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++ AUGUSTUS b'RAASS ++ pre-heresy BRASS SCORPION p.247

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Wow man, that not only knocks it out of the park but into the next state.

Everything has come together so well with the buckets of candles, the cables and rivets but on top of all that sits a sweet sculpt right there in the middle. I've never had the courage to try and sculpt robes you've done a fantastic job. I seriously can't wait to see this guy and get some paint hopefully swiftly followed by the water guild, not only that but there's two more Promethean Guild members in that forgeworld preview to come down the line. 


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Dang, man, that is just a sublime miniature, it just irradiates 40k/Necromunda vibes.


May I suggest a minor addition? You could try to add a little bit of greenstuff on the bases of the shorter candles, to simulate the molten wax pooling and dripping slightly off the platform, and would integrate the candles even more into it.

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Great work! Really, really great! I love the hood - excellent job! Those wires indeed look to be a great tool for you. The candles are a great touch as well.


I second Elzender's idea of creating pools of wax around them to integrate them with the throne even more. PVA could be even easier to use especially if you have a fine tip for it's application.

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Thanks guys.

Wow, I've been surprisingly busy with work, despite the lockdown. Yet inspiration has really got me going. You see, I work on the same desk at which I hobby, so all my hobby stuff is constantly around me. So between Zoom - en Skype meetings and telephone calls, I get super inspired by stuff. And it's been hard on my wallet too - I've indulged myself and bought a shift ton of stuff lately - a 100+ euro order at GreenStuffWorld has been accompanied by purchases of Skitarii Rangers, Empire Greatswordsmen, the new Chaos Space Marines, Khorne Blood Warriors, Astra Militarum SCions, a Corpse Grinder gang, some AdMech Sicarians, a second Lord of Plagues, a Corpse Cart, plus a huge third party Chain Axe order from Pop Goes the Monkey.... I have no idea how or when I'm going to process this all, so I am actually building a pile of shame right now. It's both inspiring and infuriating. 

Hidden Content


My GF asked me the other day homw much I spend on my hobby per month, and I lied through my teeth and said "about 80 euros". :O

Anyway. I finished the Master Nautican for my Necromunda Water Guild. Behold!










It was a lot of fun painting this guy - after I decided to paint him individually. You see, I made the grave error of spraying the entire guild (all three miniatures) in With GW Corax White primer, then with a GW The Fang spray bottle. And then realized I had to cover tons of areas with Wraithbone base to make the contrast I would be using on some areas work. I should have basecoated him with Wraithbone and painted on the Fang. Also, for some reason the blue sprayed bases really put me off painting a miniature.... Oh well. Lesson learned!

I hope you like him. Please let me know what you think. 

Thanks for looking and for your feedback. 



@ ElDuderino: Thank you very much for that, mate. And no, I haven't done a sculpt like this before. I gotta say it's exhilirating doing it, but damn does it bring out the perfectionist in me. I now understand BCK a little better!

@ Quixus: It's a Pyrocaen Lord for Necromunda - it's the leader of a small group of Promethean Guild representatives that are descirbed and have rules in the Book of Peril. 

@ hushrong: You should! The Book of Peril is a great source of fluff for Necromunda. 


@ Mechanist: Haha on the GIF! :D Thanks for the laughs :) 


@ Elzender: That's a great idea and I will do that, thanks! 


@ PowerHungryMonkey: Thanks! 'nuff siad. ;)


@ Sagentus: Cheers for that, buddy! I'm glad you approve! 


@ noigrim: They're from AnvilIndustry - they're a side project of their Daughters of the Burning Rose kickstarter. 


@ BadgersinHills: Oooooh thank you for that! How did you know?  :D


@ Majkhel: Will do, my friend :)

Now, let's all do some hobby stuff and post it on the forum. it's FAR too QUITE here!

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Daaang! The Master Nautican looks fantastic! And this log is looking dangerous for my wallet now with this sweet necromunda stuff. A lot of sweet temptation in here. I wanted to wait and get some enforcers...but now I am feeling some Van Saar-esque space rats a-coming!


I am also glad to hear you've got even more goodies incoming!

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Good job Augustus!
I was not sold on the red liquid at first, but the longer I looked, the better it looked. It does give a nice splash of warm colour, and brings some sinister and disturbing ideas as to why it is red... :wink:
I really like the cloth - with it's flowing lines, the creamy-brown coloration is very blanchitsu-style. Red liquid, the hazard striping and rusted iron also adds to this feel. In this setting, the blue armour becomes a defining colour for the mini, that emphasises the Water Guild aspect. Very nice!!

Edited by Majkhel
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@ ElDuderino: Thank you very much for that, mate. And no, I haven't done a sculpt like this before. I gotta say it's exhilirating doing it, but damn does it bring out the perfectionist in me. I now understand BCK a little better!



I still half-ass it unfortunately.


The new model is amazing btw. Love the plasticard arms, the red liquid, the whole concept really

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Cheers, guys!

Today I finished the Syphonite of my Water Guild Entourage. 







And here he is with the Master Nautican!



Now, there's only the Subnautican to do, and his base colours are applied...



Anyway, I hope you like the new addition. 

Thanks for looking.



@ jaxom: Glad to treat you! :D


@ Sagentus: Why thank you, Sagentus! :) You canll me Aug, can I call you Saggy? ;) 


@ hushring: Well, if I can curtail your enthusiasm a bit; I'm not at all a fan of the enforcers! But Van Saar and Cawdor are fantastic miniatures for sure! Pull the trigger!


