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The Renascibilitas Crusade [Redemptor WIP]

Marshal Mattias

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This is my Crusade Thread; basically a mix of kitbashes, painting logs, battle reports and short story pieces, chonologing the growth of my home-grown crusade. Hope you enjoy something amongst all the nonsense :tongue.:

BIG EDIT: Photobucket broke all my pictures... they are back up again, but not sure if this is permanent. In the meantime, here is my library in case you really want to see anything particular: http://s1287.photobucket.com/user/matzeke/library/?sort=3&page=1

First, some background info on the crusade:
(For WIP, scroll down to pictures)

The brethren of what is now known as the Renascibilitas Crusade were thought lost by their fellow templars when their flotilla vanished into the warp while pursuing a particularly destructive pirate fleet of twisted Eldar sadists, after a long and bitter campaign to push the Xenos back. After many years had passed, the return of these missing brothers came as a surprise. More surprising was their reluctance to discuss exactly where they had been, or why their numbers had dwindled. This information was deemed only for the ears of the high marshal himself.

Since their return, the fiery and stoic force have remained distinct from some of their younger and more excitable chapter-brothers. Nevertheless, they demonstrate an unswerving loyalty to the will of the Emperor, and hold strong to some clear truths:
The Emperor is the single greatest triumph of mankind and loyalty to him and his design is their highest priority.
The Emperor's wisdom is to be respected. He chose to employ certain sanctioned psychic individuals to further his great goals, yet he decreed that his loyal marines should be free from that great burden and temptation. Those battle-brothers who have forgotten this are derided and scorned publicly, and rarely trusted or tolerated on the battlefield. 'Friendly' warning shots have been fired, as have less-friendly ones. This suspicion extends to all pyskers to some degree, but while essential tools of the imperium (astropaths etc) are tolerated within strict boundaries, the reckless use of battle-psykers means that inquisitors and librarians are viewed as one step away from the Xenos and the Heretic.
This hasn't stopped the pragmatic leadership of the crusade from working with various chapters, inquisitors and members of the ecclesiarchy, but more than one ally has found that the templars can be fickle in their support.

The crusade brothers are closely bonded themselves, likely due to their unspoken experiences in their missing years. As an old brotherhood, they remember the old ways, and the emperors truth. They respect the greatest man to have walked the galaxy, ritualising and dramatising their faith in his mind and design. They crusade in the name of man, not of a god. Their faith and zeal burns bright, a cleansing flame in the dark.

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Now then, fluff aside, I am returning to the hobby after many years away. My previous modelling/painting was basic and undeveloped, and it probably hasn't gotten any better without practice! So, I will be taking things slowly and carefully, trying to teach myself new skills and techniques that I have never tried. First up - all crusades need solid leadership, and I have been working on a single model containing many 'firsts' for me.

First fine-cast (with its frustrating amount of clean-up) first attempts at modelling a more interesting base, first carving and filing of a model for even a simple conversion. I also intend to pin components for the first time, after finding a few of my old models in multiple pieces! So, anyone have any tips or advice or just a little gentle criticism?






(Sorry about the terrible photo quality).

So I'm going for a simple helbrecht/chapter master model, just without the prom-night tiara. I wanted to use an angled, raised sloping base to counteract the slightly off-balance feel I got from the model. I've even been drilling out gun barrels :)

I was thinking about a little detail to have poking out from under the door on the base, so it could be a bit of old space-hulk genestealer, a shoulder pad from those dress-wearing ophidium gulf scumbags, or an amusing little piece of wolfy road-kill.



Finally, I was thinking it would be possible to trim a nice shield down and make it somehow attachable, to cover the left hand and allow for either a helbrecht or a burning blade+shield eternal chapter master option? Not sure how this would best be done though.



Thanks for your time folks, and apologies if this is in an awkward format, I'm writing the entire thing from a mobile phone and it isn't particularly intuitive :P

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First off, welcome back Brother! The Eternal Crusade has missed you.


