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Iron Warriors 5th Grand Company re-born - Army log

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Your stuff looks awesome. Couple of questions:


1) How do you get your Chaos Stars on the shoulderpads to come out so well? I find the curve of the pad always screws me up when I try anything that fine.


2) How do you do your Rhinos? Are they Hunters with the Forge World spaced armour?




Thanks for the comment :biggrin.:


1 - I've just done a quick drawing/step by step guide when I got home there




1 - Start by painting two lines in a cross.

2 - Add the other cross, given you start of that Chaos icon

3A - Paint a circile (sp).  If you want 3B: paint a dot in the middle

4 - Paint the tips of the arrows

5 - If you've painted the middle part, then paint base coat of the shoulder pad so it two circle in the star.

6 - Depend how you want with the Chaos Icon painting wise.  Highlight it.


You can always tidy up useing the basecoat/colour you've painted your shoulder pads.


Just felt it was better doing this due to camera not really able to get to close for the shoulder pad.


Then should look like this




2 - All extra armour plate has been made from plasticard.  I done a NQ to HND model making course back in 2005 to 2008.  I got myself a pretty decent supplay of plasticard from 0.5mm to 1mm.  College teacher where alright with this & usely joke about it.






I use the Rhino to give me the template.  Draw out on plasticard, make sure it all ok & then cut out.  Just I do like Forge World once, but with the plasticard allow me to add my own stuff or the back part are diffrent.  Then use plastic tubes for the space.

I use 1mm to give the armour strength & then 0.5mm plasticard, it easyer to cut & get any design you want.


For the Hunter version, make sure the plastic tube/armour line up & add liquid (sp?) green stuff to fill in any gaps.  There should be a photo back in Septemeber when I done the first conversion last year for Throne of Skulls.  If I can find it I'll add




With my wargaming club event next week - Stirling wargamer: Rapid Fire.  It pretty much working solid to get all new models fully painted for the event.

Just every year October just seem to be a really busy year on pretty much everything in my life.  This week no differant. 


So here how the new unit looking with there Rhino transport




I've just got one more Battle Brother to build tomorrow some point & he will get painted on Wed.


How my Call of Chaos Predator looking right now & has just been varnish








There still a bit of work to get done before the Predators model finish.  I mange to get a hour spare when I got back home today, get some painting done. 

I should be getting the Forge World weather powder done tomorrow along with the new Rhino.



My next Call of Chaos - Maulerfiend.  I've got a few idea I want to do conversion wise.  As always to give the model a sub theme, it own history.

I've been talking to B&C memeber Vlâdvar The Destroyer over on facebook about the conversion he done for his Maulerfiend which use some great parts from the Dark Eldar range, not sure if he has it on his great army log, but it really cool & just to use some element that & I got a lot of other idea to really make this a monster of night-mare, that would bring fear to those defend there forts or trench.


Vlâdvar The Destroyer army log










One of the squad I'm taken to my wargaming club - Stirling wargamer: Rapid Fire event, needed a new Autocannon model & with lack of BFG parts :sad.:  I though I'd use some part to tie in a little with the Iron Havocs I converted a while back.

After Rapid Fire, the Autocannon arm Battle Brother will be re-place in another unit, the new Breacher unit show in this update.  But for now he quicly helping another unit for the event.


So as said going be pretty busy getting as much done for Rapid Fire.  Then I'm going to quickly take Monday 27th as a quick break as a PS3 day?, possible spend the time converting up the Maulerfiend by late afternoon - just need to see if one of the people attending Rapid Fire has spare part from the Dark Eldar kits.


Edit - Just added note for myself to rememeber.  For the Chaos Lord, if Sevatar model not release during the time of Call of Chaos, I think I'll try convert a Chaos era Moritat - Just from what I've seen in the Heresy era they look cool & some of the conversion I've seen have been really cool & inspiring.

If Sevatar model is release during this time.  As said I'm bring back one of the Champion from Warsmith Aborred Riddick bodyguards & have them theme around Siege Breaker.



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+Call of Chaos+

I just spent a bit of time (7pm-8pm) painting the Predators tank for my Iron Warriors. I just need to add gloss varnish to the light & glass area of the model.





