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Thanks for the replies folks and apologies for the delay in replying.


Venomlust, I made that pad a few years ago for one of my first version of Malek, at work just now but I still have a pic in my photobucket. I like how it looks but feel it needs something else. http://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n235/Stovie_2006/44123EFA-2AB9-48C4-B29E-4B238883F4E2-2079-000001C610804E4A.jpg


What that shoulder pad could do with, I feel, is a pair of horns on either side of the daemon head. They don't have to be massive, just big enough to give him a bit of extra presence.


And if you really wanted to make him extra METAL, I reckon a skull/screaming face in the daemon's mouth would look great.

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Thanks guys, for the pad I'll have a play about and see what I can come up with.


Thanks for the words Kraut, I know exactly what you're meaning :tu:


I may as well let you all know my plans for Deimos, to bring him in line with pretty much all but one character in my force I felt he needed some kind of skull helm. To that end I've been wanting a rebreather similar to Immortan Joe from Mad Max fury road.





I've messed about using the head he has and tried a few times but still haven't quite found the right look. Everything came off looking a little goofy.


That was part of my reason for getting the FW bits. That plus the fact that I love some of the heads in the kit.

I've got some instamould now though and I think I have a skull I can use for the mask it's taking a lot of trial and error but I'll hopefully have something to show you all soon. If I can't build something I may resort to trying to paint the skull on.


EDIT I'm sure I've seen someone on here doing something similar but for the life of me I really can't remember who it was so if anyone can point me in the right direction it'd be appreciated. :tu:

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Huh, this is probably so obvious that you've already thought of it yourself, but if you cut off the top half of a Bloodletter "faceplate", you end up with what is basically a Khornate Immortan Joe facemask -- just sayin'...


That being said, I have to admit I have always liked the slightly more restrained rebreather on Deimos.

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Kraut! You're right that is so obvious I can't believe I hadn't even thought of it!! Ha! I'll give that a try, thanks buddy.


I like the standard rebreather as well but want to try and get something a little more sinister.

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Hmm, you know what, buddy: Those Forgeworld shoulder pads (and heads) are excellent bitz, of course. But I cannot help feeling that using them here would almost feel like a cheap cop-out, and here's why: You are spectacularly talented when it comes to making unbelievable plastic conversions. I've looked at your conversions so many times and gone "How did he do that?"/"Why didn't I do that?"/"I wish I had done that first!" So the solution here is to come up with something suitably awesome in plastic. Any sad git can resort to using readymade FW bitz ;)


Don't take this the wrong way, buddy. I would just like to see you knocking it out of the park as you usually do -- using plastic parts. In other news, that pad is very cool and I think you shouldn't discard it too soon.


Yeah what he said ☝

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"You will slay eternal, bloody and chromed."

- Lord Malek Deimos, circa. M.41 :tongue.:


I absolutely cannot wait to see the finished Deimos Reborn! It should look absolutely awesome, knowing how well you convert.


Also, I really don't see any shame in using the FW pads. You are a great converter, as I just said, but there is skill in using pre-existing parts in such a way that they look good. If you like the pads, use them, but I don't think the nature of converting (though it does take a lot of talent) makes it by default better than good kitbashing.

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Kraut! You're right that is so obvious I can't believe I hadn't even thought of it!! Ha! I'll give that a try, thanks buddy.


I like the standard rebreather as well but want to try and get something a little more sinister.

He has his moments hah hah.


"The future belongs to the mad"

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Kraut, thanks for that link I can definitely work with that. I'll try and throw a few bits together when I get home from work today.


Andvaar, ha he does indeed have his moments :D


The Psycho, love the quote apart from the chrome bit it could easily be a quote from Deimos. I know exactly where you're coming from with regard to the FW bits. If I were to use them it would be on mostly plastic models and I'd only be using them to accent any conversions id already done, not replace entirely. The main reason I started converting things in the last few years was I couldn't afford/justify buying FW products so started chopping plastic and coming up with as close as I could get. This mainly started with my Dread conversions but then carried over into my berserkers and then I might have gotten a little carried away and it's all snowballed a little haha

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  • 1 month later...

Quick update,


I started working on the carapace weapons for my Knight. Still no further forward with paint but I'm happy with the autocannon. It looks chaotic without being ott.




I finished painting the Jugger Lord. Not the best of pics but hopefully you get the idea.




Started painting a Herald as well. He has a fair bit of cleanup to go yet.