Regarding your CM, I like what  you are doing and think adding a Storm Shield (which I do on my CM as well) is very effective. Regarding your painting...we all start somewhere, sometimes more than once. It does not matter.


Let your creative juices flow and take it one step at a time.


Again, welcome back!


P.S. I'd go with the DA shoulder pad. We should always remember the treachery they visited upon us at Ophidium.

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What treachery in Ophidium? I've never heard of that... ;)


It could have been a dead Dark Angel just ended up where he was standing, or paint it blue with a DA logo and it could be a DA Librarian that was "accidentally" included in collateral damage ;)


Either way... only those involved in the Ophidium Gulf (Castellan Raimer and the Dark Angels) know about the entire incident. They are still pending report and are currently missing in action... unless your Crusade is them back from the Warp...

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  • 2 weeks later...

I liked the DA Librarian suggestion, it's a nod to the Ophidium lore as well as a simple 'Abhor the Witch' reference. So that's happening ;)

Also, trimming and chopping down the resin was finally finished, along with pinning. I left the backpack off though, that looks fiddly.


The base needs a little detailing (better check the garden for some little stones etc), and next it is on to painting! After some thought, I've decided there is enough black in most crusades, so I want to do a take on the gold/bronze armour. Also, if I can pull it off, it'll set me in stead to work on some snazzy new honour guard.

I want a truly ancient looking metal, something that was probably a beautiful beaten gold once, but after a thousand battles is a dulled and tarnished relic. Not glossy, but intact. It isn't wrecked, but function and history matter, not polish and sparkle ;)

Does ayone have any tips or tutorials on how to create something like that? I'm really no painter, but I am keen to learn some new skills and take my time to achieve the right look!

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Ancient beaten gold, tarnished over the ages? Try using something along the lines of Screaming Bell(A bright coppery/gold metallic, Screaming Bell as an example) and wash it with Seraphim Sepia a couple times. It brings down the shine immensely and gives a tarnished appearance, while the brightness of the Screaming Bell underneath hints towards something that is no longer the new beauty it once was. Test model it on a spare weapon and flat surface, the results can change drastically by how thin/thick each washing is and how many times you apply it. YMMV

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I personally did a wash of Reikland Fleshshade on my helbrecht's gold armor. It takes the shine away, and turns it into a more brass-ish color. You can see a pic of him in my crusade thread which is linked in my sig.

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Thanks for the tips guys! I've been testing some colours on a very lucky Uruk Hai model, who's now sporting some rather fancy golden armaments ;) My plan is Brass Scorpion>Balthasar Gold>Ghenna Gold for a very dark yet golden colour, (although I may yet use a lighter Auric Gold highlight) before giving it a wash to dull the shine. Here's hoping my meagre painting skills can match up to the plan!


On another note, my local store is running an apocalypse game next month. The criteria for entry are 1000pts, plus 2 apocalypse formations of your choice. While I could happily field many thousands of points, when it comes to vehicular carnage I can only deliver 3 typhoons, 6 bikes + att bike, 1 LRC, 1 rhino/razor, 1 dread, 1 drop pod... As for troops; Maybe 10 assault termies, 10 jump packs, and a whole bunch of assorted crusaders and sword brothers. My concern is that I neither have quite the sheer numbers for fielding a footslogging/company sized formation, nor do I have the necessary fliers/armour for some of the lower model count formations. Are there any formations we can take that require fewer boots or treads on the ground?

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The white on his shoulders looks very thick. More water in your white should really help that out. I personally put a TON of water in my white, because it seems to be the only way to get it to come out correctly.


Other than that, some very nice progress. I like the armor's non-shininess, as it resembles my own.

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It's a fair point, the white hasn't come out quite as I expected. I was watering down and used probably 6 layers or so already, applied over dheneb stone, then bleached bone. I guess it just wasn't watered down enough! I'll try some more ultra-thinned layers to see if it can be neatened up a bit.