Just after the above photos where taken, I forgot to add battle damage to the Predator




None Call of Chaos model

Iron Warriors for the new Breacher squad all converted up yesterday. Useing shield from a old model that got replace last year when I converted up the first unit




The pose/look of the model was inspired by the photos in the White Dwarf a year or so ago when it shown a mock up of the breacher from the FW studio. Back then, that when I knew I'd have to add a unit (now two) of them in my army.

So this model currently undercaoted & will be painted on Wed, ready for the battle ahead this weekend that Stirling wargamer Rapid Fire.

While adding the Forge World weather powder to the tanks yesterday. I though I would take some quick photos & just how I use it. There many diffrent ways, but this is the way I use it for my tanks in my Iron Warriors army.


If you unsure which weather powder to go to. Talk to the memeber of Forge World staff. I found back when I was useing this a few year ago that they where very helpful. The FW staffer also recommend the type of powder that would tie in with my army base on the colour I use for my paints.
I usely mix the three weather powder I have.

Like wise I usely buy a few of the FW weather powder when I'm down in Nottingham for a Throne of Skulls event in Warhammer World.

Always use a bit of A4 paper. This is just to keep the work area clean & mean any left over FW weather powder will not go to weaste & can be re-use. I'm still useing the FW weather powder I bought back in 2012 to this day & only nearly empty after useing it on 20+ Iron Warriors tanks & a few Dreadnought, Chaos Knight, Ravenwing army, Space Wolves tanks.

When apply the weather powder, use a medium dry brush. Just it give you more control


As said left over can go back into the pot.


So the three weather powder I use base on the way I've painted my base. I use MIG pigmint fixer to seal the powder in. This is done before apply each layer. So each time you apply weather powder, apply the pigming fixer over each layer.

Also be careful for health & safty. When I use the MIG pigmint fixer, I general have a dusk mask (also when working with the FW weather powder) on & a fan on the go. Just make sure to read the health & safty part.

I bought the MIG pigmint fixer from a model store in Edinburgh. Like the weather powder this last for a long time, I've had this one same time as my orignaly FW weather powder. I do have another tub of the stuff I bought last year but it not been open yet.


I usely apply the MIG pigmit fixer all that once during the first two layer. But after that I'll pick side of the models & apply the fixer, let that dry & then move onto the other. Just it like a shade in term it'll be all runny. So want it to dry on a flat side of the model & so none of it running down from the model

Also useing the box lid as a safe place. Just again health & safty, your not meant to get any of the pigming fixer on you that any time.

When apply the fixer I use the Games Workshop wash brush. I've got a spare water pot I use for wash my brush so it don't effet my standard pot of water I use for painting.

You need about 3 layer to get a strong weather look from my experince.

Other notes

Lheor Ukris - Just waiting on a Heavy Bolter part to arrive to convert my vision of Lheor Ukris from Talons of Horus novel. I'm looking forward to this & as said would be just for painting more than anything else.

Maulerfiend - Hopeful going to talk to a few people that my wargaming club who collect Dark Eldar so I can get the bits I need for the conversion. After talk to memeber Vl Edited by Insane Psychopath

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Nice use of the powders, man. I use Secret Weapon brand, myself.


Thanks geektom.


I've just found weather powder to be really great to add to my models.  Pretty much since useing FW weather powder, I'll pretty much be useing it on all my tanks in the future.  I'll need to try get that least one of each next time I'm down in Warhammer world.


Also forgot to add.  When apply the pigment fixer, dap it onto the weather powder.  Just you don't want to disturbed the powder & look all in patchies.


Later today I'm going to be focuse on getting models I'll need for Rapid Fire this weekend.



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This weekend saw my Iron Warriors take to the field of battle for my wargaming club event - Stirling Wargamer Rapid Fire.  Dispite my dice rolling, it was a really great weekend on a lot of levels.  Events for me just about getting games in, as I don't get the 15 games a week like I use to do years ago & general catch up with friends & add even more glory & history to my Iron Warriors force.


