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Thanks Kraut, I've loved this daemon prince since I first built him a few years ago but never been that enamoured with a DP in game. Plus I already have one built and painted so always used him. I thought with the Daemonkin codex it was time to clean the dust off him and update him. Those are indeed the vargheist wings. I like how tattered and ruined they look. Plus ibthibk they're better posed than the standard ones.

Like I say he'll be used for either summoning or to lead my Charnal cohort when I don't run the Jugger herald.


As for the charging Bloodthirster I've said before he was based on a favourite piece of art by Mark Gibbons. I just want him to look like he's charging heedless of any incoming fire.


For Angron it'll be mostly based on the standard Thirster legs, slightly reposed (think Epic Angron) and I have added a tail and some spinal detail. As I say once I get him to a stage I'm happy to show him you'll see him on here. I should add I'll be using the standard Thirster wings as well.

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It is mate, the original build used a more open ork head but I can't seem to find it. I have few boxes of orks here (for a side army that I plan to work on this winter) so will have a hunt through them to see if I can find one similar. I've used Ork jaws on a couple of models now, namely my spawn and two daemon princes. This one included.


In case anyone's curious here's how the original looked. I built this back in 2011/12 I think.



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Ok so we have a few things to show.


Last weekend was the double tournament. I'd built and painted a new unit of terminators to use along with my Thirster and Soul grinder. Tournament was a great day of gaming had a couple of really close games and one not quite so close. Mostly I found that in competitive play I'm really good at getting all my units killed.......a lot ha.


Here's a look at the army on the day. I don't have any individual shots of the terminators completed but they were painted fairly quickly so will need a few touch ups before I show them properly.



There were some really nice armies on display. Including our very own Insane Psycopaths Iron Warriors.



After the tournament I decided to revisit another really old project.



This was a second hand purchase and was literally covered in the spiky bits sprues when I got it. I removed a lot of the offending spikes but there are some really rough areas which is why it's taken me so long to get round painting it. That and the fact I'd never painted a LR before so for some reason was a little wary of starting.

Still WIP obviously but here's how it stands as of last night.



While I was at it I made a start on one of my rhinos as well.




And as an added bonus seeing as Kraut has shown his WIP mine is nowhere near as far on as his but here's a very early WIP of Daemon Angron. One change I made after seeing Krauts was to use the jaw from the Bloodthirster kit in place of the Cyghor jaw I originally used. I saw how well the original fit and kicked myself for not using it. Another couple differences between myself and Krauts is the positioning and the fact that mine will have a tail as I'm still borrowing heavily from the admittedly basic Epic Angron model. I still have to figure out the blade for his black blade but I have a few ideas I'll hopefully get to soon. ;)


Onto the preview


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The Termies are looking excellent as a group, buddy! I am especially interested in the guy in the front, though: Is he a new Chaos lord, perchance? And if so, can we get better pictures, please? ;)


I think it's brilliant that you are basing Angron on a different source, and the Epic version definitely needs some modernising! The reposed legs seem very promising so far. I assume that you are going for a "bellowing at the heavens in rage" pose, right? If so, I'd suggest using the right arm intended for the meteor hammer, as the more open pose will perfectly suit the rest of the model so far.


Anyway, really looking forward to seeing how this develops -- I am pretty sure I will be wishing I'd have done things differently before long ;)

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Thanks for the comments guys. I will get more pics of Angrons legs asap. At work at the mo so no joy just now. The pose Im going for is more like Skarbrands. I've been looking at his legs for cues.


Kraut, I've tried that arm but it doesn't really fit with what I have in mind. It has his arm bent at a strange angle, I'm using the arm from the D axe at the moment. It's still not in its final position yet.


As for the Termi it isn't another Lord but a lowly aspiring Champion. My warlord in the tournament was the Bloodthirster. I only have quick snap of this guy on my phone so hopefully it gives you a better idea of how he looks. I used the SM Capt rebreather head and cut and L shape section out of the head leaving a little of the rebreather I then butchered one of the Age of Sigmar starter box Bloodwarriors.


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Thanks for the comments guys. Been messing about with him in between packing this afternoon. Here's a little peek at the Epic model mine is rather heavily influenced by.


This isn't my model just a random screen grab from Google. Just in case some of you younglings haven't seen him.


And here's where my Angron is at. Still a lot of GS to do but the basic pose is almost down. I need to redo the gs on the back of his leg so I'm being fussy and not showing it until I can tidy it up a bit. ;) I still have a lot of cables to run for his butchers nails as well but I'm happy with how he looks so far.





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Ah, yes, I can see what you're going for with the pose now, buddy, and it seems to be working really well! Plus your idea of having the model resemble the Epic version really seems to be working like a charm! One word of advice, though: Take care when adding the Black Sword that it doesn't interfere with that huge GK sword from a visual standpoint -- you may want to pay extra attention to how those two swords are aligned so as not to introduce any disturbing composition lines into the model.


Really looking forward to seeing where this is going! And thanks a lot for the closer look at that Termie champion, btw! :)

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Thanks folks. I'm happy with how he's coming along and the horns actually work a lot better than I originally hoped. Imo anyway. :)


Kraut/Psycho, I've had the same concerns about the sword I've used, I may replace it with an empty hand and have the sword somewhere on the base. Overall plan is to have a couple of Space Wolf bits on the base as well as I want to show Angron at the height of his power on Armageddon.......right before he gets banished. I still have to come up with a way to make the black blade. Nagash's sword is far too weedy but I love the detail so may have a go at trying to recreate certain styling cues from that piece. I'll obviously show any progress when I can. :tu:

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Thanks guys

Mechanist, I'd thought of that but again the details are just too small to work on the blade.

Vairocanum, yeah I've thought of that, I was planning on switching the hand that Angrons holding the GK in, you'll see why in a sec. ;)


So today I made a start on scratch building the Black Blade, this is obviously early WIP but I'm happy with how it's coming along. I'll be adding more along the edges of the blade to make it look a little more like a giant hell blade.

The Inquisition symbol will be filled or covered with some detail and the warp talon bits at the hilt obviously need tidying as well but like I say I'm happy with how it's coming along.


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Haha, I was going to suggest the GK Dreadknight sword because it seemed like the only available weapon with the right length and mass, but it looks like you already have that covered :wink: The kitbash of the sword is coming along nicely -- maybe you can carefully shave the details off Nagash's sword and graft them to the Dreadknight blade? Or make GS copies of them, like Mechanist suggested.


Regarding the Grey Knight's sword, I think having it shattered would definitely alleviate the problem -- you could even use one of the Falchions (like I have) and cut the tip off and nobody would be the wiser -- that way, you wouldn't be wasting a perfectly good massive Grey Knight sword. At the same time, there's something deliciously ironic about Angron basically using a larger version of the Terminator's sword :wink:


Why do you need to switch hands on the model, though? If you need a bit more room for the sword to clear the body, you could just attach the right hand at a slightly tweaked angle, as this could be covered up by the vambrace parts (I have used the same "shortcut" on my own Angron's axe hand).

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