation rather than genius, but I try...... Anyhoo, some Scars to begin... http://i46.tinypic.com/20z1bix.jpg A small collection from the end days of 2nd Ed/start of 3rd, found in the loft, requiring some finishing and my force as of January. Completed the remainder by March, shown here. http://i50.tinypic.com/2882mbc.jpg I imagined them as a LRDG-style force, initially bought during the Codex/Biker army arguments, and I sided with the "fully mechanised" and Codex adherence angle rather than the "bikes, bikes, bikes and NO devs" tirade. You'll have noticed the subtle change to the chapter icon just to be safe from certain types of players..... I'll return to them later, seeing as I've somehow purchased enough for a full company over the months, and hopefully with better results after the practice with the other lot..... It all started with this: http://i46.tinypic.com/9a7fgi.jpg A little mock-up of bits for fun, and reawakened my dreams of a WE force. eBay called, and selling my old stuff (Biel-Tan force, un-Khorneate Chaos) started a purchasing frenzy. While the concept morphed into something practical, the sprues started building up...... http://i49.tinypic.com/sya3p1.jpg He was soon joined by these: http://i47.tinypic.com/313hz7s.jpg And soon I had cases galore: http://i43.tinypic.com/2j44v2a.jpg Any feedback or C&C, feel free, and I'll continue with where I'm at tomorrow. Looking at setting up a proper photo light box, and waiting on something better than my Vita's cam. In the meantime, I am curious to see if my links work, and whether pics of certain Chaos-y things are allowed with the PA emphasis ?
  5. http://eternalhunt.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/we_banner_02.png *Sons of the Great Twelfth Legion, your brothers call you forth so that you may roar your oaths of honor upon the sands of the arena one last time. Though we are a legion fractured, a tide of blood shall flow through the segmentum, as the get of Angron band together among equals. Come, and boast of your head taking, so that the galaxy may know who stands against them, wrought red in the entrails of their greatest warriors. We are the Sons of the Twelfth legion, and we shall have blood!* http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/800x600q90/661/QcUhqA.jpg (To all of the World Eaters of Bolter and Chainsword, both full and part time, loyalist or traitor, pre or post heresy, we invite you to join us in our little community project to document the full might of our great legion. To assist and entertain new and old World Eaters alike, we ask that you step forward and proclaim the name, deeds, company number and commander of your little section of our legion to be recorded here in what will be an ongoing roster organized by your company number if pre-heresy and just tossed in there all willy nilly if post heresy (just like the real post heresy Twelfth!). A few of us have even gone first to provide a good template. We'll be updating the roster in the first post as long as the mods will allow so that we may record all twelfth legion faithful for future projects and other fun stuff in our happy little community.) -- I am Flint 13, and I am the blade itself; wrought red upon the blooded sands. As a proud daughter of Angron, I command the 28th Company of the Twelfth legion, the Children of Cuth Vasi. "Woe be to the enemies of the Cuth Va'san, for their cities shall crumble and their skies shall bleed with the ashes of their fallen." -- I am Jaspcat, and I stand as a Son of Angron. I command the 14th Company of the Twelfth legion, The Slaves of Anor, the breachers of walls and the lineage of Dalkeith the armoured bane. --I am KrautScientist, and I command the World Eaters' 4th assault company, "Khorne's Eternal Hunt". Though our legion might be an empty shell of its former glory, we still endure. As was taught to us by Angron, our lord and father, we hunt. We fight. We kill. And we still have our honour. "In the endless cold between the stars, there is only the hunter and his prey. All that remains is the hunt, for only the hunt is eternal." -- I am Relict and I stand a proud Son of Angron. I command the LXXVII Battle Company, III Echelon, XII