There lot of good & a lot bad moment.  One low moment was my Knight never making it past turn 2 for five games out of 6..... I don't see why everyone was trying to take him out of the game.... :ph34r.:


But great weekend.  Fought one of my most recent hard fought games, those once where you really focuse on the game, any thing that goes wrong will have a big impack, it pretty much on the wire game - If anything this was the only game my Knight surivie & done well :biggrin.:  Though I did keep it in reserve as it was getting soul destroying :sad.:


Before the storm (event)




I've just post photos of this model - As said a lot of the games I fought have help shape & add history to my force, into the army they are today.  Just this Iron Warrior who I made a while back was in a game on Wed against my friend & there Nids which ended up winning best army, with myself & a Space Marines force being other two armies battle it out for the best army award.


Just on Wed, he was the lone surivie of my unit 1, my Veterans & one my trusted units.  Just he was in close combat vs 30 Gaunts from turn 2 to turn 6, over 50 armour save made & won combat, slay all 30 Gaunts in the end.

So I'm going to possible look that adding a Nid trophies to his backpack, a skull on a spike useing the Nid skull from Abaddon.


Also pick up my Iron Warriors t-shirt which was worn today the second day of the event.  A friend had pick the t-shirt up from Warhammer Fest for me, to go along with my IW mug (see few pagies back) & my IW's army :biggrin.:




Friday painting - the day before the event.  Always the same as seen ever single time I've attended a event.  The unit & models shown here where meant to be done sooner, but there been a lot in personal life going on & it did not help a lot my order start of Oct where delyed, mean I miss a free day I had.






Then IW with the shield is a little nod toward the preview of the Heresy Breacher shown in the White Dwarf - Feb/March last year?  When they shown a WIP photo of the model


The squad



Also updated Terminator who was shown a while back.  Just remove the loin cloth to give him a armour plate version & adding a few new trophies








Few games & photos from this weekend






Champion making his first kill








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Photos by my wargaming club






Khârn - Just image the Chaos gods put him onto planet, shown up - bit like Audio with the Dark Angels Chapter master during Paradox? Just useing Khârn as a object marker.






My trusted Verteran unit who been here since day one of started Mk6 Iron Warriors















I've just return home from the event. But tomorrow I will start work on my Maulerfiend for Call of Chaos as one my friends give me spare Dark Eldar bits during today which was cool.


Also during Rapid Fire, one my oppent was talking about useing a Sorcerer with Lord Narach & his unit of Terminators. Be honsty I've never really use psychic, only my Wolves use a Rune Priest. But that was 5th ed. Psyhicpower have change & to be honsty I do find it hard to keep track & it may not help I don't pay attesion most time because part it maybe autism side with my semantic pragmatic disorder or because I'm just ready to start gaming.

But just they point out a really cool idea & then talk about some cool conversion I could do. So this is somthing I'm going to try do in the future, need to keep a eye out for Forge World Erebus to use the head toward the conversion. Also check out bitz box to see what bits I can find & start come up with idea.


Again all down to give me chose & it always nice to add cool models.



Heresy models







I did show some Heresy model a while back but unsure if I shown unit photos? Just this was part of a hobby challenge I had last year. I miss out on part two during March to May due to that a really busy time in my life. So was really gutted.
But part 3 was annouce recently with a deadline for the 31st Jan next year. So I've offer to paint a unit of Iron Havocs & a Seige Breaker as a HQ chose.
It just more because I like the Heresy era models. Doubt I'll get a all out army like my Chaos era Iron Warriors. It just more a few units just because they look cool.

The seige breaker will be theme & tie in with the Chaos era Comptemter (sp) Dreandought I got for my birthday because he was put into the Dreadnought armour.



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I really like the way that you continuously update your models, they really tell a story of the battles you play. If I ever find some people to game against I would love to do stuff like that.


Thanks Daemon2027


I am possible looking that a way to try add Writhknight trophies to my Chaos Knight.  Just on Thursday before the event I went to get a game vs my friend Eldar.  It taken out two knight.  Against the third one, my knight was on three hull point that this stage....... pretty much if it was anything other than a 6 followed by a 2 for the d3 hull points, but he got it. 

We just rolled dice see what could have happen & I ended up getting double 6 to wound, with my friend saying he was lucky to have just taken out the Knight there.


Or I'll look for a way to paint on kill marking on the right knee pad.


The Nids won best army, all Nids trophies that are black with red to orange armour plate? are base on that army.  My friend a really good gamer & every time it is a good challenge.


I'll be getting my Maulerfiend built later today. 

