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The Renascibilitas Crusade [Redemptor WIP]

Marshal Mattias

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  • 3 weeks later...

I've been doing mostly building and kitbashing as I start the Primaris phase of the crusade;


First up, Primaris Chaplain on Bike:



He has nabbed the backpack from a duplicate Marshal, but otherwise is just such a great kit that I don't see myself doing much else to it, other than maybe some extra purity seals or bling from an upgrade kit.


Then working with the awesome Crusader kit, I've just tweaked a couple of things to try and keep the poses looking distinct.









Here's a few more characters, based on a 100th store anniversary lt and the Imperium magazine captain. The phobos lt in the background was originally gonna be Grimaldus but that wip is set to switch to a more sword-brethren esque character.



Last of all, some e2b intecessors will see new life as Pyre Blaster crusaders. I'm not sure they'll often get a space in my Crusader squads, although I do really like the models.

Given my tendency to play friendly games with cool people, B) I'll probably do the same with the next box and use the four of them counts-as Hellbasters :)

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Thanks! Yeah I get the whole "sword as a symbol" thing but it just feels odd that he would have adjusted his grip on the hilt like that... I toyed with the idea of cutting at the shoulder too, to lower the angle he's holding it, but I think it works well enough as-is.
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  • 6 months later...

We're back baby! I've been busy in the mean time; lots of WIP on my desk. I'm aiming to get this crusader squad + a few extra bodies done before I'm away in Finland for a few months. The ironclads in the background aren't too far from done so maybe I'll finish them off too. I've been slapping paint on some scenery and finishing off bases in between shades drying - I'm not sure I've ever been so productive! :biggrin:


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  • 2 weeks later...

Well they're not quite "finished" but they're tabletop+ at this point and I have to go get on a plane!

Final grey highlights and a little tidying up will have to wait until I get back in a few months.


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17 hours ago, Bjorn Firewalker said:

Well done.

Thanks Bjorn, I'm pretty pleased as I don't think I have ever painted so many infantry, especially at once :laugh:

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  • 4 months later...

Well I've been busy working on a Redemptor; as yet unnamed, but I did provide him with a tactical rock befitting his stature!


Magnetised the secondary weapons and pinned the big guns. The single large magnet in the foot is way stronger than I expected so I didn't need to worry about fitting a second one into the cork board, which was lucky. Also kept his left arm movable, which will should make him a bit easier to transport without breaking the sword.


Quite pleased how the helmet/sarcophagus bit came out, and the printed kit was really fun and easy to work with. I've also added a squished genestealer hidden in the rubble :P









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You have good taste, sir. Most of these kinds of upgrades are sort of meh, but this one's looking great. I also very much like the base - good effort. Can't wait to see him painted.


... You also kind of make me want to rethink my plan to do one vanilla Redemptor for my army. I just might templarify him using some of your bits for inspiration.

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Yeah there were some kits I just didn't jive with, but I liked how much boxier this one made him! I don't have the skill/patience to sculpt much myself so this was the only way I was gonna get substantial changes to the silhouette. 

This is gonna be my painting project for at least until the new year I reckon!

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