@ Majkhel: Hey buddy, once again you managed to really hit the nail on its head - you've highlighted all the things I was going for. I love the blanchitsu style (who doesn't really) but always seem to go for a palette that is too bright, too contrasting and too saturated to achieve it. I believe I'm finally approaching the goal. If only my painting skills where better - with older age, I seem to be getting worse and worse in eye sight. it's really difficult to get those small and tiny details right... :(


@ ElDuderino: Better half ass something than whole assing nothing, is what I always say. Ron Swanson and I often disagree on these things. ;) 


@ BadgersinHills: Pull the trigger on the Zinge cables for sure. They're awesome. I wish I had gotten more of the 1mm ones in my last order.

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Fantastic work. Fits in well with the Master, and I'm sure the Subnautican will look excellent when finished too. 


Will make a Zinge order in June or July, have had a no mini purchase rule until June that I broke only for the MTO Sister of Battle, haha. 

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Stunning work Michiel, absolutely stunning.

The Master Nautican is so good that it doesn't even look like it has been converted. For all the work you've put into him and the excellent paint job it's the blood tipped needles/siphons that I like the most. Such a simple thing but it really grounds the model for me.

The Syphonite looks wonderful and really compliments the Master Nautican. They make such a cool unit together and I can see that the big guy will only improve upon their magnificence.


Lovely stuff mate. 

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The syphonite is looking awesome. I used to not be the biggest fans of the astronaut helm but this mini has sold me. The background for the waterguild and your conversion/paintjob just knocked it out of the park! And the Subnautican already looking hot.


And I just ordered some bits to make a test mini. Here goes another dive into another faucet of the hobby!

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Hey buddy, just briefly wanted to peek my head and say that your Water Guild is coming along spectacularly well: You have a really strong colour scheme with the contrast between the blue-ish armour plates and cream robes, and the paintjob is also doing a fantastic job of making those scratchbuilt servo-arms like they are actually a part of the model. Lovely!


My one suggestion would be to paint the lantern on the Syphonite with a blue glow vs. a yellow one -- I think it would add to the somewhat eerie look and also fit the nautical theme in a "St. Elmo's Fire" kind of way.


Anyway, fantastic work all around. Also, regarding the big guy: "Look, Mr. Bubbles, it's an angel!" ;)

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Whoohoo! The Subnautican is done!

I was dreading painting this gguy, particularly after the disaster of priming him The Fang and then having to go double priming him with a bruh in Wraithbone. Btut it turned out to be an absolute delight! 

I'm really pleased with the bronze recipe I came up with for this project, and which comes across the best on the Subnautican. The base colour is a mix of two parts Warplock Bronze to one part Liberator Gold, and the highlight colour for it is a 1:1 mix of Runelord Brass and Liberator Gold. It takes Agrax Earthshade perfectly, and then goes super well with watered down Nihilakh Oxide. Super chuffed. 

Anyway, time for pictures!

The Subnautican!


With, of course, some detail shots.









I love the cracked water tank effect on this shot here. 



And of course, the entire Water Guild is now done! So they deserve some pictures as well:

Master Nautican


Syphonite (note that I redid the lamp effect - I went back with an extra highlight of 1:1 Pallid Wych Flesh and Yriel Yellow, and then washed that with Iyanden Yellow contrast paint. Love it!

Anyway, I hope you like them. Should you so want, I'll post pictures of the entire gang together. :) Let me know!




@ BadgersinHills: Lovely acvatar there, buddy! Oh man, you're going to love the Zinge warapped wire for sure. And I can totally understand the breaking of the rule for the new Sisters of battle. They're SO fantastic!


@ ElDuderino: HAHAHAHA most likely, for sure! :D :D


@ Castigator: thanks, Gary! Yeah those gored-up siphons are a nice unplanned/impromptu touch - I figured they're the water guild but they probably don't have a fresh water source on the entire planet, so they must extract and cleanse the water from somewhere!


@ hushrong: hurray! Open that faucet and let the hobby pour out!


@ KrautScientist: Her returns! Dude, I missed you here! Always lovely to get your feedback - and almost always you're on point! I agree, Balefire is a cool idea, but as I see it, this really is just a lantern. I see the Syphonite as a kind of mix between a spearfisher (the harpoongun-like Needle gun), a diver in a 19th century diving suit, and last but not least, a Lighthouse keeper - hence the lantern! Re: the mister Bubbles reference, I don;t get it - who's mr. Bubbles and why is he looking at angels? :huh.:


@ DuskRaider: I am having fun with necromunda! It's a fantastic way to create characterful miniatures that actually serve a purpose - ie that have official rules. 


@ Sagentus: haha thanks buddy :)

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Haha, "open the faucet and let the hobby pour out", I had not realized the influence the Water Guild is having on us! I have a small bits order coming in this weekend so its trickling at the moment for me. Thank you for that sir, haha!


The subnautican looks awesome. I love how you painted the device onto his back into a cracked, glass container. That looks good. The rest of the mini looks great and the paintjob does the mini just. In the fifth picture, facing the camera, I love how the pose, the blue face plate, and red lenses just shows off some serious brute intimidation.


And yes, a gang all-together pic would be fantastic.

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What a glorious gang! These are really all around excellent, but I think the Subnautican is such an impressive piece of work. Really outstanding in every sense of the word!
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