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Call of Chaos updated


I was going to do the update yesterday night, but just felt really tired during the day & my head was starting to feel like someone had hit me with a thunder hammer.  Not sure if it was just being tired after great weekend that Rapid Fire or because a random person who came to the event to see a friend chose to pick up my Knight right above my army - the arm's, shoulder pads & top hull are removible to make it easyer for me to carry, can also be a bit frigle on the base as he was super glue on, painting them seprate that the time make it easyer get to my local store to paint the model. 
Just a lot of damage could have been done & it not a good thing.  I hate it when people I don't know pick up my models with out permission.


Anyway.  When I did have a hour I was looking to be ok at 7pm, got the Maulerfiend quickly built so he would he ready to undercaot today & be painted tomorrow.
I've use bits from the Dark Eldar Talos.  Just in the background the way it talk about the Maulerfiend looking for any weakness & also though be a cool way to show - it will not die.  Just I can see it pulling metal H beam, bit from building & fort, eating the metal to recover.  Also talking to B&C memeber Vlâdvar The Destroyer over on facebook.

If I can get a few more those parts, I'd like to add them to the hull.  Just I forgot to ask one my friends during Rapid Fire if they mange to bring the parts as it was a busy weekend








None Call of Chaos


As said I've enjoyed reading Talons of Horus & currently re-reading the novel.  Lheor Ukris the one who stood out for me & of course IV Legion shown in the novel :D

So this is my version.  I've not went for the Imperial skull with wings.  I went for the FW Khorne body because it look cool & I might possible start a Khorne element to my Iron Warriors, got into a bit more depth & have them as a IW Warband that maybe near wipe out, old ally of my Grand Company?  Or maybe have them as World Eater as I did like painting that test model, again as a warband near wipe out & join allies of the Great Crusade & during the Heresy?  The FW Khorne bodies are most like the main part that going to be use in the army.


Lheor Ukris







I've just got to add green stuff & another skull.  Then when time permit, I'll need to add a chainsword.  Just wanted to convert the model & paint him because - all about cool models :D



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Lheorvine looks awesome! What parts have you used for him?


- Head from the Warrior of Chaos Bloodcrusher

- Body & shoulder pad from FW World Eater

- heavy Bolter from FW heresy set?

- Raptor shoulder pad

- Space Marine legs

- Chosen Champion from Dark Vengance for the knee pad area

- Chains from the Warrior of Chaos hero on monster - Don't really play WFB, prefer Warhammer 40,000 as my main game along with Battlefleet Gothic & Space Hulk.

- Space Marine arm's & Chaos hands, Grey Knight hand for the left arm.


Just need green stuff which will get done later today.

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One thing that I have always loved about your Iron Warriors are the chevrons. Especially how you have weathered them, how the yellow chips. How did you achieve this if you don't mind sharing?


Just use the GW medium dry brush & stipple Abaddon Black onto the yellow.  Use foam for the brown & then metal (Runefang steel).


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Thanks for the comment.

Quick udpate


I spent a bit of today painting the Maulerfiend & Lheor Ukris.  Bit gutted I never got eather models finish - so much gold to paint on the maulerfiend model, it like painting the Heldrakes all over again....!!!! 








Just wanted to get a quick update as it going to be a busy few days.  I'll hopeful get some painting on Saturday.


If I can get some more of the Dark Eldar part, I think I will go back & add to the model & add them to the mouth area with the rest of them.  Just few changies I want to do to the model.  It just that way wanted to see what the model like, but it hard to tell until there some paint on it.

Just I think I will remove the nose area if I can get more bits from the Dark Eldar pain talon as one of the memeber from my gaming club said that Rapid Fire about bring some spare parts for me.

Also go over a bit on the Dark Eldar bits I've already added with a bit more green stuff.


I did have photos of Lheor Ukris.  But after having a look that it & the model, I'm not to keen on the red as it look a bit off vs my test model I painted a while back & Khârn. 

This bring in the part on why it important to write down how you've painted models.  I've started useing a note book toward the hobby now, just to write down how I paint my main armies.  What units I've got to get done for any hobby challenge & what models I want to add next to my armies.