Yeah, I like the tone of your Helbrecht's armour too. I haven't used the wash yet, so I may do some lighter edge highlights first, just so it stays gold and doesn't go too brass.

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Aaaand.... Done, I think. That's about as good as my current painting skills can manage. I'm pleased with it at any rate, better than my old stuff!




Also, have a 1000pt game coming up tomorrow, probably vs a couple of talons, a librarian and maybe an ordo Xenos inquisitor? I'm currently list-building :)

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So, off to a fairly relaxed game at my local store tonight. I went purely infantry for my last 1000pts game, this time I'm introducing a couple more units to teach myself a few more rules!


So, I'll be rolling with:


Castellan: relic blade/storm shield + tele homer

Rides in rhino with

Crusader CCW squad 9 with SB+PS, Flamer, PS


Crusader Bolter Squad 10 with SB+PS, Melta, PS

In Drop Pod, tele homer


Backed up by 5 deep-strike termies with mixed TH/LC.

Backfield, five and six man squads of initiates, with a couple of missiles+ flak.


Tactic- rhino charge to counter main enemy troop unit for any central objectives.

Turn one drop to alpha the weakest target for first blood.

(Twin threat targets, both could be getting termie reinforcements)

Back campers hide away in cover, potshot with missiles and watch the skies. Must remember to keep them close enough to cover each other.


Not sure who I'll be playing really, not sure of the local meta. Might get to play some gribblies (which would be cool, never played them!) or perhaps more likely some sort of MEQ.

I will pop a report up later :)


EDIT: Game didn't happen... Guess I'll just hang onto the list for the next match, probs next week.

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So, I've been working on a random Melta-gun initiate at lunch (I was lacking some special weapon guys, so knocked a few together). It occurred to me that this is the first standard marine I've painted from scratch in FOREVER, and was thusly a good opportunity to try some new things with the paint scheme I used back in the old days.

I'll stick a picture up ASAP (I might even embarrass myself by putting up a shoddy old model as a cheesy 'Before & After' style ad. I'd just like some feedback on the look, maybe some alternative tips? I've seen a lot of Seriously Talented paint jobs by some of the veterans of this forum, and I'm not looking to come even close to that standard, but I would like to slowly revamp my force into one which can sit proudly on the tabletop, knocking Xenos/Heretic heads together.

(By the way, I now HATE painting white, as it is really uncooperative). I'll probably try a few different styles, my crusade isn't exactly 'uniform' as it is ;)

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Quick tip that might help you in the future.


Your bases and highlights are good, but you lose a bit of detail in the paint thickness.  I like to cheat and throw some wash in there.  The wash tends to flow into the divets and creases, and creates contrast without you having to paint it.  It's a godsend on things like orks, and also very useful on the more detailed templar models.  


Experiment.  You'll find it saves you time painting (once you get used to it).


Btw i do like the look and scheme.  But I'm semi heretical, as I paint my entire templar army as sword brethern (black shoulders with red trim).  Mainly cause I hate white too :).


Good tip on white someone gave me on this forum though.  Paint a coat of white.  Then put some badab black wash on it.  Let it dry.  Now paint another coat of white (thin), but don't go into the recesses.  Helps create more of a shade/transition.  


Jumping topics.  On the list...remember that after you get out of a rhino...you can't assault for an ENTIRE TURN.  You can't pull the old 5th edition trick of moving the rhino 12 inches turn one, then getting them out, moving 6, and assaulting.  That's gone forever, and rather crippling :(.  We can only assault out of the land speeder storm (scouts), land raiders, and stormravens.

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Thanks for the tips, I'll have to play with some of those painting ideas! As for the rhino bit: yeah, it's a shame all right... I'd be using it more to rush up with smokes to some cover. I want to get to the objective first, if they want it then let them come and claim it!
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  • 3 weeks later...



Foul traitor scum from assorted legions allied with fickle Eldar witches assaulted an imperial city. The space wolves were closest and mustered the might of their entire great company, along with every major leader in the chapter! However, Helbrecht himself and his personal household were aboard the closest vessel and at the personal request of Bjorn, agreed to assist.