Legion - the Iron Devourers. "The Emperor created us as tools to be blunted and then discarded. The Warmaster has delivered us from that fate. From this day forward, we march as a part of his grand design - one company, one will, many minds. The dogs of the Emperor shall curse our name and dread our coming, for we are the Iron Devourers and none shall find us wanting. To war, my brothers!" - Centurion Voss, Captain of the 77 Battle Company, Battle of Isstvan V **Who needs the Codex Astartes? A World Eater's Tactical Musings: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/294658-tactica-world-eaters/?p=3766262 Trying to flesh out your warlord's character? Try the Khornate Warlord Personality Test **A Record of Blood and Brass** "Because we couldn’t be trusted. The Emperor needed a weapon that would never obey its own desires before those of the Imperium. He needed a weapon that would never bite the hand that feeds. The World Eaters were not that weapon. We’ve all drawn blades purely for the sake of shedding blood, and we’ve all felt the exultation of winning a war that never even needed to happen. We are not the tame, reliable pets that the Emperor wanted. The Wolves obey, when we would not. The Wolves can be trusted, when we never could. They have a discipline we lack, because their passions are not aflame with the Butcher’s Nails buzzing in the back of their skulls. The Wolves will always come to heel when called. In that regard, it is a mystery why they name themselves wolves. They are tame, collared by the Emperor, obeying his every whim. But a wolf doesn’t behave that way. Only a dog does. That is why we are the Eaters of Worlds, and the War Hounds no longer." —Captain Khârn of the World Eaters Legion's 8th Assault Company, from his unpublished treatise The Eighteen Legions (Pre) Heresy era 1. Company – the Devourers 3. Company – commanded by Captain Solax 4. Company – commanded by Captain Baltus Lorimar (KrautScientist) 7. Company - Commanded by Thaddius Taron (furioso-prime) 8. Assault Company – commanded by Captain Khârn, Equerry to the Primarch (and also Poom!) 9. Company – commanded by Captain Dreagher 11. Company - Commanded by Taraguar 12. Company – Legio Cruentus, Commanded by Althor Belisarius (Cheexsta) 13. Company – The Unbroken, commanded by Amnon (LongGone) 14. Company – The Slaves of Anor (Kurama) 14. Company - Hounds of Molossia commanded by Lőrinc Jakab (Adra’Melek) 15. Company - The Bloodied Hand (Nova_chron) 16. Company – Commanded by Tiberius Thanatos (Khârn the Bloody) 17. Company - Commanded by (the late) Argus Brond 17. Assault Company - Commanded by Zon Thrax (Skullchλos) 18. Company – commanded by Captain Malek Deimos (Biohazard) 19. Company - The Skull Takers, Commanded by Hans Kho'ren 21. Company – Commanded by Maximus Thrax (Demon2027) 23. Company - Commanded by Kolchis the Red Hand (Wulfric _1066) 25. Company – Commanded by Kharlos Rieekan (Paladin7221) 26. Heavy Assault Company - Commanded by Kaldr Shar (Flint13) 27. Company – Commanded by Captain Bekru (Papewaio) 28. Assault Company – The Children of Cuth'Vasi (Flint13) 33. Siege Assault Company- The Iron Berserkers - Commanded by Revan Ira (Cupcake) 34. Company – commanded by the The Unheard, the Silent Stalker (Battle8rother) 35. Company – commanded by Centurion Agmundr Hjort (Brother Khairon) 44. Company – The Triarii, commanded by Centurion Delvarus (optimistically, Ursus44) 48. Company - Commanded by Zharkan 50. Heavy Support Company - Commanded by Lheorvine Urkris 56. Company – commanded by Taros Wyvern (Wyvern) 59. Company - (Augustus b'Raass) 64. Company – The Sinner’s Swords, commanded by Centurion Zekariah Cain (YFNPsycho) 66. Company – The Cry of Havoc, commanded by Rauhx (Slipstreams) 77. Company – The Iron Devourers, commanded by Centurion Voss (Relict) 100. Company – The Charnel Wraiths, commanded by Skarra Cadeyrn (TheWarmaster) Legion Armourium - commanded by Jareg, the Master-Shellsmith Legion Apothecarion - commanded by First Apothecary Frabrikus Legion Librarius - commanded by Lectio Primus Vorias Post Heresy – warbands Khorne’s Eternal Hunt – commanded by Lord Captain Lorimar (KrautScientist) The World Eaters' 18th company