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So i signed myself up for the "other" 20 gamer thread (much like i signed up to the "other" badab thread.. im a rebel like that) and said i'd take on the death guard.. After my compressor decided to kill itself and attempted to kill me when i tried to fix it i ended up off target. So i've decided that the best course of action is to show my shame up front and start a wip thread for these guys..


this is the first guy so far.. originally i was going for a mildly off white with funky grey shadowing and stuff.. but my girlfriend decided to slag it off so one oil wash later and hes a bit browner.. now the main question is "too brown?" or does this guy look suitably like the deathguard as portrayed in the lovely new book?

tell me what you think!

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very nice actually! the colour you've achieved seems spot on to me. The green might possibly do with being a little more 'olive' in colour though?


Those new arms are rather nice, very nice pose it creates!


p.s. the chevrons are nice and neat and I like the weathering

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i like the new parts, when mixed in with the old ones it makes for a nice amount of variation in the unit.


the green is essentially all i have to hand atm.. need to get some more greens or maybe mix in a little khaki. i was tempted to hairspray weather him but i think im going to leave that for some of the grimier members of the deathguard and only selective bits (ala the guy in the book who got mobbed by an ork cutting torch)


gotta find a good place to buy some cork to make fancy bases for them before i can finish him off totally and add a bit more detail to the "scratches" on the chainbayonet.. not happy with that yet!

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right ive muted down the pad (and due to boredom whacked a squad marking on there.. tbh will get removed for transfers whence they go on the fw site.. i forgot them at gamesday like a fool)


new opinions?

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I'm also currently planning a Death Guard force, could I ask you what the recipe for your armour was? Did it require any fancy tools like an airbrush, and if it did, is there any alternative for a not-all-that-great painter (so things like advanced blending are right out the window :))?


As for the green, the new colour looks a lot better, although I'd maybe mute it down even more, but that's maybe just personal taste. As for the colour scheme, I thought the Death Guard were off-white with green shoulder pad trim and the actual pad being the same colour as the armour? Or is that scheme a change that Forgeworld made in the new book?

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the scheme has variants within it, so there are images of some with green pad trim and the off white pads, some with green pads and bronze etc etc.. forgeworld have a tendency to blur the colour schemes a little more to make the armies more interesting (imho)


i use an airbrush but in theory you could produce a similar effect without one as most of the airbrush work becomes hidden by the wash i put over the model.


the recipe i use is as follows


prime vallejo grey surface primer (halfords grey is a good spray paint grey)

airbrush on dawnstone (slightly beiger than my usual london grey so works better for this)

airbrush on rakarth flesh at a 45 degree angle

airbrush on palid wych flesh from above the model and anywhere that you think should be a little brighter


once thats done, line the edges of armour panels with dawnstone to add a bit of shadow to them.

seal the model with matte varnish, mix up an oil wash (burnt umber oil paint and liberal amounts of white spirit) and wash it over the model, making sure to keep it thin.


seal on the wash with a coat of matte, then add some highlights with palid wych flesh and weather with dark browns and dark greys using a sponge.. then add streaky bits with pigments etc.


as you say you dont have an airbrush what id suggest is to get a good layer of rakarth flesh onto the model, block in any shadows with dawnstone, do some broad highlights with a mix of wych flesh and rakarth flesh, wash the model then highlight it with pure wych flesh.




new pic.



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I think the shoulder pads are a little bright, but the armour looks spot-on, some of the best heresy DG armour I've ever seen. Love the rust streaks and sponge weathering, too, these guys look like they've been through hell.
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yeah the green is becoming the bane of my existance.. its at a point now where it "looks okay" in person but ill be making a trip up to my local paint supplier (ian allens in birmingham for those interested in vallejo, cheaper than modelzone and usually better stocked!) and getting hold of an array of greens to figure out a more suitable colour.. or ill just weather the piss out of them and call it a day.


@Dargor: you're too kind dude, im pretty sure you'll blow me out the water if you ever decide to touch the sons of barbarus.


armour wise the deathguard are meant to look at their damage as their marks of honour and trophies of battle, so its not really neglect, more of a "that which doesnt kill me.." kind of attitude in physical manifestation.

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done some more work on the sarge, thought it better to power through the bits that are essentially sorted than faff with the green too much, the other guys are mainly just to show the added variation the legion kit combined with the basic one allows for.




i need to get hold of typhus's scythe for my cataphractii sergeant to wield and figure out what im going to do for a hq choice for the time being (doing 500 point zone mortalis games with some people in the near future i think)

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