Battle-lines were drawn, and the wolves chose to fill the flanks with their cavalry and long-fangs, while Helbrecht, his Marshals and their Guard of Honour took the centre and began marching forth behind the crusade's only available landraider crusader, plus two more commandeered from the factories of the imperial world.




Either side of the templars, ranks of venerable wolf dreadnaughts hefted their weapons and their roars of fury mingled with the zealous chants of the templar high command.




Two small squads of initiates were the only other brothers who were aboard and ready for rapid deployment, so they strode forth to the most valuable strategic locations and swore an oath to hold them to their last breaths.




The enemy struck first, and effectively neutralised the thunder wolves and some swathes of their tacticals. The entire Phoenix court of Khaine ran the length of the board to start wailing on the wolves left side, buffed by some ludicrous space-elf magic from their farseer buddies that gave them re-roll everything.




The imperials struck back with a vengeance, pumping a furious number of heavy weapon shots into the chaos ranks. Templars and Wolves leapt forward to close the gap on the enemy.

Helbrecht's ace was despite his lack of troops, his ships overhead prepared for a devastating orbital bombardment... Which kinda missed, scattering into an empty building in the centre of the battlefield, annihilating it and taking a handful of enemies along for the ride.

The land-raider formation unleashed hell into the chaos ranks, but despite causing numerous hits, their armour was tough to crack.




A solitary templar brother of the iron-clad variety heroically drop-prodded into the rear of the chaos lines, and over the course of the battle stood strong against the enemy, denying the spellcraft of countless witches, while introducing an entire squad of cultists and thousand sons to the searing intensity of the emperor's wrath. The gouts of fire from his heavy Flamer could be seen all across the battlefield and served only to fuel his brothers zeal. Some claimed the fire turned all the colours of the rainbow at the moment it engulfed the foul sorcerer of the thousand sons, leaving him naught but ash in the wind. With his drop pod providing cover, the templar hero prepared to engage the paltry Eldar guardians who sought to 'claim' the nearby building.





Meanwhile, across the battlefield, newly promoted initiate Gustav watched as the orbital fire and crusader hailstorm failed to cause a substantial dent. Hefting his missile launcher he thought "I can do better than that." He sighted the incoming sorcerers in their rhino, and the massed enemies around it, as well as his Wolfy brethren who were also very close. "Meh, I'm sure they'll be fine."

The ensuing blast of the disintegrating rhino vaporised most of the occupants and a good portion of the bystanders. The wall of flame lifted the unit of 10 sky-claws 20ft into the air and back down hard. As the smoke cleared, each and every one scrambled to his feet, checked his limbs were still attached, then roared again. "Bloody Wolves..."




The Eldar were proving to be pretty much invincible, plus their enormous super heavy tank was obviously going nowhere. So, the astartes pragmatically decided the best thing to do was eliminate all the heretics first, then deal with the girly Eldar after.




The close combat in the centre kind of turned into a tar-pit, as the emperors finest clashed with the witch-powered berserkers of chaos. Then, the witches sacrificed three of their own number to launch some crazy vortexes at the marshals. The ludicrous magic left Helbrecht and four of his captains incapacitated before they got to show their mettle. This made their brothers angry, and they proceeded to fight like true zealots, not losing a single man in the defence of their chapter master.





Reinforcements arrived in the form of a mass out-flanking manoeuvre where the heroes of the wolves charged into the chaos troops occupying a ministorum building on th right flank. At the same time, the templars master of sanctity led a surprise attack with the remaining household clad in terminator armour. Their arrival was heralded with a precision orbital strike which obliterated the chaos terminators nearby, leaving the brethren free to start the demolition of the cultist bastion, which was both swift and unmerciful, leaving the cultists little more than a fine paste atop a pile of rubble.