warband– commanded by Lord Malek Deimos (Biohazard) 25. Company – commanded by Kharlos Rieekan (Paladin7221) Scions of Gorechild – commanded by Lord Korlath (Pandemicus) The Warriors of Brother Chaplain Rage, the Half-wrought (BCK) Angron's Chosen – commanded by Drakon (Khârn the Bloody) The Fell Brethren – commanded by Shallag Jaganath, Breaker of Worlds (Vorenus) Cabal of the Severed Heads – Commanded by Rataxxus Headtaker (oreaper84) The Brazen Maw – commanded by Jural Kordash (OldSchoolSoviet) The Bloodslaved – commanded by Lord Bekru (Papewaio) 59th Echelon – "Prostration's Cull" (Augustus b'Raass) The Blood Reavers – commanded by Lord Styrian Bloodhand (Plague of Sedition) The Blood Host – commanded by Kar Thul (brninghalo) The Crimson Consecrated – commanded by Lord Ixion (Relict) 8th Massacre Cohorts and Genocide Gears (Slayer le Boucher) The Sinner’s Swords – commanded by Lord Cain the Heretic and Daemon Prince Dek’val’rax (YNFPsycho) The Eyes of Tivan – commanded by Chaos Lord Tyrke (Cormac Airt) The Bonewalkers – commanded by Serjius the Ranting (Dragonlover) The Void Reavers - Commanded by Lord Barraka, the White Daemon (Barraka) 88th Heavy Assault Company - The Crimson Ludus - Commanded by Ultor, Blood-Priest of Kharanath (OPTIMVSCHRIST) Tide of Blood - Commanded by Escharon, King of Scars (Teetengee) The Devourers – commanded by Tarugar The Blood Slaughterers – commanded by Jurghan the Slaughterer (STD) Hell Guardians - Commanded by Zon Thrax the Red Hand - (Skullchλos) The Bloodspitters, remnants of the 8th Company - (GrandMasterSapphon) The Skull Reavers - Commanded by Astarax the Slaughterer - (Chaos_Lord888) The Foresworn – commanded by Kossolax the Foresworn The Blood Legion of Khorne – commanded by Lord Crull The Headsman’s Warband – commanded by the Headsman The Skulltakers – commanded by Lord Zhufor the Impaler The Berserkers of Skallathrax The Skull Takers of Hans Kho’ren – commanded by Hans Kho’ren Gladiator Group 138 – commanded by Kraagon Gorefist The Ravagers
  6. Heya everyone! I felt I needed to create a thread where I can post my stuff, showing what I have created and talk about what I want to create, share my plans for the future and get feedback on it all from you guys. I started kitbashing and converting more the last half year, and it is largely contributed to many wonderful threads here in this WIP section, made me realize that if I wanted to create something of my "own" , I had to become bolder in my approach and hack n saw which always seemed a bit scary before because of fear of loss of valuable parts that couldn't be replaced if I didn't buy a new set - now thanks to bit-sites that is all in the past. The main armies I have collected through the years but never finished because of TIME is my beloved Blood Angels and World Eaters (I like red), planned them for a while but decided to take a break from them and relearn to paint - plus all my paints have dried sadly. So I will be making two other armies that can function as allies to my big main armies - the chaotic Sons of Malice and the stubborn sons of Dorn called the Celestial Lions. Another ally I want to create is an Inquisitorial detachment, which I done a lot of so far. I also was lucky enough to snatch a copy of the reprinted Space Hulk, so I might make a small Genestealer army for fun in the future. So to start out, here is an Inquisitorial Sanctioned Xenos belonging to one of my Ordo Xenos Inquisitors bands. I don't know yet what race she will be, but she looks Dark Eldar, so she might just become that. I will add a seal somewhere on her with a big inquisitorial I on it, showing her allegiance so no overzealous humans will shoot her up while in Imperial territory. I do not yet have a name of background story for her, I will develop it eventually. She is converted from a Dark Eldar Scourge body, Dark Eldar Wyches Hydra Gauntlets for arms, Wood Elf Wild Riders helmet, Eldar Huardian helmet (cut in two) and the hair from a Dark Elf Witch Elf. *Click for larger image* http://i.imgur.com/SwirXLZ.jpg Anyway, I am happy that you guys taken a look at my WIP thread, and stay tuned to see more stuff from me!
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