Just trying to rememeber how I painted the red on my test World Eater & Khârn -




So I'll try re-paint the red for Lheor Ukris hopeful during the weekend.  Once I got it all sorted, I'll be make sure to write it down in my hobby note book.




During Rapid Fire, one of my oppent talk about taken a Sorcerer in Lord Narach & his unit of Terminator bodyguards.  Just to help them out a little bit to protect them, since I pretty much always deep strike them, allow me to counter any threats & taken on elite units like Centruions.


Conversion idea are going forward, lot of it inspired by the World Eater lord from current Warhammer Vision, where the model shown in John Blache article.  I've just place a order for the finecast Abaddon for the Sword & a few trophies from the model.  I've got Heresy Death Guard - Death Shrouds legs on the way as well.

I've just found Arjack? from the Space Marines, where I'll be useing the loin cloth from that model.


It been funny.  I've been asking people about useing Erebus because of all the tattoos.  But all have voted I use the head from the Raven Guard Captain which is cool & I use in my army


Raven Guard Captain






Just they commented about the wire fitting in more with that sort of Librarian/Sorcerer look & with the bionic fitting the IW theme.  For me I'm unsure which to go for.  Erebus, the head, the book on the shoulder pad could possible be use & a few scrolls, but it is £57.  Raven Guard Captain, Bionic eye tie in with the IW & just reason people told me when asking them.

I think I might go with the Raven Guard Captain & mean I got money (since it £16 + P&P) for some other parts toward the conversion.


So this Sorcerer will have - Familier (Servo Skull?), Terminator armour, Leval 2? & a Combi Plasma.  From what I've seen Bio, one that can possible give my unit feel no pain & eternal warrior sould pretty cool & would help me out a lot.  Also two I5 models in the unit, with the Sorcerer having a Force weapon if it needed & possible Iron Arm from Bio psychic power?

But I am looking forward to converting the new Sorcerer & see how it goes with my Terminators.  Just Terminators are one of my main units, like all my other models have a lot of history from the blood on the battle field.  As said I ended up taken my unit to Rapid Fire after a lot of people said I should because of the Ap2, deep strike & the history I have with the unit.

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Quick update


I spent a little bit of tonight re-painting Lheor Ukris & the red turn out a littler better.  More like the test model shown in this army log before & Khârn








Lheor will hopeful be fully painted tomorrow.  I wanted to convert Lheor Ukris after reading the novel - Talons of Horus by ADB.  Maybe in the future I'll convert the rest of the character from Talons of Horus.


I also made a start on MkII of Warsmith Abhorred Riddick in mortal forum.






I'll also spend some time tomorrow painting Warsmith Abhorred Riddick.  This will just be for display & just though be nice to have a updated version to see what he would look like now.  With the orignaly Warsmith Abhorred being painted back in 2001.  Also try out some of the effect paints :biggrin.:


Also the classic Warsmith model




Again just wanted to add the model to my army & get him painted.  Painted the Warsmith while painting Warsmith Abhorred & Lheor Ukris.


Few other things


Chaos Knight - Beside Rapid Fire, where my Knight did not make it past turn 2 in 5 out of 6 games :sad.:  He has been getting more glory to his history.  Just Thursday last week & yesterday I fought against my friend Eldar with three writhknight.  In both games he been so close to taken out all three Knight.  It just been that one lucky roll my friend had. 

Need to look that adding a sort of honour mark possible on the right shine pad?  Paint a set icon to rep what he taken out in combat - note worthing battles.


Sorcerer - I've got the parts order & should hopeful build the Sorcerer by the end of next week.  I'm looking forward to the conversion.  Overall best way to think of the Black Captains from Shadow of Mordor game.  I think theme wise he might be the herald for my army, a Equerry for my Warsmith.  Then the usely lack of trust, but still brotherhood with my Iron Warriors grand company.  While the Sorcerer is part of Lord Narach unit of Terminator bodyguards, he will have his own goals as well.

So far bits - Korvydae - Raven Guard captain.  Death Guard shroud legs.  Arjack for the loin cloth.  Standard Space Marine terminator armour front plate with Chaos Terminator back bit.