As the dust began to settle on the battlefield, the forces of both sides still had life in them, although the numbers and reinforcements of the imperials looked intimidating. Two strategic buildings, one of each side, were held but under sure threat, while the templars and wolves still held the centre and right, as well as the two locations they had cleared of enemy taint.

The imperial forces had triumphed, and chaos was decimated, although the Eldar were free to extricate themselves and head back into the webway, their losses restricted to a single guardian and their pride!


All in all, apocalypse was fun, but looooong. Also, D-weapons suck the fun out of life itself. And power-gamer units are just annoying. 2+ invulnerables and total re-rolls of everything... Blergh. Basically, apoc would be best with massed regular units, combined with superheavies, but leave the d-weapons at home ;)

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That was a most excellent report!



A solitary templar brother of the iron-clad variety heroically
drop-prodded into the rear of the chaos lines, and over the course of
the battle stood strong against the enemy, denying the spellcraft of
countless witches, while introducing an entire squad of cultists and
thousand sons to the searing intensity of the emperor's wrath. The gouts
of fire from his heavy Flamer could be seen all across the battlefield
and served only to fuel his brothers zeal. Some claimed the fire turned
all the colours of the rainbow at the moment it engulfed the foul
sorcerer of the thousand sons, leaving him naught but ash in the wind.
With his drop pod providing cover, the templar hero prepared to engage
the paltry Eldar guardians who sought to 'claim' the nearby building.


...and this really fired me up. Just awesome!



All in all, apocalypse was fun, but looooong. Also, D-weapons suck the
fun out of life itself. And power-gamer units are just annoying. 2+
invulnerables and total re-rolls of everything... Blergh. Basically,
apoc would be best with massed regular units, combined with
superheavies, but leave the d-weapons at home


Yes, Apocalypse requires copious amounts of zeal and it can be exhausting. It is still the best way to play 40K as far as I am concerned.


Regarding D weapons...yes, this is Apoc. With agreement beforehand, you can downgrade them to S10 AP1 and that seems to be an equitable change. It's a fairly common for people to do this, so talk to your group about the "next" game.


And Eldar Scorpion tanks are pretty nasty, but one of the most  awesome looking tanks FW ever came out with.


Thank you for sharing, that was a very enjoyable read.



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Glad to kindle the zealous fire within :)


Yeah, that may be a suggestion I make to the group next time. Or at least I'll have to pack a few D weapons of my own, while keeping the faith that this time they actually hit something :P

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I have a game tomorrow and am trying to put a list together in the BT army list forum. If you have any thoughts on a drop-pod assault, please share them!



So I have a 1750 point match coming up versus a guard player I haven't faced. I have heard he's pretty good, and that he favours troop-heavy lists and lots of cover.

My total lack of heavy armour isn't such a handicap (who tries to out-tank guard?) but I have been offered a cheeky loan of some drop pods to make a total of 5. This makes my inner templar giggle and start making 'whoosh' noises while cackling about heavy rain. The question is: what to put in 'em?


I have a dread I wish to run as an iron-clad, and am thinking double heavy flamer hilarity. I also have some sternguard almost finished, and could run 10 containing 1 flamer+ 2 combi and 1 Melta +2 combi, combat squadding them for a potent alpha. (Could also put a heavy flamer in there too?)

That still leaves three empty pods, one of which will also be coming down first turn.


I also figure putting locator beacons on the first three pods will make the actual pods seem more threatening and might encourage him to try and take them out.


Also, what else would fit into a list like that? I was thinking it would be nice to stretch the legs of my 3 typhoons, as they are nice cheap and mobile fire support units, who should have no trouble staying out of LOS on deployment. I have a number of potential deep-strike units in the form of assault marines or TH/LC termies too. It might be fun to effectively deep strike the entire force onto guard lines, especially as he is likely to be near lots of terrain for the cover. That should keep my drop pods on target, and allow deep strikers to come in safely.

Also, I suppose stern guard/flamers are going to be a must for all the cover saves, although every guard player surely still brings SOME tanks to the table...

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