And after seeing Krautscientist's awesome Angron conversion I knew I had to make my own. I used the same base model as Ks but I wanted to have him with a bit more armour. This is still a very early WIP with most parts still being blu tacked. I'll be swapping the axe of course and I plan to add the peturges to his shoulder plates as well.




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Yeah, I really love that Knight as well, especially the crucified skeleton ;) But all of the additions you've made to the armour are great, really! Plus the cockpit and pilot also seem to be working really well. Wgat about the shin armour, though: Will you be leaving it relatively bare like that?


The Angron conversion is really rather spectacular, as I've said elsewhere. :)

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Thanks for the kind words guys,


Kraut, I'm still unsure what to do with the lower leg greaves. I have some chain here I'll look at adding and will possibly add more spikes like the shoulder guards have.

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Ugh, your Angron can live up to KSci's for sure. I love that you took a different, yet equally awesome approach. :yes:


QFT! :)


@ Biohazard: Why do anything much to the greaves in the first place? They seem just fine to me, really. If you want to have your version resemble the official FW Angron a bit more closely, get some really small, stylised wings (from the Ravenwing sprue or clipped off from a Space Marine back banner, for instance), and add them to the sides of the model's knees, as the "official" Angron seems to have the same visual element.

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Thanks for the replies folks. Sorry for the delay in replying works been getting in the way a bit.


Kraut, I like that idea for the knee/wing thingys. Will look into that. For the Knights greaves I was thinking of maybe adding some brass etch or decals there. Still unsure will work again on it soon hopefully. I'll hopefully have an update again soon as I've been working on a biker Lord who I might use in an upcoming doubles tournament in July. I'll try and get some pics when I finish work in the morning. :tu:

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Back again folks. This time I've been painting some Daemons. I have a double tournament coming up on Sat so I needed to get some parts of my list painted. I spent Monday painting this guy,




One of 3 soul grinders I bought from Insane Psycopath at a local war games show Carronade back in May I think. The Grinders were well painted in IP's usual awesome style but I wanted them to fit my army a little more so I set to it. Now I have to admit I really didn't enjoy painting this guy. I still have to finish the armour panels by it just feels like such a chore. Not sure why.


So feeling a little burnt out with the Grinder I made a start on this guy. :devil:





Now this guy I've really enjoyed painting! Even the wings which I admit were a little fiddly but still i think he's coming along great. As Krautscientist has mentioned on his own Bloodthirster entries I'm not too sure if I will add the armour plates as I really love how the skin has turned out. I think it might be a shame to cover it all up. Also the reason his left hand is missing is I have magnetised it so he can hold a whip in that hand. So I can run him as Skarbrand which is fairly unlikely in 40k but I've used him in AoS and he wrecks face! Or I can use him as either a Wrath of Khorne or an Unfettered Fury Thirster. He'll be used as an Unfettered Fury on Saturday for example.


I've built another couple of things as well. I revisited an old Daemon Prince model.



I need to change his jaws but he'll be used to lead my Charnal Cohort sometimes.




I've also added the armour plates to my Leaping Bloodthirster which I think I may build as the Insensate Rage version. Really looking forward to painting him as well after the fun I've had with Skarbrand.


I have another Bloodthirster as well, which is still very early WIP but he will be built as a 40k version of Angron. I have it all planned out in my head and the body is almost ready for showing. I just need to work on the butchers nails a little. I'm in the process of trying to find a suitable Black Blade as well.


But, all that may have to wait as my good lady and I have just had an offer accepted on a house. So everything will need to be packed away. Good news is the new place has a substantial man cave ( a big shed basically) in the garden complete with electricity and heating. So I've already laid claim to this to be used as my little hobby workshop. Can't wait to get all set up and hopefully be able to update a little more regularly again.

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I am always super happy to see an update in this thread, buddy! Excellent work on the Soulgrinder and Skarbrand (that fallen Lamenter is a lovely touch!). I am also happy to see that Daemon Prince conversion again, as I have always loved the idea at the heart of the conversion! The new horns on the helmet and the pose on the base work really, really well -- and are those Vargheist wings? They work surprisingly well on a DP, arguably better than the original ones!


That leaping Bloodthirster is also looking cool -- like he's really barreling forwards to get at the enemy. And it goes without saying that I am really looking forward to seeing your Angron conversion -- I'll make sure to steal an idea or two! ;)


Oh, and  excellent news about the house! Hope things are well with the family! :)

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