Finecast Abaddon for the sword & few trophies.  Then tomorrow I'm going to place a order for the finecast Librarian in terminator armour for the left arm.  Also Grey Knight Terminator arm's, great sword.  Also the FW Khorne Terminator lord for the wrist mounted Combi Bolter.  Just need to wait for a lot of these order & bits to arrive in the warp :biggrin.:


Familiar will be a Servo Skull I was orignaly going to do for Warlord traits.  Then it just sort out trophies.  But right now I got the idea in my head how the model going to look.


Just I've really like the idea that my oppent give me during Rapid Fire & adding the Sorcerer to Lord Narach & his unit of Terminator bodyguards.


Also I've got DWARF - Winter war next Saturday as well, all money from the event going to charity.  1500pts.  I might take the new Breacher squad with me, part to add new glory to there history.  Other part to free up some points for a few things in the army list.  Beyond that it my standard Throne of Skulls list.  I'm looking forward to the event.

Maulerfiend:  My friend mange to find more Dark Eldar bits.  So I'll possible look that adding them to the model when I get a game vs my friend next Thursday.  Should hopeful have the Maulerfiend finish the day after DWARF: Winter war tournament.



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Quick update


I mange to spend Saturday getting Lheor Ukris painted.  He just been varnish yesterday & now it just to add Blood for the Blood God, along with a few other bit of detail & area to finish painting.  I've also added on the Chainaxe to the backpack & just need to paint the barb-wire that holding it.








I've also painted - 15th to mark out his company from Talons of Horus which had him as 15th Fang Warband.


I've enjoy converting & painting Lheor Ukris.  I might get the rest - Telemachon from the III Legion & Khayon of the Thasound Sons Legion converted & painted in the future.

Call of Chaos - Look like one my friends has more Dark Eldar bits & I should be getting them on Thursday.  So I'll get them added to the maulerfiend & start to finish painting the model next week, along with starting my new Sorcerer.
Right now just trying to gather the bits for my Chosen & convert them into my Kill team.  Just need the armour loin cloths that you get from the orks range.
Terminators I'll get for Christmas.  I


I'm looking forward to Christmas time, best time for me to get a lot of the Games Workshop hobby done with two weeks & a few days.  There already a lot line up for my Iron Warriors both Chaos & heresy era, Space Wolves & Ravenwing.



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MkII of Warsmith Abhorred Riddick almost complete, just the wire to paint on the servo army backpack, photo just taken there (8.45pm) along with the orignaly Warsmith Abhorred Riddick I painted back on 17th Nov 2001 that started it all for my Iron Warriors (to the left).  I've got a display base which the MkII model will be place on.  As said I just wanted to paint the model for display & the Chaos Lord model w/Power Axe is one my favrout Chaos models.  I might buy another one in the near future, just built & paint the model as it is, to me it a classic & still rememeber the day it was release along with the Eavy Metal team hold a painting comp in the studio









Lheor Ukris almost there, just a few bit of detail left to paint




Camera started to go a bit funny - check that out tomorrow





I've also gone back to the Chaos Guards after getting a bit of spare time yesterday night




I've added Blood for the Blood god to the tanks.  Just it help break up the model a bit & in my view - it a battle field, the tanks are going to run over those in there way or shot those with the side weapon who may get to close?







Also a while back when I was orignaly going to try push forward with the Chaos Guard force.  I had a Demolisher tank that got a bit broken & part missing after moving house last year.  I've mange to find the track guards & sort them out & replace the hull weapon with a spare from one of the two tanks just shown there.




So this will get undercaoted & painted during the Christmas holidays, only got five more weeks & then I've two & a half week off.


I've also said in the past how games help add history to the units I've got & to my army overall.  Just recently a friend had ask for some photos taken from diffrent tournament of there armies.
Though I add some from my games






2008 - 2009:  Ian who ended up as my Iron Warriors nemesis.  Pretty much since first 5th ed event by ELG for 40k Radio World wide.  Ever single tournament we'd went to, we'd always be drawing against each other, it ended up becoming a running joke that we'd ask what round we would want our game.  So my Iron Warriors & Ian Black Legion have a long history over that year.  Then 2010 with our Space Wolves armies.
Ever single game was hard fought & rank wise it was always close & we both always got a lot of victor points.  My friend Paul would always say I was a aggressive player (way I game/use my armies & never hold back, all or nothing).


