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Night Lords "Tenebrous Winter" (GREY KNIGHT 08/12)


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Hey guys! So with all of the recent (last year or so) FW releases expanding the Horus Heresy marks of armour and range, I have decided to start a loyalist, pre-heresy force of my beloved Alpha Legion :biggrin: I plan on having (as of now) entirely a mk IV armour force, as it's my favorite armour mark and it shows that they are fighting towards the beginning of the actual heresy (or even at Isstvan V). I, unlike most people modeling pre-heresy forces, am not using the FW rules outlined in "Betrayal" but rather am using the Space Wolf Codex because they seem to best represent a legion codex (with slightly larger squads in Blood Claws and the Long Fangs serving as Destroyers). This was mainly chosen against the new CSM codex mainly because I want a mainly, if not entirely, drop pod force. Anywho, back to the modeling aspect! I got a couple sets of mk IV armour for Christmas, and so hopefully there should be a number of updates over the next few days! Today, I finished up the test model for the force, and I have to say I like him quite a bit.

Here is my test model:




I decided to make the eye lenses a little brighter than I typically do simply because of how dark the model is on the whole, so I figured some bright lenses would really pop-out at you, Some of ya'll may also notice I didn't do the typical stylized "A" insignia for the AL, but went for the serpent; this is mainly out of personal preference because the "A" always screams "Alphabits Legion", not "Alpha Legion" to me! :tongue: Anywho, I'm very open to any comments or criticism as this is only the first model. Thanks guys!

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Ah, Heathens, it is nice to be back! With my supplies moved to my permanent residence now, updates should be regular!


Thanks for the replies you guys! The blue is pretty basic:

1) Black undercoat

2) Kantor Blue (leaving black in recesses)

3) Macragge Blue (heavy highlight)

4) Altdorf (Regular Highlight)

5) Russ grey (very fine highlight)


That's it!


@Jeremy: Yeah I wasn't really sure as to the pre-heresy markings! I spelunked the internetz pretty thoroughly, but couldn't find anything! On many of the marine renditions I have seen (in essentially "marine painters", but pre-heresy) they have the tactical arrow on the pad. The only possible alternative I saw was a half and half 2-tone pad. I may or may not change it I'm not sure yet. Thanks man!

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Thanks for the comments guys! As far as the arrow is concerned, I still have not decided; it's basically between leaving it as is versus replacing it with a roman numeral VII for the company number :ph34r: Anywho, on to some more WIPs:

So I managed to lay out the bits of the next few guys and get em to my goofy-lookin sub-assembly painting stage:


Also, the God-Emperor Santa apparently smiles upon me, lol. There's 10 mk IV's, the legion command upgrade, and some Umbra Ferrox bolters:


Also, I thought it was worth mentioning that I feel that these upgrade sprues are incredibly detailed! Definitely looking forward to using these!


I should be able to get a resonable amount done on these next couple of fellas today! Wips to follow!

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I have to say this is the best :cuss ing Alpha Legionary I have ever seen! The painting is so crisp and clean that I just have to marvel at it! You sir are going to make an awesome Alpha Legion army! I hope to see more of this soon, by the gods this will be glorious!


EDIT: I will most definitly be using your colour scheme for my Alpha Legion allies that are helping my pre heresy night Lords, so thank you for this colour scheme, blue and green higlights wasn't my cup of tea for the pre-Heresy Alpha Legion so well done mate, well done indeed

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@Coldwinter: Thanks man! I have been slowly changing how I paint this dark, navy blue for some time (perhaps as far back as the extinction of the dinosaurs IIRC). And feel free to fanagle this for Night Lords; it seems on many of my threads that people think it's the perfect blue for NL, which I entirely agree with (I've also never been a fan of the green highlights on these guys).


It just occurred to me that those with a discerning eye may notice I am using the regular plastic astartes backpacks for these mk IV guys; this is mainly out of a preference of crispness in these plastics versus the resin backpacks, but further the more recent "mk IV Legion marines" have different backpacks to the "mk IV marines" released a few years ago so it would be both frustrating and expensive to get the same backpacks for the entire army! :) More to come!

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Ha, thanks Olisredan! Yeah, admittedly, the lines aren't the straightest haha (I will say that they look funkier in this picture than in person)! That said, I plan on varying the mark on that pad (roman numerals, a regular stylized "7", sizes, etc.) because I think it gives the more "rank and file" legions a bit of a personal touch (besides posing of course :rolleyes: ).


Also, I am considering varying the legion insignia on each marine; this would amount to making the hydra/serpent on each pad slightly different (some longer than others, different coiling, etc.). Let me know what you guys think because it's just an idea poppin' around in my head! Thanks!

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Well, a rather lazy day left some to be desired, but I did manage to get the main parts blue-ified!


'Course there's also these: <_<


I should get some stuff done tomorrow, but probably won't finish them as real life persists against the God-emperor's will! Anywho, sorry for the two posts in a row, and please let me know how ya'll feel about the legion icon idea previously mentioned! :)

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Your Alphas look awesome !


I would say go with the numbers instead of the arrow. Variations regarding the Hydra design would work very well me thinks.


Again, great work ! Keep them updates coming !

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