I'll need to try add a Black Legion trophie on my new IW Sorcerer on his army & add a crusifed Black Legion on any future tanks I add to my army.


In fact game vs my friend Paul when he said - from battle report I done in 2008


Insane Psychopath is quite an aggressive player btw (the way he plays not his attatude). He did not mention this but when I had 2 transports full of c-marines and a unit of c-terminators arrive 4-12" from my D-cannons almost ontop of both the centre and left objectives.... I was not a happy chappy. I have played his Marine bike army a couple of times too, and he shows the same tendancy. Which is good because there is nothing more boaring than a player that hides at the back and never comits to a do or die stratagy!.





Champion Sevatar Rauth of Lord Narach Terminators Bodyguard unit.  Back before Narach return to my force - during Mk5 era.  Just he always had habit of being last one alive in the unit, always make those chargies & winning those combats, in turn it was always against units hold a object in 5th ed making a game a draw, thanks to him pull the games back






Champion Sevatar Rauth as he is now in my current IW force (photo taken back in March this year & was still trying to find a good place to take photos in the new home)




Sadily can not rememeber the oppent name.  From Warhammer World event in 2005, just remember this being a really great & tactical game, really enjoyible & Warsmith Abhorred Riddick doing really well.  It a shame I've not seen them from future Warhammer World events since 2006, as said they where a great oppent & a great person to talk to during the event.  There Chaos army was really cool as well.






There many more & as said they've fought a lot of great oppents over the year.  Lot of great games that have help shape my army into what it is to this day.


Finial note


- Hopeful my friend bring the spare Dark Eldar bits with them tomorrow & I will be re-building the Maulerfiend head now I got a better idea for the look of the conversion.


- I've just pick up a box of Ravenwing Biker.  A while back a friend give me some Chaos biker they got a while back (old light grey plastic).  So I'll be adding two new Battle Brother for the unit I've got, bring them to ten models.

I'm aim to get them ready for a game I might have arrange during the Christmas holidays.  I just need to wait & hear back from my friend.

They should be built during the weekend & ready to paint along with my new Sorcerer


- Just gather bits for the Sorcerer.  I think I've almost got the idea finial down.  Just waiting on my Librarian to arrive from GW Mail order & a few other bits like Death Shroud? legs from the Death Guard heresy set.


- I'm possible looking into a unit of Iron Warriors Khorne Bezerker.  While I got unit squad 3: Apocalypse, led by Champion Kroege Santarr.  A squad going down the path of Khorne.
I though be cool to have a pure Khorne unit.  Idea sort of have them like - Blood Angels who have Death Company type thing.  Also the FW Khorne part are cool after useing a few of these for other models.  I think I'd like to use the Night Lord Terror squad helmets that I've already use on a few Biker.  I'd try convert them all in running pose.

This would be a nod toward the old Index Astarties article which allowed Iron Warriors 0-1 unit of Khorne Bezerker.  As said after useing FW part on other models - they just look cool.

So I think - there not mindless.  There more shock unit as it where, cause terror, they go beyound.  Also just a friend was saying today to me about useing Cult units.  As they've already converted up some great models for there Chaos army just because they want to try them out in game & they had cool conversion idea, which is the main thing for me that the end of the day.

I'd possible try to get a Destroyer - Heresy era unit, count as Plague Marines, since the type of weapons they'd use during the Heresy.  But that future plan stuff, always somthing on the go for the Iron Warriors as long as there conversion to get done :biggrin.:


But right now the focuse is on Call of Chaos :D  In five weeks time, I will have two & a half weeks off.  I've got a lot planned for GW hobby wise.  In general just looking forward to another holiday, already miss the one I had in Septemeber :D



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This thread is always full of excellent stuff, but Lheor Ukris really takes the cake! A flawless conversion (with a perfect choice of head, making him look even better than the artwork, if anything), and the paintjob is very nice as well! More World Eaters, please! :)

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Thanks for the comments



        Long time since we spoke, but like what you have done with your army, (though not too sure about the blood splatter), The conversions especially look good.




It been to long, 2007?.  How it been & are you planning on going to any events down in Warhammer World once they've finish the refurbishment/adding more?  Think last time was same year as Vyrus & his Death Guard army in 2006? 

Are you still collecting your Night Lords, I think last time we spoke your still collecting them.


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